Log of OOC Meeting - 2020/09/06

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Kinaed claims, "A reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Regardless of what we discuss, we understand and
truly believe that everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their
skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of
this and each other at all times."

Kinaed claims, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you
register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon."

Kinaed claims, "No topics today? Interesting."

POTATO claims, "I have no topic"

Violet declaims, "Ooh! I have one!"

Kinaed smiles at Violet.

Kinaed claims to Violet, "Got you down"

Violet says, "Sorry, was bribing dogs to silence"

Kinaed wonders, "Anyone else?"

Kinaed claims, "Alright, kicking off staff updates."

Kinaed says, "Last week, I did fuck all. No policy requests came up, I think I popped in a couple of
times during my work day to say hi and check boards, but that's about it. On my desk - still Turf
Wars. I feel like there's something else I've forgotten."

Kinaed states, "That's it for me."

Kinaed rolled 1d3 for a pool of: 1. [Ky560]

Kinaed states to Azarial, "You're up :)"

Azarial says, "I've been chewing on autowarn, and I think it is working as intended now. Or, i've
not had any more reports of buggy behavior."

Kinaed asks, "Oh, wow, wait. We found why it wasn't working?"

Kinaed cheers.

POTATO says, "The crawl thing is still not fixed or recorded on any agenda"

Temi states, "I've seen it on a character, at least"

say It looks to work, yep! Thank you!

Anony exclaims, "It looks to work, yep! Thank you!"

Violet exclaims, "It's reallll purdy, thank you Az!"

Anonymous says, "I don't know if this is intended or not, but the autowarn resets RPXP gain down to
low again every time it pops"

Azarial states, "That is intended. it resets the span."

Anonymous says, "Okay"

Temi states, "Or rather, it happens when the span resets itself"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Kinaed says, "Okay, let's see."

Kinaed rolled 1d2 for a pool of: 2. [Ky560]

POTATO asks, "Ok so its not actually reducing rpxp income but the span measured is a suddenly tiny
window making ot look that way?"

Azarial states, "The span is ten minutes per person invovled."

Kinaed claims, "As far as I know, it always has been. I think you just have autowarn calling
attention to it."

Temi nods.

Kinaed says, "Or it was broken and got fixed."

Kinaed says to Ilena, "You're up next :)"

Temi states, "Usually, you may not notice the span because your next emote was the thing that came
next, and that upped your rpxp again"

Ilena exclaims, "I've kept up and on top of as much as I can in terms of making sure everything on
the request board, and making sure all the typos reported are fixed and adjusted!"

Kinaed smiles at Ilena.

Ilena declaims, "I've been still looking over how crafts work before I commit anything from the
suggestions last week, but I've gotten a decent chunk of requests and concerns out of the way. Thank

POTATO starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Kinaed says to Temi, "You're up :)"

Temi claims, "Okay! It's been a slow week, so nothing too crazy. Well, except we announced the
fate of Roland, so that's a big thing."

Kinaed exclaims, "Oo, I'd best read the boards!"

Temi claims, "And trying to figure out how to handle the next stages of the Farin border stuff"

Deedee says, "Ooo, involve me in that"

Temi states, "But we'll give a little tiem for that anyway. Just planning it as the next big

Temi states, "My current thought is people might appreciate a weekend event with planning and wrap
-up altogether"

Temi claims, "Rather than an ongoing thing"

Violet pontificates, "Thank you for the plot work, Temi!"

Temi says, "But happy to hear some thoughts about what the game needs"

Kinaed nods.

POTATO finishes her note.

Violet states, "A weekend event sounds great to me"

Kinaed smiles.

Satoshi pontificates, "Ooooh an event I might actually be able to come to?!"

Kinaed states, "I want to say thanks to the staff for their work this week. It's deeply

Kinaed queries, "Moving on to Player Heartbeat, I'd love to hear it - how was the game for everyone
this week?"

Lans says, "Indeed. Thank you."

Violet says, "Much love to staff. <3 <3 <3"

Lans says, "It has been slow for the Order. And we lost two knights."

Kinaed muses, "Lost two? What happened?"

POTATO muses, "Whos marrying the ling?"

Lans states, "Liquidate list."

Kinaed claims, "(should I ask? Maybe I shouldn't). Okay, I'll check it."

Anonymous claims, "A relative of the duke of vavard, I think. I forget. But the king's marrying

DevilDuck claims, "Intense! I got into allot above my head, and it has been loads of fun."

Temi states, "I think we need some official announcements on it out. But yeah, the Duke of Vavard's

Deedee says, "I had a scene with one of them. Was hoping he wasn't going to"

Violet states, "Yep yep. Lots of work from the Royal Wedding shenanigans"

Sparkles claims, "Mmm ... I've had some interesting public scenes glad to see some folks out and
about that was fun."

Satoshi claims, "I've been mega uninspired and busy at work, I've been trying to weasel back into
the game and I appreciate everyone willing to engage me"

Kinaed claims to DevilDuck, "That's good to hear. :) I hope everything works out in RP."

Lans waves at Satoshi.

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Kinaed comforts Satoshi.

Kinaed nods at Violet.

Kinaed states, "I am aware that the Seneschal role opens for bids in about six hours."

Kinaed wonders, "Anyone looking forward to the process?"

Kinaed has transferred Condensation. [OOC]

Lans says, "Yes."

Violet states, "Yep"

Kinaed smiles.

Anonymous claims, "I am curious to see how it turns out."

Kinaed nods at Anonymous.

