Log of OOC Meeting - 09/07/19

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Sat Sep 07, 2019 6:03 pm

Kinaed says, "A reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Regardless of what we discuss, we understand and truly believe that everyone on TI does the best they
can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this 
and each other at all times."

Kinaed queries, "Today's Agenda is:

   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today?"

Kinaed claims, "For so many people being in the room, I'm surprised we have no player topics."

Kinaed says, "If anyone thinks of any, please send me a tell."

Flower nods at Kinaed.

Kinaed says, "Meanwhile, I'll kick off Staff Updates."

Tamos crosses arms, finishing with a slap to either elbow.

Kitty says, "I think the boils made everyone's mouth stick shut."

Temi grins.

Raspberries squeezes boil in Kitty's direction.

Francesca gags.

Kitty claims, "Watch out, Rasp. I bite."

Satoshi claims, "Im a little scattered. i have a topic, if thats what you were asking, hard ti keep up on mobile"

Kinaed muses, "Last week, I didn't do much. I'm working on Turf Wars and resolving a lot of Match Making feedback. Please, if you have things you want
to change about matchmaking, tell us! Here's the thread where people are putting their thoughts about what works and what doesn't: 

http://ti-legacy.com/forums/viewtopic.p ... 6&start=10"

Kirill gets a puffy sweet appetizer subtlety, balled to resemble a boil from a cylinder container painted to resemble a red-haired woman.

Kirill eats a puffy sweet appetizer subtlety, balled to resemble a boil.

Kirill states, "Nomnomnom."

Kinaed states, "I'm thinking about anonymizing some of the additional feedback I've gotten in other places and putting it there for people to

Kinaed pontificates, "That's it for me. Next up - Temi!"

Kitty claims, "I guess I have a minor topic, but... I'm sure it's been asked before. But, I guess I'll ask again."

Lavender laughs.

Temi claims, "Okay!  I've been working on prepping the Seneschal challenge for this term.  I think I've got it mostly all balanced out and ready to be
presented tonight."

Temi grins.

Kinaed says to KING, "Adding you - please pre-type your topic so you're ready to go when called"

Kinaed smiles.

Temi claims, "But that's most of what I've been doing."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Francesca claps for Temi!

Temi claims, "Court after this meeting."

Temi nods at Kinaed.

Kinaed declaims, "One line that encompasses a lot of work :) Thank you!"

KING pontificates, "Uh, I didn't have a topic!"

Flower cheers.

Raspberries says to Kinaed, "Was Satoshi and Kitty with topics"

Kitty states, "I'm sure Kinaed meant me. You're just prettier, King."

Kinaed claims, "Sorry, mistarget because I didn't type out the right keyword"

Kinaed exclaims, "I didn't see Satoshi's though, so thank you!"

Kinaed claims to Basdes, "You're up :)"

Basdes claims, "Howdy-ho. I've been trying to be the best version of myself, resolving some old and lingering plots while I work towards wrapping up
Into the Long Knight. A small PSA which I'll edit in on the general note - Tomorrow's event -might- need to be pushed back an hour, because I can't 
keep a schedule to save my life."

Basdes says, "I know there is one or two that are still waiting feedback - I haven't forgotten, and I love you all, I promise."

Flower states, "Schedules are impossible for me, too."

Satoshi declares, "So long as its not the middle of a workweek at noon!! i really wanted to be there hah"

Raspberries says, "Turns out I have tomorrow off. So I'll hate myself if it's starting at 2AM now, but I can do it"

Kinaed smiles.

KING states, "Fine by me, I cleared my whole afternoon."

Basdes waggles his eyebrows.

Galax trails off, "It's in the morning, for me..."

Kuzco states, "I hope everyone has fun! Unfortunately I won't be able to attend with the veyr humble Norrig."

Kinaed claims to Basdes, "Thank you for your work this week. :)"

Basdes says, "I'm hoping for the best, or else I'll need to nerf quite a few things."

Basdes smiles at Kinaed.

Galax frowns at her alarm clock.

Francesca claims, "GLHF. I'll be hiding in my office."

Kirill states, "I should be able to tag along again this time."

Basdes exclaims, "Also, finally, handled recommendations and played with a few things on grid for you easter egg hunters. And that's it!"

Raspberries is just waiting for the ball to drop and fry Lithmore.

Kirill declaims, "Last time was fun!"

Kinaed states, "Wow, is that all of the staff in attendance? Checking out changes board to see what's gone in."

KING has lost link.
KING has reconnected.

Kirill eats a puffy sweet appetizer subtlety, balled to resemble a boil.

Kinaed states, "Mostly bug fixes."

Kinaed queries to Basdes, "Sorry, did I jump the gun there?"

Raspberries claims, "Bug fixes are good."

Basdes states, "Not at all! We can proceed."

KING gently sobs over their hurricane induced bad connection.

