Log of OOC Meeting - 2020-02-29

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Sat Feb 29, 2020 5:07 pm

Erika muses, "A reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Regardless of what we discuss, we understand and truly believe that everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times. Today's agenda is -Staff Updates -Player Heartbeat -Player Topics. Is there anyone who has a topic at hand to discuss later?"

Raspberries claims, "Maybe a short thingy from me."

Erika nods at Raspberries.

Erika claims to Raspberries, "Please pre-write it so you can tell us when it's your turn. "

Raspberries claims, "Will do"

Erika declaims, "On to staff updates. Last week was a bit of an awkward one for me due to internet issues. I think it was a high drop of packets, so I couldn't stay connected just about anywhere. For the ones using the webclient, I'm still at work to improve stability over long hours of usage. Tends to be a bit of a problem on mobile currently!"

ToffeeApples pontificates, "Adjustable font size would be handy for me on mobile!"

Erika nods at ToffeeApples.

Erika pontificates to ToffeeApples, "Good one, thank you for that! I'll write it down :)"

ToffeeApples claims, "Its cause In portrait mode I don't get all 78 characters before word wrapping"

Erika says to ToffeeApples, "Gotcha. So you'd suggest one line in the textblock to be the same as one full line before wrapping to the next one? I'll have a look into it."

Satoshi says, "I could see how that would be useful, yeah"

ToffeeApples states, "That sounds elegant. I was going to suggest just a slider in the drop down settings"

Erika claims, "One way or another can be checked to have it automatically fit. Then have options for manual adjustments."

ToffeeApples declares, "Perfect! If you do it the automatic way, it'd need to reset when switching from portrait to landscape, and or changing window sizes on a desktop"

Erika states to ToffeeApples, "Best would probably be to have it disabled for desktop in the first place. But let's move on. We can always discuss it later if you have any specific suggestions."

ToffeeApples claims, "Blowtorch has been getting buggier with each subsquent android release, so having your webclient available has say been awesome"

Erika smiles at ToffeeApples.

Erika declares, "I'm glad to hear that!"

Erika asks, "Let's move on to Player Heartbeat. How's the game been for everyone this week?"

Delana states, "Tintin has been getting really buggy too. I smell conspiracy. *eyes Erika*"

Delana states, "I'll have to check out the webclient sometime"

Satoshi states, "MUDrammer on ios has been working fine"

Erika smiles innocently at Delana.

Satoshi states, "Sucks that mobile clients are shitting out on people"

Kitty says, "Well, it's been ok for me. I've been planning this ST and learning about new spiffy code as a result, which is nice."

Erika smiles at Kitty.

Delana exclaims, "Great job on the ST so far!"

Whatever says, "This week has been relatively chill when I can get onto TI. Work had a lot of ups and downs this week. I met some new faces, though, and got a chance to see some that I haven't RP'd with in a while, so very pleasant"

Satoshi claims, "I also got to look at the code for ST. Sadly been busy so not a lot of 'normal' scenes outside of prep but super glad everyone could come today and looking forward to meeting some of the new faces I've seen"

Jennifer is idle.

Jennifer is no longer idle.
Jennifer has returned from AFK.

Erika nods at Whatever.

Erika states to Whatever, "Always a great thing to catch up with people again."

Conrad says, "Its been alright for me. some good things, some bad things."

Brando says, "I have been absent due to real life leaping upon me. Was not fun. :( my sister had court which i forgot and my disability insurance scheme kicked in and I had unexpected visitors coming around to take me places and help me do stuff but they forgot to call me in advance and let me know. so I had no time to play. :("

Delana claims, "I'm still getting into my character, but it's been fun so far. I'm enjoying getting to know people and delegating tasks. And setting some fires and trying to put them out."

Conrad claims, "I have another fire for you to put out later delana"

ToffeeApples claims, "I miss RPing. But I've been enjoying getting more familiar with the plot system while my character is 'In the Army Now'"

Galax states, "I've had a good time this week, a few interesting scenes and the wedding has been a blast so far"

Delana nods at Conrad.

