Log of OOC Meeting - 2019-07-06

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Sat Jul 06, 2019 6:10 pm

Kinaed says, "Today's Agenda:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics"

SomeoneLoveable nod nods.

Kinaed smiles at Lans.

[Action: Kitty is plopped down in a seated position, tail twitching. ]

Kinaed claims to Lans, "You may be overestimating my state of being as "awake" :)"

Lans claims, "Heh."

[Action: Camila blooms. ]

Kitty says, "You have Callestra, Haisia, and Nestor who all want to be trans'd to the meeting."

SomeoneLoveable claims, "None of us are truly awake, we dream the shared dream."

Kinaed claims, "I can't follow, I need them to follow directions a d send tells"

Kinaed has transferred Brando.  [OOC]

Hadia gasps slowly at the revelation.

Kinaed gives Brando some coins.

Kinaed has transferred Emerald.  [OOC]

Brando states, "Thank you :)"

Kinaed gives Emerald some coins.

Kinaed has transferred Ikeala.  [OOC]

Kinaed gives Ikeala some coins.

Kinaed has transferred Callestra.  [OOC]

[Action: Emerald is ... thanking the gods. ]

Ikeala wakes up and starts resting.
Kinaed gives Callestra some coins.

Emerald begins to count their money.

[Action: Emerald is shimmering. ]

Ethelon sneezes loudly.

Satoshi gives Ethelon a hanky.

Lans has lost link.

Kinaed claims, "Okay, kicking off Staff Updates, I handled a policy case or two last week, little else. IRL is crazy at the moment. On my desk - jail automation updates."

Kinaed claims to Azarial, "You're up."

Azarial claims, "I've been trimming down the bug list and trying to catch up on the list of odd compiler errors.  mostly front end display issues, iirc.  and I think yet another crash."

Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Lans has reconnected.

Raspberries says, "Speaking of bugs, I still can't target people in here who have color codes in their names."

Kitty clings to her color code.

Azarial states, "I am unable to replicate it; I've used rainbow names and players on both sides."

Raspberries asks, "Anyone else have trouble with it?"

Satoshi muses, "Me neither, but it might be because the game is seeing the color codes as part of the name?"

Ethelon starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

They aren't here.

Azarial states, "I would need specific use cases to try and figure it out, as it is smashing colour properly before comparing."

Ikeala wonders, "Do we super need to target people in the OOC room?"

Raspberries claims, "I can't target satoshi with a sayto for example."

Satoshi states, "Not really, I just type out the whole name and it works"

Satoshi states, "Like you know who I mean, non issue currently."

Azarial claims, "Post a bug at some point, then, please."

Kinaed finishes abruptly, "I see a few changes worth mentioning: IP warning date was fixed, characters idle for 6 OOC months are now fully purged unless they have 500 RP hours - we do not restore characters that hit that threshold - language tags process in descs now"

Ethelon finishes her note.

Raspberries questions, "Do characters over 500RP get purged at any point?"

Azarial states, "If they need wrapped up or they;re absurdly old."

Ethelon starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Kinaed states, "Post a log with the bug plz"

Azarial claims, "I've freed up 20MB in pfiles, and quite a few names should be usable again."

Lans says, "Great."

Kinaed says, "Looks like that's all for staff updates :)"

SomeoneLoveable declaims, "Neat!"

Raspberries states, "Always nice after a purge, not seeing the that name is unavailable message 50 times in a row."

Ethelon finishes her note.

Satoshi claims, "That's super excellent, that's a lot of space on olllld unused characters"

Azarial nods.

Kinaed queries, "Player Heartbeat - how was the game this week, folks?"

Azarial claims, "Given the six day rolling backup, yes, that is a ton of space."

Raspberries queries, "How much space is quotaed?"

SomeoneLoveable declares, "It's really really picked up in southside, and the RP has been great. Merchant life is getting better too!"

Azarial says, "I think 2gb, so clearing out a tenth of that is nice."

Ethelon claims, "Got lots of enjoyable RP. It bumped up my RP hrs count to unknown heights."

Camila states, "I have had fun. My character is staying pretty busy with different scenes."

Lans says, "It was intense."

Emerald questions, "Hmm?"

Emerald claims, "Oh yes, it was good."

Ikeala states, "RP was ... up and down this week."

Lans states, "Action packed."

Emerald states, "Sorry, ahem. I was like gone for most of the begining"

Kinaed comforts Ikeala.