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed asks, "Okay, next up - Player Heartbeat! How was the game this week, folks?"

Flower hates the hurricane.

Kinaed comforts Flower.

Francesca says, "It was great! Lots of good RP. I got to do some political scheming which is my fave. I mean... lots of tea parties and kittens."

Raspberries claims, "Been pretty good. The matchmaking system does encourage you to get out more, even with the kinks it still has"

Basdes claims, "Speaking as a player: My RP has been super interesting."

Kitty turns her ears and flicks her tail.

Kinaed nods at Raspberries.

Flower pontificates, "Kittens?! Witch!"

KING says, "Super good! I've been slightly absent bcus of my workload this week, but overall I'm still having good fun. Finally getting properly
involved with some plots, and feeling a lot better about GL stuff~"

Raspberries says, "Been too busy with RL to play much though"

Kinaed nods at Raspberries.

Kuzco states, "It has been intense and interesting, and just... intense and interesting. Love it =)"

Flower laughs evily.

Satoshi says, "Way less time to play, trying to get some Good RP while dealing with ooc stuff IC :/"

Kalana says, "I've been enjoying getting settled in and meeting new people, and getting a feel for the character"

Kinaed says to Raspberries, "Pesky life :)"

Flower claims, "RP is always good. No complaints."

Galax states, "Active, interesting, maybe a bit hectic at times."

Kinaed muses to Satoshi, "Maybe touch base with me about that later?"

Kinaed questions, "Anything shitting anyone that they want staff to know about? (Unless it's already a topic)"

Raspberries says, "Dealing with OOC stuff IC doesn't sound right."

Kinaed grins at Kitty.

Satoshi claims, "Nothing really you can help with, or i would but its appreciated"

Kitty has the first week in a loooooong time when she's not in top 10, which means other people are getting out there and RPing. That's good.

Kinaed nods at Raspberries.

Kitty blushes, then sticks her tongue out at Kinaed. "No one saw that!"

Kinaed states to Satoshi, "Hmm. I might catch up with you anyway if you don't mind. I'm curious, and that shouldn't be happening."

Kinaed grins.

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Kinaed says, "I saw nothing."

Kalana states, "May have gotten into a little bit of a fuss seeing people were taking help gems as the laws regarding gemstones and classes rather
than help sumptuary, but I think Niamh has fixed that now"

Kuzco says, "I would have loved if there had been some RP around moving the entire Knight's Keep."

Basdes muses, "In regards to player heartbeat, have we not been breaking activity records, Kinaed?"

Raspberries imagines the scene from Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

Kirill states, "Sounds like the old mage tower, that."

Lavender claims, "Wonderful plenty of rp and a party aand plenty of noble rp with people"

Raspberries says, "Sorry, repossesed."

Kuzco nods at Kirill.

Kinaed trails off to Kuzco, "Yeah, I can't imagine what kind of IC event would have made that one fly..."

Raspberries states, "Gotta pay those taxes."

Kirill claims, "Poof, reappears in a different location. Heh."

Lavender states, "Erg can't talk"

Kitty loves Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

KING claims, "Actually, I keep forgetting about the Keep movement bcus it was so... sudden. So yeah."

Satoshi claims, "Oh yeah knight keep movif woukd ahve been fun. i figured they just renovated an old section of the cathedral"

Wimpled muses, "The keep moved?"

Sparkles states, "Clearly all the Earthquakes moved things around."

Basdes nods at Satoshi.

MAMI claims, "The witches missed dumping it in the sea by a few hundred miles."

Satoshi says, "Could have had basdes demon up the keep and force them into the cathdral"

Temi states, "Combined with the cathedral location now, to help them feel more unified"

Kinaed says, "Can pretend they created a new one and abandoned the old one, I suppose? I dunno. Sometimes things have to happen, and it was at the
guild's request, so I'd appreciate people just kindly playing along rather than making up weird mage tower kinda things."

Satoshi states, "But hindsight is 20/20"

Basdes claims, "So many weird things have happened, the keep moving is not a surprise."

KING exclaims, "That's totally fair, yeah. No worries then!"

Basdes shifty-eyes.

Kuzco exclaims to Kinaed, "Of course, it's that or just magery! But for example, there could have been a rumor starting beforehand"

MAMI states, "Baba Yaga's Keep."

Kirill claims, "Or an IC explanation at all."

Kinaed says, "Staff will keep that in mind, but ... it's the sort of thing we're likely to forget. We appreciate everyone playing along."

Brando asks, "Is the old keep up for sale?"

Kuzco states, "No problem."

Kinaed questions, "Okay, anyone else want to tell us how their week went? Otherwise, shall we move to Player Topics?"

Wimpled starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Kinaed trails off, "Okay, Player Topics..."

Wimpled finishes her note.

Kinaed questions to Satoshi, "I believe you may have registered first. Please introduce us?"

