Log of OOC Meeting - 10.19.19

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Kinaed claims, "A reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Regardless of what we discuss, we
understand and truly believe that everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they
know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation
at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Kinaed asks, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it

Sparkles says, "I have a topic."

Chronos says, "Man, if self immolate were a command, I would've used it on so many

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Estella exclaims, ""Flame on!" "Oh sh-- flame OFF! OFF! OFF!!!""

Temi grins.

Chronos grins.

Kinaed muses, "Anyone else have a topic?"

KING claims, "Nope"

Kinaed says, "Okay, let's kick off staff updates. :)"

Kinaed says, "Last week... staff had a meeting, and I did some board cleanup, posted what
the staff decisions were, and that sort of thing. This week, I still have Turf Wars. "

Kinaed claims to Temi, "You're up. :)"

Temi claims, "I've been working on plots and things to move stuff along for the
succession. Hopefully folks are enjoying that so far, but we're not done yet."

Temi grins.

Chronos says, "Long Live the King"

Temi states, "Other than that, normal plots and requests and things."

Temi nods at Kinaed.

Elysaveta claims, "Oh dear."

Kinaed smiles at Temi.

Kinaed says to Niamh, "You're up. :)"

Niamh states, "This was a typos/requests/recs kinda week. I started it off with a bigger
than average project and kinda fizzled across the remainder. All shops in the game are
working the way they're intended to now, though, which is fantabulous. I suppose I did
clear the changes board of a few dozen or so things that needed testing and documenting."

Lans expected Roland to win...

Estella shrugs. Politics amirite.

Niamh says, "Done"

Temi has transferred Brando. [OOC]

Temi gives a trio of bright leather balls colored blue, yellow and red to Brando.

Brando sits in a large wrought iron throne with a latice seat.

Kinaed trails off, "Just checking the code now..."

Kinaed says, "Er, code changes board"

Niamh questions to Kinaed, "Rather SMALL, mm?"

Niamh preens.

Kinaed says, "Okay, the look functionality for look <direction> should be restored. We've
resolved a double death XP bug, fixed up the human tethering command, and made sure that
players can always crawl, even when exhausted."

Kinaed says, "... and injured."

Tasker states, "Human tethering eh eh"

Francesca declaims, "Hooray!"

Kinaed says, "Those changes may or may not be working properly as they are awaiting
testing, so if you test any and let us know they're working... that'd be good."

Chronos claims, "Down Tasker. Down."

Galax braces herself for human tethering jokes... again.

Francesca states, "Man, Galax. I was about to make a joke. And now I CAN'T."

Brando wonders, "Can one flee from combat whilst at crawling pace and exhuasted?"

Kinaed claims, "I don't know."

Chronos claims, "I'd love to see you get very far trying."

Lans tries to tether Niamh.

Kinaed nods at Chronos.

KING puts on the big NO JOKES hat

Niamh screeches at Lans.

Kinaed states, "Okay, that's everything from staff - and I want to say thank you to all
staff for their hard work. :)"

Chronos says, "You're doing it wrong Lans. You put her in a jar like a pixie."

Chronos says, "Not a tether"

Francesca declaims, "Yes, thank you, staff!"

Kinaed wonders, "Let's move to Player Heartbeat - may I ask, how was the game this week,

Francesca sucks up, then, since she can't make unfunny jokes.

KING declaims, "Yes, thank you! Y'all gucci"

Pookstall claims, "A little on the quiet side, it seemed, but what was had was good"

Kinaed nods at Pookstall.

Francesca exclaims, "This week was great! I'm really looking forward to the player run
event tonight! After chat!"

Gattara claims, "Not as quiet as last week, but still pretty quiet, sadly."

KING says, "I was out of the country for a bit anf super busy for most of it, but
otherwise met some interesting new people, had fun."

Kinaed smiles at Francesca.

Kinaed nods at Gattara.

Tasker states, "I'm getting more active now! Was slogging through some RL stuff recently
which kicked me in the shins, but I'm spinning back up."

Sparkles claims, "Thanks to everyone who came to the birthday party."

Brando claims, "It was slow and I achieved a low RP status etter than last week] with my
main character. I neglected my alt completely. I was not very well in RL :( ... hoping to
turn things around next week."

KING states, "The cake was great"

Kinaed states, "We do go through downturns occasionally, this is hardly the first, nor is
it the lowest we've had."

Temi comforts Brando.

Francesca exclaims, "The birthday party was very fun, too!"

Tasker starts to move towards the south and east.

Niamh has released Amilia back to the Pattern.

