Log of OOC Meeting - 11.02.19

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Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:11 pm

Temi asks, "So our agenda for today is 1) staff updates, 2) player heartbeat, 3) player
topics. Before we get on with that, anyone have topics they want to get on the list?"

Kuzco claims, "I do."

Temi nods.

Temi queries, "Okay, Kuzco. Anyone else?"

Satoshi says, "Mines less of a topic and more a general reminder for everyone if we have
time after everything else"

Temi says, "I'll put you on regardless."

Temi nods at Satoshi.

Temi muses, "That everybody?"

Ornith claims, "Yes, I just arbitrarily typed 'help dragon' and it says there are no
dragons. I've now decided to dedicate myself to bringing dragons into reality."

Temi grins at Ornith.

Temi asks, "Okay, let's continue on then. Staff updates... Az?"

Azarial claims, "I've only manage a few little things week; mainly the 'notify briefly'

Temi nods.

Temi claims, "So you guys will be able to respond to notifies with 'notify briefly' if you
want to reply that you are available, but only briefly."

KING exclaims, "Perfect!"

Kitty says, "Ahh, that works."

Temi says, "Hopefully that helps people with their communication needs."

Temi has transferred Everett. [OOC]

Temi gives a chain of carved, wood prisoners on wheels and a long rope to Everett.

Satoshi declares, "Sweet!"

Kuzco claims, "That's a good and very reasonable addition; thanks Az."

Temi has transferred Gattara. [OOC]

Temi gives a chain of carved, wood prisoners on wheels and a long rope to Gattara.

Temi states, "Taking a look at the change list... I think that's the main new thing
besides a few bug fixes, nothing major."

Temi states, "For me, Niamh and I have been working to prepare for a council/noble event
for tomorrow with the king, since we know people had been eager for that, but it shouldn't
be a major deal. Thanking that group for their heavy involvement in everything leading up
to it though"

Temi finishes abruptly, "And we're continuing to handle plots and pursue things.
Remember, you can still get involved up to twice a week with the header plot if there's
stuff you're wanting to do in the overall plot - we'll get some more updates out soon,

Kuzco states, "Huh, I wasn't aware of that."

Temi states, "Yeah, I figured maybe it wasn't terribly clear with the amount we were
hearing from people on it"

KING claims, "Oh yeah, huh. Good to know."

Sparkles muses, "There's no header plot on the plot header list? Or can only certain
people see it?"

Temi states, "Oh, I guess it closed today from the last time I extended it. We'll get a
replacement up."

Satoshi says, "Honestly ive been so busy im barely keeping up with the game, thought we
were past the point of interaction"

Temi wonders, "Do you guys still want to be doing stuff with it and just not sure how, or
sort of done with it?"

Kuzco claims, "As Seneschal I will likely keep doing stuff -- like the royal funeral for

Satoshi states, "Im always at a sort of loss when it comes to plots tbh"

Kuzco questions, "How come?"

Temi states, "That's fair. And it's not for everyone."

Temi says, "If you don't feel like you can be involved as you want to be though, we'd want
to know about it"

Satoshi trails off, "Its mostly just i have a hard time concsptualizing what would be...
worth a plot if that makes sense"

Temi has transferred Wimpled. [OOC]

Temi gives a chain of carved, wood prisoners on wheels and a long rope to Wimpled.

Temi says, "Really, anything that interacts with NPCs or off-grid stuff. We especially
love to see 'Hey, we've been RPing this on grid with planning things out, and we're ready
to see how it affects the greater situation'"

Temi questions, "If that makes sense?"

KING says, "I've been trying to keep a lot of things PC focused lately, but it is good to
know it's still open, yeah."

Satoshi claims, "It makes sense loosely, just a struggle coming from games that dont
encourage that sorta interaction i always second guess whether it would have an effect or
be "doable" i suppose"

Temi claims, "Feel free to bounce things off of us if you don't understand or you're not

Galax queries, "Gpoints, QP, and the weekly limit on header plots limit how many you can
spin out, so my heuristic is always 'is it worth spending this resource to get a response

KING states, "Worse comes to worse, you get rejected, yeah. "

Kuzco nod and exhales: "Some examples of things I have done over the years:
-Have the reeves lookup someone's address;
-Have the troubadours check someone's background story,
-Check someone's criminal record,
-Check people's assets,
-Excavate an area of the map,
-Ask for vNPC witnesses to report on some event,
-Write a NPC,

Ornith states, "Honestly a LOT of other games I've seen kind of actively discourage that
kind of interaction, so that's probably not an unusual way to feel."

