Log of OOC Meeting - 11/23/19

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Kinaed states, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon."

Kitty votes for the lack of adults in the U.S.

Sparkles states, "I have a topic."

Kinaed says to Sparkles, "Got you, Sparkles. :)"

Kinaed queries, "Anyone else?"

Kuzco states, "I'm good"

Volund states, "I've got nothing."

Kinaed trails off, "Okay, if anyone thinks of anything while I'm talking, send me a tell. Kicking off Staff Updates..."

Kinaed states, "Last week I reviewed a short policy case - just a reminder that just because something looks like a coincidence doesn't mean there's OOC info involved. I also answered a few board requests and did a few small chores. I reviewed our active playlist and posted a recruitment request looking for some new staff members - Request Board if you're interested - and on my desk... Turf Wars."

Kinaed wonders, "That's it for me. Az?"

Azarial says, "It has been another lackluster week. not much to report on my front."
Kinaed nods at Azarial.
Kinaed says to Temi, "You're up. :)"

Temi asks, "I've been working on plots and recommends and requests and such, with some more work going on for advancing the civil war. I did want to check how people are feeling about that - background enough, too background, etc?"

Kuzco claims, "I am unsure what I can do towards it at this current level of background-ness"

Kinaed muses to Kuzco, "Is it comfortable for you, or do you want more involvement?"

Satoshi states, "I need my boss to unleash me before i can affect it at this level of background :P"

Temi muses, "Do you want to do more? I know people wanted the ability to go on with normal life, at least to some extent, and we can kick up at some intervals"

Kuzco claims to Kinaed, "I just feel the loyalist side could lose or be penalised and I don't know exactly how to fight against it"

Kuzco claims, "As we're not supposed to go into granularity, ie military numbers"
Kinaed nods at Kuzco.

Kuzco states, "Lots of people come to me to suggest me this or that but most fall into the 'I crafted 50 iron swords, you should give them to the army'"
Kinaed nods at Kuzco.
Temi nods.

Kuzco states, "It was much much more intense during the Palace siege"

Kinaed says, "I'm not very close to what's going on, so I'll have to leave Temi to answer. :)"

Sparkles says, "Which ... the first time around felt like a viable option as that's kind of how things were broken down. I'm not sure people know how to grasp onto things more freeform."

Satoshi questions, "If i had some thoughts would temi be the one to perhaps reach out to (when im home and not on mobile?)"

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Kuzco claims to Kinaed, "Oh well just know that the Autobots are on retreat and Megatron is Duke of Vandago now"

Temi says, "If people want to be more engaged, we can ramp it up to a way people can be more involved, but if I'm going to do that, I want to hear that people want that"
Kuzco nods.

Kinaed states, "I think it's really hard for us - we can't please everyone. Some people don't want the pressure of the RP the way that was during the siege, and other people feel helpless when things are 'too far away'."

Kuzco says, "Agreed."

Satoshi claims, "I think staffs reaponsivity in this is really admirable honestly"

Temi claims, "We'll continue as is for now unless I start hearing that people are ready for some more intensity"

Kuzco states, "I don't want people to feel excluded and just gobble on all high level rp"

Kinaed states, "I can assure you that staff have no bias in terms of loyalist or anyone else sitting on the throne - we just insist that role is an NPC role, which is why we warned some players who indicated they might shoot for the crown that it's fine, but if they get it, they'll need to NPC their character."

ToffeeApples claims, "I've no preference either way, just pointing out that it doesn't seem to affect me, and likely not most players who aren't involved in politics"

Kuzco trails off, "I mean, 'while I just gobble'..."

Kinaed nods at Kuzco.

Kinaed says to Kuzco, "To be fair, I don't think you can please everyone either. :)"

Sparkles says, "I think something that might help is a list of suggested ways to be involved."

Kuzco states, "WATCH ME"
Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Otter wonders, "What if the goal was to eliminate the crown?"

Kinaed claims, "That's probably a good idea. I'll make a note."

Otter asks, "Can't be done?"

Galax watches Kuzco.
Kinaed claims to Otter, "I'd say try it and see."