Tamos wipes something from the corner of his eye, and deposites it mirror opposite in the other.

Satoshi claims, "This one is just fairly simple. I wanted to bring up the possibility of having an OOC notification for players in private areas/are
hooded/whatever and then a messenger fails to find them. Sometimes people answer notify with a yes and then don't understand why messengers aren't 
getting to them, too. "

Sparkles claims, "I had that happen earlier today"

Wimpled says, "I totally didn't realize having my cloak on restricted messengers finding me when all that rain was happening."

KING says, "That would be very helpful tbh"

Kitty forgets she's hooded. All the time.

Kinaed questions, "Seems reasonable. Anyone have any other thoughts?"

Francesca pontificates, "I like it!"

Kirill claims, "That seems fair. Like a check that prevents you from notifying yes when you're in a room that can't actually receive messengers."

Kuzco claims, "I don't quite follow."

Sparkles says, "And then reminds you to move/decloak."

Satoshi says, "Just like an ooc notification when it fails"

Kalana claims, "Or at least tags on to your notify yes, 'Hey, by the way, you can't receive messengers now'"

Satoshi claims, "To remind you why you arent getting messengers "

Kinaed asks, "Would that be even better? You type 'notify yes' or whatever, and instead of accepting it it says 'please remove your cloak' or 'you
cannot accept a notify in a private room' etc?"

Kitty claims, "Or like... reminds you 'you are in a no-messenger room, are you sure you mean 'notify yes'?' kinda thing."

Lavender nods.

Satoshi states, "So people dont get cranky at me after they notify yes and dont get a messenger"

Kalana claims, "I don't know if it should be required.  Some people may have other ways to contact you."

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Satoshi states, "Or j dont get cranky at them "

Kalana states, "But as long as they aren't doing it by accident"

Kirill says, "Well you can't take it back once you say yes. So probably a check before you can actually say yes is good."

Kinaed says, "Okay, we'll sort out those error messages."

Satoshi states, "I think it shoukd be ooc tho, just a reminder for a player "

Kinaed pontificates, "Alright!"

Satoshi winces at typos and covers mouth. 

Kinaed muses to Kitty, "You're up. Please introduce us to your topic?"

Raspberries claims, "Good plan."

Kalana states, "And big bad meany mage should probably not go super obvious just because they notified they'd be able to RP"

Raspberries muses, "By the way, how long are we into the no tells trial?"

Sparkles muses, "Hmm. Wouldn't that completely remove sneaky or magey types from being able to notify they are about for non-messenger contacts

Kinaed claims to Raspberries, "I don't remember - good reminder. I'll post a check-in on the forums."

Kitty claims, "I think September was the end of it... but I could be wrong."

Kitty exclaims, "Anyway!"

Kitty wonders, "So, as mentioned earlier, I'm sure it's been brought up before. However, just in case I'm not beating a dead horse, it'd be nice if
there were a cooking craft for cutting more than one vegetable at a time, or cutting more than one fruit at a time - much like art has making more 
than one paper pulp or more than one paper at a time. Bulk vegetable cutting and bulk fruit cutting. Just... it'd make things easier when cooking more 
than one dish at a time. (Which, who does that?)"

Francesca says, "Amen."

Raspberries says, "Makes sense to me. and I still say it'd be nice to have a batch command for crafts"

Sparkles claims, "I kind of wish in general you could run a craft more than once at a time as long as you had the multiplied number of items in a

Flower says, "That'd be awessssome."

Kinaed states, "I'll pass that to the cooking craft owners. I have no view on it personally because I'm not super familiar with the detail of
individual recipes."

Basdes states, "I personally don't see an issue with that. Request board it? It should be easy to implement."

Temi claims, "I don't know if people have mentioned that specific one before."

Raspberries states, "Cook batch (recipe) (number) or something like that"

Temi says, "It should save only typing though.  No less mvs."

Raspberries nods at Temi.

Kitty states, "Oh, absolutely. I don't mind it costing however many times the movement. I just... I stand there cutting fruits and vegetables for

Kinaed claims, "I think batch cooking may need to go into Staff Talking points"

Satoshi says, "That sounds like a BLESSING tbh"

Kinaed claims, "That's a code change, not just adding a recipe (which we can do top side) and has prioritization implications"

Raspberries nods.

Kitty says, "And there is a kinda bigger fruit one - cutting one exotic gives 5, but it only works with exotic fruits."

Satoshi claims, "I usually just put up a trigger and wash dishes or something but it also has considerable time constraints "

Kinaed claims, "Is that player topics for this week? If so, I'd love to discuss a few of our bigger changes with people to get feedback."

Kuzco claims, "I have nuthin' to say, ma'am."

KING does a big double thumbs up

Kitty is done now.

Raspberries claims, "Ohh, Kinaed's bringing a topic today. :)"

Satoshi nodnods

Galax doesn't have anything.

