Log of OOC Meeting - 2019-07-27

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Sat Jul 27, 2019 6:04 pm

Temi claims, "Our agenda today:  1)  Staff Updates, 2) Player Heartbeat, 3) Player Topics"

Temi has transferred Sparkles.  [OOC]

Lans claims, "It's difficult to copypaste without a log, and I'm multitasking a bit"

Temi gives a set of small, wooden cups shaped like grape-stomping tubs to Sparkles.

Temi queries, "I've already got Brando and Lans for topics.  Anyone else for right now?"

Lans looks at Sparkles, "Ah, I was about to messenger you the cups if you didn't show up."

Sparkles states, "Oh, that's thoughtful. Thanks. :)"

Temi claims, "Alright. If anybody else thinks of anything, let me know as we're going and I'll get you on the list."

Temi claims, "Staff updates then... not a whole lot on my plate.  Doing some requests and plots and such, but nothing too much."

Temi queries, "Az?"

Azarial states, "I've managed to fix one crash, looking into another, some string output updates, and replaced all four execution methods with a more RP friendly variant that ticks along like combat if the target does nothing; it advances when they emote allowing for better pacing.  strings, of course, have been updated."

Temi declares, "The execution improvements should be great.  Look forwards to you guys killing each other off!"

Emerald says, "Oh temi"

Emerald waves a hand.

Temi claims, "Taking a look at the change board... that may be biggest thing, besides some bug fixes and such."

Asher claims, "That's exciting to hear, actually."

Temi finishes abruptly, "We did do some fixes requested on the OOC chats - prayers aren't attached to religion anymore, and notify is on prompt"

Lans asks, "All prayers or just davite prayers?"

Lans claims, "Read something about this on the log from a few weeks back."

Asher claims, "Looks like all prayers"

Temi claims, "All of them.  It's not worth restricting it"

Lans says, "Oh right."

Azarial says, "Note that using the command does not pay in rpxp."

Asher says, "Are now available, that's quite excellent actually"

Temi says, "You can decide for your own character which prayers they would know."

Lans declares, "I'm looking forward to you folks testing these in public! >=)"

Temi states, "And you can also pray using emotes like normal, decent people."

Emerald says, "Yay, praying with normal emotes."

Elysaveta declares, "Emote your heresy!"

Kitty queries, "Where's the fun in that?"

SpaceJackal wonders, "Pfft, why do that when I have a command that does it for me?"

Temi questions, "Anyway then!  Moving on - player heartbeat!  How's RP this week?"

Emerald states, "It's been, like everything I do, an emotional trainwreck."

Lans says, "Intense. Efficient."

Kitty has had fun.

Tator declares, "I foresee great things in regards to RP!"

Temi declares to Emerald, "I hope that's more good than not good!"

Sparkles claims, "I had fun at the ballet. I super appreciate everyone who participated and came to watch."

Asher claims, "Emotionally charged, very fast, I dare not hope. But good, quite good."

Emerald says, "Well... yes, it has been good but also sad. At some parts."

Temi grins.

Raspberries says, "Feeling a bit better now, so easing back into RP"

Lans states, "I hope the ballet made people rec each other."

Temi says, "Well, it can't pull at our heart strings if it's not meaningful, so we'll call that good"

Emerald says she recked all of her teammates

Brando states, "Its been great in jail for Nestor ... he has upskilled lots and i got in a high level of roleplay with him and others ... thanks to those who RP'ed with him.  :)"

Temi says, "We definitely saw some recs come in for the ballet"

Lans dips his head at Brando.

Emerald says, "I'm sorry if mine didn't make sense, Temster. I was a tired emerald after all that."

Asher forgot to rec because he passed out.

Temi states, "I didn't see any that explicitly didn't make sense, but I haven't processed them myself"

Temi says, "Feel free to do recs later as well, too"

Temi declaims, "Seems pretty good in general, though.  And glad to hear RP in jail is going well!  That's been a rough spot for people ebfore"

Temi queries, "Anything bothering anybody (besides topic items) that staff ought ought to know about?"

Ethelon states, "I've got a small thing."

Lans states, "I thank everyone who puts up with Lans."

Emerald says, "Not me! And aww."

Temi nods at Ethelon.

Temi queries to Ethelon, "Something you want to just bring up, or put on the list?"