Cyan asks, "How does that relate to the chancelor or whatever it is. Does the seneschal pick a new

POTATO claims, "Having trouble roleplaying with some folks. this thing keeps happening where i walk
into a room and everyone stops roleplaying and leaves. feeling pretty shitty about it"

Deedee claims, "Should be interesting"

Kinaed pontificates, "Me too!"

Ilena states, "Yep! The Seneschal chooses their Chancellor."

Lans looks at POTATO. "That's not nice."

Anonymous says, "The Chancellor is appointed by the Seneschal, so yes."

Kinaed says to cyan, "If they want to, they can. Or they can choose not to."

Deedee states, "Yeah, I know that feeling Potates"

Kinaed nods at Anonymous.

Lans says, "Confess to magery and get guaranteed Lans RP."

Sparkles says, "I'm hoping we don't see the usual process with rumors this go around."

Kinaed comforts POTATO.

Satoshi says, "A lot of the time it's not you, in those situations"

Anonymous says, "Otherwise I have been busy being a virtual parent. And dealing with ic/ooc

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Ilena gives a bleached miniature mannequin doll, bearing a lavish gown to Condensation.

Kinaed states, "IC/OOC Controversy doesn't sound fun. Please let me know after this if there's
anything I should attend to/help with."

Satoshi claims, "You never know when someone's just about to leave/has an IC thing they are playing
out etc."

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Anonymous says, "Its separate things, they aren't together; and the OOC one you already know of"

Condensation asks, "Ah. Rumours on topic?"

POTATO claims, "Yeah i hope its just a repeat coincidence. i guess if it isnt i still cant do
anything about it unless someone says "hey potato, you're doing this thing that i dont like, lets
talk about it""

Satoshi states, "Honestly, pursue it IC, and if it starts to affect you ooc, it never hurts to just
reach out to confirm. There's very few things I can think of that would drive people away from RP"

say If you would like, we can try set something up Potato :)

Anony states, "If you would like, we can try set something up Potato :)"

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Ilena gives a bleached miniature mannequin doll, bearing a lavish gown to NotNaomi.

Satoshi states, "Other than being just extremely aggressive--people typically don't stick around if
they think they are in danger"

Ilena gives a bleached miniature mannequin doll, bearing a lavish gown to Amy.

Condensation states, "Unless it's rollercoasters and such rides.."

Amy says, "I needed to run from many scenes this week. The wedding thing kept me busy and then when
I had breaks from it for rp, irl kicked in, so... Sorry."

Deedee says, "Rope and chains are available in certain places or from crafters"

TheHeresyAgenda is idle.

Kinaed asks, "Anyone have anything that's shitting them, that isn't already a topic? Just for staff
to be aware of?"

POTATO claims, "I think its just been a very busy week for some folks, also im generally very
paranoid xD my feelings will scab over by tomorrow"

Kinaed smiles at POTATO.

Violet pontificates, "I can say personally that 99 times out of 100, when I leave a scene just after
someone enters, it's not at all about them, it's just poor timing!"

Temi states, "I know there's been some school starting up again in various areas"

Kinaed nods at Violet.

Ludovic is idle.

POTATO nods at violet

Condensation shrugs.

Yinadele says, "Same, I'm usually just finishing something up."

Kinaed says, "Same here. I'm a task oriented person with little time, so when I log into TI I go do
what I have to, then often have to go. The number of times people have come into a scene I'm leaving
through no fault of their own is pretty high. And I'd like to stay, but I just can't because I have
IRL commitments."

Yinadele claims, "I'll always stop if someone grabs me for RP."

Violet says, "I feel horrible about it, but sometimes I'm trying to extricate myself for an IRL
meeting so I can't delay"

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Kinaed nods at Violet.

Pookstall claims, "I'll definitely try to dally a little if someone had just arrived, but sometimes
it's hard. Especially when I've already dallied longer than I ought"

Sparkles states, "I do encourage people who seem to miss folks to think about scheduling, I know not
everyone likes that but sometimes it can assist."

Lans stops using a bleached miniature mannequin doll, bearing a lavish gown.

DevilDuck puts a bleached miniature mannequin doll, bearing a lavish gown in a satchel of heavy,
white linen canvas.

Satoshi states, "Scheduling is good when you can't grab that person otherwise."

Cyan yawns

GloryToTheBolt asks, "Missed the heartbeat?"

GloryToTheBolt pontificates, "God it was a ride! "

Temi claims, "We're heartbeating now."

Temi grins.

GloryToTheBolt states, "A good ride"

NotNaomi nods.

POTATO claims, "Thanks all around. im feeling much less paranoid now. still very needy, but less

Kinaed smiles.

NotNaomi trails off, "It's been ...interesting"

Kinaed says, "All good, we all feel that way sometimes."

Kinaed pontificates, "Okay, we have a topic!"

Violet declaims, "Mine's just a quickie, I think!"

Kinaed questions to Violet, "Would you like to raise a topic?"

Violet states, "I think this was brought up once before... maybe an OOC chat in mid-February? But I
thought it could use another mention, especially since we have so many cyans!!

Here goes: I was wondering if we could change the cyan warn text to be a bit less... scary? It's
currently BRIGHT RED LETTERS, and while I'm all for having it stand out within a scene, it can seem
OOCly antagonistic when used. Given the whole point is to support and provide guidance to our new
players, perhaps we could change it to a nice bright cyan instead? It might increase use."

You have had a helpfile queued to you. Type 'assist' without an argument to view it.

Kinaed states, "Sure."