Raspberries states, "I've had some good scenes"

Satoshi claims, "This week's been a bit half and half for me, meeting a lot of new people, things are definitely busier for merchants, but sometimes I find myself with nothing to do and no one in public so I spend a lot of time grinding."

Emerald starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)
Kinaed comforts Satoshi.

Camila claims, "I'm looking forward to Merchant RP and selling some art. And Camila's birthday party will be held tomorrow around 1 or 2 pm System time."

Emerald finishes her note.

Kinaed queries to Satoshi, "Is there anything you think might help that?"

Ikeala says, "I try to do what I can to spice up things for folks in public but that has mixed results."

Kinaed smiles at Camila.

Emerald states, "I have had good rp so far, though. Just somewhat emotional."

Kinaed comforts Ikeala.

Wimpled says, "Safir's party is today after OOC chat, for anyone willing to travel to the Charalin camp. "

Ethelon peers at Emerald 

Kinaed smiles at Emerald.

Satoshi states, "I've spoken oocly to my guildlead about it and he gave me some things to do to seek out more people that I wouldn't have a reason for otherwise, so that's helped one character, the other I think I've just accepted has no friends"

Ikeala leans on Kinaed.

Emerald peers at ethalon

Hadia declaims, "I am still settling in and such (OOCly as much as ICly, if not moreso), but I've enjoyed the RP I've managed to join!"

SomeoneLoveable states, "I think  YOu've been doing great! though I totally understand given I kind of feel the same way on my characters. I feel like being an antagonist at times really can be kinda difficult at times, and it doesn't necessarily become enjoyable for the person doing it."

Brando states, "The RP was excellent. But my character took an arc that was unexpected and I am still dealing with the not so great IMO outcomes and how to best RP that."

Emerald states, "I am willing, though I don't kow if I am welcome. :D"

Camila states, "Satoshi, if there is a way to help involve you in things more I'll be happy to help if you want? Camila needs more friends."

Kinaed muses to Satoshi, "You are aware that you can show up to whererp on the flimsiest of excuses?"

SomeoneLoveable states, "That's what I do."

Emerald claims, "*shows up on kissing bridge for shits*"

Lans claims, "Sat"

Wimpled exclaims, "Only one way to find out, Emerald!"

Lans claims, "Come hunt mages with me"

Satoshi states, "Yeah but I can't break into the merchant's ghall or people's bedrooms"

Lans claims, "I always need more cannon fodder"

Raspberries states, "Sure you can"

Kinaed smiles at Lans.

Satoshi begins to plan a heist of the Merchant's ghall just for RP

Camila claims, "Please stay out of my bedroom."

Emerald claims, "Break into my bedroom and you may or may nt have a knife in your eye."

Emerald giggles.

SomeoneLoveable says, "I mean brotherhood action would be muchloved. I had one good scene of it, and then well, it kinda dragged off. be nice to see that sort of intimidation again."

Kitty says, "... don't have your bedroom on whererp, and it is less likely people will want to be in there."

Kitty coughs.

Kinaed nods at SomeoneLoveable.

Ikeala claims, "It can be difficult as a lot of methods of mage RP don't seem to count as RP so you can RP for hours with folks and still be inactive."

SomeoneLoveable pontificates, "Everyone make scary bhood chars!"

Lans queries, "Really, Ik?"

Kinaed questions to Ikeala, "Do you mean astral?"

Satoshi says, "Yeah yeah. It's been a mix like I've said. During my work hours it's usually pretty slow with people probably tucking up somewhere for private RP, and people sadly start to get REALLY active and public when I need to go to bed, so I think some is scheduling."

Lans claims, "Shadows and fire thingies don't count"

Lans wonders, "?"

SomeoneLoveable nods.

Ikeala shakes at Lans.

Emerald whistles loudly.

SomeoneLoveable claims, "Astral"

Raspberries states, "They didn't before. I think invis does now"

SomeoneLoveable says, "Definitely doesn't and so it's kinda hard to rp when there's no rpxp gained there."

Lans puffs his grim cheeks.

Elysaveta is idle.

Emerald thiks perhaps she should have put like a nowehre flag on her bedroom? tilts head*

Ikeala claims, "Some things do some don't. "

Kinaed says, "Ahh, good ol timezone issues. I feel your pain."

Lans says, "I would invite staff to consider making all of that mage degeneracy give rxpx."

Kinaed claims, "Send me a pboard with the list of mage rp things that earn no RPxp or activity time please."

Ikeala nods.

Elysaveta is no longer idle.

