Log of OOC Meeting - 08/31/19

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Sat Aug 31, 2019 5:59 pm

Kinaed queries, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today?"

Kinaed says, "I have Kirill's topic. If anyone else tried to register one, I didn't see it."

Sparkles states, "I've got a quick something."

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Estella pontificates, "I also got a quick something!"

Kinaed nods at Estella.

Kinaed wonders, "Anyone else?"

Kinaed states, "Okay, if anyone thinks of anything, send me a tell. Meanwhile, let's kick off Staff Updates."

Basdes waves.

Icarus claims, "Oh no. A kuz co"

Kinaed states, "Last week, I handled a few policy cases and some complaints. A reminder that's intended to be gentle - please do not complain to staff about other players' play styles or suspicions about players without any proof. If you come to staff with complaints that you cannot link to any form of proof or are activities that aren't against policy at all, it won't go anywhere and is a waste of everyone's time. Please raise which policy you think was broken when writing a generalized note of concern."

Kinaed claims, "If you think something should be against policy, please bring it to this form - but make it about the policy, not a complaint about the person. Oh! I forgot the pact."

Kinaed states, "A reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Regardless of what we discuss, we understand and truly believe that everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Lans claims, "... oh my goodness."

Kinaed exclaims, "On my desk - Turf Wars!"

Francesca pats Lans.

Kinaed claims, "That's it for me. :)"

Estella says, "T-Turf Wars?! Yes please."

Kinaed claims to Temi, "You're up :)"

Emerald says, "Oh oh"

Kinaed will hide behind Temi while she looks up Azarial's work to announce.

Lans stops using a serviceable shovel, with a wooden handle and an iron head.
Lans holds a dainty freckled doll lying eyes-closed in peaceful repose in his hand.

Lans rubs his thumb briefly over the edges of his little doll's winged staff, held in place under her crossed arms.

Kinaed states, "Also - if you've got a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to go when called upon."

Temi claims, "I have been handling some plot stuff outside of the main header that Basdes has been running. I've also been doing some preparatory work for the big political issues of our next seneschal term, to challenge and entertain our seneschal and his council."

Francesca declaims, "Yay!"

Kuzco eyes around warily.

Raspberries grins at Kuzco.

Emerald eats

YttiK notes the 'entertain' portion of that.

Satoshi claps for Temi.

Satoshi declaims, "Exciting!"

Temi says, "We previously decided each seneschal would get at least one impactful decision - for the previous term, this was their advice between her two suitors... and for the next term... you'll have to wait for court next week."

Kinaed smiles at Temi.

Raspberries wonders, "Are you not entertained?"

Kuzco states, "I wonder if it is renaming the kingdom after Norrig, or not."

Icarus queries, "Entertainment eh? Ahh political hookers"

Kuzco nods.

Kirill states, "I feel like I got it easy compared to Empena's decision."

Kuzco nods at Kirill.

YttiK doesn't really expect anyone to entertain her. However, wiggles her fingers towards Raspberries in a 'bring it on' type challenge?

Temi states, "I also need to follow up on the impacts of Kirill's decisions."

Temi grins.

Kirill ducks.

Temi nods at Kinaed.

KING is here for the challenge bit. Big thumbs up.

Kinaed states, "Some code updates for awareness:

- People should now be able to 'tether' human retainers (thanks to Temi and Azarial)
- Noble projects should no longer cancel by accident
- Other minor bug fixes"

Francesca gasps!

Raspberries declaims, "Oooooo!"

YttiK claims, "I look forward to seeing a tethered orphan."

Francesca states, "Yaaay I can tether my maid."

KING exclaims, "Hype!"

Raspberries ties up Kuzco.

Estella exclaims, "Yes!"

Kuzco submits...

Kinaed states to Temi, "Thanks for the work, Temi :) Everyone loves a good political plot."

Icarus trails off, "Ahh finally I can leash my children in the streets and leave them..."

Basdes whips out his leashes.

Kuzco says, "Yeah good work T"

Temi states, "Tethered maids don't look like they are tied up. That was a crux of the update."

Temi grins.

Kirill declaims, "Whoo! Finally, human tether!"

Kinaed queries to Temi, "Did any of the other staff leave notes behind?"

Francesca states, "Alas. Lizbeth gets off easy. This time."

