Log of OOC Meeting - 4/13/19

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Niamh states, "Oookay, the usual: Staff updates, player heartbeat, player topics. Does anybody have a topic today? I'll make a list."

Sparkles asks, "Did anyone volunteer to scribe?"

Niamh pontificates, "Oh right... Scribe!"

Niamh wonders, "Anybody? >_>"

Sparkles claims, "I can help."

Niamh says to Sparkles, "Thanks missy."

Niamh states, "Alright! Staff updates: plotty stuff on my end, though I've slowed down to give people time to react and respond a bit. I suspected a billion demons too quick might be a bit much. Tested some things - a new Earth spell! - and rolled through the usual stuff."

Niamh questions to Azarial, "You?"

Azarial says, "Not too much this week; most string adjustments and smaller bug fixes."

Niamh says, "Kin's been away abroad. Temi's been handling RPA and plot advances, as well as sorting out several app characters."

SilverMoon grins.

Niamh questions, "I think that about covers it for Staff stuff. How was the RP this week?"

SilverMoon states, "Emotional"

Norrig tells you, "Gonna stay cooking"

SilverMoon states, "Emotional but fun"

Brando says, "My character spent most of the week in hospital under orders and it made RP'ing slow and at the affect of others coming to RP with my character. I deeply appreciate those who went out of their way to RP with me. Thank you."

Niamh nods.

Niamh claims, "Oof."

Flower hugs Moony.

SilverMoon huggles flower tight.

Camila says, "Pretty good here."

Niamh muses, "To use Kinaed's time-honored phrasing: Anything shitting anyone we should know about?"

Galax claims, "I got some warm fuzzies this week, despite being busy. It was good."

SilverMoon says, "Awww. challice"

Camila claims, "I have been having fun with Reeve stuff and learning about how to do Plots."

Niamh declaims to Camila, "Awesome!"

Flower claims, "Been busy IRL but what rp I got was great. "

Camila plots to get promoted soon.

Niamh nods at Flower.

SilverMoon states, "I love the basket."

Kitty says, "I have also been RL busy, catching up on RP now."

Niamh declares to SilverMoon, "Thanks!"

Sparkles says, "I've had some interesting RP, thanks for everyone who came to the party last night and who might come today! I've had a few rough spots."

SilverMoon has loved rp this week and has been on this one more than the other one, but i'm a mooon so I get to be huge.

Camila states, "I'm hoping to attend. I was not feeling well last night sadly."

Niamh states, "Sounds like things have been preeetty good. That's fantabulous to hear."

SilverMoon nods.

SilverMoon says, "I did what I could last night. :)"

Niamh trails off, "Player-topics-wise, we had a couple registered in advance to roll through. Lets seee..."

Niamh states, "We had a request to add a Grandmaster spell to Void, which is admittedly pretty needed. The idea was an expansion on Dreamweave, allowing the GM Void mage to send mass dreams."

SilverMoon states, "Lord"

Galax states, "Spooky."

SilverMoon says, "Makes it easier for the void bringers, I tell you"

Niamh nods at SilverMoon.

Camila states, "That sounds awesome."

Niamh states, "Mostly a convenience thing, I think. They're capable of sending mass dreams now, it just requires doing them all individually and getting super annoyed by it."

Flower declaims, "That sounds sweeeet!"

SilverMoon was so making reference to a book just then, but it fit.

SilverMoon states, "Yeah.."

Camila says, "Prepare for the spooky dream invasion."

Niamh states, "Added to talking points. Sounds like everybody's pretty keen."

Brando nods

SilverMoon says, "Hmm."

SilverMoon says, "Okay."

Kitty states, "*cough* >.<"

Niamh claims, "Second player topic was for noble applications - they would like for nobles to be prompted on whether or not their domain voted for or against Celeste during the crisis."

SilverMoon giggles a little.

SilverMoon trails off, "Erm..."

Niamh states, "At the time of application, sounds like."

SilverMoon trails off, "Ok..."

