Log of OOC meeting 4/14/2018

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Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:08 pm

Kinaed wonders, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today?"

Vlora states, "Sometimes Knights have to do sneaky stuff :D"

Azarial hasn;t gotten around to posting the fanfics on ao3 yet.

Valyn thinks

Kinaed muses, "No one?"

Valyn says, "Not that I can think of."

Maura had something, but reconsidered bringing it up.

Theodora claims, "I've got a thought and an ad."

Steven claims, "I have a question"

Kinaed claims to Maura, "You can have a staff member bring it up for you."

Kinaed has transferred Prisca. [OOC]

Azarial gives a small healthy potted rosemary plant to Prisca.

Kinaed claims, "Okay, putting down Theodora and Steven then"

Ethryn might have one, checking.

Prisca claims, "I've got one"

Kinaed has transferred Prisca. [OOC]
Kinaed has transferred Prisca. [OOC]

Kinaed claims, "Oops, sorry"

Maura glances to Kinaed "Eh, it moreso feels like an issue only I'm having a problem with, and is moreso a nit-picky trivial thing. As such yeah, it doesn't feel worth bringing up."

Kinaed claims to Maura, "Talk to me about it after if you want to. :)"

Ethryn has nothing.

Norrig has a minor code question, no biggie.

Kinaed claims, "Let's kick off Staff Updates. Last week, I sort of wrote up the liquidation POLCA, but I'm worried about how well I did it because I did it on a mobile phone. I reviewed some of the plot stuff that Temi and Niamh are working on, in particular troop sizes, levies, loyalties, and general plan outlines with potential variations. Looked pretty good."

Kinaed says, "I processed the Request Queue a couple of times. Next week, I guess I still have Jail Message Automation on my plate. Nothing more."

Steven states, "OoOOoOooh"

Valyn pontificates, "Li...qui..dation?!"

Kinaed claims, "That's me. Azarial, you're up."

Maura shakes their head "I will never understand how people can play this game from their phone."

Valyn states, "Easy"

Norrig is on his phone.

Steven states to Maura, "This game would be easier than most MUD's to play from the phone on"

Kinaed has transferred Farra. [OOC]

Valyn claims, "I have to drop multi-paragraph emotes in eight-man-plus scenes from time to time."

Azarial claims, "More minor typos and bugs, for the most part. trying to get into the bigger specs again but life is not letting up."

Valyn claims, "From phone, that is"

Azarial gives a small healthy potted rosemary plant to Farra.

Norrig nods at Steven.

Kinaed claims, "It's just awful to write specifications from."

Ethryn claims to Maura, "It's easier after you have done it for a bit. I used to use phone. Even went so far as a phone and bluetooth keyboard."

Kinaed says, "Quicking checking the change board for anything interesting."

Valyn says to Maura, "I became a RAPID-FAST texter playing MUDs from my phone back when life.. didn't really allow for me to afford PCs or tablets and such."

Kinaed says, "I think Infect was added awhile ago - a way to give yourself a disease by choice."

Steven says, "I don't think I could do it long term but I played from phone when my net was out at one point"

Kinaed claims, "That looks like the only interesting thing, and was probably done last OOC Chat."

Ethryn says to Valyn, "The fun part is knowing about how long you had to type before the app idled you out."

Farra declaims, "I still wish we had a way to make yourself dirty by choice!"

Kinaed claims to Farra, "We can probably add that oo"

Prisca states, "Oooh"

Steven states to Farra, "You could use the sex command."

Kinaed says, "Too"

Vlora says, "Wink wink"

Steven states, "It makes you dirty. Wink wink"
Ethryn exclaims to Farra, "You're doing fine!"

Farra asks of Steven, "How many times do I have to tell you ICly and OOCly that Farra isn't eligible?"

Prisca claims to Farra, "The breed command makes you dirty"

Farra slaps Steven down.

Maura suggests Farra just jump down a manhole. That should instantly dirtify her.

Kinaed questions, "Okay then, that's it for Staff Updates! Next: Player Heartbeat. How's it going, folks?"

Steven muses, "Steven's Vavardi. Need I say more?"

Kinaed wonders, "How has RP been in the past week?"

Valyn states to Ethryn, ".. or when you have to, ever-so-slowly, drag your giant emote 'back' to find one typo you made - only to then accidentally delete it all because your fingertip brushed past the backspace."

Ethryn claims to Steven, "Yes. I'll get the popcorn."

Maura claims, "Rp was slow this last week, but aside from that nothing notable."

Farra exclaims, "Things are good! Farra being Farra some, my alt being a good break from her at times!"

Kinaed nods at Maura.