Sparkles claims, "Apparently the gossiper in the Globe is downright persistent"

Emerald states, "Omg, they so are."

Emerald claims, "I'm like I know I quashed that"

Ethelon states, "I just remembered that I wanted to mention that I cannot seem to log into the game with any client I tried, beside the Mudportal browser one."

Ethelon asks, "Should probably make a board note for that, right?"

Sparkles muses, "Are you playing from work?"

Temi states, "We did decide on a new rumor hush command that will quiet the rumor spreaders for a while"

Ethelon says, "No, I'm playing from home and it used to work, when I first played in 2017."

Temi says, "But I think it wasn't a quick implementation for Az"

Sparkles nods at Temi.

Emerald trails off, "Omg..."

Temi queries, "What sort of issue is it?"

They aren't here.

They aren't here.

They aren't here.

Raspberries asks, "Does it give any kind of message?"

Temi nods at Raspberries.

Ethelon claims, "I get instantly disconnected without any output. This is persistent across several devices and clients in my home network. No output whatsoever."

Lans states, "Strange."

Raspberries muses, "And you're sure you've got the right address and port entered?"

Ethelon says, "I believe, it even happened, when I tried to log in through a mobile client and through the mobile grid... Not sure, though."

Ethelon states, "As I said, I tried several times. The chances that I messed it up five times in a row are fairly slim, I think."

Temi queries, "That's odd.  Maybe a ban of someone in your local IP area that's not printing correctly?"

Ethelon says, "I have one more tiny bit of info on that."

Temi states, "Maybe post a bug report and we can see if we can find anything, but if it's on your connection side, I don't know what we could do"

Ethelon states, "I paused playing some time in 2017. When I wanted to return in 2018, I got a message before disconnecting."

Ethelon states, "It said something like my ISP was banned and I should write the company to resolve the issue."

Azarial claims, "Hmm"

Ethelon says, "Lately, I receive no message whatsoever."

Temi says, "Yeah, that sounds like what it may be.  Let's investigate later, rather than in this."

Ethelon says, "Thanks. I'm so glad I remembered, lol."

Temi queries, "Moving on to topics, Brando?"

Brando states, "Firstly and most importantly I was using the city support metric code and it failed but I had 5 IP. Now I am stuck with 5 IP and that evaporates very soon due to weekly reset. I am desparate to supprot a certain city metric and the rules say I can influent teh city council IF i have 5 IP ... but the code didnt work and I have bug boarded the information pertaining to that to the bug board. Please fix this quickly. Thank you."

Sparkles states, "You can't vote on metrics from jail, I don't think."

Kitty states, "I have a feeling it's because your character is in jail... yeah."

Temi says, "Sounds like that's what that is, then, yeah."

Raspberries asks, "Is that documented in a helpfile?"

Temi claims, "If it's not, please feel free to file a typo board note."

Brando trails off, "Awww :( ok i get very soon so thats fixed.  next is ..."

Brando states, "Secondly My character estor] was sitting in jail when I/they received a post saying a messenger was waiting for them. But no ] flag appeared for that. And when I tried to answer it it said I couldnt because nestor was in jail. I mentioned this on visnet and the player whose character sent the message let me know that the game said I was available before they sent it. This cost them the cost of the messenger and caused me some worry. Please fix this. Thank you."

Azarial questions, "'available'?"

Temi claims, "Messengers are not guaranteed to only go to people who can receive them.  Though it's weird you got a message saying you got a messenger if you couldn't get it."

SpaceJackal states, "When my character was in jail, he was shown as unavailable and messengers couldn't reach him."

Brando states, "Tahts what they said ... but i didnt get sent any notify.. just a messenger."

Asher says, "Messengers should find jail unavailable to go to, like private rooms and things"

Raspberries says to Asher, "It's unavailable for prisoners but not reeves I believe"

Sparkles says, "Or visitors."

Raspberries says, "I think it's unavailable for visitors too, yeah"

Temi claims, "Feel free to post a bug board note on getting the mixed messages on getting the messenger and unable to receive it."

Raspberries says, "It's a check on whether you're a reeve/orderite most likely"

Temi finishes abruptly, "But I don't know that that's super high priority - would be good to be more consistent"

Lans says, "I believe I can receive messengers as an order char, in jail."