Sparkles muses, "Can I argue the alternative might be or both putting on the wiki who voted for whom? So it's equal access info?"

SilverMoon trails off, "Oh ok, because um... Well I mean that is a good suggestion but I'm way past application stage"

Niamh claims to Sparkles, "That's a good idea."

Sparkles states, "Otherwise it will tend to be who saved the file at the time and who didn't."

Niamh starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Camila asks, "I don't see how it would hurt? If its known theme info it should be known yes?"

Niamh finishes her note.

Niamh claims, "Added to my wiki todo. And yeah, I'd say they would definitely be aware, general theme info and such."

SilverMoon nods.

Camila nods.

SilverMoon claims, "I have often been like angry faced at for my apparent barony's weird and I'm like, what? I was not there so I am confused."

Niamh nods.

SilverMoon claims, "I just had to roll with it"

Niamh claims, "I think the person who suggested it intended for it to be a help to the nobles, for sure."

SilverMoon nods greatfully

Niamh wonders, "We didn't have any more topics registered to go over, but we're way before the end of the hour. I have one I'd like to touch on a bit, but won't keep you if you'd rather leave early! Would anybody like to get back to the grid?"

SilverMoon states, "You can touch up if you like."

Brando says, "I also have a belated topic."

Niamh claims to Brando, "Go for it."

Brando muses, "Does being a part of the mercenaries guild confer the +1 support slot? if not the why not please?"

Sparkles states, "The Mercenaries Guild isn't an official Guild"

Niamh states to Brando, "It doesn't. The mercenaries guild isn't a guild, but a player-run "club" of sorts."

Brando says, "Ok noted ... no + 1 support slot for mercenaries due to not an official guild. thank you."

Niamh nods at Brando.

Niamh says, "No prob."

Niamh claims, "Last call for escape before time-filling Niamh-topic."

Niamh peers around.

Sparkles declares, "I'm excited to hear your idea/thought Niamh, otherwise I have a small one!"

Niamh declaims to Sparkles, "Go for it!"

SilverMoon grins.

Kitty plops down, settles a wicker-woven Chalice Rising basket lined with white linen firmly in lap, and waits patiently.

Galax claims, "Oh the basket has stuff in it! Sorry, sorry, go on."

Sparkles claims, "I'd like to request the consideration that a lot of brewing things can't be "scavenged" and I'd like to suggest that allowing them to be scavenged into either vinegar and/or grain alcohol as appropriate would give things a use. And/or a craft to do that so reduce the pure insanity of spam. I admit as someone who likes to make/string new stuff it can feel overwhelming competing against endless stuff that exists forever. And pooling is expensive to just junk things."

SilverMoon hugs her basket possessively

Azarial states, "Could add decay timers on things and clearing out old hoards."

Niamh claims, "Added to talking points."

Niamh states, "I think right now we're working off the existing failures for recipes, so if a recipe has failures that couldn't realistically be salvaged from the completed recipe, we didn't flag them. Definitely open for discussion and changes there over time."

Sparkles says, "That's also a possibility, decay timers on edibles overall might not be a bad idea."

Camila asks, "Food spoilage?"

Niamh states to Sparkles, "As a brewer or cook, do you think that would make things harder for them, or less hard? I kind of go between. On the one hand keeping a shop stocked with edibles could be a nightmarish money-sink, but on the other hand people might buy more and more quickly."

Cheeky raises hand.

Brando queries, "Whats that do to the economy?"

Niamh nods at Cheeky.

Niamh claims to Cheeky, "Have at."

Cheeky wonders, "Could you add a spoil command or something like it that could let players convert food recipe items they don't want anymore to compost, and drink items to vinegar, maybe?"

Camila states, "I think that might work."

Camila says, "I like that idea anyway."

Cheeky claims, "Not a 1:1 conversion, maybe 5 or 10:1"

Niamh starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Niamh finishes her note.

Niamh claims, "Oooh. Added to list."