Galax states, "The most common use cases are for gathering information, like Kuzco's

Temi nods.

Galax says, "But there's other stuff too."

Sparkles states, "Also yes, GLs get those points for a reason, hit up your GL they might
be able to find a way to spin what you want to do in their wheel box."

Temi says, "We definitely want stuff to happen on grid and bring the game to life for more
people, but plots help to bring the rest of everything to life, the things we know don't
happen on grid."

Temi says, "If they become a reason for people to interact on grid, that's really meeting
the goal, even if you needed staff involvement."

Temi grins.

Kuzco states, "Physicians typically use their own plots for forensics, thieves to stake
out homes, or bribe NPCS, mages to attempt to break people out of Ahalin"

Satoshi questions, "Can you use it to...influce reputation with NpCs to bank for future
plots/affect people that arent typically online with you?"

Elysaveta has lost link.

Temi claims, "Generally you can't affect people as an alternative to roleplaying them, but
you can certainly try to get favors owed from NPCs or things like that."

Temi states, "If it would be better on grid, RPed out, we'd rather not do it as a plot,
but if it enables the on grid stuff, that is good."

Satoshi says, "Well like. interacting with guild NPCs and having the GL hear about it, as
the example of something i dismissed previously thinking it wouldnt work"

Kuzco says, "You also can't modify rooms. This includes setting them on fire."

Elysaveta has reconnected.

Temi claims, "Potentially, though I'm not quite sure what you are looking for for that."

Sparkles claims, "You can run a plot and have rumors posted that would get back to people
about something happening."

Satoshi states, "Mostly having a coded background for a reputation im geting that i cant
otherwise back up, tbh"

Ornith queries, "Huh. You can't modify rooms? That kinda makes me wonder about something
but it'd be a magic question so I'm guessing not for this chat?"

Kuzco claims, "No freeform spell either."

Satoshi states, "Also you can build a campfire and set a mood if you really want to be an

Kuzco claims, "And no, try to keep magey questions elsewhere, many people don't know how
demon stuff works."

KING nods.

Galax claims, "Help RPA has the general guidelines."

Temi states, "The modifying rooms thing is more to prevent staff having to completely
rebuild items, only for other people to come back in and us having to rebuild them back to
what they were again."

Temi finishes abruptly, "We used to allow it and it adds up to a lot of staff work really
quick - moods works much better"

Ornith says, "Ah, good point, moods are a lot easier to resolve."

Satoshi says, "Ive read it but its still difficult for me to engage with the system since
its still sorta...very open to interpretation. i might grab a staff member and ask next
time i want to try something maybe. i ask other players occasionally but sometimes
anecdotes are more confusing. anyways thank you for the clarifying"

Temi asks, "Okay, any other questions on that or should we move on to player heartbeat?"

Temi nods at Satoshi.

Temi muses, "Okay! Player heartbeat. How's RP been this week, folks?"

Kuzco says, "RP was slow, as it has been for the past six weeks, but good. Looking forward
to tomorrow."

KING claims, "Slow, yeah, but good."

ToffeeApples nods.

Gattara says, "It's been pretty good here."

KING states, "Been trying to drag some of my RP friends into joining too lol"

Galax claims, "Slow as usual due to my IRL schedule missing people or things lately, but

Kuzco states, "I kinda wonder if there's stuff happening in Southside at all."

Temi wonders, "It seems like numbers have been picking up again, though?"

Kuzco nods.

Satoshi says, "Ive been so busy lately irl im finding it hard to get back in the middle of

Sparkles states, "I've had some interesting scenes, so thanks for that. I've seen some new
faces so that made me happy."

Satoshi states, "To my limited knowledge, not much happening SS but ny schedule changed so
im not literally involved with everything anymore heh"

Ornith states, "I feel like I don't know enough about things to have a good idea of what's
normal activity. Not even very sure about where to look for people."

Kitty states, "I haven't seen overly much southside."

Satoshi claims, "A lot of my filthy freeman pals seem to have stopped logging in as much"

Kuzco claims, "Ornith, we took a dive a month ago and now we're recovering."