Sivane states, "As someone new, I would have to admit that I didn't know there is a full blown civil war. Just what the mood at some Taverns say, that one might be upcoming >.<"

Satoshi watches Kuzco seductively.

Temi claims, "It really only just kicked off, with the armies marching off this week."
Temi nods.

Kinaed states, "It would be a massive change to society though, so the odds aren't that it'll be done 'simply because a single player wants to prove the case'"

Kuzco says, "I'd rather not touch the foundations of the setting"

Kuzco states, "Else we will have insane things like female suffrage"

Kinaed claims, "But to be fair, I think Kuzco might be the only player who has indicated any desire whatsoever for things to be more intense or to get them more involved - so if you DO want this, please DO contact Temi either via the Request Board or in tells, etc, to express your preferences."
Kuzco nods.

Temi claims, "I think that's the opinion in general - people like the theme, and don't want the theme to change in major ways, just to evolve on the actions and actors in that theme."

Kinaed lifts a brow at Norrig, "We had female suffrage in... what? 2004?"

Kuzco says, "Lies"

Temi claims, "Unless you're looking at suffrage as votes. We don't do votes."

Azarial says, "It wasn;t that early, iirc."

Kinaed states, "I suppose we had a string of female Grand Inquisitors from 2001 onwards. :)"

Sivane asks, "Is there somewhere where information could be acquired about it? Just for me to understand some parts that may or may not be relevant to Siv. Or is it more of a matter of time thing?"
Temi says to Sivane, "We post big events on the IC Events board"
Kinaed states to Temi, "Women do vote in the Baronial Council, etc. Agree, suffrage isn't a thing per se."

Azarial claims, "Old ic events are archived on the forums"

Kuzco claims, "I kid"

Sparkles says, "I think part of the thing might be the word 'intense' or 'ramp up' as the past few plots that's meant physicial danger that people might not be the most inclined to want, so maybe a more general idea might be 'do you want this to be more obvious in your daily RP'. "

Sivane states, "I will go hunt for it sometime in the next few days then. Thanks :)"
Kinaed questions to Sparkles, "Can you give us concrete examples of what people might actually want?"

Temi says, "We've even started adding TLDR items to the IC Events so you can get a quick idea of what's up"

Otter says, "I'm gonna write some heresy involving female suffrage."

Kuzco claims, "I think the royal army contribution plot was popular"

Galax says, "Very belatedly, if things get more intense/involved, I would want to see it in a way that can believably cascade down into things the playerbase can participate in, rather than things a handful of high-political-power PCs might feel compelled to keep to themselves, as it sometimes has in the recent past"
Temi nods at galax.

Temi questions, "What do you think that means as far as actual things?"

Kinaed says, "I'm not really certain what to say to that as big political events tend to naturally evolve that way. "

Kinaed claims, "So the alternative is to keep away from big political event plots and stick to local, lower level stuff - which is a fair enough call, but I think we have a mix of people's interests and preferences."

Satoshi says, "I have some thoughts and ideas that i will give you when i have access to keyboard :3"
Temi nods at Satoshi.

Sparkles says, "Well, I'd say the example Kuzco gave that people want to be able to do things like ... donate swords, or bandages, like maybe a set number of things for each Guild? But things that can be .. bought, made, talked about, bargained for ICly so it feels more 'real'."

Temi states, "Great, look forwards to it"

Temi states, "Certainly happy for people to send donations, if folks want to coordinate things like that"

Kuzco claims, "Or IP and money like the royal army plot"

Kinaed says, "It would be good if people who feel a plot isn't for them can just let it go and think 'I'll express what I want to see more of and let it go if this one isn't for me' - it'd be great for staff so we can feel good about our work as we try to cater to a broad spectrum of interests and desires."

Francesca claims, "Yeah that sounds more like a PC effort than a staff thing."

ToffeeApples says, "As a Knight player. I'm not even really sure if I'm part of the military per se. And if I am, I would think there would be greater effects towards me and players in my guild."

Kinaed nods at ToffeeApples.

Temi states, "Knights are tied specifically to the Order, which could have them involved, but wouldn't be by default, I think is my interpretation."

Kinaed says, "The knights are not part of the military, but often donate their services or take posts in the military during times of war as some of the most trained soldiers in the kingdom."