Satoshi says OOCly, "I for one would welcome more mage bullshittery because it really spices up RP like nothing else, and the recent, erm, captures have pushed most of the mages into hiding."

Satoshi says, "Oops"

Kinaed states, "Okay, Player Topics. If you have a topic, please send me a tell now."

Emerald claims, "LOLTS"

SomeoneLoveable claims, "Always the problem with the game when there's a big thing that happens antag goes down because no one just wants to get caught."

Ikeala claims, "Hang around public fires if you are bored and lonely."

SomeoneLoveable declaims, "It'll pick up agian though!"

Kinaed states to Lans, "You're up first. Please introduce us to your topic. :)"

Hadia queries, "Public fires?"

Lans states, "I would like to ask about the possibility of codedly guarding portal exits. This week I had a situation where I could not prevent my prey from escaping that way using the guard command. Which is totally fine, they did what they had to, and no policy or feelings were broken. I know I can just attack to pin them in place but that is not always a good or even possible option. Specially when mages are involved."

Emerald trails off, "The queens and the queen's kitchens, and ... oh *shushes*"

Raspberries states to Hadia, "Fires that are publically accessible"

Ikeala states, "Spells don't work against portals properly either. So it's a bit of a two way."

Hadia says, "Ah, gotcha. Thank you! -also shushes-"

Kinaed states to Lans, "I cannot take notes atm, please pboard me that request and staff will discuss it on Staff Talking Points."

Raspberries claims, "Can't close/lock portal exits either or otherwise secure them."

Ikeala states, "Yeah"

Lans says, "Okay."

Ikeala says, "So portals overall might need some consideration, yeah."

Kitty states, "But, if they could be codely guarded, theoretically, they could be codely blocked, too? So, it would give an option for both."

Lans states, "Yeah you can't create vines or firewalls on portals either"

Lans says, "Much less look through them"

Ikeala says, "Correct any room blocking spell."

Kinaed claims, "On a slightly side note to that - this week's policy case was another "that person saw me and fled too fast for me to RP" or "that person attacked me too quickly for RP". The current staff stance is that any IC action is RP, so someone is acting ICly when they flee, even if it is without an emote. It just simulates your character being caught flat footed if you yourself are given the range of tools to respond (ie, IC commands)"

Raspberries says, "I think there were plans to look at portals in general, like being able to look through them like a window. just pile some more stuff onto it while you're at it"

Kinaed says, "Staff are reviewing this stance at player request due to this policy case, but that is the current stance."

Lans nods.

Raspberries nods.

Emerald questions, "That was a policy case?"

Emerald says, "I tell you if I were being attacked, I would run away too man... It's almost instinct."

Callestra is idle.

Callestra is no longer idle.

Satoshi claims, "I think it's easy to forget that people are not OBLIGATED to stay, and even turns will only force them to choose between a mechanical action or an emote"

Callestra has returned from AFK.

Kinaed claims to Callestra, "We had one come up this week in that vein, yes."

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Satoshi states, "Especially since... I know it was... IC but I still feel like it was sorta lame of the Order to torch Sionnach after the escape. It felt like bad sportsmanship. I would flee too."

Raspberries states, "If I were the spoopy sort, I'd not stick around either. Just one arrest command and you could be stuck there."

Ikeala claims, "I'd say you need to look at arrest code if you are changing flee policy"

Lans muses, "Bad sportsmanship?"

Raspberries nods in agreement.

SomeoneLoveable states, "I would feel my morale drop as an antag character too if that just was like welp."

Kinaed states, "Similarly, the code is supposed to arbitrate turns in combat, so getting hit really hard and KOed in one shot can happen, particularly if someone wallops someone by surprise. So, that's IC, and non-consensual RP, but it can mean a bad outcome for a character without their ability to emote or do much because someone just rang their bells pretty hard."

Satoshi says, "Felt like it turned into 'I have to kill you to win' instead of 'this is a nice story' and didn't allow the antagonist who was now literally conscribed to being exiled from the city as a consequence to... enjoy the hard work of the mages to get him out. After all, per policy, you can only escape from Ahalin ONCE."

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

SomeoneLoveable says, "I agree."

Lans says, "I did not expect to find him where I did, unarmored, unlasked and unprepared"

Ikeala claims, "Being knocked out means the person no longer sees any RP in the room as a reminder."

Lans states, "*unmasked"

Raspberries states, "Let's not get too into recent IC events"

SomeoneLoveable states, "I don't think it's anyone's fault, I just know it's kinda... tanking."