Violet says, "Assisted the warn helpfile so everyone can see how it looks currently"


GloryToTheBolt states, "Assist"
Helpfile for Warn

Syntax: warn <name> <reason>

The warn command is used to issue a cyan warning (HELP CYAN and HELP NEWBIE
PROTECTION) to a cyan player, letting them know that some aspect of their
current, ongoing roleplay may lead to In-Character danger (ie, potential
arrest or death). This is a courtesy, not a means to bully cyans into doing
what you say "or else."

It is against policy to use osay, tells, or any other medium to notify a cyan
that their roleplay has the potential to be ICly dangerous.

All uses of the warn command are logged to policy staff with their reason.


CYAN PROTECTION: Niamh is obligated to provide Maker with the option to alter
RP when in danger to facilitate cyan safety during the character
establishment phase. The reason logged for this offer was: Due to the poor
state of race relations (HELP CITY REPORT) Niamh is feeling unusually raw
about Lithmorrans acting Lithmorran in the Tubori Quarter. She might start a
fight with Maker if he hangs around. If you would like to back out of this
action or have my character let it slide, let me know!

This offer is an OOC courtesy and should not constitute undue pressure to
change your RP.


A warning should, at minimum, include which behavior it is that puts them in
danger, why that is, what would normally be the result, and offer the ability
to back out of that action/or to let it slide.


(Subject area: commands Last modified: Mon Jul 13 00:15:54 2020)

Condensation claims, "But how else are we going to tell them that QUARTERING AND SLOW DEATH may
await :o"

Pookstall states, "A little bit of scary might be necessary to catch the attention sometimes"

Satoshi states, "I historically have never had a good time with the cyan warning, the one and only
time I felt it was neccessary I got told it came off threatening"

Lans states, "Same."

Violet states, "Yah, I've used the warning and been told it felt antagonistic/threatening to the
cyan :( definitely not the intent"

Satoshi asks, "Maybe making it less angy would make it less threatening?"

Kinaed claims, "Agree, changing the color to bright cyan would probably be easy and fine."

Anonymous says, "I was assisted once on my first character, and ran away from the people who sent
the assist to me. To be fair, it was because I forgot etiquette in front of a noble, but still"

GloryToTheBolt claims, "I haeve topic"

Cyan says, "We"

GloryToTheBolt states, "English "

Cyan states, "We're not talking about assists"

Satoshi says, "But also the literal purpose to me, from the helpfile, was to tell a cyan when
they're doing something that will have consequences and this game typically all consequences you'd
warn someone about are going to be negative"

Anonymous claims, "The cyan protectoin warning thing, you know what I mean"

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Yinadele says, "Red still feels unnecessarily aggressive when it can just be a friendly advisory
rather than immediate."

Satoshi says, "So changing the color to be less 'STOP OR YOU'LL BE STABBED' to more 'maybe dont or
else you might be stabbed' would be less threatening"

Yinadele states, "Like: It is against policy to use osay, tells, or any other medium to notify a
cyan that their roleplay has the potential to be ICly dangerous. is the direct thread, yeah."

Cyan states, "If a cyan can't handle a warnn in red letters, they probably can't handle the game"

Yinadele states, "Some people need to go "hey dude this stuff can get you shanked by people" even if
you wouldn't, personally, do the shanking."

say I feel people avoid doing warns to not deal with it, and then wait for cyan time to end. Like
someone running around with drugs on them likely not knowing that the peek command exists >_>

Anony says, "I feel people avoid doing warns to not deal with it, and then wait for cyan time to
end. Like someone running around with drugs on them likely not knowing that the peek command exists

Kinaed says, "Cassilda has a point there. TI doesn't exactly pussyfoot around things like murder and
we're a permanent death game."

POTATO says, "Warning if you dont cease being pleasant and easy to talk to, future consequences may
include a discount on purchases, occasional invitations for more roleplay, having a good time, etc"

Satoshi states, "Yeah I definitely just leave cyans now after being reprimanded for warning a
character that doing a super not OK thing would result in their character being harmed. I just leave
the cyan now rather than risk getting in trouble for a cyan being stupid"

Temi grins at POTATO.

Kinaed says, "Oops, sorry about messing up with your OOC identity, Cassilda."

Violet exclaims, "Well, I'm open to other suggestions, certainly! But I do feel as though 'warn' is
chronically underused"

Cyan says, "It's not a problem, most probably know who I am anyway"

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed says, "Appreciate the pass, but I will try to do better."

POTATO claims, "You're that new Cyan player"

Lans says, "I once caught a cyan with a magic item, warned them, they got snappy at me"

Lans shrugs slowly, chuckling.

Condensation slaps that 'Arrest' button.

Kinaed says, "I am concerned if warn is chronically underused and people just hold off their ire and
attack cyans for past mistakes when they cease being cyan."

Deedee claims, "I've had a couple of people refer to Delana as de Downer- so remember OOC titles are
not IC. :)"

Kinaed claims, "That isn't the best pattern for new player retention."

Condensation coughs.

GloryToTheBolt states, "Also kinaed when you refer to people for some reason it refers to the
character, not the ooc name. happened last week too."

Condensation claims, "How silly of them, Deedee"

Condensation shifts their eyes about.

Violet giggles.

Lans says to Kinaed, "I would find that unsportsmanly."

Temi nods.

Temi claims, "If you do decide to drop something because they are a cyan, it's not fair game for

Violet states, "I do feel as though there's a general sentiment of 'I'll just ignore and not warn,
because warning is more trouble than it's worth.'"

Sparkles says, "I think there's been some reactions or ... poor usage of cyan warning in the past
that's led to concern about using it."