Kinaed says, "When they do enter the military, they often have higher posts in recognition of their abilities."

Temi states, "They are more likely to involve the knights if there's magical threats or dire situations, of course."
Temi nods.

ToffeeApples claims, "From Help army: Both the Knights and the Reeves are expected to provide their aid to the Crown during war. The Knights are almost always conscripted into leadership positions as commanders of units under the Crown's direction and control."

Kinaed nods at ToffeeApples.

ToffeeApples asks, "That is a way I wouldn't mind getting involved someohow?"

Kinaed claims, "Maybe 'volunteer' was a bit soft of a word."
Kinaed nods at ToffeeApples.

Kinaed trails off, "Thanks :) Appreciate the feedback on our current plot. I'd encourage everyone to contact Temi outside of this forum, but as it is 8:23am (my time) and we are still in Staff Updates... :)"

Temi claims, "You answer to the Order, but the crown support for the Order having armed troops is encouraged by that expectation they provide them help when they really need it."
Temi nods at Kinaed.

Kinaed states, "I do want to take a moment to thank Temi for almost single-handedly running this plot as well as being the mastermind behind most of the gifties we provide at OOC Chat. :)"

Francesca claps for Temi!

Sparkles joins in the clapping.

Temi claims, "Aww <3"
Kinaed smiles.
Kinaed claims to Temi, "Thank you for everything. You've been amazing."

ToffeeApples queries, "Temi, maybe you and I can chat about possibilities later?"
Temi nods at ToffeeApples.

Temi says, "Happy to"

Kitty cheers Temi.

Kinaed wonders, "Okay let's move on to Player Heartbeat :) How was the game this week, folks?"

Satoshi declaims, "Yeah teminis amaze to handle all this!"

Francesca states, "I had a good time with some pretty hilarious scenes. I actually RPed in public (gasp). And I think I've officially adopted two cyans. So trying to get out there more and not be a cranky lady hiding in my IC office all the time."

Kuzco states, "I'm doing good. Happy we are havig more online pcs."

Kinaed says to Francesca, "That's awesome to hear. I'm glad you found good reasons and ways to interact with new characters on an established char, and that it's been fun for you."

Kalana says, "Having a hard time getting the shop all stocked up for all the best sorts of reasons"

Galax says, "Had a lot of good scenes this week."

Kinaed questions to Kalana, "That's good, right? :)"

Otter says, "It's slow at 3 AM. That's not really a complaint so much as me needing to be awake at normal times."

Francesca claims, "YOU BETTER GET THAT SHOP STOCKED, KALANA. (Kidding)."

Kalana says, "But I'm glad everyone has been very supportive of that line of RP"

Kinaed says to galax, "I'm glad to hear it. :)"

Sparkles claims, "I've had some good scenes. We got some new Bards so that's exciting. "

Satoshi says, "Lots of very good RP, wuite emotionally driven, my character was really awful though :("

Kinaed comforts Satoshi.

Kitty has done just fine with RP this week.

Volund queries, "Would it be fine to give my opinion as a new player? It might be more towards criticism, as I have the feeling I'm not handling things the correct manner. Or is this not the right place for that?"

Kalana exclaims to Francesca, "But they kepe buying it all!"

Kinaed says to Volund, "Of course :) That's part of what the OOC Chat is about."

Kuzco states, "Bring it on my dude"

ToffeeApples claims, "Had a couple fun discoveries on some fun patrols. Niamh helped me out a lot with some crafts. Couple nice and meaningful scenes too."

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed nods at ToffeeApples.

Volund says, "As a new player, I have the feeling that it is difficult to find RP. In the manner where it feels like people are generally in private locations, or otherwise in locations where it would be difficult or otherwise nonsensical for my own character to appear. It's possible that I am blowing this out of porportion, as it does not help that I'm new to MUDs either."
Francesca states to Kalana, "Crap, you just reminded me that I still need to do something for your opening tomorrow. So thank you."

Francesca simmers down and listens to Volund.
Kinaed says to Volund, "That's absolutely fine, and we've heard that before - you're not entirely wrong."