Basdes states, "I'm still here."

Kinaed jumps out of her skin.

Kinaed declares to Basdes, "When did you sneak up? Go ahead! Your turn!"

Basdes questions, "I've been a bit slow this week, but I hope everyone enjoyed the Daravi camp plot. Sorry to those who had a delay in their plots being updated, things have been a bit wild. Is everyone still happy?"

Basdes grins at Kinaed.

Temi claims, "Mind you - you can still set their action to tied up if you want. And no, nothing from Niamh or Az that I saw."

Lans nods.

Estella claims, "I am not happy."

Estella states, "I am SUPER HAPPY"

Kinaed smiles at Estella.

Raspberries states, "I got like, 2 hours of sleep before work that day. Good job, Basdes"

Kuzco says, "I'm glad the common folk could get involved more properly."

Kirill exclaims to Basdes, "Great job with the Daravi camp!"

YttiK , notes that Estella is happy about roof tiles exploding. So, take what you want from that.

Kuzco says, "I stepped back from that because of it."

Estella claims, "Though, there was one weird interaction that kind of stopped us from doing something."

Basdes smiles at Kuzco.

Temi gives a dainty freckled doll lying eyes-closed in peaceful repose to galax.

Estella claims, "But maybe I'll save that for the topics or write a request board later."

Satoshi states, "I wish stuff wasn't when I'm at work so I can't participate :( but other than schedule problems, lol, no I am enjoying the plot very much"

KING declares, "That camp plot was awesome, my first big combat things and I loved it!"

Galax waves.
Kinaed finishes abruptly to Estella, "Maybe since - yeah - it probably contains IC info, write a Request Post to let staff know"

Estella nods.

Kinaed comforts Satoshi.

Francesca says, "I'm a happy camper! I think Basdes is doing great."

Temi says, "I've missed a fair amount of stuff lately due to work too."

Kinaed wonders to Basdes, "Do we have the ability to vary some of the times that we do things?"

Temi nods at Satoshi.

Kuzco claims, "I have a topic."

Kirill states, "It'd been a long while since I was involved in any kind of combat-oriented scene that I didn't moderate myself, so that was fun."

Raspberries claims, "I did wish there were more IC notifications about it, I didn't see any. Had to make an excuse to run into it when I saw a gathering on whererp"
Kinaed says to Kuzco, "Adding you to the list"

Temi exclaims, "Something to keep in mind - if you are running it, the timing will always suit you - run events!"

Icarus says, "I've yet to be able to experience Basdes stuff but it us exciting to hear things have been going on and I'm looking forward to hopefully getting involved in some in the future."

Basdes says, "I'm super happy everyone liked it. Into the Long Knight should conclude with the next event, whereas we'll be a little bit dormant for a while while I prepare my things for my Brazil trip and an insane festival coming up in September. Any further concerns, please note me. That's it for me. :)"

Kinaed claims, "Our list of players with topics is getting long - so we probably need to move on."

Francesca states, "There was an IC doo-dad calling people to the square for the camp."

Voxumo says, "The camp bit was interesting."

Basdes beams with pride.

Kinaed says to Basdes, "As ever, thank you for your work this week. It sounds well loved."

Raspberries didn't see it

Satoshi claims, "Most of the planning for this was ooc because the deciding to do it was probably behind closed doors IC"

Raspberries claims, "A few extra would've been nice, especially for people who logged in late"

Kinaed questions, "Player Heartbeat - how was the game for everyone last week, folks?"

Satoshi exclaims, "But yes! Great job on the plot it's been amazing! It's so great to see staff actually DOING stuff in the game directly too, in addition to the responsiveness of plot on stuff"

Basdes nods at Satoshi.

Francesca claims, "Great for me! Lots of RP. Thanks for all the scenes, people."

Lans claims, "It's about to get rough for poor Lans."

Kinaed comforts Lans.

Basdes says, "I find myself wishing that certain GL's would include people more, but I'll take extra involvement for players into my own hands."

Kuzco claims, "I became Seneschal and disappeared from public view forever."

Wimpled says, "Chin up, Lans."

Galax claims, "It was fun. I've felt a little bit off my game, but everyone has been great."

YttiK snugs Lans.

Kinaed comforts Kuzco.

Francesca says, "What doesn't kill you gives you character development."