Kitty says to pay no attention to her coloring. It is NOT fire.

Venamelia states, "Been mostly occupied and away this week. Maxed a stat out though. Some character bonding and conflict. For ST. Uh... don't pause when you are switched to a different mob. Is one mistake I did twice and you can't unload them until the story is ended with the end command. "

Delana grins at the Fire Kitty.

Erika questions, "Glad to hear everyone's been enjoying themselves. Is there anything shitting anyone that they'd like staff to know about?"

Kitty is now cold. Not hot. Very, very cold.

Raspberries declaims, "Kind of in-between jobs at the moment, so busy with IRL stuff. Still debating some ideas for new characters, lots of options!"

Conrad states, "Im probably going to make another one of my dumb suggestions on the forum that an indication be added to projects when it has enough IP to complete once the timer is up"

Whatever claims, "Seconded please."
Erika nods at Conrad.

Kitty trails off, "This has been requested in the past, yeah..."

Raspberries claims, "Makes sense to me."

Conrad states, "I just now found out that one doesnt exist so ive been scrambling to sucker people out of their IP to make my project succeed when it was already done lol"

Erika claims, "Do people have that issue with the project system more often? If so. Write a suggestion for it and we'll gladly take a look at it."

Satoshi starts rubbing the kitty arms to warm back up."Oh yikes that sounds like it might be important, lol. But... free IP I guess? lol.

ToffeeApples claims, "I think Kuzco brings that up at every meeting since I've been a player"

Sparkles claims, "It's been mentioned before, there's a forum thread on it."

Kuzco claims, "I already said many times that that is a problem that needs to be addressed. I'm always told I'm right, but, the problem persists."

Raspberries claims, "Well, we've only got one Az."

Erika nods at Kuzco.

Kuzco says, "That's fair."

Kuzco says, "The other issue is that somehow metrics take a dive 2 days after a project passes, and it's a hard dive."

Whatever states, "It's absolutely insanity how short the bump is"

Raspberries says, "That's a pretty big issue"

Sparkles states, "Yeah, I admit that to see all of the effort of the recent project and the ST that went with it, only for it to 'count' for like 2 days kind of bummed me out."

Satoshi states, "Yeah, agreed, it makes doing the projects or supporting them seem like a waste "

Satoshi states, "These things should reward the people doing them with results"

Satoshi claims, "To encourage them using a system that, honestly, the game is balanced around"

Erika nods at Satoshi.

Satoshi says, "Because when there were NO nobles? Everything sucked all the time."

Delana claims, "I wouldn't call it a waste though. It still has an IC effect"

Erika says, "It is and we've got it written down. I can't really say for when it'll be finished, but we're looking at it. "

Conrad wonders, "No nobles? heaven"

ToffeeApples claims, "I would play that game"

Whatever says, "I'm taking down names"

Sparkles states, "Move to the Charalin Plains. ;)"

Conrad says, "The charali dont like me. thats why i didnt come to the wedding"

Satoshi claims, "Or you know, just come southside"

Satoshi claims, "Stay a whillle~"

Raspberries states, "TI: The Teepee"

Conrad claims, "Yes i would like to be knifed today please"

Kitty says, "The Charali don't like a lot of people, some of those still came to the wedding. Heh. Don't let that keep you away."

Satoshi claims, "Git gud, seduce the tenebrae"

Conrad says, "Tenebrae's little helper already threatened me once, no thanks boyo"

ToffeeApples says, "Too far south you get knifed, too far north you get whipped"

Erika states, "Just bring a larger knife and you'll be safe by default."

Galax makes a not ein her Quest Log.

Whatever says, "Justiciar, I'm trying to sneak into Southside, but my coinpurse is dummy thicc and keeps alerting the Tenebrae"

Delana states to Conrad, "Should keep stuff like that IC"

Erika nods.

Erika states, "Joking around is fine, but please keep IC information to a minimum."