Satoshi says, "Clearly we need a good old fashioned bank robbery to get the blood back up"

Sparkles claims, "Taverns and Guildhalls are fairly regular spots to find people."

Temi nods.

Ornith says, "Oh man. I wish I could rob a bank."

Temi questions, "Anything been bothering anyone that staff ought to know about?"

Sparkles claims, "That actually inspires a question if there's time after the other

Temi nods.

Temi claims, "Added you to the list then, Sparkles."

Kuzco claims, "I think I'm good."

Satoshi says, "Nothing thats not my topic"

Temi says, "Okay. Glad to hear things are pretty positive in general, if still need some
picking up. And maybe some more dirty freemen."

Temi muses, "Let's go on to Kuzco's topic?"

Kuzco claims, "I'd like for staff to reconsider solving the noble project issue where it's
impossible to know if a project has been completed. I understand it's not a bug but a
feature... and it's one that is driving me nuts, as we don't have a lot of nobles, thus I
have to make every project count, with a big IP goal. I don't want to use favors or money
to get people to send me more IP when I have already surpassed the goal."

Temi states, "I'll put it on the list for staff discussion then. Maybe at least a point
when you know for sure it's enough, even if there's still some wiggle room"

Temi muses, "But not something I can decide on my own, regardless. Anyone else have any
thoughts on that?"

Kuzco says, "Perhaps a buffer time period where it has been completed but it doesn't
reflect in project review, yes."

Kuzco claims, "But... not too long, please."

Sparkles claims, "There was a forum thread before about it being a frustration, I think. "

Satoshi claims, "Dont understand the system enough t comment sadly"

Temi says, "Okay then. I'll put it on the discussion list, and pass on the concerns."

Galax states, "I don't know much about projects. Like most IP-based things, they're an
alien system I shuffle numbers around in and hope I get what I want."

Temi wonders, "Satoshi, then?"

Satoshi claims, "I mostly wanted to bring up something that has continued to bother me
since I started: people constantly turning whereRP off. There are good reasons to, of
course, i do it, everyone does it. But I feel like it's getting detrimental to the game
and making it harder for newbies to find people when people no longer go to taverns as
reliably when people hang out there.In fact I would like to ask staff to consider
incentivizing having whereRP on, maybe a bonus to rpxp or a QP for being the most visible
on where or something, because a good chunk of people are inaccessible all the time with
their whereRP off, and it turns every RP attempt into "let's send a messenger" lately,
which makes organic RP very hard to get. "

Satoshi begs forgiveness for wall of text, is on mobile.

Temi says, "Not that big of a wall, off of mobile, I promise."

Temi grins at Satoshi.

Kitty states, "I have it off, in general, when I'm not somewhere that people can easily
run into me. In a guildhall behind an xblock, etc."

Satoshi muses, "If they cant find you theres no risk of them wandering in, why do you need
it off?"

Temi queries, "Okay, well, what's people's thoughts? How would you incentivize it? Do
you think we should?"

Satoshi says, "WhereRP makes the game feel populated and active"

Ornith claims, "I have run into noone with whereRP on being somewhere I can actually
reach, because they're all in guildhalls."

Temi claims, "Because then you get complaints that 'everybody on whereRP is behind xblocks
and I can't get into them'"

Kuzco says, "It's a recurrent problem enough that I am willing to experiment corrective

Satoshi claims, "Like i suggested, xp boost or even a QP like most active RPer"

Galax says, "Conversely, I find it frustrating when whereRP is filled with things behind
private xblocks, which are useless information as opposed to knowing 'three's N people at
crossroads or the queen's today'"

KING no longer feels quite so relaxed and euphoric.

ToffeeApples asks, "Does it affect RPXP Gain already?"

Kitty says, "What Temi said. The complaint is that they can't get to anyone."

Everett claims, "Public rooms have a bonus, I think"

Temi says, "Public rooms do, but I don't think whererp does."

KING says, "Personally, A lot of times if mine is off I am in a scene that I don't
mercenarily want interrupted, or I don't want people seeing someone is at my location. "

Satoshi muses, "It feels like people just turn it off when they get on, or forget to turn
it back on. and honestly do people know EVERY blocked room?"

Temi asks, "If you got an rpxp bonus for it, would that change people's behavior?"

Ornith wonders, "Public rooms are rooms like the Crossroads, right? That show people there
even if it's off?"

