Log of OOC Meeting - 2019-08-03

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Sat Aug 03, 2019 6:05 pm

Kinaed claims, "A reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Regardless of what we discuss, we understand and truly believe that everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Kinaed muses, "Today's Agenda is:

   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today?"

Flower states, "Hey Hey, Emerald."

A male voice declares, "I have a topic!"

Emerald says, "Male voice you scare me."

Kinaed muses, "I can't tell who the male voice is, send me a tell so I can record your name please?"

Tasker slowly fades into view.
Tasker moves suddenly, revealing their position.

Tasker declaims, "I have a topic!"

Emerald pontificates, "Tasker!"

Francesca says, "I just kinda want to make a brief PSA from your friendly neighborhood merchant GL. Won't take long."

Tasker says, "TWAS ME ALL ALONG"

Galax pontificates, "Ahhh!"

Tasker twirls mustache 

HalfPint says, "I have a brief topic."

Kinaed nods at Francesca.

Emerald sends letters to Fran like Harry potter.

Kinaed states to Francesca, "Got you"

Ethelon pyres Tasker.

Tasker claims, "Wtf"

Kinaed states to HalfPint, "Got you"

Kinaed wonders, "Anyone else before we kick off Staff Topics?"

Tasker declaims, "Me, if you didn't see!"

Lans claims, "Nope."

Satoshi states, "I want to touch on something but it's less a topic and more a... re-assertion of a previous topic since it feels more important now that i have more experience"

Lans claims, "I'll be mostly afk."

Kinaed claims to Tasker, "Got you"

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Kinaed says, "Got you too, Satoshi"

Emerald trails off, "Every time I see half-pint I think of Laura ingles wilder... sorry I'll hush"

Satoshi thumbsups.

Kinaed has transferred Sparkles.  [OOC]

Flower says OOCly, "I think Half Pint Inn. "

Flower claims, "I gotta stop that."

HalfPint salutes Emerald.

Emerald states, "Flower, the shame."

Temi gives a set of domino tiles with flame pips and etched decoration to Sparkles.

Emerald grins at half. 

Saniya states, "I think of halflings and hairy feet."

Kinaed says, "Kicking off this week's Staff Update - last week, I handled a small amount of policy. This week I plan to actually meet with present staff and sort a few things out in our Staff Talking Points presuming they have time. Still have Jail Automation."

Ethelon trails off, "I think of beer, duh. Speaking of which..."

Emerald wonders, "You have never seen little house on the prarie? *gasps*"

Kinaed says, "A quick public service announcement from Staff: Some cyans are *surprise* NEW PLAYERS, and all cyans should be treated as such please. They won't have knowledge unless you give it to them, and the cyan protection policy says no negative consequences allowed unless you've actually explained whatever it is they're getting in trouble for, confirmed their understanding, and they decide to continue."

Kinaed claims, "Please read HELP WARN."

Kinaed trails off, "That's it for me! Next to ..."

Kinaed questions to Temi, "Want to update us?"

Temi claims, "Sure.  Not too much, but I did process some plots and I did get quotes finally processed.  And started making some back-up gifties so you guys still get something even when we didn't have an exciting week."

Temi claims, "Some busy days with work, unfortunately."

Emerald claims, "Awww backup gifties."

Temi nods at Kinaed.

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Kinaed states to Niamh, "Okay, you're up :)"

Niamh says, "This week I built a surprisingly large number of phomes, kept the request/recommend queue clear, made a few backup gifts for the grab bag, and handled some RPA. Beyond that, fairly useless."

Francesca says, "Pshhh. Never useless, Niamh."

Emerald states, "No useless niamh."

Sparkles questions, "Ooh, will we be adding more of the gifties to the thing in the Queens for posterity?"

Niamh twirls Francesca. 

Lans queries, "Grab bag?"

Francesca shamelessly sucks up.

Kinaed trails off, "Like, that's 90 percent of everything we have to do day to day, and then beyond that... :P"

Niamh mutters.

Niamh states, "It didn't feel like much! Still have a spec pending. I wanted to get more done on that I suppose."

Kinaed states, "Thank you, team. I appreciate the work :)"

Temi declaims, "Just something we've got in the staff room, instead of the last minute scramble of 'OMG, do we have a gift?  We have no gift!'"

Kinaed grumbles that she LIKES giving out silver.

Temi says, "It's unbalancing :P"

Lans nods at Temi.

Kinaed states, "Temi's unlikely to break me of the habit."

Flower remembers those days. 

Raspberries says, "I assume a grab-bag of gifts so we're not flooded with coins whenever an OOC meeting happens when no one's thought up a weekly gift idea."

Kinaed claims, "Okay, moving on"

Raspberries flips a set of domino tiles with flame pips and etched decoration into the air, and catches it as it begins its descent.

Kinaed muses, "Player Heartbeat! How was the game this last week, folks?"

Emerald says, "I love coins"

Lans claims, "Intense."

Lans says, "I have no regrets."

Kinaed grins at Lans.

Emerald claims, "It was good this week, though there was an emotional part."

Kinaed nods at Emerald.

Theron says, "Pretty great this week. Shoutout to Lans's player for being pretty cool."

Esmerelde states, "Pretty good.  I know I've been a little tough for people to catch, but I'm happy enough myself. Had some nice scenes."

