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Sat Jun 09, 2018 7:06 pm

Temi wonders, "Kin is mobile for today, so I'll be running the meeting instead of her.  Now, our agenda for the day!  1)  Staff Updates, 2) Player Heartbeats, 3) Player Topics.  Before we get started, does anyone have any topics they want to get on the list for player topics?"

Kinaed claims, "I may fall asleep at the keyboard, sorry. Too many nights of excess in a row."

Lethanavir trails off, "Oooo E3....oh EA, nevermind"

Kinaed states to Theia, "So jealous."

Theia declares, "I know! I saw!"

Ivar states, "Bethesda tomorrow is my big excite."

Theia says, "No loot boxes. No premium passes. Content will be given out free over time."

Empena says, "I have two smaller things."

Temi nods at Empena.

Ivar claims to Theia, "That Access pass also includes new games. So if you have the subscription it includes the new stuff like Anthem when it releases."

Temi muses, "Please prepare them ahead of time.  Okay, anyone else for topics later on?"

Lethanavir says, "Its EA. I don't like"

Temi questions, "Okay!  On to staff updates.  Kin, would you like to give yours while you're still awake?"

Temi grins.

Theia trails off, "It's what? 8am 9am for Kin? She should be perfectly awake..."

Theia coughs.

Lethanavir whistles

Temi claims, "Okay.  We might be a bit late for that."

Kinaed says to Theia, "Was m birthday yesterday."

Temi muses, "Az?"

Azarial claims, "I've been working on noble projects; I figure I am about half done."

Theia declares, "Ah! Well happy belated birthday!"

Lilikoi declares, "Happy birthday, Kinaed!"

Theia cheers for Kinky and offers hugs.

Lethanavir exclaims, "Happy birthday! "

Temi wonders to Azarial, "That it, or waiting for Kin?"

Kinaed states, "Thanks. Update - no hangover, feel unawake. Did something Implementor-y last week, I think, can't remember what. Mostly a waste of space in Tasmania for a vacation. *rewrites whole sentence to be legible to non-Aussie English speakers* Still sleepy."

Kinaed says, "Next week... I'll do something worthwhile. Don't remember my plate, probably hasn't changed much."

Azarial claims, "That;s it."

Temi grins.

Kinaed claims to Azarial, "Sorry for talking over you, mate. Type slow half asleep."

Azarial says, "No worries.  i'm half dead from the heat."

Temi says, "Okay, thanks Kin!  And Az!  And taking a look at the changes list.."

Ivar claims, "The Aussie in her is showing itself."

Ivar says, "She called Az mate"

Prisca queries to Kinaed, "Jail automation and forums?"

Azarial shrugs eloquently with more tail than shoulders.

Vlora states, "Ya drongos"

Temi states, "Looks like there's also been some cover scent and mob aggro stuff"

Azarial claims, "That must be niamh; I don;t remember that at alll"

Temi claims, "I don't see a lot on the boards, so shouldn't be too much."

Ivar states, "I remember her mentioning to folks most of her focus was on mob aggro"

Temi nods.

Temi states, "I think that's a big thing Niamh's been working on, in addition to the normal building type things."

Temi claims, "Okay then!  My update - working on this plot stuff has been the main thing.  We've got a council-type meeting tomorrow which hopefully I managed to arrange so most people could make it, at least for a bit."

Temi claims, "Of the council people, that is.  If you can't, you can send someone in your place with your letter I sent."

Kinaed states, "Ahh, delegation. <3"

Prisca steals all the letters, walks in and takes over.

Kinaed has transferred Dvi.  [OOC]

Temi says, "But we're hoping to wind-down/transition soon, so hopefully shouldn't over-exhaust people too much on this.  But that means some big decisions coming up and we're hoping to put that as much as possible towards players"

Temi gives a polished bronze medallion emblazoned with a hawk and lion to Dvi.

Kinaed claims to Dvi, "Temi's running it todY. I'm usless."

Temi states, "There will probably be ongoing follow-up stuff, but not any big bursts of events for a while, more just slow simmer that people can wrap into their RP"

Temi questions, "And that's about been me!  No Niamh, so... player heartbeat!  How's RP been this week, folks?"

Vlora says, "Awesome"

Lethanavir states, "Amazing as usual"

Maldeous says, "Good."

Empena states, "I've had some pretty interesting scenes. "

Ivar states, "Has been good :) Finally ready to selling leather after some rp done."