Kinaed states to Lans, "Let's not discuss specific RP in OOC Chat."

Lans states, "The first time I arrested him I waited half an hour as he was idle"

Emerald shrugs a rock like shoulder.

Lans states, "Okay."

Satoshi says, "I don't know the details, but I was just stating my opinion from the outside."

Camila trails off, "Its not about winning in RP guys. Its about telling a story together..."

Lans zips it.

SomeoneLoveable says, "Like if you're gonna try and continue to provide antag  for a game where it's hard to do so, it's just really soul crushing to be put in that position of well, it's not a bit of breathing room to provide that. it's not anyone's fault, just really draining in general."

Satoshi claims, "Yeah, that was my point. It's done and over with, just... you can play a good Order character that... I dunno the mage gets away once and a while."

Kinaed states to Lans, "You're not on trial, I'm just explaining staff stance that IC commands = RP, not just emotes"

Ikeala shifts back and forth.

Lans states, "Please consider the fact that I may be actually letting mages get away, and I just don't tell people, Sat."

Emerald states, "I think I would ask them first... Like ... How far do you want me to go, sort of thing. I'd talk it out and then make decissions, but... I'm a bit... too feely for that type of work."

SomeoneLoveable states, "We're not blaming you. Just voicing that. "

Wimpled says, "Flip side, you do that as an Order character, you get shit on in rumors for it."

Lans claims, "I was just accused of bad sportsmanship."

Raspberries nods in agreement.

SomeoneLoveable questions, "Exactly it's kinda like  on both sides  you know?"

Kinaed claims to Callestra, "That's actually against policy if it goes into the realm of OOCly arranging IC outcomes."

Emerald nods.

Kitty states, "Flip-flip side... there's stuff that goes on that people aren't aware of. So realize that everyone is making judgements in a box."

Raspberries nods at Kinaed.

Emerald is not built for bad guy catching, note.

Kinaed claims, "I think players should be kind to knight players please. They provide important conflict and dramatic tension to the game."

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Raspberries says, "Both sides can be pretty thankless"

Ikeala says, "As a thought, allowing more mage RP could get a group effort. But a lot of the time people come to meetings and say the like/want it but in experience a lot of people immediately leave or say you are a bother. So it's on all sides of tge fence."

Kinaed nods at Raspberries.

Azarial says OOCly, "I wonder if we should alow mages to inspire to offset the drain of time and resources to advance to credible villain levels"

Satoshi shrugs. "All your actions were IC, you roleplay very well, I don't have an issue with it aside from My opinion is just an opinion."

Camila muses, "There needs to be some OOC understanding of feelings and effort to play nice at least OOCly on the part of players on both sides I think? Order and mage? They don't have to be nice IC but OOC?"

SomeoneLoveable says, "Oh, yeah,  I don't think the knights are being bad. I'm just saying I know how it feels when that happens when you're on the  the opposite side, being set up for the knights or whatever game you're in to chase down."

Kinaed nods at Ikeala.

Jaspar is idle.

Jaspar is no longer idle.
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SomeoneLoveable claims, "It's kind of gonna suck no matter what though."

Raspberries claims, "Inspire might be nice."

Lans claims to Kinaed, "Can we move on please."

Ethelon queries, "What's inspire?"

Hadia declaims, "^question seconded!"

Kitty claims, "I think that people who play a mage need to understand, OOCly, that they will be hunted. And that this is a non-consent game. Period. If they cannot handle the feelings that go with that, then they should not be playing a mage."

They aren't here.

Kinaed says to Camila, "I disagree. I think there needs to be a bit less judgement is all. And some good natured awareness that the only thing at stake is some picels and a good story."

SomeoneLoveable wonders, "Oh I'm curious too. what's inspire?"

Camila says, "I think both Order and mages are important, the conflict between them is an awesome feature. So please don't get discouraged Lans."

Raspberries states, "A way to fill your learning pools without using the skill. Old code, not longer implemented"

Brando is idle.

Raspberries says, "You'd gain a pool of inspiration, which you could then dump into pooling a skill"

SomeoneLoveable states, "I can say personally... that would've helped all my past mages mm."

Brando is no longer idle.
Brando has returned from AFK.

Kinaed states, "No one loses their mortgage or the food on their table from TI, it's a game."

SomeoneLoveable states, "I could've participated in the greater story faster."

Camila nods to Kinaed. Less judgment is always good.