Kinaed claims, "Well, since we're getting to the end of the No Tell trial, I guess I'm highly curious where people have gone on the spectrum of
liking/disliking TI without tells."

Kinaed says, "Let's be respectful of people who disagree with our own views please. I think this can be a hot topic for some."

Francesca claims, "I like no tells. But I'm a grumpy a old lady and hate to be bothered OOC in general."

Kinaed has transferred Puck.  [OOC]

Francesca states, "Minus one of those 'a's."

Kinaed states to Puck, "We're discussing the no tells trial coming to an end and how people feel about TI without tells. Please feel free to jump in."

Puck states, "Oh neat."

Kalana says, "I've found it a bit of a drag with getting started here."

Kinaed nods at Kalana.

Preposterous doesn't miss tells. "There are other ways to get ahold of people, if we really, really, really, really want to get ahold of people."

Kuzco says, "I like no tells. But I'm a grumpy a old gentleman and hate to be bothered OOC in general."

KING states, "Since I'm new, had no idea it was a trial, I thought you all just lived like this. But it's not bad! I mean, it shocked me a bit at
first since I'd never seen that on a game, and it kinda makes things... harder to feel out ooc, I guess? But now I don't mind it at all."

Kinaed questions, "Are we finding that the systems we put into place were helpful? Are there still big gaps?"

Satoshi says, "I joined when they were removed so i dont know how it was before but i like it. if you REALLY need to communicate pboards work"

Raspberries states, "Hard to balance. I like a few things about it, but for the most part it can make things difficult for helping or sorting out

Sparkles states, "It's reduced an expectation to oocly explain or get explanations of things. But ... sometimes it can make needing a quick ooc answer
to things slower."

Flower declaims, "I miss tells some days and others it is like 'thank god!'"

Kuzco states, "The osay penalty when 1 on 1 scening is a bit punishing."

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Brando says, "Having experienced both ... the notify system seems to drive RP better and cut out the OOC private chat . Which I feel is a good thing
if one is going to immerse themselves in RP."

Galax says, "I like no tells. But I'm a grumpy young hipster who can't make another followup to this format."

Kinaed nods at Flower.

Francesca states, "I really like the notify system."

Kuzco claims, "Yeah can't deny I sometimes miss them."

KING agrees with kuzco. 

Kinaed comforts Kuzco.

Sparkles states, "As sometimes people don't answer pboards."

Satoshi also likes notify 

Raspberries states, "Notify is useful, yeah."

Preposterous claims, "I have been on games that have even less OOC than this one - even before the tells were removed. So, yeah."

Kinaed states, "I have always wanted to trial TI without tells because I thought it would be a more immersive experience, but if I'm honest - it
barely affects me at all."

Francesca claims, "Just as someone who likes playing merchants, I used to always hate getting that, 'Hey can you craft me XYZ?' tell 20 times a day
and having to just say, 'Ask me IC'. Should have aliased that response, really."

Kinaed states, "I still have tells at my disposal."

Galax claims, "Notify has been a handy replacement for, at least, my own most common use-case for tells. There are still some annoying edge cases
(like when follow breaks.)"

Flower laughs at Francesca.

Kinaed says, "So I know I need to be sensitive to the needs of people who play far more than I do. That said, I personally always played with tells
off, and I felt like it marked me out."

KING says, "It is way more immersive, and frankly coming from a couple games were endless tells were my growing nightmare, it's been a really good

Kuzco says, "I admit the game is more inmersive. I do rely much more on personal boards than before though."

Basdes claims to Flower, "To be fair, that is not an acceptable use of tells."

Kinaed nods at galax.

Flower states, "Yes- that is bothersome."

Raspberries nods at Galax.

Elysaveta is idle.

Sparkles says, "It can make explaining mechanics to new players in larger scenes a bit spammy for the room at large."

Raspberries states, "Or when there's a crash and your group is flung acosss Lithmore"

Puck states, "Being perfectly honest, I don't miss them as much as I thought I would. But, I also met my husband on this game and a lot of our early
interactions were through tells. And there are a couple of people I have some level of OOC friendship with that was facilitated through chatting via 

Flower declaims to Basdes, "I didn't do it!"

Kinaed nods at Puck.

Flower cries.

Kuzco claims, "Oh damn that's right, I could get married through here."

Kinaed wonders, "Does it make a difference that we've made a genuine effort not to judgment call people meeting and talking OOCly in other mediums?"

Kuzco queries, "A difference in what, ma'am?"

Satoshi says, "I think the lack of tells does naturally lead people to chat wlsewhere and thats nkt a bad thing"

Kinaed says, "Good or bad? I mean, sharing OOC info in certain ways is and will always be against policy, but we don't try to stop people from, for
example, meeting someone here, linking to them on Discord, and talking."