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed queries, "Anything shitting anyone (that's not already a player topic) that they
want staff to know about?"

Kinaed says, "I guess the prolonged silence is a 'no'. :)"

Kinaed says, "Okay, let's move to Player Topics - Sparkles, you're up. :)"

Estella states, "I am hoping there's more to the succession than just a board post. But
it's not shitting me yet until proved otherwise. (Sorry for the delayed response)"

Kinaed nods at Estella.

Temi says, "Like I said, we have more planned."

Estella nods at Temi.

Estella says, "I am looking forward to it."

Sparkles states, "I'd like to ask about hearing the idea that lore entries can be based on
opinion. And if so, ask how is that opinion determined and from whose perspective? As a
lot of the emphasis on lore entries as the history of the game I feel might be a bit lost
if they cease to be factual. Also that Milestones mean a bit less if they might be edited
after the fact."

Tasker questions, "What do you mean, like if someone has a negative opinion swirling about

Tasker claims, "From the lore entries I've seen they're usually just 'Someone did a thing
here' without really saying if it was good or bad."

Chronos claims, "That's been mostly my experience too."

Kinaed states, "There was a lore entry made several years ago that upset a current set of
players because it represents their past in a less than virtuous light."

Niamh claims, "I think it depends on whether the truth is well known or the less true
information is well known."

Estella asks, "Shouldn't have a less than virtuous past?"

Kinaed claims, "At the time, the lore was accepted truth for what had happened, and one of
the players went to staff and asked us to change the entry saying it was based on
'opinon'. For example, it said that someone was a prostitute instead of a courtesean."

Chronos states, "Don't really see a problem with it as written. Seems kind've weird to
change it years later."

Kinaed states, "As it was, we as staff believed the lore entry was correct for what the
world believed happened at the time and decided not to change it, and now it is 'an
opinion', which I would disagree with."

Kinaed claims, "Fundamentally, the reasons that I think the players are 'concerned' is
because it's unflattering to them."

Kinaed says, "That's not enough of a basis for us to change recorded history."

KING claims, "Sometimes unflattering happens, it's part of rp imo"

Sparkles claims, "That's not accurate. It was something else and then it was changed was
the original question about it."

Estella claims, "I don't like the precedent that if you don't like something you can whine
to staff until they change it."

Kinaed says, "That being said, I was just sent a tell that it had been changed by someone?
That seems weird to me, and if so, I would apologize."

Niamh says, "It wasn't changed. There was another on the same topic that's still there."

Niamh claims, "The one that was objected to was a former player's milestone entry. Only
one he submitted, actually."

Kinaed claims, "I trust Niamh's word on this."

Niamh claims, "There WAS a bit of weird with the surname, though. That I did change. One
of the people involved had their surname listed as some weird thing never associated with
anybody involved."

Niamh states, "Player whose surname was wrong asked for it to be changed, so did."

Elysaveta claims, "That seems fair."

Sparkles queries, "Okay, so to the overall question, what determines arguably public
opinion in a lore entry? Does the player submitting it determine what NPCs opinion is?
Does staff review it at the time?"

Chronos nods.

Kinaed claims, "Yes, we review lore entries at the time to make sure they are appropriate.
We have to, we're the ones who physically create the lore entries."

Kinaed says, "I remember the incident that happened, and I viewed that lore entry as
representative of how it was represented to me at the time."

Kinaed states, "That's one of the primary reasons I didn't change it - because that was
how the majority of the pbase saw and heard of the incident in question."

Civetta is idle.

Civetta is no longer idle.

Civetta has returned from AFK.

Kinaed says, "I suppose that's all staff have on the matter."

Sparkles says, "Thank you for answering."

Kinaed smiles at Sparkles.

Kinaed states, "Okay, that's actually all of the topics we have on for today."

Kinaed asks, "Would you all like to cut the meeting short and get back to the game, or
maybe hang out and talk shop with me about Turf Wars?"

Tasker claims, "Can we do Hunger games now"

Kinaed muses, "Some combination of the above?"

Galax says, "Im hungry does that count"

Francesca says, "Whichever! I have no preference."

Lans sneezes loudly.

Lans states, "ATCHOO"

Estella says, "Turf Wrs"

Lans states, "I have a question."

Tasker says, "Bless u lans"

Francesca states, "Lord bless."

Niamh claims, "Hunger Wars"

Kinaed claims to Lans, "Sure :)"

KING states, "Turf time"

Lans queries, "How does the succession plot continue, now that we have a King? Some NPC
led event?"

