OOC Support Thread - You're Awesome and Here's Why

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Re: OOC Support Thread - You're Awesome and Here's Why

Postby Silrie » Sat Sep 24, 2016 7:49 am

Renton: I haven't had much rp with this character, but what little I have had has shown a depth to the character beyond the "I will eat your face for breakfast" impression he gave off to Sil at first. Look once and not too closely and that's all you see when he's in Inquisitor mode. Look twice and there's a young leader standing behind that image, just trying to do what's right and to help where he can, even if he's got absolutely no idea how. He's nuanced, and I love that. I also love his tendency toward longer, more involved emotes. I'm not alone in my emoteinsanity!

Barcus: I've never seen a concept like this before, where a noble child enters the game while still learning how to be one. My rp with Barcus started out really sweet but turned pretty rough, pretty quickly, but he played the transition in such a child's genuinely clueless, thematic way, it felt so real! He's still young enough to be steered, and he expertly portrays how this can be both a good thing and a not so good thing depending on where you're standing. He alone has really hammered home to my character the stark gap between Charalin and noble, and did so with such thematic rightness that I was quite literally astounded. I'd never quite felt the dark, gritty aspect of that separation before, but I do with Barcus and it really is amazing despite it all. I'm also thrilled to read his blog; his backstory unfolds like an award winning novel in my mind. Keep doing what you're doing, Barcus, because it is working.
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Re: OOC Support Thread - You're Awesome and Here's Why

Postby Noobus » Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:09 am

Seren: mage RP, especially when offering lessons to each other, can get dull very quickly. That is not what I have experienced when RP'ing with this character, your emotes and lessons are so well though out and engaging in every way, you even know how to pull one back if it seems like they are beginning to get lost to spark up something interesting. The character itself is a whole can I'd rather not discuss here but you're golden!
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Re: OOC Support Thread - You're Awesome and Here's Why

Postby Pixie » Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:03 pm

It's been aaaages... *casts level 100 thread revival*

Eirian! For being the noble that crosses the (often insurmountable-feeling) gap between class lines, while somehow managing to keep it wholly thematic. His use of his NPCs to facilitate actions that would otherwise be thematically shaky is so totally on point it's not even funny. The dude even runs a game-wide event every few weeks. Hats off to Eirian, because he's awesome.

And Rothgar. Always Rothgar. I could put up a paragraph about how ridiculously cool this character is, how he has taken a long (SO LONG) in-game history and made it into one of the most compelling written psyches ever, but I'd just be repeating what everybody already knows. Kudos Rothgar, you're awesome.

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