Icarus states, "I can only speak for yesterday and today but it excited me greatly to hear guilds were more active now and getting to see lots of people on was cool. I also had some lovely scenes yesterday and today which was nice :)"

Kinaed smiles at galax.

Estella says, "It had its ups and downs, but overall, I am very happy."

Temi states to Francesca, "What does kill you gives you character development, once."

Kinaed nods.

Voxumo shrugs at the question of player heartbeat "Enjoyed the rp I had at the hospital, and that's kind of the max of what I did."

Kinaed comforts Voxumo.

YttiK states, "Uh. What does kill you puts you in the dead room."

YttiK coughs.

Lans comforts YttiK grimly.

Kirill grins at Temi.

Hopeful sneezes loudly.

KING says, "I've had a lot of fun, been throwing my weight around a little IC to get a feel, still learning a lot. But fun~"

Kinaed questions, "Anyone else want to add anything? Anything shitting people - that isn't already a topic - that they want staff to know about?"

Kirill asks, "What does kirill you also gives you character development, perhaps more than once? >_>"

Temi nods in agreement with Kirill.

Francesca claims, "That sound inappropriate, Kirill."

Estella claims, "I've been obsessed lately with policy issues, which has been bumming me out and keeping me awake."

Kuzco says to Kinaed, "I think I'm good this week."

Sparkles queries, "Just as a quick thing, with Raspberries comment earlier. With the new no messengers in bedrooms thing, that also means "Town Criers" don't echo there either. So that can mean folks miss out on stuff, so maybe "All" should override that?"

Kirill says, "It might be."

Estella says, "But I think I navigated my way through it now."

Kinaed comforts Estella.

Francesca waggles her eyebrows at Kirill.

Icarus claims, "I'm currently getting a 'c to continue' thing when I log in because of big change list which makes me have to press enter about 2 or 3 times to log in."

Kuzco nods at Sparkles.

Voxumo says, "I do have one thing, in relation to the plot that shitted me."

Kinaed states to Sparkles, "Written down"

Temi states, "You can adjust your scroll, if it bothers you."

Kuzco says to Icarus: "Yeah you open and close your cloak like crazy, huh?"

Satoshi muses, "Does my new lack of freetime count as something we can fix here? xD"

Galax says, "Oh yeah. The huge login buffer has been a technical irritant, but I'll try adjusting scroll"

Kinaed muses to Kirill, "Okay, I think it's time to move into Player Topics if we're going to get to them. You're first in the queue, would you introduce us to your topic please?"

Kirill states, "I just wanted to draw attention to the forum post on updating the adjectives to describe one's amount of IP available for use. Those of us who have chimed in may disagree on the precise scale, but I think we all agree that we need something standardized that suits the way the system currently works on a two-week reset cycle."

Kirill queries, "The post is... https://ti-legacy.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2132"

Kinaed states to galax, "Noted"

Icarus states, "No kuzco, it's more it takes ages to log in ;) I'll look at seeing if i can work oir how to mess with scroll though."

Kuzco states, "It's a good proposition."

Emerald says, "Oof"

Emerald asks, "What about cryers yelling outside houses?"

Kinaed claims to Kirill, "Staff actually have an action item to do that, and it just hasn't been done. I'll bump the priority on the item."

Temi claims, "I usually have my scroll set to 100, which reduces the login break."

Kirill declaims, "Also -- quick plug for my ST happening on the 15th of September, which is a Sunday. Story review 135 for the hook. It's gonna be goofy and probably a little gory. Pretty much anyone could attend, but if you're uncomfortable subjecting your main character to the unknown, feel free to bring an alt!"

Icarus states, "I feel that pain Satoshi"

Raspberries claims, "I think max scroll is 99"
Kinaed smiles.

KING states, "Big excite for that ST"

Kirill says to Kinaed, "That's it for me. Thank you."

Kinaed states to Kirill, "Thank you for running stories, it's deeply appreciated by staff."

Francesca claps for STs!

Kinaed claims to Sparkles, "You're up :)"

Kuzco says, "Great work K"

Satoshi says, "Excited for seeing a player ST, I would love to see an example of it, I have no idea how to do them"

Sparkles claims, "This is something that is rather minor over all, but it comes up in RP in ways that can be awkward that the shopkeeper for one's pshop is not considered their "retainer" and thus they can never emote/react with folks."