SilverMoon declaims, "Me too!"

SilverMoon smiles and nods her head

Cheeky claims, "I think there was talk about food decay timers too, just maybe a really long one, to balance between stocking and er, serving your wedding cake at your grandchild's en passant."

SilverMoon states, "Oh lord"

Sparkles says, "Otherwise I feel like IDK maybe something like the old Jobs system could accept items to try and bump Metrics. I still feel like some functional way to represent feeding/caring for interacting with vNPCs would make the world feel more lively but give somewhere for 'stuff' to go."

Niamh states, "A lot of food currently decays, but we have some hoarders with a sinful number of items from decades ago - only new items gain the decay timers, while the old hoards just kinda stay as-is."

(visnet) Player Safir: Me, too.

Raspberries flips a wicker-woven Chalice Rising basket lined with white linen into the air, and catches it as it begins its descent.

Sparkles exclaims, "You heard the lady people, it's sin!"

Niamh claims, "SIIIN."

Cheeky exclaims, "Ah, okay! I guess I haven't appraised anything in a while. Thanks!"

SilverMoon says, "Mmm sin"

SilverMoon claims, "I mean.."

SilverMoon states, "Sin is bad, mmkay? Bad."

Raspberries gets the hose.

SilverMoon eeps and scuttles to cheeky's side, "Protect meeee."

Norrig tells you, "Left food and cups in the kitchen"

Kitty asks, "But, but, but... only the good die young?"

Niamh claims to Cheeky, "I believe right now raw or unprocessed foods decay, while finished products don't. My understanding of it is making sure our cooks and brewers who have shops, which is always awesome and encouraged, don't lose interest when their whole shop inventory decays. :("

Raspberries nods.

SilverMoon grins.

Niamh claims, "Kind of a tenuous balance between getting sales because food is finite and not exhausting the pshop runners."

Cheeky nods.

Raspberries claims, "There is a mage spell to spoil food though, I hear"

Niamh nods.

Raspberries says, "Mages, get onto that pestilence."

Cheeky states, "I'm guilty of holding onto things forever because I feel like I wasted the investment of my gameplay time if nothing comes from what I made. Salvage is helping with that feeling on nonperishables."

Niamh queries, "Anyway! Did anyone have any more thoughts on the salvaging thing?"

Niamh nods at Cheeky.

Raspberries declaims, "I like salvage!"

SilverMoon trails off, "Wine is so good..."

SilverMoon claims, "And salvage, yes."

Kitty trails off, "We know what is on SilverMoon's mind..."

Raspberries says, "I mentioned before, but perhaps making it threaded and/or costing mv might be good"

Niamh nods at Raspberries.

Niamh says, "Added to list."

SilverMoon claims, "Excuse? I am not thinking of nothin'. lol"

Azarial claims, "Wine does that."

Cheeky declares, "I think I'd feel a lot better about letting go of food collections if I could invest some of that back into keeping my plants fed and whatnot. So thanks for letting me suggest it!"

Niamh declares, "Of course!"

Niamh says, "Well... Niamh-topic. Hold onto your butts."

Kitty grabs her... cheek?

Niamh questions, "...Actually, may be better put as a question: How do you guys feel about the community these days? Is it still friendly?"

Camila grabs a butt at random.

SilverMoon holds onto her moonbutt

Raspberries exclaims, "Conga-line!"

SilverMoon exclaims, "Oof get your hand off my butt!"

SilverMoon claims, "Erm... it seems so."

Camila blushes. "Sorry."

Niamh grins.

SilverMoon claims, "It's ok. :D"

Kitty claims, "I think you need a larger forum of people, likely, to answer that question more... completely. We are only a small subset."

Raspberries says, "Parts seem more friendly, parts seem less. Almost feels like more than one community at times"

Niamh nods at Raspberries.

SilverMoon states, "I do't get on the forums much, admittedly"

Camila claims, "Most people are pretty friendly I've found. But sometimes I feel a bit excluded in certain scenes. But I don't know if thats me or what.."

