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Kinaed(ELD) says, "A reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Regardless of what we discuss, we understand and
truly believe that everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their
skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of
this and each other at all times."

Kinaed(ELD) claims, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you
register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon."

Erika gives a small wooden figure of a howling wolf cub to Civetta.

Sparkles claims, "I have a topic."

Kinaed(ELD) says to Sparkles, "Got you :)"

Brando claims, "I also have a topic."

Civetta hugs a small wooden figure of a howling wolf cub tightly

Kinaed(ELD) says to Brando, "Got you :)"

Kinaed(ELD) asks, "Anyone else?"

Kinaed(ELD) says, "Okay, if anyone thinks of one - please feel free to send me a tell."

Kinaed(ELD) claims, "Also, this chat can get a bit spammy for me between tells, etc - and I just woke up
less than an hour ago. So, if I miss something you say, please accept my apologies. It's fine to
poke me or send me a tell asking if I missed it."

Kinaed(ELD) states, "Kicking off Staff Updates - last week I did very little at all, it was my first week
back to work and the kids are home on school holidays."

Kinaed(ELD) has transferred Helmir. [OOC]

Erika gives a small wooden figure of a howling wolf cub to Helmir.

Kinaed(ELD) says, "On my plate is Turf Wars still - I might post an update of how that's coming along to
the forums."

Helmir says to Erika, "Thank you."

Saren queries, "Can topics be questions?"

Kinaed(ELD) nods at Saren.

Saren claims, "I have something to ask then. When its time."

Kinaed(ELD) states, "Topics can be anything a player wants, albeit we prohibit discussing IC situations
in any way that might share OOC info and we request people be courteous and respectful of one
another if they have a concern."

Kinaed(ELD) says to Saren, "Okay, I'll add you to the list - please pre-type your topic so you're ready
to introduce everyone to it when called upon"

Kinaed(ELD) states, "Okay, that's everything for me - Az, you're up."

Azarial says, "I've been poking along on gl automation. what with it being the first week of
school, it's been mostly okay as productivity goes."

Kinaed(ELD) says, "The spec for GL automation is on the Bug Board and has been made public so everyone
can see/read it."

Kinaed(ELD) states, "Some quick updates - I can't remember if these were in last week or not -
matchmaking hooks need to be set the same way a character help file does to join a guild. "

Kinaed(ELD) claims, "Hide and sneak will break if you attack someone."

Kinaed(ELD) says, "Thief metric mobs should unload when the metrics swing towards lawfulness."

Kinaed(ELD) says, "If someone is drowning, there will be a message that goes to the room alerting others

Kinaed(ELD) says, "I think that's everything that's new."

Kinaed(ELD) says to Azarial, "Thank you for your recent work, Az. We appreciate it. Also, glad to hear
the automated GL stuff is getting some love :)"

Kinaed(ELD) states to Erika, "You're up :)"

Erika claims, "As for me, I'm recovering from being pretty sick, so I haven't been able to do much
of anything in general. Sorry for any late responses to tells the past week during my online hours!
Other than that, no major improvements or changes on my end, other than working on being able to
assist with RPA's mostly."

Kinaed(ELD) comforts Erika.

Kinaed(ELD) smiles.

Kinaed(ELD) finishes abruptly, "All good - and thank you for making today's OOC Chat gift :)"

Kinaed(ELD) questions, "Any questions from anyone before we move on to the best part of the chat, all the
player stuff? :)"

Kinaed(ELD) questions, "After waiting a bit, I'll take the silence as a no. Okay, let's kick off Player
Heartbeat - how was the game for everyone last week?"

Brando claims, "I achieved an excellent online and high RP level with my main. I also earned their
new Phome in record time. RP has been very good and my main has gained many RP hooks to follow up

Kinaed(ELD) claims to Brando, "That's great to hear :) I'm glad you're feeling accomplished."

Kinaed(ELD) asks, "Anyone else want to share anything?"

Kitty says, "EXCELLENT. Loving the new players."

Satoshi declaims, "Real life has smashed me up this week but i have a final date fot my play!"

Kinaed(ELD) cheers!

Kinaed(ELD) comforts Satoshi.

Kinaed(ELD) states to Satoshi, "That sounds exciting :)"

Satoshi declaims, "Putting up IC ans OOC notices tonight after work!"