Kinaed says, "I think it's fine to ignore and not warn if a player is genuinely letting things go
and it won't have an ill effect."

Satoshi states, "It seems to be taken too much as a threat for people to accept the warning in good

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Kinaed says, "But if it does have an impact, people are obligated to alert the cyan and let them

Condensation nods.

Deedee nods in agreement.

Violet pontificates, "I guess ignoring is fine by me too, -but- it does mean the cyan might not
learn their behavior is iffy!"

Kinaed nods at Violet.

Condensation says, "Not warning them and later pouncing on them is deliberately against our
obligations to cyans."

GloryToTheBolt says, "An osay might be enought at some point no"

Condensation says, "Depends."

INFO: Kaiden has just created!

Deedee claims, "I've warned once, when something a cyan did wasn't something that could be ignored
and had a impact on myself and other players"

Condensation says, "Maybe you notice something you want to warn them of but the rest of the room
does not."

Satoshi states, "If I see a cyan who is causing trouble and can't take obvious IC hints that they're
making my character upset or uncomfortable, then I just leave, it's not worth it to me to get in
trouble to staff because the wording of a thing you're doing in a possible tense situation can be
held against me"

say You can't osay to cyan on their behavior.

Anony says, "You can't osay to cyan on their behavior."

Violet says, "From 'help warn,' direct quote: It is against policy to use osay, tells, or any other
medium to notify a cyan that their roleplay has the potential to be ICly dangerous."

Yinadele says, "Cyan warn should be a function in good OOC faith that we're helping new players
learn and avoid IC boundaries, not give them a negative reaction; And, yeah, that quote is pretty
stern on it."

GloryToTheBolt states, "Oh no okay thanks for telling me"

Kinaed claims, "As for people not taking a warning in good faith, it might depend on why the warning
is there, how it's worded etc. The warnings I take issue with are the self-aggrandizing ones or the
ones where it looks like the cyan warning is about furthering the player's self-interest, like
they're using the warning to force the cyan to capitulate to something that's questionable. We get
that occasionally."

Yinadele claims, "That's why I feel switching it to cyan is a positive, small effect."

Kinaed nods at Yinadele.

Violet nods agreement.

GloryToTheBolt claims, "Yea sometimes its small behaviors you need to poke about so cyan would be
better yea"

Kinaed says, "I think it's easy to do, and not a problem for us. I don't disagree, so we'll change
the color of the warning."

Temi questions, "Will people feel better about using it if we change the color?"

Temi states, "That doesn't sound like the majority of concerns I'm hearing, at least."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Cyan states, "I've never been in a situation where I needed to use it. The color wouldn't affect my
decision. "

Kinaed claims, "Okay, we have another topic :)"

Yinadele says, "If Cyan warn feels like a policy case rather than 'telling a newbie not to tell me
they're a wizard' and laughing it off IC, then as Satoshi says it's uncomfy. I would hope to change
Satoshi's opinion on using it."

POTATO states, "Hmm i has a question i just thought of"

Deedee states, "I don't have any problem with the color being changed if people think it would help"

Violet exclaims, "I will, at least. I don't know if it will fix everything, but I think it's a step
in the right direction!"

Kinaed queries to GloryToTheBolt, "Would you like to raise your topic?"

Satoshi says, "My opinion I think more comes from the fact that staff doesn't get context with the
cyan warning, and they take it uber seriously."

Kinaed says to POTATO, "I'll write you down for a topic, and you can ask your questiona after"

GloryToTheBolt states, "It came up last week: "

POTATO nods.

GloryToTheBolt claims, "It came up last week: "
Condensation nods at Satoshi.

GloryToTheBolt states, "Im trying."

GloryToTheBolt says, "It came up last week: Maybe Guild Plots could be, by default, accessible to
the whole guild? You can still restrict them to certain people, but you have to do that manually.
Plots are a big part of the game and they're very inaccessible atm. "

Condensation states, "+1 hat"

Satoshi says, "Anyone can set a plot to be a guild investigation, you just need to share it with the
GL for them to add the point"

Kinaed has transferred Kaiden. [OOC]

Temi nods.

Deedee waves to Kaiden.

Violet waves. "Welcome!"

say They are. Last week, I did not mean QP or private plots but guild effort plots? As in, when,
for example, the Reeves investigate as an entity?

Anony queries, "They are. Last week, I did not mean QP or private plots but guild effort plots? As
in, when, for example, the Reeves investigate as an entity?"

Kaiden waves.

Yinadele waves.

Sparkles says, "Something that is a difficulty I've noted in the past is there is no way to include
people in a plot except by their coded name displaying to everyone else involved."

DevilDuck waves to Kaiden.

GloryToTheBolt claims, "Welcome kaiden! We're discussing suggestions for the game right now. "

Kaiden claims, "Ahh."

Temi claims, "Guild points are a limited resource that the guildleader has control over. The 'do we
want to spend our limited resources on this?' question goes up to them."

Kinaed queries, "I think it's not a problem to do that in our minds, but it may be hard for us to
know what is a guild plot or not - Temi, is that currently called out somewhere in the plot?"

Satoshi claims, "You just literally have to use the type to change it to a guild investigation
instead of RPA, it automatically adjusts the requirement to 1GP instead of 10QP"

Amy is idle.

Lans nods.

Deedee asks, "Oh, I thought guild points were available to the guild. Is it only for 1st and 2nd GL

Satoshi claims, "It's in the forum post that's accessible through 'help plots' that goes over how to
change it"

Condensation muses, "How do we check for GP, actually?"

Lans nods.