Kirill states, "I took a hiatus while I did the Seneschal thing, but I'm looking forward to jumping back into STs."

Kinaed says to Satoshi, "Well, you're in luck - we have a tutorial zone created by Kirill for players interested in being STs. Hit me up after OOC Chat"

Elysaveta pontificates, "Always had fun with the STs, looking forward to it!"

Francesca says, "I use RPecho with shopkeepers myself."

Raspberries states, "You can use rpechos, Sparkles"

Kuzco nods at Sparkles: "Seems touchy code-wise to adjust."

Kinaed nods at Raspberries.

Emerald states, "I love to use rpecho, it's so much fu"

Satoshi ooohs at Kinaed and nods, but says, "RP echo can take that place, or heck just include it in your emote."

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Kirill queries, "We also have some tips on the forums for running STs, in case anyone's thinking about their own at some point: https://ti-legacy.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1916"

Temi says, "May not be worth more adjustment than that, given that they are a different type of mob which would need some adjustments in how order can even work"

KING eyeballs running a ST. Hm.

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Raspberries says, "That does remind me though, it would be nice if staff could order mobs, instead of having to switch to them to perform commands"

Temi states, "And careful balancing about who you can order."

Kinaed questions to Estella, "Okay, you're up next. Please introduce us to your chat?"

Kinaed nods at Raspberries.

Estella states, "The learning system drives me insane, at least on the part where you have to learn things like languages and combat skills - basically, anything that you cannot spam to max out. Right now, you spend several hours for half a bump in your rank. The first time, this might be interesting. The second time, it might be all right. But once you are up to ten times, you start considering putting a bullet through your brain. I have several ideas on how to keep skills like these as inaccessible as before, and as hard to master, but eliminating some of this 'RP grind' or how I came to view it: RP Tax. I know the system operated much the same it does now for a lot of years, but just letting you know that if there's intent to streamline it, I have some ideas."

Raspberries claims, "And a similar ordering system for storytellers and st mobs"

Kuzco says, "Combat skills outside of the teach-listen system are difficult and costly to train, yeah."

Satoshi wonders, "Just have someone who already knows teach you? Teaching eliminates the majority of the RP grind"

Satoshi states, "But combat--yah it sucks"

Kuzco states, "I remember when I started that there wasn't a single shield master around, I had to champion it myself"

Voxumo chuckles "Imagine trying to pool Hide. That's one of the worst skills to pool in my opinion."

Satoshi claims, "It's either dump extreme amounts of silver, constantly spar for very little return, or beat up animals"

Estella states, "I include teaching into that. Whether you spar or listen for two hours, it's the same. It gets monotonous."

Icarus says, "Teaching is very difficult sometimes depending on when people are available"

Sparkles states, "I'm not sure in honesty we need to find ways for people to grind up combat skills faster. It already can feel at times difficult to exist as a non-combat character."

Satoshi says, "Also Hide is super easy to train what are you talking about"

Kuzco nods at Voxumo: "It's horrible."

Emerald claims, "I uh... I don't do combat."

Estella says, "I am not saying 'faster'. I am just saying 'more interesting'."

Kinaed claims, "Please post your ideas on the forums, then write me a Personal Board linking to your forum post. I will read it and allow others to comment. I'm not against 'getting better', but the 'grind' serves several purposes (most of which aren't in any given player's direct interest, but are good for the game on the whole) which means we are disinclined to some of the 'improvements' suggested over the years."

Basdes states to Voxumo, "Issues with the plot itself - Note me. (I saw your previous statement only now.)"

Pookstall nods at Sparkles.

KING says, "Compared to some grind-y skill system's I've used, this one really doesn't bother me yet."

Satoshi asks, "Maybe have 'training rooms' bump pool gain for combat skills?"

Raspberries says, "Hide isn't too bad. I imagine there's other skills worse to level"

YttiK claims, "I, uh... huh. No, I'll keep quiet."

Estella nods. "Will do."

Kinaed says, "Specifically, having things to do when not in RP keeps people online so that RP can happen. It also ensure that we don't have grandmasters who have no idea how things work with their skills."

Kuzco says, "Swim is difficult to grind, OMG"

Kinaed states, "It is entirely possible to RP while doing many skills as well."