Steven says, "Past week's been good. Shoutout to Norrig for the Spring Awakening"

Steven states, "Well, Norrig and Theodora"

Kinaed nods at Farra.

Valyn says to Kinaed, "Nothing spectacular, though I was very content to see there were events. Only just got back to TI after some unexpected absence, so that was a good thing."

Kinaed states, "Thanks for running an event, Norrig :)"

Kinaed nods at Valyn.

Vlora exclaims, "Pumped for this ongoing plot we've got going on RE: the crown!"

Prisca states, "RP's been moving along, a little slow with my timezone though, sometimes I'm the only one logged in when I was looking for some, lol"

Farra declaims, "Oh, and Farra got to burn her political rivals. I mean mages. She got to burn mages. *shifty eyes* Thanks to the people there for that!"

Kinaed questions, "Have people seen the little tendrils of it starting?"

Norrig states, "I've been doing great."

Valyn queries, "Of what..? That war?"

Valyn shrugs

Prisca nods at Kinaed.

Steven states, "Yep"

Maura waves their hands all spooky like infront of Prisca "You saw nothing..."

Prisca queries, "Will there be a plot header?"

Valyn states, "Only heard of it on OOC matters, not even sure what Val'd know about that."

Steven says, "The Crown Plot is gonna be epic, I feel"

Farra says, "The tendrils are going out slowly, I think people who got first notice are still mostly contemplating where to go from there."

Valyn muses, "O-Oh... Crown Plot?"

Norrig states to Steven, "And thanks"

Steven claims, "So long as people don't treat it like another villain of the month thing and actually take the IC stuff into account."

Norrig states to Farra, "Speak for yoursel"

Norrig will crown himself.

Kinaed says, "Yes, there will be a plot header. The plot isn't intended to well and truly start until Temi's event mid-May."

Kinaed says, "Please make every effort to be there."

Theodora says, "I've had all different kinds of scenes this week, so that was lovely. Thanks for everyone who comes to little random Bard things, people willing to watch is half the fun of being a Bard."

Farra says, "'bard'"

Farra winks at Theo.

Valyn says to Farra, "Go blow your flutes."

Farra claims, "I would rather Theo did~~"

Valyn blushes.

Valyn declaims, "Ladies..!"

Azarial snerks.

Norrig laughs.

Kinaed twiddles her thumbs.

Steven claims, "Oh dear"
[Action: Valyn sits on the ground, watching Theodora and Farra awaitingly... for whatever reason ]

Farra is done!

Azarial questions, "So the bard will be performing an all flute orchestray down at the dolphin with the undercover knights on hand?"

Kinaed declaims, "Let's keep the slurs IC. Okay, moving on... Player Topics!"

Maura glances to Farra "Now now farra, such thoughts will make you warty, and you don't want to look like a... toad do you?"

Kinaed muses to Theodora, "You had something? Advertisements, a question...?"

Valyn winks knowingly at az

Farra is an app 5 toad!

Norrig says to Kinaed, "Yes"

Prisca states to Azarial, "Under the covers rather than undercover"

Maura waggles their eyebrows

Valyn says, "App five schmapp five."

Farra pontificates, "Oh, I have something on Advertisements; I'll wait to hear what Theo has to say before asking to be added!"

Kinaed furiously takes notes for her fanfiction.

Kinaed nods at Farra.

Azarial grins.

Valyn states, "I clearly have to visit this Dolphin place, which might not be the best thing to confess to with superiors around."

Norrig claims, "Aight leave poor T be."

Vlora coughs in Valyn's face

Kinaed states to Valyn, "It's okay, this is an OOC room. :)"

Valyn has Boringitis now, I assume.

Steven states, "Burrrrrrn"

Vlora claims, "I'm glad you enjoy being a page"

Theodora says, "So first is - I'd like to make a suggestion/thought that there be a higher cost option or it be added to "servant" type retainers that people could access the courier and/or bank by having them there in some manner. And/or there be some like "line of credit" papers you can buy to be able to use the bank away from the bank the way that you can use the pre-bought pigeons to send mail."

Norrig states, "OoOoh"

Steven claims, "Do not like."

Valyn trails off, "Slaves... Neat"

Steven says, "I don't like options that make things on grid privaye"

Steven states, "Private"

Farra claims, "I'm not sure how necessary that is; we already have pay to handle matters after scenes."

Maura cant imagine that will ever be a thing for the same reason you can't have a bank or courier in your home.

Valyn agrees with Steven

Kinaed claims, "We're unlikely to implement this because one of the reasons couriers and banks require travel is to get people out of hiding and allow for chance encounters. This is one of the reasons that guilds are not allowed to have couriers or banks in restricted parts of their guild halls."