Satoshi shrugs in bardic i-go-where-i-want and grins. "Anyways, sounds like there's no topics?"

Erika queries, "Well. We're moving to that one now. Raspberries, you had something you wanted to say?"

Raspberries exclaims, "That was quick! yup"

Raspberries states, "Just a reminder in Temi's stead that there's a contest going on until the end of the weekend for entries on the help tubori perspectives helpfile. You get 1 QP per entry, and there's no limit, so others better submit and collect some, lest I decide to use my hoard for evil muahahaha. Winning entries will get 3 extra QP, too. You can submit on the forum (https://ti-legacy.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2210), or pboard staff."

Kitty trails off, "Hrm... should do that..."

Erika nods.

ToffeeApples claims, "Yes you should"

Kuzco states, "It's a great way to establish lore that newbies will look up to."

Whatever claims, "Thanks for reminding me. I need more statues of myself"

Kitty states, "Those are my favorite helpfiles, honestly. I love them."

Erika claims, "Good point! It's an easy way to earn QP and to create some lore to the world."

TI-FACT 3: The Storyteller system allows players to run plots they couldn't necessarily do with just their PC. [See HELP STORYTELLER FAQ]

Raspberries nod nods.

Venamelia claims, "True. And the QP reward. Suppose I will sit down tomorrow and write a few down."

Satoshi claims, "Honestly I tried really hard to think up stuff but my brain just made a deflating balloon noise"

Satoshi states, "I also find it hard to do general stuff since my tubori is a filthy commoner"

Delana doesn't get Tubori.

Kitty says, "That's because your Tubori is biased certain ways. :-p Yeah, that, too."

Galax says, "Some would say that being poor is the essence of being Tubori."

Conrad says, "I thought that was the essence of hillmen/charali"

Kuzco says, "I think a certain noble would disagree."

Whatever claims, "RIP"

Galax trails off, "I didn't say all...."

Wimpled is idle.

Wimpled is no longer idle.

Kitty trails off, "Certain Charalis would disagree..."

Satoshi states, "Yeah I'm having a hard time separating the character bias I think from the essence of Tubori"

Whatever claims, "It's a good thing I never do anything shady that could use a sneaky, impoverished, discreet type. We should talk after class."

Raspberries was a rich Charali. But was only half-Charali, so dunno if it counts.

Satoshi declares, "But I've loved everything I've seen!"

Kuzco claims, "Speaking of lore (and seeing as there aren't a lot of topics to raise), I wrote a new IC history book. A history one. If approved it will hit libraries soon."

Kuzco also wrote an OOC book but that's another story. No pun intended.

Kitty cheers!

Satoshi states, "Oh shit i read it it's really good, i don't doubt it'll be approved soon"

Raspberries declaims, "Nice! on the topic of books, I had an idea I posted too"

Jennifer says, "Kuzco's ooc book is amazing. If you haven't read it. That is all."

Kuzco states, "Wew, thanks."

They aren't here.

Raspberries questions, "'Only amazing if you haven't read it? ;)"

Kuzco says, "Submitting an approved book in game rakes in the IP."

Brando claims, "Cheers Kuzco "

Kuzco states, "I mean QP"

Kuzco claims, "Most I got for the troub history book was I think 20 QP. But I did bust my ass for that one -- even chased former players over Discord."

Erika says, "Congratulations on the OOC book, by the way :)"

Whatever claims, "And that ranks as one of my favorites. Some names really hit the nostalgia factor hard"

Kuzco states to Erika, "Thank you."

Raspberries asks, "Anyway, if someone is looking to write a book, I was recently thinking a dictionary of TI theme terms would be really useful. Thought of it as a helpfile at first, but an IC book would be equally awesome. (https://ti-legacy.com/forums/viewtopic. ... 343#p15343)"

ToffeeApples states, "I had the idead to write a 'Hillman's Guide to.." for all the skills instead of IRL Idiot's guide to... and have the author get distracted by the 2nd chapter. I don't think they'd score much QP for me though"

Kuzco says, "Lol, that's funny"

Venamelia questions, "How long does it usually take for an IC book to be reviewed and published?"

