Log of OOC Meeting - 2019-09-28

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Sat Sep 28, 2019 6:08 pm

Kinaed claims, "A reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Regardless of what we discuss, we understand and truly believe that everyone on TI does the best they
can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this 
and each other at all times."

Kinaed queries, "Today's Agenda is:

   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today?"

Azarial says, "Well, if you titl left, that's what it looks like.  I remember when these things started out as silliness with a manual typewriter."

Emerald queries, "Did you just say boob left?"

Kitty trails off, "The first cellphones... "

Kuzco claims, "He meant tilt left, with a typo."

Azarial states, "Which then leads to the <3 interpreted as a teabagging."

Emerald states, "Oh right."

Kinaed asks, "No one has a topic?"

Azarial claims, "Hence never using said terms."

Azarial shrugs eloquently with more tail than shoulders.

Kuzco says, "I don't, I think"

Kitty claims, "I can definitely see it."

KING states, "Nothing from me"

Emerald admittedly hasn't been here enough this week for a topic.

Norah states, "No topics here."

Kinaed tries very hard to focus everyone on the OOC Chat instead of scrotums and teabags.

Satoshi queries, "No topic but the things in the ground gift? y/y?"

Azarial states, "Yes"

Galax states, "If I had one it escaped my brain"

Kinaed says, "Yes, go ahead and grab one."

Niamh states, "It really couldn't be a less pleasant word. "Scrotum""

Sparkles gets a weathered chance cube painted with blue and crimson sides.

Kuzco gets a weathered chance cube painted with blue and crimson sides.

Emerald shudders. "Niamh you had to bring it up again."

Satoshi starts to move towards the north and east.

Niamh hangs head.

Satoshi gets a weathered chance cube painted with blue and crimson sides.

Kitty says, "Rectum is likely worse. 'Moist' is also surprisingly... offensive to most."

Emerald giggles quietly and simply says, "It's worth less money."

Kuzco claims, "There are prettier word in your barbaric langauge."

Azarial claims, "Prolly why people joke about replacing it with a crown royal bag."

Emerald states, "Scrotum is just gross"

Kinaed says, "Aaaand so we'll kick off with Staff Topics. Last week, I actually did some plot work in Temi's absence to try to help out while we're
under staffed. I also handled a policy case or two which resulted in a reminder about the Blackballing policy. I still have Turf Wars on my desk."

Kinaed says to Azarial, "You're up."

Kuzco examines a weathered chance cube painted with blue and crimson sides.
A cube carved from a single piece of heavyweight oak, it features several
notches and scars from use; time weathers its surface and corners. Half of
the sides are painted in fading crimson while the other half are painted a
bright, bold blue.

Kuzco wonders what does the cube conmemorate.

Azarial states, "I've been poking along at the smaller bugs that do not take as much time or effort; I'm currently driving about 300 miles a week
trying to keep up with the basic school schedule in the aftermath of the black mold invasion of the crawlspace."

Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Kitty says, "Black mold is evil. Kill it with fire."

Azarial claims, "I wish, but this slum could use a good fire."

Emerald claims, "It may scream when it burns."

Azarial claims, "But it's the cheapest in town, and frankly unless you;re a minority or military, you;re rather boned here."

Kinaed says, "Az is struggling with IRL responsibilities after the house became unlivable due to a flood incident and mold. So... I am very sorry
about this week's technical issues, it's just life has been a bit hard for a few staff members, and some of us are on leave too."

Raspberries nods.

Azarial trails off, "Funeral last month, mold this month, crappy slumlord stalling on repairs..."

Azarial shrugs eloquently with more tail than shoulders.

Raspberries queries, "Any crash expected tonights rollover?"

Norah nods in understanding.

Kinaed claims, "In good news, we *do* have matchmaking hooks set up, I think? We just need to get the help file out there, and people can start
filling their hooks in - which will appear when a match is made as well as on your character help file automatically."

Azarial states, "Nope.  the crash alst time was resolved."

Azarial says, "Should be setup, yes."