Lans states, "Thanks."

SadKitty dot dot dots...'

Satoshi says, "Lord above, agreed, I don't think I've cried so much ever. I should have bought icecream. I second the Lans shoutout."

Flower states, "Very filled with allll emotions. "

Kinaed comforts Satoshi.

Emerald claims, "Awww sad kitty"

Jiraiya claims, "Might be a week late but shoutout to lans and sib for great jail rp"

Lans says, "My title should be telling enough."

Duraina finishes abruptly, "It was intense, sooo intense and I am loving the actual mage - order conflict which is what the game is about"

Satoshi comforts

Emerald trails off, "The ..."

Kinaed questions, "It sounds like there must have been some big events that I missed - but that it was overall a good week for storytelling, even if people were sad?"

Galax states, "Fantastic. Lots of emotional stuff. Big shoutouts to everyone, too many names to list"

Francesca declaims, "Slow and dramatic RP week for me, but I had some really great RP the past two days :) So thanks to everyone who took the time to RP with me!"

Francesca claims, "I loved it."

Kinaed nods at Francesca.

Emerald makes the effort when she can find you Franfran.

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed says, "I'm glad to hear that it seems to be, underneath the surface, quite a good week."

Kinaed muses, "Anything shitting anyone that they want staff to know about?"

Kinaed has transferred Wimpled.  [OOC]

Tator questions, "Yeah, work wants me to work instead of play, what's up with all that nonsense?"

Temi gives a set of domino tiles with flame pips and etched decoration to Wimpled.

Sparkles states, "There were some convos on the Discord that made me feel a bit wonky."

Raspberries says, "Wonk-inducing Discord conversations are Noooo-goooood"

Emerald states, "Wonkey is weird."

Kinaed says, "That's not good. I have to admit, I did hear that some people felt the OOC side of things may have broken their TI immersion a bit. I was very busy so didn't get specific details."

Francesca says, "I rarely look at the Discord myself tbh."

Emerald states, "I muted the channel. It was honestly making me distracted."

Kinaed states to Francesca, "Same here, which may be a mistake. I leave it mostly to the moderators."

Raspberries only logs in when the server's broke

Kinaed nods at Wimpled.

Satoshi claims, "Yeah the Discord is optional and people shouldn't be immersed in the ooc side if ooc bothers them."

Kinaed asks, "Is this because people were sharing OOC info, or what?"

Satoshi claims, "I think Sparkles was talking about someone accusing people of oocly quashing rumors rather than ICly"

Kinaed finishes abruptly, "People shouldn't be getting OOC at all with other people in terms of anything that impacts IC - that's actually a rule, not an optional choice"

Sparkles says, "There was some feelings expressed about the rumour system that seemed pointed at specific groups or people in a conspiratorial kind of tone."

Kinaed says, "Discord is there for socializing only."

Elysaveta says, "I always forget there's a discord channel."

Kinaed states, "We don't want people to have advantages because they use OOC to exchange info, plan RP, etc."

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

SadKitty mutes the channel, only goes to it on occasion to peek. "Negativity on rumors, yeah. It was pretty hard core."

Emerald claims, "I have honestly forgotten it's there until I look in the window and go oh look that is there."

Kinaed states to Sparkles, "I'll investigate that and ask the player in question to be better."

Theron claims, "That said, it's not really appreciated seeing Discord used as personal soaboxes to cry foul about things."

Kinaed nods at SadKitty.

Theron says, "*soapboxes"

Kinaed says to Theron, "No, that's not on at all."

Kinaed claims, "Thank you for alerting me that something happened and it made people uncomfortable. I'll take it from there."

Sparkles nods.

Kinaed queries, "Okay, anything else people want to tell me about how the week went?"

Jiraiya wonders, "I lost 4 pounds. does that count?"

Lans claims, "I want people to be more careful about not sharing IC info."

Lans has gone AFK.

Kinaed declaims to Jiraiya, "Sure, it's the Player Heartbeat! :)"

Kinaed nods at Lans.

Temi grins.

Raspberries says, "That's a big shit, but don't think that's what she means"

Emerald states, "I haven't lost weight, I've gained it."

Galax exclaims, "Oooh, ooh! I lost five! Not a competition or anything, just saying!"

Kinaed states to Lans, "That's an absolute must. If people share IC info OOC, it should be reported to Staff please. The Request Board is the ideal place for that."

Temi states, "Clearly we need to make some more tasty things to tempt everybody back into eating the good stuff."

Theron states, "One other thing I'd like to shoutout to - villains being villains. It's been a while, from my perspective, and it's really nice to see cropping up again."

Temi flutters eyelashes innocently.

Kinaed says, "Okay, I assume anyone with any concerns will bring them to me after this session. :)"

Kinaed nods at Theron.

Niamh says to Jiraiya, "Wow, well done man."

Kinaed declares to Theron, "Hear hear!"

Ethelon is thinking about starting a genuinely evil character.

Kinaed declares, "With that all said, let's jump into Player Topics. First up - Tasker!"

Kinaed says, "Also, if you have a topic, please pre-type it so you're ready to introduce everyone to it when called upon."