Raspberries nods at Lans.

Temi states, "Okay, let's move on to Lans' topic then, and if you have some more you can add it after that"

Brando says, "Ok"

Lans says, "I'd like to ask if staff can make secret sharing a bit easier. I'm accruing a gigaload of secrets as I explore, and sharing them can be confusing at times with big lists. So I was wondering: can we add a way to share a secret by, instead of listing a number, listing a direction of the room you are currently in? I think this isn't a novel idea. But I'd love to see it implemented."

Raspberries claims, "Oh yeah."

Raspberries claims, "Secrets are a PITA."

Lans states, "Like secret share north Temi"

Asher claims, "I think that's a super great idea, actually, in theory, if it's not too hard to implement it would be a great addition"

Lans claims, "I like how silence fell after I said it."

Temi says, "Sorry, got a phonecall there."

Lans says, "Ah."

Temi trails off, "Hrm... I don't think we'd have a problem with that being an option"

Lans says, "BADASS"

Temi asks, "Mainly... how hard would that be to implement, Az?"

Lans looks at Az with on puppy eye.

Azarial claims, "Not extremely."

Lans looks at Az with one puppy eye.

Raspberries claims, "Woo"

Tator is idle.

Emerald claims, "Woot"

Temi claims, "Okay, Kin will have to approve it, but seems likely"

Brando says, "I find that to be  a idea Lans :)"

Lans states, "Excellent, thank you."

Asher claps!

Tator is no longer idle.
Tator has returned from AFK.

Lans says, "That's it! I'm done."

Temi claims, "Okay, great"

Sparkles says, "Portals can't be shared either which would be awesome too."

Emerald squeaks

Temi asks, "I don't think portals are supported by the secret system now, are they?"

Azarial states, "Don't think do"

Lans states, "Nope"

Lans says, "Though some rooms have portals that can't be found by look around or obvious cues."

Temi claims, "I think that would be a bigger add codewise"

Sparkles nods.

Asher claims, "Per helpfiles all portal items should be obvious by looking around or looking at objects present in the room"

Lans states, "Hm. I'll typo it then."

Sparkles questions, "Unless you could add things to the secret list yourself optionally?"

Temi says, "Those portals should be usable regardless of seeing them, though.  And there should be a way to find them, yes."

Asher says, "I've only bumped into a couple that weren't, but they also were common-sense things, like a gate off of a residential area"

Temi says, "The thing should at the least be described in the room or on an item in the room"

Temi claims, "In a way that suggests it might be a portal"

Lans declares, "So always read room descs, kids!"

Raspberries says, "Hmm. I think the only policy is the keyword should be obvious if you see someone else use it"

Temi says, "But it's possible there's some that don't adhere to whatever criteria Niamh is using to enforce that"

Temi claims, "Okay, I have another request for a topic by Sparkles, let's move on to that"

Sparkles says, "So, I'd like to bring up the possibility of adding names back to the roster list for shops. Whether people could set an alias for it or otherwise."

Raspberries wonders, "Why?"

Temi states, "Anytime there's aliases for things, that's not easy code."

Temi wonders, "So.. is that something people would find super valuable?"

Lans claims, "I do not follow, madam."

Temi queries, "Don't follow the problem or the initial idea?"

Kitty states, "Well, it would be nice to know who owns a shop (if you don't know already) so you could order something if it isn't available at the time. And, theoretically, one could ask the shopkeeper who the owner is."

Asher asks, "I suppose you could always try to find the owner through the Merchant's Guild officially? Since merchants have access to that? It can be IC information, just not easily publically available?"

Raspberries claims, "Roster list shows whether a shop has a manager or not, but not who. As I recall, when it did list who that was OOC information. I don't see a reason to list who anymore, if you want it listed somewhere you can do it on-grid via rumors or a sign in the shop, etc"

Azarial states, "If a shop is managed, it;s a roster job"

Brando says, "I believe if ones character is a reeve or a knight then one can see who is a shopkeeper already"

Temi states, "I know it's not too hard for shop owners to put stuff in their shop for others to read and see who to contact for commissions and things"

Raspberries nods in agreement.

Temi says, "Even if it's just a display item or a note on the board"

Sparkles muses, "So as Kitty says does the NPC not know who they work for?"