Satoshi says, "Yeah that is a large problem and half of why i beat the dead horse of keeping where on and being out and about often"

Kinaed claims, "Firstly, it helps if you understand that it is absolutely fine to create a flimsy IC excuse to appear at locations where it is 'nonsensical for your character to appear'. Just do it."

Temi states, "We've also been eager to hear people's ideas for how to improve it - bringing it up here has been one way."
Temi nods.

Kitty states, "It is a common statement. Some of the places on where are often behind xblocks, or otherwise. However, if they are not behind xblocks and you can get to them, you are welcome to show up and make up whatever excuse for being there."

Kinaed states, "If someone is on whereRP, that is an invitation."
Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Kuzco exclaims, "This includes the wilderness!"
say Generally people are rather lenient and accepting of reasons why people are going places to RP.

Sparkles says, "Generally people are rather lenient and accepting of reasons why people are going places to RP."

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Otter claims, "It's kinda weird when I see it in the sewers, though."

Kuzco declaims, "Come find out!"

Sivane claims, "Been enjoying my RL evenings rping with Vollund. The funeral granted character developement, which is great as is, even if it ran a bit late into the night >.> And yeah, I also struggled with finding people for RP for similar reasons. But I also feel that my case is a time zone issue? Which isn't anyones fault."

Kinaed declares, "Hehe, but - I dropped my ring! is a great excuse for even a noblewoman"
Kinaed nods at Sivane.

Sparkles says, "Peeking at some people's help character can show you RP hooks on reasons to RP with them too."

Temi states, "Sometimes timezones are tough."

ToffeeApples states, "I wouldn't enter the seweres just on a whim though, I'd say make sure you have at least a little IC justification for doing it."

Volund states, "I understand that for the theme, it makes sense that people would be in more secluded locations. I am also relieved that it seems to be acknowledged as an issue. I can't really think of any 'solutions', as the current situation makes me inclined to smallworld as well. But knowing that 'reason to be at a place' can be, bluntly said, done with a bad reason does make things a bit easier."

Temi claims, "Also, set up your own character hooks, to give people an extra reason to reach out to RP with you"

Kinaed claims, "Older players tend to have strong relationship connections and upkeep of those relationships, or even active business they must attend to, that keeps them locked away. This is problematic, but it's also a bit natural. It's great to see Francesca's player going out of their way to mingle, I love it."

Kuzco claims, "Setting up hooks is very very important"

Kitty says, "One solution, if your character is inclined, is joining a guild. Guild RP is one way to find RP."
Francesca states to Volund, "If it makes you feel any better, I once used the excuse 'I was bored in my office' as why I just popped up in a place uninvited."

ToffeeApples says, "Other ways to get RP started is writing letters. Write a letter to someone that you want to meet. Especially if you're interested in their guild, or heard a rumor or just want a penpal. That will start a relationship with them ICly and you'll be easier able to RP on the grid then"

Sivane says, "I can try to fabricate reasons, if it helps, Volund. GMed for the past few years actively, and Siv is a bit strange as a whole."

Kinaed states, "Having said that, as a new player - even back in 1999 when I started - I couldn't really make friends with the old guard (not because they were jerks or anything, just a time and focus issue) - so I focused on making friends with other new players, and eventually we became the old guard."

Francesca claims, "Yeah, I'm notorious for living in the merchant guildhall. But I'm trying to be better."

Satoshi claims, "HEY if im in the sewers its a party and anyone is invited"

Sparkles states, "Always feel free to come say hello to the Bards when we are around the Theatre, you might even get an impromptu performance."

Kinaed states, "It's also perfectly fine to completely fabricate reasons to hang out with people. Have you looked at HELP CHARACTER <NAME>? People *should* have RP Hooks in their help file."

ToffeeApples says, "And even if you can't find other on Whererp, you can always put yourself on whererp, especially in public places, and you'll likely get people coming towards you"

Kitty says, "On all of my characters, I'm inclined to a lot of guild RP. Though, I also try to be in public as often as I can, at least with the ones where it's ICly viable."

Kinaed claims, "So like 'I'm a tailor, come to me for all your tailoring needs!' and you can just send them a messenger about their publicly known hooks and kick something off."

Kinaed muses, "(people are setting their matchmaking hooks, right?)"