Raspberries says, "Whew. that's good then"

Azarial states, "It uses the clipboard."

Kinaed nods at Raspberries.

Kinaed muses to Azarial, "What does that mean for us?"

Niamh states, "Clipboard edit, write in there, @x to exit out, I think."

Azarial says, "You use the clipboard command to write it up, then the match hook to install it."

Raspberries says, "Ah"

Kuzco says to Azarial, "So sorry to hear you're struggling, man."

Emerald claims, "Oooh that's fun."

Azarial states, "Prevents the need for a polca or other complex options to make sure the length checks are added."

Azarial says, "Er.  not added so much as checked."

Norah declares, "That sounds easy!"

Azarial says, "Norrig thanks"

Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Kinaed questions, "Can we get a help file in here to explain the steps?"

Norah says, "I hope you can get your house fixed soon Azarial."

Azarial says, "It;s out of my hands."

KING states, "Yeah, hopefully things are better for you soon, Az."

Norah says, "Well I hope things get better at the very least."

Kinaed claims, "Oh, there was a change to Hail Call this week also."

Azarial says, "Whenever the slumlord gets around to it, really.  so for now I drive all over creation and wear out my knees making sure everyone gets
to their stuff on time."

Raspberries muses, "Don't use that one often. what's changed?"

Satoshi queries, "Do you live in a place with renter laws?"

Azarial claims, "Not good ones."

Kinaed wonders, "Guys, can we shift focus to the OOC Chat?"

Satoshi gives sympathy hug.

Azarial claims, "...sorry."

Kinaed smiles.

Satoshi queries, "Yeah. whats the change to hail call?"
Kinaed states to Niamh, "You're up next :)"

Niamh says, "This was a fairly quiet week for me. Sorted out building requests, did the usual recs/typos cycle, processed a couple little plots, and
taught a fellow Staffer how to use some of the newer plot system features. Updated a block of the bugs board by priority. Built a couple more hidey-
holes/secret spots in the wilderness area. Uhhh... updated our InquisitionBot for our forum updates -> Discord set-up. I think that's about all."

Niamh says, "Shouldn't be any visible changes with the InquisitionBot, it was all internal."

Raspberries nods.

Chronos states, "Love how a quiet week for you is a big block of things done."

Kinaed claims to Satoshi, "I'm not entirely sure, because I think part of the spec was installed already."

Niamh claims to Chronos, "I'm very wordy."

Kinaed smiles.

Emerald hugs Niamh. "You poor poor woman."

Kinaed asks, "Okay, I think that's all present staff. Shall we move to Player Heartbeat? How was the game for you this last week? What were the ups
and downs you had?"

Norah claims, "Fun! I got cursed and thought I was going to die IC. I just lost my mind for a minute. It was fun."

Niamh laughs.

Raspberries pontificates, "Still enjoying the queen's murder. We should kill heads of state more often!"

Emerald states, "Admittedly, I've been kind of taking a break. I am finding that I'm struggling a bit with the game and perhaps need to step back a

Niamh eyes Kuzco. 

KING exclaims, "Been good! Lot's of plot movement, we should def kill royalty more often"

Satoshi states, "I liked the spice stirred up by the mage, though sad that it was just a suicide burst. heen SO busy lately its hard to get scenes in
reliably and my playtime plummetted"

Kuzco jolts to wakefulnes.

Chronos claims, "Best thing that ever happened storywise."

Kuzco claims, "I was in a bit of a limbo because of busy staff, but not that it prevented me from doing other things."

Chronos states, "Regicide."

Norah wonders, "If we kill our rulers...who do we have to hate?"

Kinaed comforts Satoshi.

Emerald states, "Hm"

Kinaed nods at Kuzco.

Emerald says, "No idea."

Azarial states, "You can hate them for being so easy to kill"

Niamh pontificates to Norah, "MAGES!"

Raspberries nods in agreement with Azarial.

Kuzco says, "King Norrig wouldn't be so easy to off."

Kinaed says, "I'm sorry about staff low responsiveness. Az's house, as mentioned - and I had jury duty."