Anonymous says, "Only GLs can assign points to plots, yes"

Yinadele states, "Yes, only for them."

Amy is no longer idle.

Temi states to Sparkles, "You can include whole guilds instead"

Lans claims, "It is good form for lower ranked players to make a plot, store it and ask the GL to
fill in the gpoint."

Deedee claims, "Gpoints command"

Temi nods at Deedee.

Condensation nods at Deedee.

Satoshi claims, "If you aren't using the GP it feels lke you have a lot but as someone who briefly
was a GL when you don't have a lot you have to really pick and choose"

Condensation claims, "Thanks."

Amy states, "It's not about the 1gp thing. It's baout visiblity to the guild."

Satoshi states, "Anyone can use the gpoints command"

Temi says, "You can include the guild in the share field."

Sparkles questions, "Also will expecting the entire Guild to be included possibilty expand Alt

Satoshi says, "Only GLs can assign the gpoints"

Kinaed queries, "Should we include a person's guild in the plot, then have everyone manually remove

Temi says, "I think that would cause more problems than help. Maybe in guild investigations
specifically would be okay"

GloryToTheBolt claims, "Yea thats my suggestion. it took me months and months of ooc time to be
included in a plot and that was by mere chance"

TheHeresyAgenda has left the game.

Condensation says, "I have close to zero experience with plots. They always feel to fly completely
past me. So zero input from me here, sorry."

GloryToTheBolt says, "And it was a plot that was for the guild"

Temi states, "We definitely encourage sharing with the guild wherever possible."

Deedee claims, "It would be nice if it were easier to include people in a plot after the fact"

say True, too.

Anony says, "True, too."

Lans claims, "I don't think this should be enforced."

Deedee claims, "Currently added notes can't be edited to include new people"

Satoshi states, "I feel the 'getting passed over for plots' thing but I feel like that's a symptom
of availability and how useful you are for it"

Condensation says, "I am the Guild's GL. I'd think I'd be pretty useful or.. informed."

Satoshi says, "Just being in a guild doesn't automatically entitle you to seeing everything that's
going on, especially in a game about espionage etc"

GloryToTheBolt says, "Im thinking of the farin plot where the only reason i was involved was that i
happened to meet a knight"

Cyan doesn't like plots

Temi claims, "Some guilds do more plots than others."

Kinaed asks, "How about we do this as an awareness piece and ask everyone to please consider casting
a wide net, esp with things like guild involvement, when enacting a plot?"

Condensation muses, "Was that a plot?"

GloryToTheBolt claims, "Yes"

Yinadele declares, "Can do!"

Lans states to Kinaed, "That's something I can agree with."

Anonymous states, "There was a plot yes"

Violet nods to Kinaed.

Satoshi says, "Yeah I'm good with that."

Kinaed says, "We can do it as a PSA and reminder for awhile, and see if that helps."

Condensation says, "I thought that was just a player-donation-thing. I was confused why, this time,
we were expected to donate actual items."

Condensation shrugs at that.

POTATO claims, "The plot just thickened"

Condensation says, "PSA sounds good."

GloryToTheBolt states, "Oh gosh, i remembered another topic"

Kinaed claims, "If we don't see more inclusion, we can check if we need to do things about auto
inclusions and manual removals, but I feel like that might be a bit of a problem."

Kinaed says to POTATO, "You only say that because you're a starch :P"

Deedee says, "I have a plot I started writing last night but fell asleep, could use some input from
players that have been around a while since it's a history-compiling type thing"

POTATO claims, "Guilty as starched"

Condensation says, "Wow, Kinaed. Dad-level jokes. I love it."

Sparkles states, "I'm sure there are folks who would love that kind of thing."

Satoshi states, "I don't think that staff needs to try to force players to do stuff, particularly in
a game that supposedly features espionage and plitics"

Satoshi states, "Sometimes including/excluding someone is for IC reasons and I don't think should be
OOCly enforced"

POTATO nods.

Kinaed claims, "Okay, let's see.."

Condensation muses, "At which point I think you could easily let that be known while preparing the

Kinaed exclaims to POTATO, "You had a question that I registered as a topic. :) Please go ahead and
ask now!"

Condensation pontificates, "Yo. We don't want our GL to find out, bu tsome of us want to start
playing devilish music in shady establishments!"

Cyan really doesn't like plots

Temi grins.

Satoshi says, "But then you're giving all this OOC info about what you're doing to someone who isn't
included, which increases the risk for ic/ooc crossover"

POTATO trails off, "Can i ask for clarification on the enlightened lithmoran proverb "loose hair is
for loose women with loose morals" is that meant for basically 99 percent of all lithmoran residents
who have hair flopping about in curled tresses and flopping braides and lithe blonde lockes flowing
suggestively past their ladybits? (sexy ankles) or is that meant to just refer to lithmorans needing
to all wear a hat? because.... if loose hair is taboo, then basically very few PC's got the memo"

Condensation states, "That's just player taste. Ribbons have become the new cowls."

Sparkles states, "There's been some pretty hot topic IC drama about the hat question."

Temi claims to Condensation, "You're welcome to do that, but it's not a guild plot."

Condensation nods at Temi.

Anonymous claims, "I'm pretty sure that's just folks ignoring the helpfile because they like long

Violet says, "Just waiting for an Inquis to come along and brand us all"

Anonymous states, "Or loose hair I mean"

Temi states, "So, the problem is with unbounded, uncovered hair."

Lans nods at Temi.

Satoshi says, "This has actually been brought up IC a few times, it's a fun argument to have IC"

Kinaed says, "As Temi said."