Satoshi states, "But also yeah it takes a little bit of effort sumtimes to come up eith excuses but a lot of people accept rather flimsy reasons tbh"

Kalana claims, "As more and more people have hooks, I've found it easier to get involved in their RP"

Francesca says, "I totally set my hooks, yes."

Kitty has her matchmaking hooks set...

Volund claims, "I'll keep it in mind, thank you everyone. There are some plans that I obviously have for my character. But it all revolves to having difficulty of finding people to roleplay. Same would be if I would want to join a guild, I would need to find them, but how would I go about that? And hooks I haven't heard of before, actually."

Kinaed finishes abruptly, "That's awesome - so if anyone needs an example of what hooks might look like, type 'help character francesca'"

Galax states, "One suggestion is that if you're new and don't know where or what anything is.. that's a pretty good excuse to ICly show up somewhere lost if you have nothing else but can autotravel somewhere."

Satoshi claims, "You can ALWAYS mail people too, eapecially if theyre high profike like a guild leader"

Sparkles claims, "You seek Guild to let them know you are interested."

Kinaed says to Volund, "Joining a guild is done through the 'seek' command. It'll flag you on the wholist for all members of the guild and is ICly visible as 'holding a prayer book' or 'sewing some ribbon onto your sleeve'"

Francesca claims to Volund, "Generally, throwing messengers at specific people if they're in the guild you want to join would probably work best in that scenario. Or go lurk outside their guildhall and hope. Or yeah, seek. So it flags you."

Otter states, "Finding every guild but the Brotherhood is generally pretty simple."

Otter states, "You hang out in their lobby with whereRP on"

ToffeeApples states, "For joining a guild, check the SEEK helpfile. And mail or contact people in the guild letting you know that you're interested, You'll then have to get a couple sponsorships which stem from RP scenes, and then an interview with a guildleader (another RP scene)"

Volund states, "Ah. I assumed that seek guild would only let people in the same room as you know that you are looking for them. That's actually great to know. Same goes for the writing and all that. I'm actually a bit overwhelmed by the suggestions."

Galax states, "You can also guildlist (guild) to find out who the leaders are and send them letters, if you otherwise also aren't able to find them or get their attention"

Kuzco states, "Brotherhood being a special case"

Otter states, "So the Madison, or the Hollow Globe, or the Merchant's Guildhall, or the Cathedral, etc."

Otter says, "Columbina Cafe also works for the Troubadours."
Kinaed smiles at Volund.

Kitty states, "It shows on the who list - so if you seek a guild, all the guildies know. Plus, it tells you what to do, ICly, to get that started."

Otter says, "I think Orderites might be a little sparse at the moment, though? So they might take a little longer to get in contact with."

Kinaed muses, "Before we jump to Player Topics, may I ask if anything is shitting anyone (that isn't a player topic at the moment) that they want staff to know about?"
Kinaed claims to Otter, "Nah, we have at least one Orderite right here. :)"

Kitty states, "There is one orderite that's on... a LOT."
Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Kitty states, "And knights are orderites, too."

Kuzco claims, "Hmmm."
ToffeeApples places her right fist over her heart in salute to Kitty.

Kitty pats ToffeeApples on the head.

ToffeeApples neighs

Galax raises an eyebrow.

Kinaed states, "Okay, let's move to our registered Player Topics :)"
Kinaed questions to Sparkles, "Sparkles, you had a topic. Won't you introduce us to it?"

Sparkles wonders, "So, I've always RPed and interpreted Bards being able to get rumors anywhere as just naturally being 'up on the latest gossip' and being able to share that quickly is a major selling point of political RP with Bards. However, the code displaying to everyone in the room the 'pays 0 silver to a passerby' thing can make things ... awkward at times as there's concern about it meaning inviting vNPCs into private spaces. Is there any possible consideration for turning that off particularly for Bards? "

Kinaed claims, "Sure, seems reasonable to me."

Satoshi states, "I also highly support that"

Kuzco says, "It breaks inmersion, greed"

Kinaed states, "That's definitely an awkward message when Bards are viewed as the center of the rumor mill. In theory, they wouldn't be asking 'passersby' but aware through their networks at any given moment in time."