Raspberries nods at Niamh.

Kuzco says, "All I'm saying."

Brando states, "The roll over crash meant that I did very little execept to tend plants and animals. i achieved very little at all. :("

KING claims, "Though I will say, not that I was involved at all, but I've been stepping really lightly the last couple days after the blackballing
snafu. Just cus it's kinda... worrying to know that's around, esp when I don't know anyone OOC."

Kinaed states, "Plus a lot of other stuff in the background. Just haven't really had time."

KING states, "Wait, are we killing Norrig? I'm in."

Kinaed nods at KING.

Kuzco claims, "You can try."

Emerald says, "Me too"

Kuzco says, "Like all the others before."

Emerald trails off, "Wait..."

Gattara states, "Ups and downs, here. A lot of downtime, but the stuff that did happen was fun and exciting, even if it means possibly having to write
a new character >.<"

Kinaed comforts Brando.

Chronos trails off, "Half the kingdom would be up for it, so it might not be hard...."

Kinaed comforts Gattara.

Norah wonders, "Why are we killing Norrig?"

Emerald states, "Damn, burn"

Sparkles says, "I admit to me it's been a bit lonelier than usual so I've felt a bit bad feeling like I've been kind of harassing the same folks over
and over for RP."

Gattara says, "And I had my first injury! ...I know how ironic that is, yes."

Kinaed comforts Sparkles.

Galax states, "It's been a slow week for me because of IRL stuff, but it did seem like the game was less busy overall lately"

Elysaveta asks, "Sort of crash question. Are assets not rolling over a universal thing related to the crash?"

Kinaed says, "It sounds like it's been a bit of a tough week for everyone one way or another."

Norah states, "I still want to say, I loved the being cursed RP. I did not know what was going on for a while and at one point my wisdom hit 4 so i
kept playing like i was losing my mind."

Kinaed nods at Elysaveta.

Elysaveta nods.

Kinaed smiles at Norah.

Emerald says, "I'm mainly just finding it hard to get into atm. It's probably because of IRL and being busy, but still. I kinda feel spread thin with
other me's."

Kuzco claims, "I spent all week drinking orange juice, watching netflix and walking barefoot on grass. But yeah TI was unusually slow."

Norah says, "It was great. I even got to kick the mage that did it."

KING is waiting with baited breath to get cursed, oh my!

Raspberries says, "Sounds like curses have been buffed a bit, nice"

Galax says the F-word at King. 

KING says, "Thank you."

Emerald gasps. "Galax, how dare you."

Kinaed nods.

Satoshi claims, "Yeah i noticed the pbase is a little smaller it must just be the week for it"

Kinaed asks, "Anything shitting anyone that Staff ought to know about?"

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Emerald states, "Ot me."

KING claims, "Not on my end."

Emerald states, "Erm ... not me."

Norah says, "I've had fun, no complaints."

Satoshi exclaims, "Its FREEZING in my office!! but no not really hehe"

Kuzco claims, "I think I'm good."

Raspberries stokes the pyre for Satoshi.

Gattara states, "Uhhmm... horses shouldn't get blisters on their hooves. That is all."

Emerald muses, "Is it time for the timeout pyre again?"

Satoshi nuzzles into the flames for warmth

Galax states, "I want a hit of caffeine but I don't want the taste of coffee. But that's not game-related"

Norah says, "Have soda."

Azarial says, "Try tea or chocolate"

KING claims, "Caffeine pills, my dude "

Emerald trails off, "Soda is good, tea is good too... *is drinking soda*"

Kuzco says, "Guys, focus =)"

Emerald states, "Or cafeen pills. Those tend to make me irritated."

Galax claims, "Sorrryy."

Emerald nods.

Gattara states, "That was my only grievance. :P"

Kuzco claims, "I think we have no complains, save for hooves and blisters."

Gattara nods.

They aren't here.

Kuzco claims to Kinaed, "I have sent you an email though, Kin."

