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Sat Jun 06, 2020 3:57 pm

Here is a place to post submissions for the Charali racial perspectives contest.

Here's the announcement post:
We have some fun helpfiles on racial perspectives - check out help vavardi
perspectives, help vandagan perspectives and help lithmorran perspectives. 
But we don't have them for every race!  To fill them out, staff have decided
to hold a series of contests, one race at a time.  You can see the results of
previous contests in help vandagan perspectives and help farin

The next one up will be Charali!

To enter, post on the forum topic (
 viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2268&p=15589#p15589 ) or 
write a pboard to staff with a group (any race or guild), and a quote that could 
summarize the average Charali opinion of them.

For example: Vavardi - "Greedy and pompous, they will act above us, but still
want to buy our horses."

You can submit as many entries as you like, and you will receive 1 QP for
each thematic submission made.

Then, we will close submissions in a couple weeks.  At that point, the
entries that we select for use in the helpfile (one each per race and guild),
will receive an additional 3 QP. 

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Okay, this is the one I can REALLY get into. Feel free to nab some runners-up for quit quotes, because I'm about to go overboard.

Charali on Tubori:
"I've never met a Tubori that wasn't crazy. But any who are sane wouldn't step foot on one of those boats."
"A somewhat forlorn huntress in camp used to warn against falling in love with a Tubori. She said the ocean is no place for a Charlian, and that you can not stop a Tubori from sailing off. Beware the Tubori fever."
"Be alert and never travel alone when a group of Tubori have been seen. Half of them are slavers who'll ship you off to Farin. And that is if you are lucky. There is no where to run if they take you to their island."
"The Tubori are the only outsiders who know enough to give women proper respect, but they still do not know enough to keep their men under control."
"The Tubori may know how to fight, but they are worse than children when they boast of the size of their hunts. No, I do not consider 'stabbing fish' hunting, and no one would believe there are really fish that large."

Charali on Vavardi:
"Murderers and thieves. We will drive them from the plains one day, when we can band together for longer than a horse race without fighting amongst ourselves."
"Impudent invaders who know nothing but greed. They wear their character on the outside, so they are easy to assess: the more pretentious their clothing, the more worthless a person they are."
"Witless, spoiled children. Trade with one will almost never be fair. Be careful not to be cheated, and instead cheat them whenever possible."
"Vavardi are never to be trusted, and always to be watched. If you yield an inch to them, they will take a mile."
"They are children not worth the time to insult."

Charali on Vandagans:
"A more practical people than some outsiders, and do not encroach where they do not belong. They can be valuable trade partners. I hear certain other tribes sell their extra males to the Vostocki for much coin, but we would never do such."
"The Vandagans are fair in their trades, and their furs and blades are of excellent quality. They do not bother us."
"A hardy people. I would not stay in those lands through a winter, but they seem not to mind the cold."
"I do not usually trust outsiders, but I would sooner barter with a Vandagan than most others. They drive a hard bargain, but their goods speak for themselves."
"They may be the only notable hunters outside of the plains. Their cold, harsh lands beget cold, harsh game. I'd not like to meet one of their bears outside of a circus."

Charali on Lithmorrans:
"Murderers and thieves little or no better than the Vavardi, but generally too distant to give much thought to."
"We have not forgotten their atrocities in the thirty-days war, but we are the ones they call savages. The only others with such twisted thinking are the tainted ones."
"Lithmorrans who are openly hostile are more honest than the ones who try to make friends with you. There is no telling what the latter wants, and it rarely ends well."
"They are not Vavardi, but they are not much better. They are perhaps worse in some ways, as they never speak their minds, and take insult at the oddest things."
"The Lithmorrans are difficult, but trading with them is still better than with the Vavardi. Few others will bring the gold that they can for our horses, and they won't turn around and try to sell you to the Farin."

Charali on Hillfolk:
"I hear they are simple folk. I've seen their ponies and they are not much to speak of."
"They're perhaps the only ones Lithmorrans value less than us. They would be good allies, but I don't think I would trust their food. I've heard they'll eat babies."
"They're some of the few reasonable folk in the kingdom. Hard to understand what they're saying, but disputes with them are settled not unlike among our people."
"I would never bet on a Tarnland pony in a race, but it is something to see one climb. The Hillfolk deserve more credit than they are usually given."
"I've heard tales of a hillbeast, but I don't think they really exist."

Charali on Farin
"Few outsiders are as dangerous as the Farin. But they are easy to see coming."
"Those who boast the loudest of honor always have the least."
"Few are as cruel as the Farin. Death is preferable to capture by the dishonorable wretches."
"They are fierce warriors. It is good when their attention is correctly on the Daravi."
"The Farin always say what they mean. And they rarely mean well."