Prisca nods at Maura.

Kinaed states, "Another alternative is to ask someone to mail a letter for you, etc, though - that's good RP. You can write it on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, and give it to someone."

Theodora states, "Ah, well, just a thought."

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed nods at Theodora.

Kinaed exclaims, "It certainly would be more convenient, no one can deny that!"

Kinaed says to Steven, "You had... a question, was it? You're up."

Valyn says to Kinaed, "That sounds more like something you'd often ask serfs for, which isn't a playable class iirc"

Kinaed trails off, "... I've asked my husband to mail things for me, so..."

Steven says, "I forget what was broken about it, but I recently had someone mention to me Sneak and Hide were still broken and never got fixed. Is that true? If not, what is it that needed to be fixed with them and why has it taken so long to fix? I remember this being something close to a year go, and it feels like those two skills are rather important to our criminal/antag types."

Maura coughs "Slave driver"

Ethryn questions to Maura, "Yes?"

Valyn shifts his eyes about. "..I haven't encountered any issues with Sneak or Hide."

Valyn hides.

Maura states, "I don't think they were ever broken, just that they are a bit clunky was the issue"

Kinaed states, "It's in the queue, I think - there's a spec for it, isn't there? And the reason is we have one programmer with well over 200 items in the queue, so priorities."

Kinaed claims, "That said, it may be fixed already."

Kinaed claims, "If no one has noticed any issues."

Norrig states, "I have been advised not to even bother to learn sneak or hide"

Valyn claims, "That said, I haven't been around others with either Sneak or Hid eup."

Steven states, "Same"

Norrig exclaims to Valyn, "Or you didn't see them!"

Valyn goes, "Aha!"

Maura comments again that hide and sneak aren't broken, just bit clunky in how they function... But they do work quite well when put to proper use.

Azarial claims, "I believe niamh is poking at a revamp of them, but, well, math."

Azarial shrugs eloquently with more tail than shoulders.

Kinaed claims, "I think the future state is to combine sneak and hide into 'stealth', but as that hasn't happened, I think it's safe to say the end state hasn't been implemented. That said, I think the current system probably works and is, as mentioned, just a tad clunky. In particular, people don't like that sneaking is essentially moving silently, and hiding is not being seen."

Steven states, "The other thing I wanted to mention - do antag types feel that doing criminal stuff has been disincentivized in any way? I've noticed for a little while now we haven't had any real crime stuff popping up, though maybe it's just been incredibly well hidden or gone unreported."

Valyn states to Maura, "Can I ask you to.. elaborate? I haven't the experience with those skills.."

Kinaed says to Azarial, "I'll put a note to check in with her."

Azarial nods.

Norrig nods at Steven.

Maura says to Valyn, "We can talk after via tells"

Valyn nods at Maura.

Norrig hides his lute smuggle operation.

Farra claims, "I think people are just bad at playing thieves, sometimes, tbh. I've OOCly noticed myself being victimized by thieves before, and not ICly noticed, so I'm not sure what the complaints are. Some of the people I've heard complain about the issue give off very strong 'I want to be able to do anything without any consequence' vibes."

Farra trails off, "Which ..."

Azarial says, "I keep hoping someone will try some crime stories so I can see where they need adjusted to allow that sort of thing to happen. I have notes for keeping them from popping alerts to the relevant guild channels, as they likely are not invited to thes tory."

Valyn says to Farra, "Playing victim around thieves often doesn't go well, too."

Valyn claims, "Or well, other MUD's experiences that."

Kinaed states, "Also, one of the issues with a single stealth skill is that I don't want it to essentially be another avenue of having 'the invisibility' spell"

Maura claims to Steven, "To be fair, the large reason you likely haven't seen activity from the thieves is because there really haven't been all too many, and kind of hard to do villiany things with few people, especially when generic stealing runs the risk of losing people"

Farra nods in agreement with Kinaed.

Valyn claims, "That, aye. Thieve must be a rather.. risky.. profession."

Steven queries, "Losing people for stealing? What"

Farra says, "Being caught by the law, she means."

Farra pontificates, "(I think!)"

Maura says, "Ontop of that the brotherhood is somewhat actively discouraged from generic robbery nowadays, as typically nothing good comes out of it. Information is the better route for the brotherhood nowadays"

Ethryn wonders to Kinaed, "Make an 'awareness' skill that people can take to passively notice stealthy stuff?"

Valyn asks of Ethryn, "Isn't that where Wisdom already kicks in?"

Norrig claims to Kinaed, "What I have been told is that the stealth skills fail all too easily to be a rational risk"

Kinaed states to Ethryn, "That is your Wisdom stat, which doubles as perception."