Flower claims, "It is not just you. :)"

Kitty claims, "It is different communities. The forum has one subset of people, Discord another. The only place everyone is grouped is here... but even here, different timezones separate them."

SilverMoon says, "I never feel excluded in scenes, mainly because my character is a bit of a wallflower."

Niamh states, "Not referring to any one person, group, or situation, but I feel like there's been a slow crawl toward OOC meanness. I'm not sure if it's real or just something I'm picking up on that isn't there."

Galax claims, "Overall I've had a positive experience. It does sometimes feel like there are little fractures here and there, and it can take extra work to bring them together. But there are all sorts of reasons why that could happen. IC tensions, time zones, RP styles, on top of understandable IC friction. I would be most interested in hearing the experience of players who might feel excluded lately first and foremost though."

SilverMoon trails off, "Hmm..."
Niamh nods at galax.

SilverMoon claims, "I haven't ever b... well ok there was that one time with the person who shall not be name and is gone now, but that has been about the only time."

Kitty says, "I... think... hrm."

Camila claims, "I don't know. I don't feel like people are being OOCly mean on purpose...at least i hope they aren't. ICly is a different matter because some characters are just crankier than others."

Niamh nods at Camila.

Niamh claims, "IC mean is great."

Brando states, "I am not aware of any internal conflict to our demographic. But i am relatively new to the crew so to speak. I keep my ooc views about players totally seperate to my ic views about other characters based upon whats transpired in RP and my own characters disposition. I spent several hrs RP'ing yesterday as probably the lowest caste member of the lithmoran society attending the party..i think'ed and hemoted my backside off until i was engaged by others in RP and so i didn't feel left out at all."

Raspberries queries, "Do you mean mean in OOC channels?"

SilverMoon oofs quietly and looks down.

Niamh states, "I think if folks aren't sure what's being referred to, this might just be something I'm perceiving that isn't there."

Niamh grins.

SilverMoon states, "I'm always a brat in ooc channels, though."

Cheeky muses, "Was there something you were going to suggest to help fix it if it was a problem, Niamh?"

SilverMoon claims, "I mean to make people laugh, mostly"

Niamh states to Cheeky, "Oh, you know, one of the old "be excellent to each other" speeches."

Azarial offered poison and was turned down.

SilverMoon states, "Oof"

Raspberries states, "I mean, I've seen kinda antisocial behavior that could be what you're meaning"

Camila wonders, "Azarial, are you secretly Vavardi?"

Azarial says, "No, i'm publicly daravi."

Cheeky claims, "We're all secretly Vavardi."

Camila laughs.

Niamh states, "Bah. Joking around on OOC channels is great, guys. I think I'm worried people are feeling unhappy due to bad perceptions about each other. Relieved it's not the case."

SilverMoon claims, "I'm so vavardi that I want to just get drunk at parties"

Kitty says, "I think there may be... situations where people think things are happening behind the scenes and... maybe they are and maybe they aren't. And they... look for ways to validate it or prove it that make them feel that things really are going on."

Niamh nods at Kitty.

Niamh states, "That."

Kitty states, "But, without actually knowing - it's just a feeling."

SilverMoon claims, "Like ooc dislike."

Niamh claims, "A lack of trust, maybe? Folks assuming the worst about each other sometimes."

Camila questions, "So paranoia and suspicion?"

SilverMoon trails off, "Weird..."

Camila trails off, "That is odd..."

Raspberries could see that.

SilverMoon claims, "Everyone I rp with I like, honestly, they are super sweet and or nice to me."

Camila hugs the Moon.

SilverMoon coos at the camilla

SilverMoon claims, "Camila too, added an extra l in there."

Galax says, "I can be a brat sometimes, so I do apologize if I misstep and it just comes out like mean passive aggression."

Sparkles says, "Sometimes if anything I feel like I upset people without intending to by OOC joking and the like."