Sparkles says, "Part of that might be on the RP style of the person you are learning from."

Wimpled states, "Swim isn't that bad to grind. just need food."

YttiK points to Sparkles.

Kuzco tells Wimpled: "Cook for me, woman"

Satoshi trails off, "Yeah I have been grinding a variety of skills up to quite high levels, and depending on how much grind you tolerate VS RP... like it's not hard"

Sparkles says, "One of the bathhouses needs a pool to practice swimming."

Estella claims, "I have a pretty simple idea that I could share right now, which I imagine would help a lot. But I imagine we don't have time, and I'd still like to register another topic."

Satoshi exclaims, "Forum post, then!"

Kinaed states, "If some skills are hard, let staff know. We've adjusted skills due to player feedback before - but I'll need to put together a list and probably get a poll from players or staff verification because, um, sometimes (rarely!) we get people who think something we view is absolutely normal and okay is too hard."

Estella nods at Kinaed.

Kinaed states to Estella, "This is your topic, so you can suggest the idea on this topic now. I'll add you again at the end of the list for your other topic, and if we have time, you can do two, otherwise it'll have to wait until next week"

Raspberries says, "I'd think the singlemost difficult skill to work on is forgery"

Kuzco says, "Oh yeah"

Raspberries hasn't even bothered with it though

Estella says, "I was thinking you just pre-buy the skill rank, and it pools slowly on its own."

Kinaed nods at Raspberries.

Kinaed wrote that down.

Kuzco states, "Me neither"

Satoshi queries, "Can't comment on that since it's a guildskill but can't you forge stuff and just not...send it?"

Kuzco >_>

Estella says, "Very slowly."

Temi claims, "It's hard to balance, and everyone's tolerance is different, but we don't want it to go too easy either."

Emerald states, "Hmmm"

Kirill claims, "I like this idea of a bathhouse being used to practice swimming among the civilized who don't want to jump into the river."

Voxumo says, "Steal is also impossible to pool without a second person to my knowledge."

Emerald jumps into the river.

Satoshi says, "There's a swimming hole, heathen"

Estella states, "Like maybe 0.25x the speed of normal pooling."

Emerald says, "Just so it can rise over time."

Kinaed claims to Estella, "That system is what we had with 'inspiration' back in the day, due to people saying they prefer RP and think if you RP your character should 'just develop their skills in downtime'. It sounds good on paper, in practice it wasn't really good for TI."

Raspberries nods.

Estella nods at Kinaed.

Satoshi muses, "I think maybe...the main thing with COMBAT skills which... I think is what Estella is referring to?"

Raspberries says, "I'd say steal would probably be the second-most difficult, but it can be fun to practice with someone else at least"

YttiK claims, "We also shouldn't have a game full of grandmaster combatants."

Temi states, "Just having things raise themselves results in very little feeling of value to what you get."

Satoshi says, "Is that you CANT do it without another person, LOTS OF SILVER, or getting hurt by animals"

Kinaed nods at KING.

Estella claims, "For very little gain, yes, Satoshi."

YttiK claims, "It should be rather difficult to become really good at combat. And it should take a lot of work."

Kuzco claims to Temi, "Also you never learn how they work"

Kinaed says, "Well, nothing should be, strictly speaking, free. It has no value if it's free."

Satoshi says, "I think if you pay for it, you should get a boost to training compared to sparring"

Estella nods at Kinaed.

Temi nods at Kuzco.

Raspberries states, "Some combat skills are pretty easy to work on. bows for example"

YttiK states, "Right."

KING claims, "Yeah, bows are a cake walk, but that's realistic imo."

Satoshi says, "Because in the trainer VS sparring, I got kicked out before I got past the first level of pool to start with"

Satoshi claims, "For example"

Wimpled claims, "There are lots of options for combat, though. Spar partners for free (or pay people to spar with you), silver (major guilds requiring combat should be able to pay for lessons or for spars in the training arenas), or free via hunting. "

YttiK claims, "But, those are relatively useless in PC to PC combat."

Estella states, "There are a lot of skills that are easy to pool. Combat has multiple skills you absolutely need and it always goes the same."

YttiK states, "Past, like... the first shot."