Raspberries states, "Haven't seen any horse blisters"

Raspberries claims, "Oh, did hear some vague complaint on OOC earlier this week. Hope that got sorted."

Gattara says, "It's a pretty specific thing, I guess. It was just odd to come up with wording for treatment."

Sparkles says, "I've got a question."

Azarial says, "Consider them in the fleshy parts of the foot, not on the hoof itself"

Kinaed nods at Kuzco.

Kinaed queries to Sparkles, "What's your question?"

Azarial states, "The hoof is the nail of the remaining toe, not the sum total of the foot."

Kinaed claims, "We don't have any Player Topics, so if people want to ask questions, shoot the breeze with staff, anything like that - we can do it."

KING says, "Huh, that was quick"

Gattara claims, "Alright, I'll do that if I ever encounter it again."

Satoshi muses, "Once sparks has asked their question, i wantsd to know if we coukd request silver fron the rollover crash?"

Satoshi is chronically poor and saving up for house upgrades and that 100s makes a difference sob

Sparkles questions, "There was discussion at some point about I'm not sure the term but Assistants or something along those lines, but folks who might
be able to do things like send noobers back to chargen and other basic things during downturns in staff time. Was that ever finalized?"

Raspberries claims, "There was an announcement to make a req board note for compensation"

Satoshi says, "Blesssss"

Emerald says, "Oh also you can redeem assets now. I did."

Raspberries can't.

Kitty states, "I cannot - mine still say paid."

Norah states, "Mine too."

Sparkles states, "That's not working for everyone, Em."

Emerald states, "Oh. :( Sad."

Elysaveta claims, "Yeah, think it needs to be a staff help thing for me too."

Kinaed claims, "Okay, let me touch base about a few things - if you want silver and missed out on it due to the rollover crash, please write a note on
the Request Board and staff will give you the average silver you normally earn based on your past earnings in the last few weeks."

Elysaveta nods.

Kuzco nods.

Brando nods

Kinaed says, "Sorry to ask people to post rather than doing it ubiquitously, but it's a highly manual process for us. We can't just kick it off mid

KING double nods.

Kinaed claims, "About assistants."

Raspberries wonders, "Do you need assistance?"

Kinaed says, "Sorry, distracted by tells coming in"

Kinaed questions, "Do we?"

Raspberries claims, "It might help sometimes in the odd hours staff aren't on. I think we're dine as-is for the most part though"

Kinaed states, "The thing about assistants is that, even when we try not to make it seem like a prestigious thing, it often is viewed that way. And
then we get people who want to be on the prestigious train, but don't really have much interest in helping new players where they really need it"

Kinaed states, "The biggest focus we need is people who are willing to just RP with anyone, and help new players meet people and get involved. Older
players tend to be really happy to answer questions, but not really happy to just go RP with new people, even if they're a drag, and get them 

Raspberries nods.

Kitty says, "Any way it could be an anonymous thing? Like, the people doing it, they are told not to say anything. And if they do, well... that way it
becomes genuinely helpful, and not for bragging rights."

Kinaed states, "If people aren't willing to do that, there's really no point in setting up aides/assistants/citizens. Answering questions on visnet is

INFO: Mildred has just created!

Kuzco says, "This is why troubs performing in public is so important."

Sparkles says, "Sometimes there does tend to be a 'pass the buck' kind of thing with newbies."

Kinaed claims to Kitty, "We could definitely make Aids Aids without showing the player base who they are. For me, though, it's always been a
frustration in not getting Aids willing to assist us where we actually need it"

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Kinaed states, "I have been trying to award QP when I notice players assisting new players lately to encourage it."

Raspberries smiles.

Kitty claims, "In my experience, some people are willing to help and don't want accolades. And the people that want accolades aren't always willing to
help very much. (Generalization, not an always thing.) If it was anonymous, somehow, it would take away both problems."

Kinaed states, "TI's pbase tends to be good about answering visnet and whatnot anyway."

Chronos claims, "I don't know. If veteran players answer questions regularly already, then giving someone a fancy aid title isn't really much
different from them making a character that's out and about more."