Sparkles says, "I've had some interesting RP scenes this week. The funeral was emotional, but the
turn out was beautiful. Also hoping to meet some of the new people."

Galax cheers Satoshi on!

Kinaed(ELD) states to Satoshi, "I'm sorry to hear it's been a tough week though."

Kinaed(ELD) smiles at Sparkles.

ToffeeApples states, "After a lull for about a month, I think I might hit the activity list again,
which is a good sign that I'm say getting back into the swing of it. I feel like I've instilled a
bit of drama too which is nice"

Saren says, "I've had some trouble RPing this week, but its mainly because I've been working and had
bad internet. I've enjoyed what little RP I've got so far though. Everyone has been really nice to
me while I learn and its appreciated."

Kinaed(ELD) grins at ToffeeApples.

Venamelia claims, "Player heartbeat. Thanks for those that allowed me to see how plots work. Did not
know so I did not contribute to it in the manner I would have liked. Took a few days offline to
represent the traveling."

Kinaed(ELD) smiles at Saren.

Kinaed(ELD) says to Saren, "We're quite happy to have new players around, definitely."

Kinaed(ELD) comforts Venamelia.

Francesca states, "I've had a great week myself. I've enjoyed a lot of merchant RP and non-merchant
RP so that's been nice."

Galax claims, "Work has been making it hard for me to be as active as I'd like, but the little blips
I've managed to be on for have been wonderful"

Kinaed(ELD) smiles at Francesca.

Saren states, "I may have bit off more than i can chew starting with a noble. But I am having fun."

Kinaed(ELD) comforts galax.

Kinaed(ELD) says to galax, "I know your pain."

Civetta states, "Work's been kicking my butt so way behind on meeting cool new people. Gotta catch

Kinaed(ELD) queries, "Anything shitting anyone (that isn't a topic already) that you want staff to know

Kinaed(ELD) smiles at Civetta.

Kinaed(ELD) says to Civetta, "I hope it eases up soon"

Helmir takes a donut from Saren's box.

Kitty states, "And as Sparkles said, thanks for everyone who attended the funeral. Funerals vs.
parties, parties beat out, but empty funerals are a bummer."

Kinaed(ELD) queries, "Do we know who planned and executed the funeral?"

Kinaed(ELD) claims, "I should award them for running an event."

Galax trails off, "There were a few people involved, if I recall..."

Kinaed(ELD) trails off, "I think I saw something on the general board..."

Hawali claims, "Well, now I have to RP and figure out who died."

Francesca declaims, "It was very well-done!"

Francesca says, "So kudos to everyone involved :)"

Francesca claims, "Even if it made me sad. RIP Raynne </3"

Kinaed(ELD) nods at Francesca.

Darkness says, "Things have been half and half here. The funeral was amazing to attend, but it's
been a pretty clear evening to show me the problems I still have as a new RPer."

Satoshi exclaims, "Totally missed it myself but glad to see people showed up!"

Kitty claims, "Raylene, Lyonie, and Theodora were the mains, with Norrig ordering them to get it

Kinaed(ELD) comforts Darkness.

Brando claims, "Yes ... Blackmarket rumors do not evaporate when the job is removed from the
blackmarket list. That made Brando a sad panda. :("

ToffeeApples trails off, "I mean... if you wanna be technical about it, One of them witches was
really responsible :P"

Kinaed(ELD) chuckles and nods to ToffeeApples.

Sparkles claims, "Yeah, they don't."

Kinaed(ELD) says to Brando, "I'll make a note and see what we can do. The systems currently aren't
interlinked, but I think you're not the only person who has raised that."

Satoshi claims, "Just cause the job is done doesnt mean the rumors about it vanish tho"

Satoshi states, "Maybe just promote it when its done"

Galax says, "Once a rumor is up, afaik, it usually exists separately from whatever other-system
-entry that spawned it, such as plots or blackmarket"

Azarial says, "Rumors have a life of their own."

Satoshi says, "Promoting rumors is free"

Kinaed(ELD) nods at galax.

Satoshi claims, "And you get IP from it to a point"

Hawali begins to count their money.

Azarial states, "If you pay attention to the rags, princess diana's killer has been found every
other year, along with jon benet's."

Kinaed(ELD) states, "That's certainly how it exists and works on TI at this point. Things can change if
they should, which is a question staff can investigate in our Talking Points."