Niamh starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Tasker declares, "My topic today is a question for staff and the playerbase about bringing back the Mages Guild (The Manus, or another rendition that could be created). I think it's about time it returns in some way for several reasons, it is frighteningly difficult to attain any reliable and consistent roleplay for an out and proud Mage for obvious reasons. It's not impossible, but it is hard. Now you say, ohoho you could just make an unofficial group and collections of persons - which is true, and has been done. It's still difficult, and really hard to be cohesive. I must say though it is a lot more rewarding, and honestly just more fun for there to be an official staff backed guild with access to guild mechanics (Guildlist, Guild HQ and so forth.)

Now, there are problems with a Mages Guild. It being a covert guild much like the Brotherhood, it would be limited members due to no more dual guilding so someone would be precluded from joining another guild on the official guildlist. I'm not sure if there could be a way around that, allowing dual guilding for covert guilds (But that sounds like another topic, and I'm not sure it's possible with the current way 'Roles' are done.) However, I think it could survive on a core group of members which form the 'inner circle' almost, and others can join by association. There are probably more problems, but I really do believe it would be beneficial for it to return.

What's everyone's opinions on this? It has been a while since the guild was removed, I can't quite remember the reasons why. I think it's due a return, maybe for a trial run to see how it goes? Who knows!"

Niamh finishes her note.

Raspberries claims, "Hmm."

Lans has returned from AFK.

Moneybags says, "Things have beeen better since the Manus left, I think."

Tasker queries, "In what regard?"

Kinaed claims, "My opinion, sadly, is a hard no. We've tried it so many times, and it's failed fairly consistently. It also is very easy - that fracture you're talking about for mages is thematic and intentional. It's kind of against the theme for a large secret mage organisation to exist."

Satoshi claims, "I actually similarly feel like some core mage's group would be neat and it was going to be an IC goal for a future alt to bring about this. I feel like it's unrealistic that there's no other mage groups, and foreign mages TOTALLY would bring their foreign ideals with them."

Moneybags claims, "The entire guild just seemed like a rat trap."

Raspberries states, "I think it could drive some RP. I'd be for opening up other guilds as well, where there's player interest in them"

Lans states, "Against. Would compete with brotherhood for covert guild membership. It's a cool idea but we need more players. "

Emerald muses, "It would probably be good if the mages has a guild they could go to?"

Francesca states, "Welp. I intentionally leave myself in the dark about mage stuff on an OOC level because I love the IC surprise when I run into spoopy crap. So I really have no opinion on that. Didn't even know the mage guild was no longer a thing."

Elysaveta declaims, "Manus did used to be fun back in day (and many years ago), but maybe it wasn't the best for the game. I don't know!"

Jiraiya says, "I support a mages guild but I would be satisfied with the ability to collectively own pro poetry"

Kinaed claims, "I think it's great for people with drive to create mages guilds, by the way... just not for a staff backed, centralized one."

Moneybags says, "The lone wolf mage and being able to -very- discretely form a coven should be the main focus."

Emerald states, "It could be a mageclub"

Satoshi claims, "However, I understand the main issue with mage-guild was that they broke the CORE tenets of the actual guild itself and became a demon-summoning cesspool"

Tasker claims, "But the Manus group is part of the theme, and lore. I don't understand what you mean, and considering the Brotherhood has never been very populated or active either... they're sort of on the same level."

Jiraiya claims to Kinaed, "We need the ability to collectively own propoerty then. so our hideouts survive one persons frath"

Temi states, "Having those guild commands does make things easier, but that makes things tougher in other cases. Mages won't take risks to meet one another if they can just seek and have a safe way in."

Kinaed says to Satoshi, "Nope, the main problems were it being unthematic."

Sparkles says, "There's lots of Guilds that have become a demon summoning cesspool regardless in fairness."

Satoshi claims, "But really I think the mages could benefit from a hideout that's not already KNOWN to the Order. To my understanding, which is from a collection of things, there's just nowhere safe that isn't INSTANTLY traceable back to a character"

Elysaveta says, "All guilds are demon-summoning cesspools? The humanity."

Raspberries grins at sparkles. 

Jiraiya claims, "And I strongly think that lacking a Magee guild we need a much larger wilderness to hide in. like 4 times larger"

Kinaed states to Satoshi, "Even when we built a great theme around them, the GLs rarely did anything beyond making it an easy hub for mages to meet, greet, exchange information, and hide."

Kinaed claims, "There are already things in place for most of that that are thematically harder and more likely/appropriate than a big, centralized organisation."

Moneybags nods at Kinaed 

Theron says, "I sort've feel the Manus shouldn't really be considered until the Order is a bit more solidified."

HalfPint states, "No strong opinion either way. It can be fun to know there's something lurking in the dark that's more organized than a loose group of friends, but it does have the habit of feeling weird that something like that exists in the current theme."

Jiraiya questions to Kinaed, "Can we address the hideouts issue then please?"

Kinaed says, "There's nothing stopping a player from declaring themselves the new GL of the Manus and rebirthing it as their own personal coven or even multiple fragmented bits"

Temi says, "We've been adding more secret places."

Satoshi states, "So really I think Tasker's desire could be achieved, possibly without a codified guild but definitely would need staff help: i.e a safe place to meet up"

Tasker says, "How so, HalfPint? it's just a secret society, more or less."

Temi says, "Niamh added several more."