Satoshi says, "If only because its so obtrusive for every bard in the room to strike up a random conversation, mid conversation "

Temi claims, "I don't know that I think bards being up on the latest gossip means that they should be able to change what they know for free in the middle of a scene, without showing their being involved"
say I hadn't realized how weird it looked to others until another player mentioned it, so thanks to that person, and thanks for looking into it.

Sparkles claims, "I hadn't realized how weird it looked to others until another player mentioned it, so thanks to that person, and thanks for looking into it."

Kinaed claims, "I think it'd remain an IC and obvious action for non-bards though, so I'll keep the message for non-bards."

Kinaed says, "And just remove the room echo for bards."
Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Satoshi says, "I think the actual message it displays "X strikes up a conversation with <npc>""

Kinaed states, "Well, that went quick! We still have 15 odd minutes. "
Temi nods at Satoshi.

Satoshi wonders, "If we have time because i forgot to forum post can i bring up a thing here?"
say I often RP hearing it from someone but I try to do that with an emote that feels more natural to the scene. I tend to name and then pick on the gossip mobs.

Sparkles says, "I often RP hearing it from someone but I try to do that with an emote that feels more natural to the scene. I tend to name and then pick on the gossip mobs."

Kinaed queries, "What would people like to talk about, game-wise? Anything?"

Satoshi wiggles hand in the aor
Temi nods at Satoshi.
Kinaed grins at Satoshi.
Kinaed questions to Satoshi, "What's on your mind?"

ToffeeApples claims, "It would be super cool if gossip mobs could be targeted in an emote"

Everett claims, "Ben simmons hit a 3 pointer this last week"

Satoshi asks, "I was wondering if staff could consider the asset thing? you cant look at the cost of assets in silver if you are full up on assets"

Kinaed takes ToffeeApples's note down into her notes.
Kinaed has transferred Zoot_Suit. [OOC]
Temi gives a tiny, gold-painted coffin, drawn by a carved wooden horse to Zoot_Suit.

Satoshi claims, "I only RECENTLY found out you can build them from scratch in the record hall with silver, but you cant "build" one to look at the costs if you are at max assets"
Zoot_Suit opens a tiny, gold-painted coffin, drawn by a carved wooden horse.
say Maybe rooms with them could get an object that represents them? (Just as a solution to Toffee's idea.)

Sparkles states, "Maybe rooms with them could get an object that represents them? (Just as a solution to Toffee's idea.)"

Kinaed questions, "... the asset thing... cost of assets in silver - oh, you mean if you're asset shopping in-game, and you have all of your assets, you can't look for a better deal?"

Satoshi states, "So you are shooting incredibly blind since there isnt a list of what types cost what, you can only view it in the builder"
Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Satoshi says, "Which you cannot access if you are at max assets"

Satoshi muses, "Or maybe just copy the cost into a helpfile?"

Kinaed states, "Sure, that's something we can look at. Thanks for letting us know - I think that was an unintended consequence of our design."

Kitty trails off, "If it helps, building from scratch tends to be more expensive than buying from the market. But... you can't customize if you're buying, so..."
say I think the costs are in a forum post, but maybe it could be repeated in a helpfile if nothing else?

Sparkles muses, "I think the costs are in a forum post, but maybe it could be repeated in a helpfile if nothing else?"

Satoshi claims, "Id really like to replace one of my crappy lvl 1 assets"
Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Temi states, "I do think people would get frustrated if we let them price out an option and then said it wasn't available"

Satoshi states, "Also a lot on tbe market isnt ok for freemen to own"

Satoshi claims, "Its 90 percent grntry and up things"

Temi says, "Maybe it could handle it differently between not available due to character-limits and not available gamewide"

Satoshi claims, "Maybe just change the code check for asset anount from starting to typing "done""

Kuzco states, "Good idea"

Kinaed wonders, "You can approach the Reeves to change your social class so you can get better assets...?"

Kinaed questions, "Or is it the Seneschal?"

Kuzco claims, "Not reeves, Seneschal"

Kinaed headscratches.

Kinaed nods at Kuzco.

Kuzco says, "Bribe me and we'll talk"

Kuzco states, "I can also demote people socially if they piss me off"

Satoshi says, "Kinaed i barely nake 150 silver an irl week because i fucked up my assets"

Kinaed comforts Satoshi.