Norrig claims, "As in D&D, yeah."

Valyn says, "I think a lot of People just have huge Wisdoms."

Kinaed claims to Norrig, "I don't think they fail that often, and usually when they fail, you look like you're just going about your business, so I don't think that's actually the case."

Safir is idle.

Safir is no longer idle.

Safir has returned from AFK.

Valyn queries, "So that makes Sneak and Hide very... iffy to properly use, perhaps?"

Norrig hmms.

Valyn wonders, "Also.. Did we have a logger?"

Maura states, "Raises hand"

Kinaed queries, "Logger?"

Norrig checks for the Emps.

Maura claims to Kinaed, "He means someone recording the chat"

Valyn nods.

Prisca claims, "There's a lot of commands that are noisy when you to sneak or hide, like stepping within a room broadcasts even when you're sneaking"

Kinaed states, "Ahh, yep"

Ethryn queries to Kinaed, "Minuses for wearing armor to stealth skill? *pulls out dnd phb and dmg*"

Kinaed says to Prisca, "That might be something we should look at."

Kinaed states to Ethryn, "I think yes."

Azarial states, "That may need to be bug noted. there were a lot of side by side systems that should have been synergized, but never were."

Norrig swats Ethryn with a rolled newspaper.

Steven states, "Admittedly, I think it'd be neat if sneak was penalized by armor but backstab which requires you to be hiding could bypass armor."

Valyn questions, "Yeah, I bet with like.. the average wisdom, even a lvl 50+ sneak won't be effective, hence why nobody really recommends it?"

Prisca says, "I'll toss it on the bugboard."

Steven claims, "It'd inject some counterplay between light armored combatant types and heavy armored bastions of scary"

Kinaed says to Valyn, "That's a huge assumption that I wouldn't share."

Valyn states to Steven, "That I like."

Kinaed states to Prisca, "Thanks"

Valyn says to Steven, "Maybe a certain 'weight' of armour"

Azarial says, "50 ranks is fairly decent when converted to a percentage to match stats"

Farra claims, "I have had people steal from my characters recently, and they all have above average wisdoms and didn't get caught. I think the issue is a bit exagerated by people who just don't want to ever get caught, tbh."

Steven states to Valyn, "Just anything above leather, tbh."

Valyn nods more heads than he has tails.

Kinaed states, "I'll take it on board that people are eager for changes/updates to hide/sneak, and I'll ask Niamh where we left off, as I recall she was working on it."

Kinaed states, "Beyond that, I think we probably should move on to Prisca's topic/query. :)"

Valyn claims to Steven, "You can pad away metal armour to allow near-silent movement."

Ethryn asks, "Isn't steal and sneak two different skills?"

Maura trails off to Azarial, "Just reback, and I totes have plans to run such a story..."
Valyn states to Steven, "Just not.. too much of it, aye. But yeah, only-leather sounds perfect"

Valyn nods at Ethryn.

Kinaed states to Ethryn, "There are three - steal, sneak, and hide."

Azarial states to Maura, "Please take notes of where it needs anonymizing for the ooc protection of people willing to stick their necks out to play villains."

Safir wonders to Kinaed, "And pick?"

Valyn asks, "What about that one to peak into invs?"

Prisca claims, "One last thing on hide/sneak, I had a related sneaky command I recommended a while back on the forums- being able to stealhily do normal commands. e.g. giving someone an item or the like"

Ethryn loves picking locks. He'd do it all day in game if he could.

Prisca states, "For my topic though-"

Norrig states, "And legerdemain"

Prisca claims, "Could the healing times for non-treatable wounds be extended to perhaps three hours? There's barely time to RP them out before they disappear now. Bleeding wounds should take at least twice the time if not bound too, I'd like to say."

Valyn questions to Norrig, "That's the subgroup right?"

Norrig states to Valyn, "I don't know how to play this game"
Kinaed states to Prisca, "I don't have an issue with that."

Kinaed wonders, "Anyone else?"

Valyn claims to Norrig, "WASD is movement, I think."

Norrig states, "I'm okay with it"

Kinaed states, "Okay, I'll add it to the To Do list."

Farra says, "I'm always a fan of wounds being more meaningful."

Kinaed says to Farra, "You're up."

Farra states, "This is more of a PSA, but I've seen several different people of late using the GRAFITTI artwork to post advertisements for shops and the like. These require someone to use silver to clean away, and it seems like people either not knowing how advertisements work or trying to get around not having high art skill or something. It feels like a shitty thing to do, to go after someone IC for a potential OOC mistake, but as I keep seeing advertisements thrown around in strange ways I'd figure I'd mention it here that, it seems to me, the Graffiti available at rank 1 art is supposed to be Graffiti, not a fashionable flyer or advertisement for a shop."