Raspberries states, "I don't really use other mediums, so not personally"

Puck says, "I don't have enough experience with that personally, I tend(ed) to have OOC group channels off."

Basdes claims, "I believe you, I'm just clarifying that it's against policy to OOCly ask, via tells or pboard (as things stand now), these types of
questions with the intent of addressing it later ICly. All actions are IC, and time is linear."

Kinaed nods at Basdes.

KING says, "In all honesty, I do feel almost completely disconnected from the OOC side of the game, as someone new. I don't know if it's bad, bcus I
don't know if I'm missing much at all, but with discord and stuff it doesn't seem like the end fo the world."

Lavender says, "I don't care for the no tells it can make quick explanations of things harder. "

Lavender ducks her head down 

Kinaed says, "We strongly prefer people didn't talk about their RP, but we're definitely not trying to stop people from making friends, if that makes

Flower claims, "I couldn't play if I couldn't talk with people outside the game. Y'all are an extended family. I'd crt. "

Kinaed smiles at lavender.

Kinaed claims to lavender, "It's fine - your opinion is fair and welcome."

Satoshi claims, "If yoh arent in the same rolm where you can osay i wonder why you need to tell that person, though"

Lavender nods.

Kirill says, "With the lack of tells, I feel less guilty about going deaf. I never wanted anyone to take it personally before, and now I don't have to
worry about that."

Kinaed nods at Kirill.

Kinaed says, "Are there people here who do like tells, but feel nervous to openly say so because there's a lot of people who don't? If so, please tell
me privately. I'm keen to hear everyone's opinion."

Kinaed states, "I want a good gauge about how the pbase as a whole feels."

MAMI asks, "Maybe an anon survey would help?"

Kinaed nods at MAMI.

Basdes nods at MAMI.

Kinaed states, "Yeah, I'll run another survey on the forums."

Galax nods.

Satoshi says, "Yeah survey it on the forums so people can repsond who arent here"

Raspberries nods.

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Kinaed claims, "Okay, thank you all for your time on that."

Basdes states, "Removing tells is a major culture change for any game. All feedback is welcomed."

Kinaed nods at Basdes.

Tamos claims, "The last time I was here, and new, somebody had a bunch of input for me through tells. I worry it might not be that easy now and maybe
they wouldn't have put so much effort in."

Raspberries nods at Tamos.

Tamos says, "But I am a fresh faced baby type person."

Basdes claims, "It's a double-edged blade."

Satoshi says, "Personally some interactions ive had would be REALLY awkward to have to sift through with tells on"

Kinaed states, "I will say - our statistics have increased steadily since tells were removed and skyrocketed since we implemented matchmaking - but
we're not sure if that's a direct cause and effect or something related to seasonaility."

Kitty pats Tamos on the head.

KING states, "Honestly that's my big worry as a new kid. I don't know if I'm being a mess all the time bcus there's no easy line of OOC communication.

Lavender claims, "Yes it is. "

Brando trails off, "Cyans usually dont cost RPXP to talk to becuase of teh fact that they ARE cyans ..."

Satoshi claims, "There is though. pboards are the replacement of tells long distance and have no cost and osays have no cost with cyans"

KING says, "I mean, my personal problem was that I tore through my cyan hours, but I get that."

Kinaed claims, "Yeah, osay does not cost anything in a room with a staff member or a cyan"

Kinaed asks, "I had someone raise a topic in tells. Is it okay if we discuss it?"

Raspberries states, "The board system is a bit unwieldly for a short message, though"

Raspberries nods at Kinaed.

Lavender nods.

Kinaed wonders, ""if there's a moment for another topic can ... being the "creater" of items you serve so it only costs a silver to retool be a

Galax nods.

Brando nods

Kinaed queries, "I'm not certain whether the person is a 'for' or 'against' on that or why though. Any views amongst the pbase?"

Tamos says "Oh." and loops a thumb under the elastic band of his big boy pants, resting his hand on hip.

Temi claims, "Hrm.  I'd be concerned about that.  A lot of stuff is designed for easy serve, but you don't have to have made it."

Raspberries questions, "Wait, retooling the temporary cup created with serve?"

Satoshi claims, "I think it only makes sense to keep it. some retools are expensive otherwise"

Sparkles claims, "The difficulty at present is that when you serve a glass or a cup it makes every individual glass or cup the default price of the
entire set of cups."

Kitty claims, "I like being able to retool my own stuff for a silver. Especially when I finalize everything, and then realize I made ONE mistake...
and want to fix it."

Kirill claims, "But you can set the price to a new price."

Kitty says, "OH! You're talking about cups that are served, specifically."

Satoshi states, "OH serve like via cups "

Francesca states, "Yeah, I didn't understand the question tbh."

Basdes states to Kitty, "I get that with cooking @taste typos."

Temi claims, "Having an adjusted cost for retooling on a served item might make sense... but you probably should be retooling the serving cups."