Prisca claims, "I've been loving how the plots have been driving RP, been pretty busy with it myself"

Safir says, "Same same. "

Temi wonders, "Excellent.  Not getting too burnt out?"

Ivar says, "Nope. A tiny bit disappointed in some player choices but, otherwise good."

Maldeous states, "For me at least it's more of an unsure of what to do next lol"

Prisca pontificates, "Nope! was kind of panicing if the coronation was going to be today, but since it was pushed back to next week it's all good"

Lethanavir says, "Almost getting lashed is exhausting. I don't recommend it"

Theia trails off, "I might have caused a bit of trouble... and ended up stuck somewhere for it"

Theia declares, "But hey!"

Theia claims, "It was fun"

Theia says, "And I even spread a couple rumors about me being a dumby :D"

Temi says, "Well, they wouldn't really be choices if the unpreferred option wasn't an option."

Temi grins.

Temi has transferred Norrig.  [OOC]

Temi gives a polished bronze medallion emblazoned with a hawk and lion to Norrig.

Temi grins.

Temi says, "Self-deprecating rumors can certainly be fun"

Temi states to Norrig, "We were just doing Player Heartbeat"

Norrig says to Temi, "My heart beats for you"

Dvi claims, "I've successfully had one hour of RP so far, so probably going to try to get that up this weekend."

Azarial says to Norrig, "That;s the addiction kicking in."

Norrig says, "I'm having a blast"

Temi claims, "Seems pretty good in general.  Anything shitting anyone that we ought to know about?  Besides stuff you've got topics about."

Norrig claims, "Hmm."

Lethanavir says, "I demand hugs for letha"

Lethanavir claims, "She doesn't get enough love. i don't  know why"

Norrig says, "I see people forgetting courtesy all too often. Norr won't really enforce it but it seems very general."

Prisca wraps Lethanavir with leech hugs.

Norrig states, "I mean Courtesy. With capital C."

Temi grins.

Lethanavir grins

Lethanavir hugs Prisca back

Ivar wonders, "Howso Norrig?"

Temi claims, "That's a bit different.  And good to remember, folks!  If you are breaking Courtesy, better when it's on purpose."

Ivar says, "Like, what are folks doing that are forgetting Courtesy"

Lethanavir states, "Agreed"

Norrig says to Temi, "Seems an ooc forgetfulness/dismissal"

Lethanavir claims, "Pfft, I never forget to be nice to people"

Ivar claims, "Well, I mean like an example. Like, what's an example of a thing not done or overly done"

Lethanavir says, "Letha is a ray of sunshine. Thats a fact"

Prisca says, "See help courtesy and help precedence"

Norrig says, "Like remaining at the same level as nobles, not opening your cloaks, standing up when someone important walks in, bowing, etc"

Lethanavir gulps

Ivar states, "Well"

Ivar questions, "Is this happening in busy places like Taverns?"

Dvi says, "Can always whip people who don't do that."

Ivar wonders, "Or is it in places where it definitely should've been done?"

Lethanavir trails off, "I got away with some stuff like that..."

Lethanavir states, "Yes, it happened at the Queen's inn"

Theia trails off, "I mean... The first scene I had when I was in the Queen's"

Ivar claims, "I only ask because I've seen an odd example over time of people seeming to think a Noble entering a tavern requires everyone in the tavern to bow to their entrance."

Lethanavir claims, "And I was totally not present"

Ivar states, "Which really isn't true"

Theia states, "Had a noble walk in, first thing I did was open my cloak, curtsy and stay down until told I could rise or was spoken to"

Theia claims, "Cause mom didn't raise no freeman, she raised a proper gentrywoman"

Prisca claims, "The correct procedure when a noble walks into a tavern, is to throw your arms up, scream bloody murder, and run away."

Temi states, "I'd say it's reasonable to stop and show courtesy to a noble entering a tavern, if you notice them, but also reasonable not to notice them in a busy tavern."

Lethanavir says, "I'll try that some time"

Temi muses, "But shall we go on to topics?"

Lethanavir says, "Yesh"

Temi muses, "First off, Empena - what's your topic?"

Prisca claims to Lethanavir, "You gotta get the arm swaying part down when you're running too. See The Muppets for reference."

Lethanavir nods to Prisca, "Will do. Thank you sensei."

Empena claims, "I have two short things - One is a request of consideration that the ability to "dirty" yourself have a subset of that to give yourself the Blood and Gore tag, as a Physician this comes up often enough, and I've had scenes where it could have been a big help to RP for that to be obvious and visible to other players."

Norrig nods at Empena.