Lans rakes a hand through his long black hair.

Satoshi says, "But yeah it's having it totally out, totally loose and free-flowing"

Temi states, "The absolute 'best' thing by stodgy folks would be completely covered and bound up."

Cyan claims, "There was a character that tried to point that out once."

Condensation states, "Lans is such a loose moraled woman, gee.."

Lans states, "Yes."

Condensation checks out his ankles.

GloryToTheBolt wonders, "You sellin?"

POTATO laughs.

Satoshi states, "My character got threatened to be whipped for having his hair down, actually, and
then inflicted the most horrible hat ever on the playerbase, it was fun"

Kinaed says, "Braids are probably okay, and loose hair in children might be ignored, though their
parents might get a beady eye for not raising their kids properly."

Temi states, "But braided up, or covered with a hat, generally meets the basic requirements to not
be considered a ho by all except the strictest of grandmothers."

Lans claims, "Tua's hat was... a lot of fun."

GloryToTheBolt states, "Oh nice time to yeet the hat "

Temi says, "Completely loose without containing is going to be agreed by everyone as naughty."

Violet says, "I do think a some people's descs describe what their hair would look like down, but
pmood/wear items that suggest it's pulled back"

Condensation says, "I think it's definitely about 'loose'. Intricate braiding and keeping it
restrained/tucked in is definitely more fashionable/acceptable, yeah."

Kinaed states, "It applies to men as well, for the record. Men might wear their hair in queues and

Kinaed nods at Condensation.

Condensation claims, "Mohawks."

Satoshi claims, "But yeah essentially Davites believe that having your hair out/down signals your
morals are loose, so ribbons, styling, etc, are 'restraining' it more than covering it, showing the
person can 'restrain' themselves"

Anonymous muses, "Is it a problem if lithmorran men have short hair or something?"

POTATO says, "Im not saying that lithmore has a prostitute problem, but theres a lot of loose flowin
hair on piety blvd"

Condensation states, "I like how Satoshi phrases it, yes."

Cyan states, "Rock out with your cock out. I mean hair"

TheHeresyAgenda wanders into the vicinity. [login]

Kinaed says, "Don't think so. I imagine it's only a problem when the length of the hair is actually
long enough that it could be bound"

You heard it ladies. Time to cut your hair. No more hats to wear!
Unrecognized command.

say You heard it ladies. Time to cut your hair. No more hats to wear!

Anony pontificates, "You heard it ladies. Time to cut your hair. No more hats to wear!"

Condensation questions, "Isn't there a stigma against women with real short hair in these times?"

Kinaed claims, "Nope."

POTATO states, "Ok so we're not using sharia standards here"

Kinaed states, "Nope. Fantasy world."

Lans states, "This isn't Earth."

Satoshi says, "And, thematically, this is something that prostitutes actively know about and
perpetuate, so people who don't want to be thought of as being adjacent to a whore might avoid it by

Cyan states, "Urth aint Earth"

Condensation states, "It's Urth."

Condensation pontificates, "That all said: Medieval hats are fun things, though. Experiment!"

Satoshi states, "And perhaps people who DO know about it might specifically keep their hair loose
just to make a statement about themselves."

Condensation declaims, "Get rid of t hose ribbons and get yourself a hennin! They double as stabbing

POTATO says, "Something about that fifth moon kinda ruins the whole dark ages flavor xD definitely
not earth"

NotNaomi claims, "I've been wanting to make someone a pointy cone hat"

Condensation states, "I know. Me too.."

NotNaomi grins.

Violet declaims, "HENNINs!"

Satoshi wonders if it's time to dust off the horrendous pirate hate again...

Pookstall states, "I have a lovely pointed hat. It goes with my unicorn masquerade outfit."

Condensation claims, "That's a hennin. They're deliciously disgusting but somehow were THE thing
back in the days."

Anonymous says, "I think pointy cone hats sound like a vavard thing"

Condensation declares, "Right?!"

Violet claims, "Https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hennin"

Cyan claims, "You're welcome Tua"

Condensation says, "Violet knows"

Violet claims, "When you can't bring a weapon to the royal wedding but still wanna poke someone's
eye out"

Satoshi states, "Honestly the cone hat trailing like a truckton of ribbons looks sorta nice"

say I wonder if escoffion will ever become fashion in TI's world.

Anony claims, "I wonder if escoffion will ever become fashion in TI's world."

Kinaed says, "Okay, we have about 10 minutes left."

Kinaed claims, "I think everyone who had a topic has raised it."

Kinaed claims to Kaiden, "A special welcome to our newest player to join :)"

Condensation says, "Escoffions are pretty neat. I lvoe male chaperone hats, too."

POTATO claims, "Thank you"

Violet says, "I am always sad that we haven't standardized the Urth 'French hood' equivalent"

Kaiden says, "Thanks"

Condensation says, "Chaperon*"

Condensation queries, "A... beret, Violet?"

GloryToTheBolt states, "Oh i have a quick topic"

Satoshi claims, "I'd like to chime in and send a big thanks to staff for adjusting the 5 minute
timer to not be so mean, it's helped me get back into RP immensely"

Condensation claims, "Yes. This."

POTATO muses, "Why may I not style myself oocly as the bolt?"

GloryToTheBolt says, "Its gone entirely satoshi"

Violet states, "<3 <3 <3"

Kinaed smiles at Satoshi.

Kinaed nods at GloryToTheBolt.

Satoshi claims, "Yes, not having it stomping on me after every emote that I miss by 2 seconds has
helped immensely"

Sparkles says, "I do think perhaps that change should be updated to the forums, as I do wonder how
many folks we lost might return knowing it's been changed."