ToffeeApples is looking forwards to the new rumor spec

Kinaed(ELD) claims, "Okay, thanks for sharing how the game has been going lately, folks :) Let's kick off
our Player Topics."

Kinaed(ELD) pontificates, "First up - Sparkles!"

Kinaed(ELD) muses to Sparkles, "Can you introduce your topic? :)"

Sparkles wonders, "So I asked this on the forums and didn't get an answer yet but could we know more
about what the new spec about clothing/items is?"

Galax wonders, "The degradation spec?"

Kinaed(ELD) queries, "What new spec about clothing items? Link me?"

Sparkles nods.

Kinaed(ELD) says, "Not written as of yet."

Francesca claims, "Yeah, someone please clarify before I and every other burnt out tailor in grid
has a heart attack."

ToffeeApples states, "I think people are terrified that their clothing will start to deteriorate
from just wearing it around town"

Kinaed(ELD) says, "Ahh. It's the idea that objects that are used should have some maintenance, like
washing, etc, or they will over time need to be repaired and may show up as broken."

Francesca claims, "OH. That's not awful. I thought it was going to be like falling apart or
something and need to be replaced. Which scared me silly."

Kinaed(ELD) says, "If it comes in, it will be a gradual process, and it won't resolve in things just

Azarial says, "'repair' can be used on most things."

Kinaed(ELD) claims, "It'll probably result in someone looking disheveled if they don't maintain stuff."

Kinaed(ELD) nods at Azarial.

Brando declaims, "I am not burnt out just yet ... I am just a glowing coal sustained by ehmmm cough
magick cough cough! :)"

Satoshi wonders, "Does it add a special tag or something?"

Venamelia claims, "More cause for fines."

Kinaed(ELD) nods at Satoshi.

ToffeeApples wonders, "Will they be broken beyond repair like weapons can be? That would be aweful"

Kinaed(ELD) claims, "[Broken] or something like that."

Kinaed(ELD) says, "And turns the description of the object red."

Francesca states, "Well, you're also not in the guild yet, Brando. Kinda need to get with me on that
IC :)"

Kinaed(ELD) states, "I was unaware that anything broke beyond repair on TI."

Kinaed(ELD) says, "I'll look into that."

ToffeeApples says, "I may be mistaken"

Kinaed(ELD) claims, "I think anything that breaks can be repaired."

Satoshi claims, "Oh neat. thats still noderately worrying for when we cant get ahold of tailors

Kitty states, "Everyone would be disheveled. It'd be a wrinkled world."

Hawali says, "This sounds like a superb way to truly differentiate between people with money, and
people pretending to have money."

Satoshi says, "I spent a solid several ooc weeks trying to get the IC tailors to make me a hat when
a literal knight was threatening me"

Satoshi says, "No response from either of them still and its been almost a month"

Azarial muses, "Well, better than a figurative knight, I suppose?"

ToffeeApples hugs Satoshi

Azarial questions, "And have you checked the npc shops and the alms chest?"

Darkness says, "It shouldn't break as long as you don't neglect the washing etc.? Something everyone
can do, that's how I understand it."

Brando says, "Indeed Francesca. I was RPing my butt off but barely any players playing merchants
online this week. I hope that turns around next week. :)"

Galax states, "It could, potentially, be neat if there was a distinction between high-maintenance
finery that you probably shouldn't dump around in the wilderness with and practical wear. "

Satoshi claims, "No shops sell clthes to freemen currently, almshouse empty "

Satoshi states, "I had a request for QP clothes spawned in denied because we cant go around city
metrics so maybe we should add a freeman shitty clothes store"

Kinaed(ELD) says, "Anyway, I haven't written the spec for it, and it's just something that's been
allocated to me because it's a potentially triggering topic and staff have a lot of different views
on it. It has not yet come into my focus as something I'm working on, it's just in my backlog. I'm
currently working on Turf Wars."

Francesca states, "I've seen three merchants online besides myself nearly every day! At Brando."

Satoshi belatedly hugs Toffee back, he can read.

Kinaed(ELD) states, "Given my speed of turn around, it's unlikely we'll see this for a year or more :)"

ToffeeApples states, "I'm not terribly fond of the idea of more OOC chores, which is kinda what I
think maintaining clothes will start to feel like."

Brando claims, "I must be missing them then :( darn it. really want that guild membership."