Prisca states, "Sounds reasonable"

Ivar muses, "How about making it so treatment of a bleeding wound gives the physician the tag?"

Lethanavir says, "That would make sense"

Empena says, "However is easiest for Az to handle that, I didn't wish to presume. But sure, something. I'd also argue butchering should produce the B&G tag, but separate topic."

Prisca says, "Mmm. less inclined for that. sometimes it would make sense, but sometimes it wouldn't. Better to leave it as an option"

Temi queries, "I can put it on the staff discussion list - do people generally like it being an option, or maybe enforcing it some more?"

Safir says, "I'm cool with being blood and gore all the time."

Temi has transferred Edwin.  [OOC]

Theia says, "I prefer the option for it"

Temi gives a polished bronze medallion emblazoned with a hawk and lion to Edwin.

Prisca claims, "I think option myself."

Safir says, "I just meant generally, as a state of mind for Safir."

Theia says, "As being a physician, I have tended to some wounds that would have been bloody and gorey and I came out pretty and clean."

Safir claims, "Option is cool."

Prisca states to Edwin, "Welcome. we're in player topics now"

Lethanavir states, "An option would be nice"

Prisca grins at Safir. 

Temi states, "We were just discussing an idea to bloody oneself like dirtying"

Lethanavir sits down and rests.

Kinaed has gone AFK.

Temi asks, "I don't think there's too much to discuss there.  What was your other topic?"

Prisca says to Empena, "Meanwhile, just keep some cats in the back, and stab one when needbe."

Edwin claims, "That's a good idea"

Empena says, "My second thing is: For food/brewing interested types, I've begun a Google Doc project to organize charts of the ingredients that are available and sold on grid or mentioned in helpfiles because 'Do we have X' in game to cook with is a question that comes up often enough on Visnet. So to help with that, I'm working on a write-up. If you are someone who might want to help with that, drop me a tell.

I'll include hunter types in that, so we can suggest lovely butchering animal parts for tasty uses. "

Safir says to Prisca, "Kittens."

Lethanavir claims, "Kitty"

Edwin states, "OH"

Edwin says, "I have a thing"

Edwin states, "I never have a thing"

Lethanavir states, "True"

Prisca declaims to Empena, "Neat! Might be nice as a IC book"

Temi says, "We do want people to ask ICly about these things instead of all of the information being available OOCly, though"

Prisca nods at Temi.

Ivar says, "I've got a bit of a topic I'd like to bring up, now that I think of it, when the time comes."

Temi states, "We used to say where to find things on visnet, but we decided to not do that anymore, because it was removing an easy source of RP"

Vlora is idle.

Empena states, "The difficulty is that things only mentioned in a helpfile you can't really tell people to go find ICly, but you could argue those things exist for tooling, was my thought."

Vlora is no longer idle.
Vlora has returned from AFK.

Prisca wonders to Empena, "How do you mean?"

Temi nods.

Temi says, "Basic if stuff exists on grid seems roughly fine"

Safir states to Prisca, "Bananas are mentioned in a helpfile but cannot be bought ongrid, but you could still use them in an exotic fruit salad."

Temi claims, "Just not going to find it"

Prisca wonders, "Things that aren't coded objects but are mentioned in help, like bananas or something?"

Empena nods at Prisca.

Temi says, "Okay, sounds good.  If you want to be a part of that project, contact Empena."

Temi wonders, "Next then, Edwin, you said you had something?"

Norrig states, "Make the google doc an ic book"

Prisca nods in agreement with Norrig.

Norrig says, "(sorry I'm in a rl meeting)"

Edwin states, "Last night I was on the west road. And a bobcat mob just... appeared in the room and mauled me. Like it had used the sneak with no echo and kicked the crap out of me. That is all."

Ivar claims, "Odd"

Ivar asks, "Maybe a Mage had taken control of it?"

Edwin claims, "I dunno"

Temi claims, "Yeah, I don't think that would automatically happen unless it's mage controlled"

Edwin says, "Okay'"

Ivar claims, "Because I'm pretty sure Niamh set it so mobiles don't wander onto the roads now."

Temi states, "At least much less often."

Temi nods at Ivar.

Edwin says, "Thats what I thought too"

Theia trails off, "I can verify that..."

Prisca states, "It's also possible that it fled into the room. they flee locations they can't otherwise wander into"

Theia says, "I've wandered the roads a lot"

Ivar queries, "Bobcats flee?"

Temi states, "But a mage can do that, if they are the right sort."