Whatever states, "Toffee, I wish i could recommend OOC statements and ideas"

Jennifer muses, "And when they get published, where do they get published? As in where do you find it?"

Delana grins.

Kuzco says to Venamelia, "72 hours"

Satoshi claims, "They show up in the library in game"

Kitty states, "It depends on the book as to where it gets put."

Kitty claims, "I have one that is just housed by the Order, and isn't in the public library."

Raspberries claims, "Not heretical ones can show up in the library, yeah"

ToffeeApples says, "And have a random chance of showing up in the bookstore too"

Satoshi trails off, "Yeah..."

Satoshi is now VERY curious where the heretical ones go

Conrad claims, "Hmmm i wonder where heretical ones show up...what a mystery."

Satoshi says, "You know for reasons"

Venamelia claims, "72hours? I submitted one, guess I should poke and inquire then."

Kuzco says, "I mean feel free to drop a heretical or mage tome in the library, just make a run for it"

Brando states, "LOL"

ToffeeApples claims, "They go in the fire, Satoshi, where they belong"

Whatever states, "Heresies will sneak into the Grand every now and then"

Whatever claims, "We really need a Librarian to keep all that straight"

Delana grins.

Erika says, "Librarian RP, always sounds like fun. Chasing people who kept books for too long."

Conrad claims, "Yes what a shame. some scoundrel might plaster the library with anti-davite rhetoric"

Galax questions, "Can't heretical books get added to the pool of stuff findable with QP/RPA?"

Whatever states, "I had to deal with someone bringing their dog into the stacks, before Sibs went all preachy"

Delana claims, "Yeah they can"

Kitty exclaims, "Some dogs are very well behaved!"

Whatever says, "Lithmore needs a leash law."

Kuzco says, "Galax"

Jennifer states, "No we like the dogs. The wolves and bigger things are scary."

Kuzco claims, "Yes. But you need a good justification for it."

Jennifer questions, "For the dogs?"

Delana claims, "We should have more stray dogs in the city actually"

Jennifer laughs.

Erika wonders, "Does anyone else have a topic they'd like to bring to the table?"

Satoshi states, "You can technically give the animal a collar with a leash but there's now way to show the character holding a leash unless you RP it"

Kuzco says, "This includes restrained savages."

Whatever claims, "Animal or PC, really"

Satoshi shakes his head but pipes up, "Other than making sure everyone knows the after-wedding-party is in full swing and everyone's invited.

Kitty gasps!

Raspberries states, "Yeah, you can't bind NPCs with rope. I tried."

Jennifer claims, "Little dogs. Sorry I miss my real little dog."

Satoshi claims, "There's a trail of petals out the west gate leading to the mountain inn"

Satoshi says, "Everyone's invited"

Conrad coughs suspiciously

Temi skips in down a rainbow, which sparkles away behind her. [OOC]

Kitty claims, "YEP! We're in the middle of party games."

Erika waves to Temi.

Brando claims, "I'd just like to apologize for my absence this past week. It was not intended at all. I will try and  catch up as soon as possible."

Delana declares, "Temmmah!"

Temi waves.

Jennifer randomly and idly pokes the conrad.

Kuzco waves to Temi.

Whatever says, "Especially stabbable merchant types. Hello Temi"

Satoshi states, "Temiiiii"

Erika wonders, "Since we're all out of topics here. Would you all like to be sent back earlier, or stay and chat a bit longer?"

Kitty trails off, "Whatever's trying to kill everyone again..."

Conrad claims, "I have been absent in my usual times too. i made a post about it; i have a show im doing is all. itll be done soon so sorry about the wait in getting ahold of me if you wer elooking to do that"

Temi says, "Mobile at the parent's so I am likely to be slow regardless "

Whatever states, "Old habits are hard to kick, Kitty"

Raspberries says, "Any staff updates from Temi maybe? (Also, I gave them a reminder about the contest, Tems.)"