Kitty states, "So... what ends up happening is, they think there is collusion where there isn't. Or, connection where there isn't. Or... deceit where there isn't, and it makes for bad feelings. And instead of asking, they... well, it makes for awful feelings all around, and the person who is the center of the conflict never even realizes."

Kitty muses, "And I realize that is vague and probably confusing. But... that, Niamh?"

SilverMoon states, "I ... joke around often. Like all the time mostly, because I'm neverserious unless I have to be."

Niamh says to Kitty, "Yeah, you described it perfectly."

Cheeky claims, "I'd say that happens if the people involved have a pulse."

SilverMoon states, "W... Wow Cheeky."

SilverMoon claims, "I have a pulse. It's buried somewhere in there."

Azarial states, "It;s hard to break into the vampire demographic with a text based game. =/"

Cheeky claims, "It takes active effort not to fill in the blanks with the worst possible assumptions."

Niamh swats at Azarial.

SilverMoon says, "Anxiety for the win, y'all."

Kitty states, "And it's hard to ask, because asking = accusation. So, most continue to create situations in their minds, and bad feelings continue. Usually surrouding a person who has NO IDEA there are bad feelings at all, or even that there is anything going on."

Niamh nods.

Cheeky states, "I think it's a bit hard to discuss this without examples but I totally get not singling anyone out."

Niamh claims, "I think I'd just like to put it out there that misery tends to breed more misery. If you find yourself getting sucked OOC into a negativity spiral about this or that player, going through lists of gripes and assumptions about their motives or them as a person behind the screen, it's probably a good time to stop and reevaluate."

Cheeky nods.

Azarial says, "And catch some sunlight for the positive mood adjustment"

Kitty states, "Sometimes it's better to step away and take a break. I've given that advice to people before."

Raspberries states, "See help sandwich"

Niamh claims, "And if it can't be done, like, I live to mediate. Talking to that person, even if it's with a third party, is a thousand times better than continuing the commisseration spiral."

SilverMoon nods. "If you get too into the game, take a break. Yup. I've done that before."

SilverMoon grins.

Sparkles claims, "I also think not always assuming things couldn't happen entirely IC or through IC means helps."

SilverMoon claims, "I have never had to take a sandwich break, which is good."

Brando states, "Isnt there a sandwich rule about taking time out if overwhelmed, send a tell "I am sorry but I am overwhelmed right now. ooc and ic clash. I shall return when possible. Having a sammich ok.""

SilverMoon laughs.

Kitty trails off, "Yep. Help sandwich..."

Niamh says, "...And that's it for me! Thanks for entertaining my attempt at a meaningful discussion."

Niamh scuffs foot.

Raspberries says, "Which causes confusion when you just want to legit eat a sandwich."

Kitty trails off, "I got to make it more confusing! I love doing that..."

Sparkles pontificates, "It was a good topic, Niamh!"

Niamh grins at Kitty.

Cheeky states, "Thanks for being proactive about keeping people positive and communicative."

SilverMoon states, "I love samiches"

Galax says, "I've never known this thing about sandwiches before."

Azarial states, "At that point yu just state you are getting dinner."

SilverMoon nods.

SilverMoon states, "Niamh is good at that."

Raspberries says, "Dinner between bread"

Niamh wonders to Azarial, "Didn't I get a sandwich once while we were arguing about, like, cheeses or something?"

Sparkles states, "Also for anyone who has trouble finding a way to join a scene or an excuse to talk to someone, corner a Bard and gossip at them. We love that."

Azarial queries, "Maybe? I don;t recall"

Kitty claims, "But being a wallflower is FUN."

Niamh claims, "Oh! That feeling of exclusion thing, we didn't even touch it. @_@ Sorry about that."

SilverMoon states, "I'm taller than niamh, I win"

SilverMoon says, "Oh wait, ahem... getting serious now."

Cheeky queries, "Feeling of exclusion thing?"

Raspberries states to Niamh, "Way to make them feel excluded. ;)"

Niamh questions, "To the two that mentioned they've been feeling that way - what can others do to help out?"