Charali on Daravi
"A people lead by corrupted ones. Little good to say of them, other than they keep the Farin occupied."
"If any can be more cruel than the Farin, it is the Daravi. Do not allow yourself to be captured by them; death is no escape."
"The goods they offer in trade are interesting. But it is troubling to think of what they might do with what they are bartered for."
"It is good that the Lithmorrans have another to hate."
"Daravi are not to be trusted any more than any other outsider."

Charali on Charali
"Your tribe always comes first. Remember this."
"The other tribes are selfish, and only look out for themselves. Why would we help them? We have our own to look after."
"In strange lands, even if of other tribes, those of the blood can worthy of trust. In the plains, trust in your tribe."
"We as a people could do great things if we banded together. If only the other tribes would follow our lead."
"You can trust any Charalin not to murder or capture you while you sleep."

Charali on Brotherhood
"One does what one needs to to live. Taking back from those who hoard what they do not deserve is not dishonorable."
"A band rooted in deceit, but still more honest than some. Be careful in your dealings with them. "
"They say there is honor among thieves. But I would still sleep with one eye open around them."
"They are more honest than reeves. They're not so pretentious as to say it is justice when they rob you blind."
"Their brotherhood is a poor substitute for a tribe, but it can be one if there is no where else to turn."

Charali on Order
"Listening to their foolishness is a fair price for what their missionaries can provide. It can be helpful to allow them in your camp."
"Be careful of what you say around them, and pretend you follow their ways, lest the red robes come and steel men come."
"They can be good when they are correctly focused on the tainted ones, and not those who do not worship their particular spirit of the water."
"The brazenness of their metal-clad dogs is proof enough of their avarice. What they are denied, they will attempt to take by force."
"Remember who Dav was and what he did to us, and know that is who Davites look up to. That is all which needs to be said about them."

Charali on Merchants
"Strange are some of the things they are interested in, but when they bring steel blades for trade for them, I will not mock them for it."
"For enough salt, or a fine steed, you can buy from them everything that you will never need."
"Most are greedy children who would sell their own mothers for wealth. Remember this when you deal with them."
"Do not tell them more than they should know. A good trade can give yours an edge on other tribes, so long as they do not turn around and trade with the other tribes."
"They can provide many things. It is beneficial to keep good relations with them."

Charali on Troubadours
"They can be nosier than missionaries, but they tell more interesting stories and don't ask as much in return."
"Welcoming a bard to your fire is seldom a bad decision if you wish to hear of far-away places. The trouble is getting them to stop talking."
"They are good at talking. They can speak for hours and still not answer your question."
"Many of their ways are not unlike ours. But they can get huffy if you tell them such."
"They find themselves pretty important for supposed funny folk."

Charali on Reeves
"The reeves seek "justice", but not yours. It is better to see to your own than waste your time speaking to them."
"The dogs of spoiled children, sent to enforce ill-defined 'laws' that benefit few but themselves."
"You can count on the reeves- to throw you on the gallows when finding the real culprit is too difficult for them."
"One may as well thieve when one is already treated as one."
"Fanatics of 'justice' who are too blind to see the real criminals are themselves."

Charali on Physicians
"Their cures are strange and unusual, but when you cannot see a medicine woman, they are the next best thing."
"I do not entirely trust them, but sometimes there is little choice but face their torture."
"Where there is sickness, doctors soon follow. If it is not the other way around."
"They sew wounds well. I would think twice about swallowing most of their concoctions, however."
"They spout much nonsense. But I think they mean well."

Charali on Council
"They are a council of fools. They argue amongst themselves more than govern."
"They do not care about each other's problems, let alone ours."
"The only thing worse than a self-important fool is a group of them."
"Speaking to their council is often the only way to settle things. If they will listen."
"With so few of their elders participating, can it really be called a council?"

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Vavardi: "Never trust them - care more about coin than people."
Vavardi: "The Charali that join their colonies have no more freedom than a cow hedged in by fences in a farmer's pasture."
Tubori: "Keep your wits about you around them, else you will wind up a slave."
Tubori: "Free of spirit, like wolves that rove across the water."
Vandagan: "Put more faith into their stone and metal than themselves."
Vandagan: "About as hospitable as the ice fields they come from."
Hillmen: "Fierce little folk as sturdy as the mountains they come from."
Hillmen: "They sing tales of great bravery if you are lucky enough to have them visit your fire."
Farin: "Slavers, just like the Tubori; civilizers, just like the Vavardi, but without the alcohol of either!"
Farin: "They have been at war so long they have been consumed by it."
Daravi: "Do not be fooled by the similarity of their tongue to ours, they are not our sisters and brothers."
Daravi: "Cursed people that ride the sands south of Farin, bringers of war and destruction."
Lithmorrans: "A people consumed by greed. They will bring their own destruction as we have ours."
Lithmorrans: "They think us uncivilized? How many Queens have they lost to murder and deceit?"
Orderites: Best to humor the missionaries, lest they start lighting fires.
Path of Fire: Well-meaning busybodies.
Spirits of the Light: Followers of the old ways.
Cult of Transcendent Ecstasy: Bullshit that the Vavardi get up to when they are too rich to have jobs.