Erika nods.

Temi exclaims, "Thanks for the reminder!  "

Raspberries claims, ":)"

Erika nods.

Temi states, "And I am gone this weekend for the most part, but have been working on plot things, so our new seneschal won't have to worry about getting bored "

Kuzco definitely was not bored during his tenure.

Raspberries says, "Hahaha"

Conrad states, "A certain someone appreciates that"

Jennifer states, "The kuzco, is never bored. he is a troublemaker."

ToffeeApples states, "Temi, you're the only one I get to play with lately"

Galax asks, "Kuzco - belatedly - to find one, or submit one? I was referring to the latter"

Whatever asks, "Speaking of, Conrad - debate availability Monday evening, perhaps?"

Satoshi says, "The cost of going off grid, alas"

Satoshi states, "Can't wait for the grumpy knight to get back though"

Venamelia says, "Oh the bid nomination was hilarious. I laughed so much at some of the rumors."

Conrad states, "Yes i can do monday"

Conrad states, "And vena's shenanigans made me laugh"

Conrad states, "A lot"

Delana asks, "We've got a grumpy knight? Sounds like someone delana should meet"

Whatever declares, "We've got a couple!"

Temi states to ToffeeApples, "I am trying to stay on top of those things, but hopefully we can get you back rping with everyone else soon"

ToffeeApples declaims, "Depends on who you ask!"

Satoshi says, "Off-grid time is always useful for adjusting a character's perspective to make them more fun to play, too"

Raspberries claims, "For sure"

ToffeeApples claims, "I'm scared Temi is just saying that publically so she has an alibi before she offs me"

Satoshi trails off, "I heavy contemplated it a while ago but never got asked to leave so... here i stayed lol"

Temi says, "No comment "

Conrad questions, "Can i get transferred back? i have to leave to go do that show i mentioned"

Erika grins.

Sparkles asks, "Does going off grid ensure better results for plots?"

Erika nods at Conrad.

Conrad states, "Tahnks"

Whatever exclaims, "Break a leg!"

Erika declaims, "Good luck!"

Delana pontificates to Conrad, "Take care!"

Conrad has been transferred out by Erika.  [OOC]

Kitty trails off, "Haven't I handled enough funerals in the last several months? Sheesh..."

Temi says, "No going off grid is not required or helpful unless what you are doing is specific to being elsewhere "

Erika states to Sparkles, "I think it's more of a 'what makes more sense' sort of thing. Can't be walking around in Lithmore if you're somewhere else, plotwise."

Raspberries nods.

Temi claims, "We don't try to encourage it as the main way to do things "

Satoshi says, "Nah, it's just to keep your character awya from everyone else so you aren't, you know, off in tubor and also Rping wtih your neighbors"

Satoshi states, "Honestly it seems like it would suck if you only have one character"

Satoshi says, "But can be useful if you're not enjoying your current mindset or it's really neccessary for the plot."

Raspberries says, "It's handy to do when you need to take a hiatus though"

Venamelia claims, "You could go off-grid by not logging on the character for a rl week/IC month >_> Can come back and tell a character specific background story of what happened in that time for character progression."

ToffeeApples states, "I used an Alt briefly but had difficulty getting her into RP"

Whatever claims, "Not having alts, there's a lot that can suck from time to time. But I will say, not having the crossover headache is absolutely tops if you're playing a policy-sensitive character"

Satoshi claims, "New non-established characters are HARD to get into RP"

Jennifer claims, "Yeah, I never could get in to having alts. I just have the one."

Raspberries claims, "Tell me about it"

Satoshi says, "Honestly once I stopped trying to have alts my enjoyment of TI went up a lot"

Sparkles states, "I'm not sure that's true I feel like that's less about newness and more about personalities at times."