Kinaed states, "But we've gone down the 'it's a staff-backed guild with guild perks' route at least three times and failed."

Moneybags trails off, "My first character started practing magic in a tree..."

Moneybags trails off, "Another one in a bathroom..."

Jiraiya finishes abruptly to Kinaed, "There is something stopping that - the policies on phomes "

Kinaed claims, "There's at least 30 'secret niches' in the game."

Elysaveta claims, "The Manus guildhall was just very neat, I recall."

Moteyu is idle.

HalfPint states, "@Tasker - I'm not sure. Something about it being official with group banking access, I guess, it just feels strange."

Kinaed claims, "Sure, they're not great hiding places if everyone knows about them, but staff are against security. so a 'safe place to hide' is up to people to create."

Tasker says, "Sure, but that stuff can be easily explained and made realistic. "

Satoshi says, "Well, from my experience, I tried to meet with other mages in a way that followed common-sense hiding and ended up getting me killed even though it was no less suspicious than a sex meetup"

Moteyu is no longer idle.
Moteyu has returned from AFK.

Francesca claims, "Should have just pretended it was a sex meetup, man."

Kinaed nods at Francesca.

Satoshi states, "That's my next plan."

Flower says, "I preferred the old Manus Tower to the last GH I remember with them. "

Francesca pontificates, "Start ripping off those clothes!"

Sparkles states, "The issue with secrets is someone learns then once OOC and knows them forever."

Niamh says, "Careful not to cite specific things that happened IC, please."

Satoshi claims, "Soz."

Niamh states, "Especially recent ones."

Francesca nods at Niamh.

Elysaveta declares, "Manus Tower was great!"

Satoshi states, "But yeah, old secrets, and I've brought this up to staff before, people know them who already know them but it's hard to find them when you're new without someone telling you or just obsessively searching"

Kinaed claims, "Anyway, I am so sorry Tasker - thank you for bringing the idea up though. Please don't be sad."

Emerald ripps off her clothes!

Temi wonders, "What's the problem with the current phome policies?  The inability for it to be passed down to the next if it wasn't discovered?"

Jiraiya states, "It is not enough. the wilds can be swept in 2 hours"

Kinaed claims to Jiraiya, "We just added a heap of things like a week ago."

Kinaed claims, "Maybe two"

Jiraiya states, "Temi that and it not being traceable and not forgoing a regular phone "

Sparkles says, "Currently policy doesn't allow someone to take over without an official will."

Kinaed states, "I doubt all of the secrets are known now, and yes, phomes tend to be fairly secure."

Elysaveta claims, "Yeah, maybe don't pass your secret base through a will to your co-mages."

Kinaed wonders to Sparkles, "So... write an official will?"

Jiraiya states, "Thats not a good idea for a secret base kinky "

Raspberries nods in agreement.

Kinaed claims, "Anyway, I think there are plenty of ways around this stuff ICly."

Jiraiya says, "I strongly feel the wilds need to be 2-3 times larger and the phome limits relaxedz"

Wimpled states, "If it's a secret location, going to a Reeve and writing a will seems ill-advised."

Elysaveta nods.

Galax nods.

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Saniya has reconnected.

Flower claims, "Not if it is just part of your home."

Niamh says, "The wilderness is so large we've run out of available vnums and had to make a new area to fit more. I don't envision any more major expansions, tbh, at least not for awhile, unless Kin really wants me to do 'em. In the last few months I've added upwards of 50 rooms and several new secrets."

Wimpled asks, "If the people in question have no IC relationship outside of the secret society?"

Kinaed says to Jiraiya, "I hear you, but I'm not really agreeing. It could be because I don't have first hand knowledge, but I think it will take a bit more to move me."

Niamh claims, "I would say as gently as possible: Explore more."

Kinaed nods at Niamh.

Brando says, "What about the astral plane .. that sorta acts like a catch all for this situation methinks. It is the mages guildhall lol."

Kinaed states, "Okay, let's move on as we're running out of time."

Kinaed nods at Brando.

Satoshi claims, "That's what my topic is gonna be on"

Kinaed says to Francesca, "You're up next :)"

Tasker claims, "As I said, there are ways to make a group IC'ly (As has been done) but it's just a lot less fun and rewarding than having a proper guild group. It just feels like it could break up at any moment because one guy leaves with all the cool stuff. I understand the trepidation about bringing it back, but the last rendition I felt was very beneficial to the game until the last Guild-leader quit TI and it fell apart."

Francesca states, "This is just a brief PSA. I would just like to pretty please ask all seekers of the merchants to please send a letter to the GLs when you start seeking. I know some text pops up along those lines when you begin to seek. But I've been having some issues lately with literally chasing after seekers. Throwing out multiple messengers, letters, etc. and having trouble tracking them down. So it would be a great help if, you know. If you want to join, make an effort! We have free Vavardi brandy. It's good times, I promise. That's all. No big. Just little reminder."

Francesca is done.

Moneybags pontificates, "ENDLESS BRANDY!"

Kinaed finishes abruptly to Francesca, "It's also perfectly fine for GLs to be like 'dude, you don't write, you don't call, you don't care - you're rejected'"

Emerald ...