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Didn't think of the guilds!

Knights: "How much of our land has been taken by enterprising Vavardi Knights under the excuse of their patrols?"
Merchants: "Always get agreements in writing; even then, it may not be possible to hold them to their word."
Physicians: "May as well just jump into a swamp of leeches and skip the charge they will give you for treatment."
Brotherhood: "The most honest of the outsiders in their dishonesty."
Reeves: "Their justice does not extend to the Plains or to those of our people that live under their domain."
Nobles: "Hold all the power through no skill of their own, just the providence of the one who whelped them."
Council: "Show none of the wisdom of our own councils of Elders."
Freemen: "Free of what, exactly? They are shackled by the power of others."

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Sat Jun 20, 2020 2:54 pm

Would anyone else like to add any submissions? All sorts of savage fun!

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Sat Jun 20, 2020 3:05 pm

Temi wrote:
Sat Jun 20, 2020 2:54 pm
Would anyone else like to add any submissions? All sorts of savage fun!
Me! I'll get them by the end of the day. And if I don't, just ignore me. I just keep forgetting.
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Thu Jun 25, 2020 4:41 pm

I've split off the discussion of Charalin (and Urthly) prehistory to a separate thread. Let's keep this one to submissions and discussion about the contest.

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"Damned nobility is quick to pull out a whip. The rest? They all turn up their noses at us, until they want our horses. Then, suddenly, we're the most important people on the Urth."


"Barely keep their slaves fed and warm. Their stiff upper lip is paired with a stick up their ass. Good liquor, though. I'll take their vodka any day."


"A bunch of stuck up pricks trying to take our land. They can take their fancy silks and their big spears - I'll down them with an arrow to the neck in a second, anyway."

Hill Folk:

"Not so bright, but I mind them a lot less than I mind the other people walking around."


"The men wear skirts. Is there really any more that needs to be said?"


"Probably the only people with a stick farther up their ass than the Vandagans. And these ones don't have good liquor to make up for it."


"They're real quick to those flames and that suspicion. Ones to be cautious around. Cautious and careful. Have to learn exactly what to say to not raise their suspicions."


"Flouncy gossips. But, they can come in handy when necessary."


"Probably the only ones, outside of our own brothers and sisters, that can be trusted. Most of them, at least."


"Can't tell them anything. They'll twist it, make it into something it's not so they have more heretics to chase."


"Coin, coin, coin. All they care about is coin. If you aren't making them coin, don't worry about them. They won't talk to you, anyway."


"Their ways of the city are strange. I prefer our elders and medics."
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There's been so many submissions before I decided to give the thread a shot, I haven't read them and I am sorry if anything is very similar to anyone else's, but I will write whatever I can think of below.

Lithmorran: (got two suggestions for this one)
1. "They slaughtered us once for our horses. Who says they won't do it again?"
(especially fitting for non-Davite Charali, or any, considering their Davism is so obscure)

2. "Their city ways are strange and wasteful. If we had half of their natural bounty in the Plains, nothing would go to waste/well.. one can dream."
(after the last comma, I have two different endings for this one, I think either fit)
"They're warring with us and they won't stop until they win. For some reason, they are convinced our land is theirs. Admittedly, their traveling merchants can be useful.."

"They are a cold people from a cold land and they see us as nothing but trade goods to ship off to Tubor."

"What is it they say, 'might makes right'? Give me a horse and bow, then we'll see who the real slave is."

"The ones we're often compared to, for whatever reason. What do we have in common with those.. hairy mountain climbers?"

"Zealous warriors that only get drunk on the words of Dav."
Holy Order/Church:
"They think we are children who needs to be educated and corrected. Reading will never save you from a rampaging buffalo or a thunderous storm."

The Reeves:
"They would easily blame us for something and arrest us just on the basis of 'suspicion'."

The Brotherhood:
"Thieves and outcasts, but at least they don't judge.. much."

Merchants' Guild:
"Greedy as they are, as long as we have coin and horses, they'll tolerate us. Not for any other reason."

"Pah, waste of time. Easier to put something together and fix yourself than expect they will even care to help you."

"Well.. they are pretty lively, at least. But silly and serve no practical use. They are a waste of resources."

That's it for me!

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