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Good Evening,

Being someone who, at current, is both exploring the city and is highly depending on the map (and travel as I try to get from place to place), I have noticed that the taverns are all marked with #, while it seems every other place has a specific name once you have looked at a specific quadrant of the city.

I was not certain if there was a specific reason for this, but it does make it a bit hard to get around and discover the different taverns around town. Mainly because "travel tavern" (for lack of a better option when one doesn't know the name of one, and when the other PCs aren't in one at the time on where - or even when one wants to discover a different one from the one or two they have already been to) can take them to Tavern Road, or several other places that are not a tavern.

Would it be possible to either 1) list the possible taverns/Inns available on that quadrant of the map or 2) name the taverns (perhaps with a specific color to make it evident they are taverns) like the other businesses/places are named, to make it easier for newbs to explore more than just the one or two that the majority frequent?

Thank you for any consideration.

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Mon Dec 31, 2018 7:30 pm


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I can't speak to the map but help roster might help, it gives a list of businesses with the taverns named there. :)

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