Kinaed says to Lans, "I feel like if we tell you, we'd be in spoiler territory."

Estella declaims, "Civil war, let's go baby!"

Niamh shuffles around.

Chronos claims, "I just want Dav to arise from the grave. We need a good proper hellfire
and brimstone king on the throne again."

Kinaed grins at Chronos.

Tasker declares, "CIVIL WAR BABY!"

Niamh claims, "Inb4 Dav conquers Daravi"

Francesca exclaims, "I have a question!"

Tasker draws a damascus steel bastard sword with an incise floral motive and flails it

Sparkles questions, "Can I admit some concern about something that will be based on a lot
of people being involved, given what's been regular numbers?"

Kinaed queries to Francesca, "Yes? :)"

Elysaveta says, "Vavardi kings might be fun though."

Elysaveta glances around.

Niamh gasps at Elysaveta.

Francesca coughs, "Will the new king be brought on grid soon so that people can suck up to
him-- I MEAN, swear fealty?"

Temi claims, "Our plans for what's going forwards will be more of a slow burn, given
people's preferences"

Kinaed states, "Let's start with Francesca's question."

Galax states, "Now by fun do you mean.."

Francesca claims, "Or not swear, depending on their RP preference."

Chronos claims, "Is Amir techniquely Vavardi? Considering his mother was Lithmorran."

Elysaveta pontificates, "He has a Vavardi patonym!"

Chronos states, "I'd think the royal blood would be what'd matter there."

Chronos questions, "Like, would he be rechristened so to speak?"

Kinaed says to Francesca, "I don't know the full plan, I'm sort of monitoring it from
afar. However, we'll note your enthusiasm for the idea."

Temi states, "His father was pure-blooded Vavardi"

Lans states, "I was just curious if things would be halted or not. Thank you for the
careful answer."

Niamh trails off, "Ewwww... I mean yay Vavard"

Elysaveta claims, "You can take the Vavardi out of Vavard, but not the Vavard out of the

Kinaed questions, "Okay, let's look to Sparkle's concern please? What do you mean you're
worried about something with so many people involved given recent numbers?"

Temi finishes abruptly, "And his mother was not queen at the time - but I was considering
the possibility of rechristening"

Francesca states, "Okay! But yes, there are those of us out there that for sure want to
play with the new king. And I don't mean that sexually."

Kinaed says to Francesca, "Speak for yourself."

KING wants to play

Chronos claims, "Well, when it comes to royalty, things like that could be common. "

Kinaed swishes her tail.

Niamh sputters at Kinaed

Elysaveta states, "I can always be the Queen, just saying."

Francesca states, "I PERSONALLY don't want to sexually molest the king."

Kinaed claims to Niamh, "Kidding, kidding. Sorry."

Niamh laughs.

Estella says, "Make that double a threesome."

Galax asks, "What's a 'sexually'?"

Chronos states, "I'm fascinated to see how the Lithmorrans would react to a non-lithmorran
on the Throne, since it'd be the first time since Dav united the kingdoms."

Francesca states, "But I'm down for some royal RP xD"

Temi finishes abruptly to Francesca, "We haven't figured out the details of the next steps
of on grid stuff - we do want some of that to be in player hands"

Kinaed asks, "Okay, it's a fun joke - but can we pause to let Sparkles clarify her

Galax nods.

Niamh perks ear to Sparkles!

Francesca nods happily at Temi and Kinaed and simmers down.

Kinaed smiles.

Sparkles claims, "That a lot of the high-end political type stuff can feel like a lot of
pressure with less people around. As it concentrates the pressure on who is around. Both
IC and OOC."

Kinaed states, "I love everyone's enthusiasm :)"

Kinaed claims, "I don't really know what to say to that personally."

Temi says, "My response to that was that we are planning to draw stuff out, now that the
council is done"

Kinaed claims, "I'm not sure it's any different from a mage being a mage and casting a
spell in front of a knight and forcing the knight to be engaged. This is the game."

Kinaed says, "People choose which roles they'll play to a large extent. A person who
doesn't enjoy their role can step down, change it, etc."

Lans nods.

Temi says, "So even if there's only a few people now, nothing will be over and done with
before other people are around"

Lans claims, "I am the Faith."

KING says, "Kinda agree. The nature of things being tense is just the plot of the game
when you're in a powerful/political position "

Kinaed has transferred Kitty. [OOC]

Temi gives a trio of bright leather balls colored blue, yellow and red to Kitty.

Galax claims, "1 sec, moving"

Temi says, "But the people who actively do more and take initiative do tend to end up with
more, because hopefully they want that"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

KING nods.