Emerald knows that if she ever plays a mage from the start it's a death sentence. She is ok with this.

Ikeala has been transferred out by Kinaed.  [OOC]

Kinaed says, "Apologies if I'm missing says and content - downside to a movile phone."

Kinaed asks, "Any other topics?"

Ethelon states, "I'm good."

Camila states, "I still think people should be kind to each other OOC and save the drama for IC. But thats just me. *drops it*"

Kinaed smiles at Elysaveta.

SomeoneLoveable claims, "I don't think anyone intended to be mean ooc."

SomeoneLoveable says, "I know I didn't at least."

Kinaed says to Camila, "Oh, I agree on being kind OOC, I just don't think that should go as far as OOCly arranging outcomes."

Emerald shakes her head. "Me either. I'm just so hot..."

Kinaed nods at SomeoneLoveable.

Satoshi claims, "Yeah I didn't mean to come off as offensive, that was just the only word I could find to encompass the feeling. Like I'm aware I don't have all the info on it"

Kinaed says, "Also, my experience is people are pretty good OOC."

Camila states, "Oh! I didn't mean that. Arranging outcomes is boring."

Emerald nods.

Emerald says, "If it's part of the story, go for it."

Kinaed nods at Camila.

Camila says, "I like to go with the flow IC, let the story unfold."

SomeoneLoveable states, "I think it would be nice to have a discussion on inspire though."

Camila says, "Communication error."

Satoshi says, "Like I UNDERSTAND that mages are hunted, etc, I've just also seen, since I joined, almost every antagonist character leave lately"

Satoshi claims, "So I feel like that's something that needs to be looked at and thought about not just by staff but by players"

SomeoneLoveable says, "Because as it stands it's very hard at the moment to become a mage that can really provide conflict and feel comfortable to do it when you're going up against characters who have like a huuuuge crap ton of xp they've sank into an order character."

Satoshi claims, "Since to my knowledge that player left and another mage felt so utterly bummed by that they considered tanking the character"

Kitty says, "I agree to being kind OOC, too. But, what I do not agree with is that we can predict how someone will OOCly react to all IC situations. Some people will get upset, even if someone is acting 100 percent ICly as their character will act. And, a person should not change how their character will behave because it upsets someone else."

Elysaveta is idle.

Raspberries says, "I used inspire a bit on old TI. As I recall, your inspiration would fill up as you gained RPXP, then you could 'inspire skill' to dump it into the skill's pool. Not sure why or when it was removed, I assume it made it too easy to fill up skills."

Satoshi claims, "So I'm motivated more by 'this game would be really boring if no one was an antagonist because the anti-antagonists are too good at their jobs'"

SomeoneLoveable claims, "Ah, I could see that being a problem too. mhm."

Camila says, "We do need IC conflict and antagonists thats what drives alot of the rp I think and makes the game so interesting."

Kitty says, "We haven't had any really, really great mage hunter knights in a long time, from what I understand. So, now that we do, the other side just needs to up their game. Not get deflated - get better."

Camila claims, "And I agree with you on that Kitty. Characters should be allowed to be themselves."

Wimpled says, "You need antagonists and anti-antagonists.  Anti-antagonists take on a great deal of risks - most often, they are killed."

Emerald starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Raspberries nods.

Kinaed states, "I've seen the opposite too. TI boring because of an inactive Order. There is a fundamental game designed tension there that is intentional."

Emerald finishes her note.

SomeoneLoveable claims, "That's true. it's just going to be hard to get better if you're gonna get ganked by the reall y really good mage hunters in the process. it is a lot of energy throwing yourself against a very hard wall."

Camila claims, "Yes, you do need both."

Camila claims, "Its a balance."

Satoshi says, "Well I only joined...what two months ago now? This is an incredibly small window of reference that I'm working with here, also. I've never not seen Order with Super Lans hunting the witches"

Kinaed says, "Imagine TI without an Order for a sec."

Camila claims, "Magic everywhere....chaos."

Kitty claims, "So, try again. I'm sorry, but... try again."

Raspberries states, "TI: Out of Order"

Kinaed claims, "Or even an Order where, once an antagonist is outted, nothing happened or the Order was ineffective."

Brando says, "Turn turn turn .. there is a season for everything methinks ... since playing my recent character i have see the reeves rise from the ashes. Im not sure how fast or often these 'seasons' occur .. but I am sure that things will change in the long run RP wise."

Camila states, "It wouldn't be the same, the conflict is what makes TI....TI."

