Log of OOC Meeting - 12/21/2018

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Sat Dec 21, 2019 4:52 pm

Kinaed says, "A reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Regardless of what we discuss, we understand and truly believe that everyone on TI does the best they
can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this 
and each other at all times."

Kinaed states, "Today's Agenda is:

   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're
ready to present it when called upon."

Lans says, "I won't. Thank you."

Kinaed states, "I'll take the silence to be a "no one has any topics" :)"

Volund claims, "None here."

Lissa states, "I have something breif, its more of a question but i don't know if its been raised before. I cannot remember."

Kinaed nods at Lissa.

Kinaed says to Lissa, "Writing you down - please pre-write your topic."

Lissa exclaims, "Okay!"

Kitty only wishes to remind about the cutting multiple vegetables and fruits at once, craft. Like concoct bulk compost, but... vegetables and fruits.
"I brought it up... ages ago? A long time, at least."

Kinaed states, "Kicking off Staff Updates - last week we really got through a lot of Staff Talking Points on the board - was very happy about that.
This week, I still have Turf Wars, but hopefully I can kill some of that this week. I did a bit of Request Board work and taught Erika how to do 
exactly one thing. :)"

Kinaed has transferred Metzuzelah.  [OOC]

Erika grins.

Kinaed says to Kitty, "I think that was rejected and we posted about it on the General Board? I'd follow up with Temi (who is currently on holidays
with family) as I think cooking is her bailiwick."

Kinaed says, "I think that's everything for me at the moment. I was excited about something I was working on and thought I'd have to mention that at
OOC Chat... and promptly forgot what it was, so sorry."

Kuzco says, "Welcome to my world."

Kinaed states, "But if I remember, I'll mention it."

Kinaed grins at Kuzco.

Kinaed claims to Azarial, "You're up :)"

Kitty states to Kinaed, "Gotcha."

Metzuzelah claims, "The plights of being so busy"

Kinaed says to Kitty, "Sorry about that non-answer. :("

Azarial claims, "I managed to chew my bug list down to the upper 180s, but nothing too spectacular.  quite a few typos and the like."

Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Kinaed claims, "Having a quick look at the changes... I see some Somnii bugs fixed, some cloak conceal bugs, locking and unlocking doors, shackle and
arrest bugs... hiding while restrained... lots of little things people are unlikely to notice, but hopefully things work as people expect now."

Kinaed queries to Azarial, "Anything else to add?"

Kitty claims to Kinaed, "If it was rejected, that's an answer. :-) It's all good."

Kinaed says to Kitty, "I *think* so. Would definitely follow up with Temi to make sure Kinaed hasn't lost her marbles. Memory more like Swiss Cheese
than a Steel Trap, alas."

Kinaed states, "If nothing else, she can explain the why behind it."

Kinaed claims, "I'm going to assume Az is now AFK, and kick it over to Erika :)"

Kitty thumbs up.

Kinaed muses to Erika, "Do you have an update for us about what you did last week, and what you'll be focusing on this week?"

Kinaed has transferred ToffeeApples.  [OOC]

Kinaed gives ToffeeApples some coins.

Erika nods.

Kinaed wonders to Erika, "Still with us?"

Erika states, "I've been keeping myself busy being online, generally helping out people while making myself more familiar with all the systems and
helping out with finding bugs, improvements and the like. That's mostly what I'll be doing the coming week as well, just keep staying available so 
people have someone to go to with their problems and slowly learning new things."

Erika wipes some sweat off her brow.

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed pontificates, "Nice!"

Metzuzelah begins to count their money.

Kinaed questions, "Okay, that's it for Staff Updates. Anyone have any questions about any of that?"

Kuzco claims, "Nope."

Kinaed asks, "If not, let's move to Player Heartbeat - how was the game this last week, folks?"

Lans says, "It's been intense with the pyrings and Lans' vengeance coming to fruition."

Lans nods.

Francesca states, "It was great. Thanks to everyone who came out to the Yule Faire last night and a big thank you to the merchants who made things and
participated. Thanks for getting your stuff to me on time and properly labeled. That made me so happy. And lots of good RP, too."

Metzuzelah declaims, "The Yule was really awesome!"