Civetta says, "Having a lot of political things going on for players in positions of power
-way- beats the absence of such."

Temi claims, "I would encourage people to take a step back and look at how you are feeling
about what you are doing, and if you don't like it, we don't want you to feel forced in
that position"

Temi states, "But we do want to provide a bigger, ongoing plot for people to engage with
on their own terms here."

Brando nods

Estella queries, "Out of curiousity, did players get to vote on the baronial council?"

Temi nods at Estella.

Estella says, "I didn't see anything on the forums."

Estella nods.

Tasker states, "Just nobles I think"

Temi claims, "Titled nobles got votes through plots."

Estella claims, "Oh yeah. I remember now."

Kinaed states, "I just got distracted."

Kinaed claims, "I'll take the silence as we've resolved the query for the moment. If not,
send me a tell."

Kinaed states, "Meanwhile, shall we discuss Turf Wars? If someone doesn't want to, I can
put you back."

Tasker declaims, "Sure!"

Kinaed has created the Turf Wars Specification[20].

Estella claims, "Look, if the word "war" is in there, I'm in."

Tasker takes them all away from Estella

Chronos claims, "I expected Tasker to say that too."

Kinaed says, "Okay, this was a first pass turf wars that we drafted up. There were some
things I liked about it, some things I did."

Kinaed says, "*didn't."

Temi queries, "That's the version I had been working on?"

Kinaed states, "This is not what is being implemented, BUT there are some really good
ideas in here that I'd like to preserve and some I'm fairly vehemently against."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Temi nods.

Kinaed muses to Temi, "Is it okay with you if I show it to them?"

Temi nods.

Temi says, "Sure."

Kinaed states, "I'm sorry, I probably should have asked first. I just didn't think you'd

Estella exclaims, "The suspense is killing me. Gib please!"

Estella grabby hands.

Kinaed drops the following:
( 20)the Turf Wars Specification

Brando gets the Turf Wars Specification.

Kitty gets the Turf Wars Specification.

Kinaed states to Temi, "I'll try to be better next time."

KING gets the Turf Wars Specification.

Francesca gets the Turf Wars Specification.

Temi grins.

Temi states, "Oh, not worried."

Kinaed claims, "Glad to hear it"

Chronos gets the Turf Wars Specification.

Chronos says to Temi, "Oh, hey, this is really well written."

Kinaed says, "Okay, so at the high level, the premise I *started* with is that players
could spend IP to 'put down control' on various IC rooms."

Civetta gets the Turf Wars Specification.

Estella states, "Some of page 3 is in moon speak."

Temi claims to Chronos, "Thanks, I was pretty proud of it."

Chronos states to Temi, "You should be."

KING says, "Super dig that, yeah"

Kinaed claims to Chronos, "Well, one of the things *I* didn't like about it was the divide
of players into good and bad guys."

Chronos queries to Kinaed, "Why?"

Chronos says to Kinaed, "That's a central theme in a lot of things."

Tasker wonders, "Would there be restrictions like, someone can't just walk around the Keep
areas and buy them all out with IP over the guild?"

Tasker muses, "Or would guild spaces be restricted?"

Lans would dislike that.

Estella states, "This is really nice."

Estella thumbs ups to Temi.

Francesca states, "This sounds like a super game of Monopoly and I'm down for it."

Tasker states, "I want to be the boot"

Temi states, "In the version I did, areas had to be opted in to be eligible for it, rather
than all guildhalls and everything."

Temi claims, "But Kin is still working on her version."

Chronos says, "If you think about it, someone aggressing on an area's always gonna be the
bad guy. They might be good in their mind, but to the defender that has control of it -
they're the bad guy. It's not necessarily calling the players bad."

Kinaed claims to Chronos, "One of the foundational design premises of TI is that there is
no real good or bad, just our moral judgments of people. In testing in the past, when we
asked players to flag themselves as villains when they were not davite or were willing to
let a mage free, almost no one in the pbase wanted to flag themselves that way. I don't
see players on the whole engaging well with using commands like 'terrorize' (some will,
but it will be a very, very small percent)."

Chronos claims, "It's just denoting that you have two roles in the conflict."

Kinaed claims, "So are mages good or bad? Is the church right or wrong? We deliberately
don't answer these questions and have put in things to justify both, like demon summoning,
taint, and an organization with broad powers of oppression."

Brando nods

Kinaed states, "Anyway, I didn't like some of the wording used, like terrorize. I'd prefer
to settle back into more neutral, accessible language that everyone who wants to
participate would feel comfortable characterizing for themselves and let the world judge
their actions for good or bad based on their perceptions."