Kinaed says, "Dissent and antagonism happen a million times a day in little ways everywhere."

Kinaed states, "In TI's environment, big displays are rapidly put down, but that is how it works IRL too."

Camila states, "Be subtle you mages and agents of chaos."

SomeoneLoveable says, "I think that's what we're saying, not that the order needs to get worse just that the conflict is  held towards the middle so winning and losing feels like it's  possible on both sides so everyone's motivated to contribute to the story. but again if that's an unpopular opinion sorry for making it. I didn't want to say something and get attacked for it just was saying it to give my thoughts."

Kinaed nods at Camila.

Kinaed states, "Consider TI a rebellion training ground :)"

Emerald claims, "We should have a perfume that smells like rebellion... Sweat and fear."

Kinaed claims to SomeoneLoveable, "So the answer is that Knights should feel like they're losing so antagonists don't? But they're"re players too."

Camila queries, "I mean surely there are ways for a mage to mess with people without blowing things up? Think small directed things. Spying, pranks to make someone look bad, framing people? Surely they could do that?"

SomeoneLoveable says, "That is not whatI'm saying."

Kinaed claims to Camila, "Believe me, they do."

Satoshi says, "Well maybe eventually I'll actually be in on this and be able to have more details. Sadly all I have is the IC events to work off of.  My comment was more directly That Singular Circumstance and not the entirety of the game's span"

Raspberries says, "I think it's just a matter of trying to keep it balanced."

Kinaed says, "Core but it is the corollary to what you're saying."

Kinaed says to Raspberries, "A darn hard thing to accomplish."

Raspberries nods.

SomeoneLoveable says, "Or at least that is not what I mean, I just have a concern that knights can feel like they win sometimes and mages can feel that way to, instead of a lot of super crushing on one side, and then super crushing onthe other if that makes sense. "

Kitty says, "IC events... in a box where you only have partial information. There are things you don't know. Hell, things we *all* don't know. That's kind of the point."

Raspberries claims, "It's a... balancing act."

SomeoneLoveable states, "It's probably not possible, it's justmy thoughts as I again say I'm not even sure it's possible to have that in TI."

Satoshi states, "In that Singular Circumstance it felt a little off color. I also don't think there's an exact solution, it's just bringing it up so y'all got it in your heads. I've played in other games law-type characters, it's super duper easy to just think about it through your character and not the ooc effect on the player or game, was all. I have been guilty of it too."

Kinaed states, "I'll be honest, if a knight knkws who a mage is, had it in for them, and is prepared... the game is designed for them to lose."

Kinaed claims, "The key to survival is anonymity."

SomeoneLoveable says, "I mean I came here when the knights were getting stomped so hard it was really discouraging for the order too."

Kinaed nods at SomeoneLoveable.

Raspberries nods.

Wimpled says, "I've been an anti-antagonist against Mages that appear to be nigh-unbeatable despite being champion of several combat skills.  Being a good fighter doesn't mean a heck of a lot and the combat character that are 'super' have put in a lot of RP and a lot of training to get that way."

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Kinaed nods at Wimpled.

Kinaed nods at Wimpled.

Wimpled says, "Probably spent more time in hospitals as a patient during those years than actually hunting anyone."

Kinaed claims, "2 minutes until the top of the hour :)"

Camila states, "I think there are checks and balances on both sides. Mages have to just not be indetified and that really helps I think."

Camila claims, "It takes effort to master either side."

Emerald says, "This topic turned out to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee long."

Camila nods.

Emerald kills her keyboard

Kinaed says, "I want to thank everyone for their time this week "

Wimpled states, "Feel free to crash the Charalin encampment, folks."

Emerald claims, "Aww"

Camila invites everyone to her party Sunday afternoon! There will be food, art and dancing!

Wimpled says, "There is Charalin food and drink."

Raspberries waves.

Wimpled claims, "It'll make you puke."

Satoshi pontificates, "Thanks to staff for your hard work!"

Kinaed states, "Apologies if I missed any says, I will definitely check out the log."

Raspberries asks of Wimpled, "Made from real Charalins?"

Emerald says, "Nah i'll just get drunk"

SomeoneLoveable says, "Eew."

Kinaed smiles.

Wimpled claims, "From and by real Charalins."

Camila waves

Satoshi claims, "And Lans please don't take my words personally, I didn't mean them to be a personal attack."

Kinaed declaims, "Next week, same time, same place!"

Emerald nods.

SomeoneLoveable says OOCly, "Okay!"

Raspberries waves.

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