Kinaed claims to Lans, "Boo. :P"

Kinaed exclaims to Metzuzelah, "Yay! :)"

Kinaed asks, "How was the RP for everyone?"

Volund says, "I think it's going well! Slowly worming myself into more RP even if I can't always be fully active."

Kuzco declares, "I got to drink mead made in my honor!"

Kinaed states to Francesca, "Thanks for running an event :)"

Sparkles claims, "I have a question about changes."

Kinaed questions to Sparkles, "Which ones?"

Kinaed states to Volund, "Glad you're finding RP :)"

Francesca salutes Kinaed.

ToffeeApples claims, "I've not been able to RP much this week"

Kinaed comforts ToffeeApples.

Venamelia says, "Vena is making a rival, I think. A few pyres to watch, a youngling to take care about. Yule was fun. Gotten the character more...
involved, I would say? Other character been devoting themselves and that is progressing as well. Will be less around during the time over christmas 
and newyear, I will pboard the people to whom it matters "as far as I am aware.""

Kinaed asks of ToffeeApples, "Is that a function of your availability, conditions in game, or something else?"

Sparkles muses, "I'd heard there was a code change to IC circumstances causing GLs to drop off the GL list. Given the new desire to have code handle
GL appointments rather than staff how will transfers like that be handled?"

Lissa claims, "I've been busy with RL this week but I found time to take part in the Yule event. It was fun making things and the event itself was fun

ToffeeApples says, "Life circumstances mostly. Travel. Got real sick. Had a toilet spontaneously explode. Normal stuff ;_;"

Francesca says, "Eeep exploding toilet. You poor thing."

Kinaed comforts ToffeeApples.

Venamelia states, "And a bunch of rumours involving Vena, so I am "lightly" stepping onto that territory as well. Still trying to be careful on things
that I need to learn about. Focus for Vena is me OOCly learning combat."

Kinaed states to ToffeeApples, "May everything look up and no more toilets explode on you in your lifetime."

Kinaed nods at Venamelia.

ToffeeApples says, "Will hopefully get back into the groove sooner rather than later"

Kinaed claims to Venamelia, "There are a lot of help files for that, but also it's a good thing to just ICly practice and get a feel for it. There are
a lot of people who can teach ICly and enjoy that sort of RP too."

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed nods at ToffeeApples.

Lissa states, "I try to do rumors when I think about it, especially when Lissa does something public. It helps give people hooks into your stories I

Kinaed queries, "Well, it sounds like people are generally doing well and enjoying TI. Is there anything shitting anyone that they want to

Kinaed nods at Lissa.

Kinaed says to Lissa, "That's much appreciated as it helps keep the game alive."

Lissa nods!

Kuzco exclaims, "I like Vena!"

Venamelia states, "Only doubt I have OOCly is if armor makes as much of a difference as it feels it does. And I am not sure is if a different stats
other than the skill and strength affect weapon damage for different weapons differently."

Sparkles hesitantly peeks about her question.

Venamelia claims, "Ohh... thank you >.<"

Kinaed queries to Sparkles, "I think I missed your asking it. Please repeat?"

Kinaed says to Sparkles, "Sorry about that, Sparkles."

ToffeeApples says, "There's a joust file now after I brought it up, but it still is remarkably vague. I don't know if I need to be a good rider or
good blocker or good with polearm or all of the above from it."

Sparkles muses, "I'd heard there was a code change to IC circumstances causing GLs to drop off the GL list. Given the new desire to have code handle
GL appointments rather than staff how will transfers like that be handled?"

Kinaed states to ToffeeApples, "Can I ask you to work with Niamh to get the level of detail into it that you'd like? I don't know anything about the
code Niamh wrote for jousting."

Kinaed muses to ToffeeApples, "Maybe personal board her?"

ToffeeApples claims, "Ok"

Kinaed says to Sparkles, "We don't know what happened, but when a GL died recently, they dropped off the guildlist BEFORE the death was validated."

Kinaed says to Sparkles, "That shouldn't happen and hadn't happened in the past, so we fixed it so that GLs aren't auto-removed until their deaths are
validated. That was never the case prior and only happened once, but it did alert a guild to someone's death before the policy decisioning had even 
been looked at, and that shouldn't have happened at all."