Jiraiya finishes abruptly, "Tasker - I think we should shift to the forum"

Raspberries states, "As a note, you might be able to have a note set to make your phome private in the case of your death or extended inactivity"

Emerald says, "Hmm"

Raspberries claims, "Up to staff though"

Sparkles states, "I'd also request that people not be able to use Seek until they have the background written."

Flower grins at Francesca.

Niamh says, "That's a thing already."

Kinaed states, "I think there's a bit of an assumption that just because someone wants to play a guild, that they have a right to be in the guild of their choice."

Raspberries states, "Err make your phome PUBLIC"

Kinaed claims, "That's counter to how I see guilds."

SadKitty states, "If I saw someone on the guild list for an amount of time who may have missed the message and haven't sent a letter, I used to send them a pboard nudging them with a reminder to let me know ICly that they existed by writing a letter."

SadKitty says, "On the who list, rather."

Sparkles says, "People oocly talk badly about GLs if they don't."

Kinaed claims, "Guilds are exclusive and have a right to be dicks about who they let in."

Moneybags pontificates, "And please do so!"

Kinaed says to Sparkles, "Then I think GLs need to get thicker skins."

Francesca says, "Well, I'm fine with rejecting people. I have before on a previous char with delightfully terrible IC consequences."

Kinaed says, "But that's my opinion :)"

Kinaed says, "Only one amongst many."

Francesca claims, "I just wanted to remind people to send a letter! That's all."

Kinaed nods at Francesca.

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed nods at Francesca.

Kinaed asks of HalfPint, "Okay! You're up. Won't you introduce us to your topic?"

HalfPint claims, "I just wanted to say thank you to everybody for being inclusive. It really stood out to me this week, having started as a new character and been uncertain where to find appropriate RP or how to get involved in it. Everyone I met went out of their way to include me. It was wonderful, so thanks."

Francesca declares, "Yay!"

Jiraiya says, "Yay"

Kinaed declares to HalfPint, "Hehe, I'm so glad to hear it! (Especially right after my rant about GLs being able to reject people)"

SadKitty thumbs up.

Satoshi declares, "Make sure to use the recommend command to commend the people that did, that's important to reward and great to hear!"

Jiraiya says, "Driving to the bar afk a few"

Kinaed says to HalfPint, "Also, Welcome to TI :)"

Ethelon pontificates, "Recommend the crap outta people! Not just once, all the time!"

Kinaed asks, "Wow, I think this is a record for how quickly we've moved through topics. Next up... Satoshi? Please introduce us to your topic"

Satoshi states, "So like I said this is less of an original topic, and more of bringing up a previous topic, but with more...thought put into it. The more I got into mage-RP the more important it feels like RP in the Astral and some mage-stuff gets RPXP and activity. Not only do I feel like it's a unique and interesting part of being a mage, and tickles the imagination, but I feel like there are some circumstances where that might be the only RP someone's getting.

That said I DO understand, I think, why there isn't any rpxp right now, and that's to prevent mages from ONLY RPing in the astral and avoiding normal RP, so I think it's definitely something that shouldn't be as rewarding as normal RP, but it might not hurt to give a little bit just to encourage that aspect, but especially with how it's made, I super feel like the Astral should be a "safe place" for mages to meet anonymously and talk, ESPECIALLY given your body is still present and in danger. You need to have a "safe" place to get into the Astral anyways if you don't want to get insta-caught, and it seems like this should be built-in with that."

Temi says, "I'm not sure that it is to force people to get in person RP so much as there was technical challenges."

Temi ponders.

Satoshi says, "It's been brought up that some long-distance spells don't make you active or give you rpxp and I don't know all the details because I want to find out mage stuff myself through RP, but encouraging that will cause more conflict and interesting things, since mages seem to have hunkered down lately."

Niamh states, "It should be providing both RPXP and activity, but that's a bug we've run into a few times that's been fixed/reverted/fixed a lot."

Satoshi nod nods. "I'm just reiterating it because through recent experience I find that would have TOTALLY changed how I approached things, and would enrich the gameplay"

Kinaed claims to Satoshi, "I'm happy to have a look. If a player can typo or request board which spells need to be examined, we cna have a look"

Kinaed claims, "Similarly, if RPxp from the astral isn't working, let us know too. I also need to follow up on matchmaker code, whcih doesn't seem to be working either"

Cheeky claims, "Would it be possible to add a once per day XP bonus if a mage casts a risky spell or something? I don't know if that would be more difficulty or work than anything else, but I'm thinking of the mail bonus."

Kinaed states to Cheeky, "Probably not too hard, I'll add that idea to Staff Tlaking Points"

Moneybags trails off, "Mage mail... Yay"

Satoshi claims, "Code stuff is hard, i sympathize utterly."

Kinaed states, "Well, it's hard for me."

Jiraiya has lost link.

Satoshi declares, "That was it!"

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Kinaed finishes abruptly, "Okay, next up - a Request Board for an OOC Topic about retainers not being summonable in RP"

Temi questions, "Hail call is known, right?"

Kinaed says, "Basically, due to people summoning their retainers while IN RP, sometimes in circumstances where it was sketchy as hell, the code was changed to prevent that, and apparently we staff dropped the ball on updating the help files."

Raspberries states, "That's been a pain. it can take a long time for that to clear even if you're not in a room with other people."

Kinaed claims to Temi, "I hope so."

Jiraiya has reconnected.

Sparkles questions, "What's the timer on that?"