Condensation claims, "And a big +1 to Ilena settling is so well as new Staffer and helping many of
us around t he grid."

NotNaomi pontificates, "Yay!"

Cyan is also glad that shit is gone

Temi states, "We're still looking for suggestions for how to handle it differently. We still think
there's an issue, but it's not the right fix."

Kinaed finishes abruptly, "It's not entirely gone - the timer was removed from code, but we are
still thinking about ways to encourage people to be more RP active and focused"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Satoshi queries, "Honestly, autowarn? Has been SUPER helpful to me to remember to do stuff"

Condensation says, "I like these old reminders, it helps remind me to THIN more etc."

Kinaed states, "So we'll probably try again, look at the data again, and whatnot - when we have a
better idea."

Violet questions, "Are we collecting data about how autowarn's return has helped?"

Violet says, "Yah what they said"

Kinaed claims, "Also, I just got a tell that someone has another topic."

Condensation says, "Autowarn as always amazing for that."

Temi states, "We'll keep an eye on it for usre."

Temi nods.

Condensation nods.

Kinaed says to Violet, "Not at the moment, but we could."

GloryToTheBolt states, "Tell me when i may start"

Kinaed queries, "How many people have autowarn on?"

Anony waves.

Violet raises hand.

DevilDuck waves.

Pookstall states, "I think I still do."

Condensation waves.

Deedee does.

Kaiden questions, "What is autowarn?"

Condensation claims, "I won't turn it off, even if you make me."

Yinadele raises hand.

Sparkles says, "Me."

Lans states, "I have it off."

Kinaed claims to Kaiden, "At the end of an RP span, it gives a report to a player saying how they
earned RPxp and what they missed out on doing in the span."

Condensation says, "It tells you, every.. 30 minutes I think, how many emotes you've fired, what
other RPXP bonuses you're enjoying, if you've used THINk etc."

Anonymous states, "It's a pop up that comes up every now and then reminding you of things you can do
to increase your rpxp gain, like use a THINK or a hemote. You'll see it when you get on grid,

Kinaed says, "It can be turned off."

NotNaomi says, "Mine's off"

POTATO states, "I would like to thank staff for spending the time collecting data to make
adjustments concerning the 5 minute timer and trying to fix a problem via unpopular means while also
remaining very receptive to a flood of player gripes and complaints. i hope that endeavor was not
too miserable. much love for TI staff <3<3<3"

Violet claims, "It's gives you some data on how you're interacting in RP and gaining XP"

Deedee states, "Auto warn pops up a warning if your emote didn't earn RP for being too short, and
also regularly reports what bonuses you've received or how you can earn further bonuses"

Kinaed smiles at POTATO.

Kinaed states, "Okay, we have another topic registered :)"

Yinadele says, "Agreed; I've really appreciated the feedback."

Kaiden states, "Oh"

Kinaed wonders to GloryToTheBolt, "Would you like to raise your topic?"

GloryToTheBolt declares, "Small PSA: I've seen a low amount of public rp this week, like rp in
taverns etc. This might simply be due to it being a very busy week for a lot of us. But, please keep
in mind public rp is how new players engage with the game so try to reach out!"

Violet exclaims, "^^ Great suggestion!!"

Kinaed trails off, "On that... "

Cyan's character avoids public RP unfortunetly

Deedee says, "Wish I had more time to"

POTATO trails off, "Damn thats really important... thanks for saying so"

Cyan says, "c'est la vie"

Kinaed states, "I was in an industry discussion where it was floated the idea that if games don't
focus on getting new players, then all the staff are doing is managing the long term decline of the
game due to how game lifecycles play out."

Condensation says, "It's been tough to invite it, personally. When I've had time for public RP,
player count was usually below six or eight."

Condensation states, "Will try more though."

Kinaed claims, "It occurs to me that on TI, we don't really advertise beyond having a few static mud
listings. "

Yinadele says, "I try to make sure I'm usually in the Town Hall for being poked by anyone."

Satoshi claims, "There are tons of non-tavern places too, explore around and you'll find a great
spot to RP while still being available to ppl who are interested"

Deedee nods at Kinaed.

NotNaomi claims, "I do what I can, but I'm usually swamped."

POTATO says, "I can do public and i will more"

Condensation pontificates, "Same. I've tried to be swamped in public more, though! :p"

Satoshi states, "MUDs sort of tend to be niche and other than other MUD players it's hard to get ppl
into. TI is definitely not what "the modern gamer" is expecting"

Kaiden queries, "Is this something you can advertise on that youwant to RP? Or do they have to find
you in game?"

Kinaed finishes abruptly, "And we really need to think about how we treat and try to retain cyan
players, otherwise over time our population will reduce until the game is untenable, so please
consider promoting TI outside of game - writing reviews, etc - it'll keep people around for you to
play with and the game afloat :)"

Condensation claims, "I think, in general, MUDs are indeed a dying thing. Sadly."

say Yeah, the people I spoke to on MUDs recently all were very confused on what they are, including
tabletop RPer.

Anony states, "Yeah, the people I spoke to on MUDs recently all were very confused on what they are,
including tabletop RPer."

Condensation queries, "Did someone mention QP rewards for writing and submitting positive reviews?"

Condensation acts as if he totally heard that from behind them just now.

Condensation horribly fails his acting check! [Ky560]

Anonymous says, "I always have to explain that MUD is an acronym for multi user dungeon."