Niamh queries to Raspberries, "Oh my god right?"

Niamh queries, "Or maybe a better question would be - what has been giving you that impression?"

SilverMoon titls head and blinks her huge moony eyes.

Niamh says to Cheeky, "A couple folks mentioned before that they felt excluded in scenes and such, which I then... breezed right on by."

Cheeky says, "Ah."

SilverMoon claims, "I'm reading too so I miss things."

Raspberries claims, "I always feel bad when I'm leaving a long scene and someone new enters right when I'm departing"

Azarial claims, "...which might be hw that could happen; miss one line offering an invite and there you are."

Flower says, "Oops. got distracted with dinner. "

SilverMoon claims, "I feel bad when I do that too, but sometimes I am so sleepy"

SilverMoon states, "Like I sometimes oocsay I gotta go guys about to fall asleep or... I'll try to be back later."

Kitty claims, "Big scenes are hard to weasel your way into. There is SO MUCH going on... you'd think it'd be the opposite, but it isn't."

Niamh says, "Hrm."

Cheeky states, "As something I have trouble with myself, I would advise not taking it personally if your character seems to be ignored. It's rarely done maliciously and when it IS malicious, you are... usually being included by being er, actively excluded."

Raspberries nods in agreement.

Niamh nods at Cheeky.

Raspberries claims, "Places are a thing, but they're confusing."

Sparkles says, "Sometimes it's literally the player OOC overwhelmed if it's a big person scene."

SilverMoon says, "It's one reasonwhy I do places."

Cheeky nods.

SilverMoon claims, "That the scene is so big for me I cannot compute"

Cheeky says, "A lot of players list preferences for scenes of 4 people or fewer."

Niamh states, "I can definitely say that I struggle hardcore with big scenes. I've historically run out screaming after a couple emotes."

Sparkles questions, "Places might help people with that?"

Flower states, "Just when things get clique-ish. which happens and is not even intentionally. after 6 months or so away I am an outsider. hah"

SilverMoon states, "I can do three or four at most but once it starts reaching eight, or nine or ten my brain goes, oh god why? I have to listen to a ton of people emoting."

Niamh muses, "But is it a big scene thing, or just a feeling in general?"

Niamh nods at Flower.

Flower claims, "Big scenes can be hardddd to manage. "

Sparkles muses, "Smaller convos in bigger scenes with the beneift of the RPXP?"

Galax states, "Maybe a PSA for places would be helpful. One common bounce I see is someone walking into a big scene, like at an event, and then getting overwhelmed and leaving"

Kitty states, "Big scenes are, personally, overwhelming for me. I go, but I either don't last long, or I focus on a few. I tend to miss things easily if they aren't from the few I'm focusing on, and need a nudge by tell if I miss something from others."

Cheeky states, "I think most of us naturally gravitate to the people we like most or have the most interesting ongoing stories with, and you can get a bit of tunnel vision when it comes to pursuing goals or story lines."

Raspberries says, "Well, the scroll thing is still an issue with big scenes. you still see all the emotes of people who aren't doing jmotes (which is the majority)"

Niamh states, "That's a good PSA, I think: Cliques are natural result of games of this sort, and I don't believe they're inherently unhealthy. It's just good to make sure they don't become exclusive. Be willing to bring in new faces when they spark your interest."

SilverMoon says, "I just tend to focus on two or three at once, but yes, there is some truth to that, Cheeky, but I also agree that yes... But me using a screenreader, hears this wall of text and I am like, ok, I can only do this for a few minutes before I gotta go out or something for a few minutes."

Niamh claims, "Or if they don't, even - adopt a cyan. It's super fun."

Raspberries claims, "And you also get spam even of people doing jmotes (so and so gestures at suchandsuchplace)"

SilverMoon says, "Yup"

Cheeky claims, "And I think it's okay to miss a lot in a big scene. It isn't realistic to hear everything going on when it's loud, especially when people are ICly spread apart. Setting actions that help people visualize where you are in relation to others can help too."