Basdes never pays attention.

Satoshi states, "Thats a problem for booze iirc, there is no booze cup recipe like tea and coffee"

Tamos gets a puffy sweet appetizer subtlety, balled to resemble a boil from a cylinder container painted to resemble a red-haired woman.

Temi says, "We've thought about removing those cups recipes for tea and coffee stuff."

Raspberries asks, "Perhaps jewelcrafters should get flagons?"

Temi claims, "Since we do have serve now."

Tamos eats a puffy sweet appetizer subtlety, balled to resemble a boil.

Lavender gets a cylinder container painted to resemble a red-haired woman.

Sparkles says, "That would honestly make serving coffee and tea really difficult."

Raspberries states, "Nonono, I love permanent drink contaiers"

Satoshi says, "If you have a cafe or a restaurant with a cycling drink list youd need to either just sell bottles or have simple cups"

Kitty trails off to Basdes, "SO ANNOYING, oh my goodness. Or, my most famous typo - teh instead of the, either in the extended or in the taste. Oy.
But, as far as the cups and stuff in brewing, you are able to tool those..."

Temi states, "You can tool things as flagons instead of whatever drinks recipe.  That's a keyword"

Lavender gets a puffy sweet appetizer subtlety, balled to resemble a boil from a cylinder container painted to resemble a red-haired woman.

Lavender eats a puffy sweet appetizer subtlety, balled to resemble a boil.

Basdes smirks. "That's when I start using Percival's stringing tool."

Temi says to Raspberries, "I mean the cooking ones, like to turn a pot of coffee into several cups of coffee, not the permanent cup objects

Satoshi wonders, "Yeah but a bottle is 14 sips?"

Kirill claims, "You'd lose out on the custom descriptions of coffee and tea servings and would have to create specific cups items that make it clear
what's in each if you wanted to sell those individually by the cup."

Satoshi claims, "A cup of whatver is 4 drinks"

Kinaed muses, "Should this go on staff talking points, perhaps?"

Raspberries states, "Oh, that's been brought up before. But there's a lot of limitations to the cups from the serve command"

Kitty trails off, "15 sips. The bottles, cups, whatever in brewing - you can tool those after they come out, and yes, that's where you put the taste,
etc.. It doesn't cost anything. Now - art, retooling those decks of cards - that is expensive..."

Lavender says, "I like the permanent drink containers "

Satoshi questions, "I like cups but why cant we have both?"

Kinaed says, "I don't feel like I know this system well enough to author or decide on changes. If we have the general feedback from this discussion,
it's probably a larger discussion with the staff that own the craft systems."

Temi states, "We can, we haven't removedthem.  But we did think about it."

Kinaed claims, "Of which only one memeber is present. :)"

Francesca states, "Card decks are the worst to retool, I will agree with that."

Basdes declaims, "I own a craft now!"

Puck says, "I think I lobbied to bring back one or two of the permanent drinkcons once upon a time."

Kinaed grins at Basdes.

Kinaed pontificates, "Two then!"

Basdes claims, "Wait what"

Satoshi says, "Permanent cups has not interfered with temporary cups and vice versa "

Basdes blushes.

Kitty claims, "I would prefer them to not be removed, simply because when brewing, selling everything in casks would be... whoa."

Kinaed twiddles her thumbs, "So... can we talk about matchmaking?" :)

Satoshi exclaims, "Its working!"

Wimpled is idle.

Kinaed states, "15 minutes left, and I want to iron out some kinks."

Wimpled is no longer idle.

Kirill says, "I don't think anyone has suggested removing bottles."

Raspberries pontificates, "Sort-of!"

Francesca claims, "I haven't tried it! I'm sorry. I have no opinions."

Satoshi claims, "I still would like ti say yes/no to then"

Kitty nods at Kirill.

Kuzco states, "Yeah that would be neat."

Satoshi says, "But they dont override each other anymorr that ive seen"

Satoshi states, "I still think the other party SHOULD NOT know if you get matchmade, too"

Kuzco says, "I have gotten matches with people I obviously cannot IC reasonably meet like runaway mages or criminals. I want to say not to that and
move to the next."

Sparkles muses, "What's the benefit of the other person not knowing?"

Raspberries claims, "I've put in my two cents on the forums already- match yes/match no, notify the recipient on yes, and include a public locale to
meet at"

Satoshi states, "That adds an obligation to RP that i am not here for in the ooc kevel"

Kinaed says to Sparkles, "Not being offended if the person who received the match decides not to RP with them."

Kalana states, "I haven't really felt like I've been able to take much advantage of it yet"

KING says, "Yeah, being able to yes/no is a huge thing right now for me. "

Satoshi claims, "LEVEL. such as a person im ICly avoiding who would start hounding me if we hot oocly matched"

Kinaed claims to Sparkles, "And not feeling obligated to RP together."