Valyn says, "What a Farra thing to say"

Valyn claims, "The.. meaningful wounds thing"

Farra winks at Valyn.

Norrig says, "Yeah it should be something like"

Norrig declares, "BARD TURF, DAV SEZ!"

Farra nods in agreement.

Steven states, "If I see an advert for a shop made from graffiti, I'm gonna arrest you for defacing property."

Steven states, "Forwarning."

Prisca queries, "All advertisements are type graffiti, are you sure it's the actual graffiti recipe they're using?"

Ethryn asks of Farra, "You sure it's graffiti and not the month/week/year advert?"

Valyn muses to Steven, "So if I want Prisca arrested, I just graffiti an ad for her shop somewhere?"

Valyn goes, "Nice!"

Prisca nods at Valyn.

Norrig nods at Valyn.

Farra says, "Oh! It might be; one person told me it was the graffiti when I asked them about it OOCly."

Maura taps their chin in thought "Completely forgot the graffiti thing existed."

Steven asks, "It'll give her reason to hunt you down and shank you?"

Norrig grins at Maura.

Valyn pats hide skill and will just have to rely on it forever

Theodora says, "Please to buy real ads, I like to make nice art."

Farra exclaims, "In any case, then -- different OOC heads-up: Be careful where and how you put out your advertisements, peoples! <3"

Kinaed states, "Okay, after Farra, I accidentally missed/forgot - Norrig. :)"

Norrig mumbles about Bard turf...

Norrig clears his throat and murmurs quietly: "Okay so is improvised combat fixed? Last time I tried it with several characters and Az hovering around, we concluded it did zero damage. I tried fighting with several different items of varying weights and sizes and it was still zero. Target was unarmored and had low defense skills."

Kinaed states, "I haven't seen anything. Az"

Kinaed queries, "Az?"

Norrig says, "We tried SAFE combat tho"

Norrig claims, "This was like in september"

Kinaed trails off, "Well, safe combat doesn't do HP damage..."

Farra has been transferred out by Kinaed. [OOC]

Azarial says, "It depends on the size and weight; you can still use them but they won;t do anything"

Norrig says, "It didn't do safe damage either"

Azarial states, "Which allowed for food fights."

Norrig says, "So there was no way to safe spar improvised"

Prisca says, "Still broken last I saw, yes. improvised skill is pretty useless except for dusting"

Valyn HP damage food fights.. Oh help.

Azarial says, "As I recall, I was checking real combat, not safe, so that was a bit of information that would have helped."

Norrig says, "I safed someone like 10 times and did zero damage"

Norrig says, "Showed as unhurt"

Valyn questions, "What was the combat message that came with it?"

Valyn claims, "Like.. the 'strongly hits'"

Kinaed says, "I've made a note, and I'll get Niamh to team with Az to do some testing and resolve the issue."

Safir says, "You can unsafe me and see what happens <3 "

Norrig states to Valyn, "I don't remember"

Maura chuckles to Safir

Norrig says to Safir, "I was hitting a GL xD"

Valyn states to Safir, "That sounds more like an invite not to use contraceptives than... ahem.. Nevermind."

Kinaed states, "Okay, Safir, you're up :)"

Norrig grins at Valyn.

Safir claims, "Off of what Prisca said earlier.. Treatable wounds as a whole might need to be looked at. I had some bruises that took 90 HP and only had two treat locations on each... so three bruises knocked me unconscious and I had six treat spots total. If it's enough to potentially kill a player, Physicians should be getting more bang for their buck on treat pooling. Or bruises shouldn't cause so much HP damage. "

Vlora is idle.

Vlora is no longer idle.
Vlora has returned from AFK.

Steven states, "I kind've feel wounds are in a good spot mechanically."

Prisca states, "Well, the same amount of hp damage might be a broken arm for another character- it's based on the percentage of max hp"

Valyn brushes a hand along his so-far-unhurt bodeh.

Azarial states, "Bruises are a damage type, not a damage amounbt"

Kinaed turns mouth off and ears on to listen.

Ethryn hires a guy to hurt Valyn's bodeh.

Safir states, "When you do affects, it'll say whatever type of bruise and in ( ) 's have the HP. "

Norrig says to Ethryn, "Use a slave"

Ethryn says to Norrig, "They are all in the mountains."

Valyn claims to Norrig, "Those he's long hurt the bodies off too much to fight me."

Prisca claims, "Bruise/fracture is the message for bash-type wounds"

Norrig has lost link.
Norrig has reconnected.