Emerald claims, "We do try."

Satoshi says, "I used to RP in puic a lot but i havent had the time and a lot of the time have scheduled scenes to get through sadly :("

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Kinaed nods at Chronos.

Kinaed states to Chronos, "Exactly. We get all of the benefits official Assistants were supposed to give us already. And what we really wanted them to
do, they didn't want to do."

Sparkles says, "Sometimes the stuff that goes on makes being out/about dangerous and then I kind of feel bad."

Chronos says, "Not to mention that if you want them to be jumping around and doing things like RPing citizens, you have to make sure they know theme 
-solidly- because they're kind of a staff representative."

Satoshi says, "That's fair. its hard to balance IC fear/suspicion and OOC desire to be available"

Kinaed states, "With the sole exception of Voxumo, by the way. A really outstanding Aide willing to RP with just about anyone. I just have to call out
that excellence because it was really appreciated."

Kitty states, "That has been an issue with the current, uh... situation."

Kinaed states, "I felt bad shutting down the program for that one awesome aide."

Raspberries questions, "As for chargen transes, is there a reason that only staff can do that? Could a cyan-usable chargen command be implemented?"

Chronos states, "Voxumo's always been pretty great about that."

Kinaed states to Raspberries, "We can do that, yep"

Kinaed has released a person wearing a box-pleated cream cloak with a soft mauve cashmere lining back to the Pattern.

Kitty trails off, "Except, sorry for being devil's advocate..."

Raspberries claims, "I think that oughta help, not just for the hours staff aren't available, but could also cut down on visnet stuff that players
can't help with"

Yell what?

Kitty queries, "I have seen EXACTLY ONCE that a trans to chargen has been denied. For whatever reason. So, if a command is put in, there would need to
be a way to disable it for abuse? I guess?"

Kinaed claims, "We can easily disable commands, it's not an issue."

Raspberries nods.

Galax questions, "What if there were (N) self-transes to chargen, then after that, you had to poke staff?"

Kinaed states, "We'd just make it a different command to the staff one."

Kinaed nods at galax.

Galax claims, "Or that."

Kinaed says, "That's not a bad idea as well, galax."

Chronos says, "Would just need to make a failsafe for it so it doesn't work if you're in a room with other people, or recently in combat."

Kinaed nods at Chronos.

Raspberries nods.

Yell what?

Galax asks, "And the system has the flags for 'recent combat' and 'in active RP' already, doesn't it?"

Kinaed says, "Honestly, I think we can just give people 2 free returns to chargen to tweak."

Sparkles claims, "Summoning retainers has those same failsafes in place now, so I'm thinking that could be applied over there."

Kinaed claims, "With those caveats, of course."

Raspberries states, "For OOC chat, I've seen, and have been guility of once or twice, poofing into thin air when invites go out"

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Kinaed says, "It doesn't bug me if people don't want to come to OOC Chat."

Kinaed doesn't really follow the poofing comment and why it's an issue?

Raspberries claims, "No, I mean people come to OOC chat while in the middle of a scene"

Kinaed exclaims, "OH!"

Niamh states, "I think she means when you're RPing with somebody and they suddenly vanished for the chat without a word."

Niamh nods.

Kinaed nods at Niamh.

Kinaed states, "Yeah, that's a bit uncool."

Emerald says, "I usually ask my rp partner if they're going to ooc chat."

Norah states, "Leaving in the middle of a scene to tweak your character seems...rude. Coming to OOC chat not so much, especially if you mention
wanting to go beforehand."

Niamh states, "A quick osay for "Going to OOC chat!" is a good practice."

Satoshi states, "I usually ask when it gets close id people are going or not"

Emerald states, "And if they aren't, I stay in the scene rather than going to ooc chat."

Raspberries claims, "Yeah. I don't mind if there's an osay first"

Kinaed says, "Or just take an alt to the OOC Chat (if you have one) or even ask to wrap up the scene, then go to OOC Chat once you've said goodbye."

Galax says, "It's not a problem if people are just courteous, I think"

Raspberries nods at Kinaed.