Kinaed states, "So far, these are the changes I've written down:

- Exclude a character's alts
- Do not match someone within their first five minutes of login (when the code checks, if they haven't been logged in for at least 7 minutes, skip
matching them - this will give them time to check boards and orient)
- Do not match someone who has an existing match until their timer for that match ends"

Kinaed claims, "I'm not yet sold on being able to accept or reject, and I worry that the system as it is might be a bit spammy"

Sparkles says, "As it pings Idol people one problem is we have people who sort of professionally Idle."

Kinaed says to Sparkles, "Yes, well... we are trying to draw people into RP with this system. Some people don't need help."

Kalana says, "I do get a lot of matches"

Kinaed nods at Kalana.

Satoshi says, "It works fine without yes/no while it  doesnt override other things, but i think the no is more to get a better match or ewfuse ine you
cant. is toomfor abuse thi"

Kalana states, "Even if I'm out happily doing stuff like crafting and prepping stuff."

Kirill claims, "Personally, not being a fan of the system, I think it's a waste of coding time to send people to public places to RP with strangers...
when they could just as easily be doing that anyway without the prompt."

Flower states, "I don't mind it, the timing or suggestion can be amusing."

Kinaed says, "Newer players are far more likely to get matches simply because they don't have established social circles yet."

Kinaed nods at Kirill.

Kinaed states to Kirill, "Fair enough."

Kirill says, "We're not a large game."

Satoshi claims, "I think its a nice reminded to people constantly behind closed doors that other people exist"

Kirill says, "It's not like there's hundreds of potential matches."

Basdes starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Raspberries states, "Just had a thought- the RP request thing could be a seperate system from matchmaking. Usable when you're in a public spot, with

Basdes finishes its note.

Francesca ignores other people's existence behind her closed doors.

Kinaed says, "True, but I also think some people log in and idle without considering RPing. The matchmaking system offers a small reward for getting
out of their shell."

Raspberries claims, "Basically like a proactive whererp."

Satoshi says, "Some people do not encourage IC reaching out and it makes it hard to engage with them and encourages cliques"

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Satoshi states, "Small games will have it anyways but with a system you can use that as an excuse to reach out anyways"

Tamos muses, "There's like a bonus for finding a match and RPing with them?"

Kirill claims, "I think if you need to be doubly rewarded to RP in an RP-focused game... you're in the wrong environment."

Kitty states, "Some of that is IC. Some characters aren't warm and friendly. That will be... the way they are."

Satoshi says, "I will not point fingers but there are some people who literally dont seem to exist outside of parties"

Kitty states, "And some characters are."

Brando claims, "If the matchmaker code jsut informs both players that there is a match and who that match is .. without any choice to accept or
decline  ... leaves it ambiguious for both players ... if one or both players feel like RP'ing they can send a notify afterwards and go down that 

Kinaed claims, "I think we have some people who are more open to RPing with anyone, and other people who prefer their social circles by default. I'm
not certain that it's really a value judgment on people's preferences. The mechanic is designed to open opportunities, though, without being 

Kinaed nods at Brando.

Francesca says, "I mean, I don't think there's anything wrong with people not publicly existing outside of parties. That's their RP."

Kirill claims, "I'm not certain the matchmaking system even gets through to people who typically stay in their circles."

Sparkles muses, "Also is that code based on telling people other people's real coded names?"

Kuzco says, "Or both -- some people have alts which are made for more exclusive RP, while also having another which is more free-for-all."

Elysaveta is no longer idle.

Elysaveta has returned from AFK.

Kinaed claims to Brando, "That was the intent - though we only give one side the quest to meet someone, not both."

Kirill claims, "It seems more geared toward people who normally RP with anyone they can get already."

KING claims, "Everyone has circles they gravitate to, yeah. It's just solid concepts, all different. "

Raspberries says, "That's a good point, Sparkles."

Satoshi claims, "Sure and thats valid, im just offeeibg up some points"

Raspberries says, "Something I meant to bring up as well"

Kinaed states, "I think the coded names thing is an issue we need to work though that we didn't take into consideration."

Raspberries says, "Perhaps it shouldn't say WHO you're matched with"

Kitty says, "When they are in your remember list, it won't tell you their coded name. It will tell you what their name is in your remember list."

Raspberries claims, "Just that you've matched with someone"

Satoshi says, "You need to know the name to sebd a messenger if you dont have then remembered though"

Sparkles states, "I honestly think a solution around that is to let people set their name on The Who list and base it off that."

Kinaed claims, "In general, I think we need to get to a point where the wholist doesn't necessarily reflect coded names because it's a problem in
several places, not just matchmaking"

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Raspberries nods at Kinaed.

Kitty says, "However, if it doesn't tell you who you are matched with, and you don't already know them, not having a name means you have no way of

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Kuzco claims, "That would make trying to ambush or attack people difficult if you can never know when they are online."