Norrig =(

Safir asks, "I'm not sure how the treat spots on wounds are calculated, is it just damage type or is it based on severity of the wound? "

Ethryn claims, "Like bludgeon pierce slash pokey not-so pokey from dnd"

Kinaed queries, "What is the skill that links with treat? Medicine?"

Prisca nods at Kinaed.

Safir queries, "Believe so, yes. But medicine generally makes it easier to treat (spots are seen rather than hidden) vs. lowering number of spots, no?"

Kinaed asks, "Right now, it pools the basic amount per use. I'll increase it and let me know next OOC Chat how that feels?"

Maura says to Safir, "Damage type."

Prisca says to Safir, "Number of treat spots are based on the damage amount in relation to max HP I think"

Azarial claims, "I think high medicine can pretreat some spots"

Valyn states to Kinaed, "Not too loud. This just invites Safir to hurt those that train at her, so she can check the increased POOL amounts."

Kinaed claims to Valyn, "I don't mind sadism in the crowd. :P"

Kinaed states, "Okay, I've made that adjustment."

Safir muses to Prisca, "Then a third of my HP equals two treat spots?"

Safir states, "That seems low."

Safir shrugs.

Kinaed has transferred Justin. [OOC]

Azarial gives a small healthy potted rosemary plant to Justin.

Valyn says to Azarial, "Pre-treat? o.O"

Justin holds a small healthy potted rosemary plant in his hand.

Justin stops using a small healthy potted rosemary plant.

Valyn wonders, "So I can walk around as a mummy, pre-bandaged with pre-splinted limbs? :D"

Prisca states, "Curious what you mean by the pre-treat thing"

Prisca says, "I know high medicine shows more treatable spots without having to poke around first to find them"

Valyn gets a metal flask of Farin coffee wrapped in protective leather from a leather satchel with various small bags, worn on the belt.

Azarial claims, "I'd have to look at the details; it;s been a while since I wrote that"

Valyn mutters quietly, "I like how I can hold a potted plant in one hand but a flask I need both my hands for."

Kinaed states, "So, we've finished the list of Player Topics, though Theodora told me she had something to add at the end. "

Prisca nods at Azarial.

Valyn puts a metal flask of Farin coffee wrapped in protective leather in a leather satchel with various small bags, worn on the belt.

Prisca claims, "Let us know on phys chat when you have the chance to peek into it"

Safir states, "Less treat spots would be a bummer. It's already difficult to raise at high levels, high medicines are extremely difficult to get ingredients for."

Theodora nods.

Kinaed claims, "Let's see if my bumping up the pooling on Medicine skill helped."

Valyn says, "Got a real quick question after Theodora."

Kinaed nods at Valyn.

Kinaed looks to Theodora and waits.

Vlora drinks from a thick, clear glass bottle of 'Fire And Ice' vodka.

Theodora states, "Some people potentially most of those here have heard this ICly, but: The Hollow Globe will be putting on a ballet production as my first Bard-type ST. We are looking at April 28th in the post-meeting time zone as the time. Folks who are interested in attending or those who were sought out to have a role, please pboard me and I can add you to the ST and such. "

Kinaed exclaims, "That sounds awesome. Thank you for running a story, Theodora!"

Norrig has lost link.

Kinaed claims, "If you need anything or any help from staff, please write a Request Board post."

Norrig has reconnected.

Maura asks, "Will people need to join the st just to watch?"

Valyn claims, "Aye.. That confuses me a bit."

Norrig states, "Maybe not join at all but the st grants access to special effects"

Valyn goes 'Ahh'

Norrig says, "And only the bards join"

Valyn pouts

Norrig says, "Just an idea"

Justin says, "I apologize to everyone about the delays on my story. -- real life is kicking my ass"

Valyn states to Justin, "'snot a problem, not on my end at least."

Theodora says, "I can add people anonymously, if that's a concern. "

Maura shakes head to Theodora "I think the issue was moreso it seems weird to have people join an st if they are only spectating the play."

Kinaed states, "I think it'd be only polite to join the story."

Kinaed claims, "So please do."

Norrig nods.

Norrig states, "Also Theo can heal and teleport you if you behave and support the arts"

Kinaed muses to Valyn, "What was your quick question? :)"

Valyn muses, "I think she means it's a bit weird why such a play's not held in the Globe or any other apt spot, over a 'private' ST location?"

Norrig winks

Valyn shakes his head

Steven finishes abruptly, "As the quote goes - Manners maketh man"

Valyn queries to Kinaed, "Saw that 'allowing NPC-shop-sold items without desc to have a long-desc restrung for free' got approved-ish, read that somewhere in a Note iirc. Is that being worked on or did that note mean it's sort-a in play already?"