Galax states, "In general I feel pooling feels awkward and inorganic, but the solution for me there has always been to dig up a teacher. It can be rough if there are none on grid and you have to have your character teach themselves, though. I don't know if there's a good solution that also balances skill distribution, though"

Pookstall claims, "Combat obviously does get trained up high pretty successfully, so it's clearly worth the investment to people."

Wimpled states, "I've trained at most levels with training - if you have good defense skills, you should get to at least the second level of pooling."

Wimpled states, "If your defenses are low, you can't get that high."

Kuzco claims, "Also spar with armor against a NPC trainer"

Kuzco says, "Anyways."

YttiK states, "Right. I feel there are ways to do it. Plenty."

Kirill claims, "Play for long enough, then just raise all your skills via QP in chargen. >_>"

Satoshi says, "Yeah once I got armor it was better but still, (for a freeman character anyways) it's past my grasp. Anyways I feel like we're sycling"

Raspberries nods at Kirill.

Satoshi states, "Should probably write that forum post and move on so other ppl can takl"

Lans says, "Mages are welcomed to spar with me."

Estella declaims, "He even brought a shovel!"

Raspberries says, "For those starting a character that really needs to start with a high level skill, you can purchase skill ranks using QP"

Raspberries claims, "Past 36"

Kirill claims, "It may or may not be better to spar with a live weapon and use safe attacks."

Kirill states, "For RPXP gain."

Satoshi winks to Lans and purrs, "Do you spar with non-mages? Because I've got a dagger you'd LOVE to see"

Kinaed finishes abruptly to Wimpled, "I think we should move to the next topic - you're up :)"

Kuzco states to Kirill, "Codedly blocked from safe with real weapons"

Emerald coughs and scoots back.

Galax raises an eyebrow.

Kirill wonders, "Since when?"

Wimpled says, "It'd be helpful to have a way to 'notify no' to guild notifications. I've been about to log and gotten pings for treatment and no way to respond that I'm not coming, but because I'm on, they either wait, or wait five minutes and ping again. I get that people will know no one is coming when no one turns up, but it feels really disrespectful of their online time to have them wait 20+ minutes to figure it out when they might have only had an hour of play time."

Kuzco claims, "IDK"

Kirill says, "Safe is precisely for real weapons, last I knew. :P"

Kinaed nods at Wimpled.

Kinaed states, "Makes sense, will add"

Satoshi says, "Yeah I'd love a way to respond in general"

Icarus wonders, "Would it be possible to have a system to mark yourself as willing to work as a teacher and then have like a help roster for finding teachers?"

Kinaed has a cat on her.

Raspberries states, "Makes sense to me, I thought of suggested that too but forgot"

Kuzco says, "That can be done with RP, IC."

Kirill states, "I think most guilds have places where you can post that."

YttiK claims, "It used to be in the helpfile when it first came out that notifying at the guildhall wasn't a guarantee that someone would be available to show up. It was taken out when it was moved to the current helpfile."

Sparkles asks, "Make an IC post or start a rumor?"

Kirill claims, "ICly."

KING agrees. Would be super helpful.

Galax says, "Characters have advertised teaching services ICly in the past"

Kinaed finishes abruptly to Icarus, "There is - advertise ICly on boards and stuff"

Satoshi says, "Like for instance usually it takes me 5-10 minutes to get out of a scene depending and i'd LOVE to let someone know i'm TRYING to get on my way"

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Raspberries says, "We've moved on from the skills topic, guys"

YttiK states, "Just because guildmembers are online doesn't mean that they are available to answer a notify."

Icarus claims, "Like how help roster marks up shops. Otherwise perhaps a notice board in the training hall so we can advertise there and not necessarily fill up all other boards? Would make sense to have it in training halls."

Kinaed wonders to Kuzco, "You're up. Please introduce us to your topic?"

Icarus nods to Kinaed "I'll try and advertise then. Since we seem in need of some teaching :)"

Kinaed claims, "Re: new boards, etc, I'll discuss with staff."

Galax winks. "Offering a lesson can be a way to convince people show up to a social event, too."

Kinaed nods at galax.

Kuzco states, "I'd like to ask if it's possible to review third-party behaviour around secrets. Currently you can't follow someone through a secret, and if you see someone coming from a secret exit you can't learn it either. It's a bit odd. Or super odd. When it happens in a scene. Like someone coming out of a trapdoor which you can't see yourself."

Estella nods.