Kitty claims, "That happened back in teh past, too."

Kitty claims, "No... it happened to mine."

Kinaed says to Kitty, "Maybe the bug happened then and I wasn't around for the validation? In any case, in my view, it seemed like a 'recent' bug that
cropped up. We don't know when it was introduced."

Kitty nods.

Kinaed claims, "However, there shouldn't be any IC indication that a person is dead until the death is validated."

Kinaed claims to Sparkles, "That's the only GL guildlist thing that got changed to my awareness."

Kinaed says, "The results of this were that the guild in question immediately started looking into someone's disappearance, far earlier than anyone
expected, and some people were like 'Wait, are they acting on OOC info?' - they weren't, they were acting on IC info provided by the system at an 
inappropriate time."

Kinaed says, "We're sorry that happened and any stress it put anyone in any area of the game through."

Sparkles claims, "Ah, thanks for clarifying. I might have misunderstood the change as at present it seems to have reversed folks dropping off the list

Kinaed states to Sparkles, "Can you explain what you mean? Sometimes fixing one bug can introduce another."

Kinaed claims, "I got the answer in tells - it's related to a specific case, so will resolve with Sparkles outside of this meeting. Thanks for raising
the query, Sparkles."

Kinaed queries to Lissa, "Okay, you've registered that you have a question/topic. May I ask you to introduce us to it? :)"

Lissa muses, "I noticed that rare pets are for sale in certain quarters, like monkeys and parrots for example. But if a PC wants to breed these I
don't see how it can be done as I have yet to find breeder versions of these. As a future pet shop owner, I would like to request more pets like these 
to have breeding versions. Maybe we could even ask the players what pets they would like to see and add some new ones? It could be simple things like 
rabbits or squirrels it doesn't have to be fancy. That way players could RP getting unique pets from other players rather than just buying them with 
QP or from a shop? What does everyone think?"

Kinaed says to Lissa, "Okay, I'm adding this request to Staff Talking Points for staff to discuss in our next staff meeting."

Lissa claims, "I cannot recall if this was dicussed before, so I apologize if its been brought up before."

Lissa nods.

Sparkles says, "Rabbits you can already breed."

Kinaed says, "At a high level, I think that if they're sold in shops, then there's no code reason not to allow them to be bought, sold, and created by

Kinaed says, "I think the specific question brought up before was peacocks as opposed to things explicitly sold on grid."

Lissa states, "You can? I will need to find where they are sold then."

Lissa says, "Excotic pets yes."

Lissa states, "Exotic rather."

Kinaed nods at Lissa.

Venamelia asks, "Speaking of parrots, the one on the Tubori ship, is an item added to the inventory, rather than a purchase at the pet store or
helping hands, or am I doing something wrong on that there?"

Kinaed states to Venamelia, "I don't know, but I can check for you."

Kitty states, "I don't think the super rare, exotics should have breeders. Those are gotten using QP, right? Not money."

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Lissa asks, "But it would help RP if you could get them from a PC wouldn't it?"

Kinaed says, "Exotics can be purchased for QP as I understand it, but we didn't set up 'breeding' for them because we view them as imports that
shouldn't 'spawn' as I recall."

Lissa questions, "If you wanted an exotic you could go to a PCs store and maybe for a fee have them help with the QP cost or something?"

Kitty states, "The more of those we have, the more 'non-exotic' they become. They aren't expensive via QP, and there's nothing saying you can't spend
QP to get some, and then sell it for whatever price. But... ah, yeah. That's kinda what I think, too, Kinaed."

Kinaed says to Kitty, "Exactly."

Lissa says, "That makes sense."

Kinaed smiles at Lissa.

Lissa says, "A store could order a rare animal and sell it for top dollar but it would be rare."

Francesca nods.

Kinaed claims, "As for expanding what we can breed to be things already sold in shops - that makes a lot of sense and I've noted it for further
discussion with staff."

Kinaed nods at Lissa.

Lissa says, "Thank you."

Kinaed states, "Potentially can offer to take orders too and let players ask for things they want so you don't buy things with QP that you can't

Metzuzelah is idle.

Kinaed claims, "That covers our agenda for today, by the way."

Lissa says, "Thats a good idea."