Kinaed claims to Valyn, "I don't have an issue with an ST being held in a public place, particularly when the ST has IC reason to have dominion over the area in use."

Valyn queries, "O-Ooh.. STs can be held in on-grid locations?"

Kinaed claims to Valyn, "Not yet programmed, but on the to do list."

Kinaed nods at Valyn.

Valyn states, "Sorry.. Not familiar with that in TI. Other MUDs I've played, STing meant you dragged people off-grid to some one-room private spot."

Azarial states, "You can run an st all over creation, really."

Valyn says, "And got'cha."

Kinaed states to Valyn, "In fact, one of our preference criteria when approving an ST is how long it will take players off grid. We usually don't allow STs off grid for more than one or two OOC days."

Theodora claims, "It's going to be held in the Globe, yes. "

Maura remembers trying to run an st on grid during the early days of the command, and remembers how weird and hasslesome that was.

Valyn claims, "Cool to know. I'd been hoping to plan some small ST-esque encounters, one day. Glad to know I can host those on-grid, making 'walking in' to the scene possible. Awesome."

Kinaed nods at Valyn.

Prisca nods at Maura.

Kinaed smiles.

Valyn bounce about in anticipation.

Steven says, "So spooky haunted house ST."

Azarial claims, "As a rule, they need permission to just walk in; otherwise that disrupts the story."

Kinaed claims to Maura, "Have you used the ST system since then? Hopefully it's better."

Steven plans.

Valyn says to Steven, "Oooooh"

Prisca says, "I need to run some more myself, was almost getting the hang of it on the short one I did"

Kinaed has transferred Marossa. [OOC]

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed nods at Prisca.

Kinaed says, "We really love it when players take charge and run ST events."

Vlora muses, "Is there a guide anywhere?"

Kinaed states, "It's great to have someone DMing a story."

Maura turns slowly to Kinaed, the corners of their lips twisting upwards into a maniacle grin "I ran a twelve-hour long, horror story recently, and it certainly did work alot better."

Valyn claims, "I'll make sure to read up about it."

Azarial gives a small healthy potted rosemary plant to Marossa.

Kinaed claims to Vlora, "There is, yes. An area dedicated as a tutorial."

Valyn claims, "I've always been a massive fan of Storyrunning in MUDs, small encounters and all"

Vlora says, "I've been writing up one about hunting down a spoopy cult"

Kinaed says, "Anyone can visit it whenever they like, freely."

Vlora states, "Noice"

Kinaed nods at Valyn.

Maura goes big or goes home when it comes to storytelling

Vlora muses, "Yeah... how long was that one I was in? Like 12 hours? lol"

Norrig says to Valyn, "Badass"

Kinaed finishes abruptly to Valyn, "Staff run them sometimes - that's what's coming up in May that people are excited about - but we also encourage players to put on the hat and drive stories too"

Maura states to Vlora, "It clocked in a little under twelve, so rounded it up"

Steven says, "I wish I had a few detectives to run some serial killer STs for"

Safir states to Vlora, "Good times."

Vlora says, "It was heckin' awesome though. "

Norrig claims, "I had an idea for a strictly non combat ST, with intrigue and crime"

Vlora queries, "Non... combat?"

Maura predicts it will be another 2 or 3 years before they dabble in the story command again

Valyn says, "Oh, I just wanna have some dumb groups of cliche bandits (dumb big trunk, smart weasly geezer, your everyday-Michael) try and rob people - being UTTER fools at the art of banditry. Small oneshots that won't even need combat to best any potential crooks."

Azarial states, "When planning them, remmeber that it will take a lot longer than you think it will"

Prisca claims to Norrig, "PRISCA SMASH"

Kinaed claims to Norrig, "Strictly non-combat stuff is just as welcome as other stuff, maybe even more so given our players' interests."

Norrig laughs.

Ethryn says to Norrig, "We are not doing the 'massage the Laudate' story."

Norrig aborts the idea then =(

Vlora states, "Pretty sure that's singleplayer"

Kinaed claims to Valyn, "That stuff is great and well loved too."

Valyn claims to Kinaed, "Aye, why I said I want the bandits to so dumb, you can literally sway them out of robbing you by just being clever. Give them a puzzle to work on, and they'd start arguing with one another, one of t hem'd d call the big-trunk a fool and they'd just attack one another."

Prisca laughs.

Maura states, "Though if you do go non-combat, I highly suggest having an npc to push things along. Part of the reason my story took so long was people going about problems in ways I hadn't accounted for."