Wimpled states, "Yeah, I've had trouble with that, thinking they could just follow me through and learn that way."

Kinaed claims to Kuzco, "I'll add that to Staff Talking Points. Thanks for letting us know."

Satoshi claims, "That could be fun. Watching someone else do a secret and learn it"

Kuzco pontificates, "Specially spicy during a chase!"

Raspberries states, "Secrets could use some looking at, I agree. someone had a good suggestion for it recently though"

Satoshi says, "Gives a whole new reason for stalking people"

Kinaed wonders to Raspberries, "Is the good suggestion on the forums?"

Raspberries states, "Instead of sharing the secret number, sharing a direction"

Kuzco tells Raspberries, "I suggested sharing based on the current room's direction rather than the list of bumbers."

Kuzco says, "*numbers"

Temi claims, "Oh, we approved that. Though I don't know if it's in yet."

Raspberries muses, "Ah, that was it. Did you put it on the forum, Kuzco?"

Temi states, "It's on the bug board."

Estella muses, "Can we also add an 'all' tag for target in share?"

Raspberries thumbs up.

Kuzco says, "I did not."

Satoshi says, "I think that's a good suggestion and staff will talk on it, good, good."

Kuzco would like to clarify he knows absolutely no secrets. At all. Specially not from unbecoming places.

Emerald smirks

Kinaed has written down the 'all' target for secret sharing idea also.

Raspberries claims, "Rather than share all, maybe share group. also might be nice if following and grouped people would automatically get shared the secret when the leader walks through a secret"

Kuzco declaims, "Great!"

Estella muses, "Secrets? What is that? *halo*"

Raspberries states, "Err share room"

Kinaed says to Estella, "Looks like we have time for your second topic, by the way. :)"

Estella declares, "I'll start typing!"

Kinaed says, "Also, apologies if I've missed anything anyone had to say - as mentioned, it gets spammy for me when I'm running this chat."

Kinaed queries, "On that, does anyone suspect that I did miss anything? (While Estella's writing)"

Raspberries questions, "Did you catch my idea about grouped autoshare?"

Kinaed claims to Raspberries, "I have 'share all', but not 'group autoshare'"

Estella finishes abruptly, "Writing! I think it should use your default language set by speak and use the tags by default. Right now it explodes if you use tags, or god forbid you try to modify something someone else wrote with tags! I think the writing system, if it was more streamlined, could be used for some fun things! Like adding lore! or fanatic davite propa - I mean, 'low pay, certain death, see the world, join the Knights'"

Emerald says, "Oh god, please"

Kinaed says, "I'll go back and read the log to grab it later, thanks for alerting me."

Emerald claims, "I have such a hard time with language writing."

Raspberries nods at Kinaed.

Emerald claims, "Meaning, I don't do it."

Kinaed states to Estella, "That's daunting to look at programming, but I'll make a note of it."

Estella pontificates, "I am persevering! It's fun!"

Satoshi trails off, "I have not... seen difficulty with language tags, to be honest, but I mostly only use it in mail"

Galax queries, "Did someone say PROPOGANDA?"

Kirill claims, "I'm not sure it should use your spoken language by default."

Kinaed states, "Aza may see it as easier than I do, and it's really up to Az what's easy/hard."

Sparkles says, "I've never had it explode from using tags. But I highly recommend adding the language tag to your prompt if you switch languages a lot."

Raspberries states, "Yeah, I think that would be difficult to code. currently, I don't think it even defaults to any language, it's just text"

Estella nods.

Estella says, "It is just text, yes."

Kirill claims, "I think that sounds like a headache of unintentionally written mails."

Estella trails off, "You can add language tags, but it always appends the skill level. I mean always. And I think they multiply. So if you @x, and then edit and @x again. Oh boooy..."

Satoshi muses, "Does it???"

Satoshi trails off, "It's always just... done the language normal for me"

Kirill wonders, "Appends the skill level?"

Sparkles claims, "Also lore uses a different system/skill than writing, but lore can be written in books. "

Estella claims, "Plus, it would be hilarious if a Charali tried to write mail in Davite, I mean Lithmorran, and broke it."

Satoshi asks, "And also can't you just delete those using @ld#?"

Raspberries states, "Mhmm, it does. You can actually see the skill level if you do @ in the editor"

Emerald says, "If I speak tubori for example and when I write in it, will it be tubori? Hmm."