Satoshi says, "Nah, well-writted characters that are just new are just HARD to establish"

Temi states, "Getting a feel for a new character is often tough "

Satoshi muses, "If no one stops to get you a hook into current events and you dont have a base to start building off of? Very discouraging a lot of the time"

Brando nods at Temi

Satoshi claims, "It's why I harp so much on everyone being stashed away somewhere--makes new characters way harder to establish than needed"

Erika nods.

Erika states, "Also one thing people often forget is that some people are newer to role-playing as a whole than others."

Temi claims, "Sometimes it goes easier than others and some concepts hook quicker than others "

Delana nods.

Kitty says, "It helps to have someone to latch onto."

Satoshi trails off, "Established characters who interact with new ones lose nothing, whereas forcing new characters to find you puts the onus on the other person completely and sometimes they just might not... know how to /where to get you"

Venamelia states, "Yeah, I know one OOC friend quit because she could not get her char into any RP. Wording was that people did not like to RP with her because her character would be boring, and that they would leave as soon as able. Another also struggles?/d? with getting some, but I am uncertain on why. I feel like if you try, half of the time it is not difficult if people are online, but that may really just be experience."

Kitty says, "BUT, it can also be limiting, because you need to make sure to meet others, though."

ToffeeApples claims, "Well I had fun getting to play in the tourney regardless"

Delana states, "If I didn't app in with GL responsibilities, Delana would have been a pretty tough character to play"

Wimpled is idle.

Satoshi claims, "It's also harder to establish if your character is unpleasant. The sad truth."

Kitty worked hard on that tourney. Glad you liked it.

Satoshi claims, "When I made Tua he was manically optimistic and friendly and everyone wanted a piece of him, VS Asher which no one liked"

Delana muses, "Calling me unpleasant? (tease)"

Sparkles claims, "Not knowing who the person was, and not asking, hard to give thoughts/advice. But It's rarely that people are boring."

Satoshi claims, "People can be boring but it's if they don't put at least SOME work into their RP"

Kitty claims, "Agreed on the boring. They may have felt people thought that, but it is possible they didn't."

Jennifer claims, "I don't know, if I'm to speak truth I've been in some pretty boring scenes with boring people or rather person before."

Kitty says, "Or, it is possible that people were avoiding their characters for other reasons that have nothing to do with boredom."

Kuzco claims, "I apped in Amir as King. Else nobody would have liked him much."

Satoshi trails off, "If I feel like the other person is engaged, it's not a boring scene, usually. But when it's me trying to engage the other person and getting back tiny responses and no nuance... yeah I get bored"

Kitty stares at Kuzco.

Satoshi states, "Or when I try to get to know someone and there's nothing to get to know."

Wimpled is no longer idle.

Satoshi states, "No depth beyond a physical description and a gimmick."

Venamelia says, "Uh... Am I allowed to tell who it was staff? Might help with it, though I doubt she is going to return."

Temi states, "When people come across as boring, I think it is usually that they are just following along in the wake of what happens, rather than adding their own stuff in. "

Satoshi trails off, "Which... is not engaging, it's just being present and putting words into the air"

Raspberries queries, "Phoning it in, so to speak?"

Raspberries states, "I'm sure we've all done that from time to time"

Kitty claims, "Eavesdropping, is how it usually feels to me."

Temi states, "Up to you if you think the sharing would be welcome, as long as you aren't linking them to alts or such"

Satoshi says, "Well a good example for what I consider 'boring', is I try to engage someone in the room with me, I ask, for example, what their hobby is. They didn't have a hobby pre-picked, so instead of stopping to think, they just say 'nothing'"

Satoshi asks, "Like, your character does... absolutely nothing? Nothing at all?"

Jennifer claims, "Well sometimes though to be honest, it's hard. if people are discussing things, or having a conversation with one another and you walk in, to essentially crash into or get in edgewise."

Raspberries says, "Well, you do meet people like that in real life too. Not necessarily a bad character, just maybe one your character wouldn't be interested in"

Jennifer claims, "I mean i do it, but it's not an easy thing to do. You sort of have to find something your char is interested in, and dive in head first. But it's not easy to do, especially if someone is a more timid role player."