Dvi says, "I wonder if they can still spawn on the roads, but not wander there"

Dvi says, "But probably a mage"

Ivar says, "Just blame all your woes on Magic."

Ivar states, "It's perfectly thematic"

Norrig nods at Ivar.

Azarial claims, "It should echo when something flees into a room"

Edwin claims, "I was just wondering how to RP that out."

Edwin says, "SO"

Temi claims, "I know Niamh has been looking at the spawns too"

Theia states, "Only time I got hurt was when I was in a place didn't stop animals XD"

Prisca states, "Or bored staff at edwin load bobcat *giggles*"

Edwin states, "I am ok now."

Temi exclaims to Prisca, "That will give messaging we did!"

Prisca trails off, "Oh yeah..."

Temi muses, "Okay.. that handles that topic then?"

Edwin claims, "Yep"

Theia claims, "At 1 east of edwin load invisible bobcat, send to edwin and make visible"

Temi questions, "Okay, Ivar you had something?"

Ivar says, "So totally not because I just now am doing leather, it's more of a thing I've noticed over time, but I've kind've noticed the only thing that really makes differing armor interesting is how much move they drain, and their relative resistance to damage. I was wondering how possible it might be to re-evaluate ways to possibly make the differing armor types more interesting."

Ivar claims, "Example, you really only see people either wear Leather or Plate. Rarely do you see Chain, which realistically should be more common."

Theia claims, "Hey... When I was a hunter type, I couldn't afford plate."

Theia says, "So I bought chain."

Azarial claims, "Prolly ought not be hunting in plate anyways, unless youa re after demons"

Theia says, "Plate is expensive usually... especially steel plate."

Temi muses, "More interesting how?"

Ivar says, "Maybe finding a way to apply other varying bonuses, like making it more difficult to sneak/hide in plate for example."

Ivar claims, "Or the various thievery things like pickpotting, etc."

Prisca states, "Unless you're in a hall of arms. Makes sense to me"

Temi nods.

Dvi says, "I doubt many people are trying to sneak/hide in plate anyway"

Temi states, "I know that we're pretty reluctant to add much combat related to armor functions, since it's sort of carefully balanced now"

Ivar says to Temi, "I'm not too terribly sure there. Plate wearers pretty much guarantee a win."

Prisca claims, "Few do opt for chainmail unless it's an RP choice though."

Edwin says, "Hm"

Temi states, "But we could probably discuss ways to make stealth more difficult in it"

Ivar queries, "Which I suppose makes sense from an rp standpoint. I mostly just mean making ways to make the other levels of armor interesting?"

Temi states, "I know we have some new proposals on stealth stuff, maybe armor could be rolled into them"

Temi says, "I'll put it on the list for staff to discuss"

Temi says, "Moving on then, since we're almost out of time"

Ivar claims to Temi, "That'd be neat"

Temi exclaims, "I have a brief anonymous topic:  There'll be a crowning event in Southside in about 30 minutes to an hour! Messengers about where exactly will go out when it's time. Meanwhile there are still bounties posted for the event if anyone's interested in stringing up some crazy items for the event, and tailors or the hall of mirrors NPC shop can sell you a disguise to get into Southside if you're a fancy-type. The location itself should be safe one you're there. Hope to see you there!"

Temi wonders, "And a less brief anonymous topic:  Should you be able to use inflict on your retainers for RP purposes?"

Prisca claims, "I'd say yes."

Maldeous is idle.

Lethanavir states, "Please no"

Maldeous is no longer idle.
Maldeous has returned from AFK.

Ivar says, "I don't see a reason why not."

Ivar says, "They're an NPC retainer you control."

Prisca nods in agreement with Ivar.

Lethanavir says, "Ah"

Lethanavir says, "Thats okay the"

Lethanavir claims, "Then*"

Ivar wonders, "As long as a safeguard was in place so other people couldn't inflict on the retainer that isn't the owner?"

Temi states, "I do think it could be highly abusable to just 'smack my retainer, treat them up'"

Prisca states to Ivar, "Should be fine using order retainer inflict self blah blah blah"

Temi claims, "That would probably be my main concern"

Ivar asks, "Make it so treat can't be used on someone recently inflicted?"

Theia trails off, "Letha thought you meant PC retainers..."

Ivar says, "Like an affect that gets applied when the inflict command is used"

Theia snickers.

Dvi says, "This is another minor code change that I'm not sure is entirely necessary"

Prisca says to Temi, "People can already do that to themselves and treat themselves, but I don't see anyone abusing it"

Ivar states, "It feels kind've like an odd quality of life request though, tbh"

Safir claims, "I mean, people could just inflict on themselves and treat themselves or go out and get tossed while hunting and treat themselves."