Satoshi says, "So if I want to reach out to someone i have not met i need to know them to reach out"

Basdes questions, "Would setting your name on the wholist not also maybe cause some RP avoidance issues?"

MAMI wonders, "Can I get a retrans please?"

Satoshi claims, "And help character is public info"

Kinaed claims, "Maybe."

MAMI has been transferred out by Kinaed.  [OOC]

Satoshi claims, "You literally can help character name and just. know that. "

Satoshi states, "And act on it"

Kinaed claims, "I think it should go on staff talking points and/or be a topic on the forums for players to discuss while we fly-on-the-wall for

Kitty states, "And people who don't want people to know anything don't have a help character."

Sparkles says, "It kind of goes into the larger question of coded names and things like including people in plots and stuff too."

Raspberries states, "They have to have one for certain things, like joining a guild."

Temi finishes abruptly, "I sort of think sometimes that maybe we shouldn't put too much effort into hiding real names - you don't have to select your
'true' name, but rather your public name that is on records in Lithmore"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Puck states, "There are code limits that aren't easy to bypass, and I feel like code names vs. IC names comes down to trusting players not to act on
OOC information."

Kitty states, "Not everyone joins a guild."

Sparkles states, "But I'm not sure that people understand that in chargen."

Kinaed says, "That point has merit too - it's OOC info, and shouldn't be used ICly, but something like matchmaker is an OOC mechanism, and to some
degree, we do have to trust people in our space."

Raspberries nods at Puck.

Kinaed states, "There's only so much we can do."

Sparkles says, "And in character circumstances can change."

Raspberries claims, "It's a HUGE issue to not go by your coded name"

Kirill says, "I don't know why you would be looking for someone IC because you were OOCly prompted."

Puck says, "And I'm saying this as someone who has avoided joining guilds because I don't want the hassle of explaining why I'm showing up as a
totally different name on their roster."

Satoshi states, "You can use where as ooc prompting to seek people ic"

Kinaed states to Kirill, "People OOCly think of IC reasons for interaction, which we feel is perfectly legitimate."

Kirill states, "Either you're already the sort of person who goes looking for RP where you can find it, IMO, or you're like me and you opted out on
day one."

Kinaed says, "It's not much different to describing to yourself why Bob is going to Church Square today"

KING claims, "It is an issue tbh. Even just something like a surname that isn't coded can be a big mixup, as I found out."

Kinaed says, "We've got three minutes until the end of the meeting. :)"

Satoshi claims, "There are good types of ooc interactions betwedn yourself and your character"

Lavender claims, "I use where all the time to see if there's anyone to rp with. That's how I mainly roleplay. So if there's someone available to me no
matter their circle I genuinely do try to rp with anyone who wants to. Sorry"

Puck says, "I think matchmaking works for certain sorts of players, and for those sorts, it seems pretty awesome. And maybe there's something else
that can be added either by code or game culture to bridge the gap to other types."

Kinaed says, "I just want to say - I know for a fact that I missed several comments due to how quickly everything scrolled - so if I didn't respond or
seemed to ignore you, my apologies."

Satoshi states, "Like going out of your way to be inclusive to a cyan"

Kinaed says, "I'll reread the log of this once Kuzco posts it."

Kinaed nods at Puck.

Kinaed states, "And it is possible to opt out of receiving matches if you're not into it (though we haven't removed other people from reciveing anyone
as a match)"

Raspberries nods at Kinaed.

Kirill says, "I thought opting out removed me from being matched entirely."

Satoshi trails off, "I dont think there is a...good way to make people who...dont want to rp on an rp game... rp"

Raspberries says, "Nope, I've matched with you"

Kinaed wonders, "Okay, we're reaching the top of the hour. Any last minute comments or anything from anyone? Any last minute announcements or
requests? PSAs?"

Francesca states, "I think people who opt out shouldn't be matched."

Francesca says, "That's it from me."

Raspberries nods at Francesca.

KING is all gucci~

Galax exclaims, "Don't forget to pet your dogs!"

Basdes states, "You were all great this week. Thank you."

Kirill waves.

Raspberries declaims, "Come crash the open court after this!"

Elysaveta waves.

Brando waves

Kinaed exclaims, "Please feel free to pop onto the forums and make more feedback comments on matchmaking!"

Temi states, "We'll probably be a little bit out on the court so we can staff chat briefly, but should be less than an hour"

Kuzco declaims, "Remember to write a review in https://reddit.com/r/MUD/ ! You get QP for it!"

Sparkles states, "With the new Matchmaker system just a general thought about maybe putting in your helpfile ways people can strike up conversations
with you."

Kinaed claims, "Thank you for coming, everyone. I look forward to seeing everyone next week. :)"

Satoshi says, "See yall after i crash court late "

Brando stands up.

Raspberries waves.

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Kinaed declaims to Sparkles, "Good idea!"

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