Kitty says, "Adopting newbs. The new charity program."

Azarial says, "It should be less spam"

Niamh grins at Kitty.

Raspberries nods at Azarial.

SilverMoon claims, "I can't skip over it, or I could but it's like those long long long long long ... well... 6 hours sceens in which I can never get my life back."

Cheeky questions, "Are cyans not being swept up like they used to be?"

SilverMoon says, "I usually try to rp with sians."

Cheeky states, "Their XP bonus is delicious."

Kitty says, "I remember when I was a newb, I was SWAMPED at first."

Kitty states, "And then... I wasn't."

Niamh queries, "We somehow managed to get over the hour. I have a quick PSA from one of our mage players, if you guys don't mind?"

Cheeky states, "Go for it."

Raspberries makes the sign of the chalice.

Cheeky nods at Kitty.

SilverMoon coos quietly

Galax nods.

Niamh claims, "Lingering in public places with fireplaces/hearths is a 'safe' (AKA no touchy) way of getting mage RP, if folks are interested in having it."

Niamh claims, "--PSA from friendly neighborhood mage"

SilverMoon claims, "Aww"

SilverMoon states, "So if you're all nice and warm you can literally just be swept up in the love or magical mischief from a mage. Dawwww. :D"

Niamh laughs.

Galax raises her hand.

Cheeky claims, "I'm not sure I understand and feel a bit uncomfortable about asking for clarification."

Niamh states to galax, "Go for it"

SilverMoon wonders, "I'm thinking taverns perhaps?"

Niamh claims, "More details will probably be a no-no for a few reasons, but there we have it."

Cheeky nods.

SilverMoon nods.

Raspberries states, "Anywhere public (no closed doors) and with a fire I take it."

Galax states, "Whatever it was, it slipped away from me."

Cheeky claims, "I do appreciate the help, but in trying to respect IC reality and whatnot, I'm just wondering how to translate that into RP."

Niamh says to Cheeky, "I suspect they mean it in the same way we make the OOC choice to go to X or Y location when we see it on where. RP is there."

SilverMoon trails off, "Yeah me too..."

SilverMoon says, "Oh"

Brando states, "Try whipering into a fire"

SilverMoon trails off, "Er... hmm"

Raspberries questions to Niamh, "Unsure if it needs the public flag?"

Cheeky asks, "Like is there, or could there be, a cultural belief that community and holy cleansing fire grant some protection against taint, or something?"

Cheeky says, "As I think we're all more trained to FLEE IF YE BE GOOD DAVITES."

SilverMoon questions, "Fire?"

Flower laughs.

Kitty chuckles.

SilverMoon trails off, "I would flee yeah..."

Raspberries lights an oil lamp.

Niamh claims, "I'm not sure I'm getting the connection between IC lore and "mages can get some RP this way if you want to engage it." The latter seems to be all they were referencing."

Raspberries snuffs an oil lamp.

Niamh chortles at Raspberries.

Raspberries states, "Aye, most people scatter when magic is afoot."

Galax claims, "I think it was meant more in a 'maybe expect a surprise! *wink*' way than a 'go out of your way to find it ICly' way.."

Raspberries claims, "Tough part of being a mage, I assume"

Niamh nods at galax.

SilverMoon declaims, "We must run to the church!"

Brando claims, "Mages get higher Rec Levels to compensate."

Cheeky states, "I still feel confusion, but I'm not trying to drag it out. And I really do appreciate the help from FNM because I'd like to be more supportive, generally, of conflict situations where nobody has to bleed out."

Niamh wonders, "Did I miss anybody with the OOC gift, before we return to the "real"(?) world?"

Galax questions, "W-Wait, what if Lithmore is just a dream and we're all asleep!?"

SilverMoon stands up.

Niamh claims to galax, "Dun dun dunnnn"

Niamh states, "Okay, back to it! Have fun guys, and thanks for chatting."

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