Kinaed nods at galax.

Galax states, "But that's many things"

Kinaed says, "I think it does bug people when other people just poof out."

Norah nods.

Sparkles says, "Oh! I have another thing if we are just chatting."

Kinaed says to Sparkles, "We are, go for it"

Kinaed exclaims, "Fifteen minutes left in your 'hour with staff', so get them in while it's good!"

Galax claims, "Oh! Something just came to mind when we're done with Sparkles' thing."

Kinaed nods at galax.

Galax claims, "I didn't mean to use the exact same 'Oh!' by the way."

Kinaed smiles.

Emerald pets galax

Niamh chuckles.

Kinaed says, "No stress."

Raspberries asks, "Anyone have thoughts on my shelter item commands? https://ti-legacy.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2157"

Raspberries claims, "Err shelter item request*"

Yell what?

Kuzco says, "I liked the idea."

KING states, "Same, really liked it."

Sparkles states, "Do we have any more suggestions/ideas/clarifications that might go into a forum post as a "How to Guide" about the new rumor system
expectations/policy? We have clusters of time where it comes up a whole bit and sometimes even with a character deeply involved in said system, I 
admit I'm a bit confused and I wonder if more examples would help clear that up. So confusion doesn't lead to hard feelings and such."

Kinaed states, "I'm not really sure. We did have some complaints about an old player who had come back and didn't understand the rumor system change.
We reached out to them, and they seemed to think they were in trouble (well, to be fair, everyone thinks they're in serious trouble whenever I pop up 
even if it's just to say hi), so it was a bit hair raising just explaining the new system to them."

Kinaed states, "Once it was solved, however, it was fine."

Raspberries nods

Kinaed states, "If someone feels that the rumor help file needs an update, I'd love to get a player to do the update"

Brando is idle.

Brando is no longer idle.
Brando has returned from AFK.

Kinaed says, "As it is, sometimes we staff get lost in our perspective and don't know when we're missing a crucial bit of spice in the sauce."

Chronos claims, "I was that player. "

Kinaed smiles at Chronos.

Galax says, "Since the Eavesdrop discussion last week, I was curious if any prodding happened there, even from a player testing angle."

Kinaed states to Chronos, "Oops, I forgot who it was. I hope I didn't bug you by raising it"

Niamh ruffles Chronos. 

Chronos says, "Nope."

Raspberries asks, "Being able to report individual replies rather than the whole rumor would still be helpful. There's still some planned changes to
the system overall, yes?"

Kinaed claims, "I thought people could? At least, they used to be able to."

Raspberries says, "I think you can only report the whole rumor"

Chronos states, "I do think it's a bit too easy for rumors to get shut down when some folks disagree with them. This isn't in response to that

Kinaed says, "Or when peope report a rumor, we can go in and fix a single reply at least"

Kinaed nods at Chronos.

Raspberries says, "Yeah, you can do that."

Sparkles states, "There's a difference between ICly disagree with something and it being against the new rules though."

Satoshi claims, "Sorry the eavesdrop requires me to dig theough logs and i have not had time to"

Raspberries says, "But when a rumor is reported, the entire thing becomes unviewable, even when the issue is just one of the replies"

Satoshi states, "I have tomorrow ofd and was hoping to do it then and soms ooc testing "

Kinaed claims to Chronos, "A few OOC Chats ago, we went through 'is this current iterative rumor approach better or worse than the old one' and I
think that the pbase was a bit divided on that, but we settled by agreement on tweaking the current system to make it better instead of reverting back 
to the old system where it was a main topic and everyone's comments in reply."

Chronos claims, "In my experience, staff tends to deal with it real fast. The rumor disappearing for a few hours doesn't really negate its impact when
it's made visible again."

Kinaed nods at Raspberries.

Galax claims, "No prob, I would have tried it out myself but data generated from my side of things probably wouldn't be very helpful"

Kinaed claims, "Often rumors disappearing aren't them being reported so much as the Troubs getting involved and 'doing something about that'"

Chronos claims to Kinaed, "Oh no, I love the way the current system is set up once I got to understand it now."