Satoshi trails off, "In my experience it's only taken like... a minute if you're completely alone"

Kinaed queries to Raspberries, "To clear? You mean, the game's understanding if you're in RP or not?"

Elysaveta claims, "Yeah, I noticed I couldn't summon a retainer even when not in RP."

Tasker declares, "Did not know about hail call!"

Raspberries nods at Kinaed.

Niamh says to Kinaed, "It's on a timer, rather than just checking the room to see if there's anyone else there."

Elysaveta claims, "Like, no one in the room that I could see, anyway."

Kinaed claims, "It's supposed to be a binary - if in RP, no. If not in RP, sure."

Raspberries says, "It's taken 5+ minutes, which is a pain when you're summoning livestock to sell to other players"

Niamh says, "So people leave RP and can't summon retainers and such, because the timer hasn't expired."

Kinaed wonders, "So does the game think people are in RP for a little while after they're not, or...?"

Niamh nods.

Moneybags kicks valet. "Worst Investment ever!"

Emerald trails off, "Sells a cow... waits... where is the damn cow/"

Sparkles nods at Kinaed.

Kinaed says, "I'm not sure we can do much about that, but I know the span the game waits for an emote is only 5 OOC minutes, so that should be the max delay."

Satoshi says, "Just keep your valet with you AT ALL TIMES. But yeah in my experience does not take that long, BUT other players following you even WITHOUT RP resets the timer"

Flower chuckles at Moneybags.

Kinaed queries, "Just following you, or following you and not in the room?"

Lans is idle.

Satoshi claims, "Following you into the room but not emoting or saying will reset the timer"

Kinaed says, "It sounds like it's mostly a code issue + an unupdated help file that we need to resolve as opposed to any change to the core function"

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

SadKitty states, ", has taken to never dismissing her horse. Ever. Even with a 'stables' excuse. "Because if I step out *with* someone in RP, I can't even RP that I sent someone to go get it and then summon it.""

Kinaed says to SadKitty, "To be fair, that's sort of the intent... to make people have their retainers with them, pre-planned if on scene, and to remove the 'convience' summonings."

Duraina claims, "Yeh I have taken to sending retainers to another room, rather than dismiss them"

Elysaveta states, "Tether up your servants outside."

Kinaed says, "Particularly for things like bodyguards, witnesses to crimes, and whathaveyou."

Satoshi says, "Yeah hail call only works within a few rooms, I think. Just keep them in the next room over."

Raspberries states to Elysaveta, "Can only tether horses"

Elysaveta states, "I know."

Temi nods.

Elysaveta says, "It was a bad joke."

Kinaed claims, "I think you can order other retainers to sit"

Satoshi says, "You can order retainers to rest or command them to leave the room. I've done it often."

Elysaveta nods.

Emerald states, "Oh my god that's horrible. Tether your servant to a convenient post."

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Sparkles says, "Crashes can cause troubles sometimes."

Temi says, "You can dismiss the servants to the next room by sending them walking into it, and then hail call them in when you yell for them"

Satoshi clears his throat. "For, ahem, things I don't want... witnesses to."

Kinaed claims, "Crashes always cause trouble. I think people are understanding of that."

Sparkles nods at Kinaed.

Emerald tilts her head and mutters something about rope.

Raspberries muses to Kinaed, "Sitting isn't ideal. requests to make a tether equivilent for all retainers has been brought up quite a number of times by a number of people, is it still in the list?"

Jiraiya says, "Tether your guard to a post lol"

Satoshi states, "Or possibly a tether-adjacent command like wait, so you aren't tying up your manservant"

Kinaed says, "I think what we'll do for now is fix the help files. We can create a tether command for retainers, sure."

Kinaed states, "Er, other retainers"

Emerald trails off, "Erm..."

Elysaveta trails off, "You have to pay them extra for that..."

Galax snickers at Emerald.

Satoshi dirtytalks his valet while tethering him.

Kinaed states, "But I think we might leave the code as is for the moment, warts and all."

Emerald claims, "If I walk by and see so and so is tethered here, I'm gonna burst out with a gigle."

Kinaed asks, "Why tethering instead of having them rest again?"

Raspberries gets the rope, eyeing Emerald.

Emerald says, "Giggle, too"

Satoshi claims, "Unsure if hail call breaks rest, will test in game"

Emerald grins and leans into rope happily

Satoshi says, "Because you can't move if you're resting."

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Sparkles says, "Rest allows bypassing some combat code."

Raspberries claims, "Sitting/resting can make them look lazy, when they're supposed to be standing watch, for example"

Satoshi claims, "You can fix that by ordering them to an action, though."

Raspberries says, "That's just one though"

Francesca says, "That's when you bust out the whip and get after those lazy commoners."

Kinaed claims, "Okay, we can probably just expand tether and change what it says when 'tethered' for humans"

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Raspberries says, "It still shows them sitting/resting. sitting/resting also makes them more vulnerable if attacked"

Moneybags trails off, "They make ridiculous money for what they are paid for..."

Kinaed states, "Okay, we have hit the end of our topics list."

Lans is no longer idle.
Lans has returned from AFK.

Kinaed queries, "Anyone want to talk about anything else or circle back to anything?"

Elysaveta says, "Like waiting, instead of tethered or something."