Satoshi says, "Well, we need to remember that though we strive for realism in some ways, roleplay is something that stops being fun if you don't have stuff to respond to"

Kitty claims, "But that's not what he's talking about... he's talking about trying to engage someone in conversation. So, they're not just coming in and interrupting."

Temi claims, "I certainly have phoned it in,  but try for it not to be all the time "

Venamelia wonders, "The person I speak of was the one behind Alicia. Probably peeked in on the last login date. I honestly think it is just people being new. I usually go and make things up on the fly and connect dots to background in context of what makes sense. But inexperienced ones struggles with that, I guess?"

Satoshi states, "And yeah crashing isn't the same."

Erika says, "I notice a lot of inexperienced people in role-playing do that. Probably a lot of feelings at the time. Time constraints, nervous. Can come over discouraging. But the encouraging part tends to be a bit difficult to make one keep going."

TI-FACT 4: The 'guildleader' command will tell you the names of all current guildleaders - and their approval ratings! [See HELP GUILDLEADER]

TI-facts turned off.

Venamelia states, "I will make a few notes. Maybe they will come to be handy if I find someone with similar issues."

Raspberries states, "If they're cyan, for sure give them the benefit of the doubt."

Satoshi says, "If we have someone struggling with RP or getting in, I'd suggest linking them to some RP guides, perhaps"

Satoshi says, "My go to is always this: https://springhole.net/writing/index.html"

Brando nods at Raspberries

Satoshi states, "All the RP articles on springhole about roleplay specifically have helped me a LOT with some of my glaring issues with RP"

Jennifer claims, "Not to break this up, but I think we've reached the end of the time."

Venamelia claims, "I will take a look."

Kitty states, "I try to lay hooks that people can latch onto. Some do, some don't, some do it in ways that my character reacts positively to, some in ways that my character reacts negatively to, but... things that give them things to respond to. Remember that it takes two to RP. The other person has to *want* to, also."

Raspberries claims, "Oh wow, time flies."

Erika asks, "Either way. Since we're a bit over our hour. Does any of you want to stay and keep talking about the matter? If anyone wants to leave, they're free to do so of course :)"

Kitty states, "You cannot do everything yourself - the other person has to want to engage."

Delana says, "Don't mind me, just want to freshen up a little before we dive back into the party."

Delana gets a tortoise shell hair brush with coarse, horsehair bristles from a thick, coarse linen satchel, fit with wide leather straps.
Delana holds a tortoise shell hair brush with coarse, horsehair bristles in her hand.

Fine bristles slip through Delana's hair, working through her tangles to create smooth, shiny locks.
Delana stops using a tortoise shell hair brush with coarse, horsehair bristles.
Delana puts a tortoise shell hair brush with coarse, horsehair bristles in a thick, coarse linen satchel, fit with wide leather straps.

Jennifer questions, "Transport me back please?"

Satoshi claims, "I'm ready to go back to partying myself"

Kuzco claims, "Beam me, senpai"

Satoshi says, "Everyone's welcome to come get drunk i have absinthe and shots"

Jennifer laughs.

Wimpled claims, "I'm ready to transport. "

Kitty declares, "Partay like you're a Tubori or a Charali!"

Jennifer has been transferred out by Erika.  [OOC]

Kitty says, "But yes, I should go."

Satoshi has been transferred out by Erika.  [OOC]

Whatever claims, "Deliver me bb"

Kuzco has been transferred out by Erika.  [OOC]

Wimpled says, "Puppies are going to start dying if we're partying like a Charali."

Delana pontificates, "All done, thanks for the chat!"

Galax claims, "Country roads take me home etc"

Erika wonders, "Everyone ready to go back then I take it?"

Delana nods.

Erika pontificates, "Have a nice one!"

Venamelia nods.

Erika waves.

Delana waves.

Raspberries waves.

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