Temi says, "You -can- use inflict on your PC retainers now.  You just have to have them tied up."

Ivar says, "Don't really see a point in it."

Temi says, "I think having to deal with the wound on your character is the main preventitive measure on abusing it now"

Ivar asks, "But not really against it?"

Theia trails off, "I see..."

Theia trails off, "Poor Letha..."

Temi states, "But I don't think people have to really deal with the wound on their NPCs"

Prisca claims, "Hmm. Possibly."

Theia states, "Well if NPCs had the same healing time as players for injuries that are treated."

Prisca states to Theia, "They do"

Theia says, "Wouldn't be much of a "inflict them, treat them" rinse repeat"

Theia states, "Big scary retainer with 50 hp left out of 400 because he's been inflicted and treated until he is near dead"

Prisca wonders, "Is the inflict command logged?"

Theia claims, "Someone goes to stab you, they try to block for you and what 'should' have barely hurt them, just killed them instead"

Azarial claims, "Or you dragged them down the river and they drowned"

Dvi says, "Retainers are pretty rarely used in combat"

Empena is idle.

Empena is no longer idle.
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Temi says, "Depends on whether that NPC was your bodyguard, or just a pet"

Theia states, "Retainer NPCs who are bodyguards are there to take the first hit or two for you so you can run"

Prisca claims, "I'd say allow it, but have inflict log to staff, monitored to discourage abuse."

Prisca states, "It opens a lot of possibilities. *is a pet doc*"

Temi nods.

Empena says, "We have pvents and things for stuff like 'You got mugged', so if you are someone who would have guards, seems like a mostly harmless way to make that more real. "

Theia claims, "I had one when I was in bedrest "Theia nearly escaped being mugged.""

Theia claims, "Mugged by a bobcat maybe"

Temi grins.

Theia trails off, "Speaking of which... before we all disappear"

Temi claims to Theia, "They meant they almost stuck you with a mug of that foul smelling medicine tea"

Ivar states, "Just putting this out there, though it's rather off topic now that we've said all this."

Ivar claims, "The Heckler mob is the best thing ever."

Safir questions, "Heckler mob?"

Ivar claims, "As a Hillman, he's glorious"

Theia pontificates, "I suffered for your benefit people! The Faire Grounds are actually patrolled by VNPCs to keep them wild animal free"

Temi grins at Ivar.

Theia declaims, "Enjoy!"

Ivar says to Safir, "There's a guy who walks around town insulting people."

Theia asks, "Has he not been stabbed yet?"

Safir muses, "Beyond the "Go back to horse land, smelly!" ones?"

Ivar states to Safir, "Or making fun of them if they're in a current state. Like, I saw him heckle a guy who was manacled once."

Prisca claims to Theia, "I've been tempted"

Ivar says, "He can't be! I tried."

Safir states, "My favorite are the red-haired street mobs that give me trouble for being Charalin."

Ivar claims, "And I was so furious"

Theia laughs.

Ivar claims, "But it was glorious because of that"

Temi asks of Safir, "Compensating for something?"

Edwin says, "Lol"

Theia claims, "That's a self hating Charalin right there."

Ivar exclaims to Safir, "That's the one!"

Safir says to Temi, "Exactly.  Red haired.  look at them, and it says 'undeterminable race' in their description."

Prisca states to Ivar, "You should be able to if you disable the autosomethingsomething"

Edwin says, "The racist guy yells at me a lot."

Temi declares, "But I can't be Charalin... see!  I'm yelling at them!"

Ivar says to Safir, "He makes fun of me for being a Hillman. Calls me a goat fucker, or something like that."

Safir claims to Ivar, "They all do that, I thought.  I get it from lots of them."

Theia trails off, "I mean... You do look the part so..."

Theia coughs.

Temi says, "Okay, do we have anything else before we wrap up and send folks back?  Remember, Southside Coronation event a bit later today for some freeman fun."

Edwin claims, "I can't go :("

Theia says, "Oh! I have something else."

Lethanavir claims, "Yay"

Theia pontificates, "WE NEED MORE TAILORS!"

Theia claims, "Gentrywomen need clothes."

Theia states, "That's about all for me."

Theia trails off, "Or Jewelers..."

Temi declaims, "Okay!  Sending everyone back, then!"

Theia states, "Jewelers would be nice."

Prisca waves!

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