Steven states, "Ask Niamh about Billiam, Valyn"

Valyn says, "Making such events combat-heavy DOES often mean only certain people feel inclined to join."

Vlora says, "Omg Billiam"

Steven claims, "He's the prime example of that"

Maura remembers popcorn roaches fondly

Valyn claims, "I'll make sure to do so."

Norrig nods at Maura.

Vlora says, "They are still in my nightmares Maura"

Norrig says to Maura, "Thanks"

Valyn claims to Vlora, "Don'tcha dare make Bora a real NPC in an ST"

Kinaed queries, "We only have a few minutes until we hit the top of the hour. Anyone want to say or raise anything else?"

Vlora says, "Too late, Valyn. "

Valyn collapses to the ground, faith literally leaving his body.

Norrig pontificates, "Thanks to players for tipping bards!!"

Vlora says, "Such is the folly of man."

Ethryn doesn't do st's because of the amount of people and usually a clashing time.

Maura flicks their hand dismissively at Vlora "Hey, it's all on ya'll that you have nightmares. I don't know what possessed you to keep trying to kill such roaches after the first. I hadn't accounted for ya'll continueing to try and kill them

Justin claims, "I tend to enjoy combat, so my story will be featuring some"

Theodora states, "It's the Vandagan way."

Valyn states to Norrig, "Thanks for making sure my pouch is always empty after your plays, a thing I then realize too late after walking into a shop the next day."

Norrig grins.

Vlora declaims, "B-but... we must cleanse the unholy!"

Prisca states, "Was looking for the suggestion I had on a covert command to hide the output of other commands. Might have just brought it up at a previous OOC meeting though, not finding it in my post history. I'll plug a couple of ideas I have on the board though- animal blanket recipe and um"

Safir states, "I just wanted to catch one for funsies."

Justin claims, "Oh, I had a random question"

Steven claims, "Mmm a Diablo 3esque demon infested grotto with a mage murder cult ST just for the Knights."

Steven says, "On the fringe of Edessa"

Justin queries, "Is there hide/sneak rework still in the works?"

Safir claims, "But I mean, that wasn't the most nightmarish part."

Valyn says, "That.. sounds too much risk-of-death"

Prisca says to Justin, "There is, we talked about it a little earlier"

Steven states, "Yer a Knight now boy. Don't be a pansy"

Kinaed claims to Prisca, "I don't think we can feasibly do that."

Justin queries, "Have we ever had a story with the risk of death?"

Justin claims, "I've never seen it"

Kinaed states to Prisca, "I think staff discussed it, and it would require a modification to every single command in game."

Valyn claims, "Good question."

Valyn states, "Especially 'cause I could often perm those I had join my STs if they made fools out of themselves."

Marossa says, "I thought the whole point of stories was that there was no risk of death unless it was pre-planned."

Kinaed says to Justin, "I think we have, and we've had a few where people died - however, STs are consensual, so no one has ever been forced to die."

Prisca says to Kinaed, "I see. I might change the suggestion to some common commands that could have a new command added. along the lines of the 'palm' command"

"Though on the topic of stories," Maura turns and stares at Steven "If folks ever want to do inter-guild stories, specifically with your only baddie guild, just drop a pboard to that guild's leadership. Something tells me they won't say no to a chance for rp even if it's via story commands." [Maura]

Justin states, "I think that if you make it clear from the outset, it might be okay"

Kinaed says, "That said, if an ST complained that someone did something really dumb and refused to die, it'd probably roll into my court as policy to arbitrate. Luckily, people are pretty cool and work well together, so I've never had a single case of that."

Justin intends to kill off everyone involved in his story.

Justin says, "That'll show them"

Valyn claims to Kinaed, "Mmhm, I've just had some people try and do the stupid things in STs where.. well.. it was obvious they were to NOT run into the room where eight baddies stood with flamethrowers."

Theodora claims, "Please don't choke on the popcorn at my ST."

Kinaed smiles.

Valyn says to Theodora, "Stub toe at the entrance - dies."

Prisca claims to Valyn, "Remember an ST doesn't have to end the way you planned. if they're dumb, just let it fail"

Maura switches out theo's regular popcorn with the fancy new craze, roach popcorn!

Kinaed exclaims, "Okay, we've passed the top of the hour. Just a reminder - please post reviews on Reddit and TMC to help us attract new players for you to RP with!"

Justin claims, "There's too much white on the who-list"

Kinaed says, "Thanks for coming to this week's OOC Chat, I hope to see everyone next week. :)"

Prisca states, "Can make for some fun stories that way too"

Prisca waves.

Kinaed trails off, "I'm going to put everyone back in 3..."
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