Temi says, "I think people shouldn't have to change their class to have assets though. There's freeman appropriate stuff, if less."

Satoshi says, "Though i could bribe kuzco with his wife"

Satoshi looks thoughtful.

Kinaed says to Satoshi, "Going into a life of crime is a good remedy for that. Just sayin'. The Brotherhood could use some love."

Asteris states, "The reeves will happily take more powers, but probably not more responsibilities"

Kuzco states, "Can I demote Satoshi to serf"

Satoshi says, "I am as close as possible without being able to dual guild"

Kinaed trails off, "Heck, forget the Brotherhood and just bonk the Seneschal over the head and throw him over your shoulder for ransom. ALl financial worries solved..."

Satoshi says, "Believe me"

Kinaed twiddles her thumbs.

Volund asks, "I thought the point of assets was that they didn't give a lot silver, generally?"

Otter claims, "Can I spread heresy among the serfs so they rise up in revolution."

Kinaed nods at Volund.

Francesca states, "I'd really like to see Satoshi try to bonk Norrig on the head."

Kinaed says, "They're not super souped up methods to cover all your financial needs. They're more like a baseline per class."

Temi states, "Money is intended to be at least semi-scarce."

Sparkles muses, "Or ask your Guild ICly, perhaps?"

ToffeeApples states, "But when you only make a little silver, a little more is helpful"

Satoshi says, "No id just sneak up on him and whisper gay shit at him"

Zoot_Suit muses, "I'm coming in late so sorry if this isn't part of the scope of the convo. Is there any chance level 1 assets could have a resource attached, maybe only resources of a certain value or less?"

Galax claims, "It would definitely be interesting to see Satoshi try to bonk Norrig"
Temi has transferred Metzuzelah. [OOC]

Kitty is staying out of conversations about any boinking of Norrig.
Temi gives a tiny, gold-painted coffin, drawn by a carved wooden horse to Metzuzelah.

Satoshi claims, "Assets are your only outside money since the economy is mostly fueled by PCs"
Metzuzelah waves.
Kinaed questions to Zoot_Suit, "I think we specifically decided against it design-wise. What's the reason for wanting that change?"

Satoshi says, "Any crafts, fees etc are paid for by existing money on grid usually"
Kuzco waves to Metzuzelah.
say I think having a resource attached to the roster assets for jobs could be a nice thing.

Sparkles says, "I think having a resource attached to the roster assets for jobs could be a nice thing."

Metzuzelah asks, "Oh, I may havs a suggestion of sort. if its still that time?"

Temi nods at Metzuzelah.

Kinaed nods at Metzuzelah.

Kinaed states to Metzuzelah, "Sure, go for it."

Otter states, "My randomized level 1 starting asset is based on inverted Piety. It hurts."

Kitty states, "You can change your starting asset."

Kinaed comforts Otter.

Kitty says, "If you delete it, you can get another one for free. But.. sorry, I kinda like piety high."

Kinaed claims, "Anyone who is cyan can go back to chargen at any time and adjust things like that as they learn the game."

Kitty coughs.

Francesca states, "Yeah if you're cyan, go back into chargen, delete your level 1, get a new level 1 for free."
Kinaed nods at Francesca.

Otter says, "Oh, okay, for some reason I thought you couldn't do that."

Sivane questions, "Also works if you already set up a second at a cost of starting xp?"

Temi claims, "You shouldn't need to go back to chargen, actually. It's based on not having any assets, but only possible up to once a week"

Kitty says, "Right, what Temi said. You can always do it, in chargen or not. As long as you don't have other assets."

Zoot_Suit states, "Sorry about that, talked and immediately called away."

Kinaed states, "Nah, cyan characters are given a grace period to tweak their setup as people learn the game or just want to get comfortable with a new characte.r"
Kinaed nods at Temi.

Metzuzelah questions, "Right-o! So, what if the infrastructure/lawfulness metric was low and bandits/highway men start to spawn aboug?,"

Kinaed claims, "That's a broader thing anyone can do, yep."