Satoshi states, "Like i said, there are good reasons to have it off, but this isnt about
those reasons."

Kuzco claims, "I don't know, I have millions of xp, but I'm a bit unusual like thta."

ToffeeApples claims, "I think giving it a RPXP bonus might incentivise turning it on in
places where RP is actually occuring. "

Temi nods at Ornith.

Gattara claims, "I'd still use it as I currently do."

KING claims, "Can't say it would change mind, but I don't mind the concept of the bonus."

Satoshi says, "Either that or making more rooms public"

Temi claims, "I know it wouldn't really change how I use it, but I have enough rpxp that
it doesn't incentivize me.. but I always try to keep it on when I'm up for RP."

Galax says, "I've played for a year and can get a pretty good vibe of whether a room name
is going to be accessible to me. Maybe I'm weird like kuzco, but if my incentive were to
make numbers go up RPXP is the last thing I think about"

Kitty claims, "For me? Not necessarily. I'd still turn it off when I turn it off, and turn
it on when I turn it on. I turn it on when I'm inviting people to join me. I turn it off
when I'm 1) in a private scene, 2) not really available for large group RP, or 3) not ICly
available, but am OOCly available - logged in at work, etc."

Satoshi claims, "My thoughts are mostly--last night a newbie found a group of us to RP
with. we were literally the only people on where RP. "

Galax states, "But I do agree that public RP has taken a nosedive since the year I
started, and exploring ways to nudge that back into place would be valuable"

Temi questions, "For the people that are saying it wouldn't change their behavior... is
there something that would?"

KING states, "I'm still new enough that XP is a thought of mine, but at the same time the
nature of most of my rp doesn't change how I want to advertise what I'm doing. I do
understand the frustration though, for sure, but yeah."

Sparkles states, "I'd say it wouldn't matter but just watch how many people awkwardly
stand around after an execution to get the public RPXP bonus. So ... I think potentially
it might help even if a small amount and that's better than nothing."

Satoshi says, "If wed had it off like veeryone else, that newbje wohkd have been SOL"

Kuzco says, "I think lot of people tend to default to private RP when they could make it
public with minimal adjustments."

Temi queries, "What would you guys think of a system like whoinvis?"

Kitty says, "That, I can agree with."

Galax says, "Honestly, here is my biggest complaint with where (and the associated

KING nods.

Galax states, "It's not possible to travel even to the room outside of someone behind a
locked door or xblock"

Kitty says, "So, maybe instead of incentivizing whererp, maybe change behaviors. Have a
conversation in public, rather than in private."

Kitty says, "If it's a privatish convo, make a join spot."

Kuzco looks at Galax, quirking an eyebrow.

Satoshi says, "Thats not something staff can change, but yes that is a hope of brining it
up in chat"

Satoshi states, "I notice when i comment in ooc channel people turn it on if only to poke
fun at me. "

Kuzco nods at Kitty. "Yeah, just go public and use a join spot to gossip.

Satoshi states, "Honestly with eavesdrop still broken, join spots are as private as a
locked room"

Gattara states, "Mine is usually off when in a less public scene or there's something
going on when I'm possibly already having trouble keeping up. I don't think much would
change how I use it aside from just removing the option to use it altogether."

Satoshi claims, "But like i said, there ARE good reasons to turn it off"

Satoshi claims, "For instance where locations you can judt show up to, no reason. "

Ornith claims, "Oh, eavesdrop is broken? It's good I haven't tried to use it for anything,

Kuzco claims, "It is."

Galax shrugs at kuzco. "Newbies aren't going to know where GL offices are, even if GLs
want to be found there"

KING states, "Very."

Kuzco says, "Yeah you wanna turn whererp off when you're like, doing shady stuff in the

Satoshi states, "If you want to avoid that, if youre being sneaky, if youre private, dont
want to RP, arent available etc"

Temi asks, "Any other ideas of things people think would encourage people to be visible in
public more?"

ToffeeApples says, "I don't know what could be done to change my own usage either. I try
to put it on whe I know cyans or seekers are around. But I do tend to keepit off when I'm
involved in certain RP or behind an xblock"

KING claims, "Any margin of sneaking around has me turning RP off tbh, yeah."

Ornith queries, "Xblock short for exit block, or?"