Estella claims, "To be fair, fear is a method of control both sides use extensively."

KING double nods.

Kinaed claims, "Honestly, I think that was my big stickler if I recall correctly."

Kinaed nods at Estella.

Estella says, ""Terrorize" might not be too far from the truth."

Estella states, "Either "cast fireball" or "Repent or die" is pretty much the same. :P"

Kinaed claims, "Yes, and maybe it could be an option - but for everyone who wants to get a
specific outcome, not 'good guys' or 'bad guys'. "

Sparkles claims, "That kind of seems like a word with too many RL connotations."

Estella nods at Kinaed.

Galax says, "Still, I do understand the OOC player aversion to using a command tinted that
way. I think most people don't want to OOCly think of themselves as jerks or 'griefers'"

Estella states, "I totally get you."

Kinaed muses, "People become good or bad based on what they do, they don't do things based
on being good or bad. Make sense?"

Estella nods.

Kinaed nods at galax.

Lans doesn't terrorise, just instills healthy fear for Davism.

Tasker shakes

KING does terrorize

Estella claims, "I don't terrorize. I act."

Estella claims, "I'd be really bad at TI:Monopoly :("

Galax says, "For a verb like 'terrorize' it thus might make more sense to have a word that
depicts an IC sense of self-justification"

Estella states, ""You land on apartments. Do you want to buy it?" "No, burn it to the
ground. And burn the ashes. And burn the ashes of the ashes.""

Civetta states, "It's not terror when we do it, it's 'enforcement'"

Kinaed claims, "Anyway, can I give everyone a few minutes to read, then I'll ask a few

Kinaed muses, "If you've read it sufficiently now that you can converse about it, hands

Estella raises hand.

Kinaed wonders, "It's actually almost the top of the hour now - do we want to adjorn and
discuss this next week, or would some people like to stay for a little while?"

Estella says, "I got nothing better to do."

Kitty claims, "The third page turned into a different language for me... looks like

Estella says, "Yeah, the Turf]] tag wasn't escaped."

Kinaed says, "It may give some people time to read. We may need to fix that page."

Estella claims, "\urf\]"

Estella claims, "Ok, I am not good at escaping brackets. I give up."

Kinaed muses to Temi, "Do you maybe want to post the spec on the forums and we can let
people talk about it there?"

Temi says, "I could probably do that"

Kinaed claims to Temi, "Thanks, it's probably easier than fixing the page."

Kinaed muses, "The questions should be 'What do you like about this? What concerns you? Do
you have any additional ideas?'"

Kinaed says, "Okay, thank you for your time, everyone. I look forward to your engagement
about Turf Wars on the forums."

KING declares, "Thanks!"

Kinaed says to Temi, "Thank you for writing the specification too."

Francesca declaims, "Troub event after this! Everyone needs to go!"

Lans waves.

Kinaed waves.

Francesca nods surely.

Brando stands up.

Brando waves

Galax waves.

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Sat Oct 19, 2019 8:31 pm

read turf
01: (Temi) Overview
02: (Temi) Syntax
03: (Temi) Command Explanation
04: (Temi) Messaging
05: (Temi) Extra Features
06: (Temi) Calculations
07: (Temi) Screen Mockups
08: (Temi) Population

read turf 01
Author: Temi
Other: Temi
Subject: Overview
Subject: A page
Date: Sun May 19 15:45:25 2019

Arendas, Augustus 14, 381


This system is designed to give players the ability to fight over control of
individual areas. This gives them the ability to band together and to have
victories on a smaller level, even when they cannot be allowed to have
longterm victories for the sake of theme. It should take into account
metrics, as well as the character of the area itself, but still show a
meaningful effect from players using the system to take control.

We considered how control should be lumped together: individuals, guilds,
good guys vs bad guys. We decided that gearing it towards Order and pious
folks versus mages and Reeves and lawful folks versus criminals would give
players a better chance to spark more RP by banding the largest possible
groups together. Guilds don't have to already be feeling strong in
membership to be able to take part, and other groups can still pick sides,
without needing to check membership in a separate group system. As such, the
design gears things to be weighted towards the 'bad guys', because they are
taking a social risk just to be involved and are usually outnumbered by the
'good guys'. One villain should be able to make RP for several normal
people, without completely overwhelming the game anytime there are a few
dedicated villains.