Kinaed states, "Otherwise, we can chatter or end early."

Francesca says, "I would just like to again thank everyone for the great RP this week. There were a lot of awesome stories written. And that's it from me."

Jiraiya says, "Google grandpa mason cat. that is all"

Satoshi states, "I want to thank the order for their hard and often unthanked work"

Sparkles says, "I have a small question/thought."

Emerald needs to rp more.

Raspberries claims, "I had a topic to bring up, but I forgot to write it down and don't remember what it was now, so"

Raspberries sheugs.

Kinaed muses to Sparkles, "Yes?"

Kinaed comforts Raspberries.

Kinaed muses, "Next week, maybe? :)"

Raspberries declares, "Maybe!"

Kinaed states, "Oh, I also have something to add at the end."

SadKitty says, "Thanks for all of the RP on my poor character. She got to 1399 RP hours before poofing. So... yeah. Thanks for everyone that took part in that."

Emerald huggles the sad kitty

Kinaed smiles at SadKitty.

Flower claims, "That's awesome. "

Sparkles states, "I wish there was a way to plate food items together to form meals but plates don't serve the way cups do and are cost prohibitive."

Emerald claims, "Omg."

Emerald states, "Please make that a thing. :D"

Satoshi states, "I thought one food object was an entire meal"

Kinaed says, "Okay, made a note to add to Staff Talking Points"

Cheeky says, "I have a question if there's still time at the end too."

Jiraiya claims, "Jesus 1399 hours"

Satoshi claims, "That's why simple+ required meat and veg"

Kinaed states to Cheeky, "Go ahead and ask your question :)"

Temi says, "We do create some big products in cooking, so splitting them up makes some sense."

Brando is idle.

Brando is no longer idle.
Brando has returned from AFK.

SadKitty was very active...

Kinaed nods at SadKitty.

Raspberries states, "There are platter items in jewelcrafting as I recall.."

Sparkles states, "That's under the cost prohibitive issue."

Cheeky states, "You can't teach teach anymore and I was wondering why that changed? If it was discussed at a meeting or whatnot, I may just have failed to find it on the forums via search."

Elysaveta claims, "Platters and trays in Art as well, but again can get pricey for those."

Francesca states, "Psh. Real gentry all have bejeweled silver platters. Because reasons."

SadKitty states, "It's in the teach helpfile that it is a learn by use skill."

Emerald ... hmms

Kinaed claims, "I don't think that's a recent change."

SadKitty claims, "Has been since I started back in December."

Ethelon queries, "Learn by use?"

Raspberries says, "Yeah, teach has always been on-use only per helpfile I think"

Emerald says, "You learn by teaching to others."

Temi says, "I don't think it was ever intended to be taught."

Galax claims, "You have to pool teach by teaching, basically"

Ethelon wonders, "Does that mean that you cannot ever leanr it of you start at 0 ranks?"

Temi claims, "If it could be at one point, that might have been a bug that you could at one point"

Emerald exclaims, "Copy cat!"

They aren't here.

Temi claims, "Nah, it starts from 0 just fine"

Cheeky questions, "Ah, maybe I had fever dreams. Or maybe... hm, can you not pick it up in chargen, maybe that's what I'm thinking?"

Raspberries says, "It's learnable from 0"

Satoshi says, "Yeah Teach pools by teaching, and it's a skill you can learn from 0"

Emerald blames Galax for everything

SadKitty claims, "No, it starts at zero, the first time you use it, you pool."

Kinaed states, "I think you can learn it. Also, you can take it to 36 in chargent"

Galax states, "No, it's not a guildskill, so being at 0 means it's learnable"

Galax is blamed!

Emerald grins

Ethelon states, "As a matter of fact, my char has been teaching today and I have gotten the message she wasn't eligible."

Wimpled claims, "Teach pools when you are teaching and someone is listening."

Emerald says, "Woops"

Kinaed states, "It's pretty much like any other skill in terms of learning. But the question was why people cannot teach other people to teach."

Ethelon says, "And I do meet the requirements"

Raspberries states, "Teach requires 55 CHA to learn"

Jiraiya says, "No ugly teachers allowed"

Emerald says, "When someone stops listening usually ... did you happen to spend xp though? Sometimes when you don't have enough it'll say you can't learn it."

Raspberries states to Kinaed, "I'd be curious to hear why teach can"

SadKitty says, "Well, you have to have a certain level in the skill you are trying to teach, and the level you can teach to is multiplied by your charisma as a percentage, if I remember correctly."

Ethelon states, "Oh wait. I flipped some numbers. I don't meet the reqs. Silly me."

Raspberries claims, "'t be taught"

Cheeky claims, "I'll admit there's a pretty specific reason why I'm interested, though it's not game breaking. Evidently I'm just in a fog still."

Galax claims, "Well, you can be ugly and have a decent CHA.. I tihnk"

Temi nods.

Temi says, "Cha deals with how you interact with people, not just looks."

Ethelon claims, "I hate, when people confuse that."

Satoshi says, "I mean, it makes sense that you can't teach someone to teach since it's more somethign you figure out, but also teaching someone something pools that skill you're teaching"

Satoshi says, "So that might break the game a bit"

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Galax says, "I think there's one breakpoint in CHA that gives you app 3 at chargen though, so I can understand the automatic association"

Cheeky states, "Right, I thought one's charisma was more important when it came to teaching with regards to how much you could teach them."