Kuzco nods at Kinaed.

Chronos states to Kinaed, "I mostly just meant that it feels a bit too easy to quash rumors."

Galax states, "I do wish there was a UI difference between 'dead quashed rumor' and 'reported, under review', since right now both show exactly the
same way: As a gap in the vnum list"

Kinaed asks, "For others to quash them, or have you yourself quashed a rumor and gone 'wow, that felt a bit easy'?"

Kitty says, "I don't think it's too easy. The pbase is small, you can't do anything with it if you did it with an alt."

Raspberries nods.

Kitty claims, "The ones that are going away fast... got Troubs involved."

Satoshi claims, "As a troub whose job js literally rumor control you need 2-4 people to all quash about tbe same time with no promotes happening at
the same time"

Galax states, "Or to spend a considerable hunk of IP."

Kitty trails off, "So, it's not like someone's quashing it with every alt they have. If they just happen to have 'powerful' friends (in this case,
Troubadours), well...."

Kinaed says, "Also - just... I wouldn't say a bard's *job* is rumor control."

Satoshi says, "So its not THAT easy and a single person wont ever be able to quash a runor. in fact i rarely ses runor quash happening with non

Chronos queries, "Are those quashings happening with actual in character interaction though?"

Chronos states, "Because it feels like it happens at lightspeed sometimes"

Satoshi pontificates, "Its our special thing! like we get free rumors and promotes "

Kinaed says, "We gave Troubs more control over rumors because it's thematic, but we did not give them absolute control and they don't own the system.
They're not responsible for rumors or to control them, they just have more influence than most."

Satoshi states, "Also yeah typically we send messengers or letters "

Kitty states, "If the troubadours see a rumor they don't like about a friend of theirs, I'm sure they'd do it on their own."

Kitty isn't a troubadour, so doesn't know, but...

Satoshi states, "Doing it any other way is cheating but honestly i sont see quash used much at all outside of the guild when im onlind"

Satoshi says, "Other people totally can quash and its not a weighted system to my knowing"

Kinaed muses, "I'm not certain of how to include people in a system that is designed at individual interaction level. For example, a person goes to a
room and sends a rumor out into the world - on their own, no interaction with others. Other people pick up the rumor and promote/quash/otherwise 
interact on their own, no interaction with others. I'm not sure I get the importance of interaction or how it should/can be built?"

Satoshi says, "You just need to flex your social network a bit"

Kinaed claims, "Rumor quash, promote, etc - are all magnified when a bard does it, I think."

Sparkles claims, "I feel like this comes up a lot the kind of shadow of accusation that the Bards are doing something inappropriate about rumors. If
you want to post a rumor and you want it to gain traction, get more people to comment on it to gain it power."

Kinaed says, "On that, I notice we're hitting the top of the hour, so should start to wrap up"

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Satoshi states, "I think Chronos was asking if the Bards RP iut the quashing and didnt just pboard or discord to all hop on it"

Yell what?

Kinaed claims, "I wouldn't think that'd be okay, because it's OOC coordination, and we require IC coordination."

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Kinaed states, "Thanks for explaining to me."

Satoshi says, "Which...no. the only requests to quash ive ever recoeved were IC via messenger or letter, both which could be counterfeited if you
really tried "

Kuzco declares, "Please write a review in https://www.reddit.com/r/MUD/ !"

Kinaed says, "Okay, thank you everyone, for coming this week. It was a bit more informal than usual. :)"

Kinaed pontificates to Kuzco, "Thank you!"

Norah waves.

Emerald waves.

Raspberries waves.

Galax claims, "I think I'm splitting hairs at this point, but I always saw the rumor control as more of a perk of being an archaic form of social
media influencer than the Job. the Job is entertainment, and rumors are entertainment "

Galax declares, "Also!"

Kinaed declares, "Have a great week, we look forward to seeing everyone next week!"

Galax waves

Brando stands up.

Kinaed nods at galax.

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