Azarial says, "If you do not have a t1, you can pick it up for free."
Temi claims to Metzuzelah, "They have, recently."

Kuzco says, "Yep"

Kuzco shakes his fist

Satoshi questions, "All those cloaked bints, i assume?"

Kinaed says, "Time for the Reeves to create posses and go bandit hunting."
Temi nods.

Satoshi gives them the good old southside nod.

Zoot_Suit states, "Was thinking about ways to let people of any class be more involved with a player economy."
Kinaed nods at Zoot_Suit.

Metzuzelah gasps so the roads outside arent safe????

Satoshi states, "They never are mate, wolves and shit"

Kinaed trails off to Metzuzelah, "Not really..."

Asteris states, "We don't have enough reeves for a posse at the moment, please join some guilds"

ToffeeApples says, "Technically no where is really safe"

Metzuzelah says, "Well what is 'safe'"

Sparkles claims, "People of any class can be involved in the player economy, as long as people are buying and selling things."

Satoshi claims, "Nowhere. could always be a mage lurkin about"

Otter claims, "Behind like ten locked hidden exits."

Satoshi says, "Also most resources are things you can get in game"

Satoshi states, "Only a few i know of are only gettable via import and i might even be wrong then"

Zoot_Suit says, "I tried to make a salt of the earth character but couldn't start out with nuts to sell."

Satoshi states, "The forage skill"

Satoshi winks
Satoshi appears to be adept at forage.

Zoot_Suit states, "Because I needed a tier 2 asset to buy a resource."

Francesca claims, "Yeah, go forage stuff. There's currently a rumor up about how the merchant leaders are buying up crap like that. Boo. Involved in the economy."

Francesca says, "*Boom, not boo."

Satoshi states, "Find you some nuts in the forest theyre literally easy tk get"

Zoot_Suit claims, "There's usually some kind of workaround for most issues but this was about encouraging use of a specific system."

ToffeeApples queries, "A bit late but I have a suggestion that might resolve some of the difficulty cyans have mentioned about finding RP. Though it might be a bit too involved or silly. Is it ok to bring it up now?"

Satoshi says, "The resource system exists to give a discount on existing items and/or to get really rare ones. if you are buying nuts to resell them thats more merchanty than woodsman grubbing "

Kinaed claims to ToffeeApples, "Yes, please do. No need to ask permission."

Kinaed says, "Note that it is the top of the hour, so we should start wrapping up once ToffeeApples says their last thing."

Zoot_Suit claims, "I respectfully disagree. :) Or rather, I don't think that's the whole of what the system can and should be used for."

ToffeeApples asks, "What about some sort of automated NPC run events on a weekly basis? Like a market event every Circadi or a NPC run Mass every Votumas?"

Zoot_Suit claims, "A lot of the resources available don't give a discount or are really simple to get in game, possibly even cheaper."

Otter states, "The resource system is obviously for acquiring human corpses."

Kitty says, "You... could just ask for more masses to be run."

Kitty wouldn't take offense.

Kinaed says to ToffeeApples, "Thanks - I'm writing that idea down to see what we can whip up. If you'd like to write the idea on the forums to see if we can encourage others to help us come up with ideas, that'd be welcome."

Satoshi trails off, "You literally get a discount on the coded price when you pull items from your resource..."

Kinaed says, "Okay, our hour this week is up! But THANK YOU everyone who came and participated this week."

Zoot_Suit states, "Satoshi, there are resource items that are always bought at 100 percent."

Satoshi exclaims, "Thanks again to staff!"

Zoot_Suit exclaims, "Cool idea, ToffeeApples!"

Metzuzelah declaims, "Thanks staff!"

ToffeeApples states, "We may not always have an active priest though. I'm just thinking about something that would draw all characters around very frequently"

Kuzco states, "Remember to write TI reviews in Reddit's /MUD and TMC"

Kinaed claims, "Please consider voting for TI and maybe writing a review on Reddit or TMC - it will help lift our numbers so we all have more people to RP with. :)"

Kitty nods.

ToffeeApples pontificates, "PARTY TIME!"

Kinaed pontificates, "Meanwhile - I hope to see you next week! Enjoy the IC party!"

Kuzco says, "Tip bards and keep whererp on if you can"

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