Lissa smiles

Sparkles states, "There's also the critters that are sold at the Spring Awakening fest if NPC sold things getting crafts is being peeked at overall."

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Kinaed states, "We can continue to talk about anything people want to, or I can resolve the meeting early. :)"

Francesca claims to Lissa, "Get me a fennec fox and I'll shower you in gold."

Kinaed says, "We have almost 25 minutes left."

Francesca nods seriously.

Erika grins.

Lissa declaims, "As you wish!"

Lissa says, "Fennecs are adorable."

Kuzco states, "I was wondering why the dark cloaked folks are still around Northside now that Lawfulness is good again"

Kinaed states to Kuzco, "No idea, I can look into it though"

Francesca states, "Yeah, I've already done one plot to kick them out of my guildhall but then keep coming back so they just live there now."

Lissa trails off, "I saw one in the Merchants guild..."

Kitty says, "OH! I... yes. That's something I'd been wondering, too."

Venamelia questions, "Right, or how we can push them out of areas that they shouldn't be in?"

Civetta trails off, "There have even been some wandering around cityguard, I was like... c'mon..."

Francesca claims to Lissa, "I did a plot to boot them but Temi said there was no code to keep them from coming back in. So we just have cloaked guild
pets, I guess."

Kinaed says, "Hmm. I'll investigate with Az and get back. Thanks for raising it - it does sound like a bug or something."

Lissa declares, "I need to go for now. Take care everyone!"

Lissa has been transferred out by Kinaed.  [OOC]

Kinaed asks, "Anything else on anyone's mind?"

Civetta claims, "I put a bug note in and it may have something to do with the base metric remaining the same even though the project overlay is
active? that's the explanation I got."

Kinaed nods at Civetta.

Kinaed says to Civetta, "Please do"

Kinaed states to Civetta, "Oh, you already did? Okay."

Venamelia trails off, "Guild pets. City guard pets... HMMmm.... Aww, you goodie little cloaky. What a good boy you are... *totally not going crazy*"

Kinaed states, "Sounds like something I need to get my fingers into."

Kinaed starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Francesca trails off to Kinaed, "Yeah! Get your fingers into those cloaked men. I mean..."

Kinaed finishes her note.

Kinaed coughs.

Kinaed grins.

Francesca says, "That was lewd. I apologize."

Francesca hangs her head in shame.

ToffeeApples declares, "Hand check!"

Erika queries, "Maybe that's, uh, why they keep coming back?"

Kinaed claims to Francesca, "Is okay, I'm kinda known for being a bit Kinky. :P"

Venamelia exclaims, "Heh, Heh... ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

Kinaed claims, "(That's a joke, people call me Kinky as a nickname) :P"

Kuzco states, "This is true."

Kinaed states, "Well, if that is all for today... let's start wrapping things up. :) Firstly, thank you all for coming to OOC Chat. I want to say I
hope everyone has a festive and magical Christmas and Holiday season this year."

Lans declaims, "MAGICAL?!"

Metzuzelah is no longer idle.
Metzuzelah has returned from AFK.

Civetta claims, "Report moral threats"

Lans nods.

Kinaed says, "We appreciate your time put towards our game, we ignore Lans at times, and hope to see you next weekend for OOC Chat. :)"

Venamelia says, "Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I smell magic coming up >.>"

Metzuzelah says, "Moar daemons"

Kinaed asks, "Any public service announcements before I send everyone back to enjoy their day and RP?"

Kinaed says, "If you want to meet a demon, please write a Request Board post to set up a time to summon one. Mage only."

Kitty makes no comments on kinkiness. Prudently.

Metzuzelah says, "That sounded like am eet n greet for a concert. xD"

Kinaed grins.

Lans puts on a moustache, saying: "I am Magus le Demonee. I wish to summon something."

Kinaed declaims, "Okay, take care everyone! Vote for TI! Write reviews! Share the love and bring more people into the game for you to play with! :)"

ToffeeApples states, "Include a Knight in that message for more fun RP and a rec bonus upon your inevitable cleansing"

Kinaed waves merrily and prepares to hit the send-back button in 3...

Erika declaims, "Have fun all!"


Venamelia trails off, "I think I know what I will call my next character by family name le Demonee... Heh heh"



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