Across the city, the mages or criminals may gain a hold on an individual
neighborhood by terrorizing its residents and sending them into hiding, while
loyal citizens and guildmembers can keep safe the places that they invest the
effort into protecting with patrols, stationed troops or vigilante actions.
While the state of the city on the whole remains as it is defined in the city
report, these individual neighborhoods will use this as a baseline for guild
reports and adjust from there based on local activity.

Each area has a score from 0 to 100 for each of piety and lawfulness, and for
both their current state and their default state. 0 implies no expectation
of adherence to law/piety in that area and 100 implies a complete expectation
of adherence to law/piety.

read turf 02
Author: Temi
Other: Temi
Subject: Syntax
Subject: Syntax
Date: Sun May 19 15:46:23 2019

Arendas, Augustus 14, 381

Syntax :
turf show
turf patrol
turf station <action long>
turf terrorize <crime|magic> <action long>
turf vigilante <crime|magic> <action long>
turf influence <crime|magic> <amount>
turf hail
turf collect
gpoints assign <name>
turf mood <crime|magic|law|piety>

turf list
turf history
turf mood clear
flags turf_wars
law_default <amount>
piety_default <amount>

read turf 03
Author: Temi
Other: Temi
Subject: Command Explanation
Subject: Command Explanation
Date: Sun May 19 15:47:29 2019

Arendas, Augustus 14, 381

Turf show works in the current room. It should show the area, if it is not
eligible for turf wars (the area does not have the turf_wars flag), the
effective law and piety scores of the area, and the fear modifier. Staff
should see actual values, players should see adjectives.

Turf patrol represents setting up regular patrol over the whole area for the
next few days. It costs 1 gpoint and can only be done by Knights or Reeves
and is enacted on the whole area. If done by a knight, it increases the
current piety score by 10. If done by a reeve, it increases the current
lawfulness score by 10.

Turf station represents stationing guild NPCs in the room to help protect it.
It costs 1 gpoint and can only be done by Knights or Reeves. If done by a
knight, it increases the current piety score by 5, cancels any magic
terrorize in that current room, and guarantees maximum-detail order reports
from that room while it endures. If done by a reeve, it increases the
current lawfulness score by 5, cancels any crime terrorize in that current
room, and guarantees maximum-detail reeve reports from that room while it
endures. It endures in the room for 5 OOC days, with an object in the room
matching the action long provided by the arguments with a urf] tag at the
end. Looking at it should provide its type (station) and flavor

Turf terrorize represents stirring up trouble to frighten vNPCs in a room.
It takes an argument for crime or magic, and it can only be done by a player
once per day. The crime option can be done by anyone, while the magic option
can only be done by awakened mages. It cannot be done in a room with an
active station on it. If done with the crime option, it decreases the
current lawfulness score by 5. If done with the magic option, it decreases
the current piety score by 5. It endures in the room for 5 OOC days, with an
object in the room matching the action long provided by the arguments with a
[Turf] tag at the end. Looking at it should provide its type (terrorize) and
flavor (crime/magic). It should trigger an appropriate report to the Reeves
(crime) or the Order (magic), based on the local area metrics before the
adjustment from the terrorize, with all normal details and delays.

Turf vigilante represents non-Order or Reeve characters taking actions in a
room into their own hands to decrease magery or crime. It takes an argument
for crime or magic, and it can only be done by a player once per day. If
done with the crime option, it increases the current lawfulness score by 2
and cancels an existing magic terrorize on the room. If done with the magic
option, it increases the current piety score by 2 and cancels an existing
crime terrorize on the room. It endures in the room for 5 OOC days, with an

[ Press (c)ontinue, (r)efresh, (b)ack, (q)uit or hit (h)elp ] (44% complete)
object in the room matching the action long provided by the arguments with a
urf] tag at the end. Looking at it should provide its type (vigilante) and
flavor (crime/magic).

Turf influence represents infleuntial people swaying attitudes in an area.
Any player can do this, but they can only do so once an influence cycle. It
takes an argument for crime or magic and an argument for amount, which can be
-10 to 10, which is directly added onto the respective lawfulness or piety
score for the current area they are in. The cost is in IP and is the
absolute value of the change amount.

Turf hail manifests the extra presence of vNPCs into an actual NPC. It can
be done by a member of the appropriate guild up to once a day when the local
metrics are high enough - Reeves with lawfulness over 90, Order with piety
over 90, or Thieves with lawfulness under 10. The NPC is a standard one for
the guild and is loaded in the current room. It should stick around for
about a day.