YttiK claims, "I don't think it should, either. I, repeatedly, forget that I have my language set to something other than Lithmorran, and... it would be a problem if I write using that. Not only that, several people often describe their writing sometimes before doing the actual writing, which might cause further issues."

Raspberries claims, "Err @{"

Kinaed states, "I think this is a tricky one we'll need to think about."

Estella nods at Kinaed.

Raspberries nods.

Kinaed claims, "I've taken some notes, but can't make any promises."

Satoshi trails off, "Est what are you like...WRITING in"

Satoshi queries, "Is it a book?"

Emerald claims, "Just normal letters"

Raspberries states, "There's already a bunch of problems with the editor"

Estella claims, "Books, mail, journals, diaries, shopping lists, my manife--"

Satoshi queries, "Because the mail system? Physically have never had an issue with, or seen a skill level appended to a letter gotten in another language"

Kinaed claims, "Okay, we're done with our agenda for today. Anyone mind if we wrap up early? It's Father's Day here in Australia, and I have to go make someone breakfast in bed."

Kuzco says, "D'aw"

Kirill says, "You can use one language tag at the start that will carry through the whole page. If it's just you writing."

Satoshi says, "Awww happy aussie fathers day"

Emerald claims, "Awww"

Kirill says, "I guess I'm confused about the context in which language tags are a problem."

Lans states, "Remember the funeral is at 7:30 server. Everyone is invited. Mages too."

Raspberries claims to Kirill, "You can, but it seems the tail of it gets chopped off on long letters"

Kinaed wonders, "Can I get a staff volunteer to turn my OOC Chat notes into Staff Talking Points?"

Estella claims, "The code to calculate your proficiency fires every time you @x. So in books it tends to be problematic."

Raspberries states, "Or at least it used to"

Satoshi queries, "Then don't... write in languages you aren't good at?"

Kirill chuckles.

Kinaed's ears perk at the mention that there's a funeral.

Estella says, "It works on Lithmorran as well."

Satoshi declares, "For Anteya!"

Galax states, "Come hang around a graveyard or wherever and be sad! It'll be fun."

Temi waves a dainty freckled doll lying eyes-closed in peaceful repose at Kinaed.

KING claims, "Everyone wear your sad hats"

YttiK sniffles and pets a dainty freckled doll lying eyes-closed in peaceful repose's hair.

Satoshi did approximately 75 percent of the flowers

Raspberries eats a dainty freckled doll lying eyes-closed in peaceful repose.

KING shakes her doll like a rubber chicken.

Emerald says, "Stop eating the dead raspberries"

Kirill pontificates, "Thanks for the meeting!"

YttiK sighs. "Mean."

Kinaed states to Temi, "Someone died, and now they're a doll? Creepy."

Voxumo mixes up their hats and comes wearing the party hat

Raspberries waves.

Kinaed likes it.

Estella laughs at Kinaed.

Temi says to Kinaed, "I didn't keep track of your staff points, though."

YttiK declaims, "My doll is not creepy!"

Kinaed exclaims to Temi, "I did! I'll email you the list. Thank you!"

Galax muses to Kinaed, "Technically they got split into like, several dolls, right? Is that more creepy or less creepy?"

Satoshi declares, "Big thanks to Staff per usual, keep up the good work!"

Voxumo states, "Dolls in general are creepy, and therefore the default state of all dolls is creepy"

YttiK calls up Chucky.

Raspberries says, "Can't argue with that."

KING <3 staff

Estella declaims, "Oh yeah, special thanks to staff for being so awesome!"

Temi grins.

Raspberries declaims, "Thanks, Staffers!"

Estella states, "And Az's epic port in emote."

Galax hrumphs. "The default state of all dolls is elegant."

Estella claims, "That thing is lit."

Brando claims, "Thanks to Staff. :)"

Kinaed claims to Temi, "Alternatively, you can just pester me to turn these notes into Talking Points, etc, when I seem to have more time."

Pookstall states, "Either way"

Kinaed declaims, "Thank you, everyone, for attending. Big hugs, have a great week!"

Kirill waves.

Kuzco says, "Ya thank staff by writing reviews in https://reddit.com/r/MUD/"

Estella waves.

Kinaed exclaims, "See you next time!"

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