ToffeeApples states, "But I'll save my moaning for when it is a topic of dicussion in a later

Kinaed(ELD) claims, "No one is terribly fond of such things, but there are reasons for it, like adding
economic sinks to the game that balance out the fact that we hand out silver."

Civetta states, "I am feeling kind of the same way about turf wars, I already have -so many- systems
and chores to keep track of on a given day."

Kinaed(ELD) states, "Most of the systems in the game can be safely ignored."

Kinaed(ELD) claims, "Heck, you don't have to eat if you don't want to."

Venamelia says, "Oh right"

Venamelia goes to sleep.

Venamelia wakes up and starts resting.

Venamelia stands up.

Galax shiftily looks around and pockets another leftover public food item.

Kinaed(ELD) says, "Anyway, I think worrying about depreciating clothing is a bit cart before the horse at
this time."

Satoshi trails off, "I honestly dont have many ooc chores other than like...gardening lol but i
assume theres more"

Kinaed(ELD) claims to Sparkles, "No worries about the query though. Fair enough to be curious :)"

Kinaed(ELD) queries to Brando, "You're up :) Would you like to raise your topic?"

Brando claims, "There is an issue with the join create code. If you join create an 'item' then when
you try and sit 'item' it sits you on the ground instead and you cant join 'item' because you
already created it. Can we get it so that when somebody join creates an item that they then
automatically sit at that item. I am tired of standing or sitting on the ground. It looks weird.
Thank you. :)"

Kinaed(ELD) asks, "Hmm, I think someone else (maybe Kirill?) reported something similar. As a result we
removed the emote on sit, but maybe this is related?"

Kinaed(ELD) says, "Taking a note, and I'll add it to Staff Talking points to see if we can resolve.
Thanks, Brando."

Galax claims, "Yeah you can't 'sit' or 'rest' in join objects afaik"

Galax states, "That is, custom ones"

Francesca claims, "Really? I was resting in one the other day."

Kinaed(ELD) muses to Saren, "I think this means you're up. :) Would you like to introduce us to your

Satoshi claims, "You can usually just emote that you sit and thats okay by most standards"

Kinaed(ELD) nods at galax.

Kinaed(ELD) states to Francesca, "Not certain. We can investigate, test it, and see if we can fix the

Kinaed(ELD) nods at Satoshi.

Satoshi claims, "Or action that youre sitting even fi you mechanically arent "

ToffeeApples claims, "You don't get the minor bit of MV regen though unless you sit too"

Galax claims, "I think one time I tried to 'rest' in one and it removed me. For me it's more 'oh no
my MV' etc etc"

Francesca states, "I mean, I was mechanically resting at a join spot the other day. That's what I'm
saying. So unsure about all of that."

Kinaed(ELD) nods at galax.

Francesca states, "But I did join create and then just did rest without an argument and it had me
resting at the join spot."

Kinaed(ELD) nods at Francesca.

Satoshi states, "You can join and then type rest and itll work yeah"

Satoshi claims, "Thats usually what i do"

Satoshi says, "Since sitting doesnt even raise he MV anyways"

Satoshi claims, "Gotta rest to get MV back"

Kitty states, "We can all probably ignore the 'sits on the ground'. We know it isn't the ground."

Kinaed(ELD) questions, "Hey, can we focus on Saren?"

Kinaed(ELD) states, "I think this is something to legitimately look at, it's on my list :)"

Brando nods

Helmir queries, "Doesn't setting an action mask the issue?"

Kinaed(ELD) nods at Helmir.

Kinaed(ELD) wonders to Saren, "Are you there? It's your turn to raise your topic :)"

Saren has lost link.
Saren has reconnected.

Kinaed(ELD) comforts Saren.

Kinaed(ELD) states to Saren, "It's your turn to raise your topic :)"

Saren declaims, "Okay!"

Saren says, "I wanted to know if its possible to run little mini plots here? I am saying ICly Saren
was robbed before he got to the city by bandits and thats why he has so little at present. Could a
little plot be arranged to hunt said bandits and recover stuff that may or may not be returned to
Saren? I'm not sure what the rules on this are and if plots have rewards or anything, but I would
like to find out and maybe use this to meet some new people ICly."

Sparkles claims, "You could look into running an ST."

Venamelia states, "I would think to put that into Storyteller, yeah."

Kitty says, "Anythingmade in an ST poofs in it, though. So, if you're looking to gain things you
don't have, that won't work."