Turf collect represents extorting the frightened locals for money. It
requires an active terrorize in the room owned by the character doing the
collecting. It can only be done once a day, and it will report a crime as
per the normal metrics in the area - to the Reeves or Order, depending on the
type of the terrorize. The amount of silver it returns should be dependent
on the current lawfulness or piety.

Turf mood represents the ability to describe the goings-on in an area that
the character has control over. This sets a special mood that lasts for a
week and cannot be cleared by players. The command should open up an editor
for the mood description. The crime option can be done by Thieves or the
owner of a crime terrorize in the room when the lawfulness in the area is
less than 20. The magic option can be done by awakened mages when the piety
in the area is less than 20. The law option can be done by Reeves or the
owner of a crime vigilante in the room when the lawfulness in the area is
greater than 80. The piety option can be done by the Order or the owner of a
magic vigilante in the room when the piety in the area is greater than 80.

Gpoints assign represents guildleaders providing their guildmember with
resources that they can temporarily command. They can use these assigned
points for plots or turf wars, and these systems should collect from assigned
gpoints before those available to guildleaders. However, assigned gpoints
should also expire when gpoints rollover, as this is not intended as a bank
or extension for unused points.

Turf list is a staff command to view all areas which are eligible for turf
wars, their current law and piety scores and their defaults. Under each
area, it should also show current stations, terrorizes and vigilantes with
their rooms. This should give a good overview of current ongoing effects
across the game.

[ Press (c)ontinue, (r)efresh, (b)ack, (q)uit or hit (h)elp ] (88% complete)

Turf history is a staff command to view recent actions, especially patrol and
influence events which do not have ongoing effects, in addition to the
stations, terrorizes and vigilantes. It should also show weekly adjustments.
All entries should include actor (or turf daemon), area, room vnum and what
was done.

Turf mood clear is a staff command to remove inappropriate turf moods, as
players cannot remove or overwrite them.

Aedit will need a few additions for staff to configure an area for turf wars.
There should be a new turf_wars flag, which sets an area as eligible for turf
wars. And there should be new commands to set the law_default and
piety_default, which should take values 0 to 100 to represent the default
levels of each that these areas revert to. Before setting, these should both
initialize at 50.

read turf 04
Author: Temi
Other: Temi
Subject: Messaging
Subject: Messaging
Date: Sun May 19 17:44:45 2019

Arendas, Augustus 14, 381


Turf Patrol - Reeves: (to room)
$n sets up a regular patrol of Reeves through the area. [Turf]

Turf Patrol - Order: (to room)
$n sets up a regular patrol of Knights through the area. [Turf]

Turf Station - Reeves: (to room)
$n stations a couple of Reeves to watch the area.[Turf]
<Action Long>

Turf Station - Order: (to room)
$n stations a couple of Knights to watch the area.[Turf]
<Action Long>

Turf Station/Terrorize/Vigilante - in room:
<Action Long> [Turf]

Turf Terrorize - Crime: (to room)
$n terrorizes the locals with criminal behavior.[Turf]
<Action Long>

Turf Terrorize - Magic: (to room)
$n terrorizes the locals with magic.[Turf]
<Action Long>

Turf Vigilante - Crime: (to room)
$n organizes vigilante action to protect the area from criminals.[Turf]
<Action Long>

Turf Vigilante - Magic: (to room)
$n organizes vigilante action to protect the area from mages.[Turf]
<Action Long>

Turf Influence - Crime: (to player)
$n influences the stand against crime in the area by <amount>.[Turf]

Turf Influence - Magic: (to player)
$n influences the stand agaisnt magic in the area by <amount>.[Turf]

Turf Hail - Reeves: (to room)
$n flags down a passing Reeve for support.[Turf]

[ Press (c)ontinue, (r)efresh, (b)ack, (q)uit or hit (h)elp ] (67% complete)
<mob long> has arrived.

Turf Hail - Order: (to room)
$n flags down a passing Knight for support.[Turf]
<mob long> has arrived.

Turf Hail - Thieves: (to room)
$n beckons to a passing ruffian for support.[Turf]
<mob long> has arrived.

Turf Collect: (to player)
$n extorts the locals for money.[Turf]
$e receives <amount> silver from frightened locals.

Turf Collect: (to room)
$n extorts the locals for money.[Turf]

Gpoints Assign: (to player + target (if online))
$n assigns a guild point to <target> to direct guild resources.