Satoshi questions, "But how much of having it off is just being antisocial though? because
thats how it feels to me when im trying to get into RP again"

Temi claims, "I'm not sure if it's exit or like 'x' as a variable. Things like guild only

Kitty claims, "For me? It's availability."

Kitty states, "If I am available to have people join me, I have it on. If I'm not, it's

Satoshi claims, "Like i have and do sit in public spaces to be available, im trying to be
the change"

Satoshi states, "And thats a good reason to have it off, as i said literally three times"

Kitty claims, "I was just answering your question."

Gattara claims, "I'm not trying to be antisocial when I use it. I don't really think most
people are, but just... busy with their own things."

Temi says, "Okay, then let's move on to Sparkles' topic."

Satoshi states, "Anyways staff cant change "i dont want to RP" and if rpxp or QP doesnt
incentivize and people dont think they woukd chsnge then its not an issue that can be
fixed and i am fine with that. "

Ornith claims, "It is kind of irritating to keep getting little QP quests I have no idea
how to complete because I can't locate the person, now that I'm thinking about it"

Sparkles states, "Can try and send them a messenger."

Ornith states, "I don't know who they are, usually. I'm not sure how it'd make sense."

Satoshi states, "And i understand not everyone is available, people have their cliques
etc, its just especially lately accessibility is a problem i have noticed"

Kuzco states, "Absolutely no reason to message someone you never met."

Temi asks, "Are more people using matchmaker hooks now? They should provide a reason to
reach out to people"

Satoshi says, "Thats part of what matchmaking hooks are for"

Wimpled is idle.

Wimpled is no longer idle.

Wimpled says, "I don't think it's super helpful to characteristic it as people don't want
to RP or have cliques. "

Kitty doesn't, either.

Wimpled states, "Characterize. "

Kuzco states, "I am using them... a little."

Gattara claims, "Yeah. My clique is literally everyone."

ToffeeApples says, "I need to write mine"

Kuzco claims, "Usually when I was already going to meet them at some point."

Gattara grins.

KING states, "Yeah, I'm trying to get into the matchmaking"

Satoshi claims, "I dont see how "i am unavailable" doesnt mean "i do not want tk rp""

Kitty says, "I have filled out my matchmaking hooks."

Galax says, "I still need to update a few things."

Satoshi says, "I dont log in at work, because i cant RP, thus i would be unavailable"

Temi wonders, "Does it feel like the hooks help? I've seen some good examples of it
helping, but I don't know how widespread that is"

Sparkles peeks her hand up.

Temi nods at Sparkles.

Satoshi claims, "I dont think enough people use them to be useful, but yee i think sparks
should speak sorry boo"

Sparkles queries, "Is there a quick moment for my question/thought?"

Satoshi hushes.

Temi nods at Sparkles.

Wimpled has been transferred out by Temi. [OOC]

Sparkles muses, "Is there any way that shopkeepers could perhaps pay as a pshop thing a
way to be notified that someone is in their shop and potentially is looking for them? Like
... a more private "notify" from the shopkeeper similiar to the Guild notify scenario?"

Sparkles states, "For people who are being low-key it wouldn't need to return a name just
"the shopkeeper" is being informed."

Temi claims, "Hm, maybe. I think we'd have to discuss implications of it, but potential.
It would have to be an extra cost mobprog thing."

Sparkles nods.

Satoshi says, "I see the appeal for sneaky shop stuff"

Sparkles queries, "Just seems like something that might potentially give people another
way to get in touch with people, particularly if that's part of say ... the role for a
roster job too?"

Galax states, "Or even shop RP in general"

KING nods.

Satoshi says, "As i recall someone bemoaned a lack of shop RP some months back, though the
general answer was "advertise more"/ involve yourself more iirc"

Satoshi states, "Oop its seven i need to leave"

Temi nods.

Temi claims, "I can put it on the list for staff discussion, but I wouldn't say outright

Temi queries, "Any last minute stuff before we wrap things up?"

Satoshi has been transferred out by Temi. [OOC]

Sparkles claims, "Also as a related thought, adding some of the popular tavern hotspots as
places you could ping the Bards might be neat. Just trying to find more ways to get people
in touch with one another for RP if that's a worry."

Temi nods.

Temi states, "We can discuss, but that might be a bit much."

Temi pontificates, "Okay. Sending folks back now. Happy RPing!"

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