SadKitty claims, "No, teaching helps you reinforce your knowledge in something. So, I disagree."

Lans states, "Oh and. Thanks like every week for putting up with Lans. My job is to kill people and make them sad. When they give me recs, that feels like it is worth it all."

Kinaed says, "I can't remember why we don't allow it. Putting it on Staff Talking Points."

Lans blows a sad sad kiss at SadKitty.

Raspberries nods.

SadKitty leans on Lans.

Cheeky says, "Given you go to school to become a teacher, in my mind, being able to teach someone else the teach skill is just helping someone learn how best to communicate their experience to someone else."

Kinaed exclaims, "Okay, three minutes until the top of the hour!"

Wimpled claims, "I don't think teaching teach is a good idea.  I think too many people maxing out teach quickly is going to lead to an imbalance in skill learning.  "

Wimpled states, "I work in education - education classes are great, but doesn't mean you can teach.  You learn by actually being in a classroom teaching."

Lans nods at Wimpled

Flower has left the game.

Lans states, "100 per cent agree"

Satoshi states, "Well I mean, if they wanna waste their exp on it, I don't think a lot of people will learnslot it"

Galax says, "Lans has practically become a TI staple to me"

Sparkles says, "Maybe the solution there is to not call it teaching maybe it's to call it public speaking."

Kinaed claims, "My last item - just to let people know in a very general sense ... my job is policy. Sometimes, I've just rolled out of bed, and the way I might say something could be less than diplomatic, etc."

SadKitty claims, "Agreed with Wimpled. Many who make it through school for teaching don't make it in the classroom."

Lans bows to gala. "Thank you."

Emerald dies.

Raspberries states, "Teach is still pretty effective even at low levels"

Kinaed states, "But please believe me, that unless you've committed murder, just because I come to talk about something, I'm probably not upset with you as a person, even if my wording is shit."

Temi declares, "And sometimes she's just rolled out of bed because we've called her in and said 'omg, Kin, the world is ending, we need you!'"

Emerald claims, "It's slow as hell but it works."

Cheeky pontificates, "This is a game though, and I'd argue that a lot of us are a lot better at swording people than we'd be in RL!"

Francesca smiles at Kinaed.

Lans states to Kinaed, "I have a quick question"

Temi states, "Which is a great way to wake up if you want to be in a grand mood."

Theron says, "I don't know. I'm rather good at "swording" people."

Emerald states, "It's ok, I will cry anyway if a staffer comes to talk to me. Instatears."

Theron browwaggles.

Lans states to Kinaed, "I would love to know why I am dropped in A Comfortable Place"

Ethelon peers at Theron.

Kinaed says, "I just get a lot of people who assume I hate them because I spoke about something with them, potentially in a harsh words. I know that reflects on how *I* present myself."

Cheeky says, "Anyway, my interest was just related to making teaching a more interesting and viable character concept or activity. I don't know how quickly it pools when you're just teaching a skill so I'll see about testing it out."

Temi says, "Nobody should cry if I talk to them :(  I'm rarely scolding anybody, just investigating RPA, usually."

Emerald grins.

Theron says, "Niamh makes me cry :("

Niamh makes Theron cry right -now-.

Kinaed asks, "Okay, what was someone's question?"

Theron cries.

Lans claims to Kinaed, "I would love to know why I am dropped in A Comfortable Place"

Lans mumbles something about waking up in a staff room littered with corpses.

Niamh nods seriously.

SadKitty doesn't want to talk about crying...

Emerald says, "I think it's a thing. usually when I was in school someone would talk to me and I would usually be in trouble for something stupid."

Lans hugs SadKitty one armedly.

Kinaed nods at Emerald.

Wimpled says, "It's completely viable if you have a skill people want to learn."

Elysaveta trails off, "Corpses don't sound very comfortable..."

Raspberries wonders to Lans, "Fi Fi Fo Fum?"

Satoshi declaims, "Top of the hour, thanks again staff for all your hard work!"

Emerald states, "So Ki if you ever come to talk to me and I say give me a minute, it's usually because I instapanic"

Francesca claps for everyone.

Lans says, "Answered privately, thank you."

Emerald wonders, "Omg, corpses?"

Galax claps. "Congratulations!"

Duraina nods off

Emerald claps... uncertainly.

Niamh states, "Tldr is almost always: Niamh did something stupid."

Niamh comforts Lans.

Elysaveta says, "All the boils."

Emerald says, "Eww"

Kinaed says, "The thing is, people who deal with people who do naughty stuff (or even just misread people doing naughty stuff) - like, believe me, I've seen way naughtier than most players on TI can concieve of, so it takes a lot more to actually make something bad with me than a minor encounter over minor issues."

Satoshi pontificates, "Congratulations Shinji!"

Galax makes penguin noises.

Kinaed declaims, "Okay, I think either I missed the question twice or the someone with the question dropped it - but either way, we're over the top of the hour!"

Raspberries waves.

Kinaed declaims, "Come see me if we need to talk further!"

Lans eyes Satoshi dangerously.

Lans says to Kinaed, "It was me."

Kinaed declaims, "See you all next week, thanks for your patience in my absence. Have a great week to come!"

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