Fear Levels:
.76 - 1: Comfortable
.51 - .75: Apprehensive
.26 - .5: Frightened
0 - .25: Terrified

read turf 05
Author: Temi
Other: Temi
Subject: Extra Features
Subject: Extra Features
Date: Sun May 19 18:27:59 2019

Arendas, Augustus 14, 381


Order/Reeve Reports - Whether or not crime and magic reports are sent to the
Reeve or Order channel and the level of detail included in them should be
based on the lawfulness and piety metrics for the area for turf_wars areas,
rather than the overall metrics.

Free Messengers - If the local lawfulness metric is over 90, players can send
free messengers to the Reeves from that area. If the local piety metric is
over 90, players can send free messengers to the Order from that area.

Magery Effects - If local piety is less than 20, there should be a 5% chance
of catching a random disease upon entering a room in that area, once per day.
If local piety is less than 10, food and drinks should return 50% less mvs
and hps.


read turf 06
Author: Temi
Other: Temi
Subject: Calculations
Subject: Calculations
Date: Sun May 19 18:59:37 2019

Arendas, Augustus 14, 381


Weekly Updates:
Every week on the same day (can be rollover or another), the current score should update
towards a modified default level.

Modified default = default + ((metric - 50)/2).

If current_area_metric_score > modified_default,

new score = current_score - min(10, (current_area_metric_score - modified_default)).

If current_area_metric_score < modified_default,

new score = current_area_metric_score + min(10, (modified_default - current_area_metric_score)).

Piety_deviation: max(0, default_piety - current_area_piety_score)

Law_deviation: max(0, default_law - current_area_law_score)

Fear Modifier (for population) = (100-piety_deviation)/100 * (100-law_deviation)/100

new score = current_area_metric_score + 10

new score = current_area_metric_score + 5

new score = current_area_metric_score - 5

new score = current_area_metric_score + 2

new score = current_area_metric_score + <amount>
cost = abs(<amount>) IP

Collect amounts:
payout = (100 - current_area_metric_score) / 4 silver

read turf 07
Author: Temi
Other: Temi
Subject: Screen Mockups
Subject: Screen Mockups
Date: Sun May 19 19:49:13 2019

Arendas, Augustus 14, 381

Turf Show (Player View):
Area: Southside
Eligible for Turf Wars: Yes
Law: Pathetic Piety: Good
Fear Levels: Apprehensive

Turf Show (Staff View):
Area: [40] Southside
Eligible for Turf Wars: Yes
Law: Pathetic (18%)
Piety: Good (73%)
Fear Levels: Apprehensive (0.63)

Turf List (Staff View):
[ 7] Wilhelm/King's Fores Law: 20% (20%) Piety: 25% (30%)
Terorize (Magic) - Deep Within the King's For[14222] - Azarial
[ 38] North Lithmore Law: 100% (90%) Piety: 75% (80%)
[ 39] Market Sector Law: 40% (60%) Piety: 100% (75%)
Station (Magic) - Market Square East [12233] - Kinaed
Vigilante (Magic) - Market Square Southwest [12236] - Niamh
[ 40] Southside Law: 0% (10%) Piety: 50% (50%)
Terrorize (Crime) - Southside Courier Service [12494] - Eldon
Terrorize (Crime) - The Southside Market [12426] - Temi

read turf 08
Author: Temi
Other: Temi
Subject: Population
Subject: Population
Date: Sun May 19 19:54:53 2019

Arendas, Augustus 14, 381

VNPC Population:
If private or phome but not pshop front room: VNPC Population = 0
Otherwise -
Baseline Population: 5*SIN((0.26*Hour)-2.2-(EveningFlag*1.1))+5
This varies from 0-10 on a 24-hour scale, with a peek at 14:00,
or 18:00 with the evening flag.
Scale Factors:
Public Rooms - Multiply Baseline by 2
Precipitation - If humidity > 1300, Multiply by 1-((Humidity-1300)/150)
This does not apply indoors, but reduces number of people more the
harder it is raining.
Fear - Multiply by Fear Modifier - see turf wars calculations
Modify for Randomization: +1d7-4
This adds or takes away up to 3 random people.
Address Minimums: Minimum 0, unless a higher minimum is set on the room.

Population in the room: VNPC Population + Human Mobs + Players Other Than You
Under temperature and on look around, add the line based on the room population:

0 There is no one else here.
1-2 The odd person can be seen.
3-6 A few people are visible here and there.
7-10 Several people are present in the area.
11-15 The area is bustling with people.
16+ The area is absolutely packed with people.

Room additions:
Pshop front room flag - or some other flag to override the phome exclusion
in public areas of phomes
Evening flag - marks this as a business which skews to later hours, like a
Minimum People setting - to override minimum numbers for special cases, like
the jail

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