Kitty claims, "Anything made*"

Kinaed(ELD) states, "Yes, you can. That said, the rules say you can't run a plot to 'profit' your
character, like get them EQ or trying to force social outcomes - but something like that should be
fine. Just be aware when running it. There's a section of help files on how to run a story - we call
it the ST system, and we have a tutorial zone we can use to show it to you."

Saren queries, "How would I do that?"

Kinaed(ELD) states to Saren, "You'd submit a story for approval explaining what you want, what will
generally happen, and any special requests like persistent eq, etc. It goes through a staff approval
process, and once done, you get kind of 'special staff powers' that allow you to build mobs, rooms,

Kinaed(ELD) finishes abruptly, "That sort of thing would be fine provided that you don't get any material
gain from it. Immaterial gain is subjective and may or may not meet staff criteria, so I guess -
apply to run an ST and tell us more :)"

Saren muses, "Okay. So there wouldn't be any items that could be recovered from the bandits in the
event but the ST could generate RP for others?"

Saren states, "I kind of want to reward those who take part."

Satoshi states, "As far as it goes sounds like you wont actually GET anything (maybe the bandits
broke all ur furniture) but maybe staff aiukd approve tokens given out to your brave assistors"

Kinaed(ELD) states, "Rewards are okay, and certain types of items would be fine - we'd almost definitely
say no to a damascus sword, for example, but be fine with a sewing kit."

Kinaed(ELD) claims, "The more 'prop' an item is (ie, no functional use), the more likely staff would view
it as immaterial."

Brando clings to their thimble.

Kinaed(ELD) states, "I hope that sort of answers your question - the rest really comes down to the
details and how epic or fun we think it'd be for the pbase at large."

Kinaed(ELD) says, "I don't think we'd say no to your character getting back a cherished locket, for
example, if we estimate that a good portion of the pbase would enjoy the story and would have access
to it. "

Kinaed(ELD) states, "If you need help or want to discuss what you have in mind, it's probably best to
chat with Temi, Niamh or Erika as they more or less assist players with plots and STs."

Kinaed(ELD) has transferred Elysaveta. [OOC]

Erika gives a small wooden figure of a howling wolf cub to Elysaveta.

Saren asks, "Okay! I'll apply to run it. Does that require a request board?"

Saren says, "Oh I wasn't thinking anything fancy. Just some extra silver he was carrying, and his
spare clothes. Maybe a steel sword. But I can try and come up with other things too."

Saren states, "Like sewing kits and maybe a book."

Saren states, "A magifying glass might be neat too."

Saren says, "Sorry, I'm lagging bad."

Kinaed(ELD) says to Saren, "We use the ST system to request STs. :)"

Kinaed(ELD) comforts Saren.

Kinaed(ELD) muses, "I think that's all of our Player Topics for today. Anyone want to chat abotu anything

Kinaed(ELD) claims, "If not, I might wrap up early - I got a phone call from the people delivering my
washer and dryer saying they'll be here in 10 minutes."

Saren muses, "Is there a helpfile for that?"

Kinaed(ELD) states to Saren, "Yes :)"

Saren states, "Okay! Thank you. :)"

Kinaed(ELD) claims to Saren, "If you type 'help storyteller' - a list of help files come up. Then you can
type 'help storyteller <file>'. A good place to start is 'help storyteller FAQ'"

Kinaed(ELD) claims, "There's also HELP STORYTELLER PREPARATION"

Saren puts those on his to read list.

Hawali says, "Seems like a good plan for a sleepy Saturday, Kinky."

Kinaed(ELD) says, "And, as discussed, we also have a tutorial :)"

Kinaed(ELD) smiles.

Kinaed(ELD) states, "Okay, thanks for coming this week, everyone! Enjoy your RP."

Brando claims, "Yes please. remember <name> rename <newname> doesn't work for me. It was a pain for
my previous main to manually remember things when I had made a booboo remmebering them in the first
place. I shall test and bug board it ok."

Kinaed(ELD) nods at Brando.

Civetta is idle.

Kinaed(ELD) states, "Also, please don't forget to recommend players who help move your plot along :)"

Civetta is no longer idle.
Civetta has returned from AFK.

Kinaed(ELD) trails off, "And on that note, I'll put everyone back in 3..."

Kinaed(ELD) trails off, "2..."

Kinaed(ELD) trails off, "1..."

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