GloryToTheBolt trails off, "Yea but niche games can still be advertised. think of the huge surge of
pen and paper recently, thats a big market to pull from... in fact, this is my first mud, and my
best friends first mud"

Kinaed claims, "Writing any review, positive or not, we provide QP for"

Sparkles claims, "Tabletop groups and Discord RP groups are a good place to advertise and I know a
lot of them have started up during quarantine time."

POTATO asks, "How do we get the qp?"

Satoshi claims, "A lot of the gateway MUDs are hack and slashers that appeal to MMO players and they
typically advertise in D&D and tabletop RP groups"

Cyan dips their head in a moment of silence for out dead sister MUD burp.

Lans states, "I have succesfully recruited a few players. It's not impossible by any means."

Temi states to POTATO, "Post up on the request board with a link to it and we'll award"

Kinaed says to POTATO, "Point staff to something you wrote or some advertising you did, and we'll
reward you directly"

POTATO claims, "I was successfully recruited by a player here to stop playing a different mud and
come here where its awesome"

GloryToTheBolt states, "Ah to be fair the tabletop culture is different in germany, so its less hack
and slashy to begin with, so at least i believe i could pull people in"

Anonymous says, "I will say that I do think TI could benefit from having more combat that didn't
result in lethality. Or that you had to pay for. Looking at you training hall trainers."

GloryToTheBolt trails off, "Im just hesitant for... reasons "

Kaiden asks, "I dunno if I was recruited, more as...said player was trying out this mud and told me
about it?"

Anonymous claims, "At least in terms of attracting folks mor eused to hack and slash"

Amy is idle.

Condensation states, "Same here, Glory. We are more into story- and world-building to my

Kinaed states, "We'd really appreciate the effort. Also, if you're hesitant, that's okay and you
don't need to"

NotNaomi says, "I've recruited people, as well as coerced people into coming back. :D"

Lans says, "That's great."

Temi declaims to Kaiden, "Sort of a light recruitment! We're happy to give them credit if you want
to refer them"

Satoshi says, "I tend to just pipe up if I see someone looking for this type of experience but TI
has a hell of a learning curve"

Kinaed claims, "It's definitely not a requirement, it's just something that'd be helpful and deeply
appreciated - and is also in the best interest of most players."

Kinaed grins at NotNaomi.

Kaiden says, "Yeah, but I dunno his account name."

Amy is no longer idle.

Condensation states, "You can have friends you recruied use REFER, peeps :)"

Kaiden states, "He's Desmond on the discord."

Condensation says, "I think that entails you to some QP."

Cyan wouldn't want to put any of their friends through this

NotNaomi states, "I have a quick question"

Kinaed claims, "When a new player comes on that you recruited, ask them to 'refer <your name>'"

Kinaed says, "You'll get 10 QP if they make it past cyan status"

Kinaed comforts cyan.

POTATO claims, "Referal is for character name just fyi not account name"

Temi states to Kaiden, "Don't need to use account name, but ask them what character name you should
use for it"

Kinaed claims to NotNaomi, "? :)"

Kaiden muses, "Is it by account or character name?"

Kaiden states, "Ok"

POTATO claims, "Intried account name and it didnt work, referred a charname and it worked"

Deedee asks, "Have we thought of having a custom TI client made and popped on Steam or somewhere
like that?"

Cyan states, "Yuck"

Anonymous claims, "That... would be inadvisable. "

Satoshi states, "Batmud did that and it had surprising results"

POTATO states, "Whats a batmud"

NotNaomi questions, "Some time ago, there was a discussion on embellishments and what can/can't be
embellished... for the crafters here, what's the process for having the items looked at/possibly

Kinaed says, "An old, old H&S mud"

Cyan claims, "Batmud is a very ancient MUD"

Satoshi states, "Old as balls"

Temi states to NotNaomi, "I've reviewed a bunch, but if something was missed, feel free to post a
typo note for consideration"

NotNaomi nods.

NotNaomi pontificates, "Thanks!"

POTATO trails off, "Idunno... balls are pretty old"

Kinaed claims to NotNaomi, "Typo board your ideas, I suppose. Staff who own crafts can review them
and decide to implement or not. Or you can raise it here, but typo is probably more immediate to
when a staffer can get to it"

Yinadele exclaims, "I really advise putting forwards it into a board post!"

NotNaomi nods.

Deedee nods.

NotNaomi claims, "There are a few items, we'll typo board them. :)"

Sparkles claims, "Honestly there's a lot of folks who post on Reddit asking for MUD suggestions,
more folks helping post there might be a really good first step."

POTATO wonders, "Is there going to be more coties added in the fuchure?"

POTATO says, "Cities*"

Ilena says, "If you put them onto a board, they're much easier to take a look at and respond to in
terms of suggestions."

NotNaomi nods.

Satoshi claims, "The grid is super huge, potato, we don't really need more cities, people barely use
what's already here"

Kinaed questions, "Not sure. It was on the agenda but Niamh hasn't been around and she's the one who
was working on them. I'm not sure when Niamh will return, so maybe, maybe not?"

POTATO says, "Mmkay"

Satoshi STILL hasn't finished a full map of the city and sewers and has been playing for like, a

Kinaed pontificates, "Alas, it's over the top of the hour!"

POTATO declaims, "We are expired!"

Kinaed says, "I want to thank everyone for coming today, and we look forward to seeing you next
week. Same time and place :)"

Ludovic is idle.

Deedee waves.

Kinaed exclaims, "Have a fantastic week, everyone!"

POTATO waves.

Kinaed waves.

Ludovic is no longer idle.
Ludovic has returned from AFK.

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