Temi says, "They may or may not.  It's a question if it's worth coding the complications for which situation"

Temi states, "Or it can just be RPA and staff can figure out which case it is"

Azarial says, "It would take a prog for an npc to answer questions, and those are expensive"

SpaceJackal says, "It would be pretty neat to have a shopkeeper NPC answer questions, but not particularly necessary."

Azarial claims, "Easier to install a prop item in the front of the ship"

Kitty says, "My point with that comment was more a situation of... it'd be easy IC information to get ahold of."

Temi says, "We definitely have the ability for shop owners to buy progs for their shops."

Asher trails off, "I think RPA or just... merchant's guild is the easiest solution, really any merchant can tell you"

Azarial questions, "Yeah.  it should be rather easy to obtain it icly.  why stint yourself the rpxp?"

Temi questions, "Alright, well, we have about 10 minutes left.  Any further comments on that or further things people wanted to bring up?"

Ethelon states, "I've got a totally unrelated and unimportant thing."

Temi nods.

Ethelon states, "I'm running a DnD game and thought Lithmore and a few of its (player) characters would be a great addition to the world. Just wanted to see how you feel about doing that. It's a mere homegame. No public broadcasting."

Raspberries asks, "Thought about running some campaigns with the ST system here?"

Sparkles wonders, "You mean playing as other people's characters? Or people playing their characters in D&D?"

Temi says, "I think we've generally been pretty okay with fanfiction as long as it's not selling or publicly claiming anything as theirs"

Ethelon says, "Nono. I'm basically asking to steal your characters for my NPCs, because it saves me time, lol."

Lans claims, "Make Lans a wizard and I will hunt you down and pyre you."

Brando says, "LOL"

Azarial claims, "I'd say by permission only."

Asher laughs nervously, putting away Lans character sheet.

Kitty says, "I would say... if there is someone in particular you want, you should pboard them. It's not really something to decide as a group, as each individual would have a different opinion."

Raspberries nods.

Sparkles queries, "Yeah also is this involving people who play here?"

Brando claims, "Anybody is fine to steal my charcters concept and use it.. i feel flattered lol :)"

Ethelon states, "No, it's not. No other mudders in the group."

Temi states, "If it's only private with only people who will never play here... well, if you want to be careful, get other's permission, but nobody's very likely to actually ever find out."

Raspberries nods at Temi.

Lans pontificates, "I WILL FIND OUT, YOU HEAR?!"

Temi states, "Unless you make Lans a wizard, and then he'll just know."

Emerald is idle.

Elysaveta states, "Elf wizard."

Elysaveta nods.

Azarial states, "Take off his robes and wizard hat, and no one will notice."

Emerald is no longer idle.
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Ethelon claims, "Lans is a pretty archetypical character. One of my players basically made him."

Sparkles claims, "I feel like if you want to play within our universe with these stories, run an ST. Could be fun for all involved. Otherwise, I admit I feel a bit weird about it."

Emerald bliks rapidly

Raspberries questions, "On something completely diffferent, if anyone's attacked by boars in the woods, consider filing charges against them. I think that'd be fun and perfectly thematic. http://ti-legacy.com/forums/viewtopic.p ... addb#p14820"

Elysaveta queries, "Can I sue the boars?"

Emerald wonders, "... I have no words?"

Temi says, "If the reeves say you can."

Elysaveta states, "Woo."

Kitty coughs.

Brando states, "Bwahahahaa"

Temi asks, "Anything else anyone wants to talk about in our last few minutes?"

Emerald claims, "Also, sue the bobcats too"

Ethelon says, "Thanks for the input, guys. Sparkles, I got you."

Elysaveta says, "Boars taste better."

Lans claims, "I'm good, thanks Temi."

Emerald says, "Nothing from me"

Lans says, "Perhaps"

Lans trails off, "We can play an RPG game... ICly"

Emerald asks, "Bobcats make good fur?"

Raspberries says, "There's a story in the video about a rooster who was burned at the stake. Mmm, teriyaki"

Lans says, "I can totes imagine Lans furrowing his brow over a Dungeons and Bobcats manual"

Emerald states, "LOL"

Elysaveta claims, "Spit roast a boar in River Square. Yum."

Elysaveta says, "And not heretical at all."

Emerald wonders, "He'd be all... waht is this harricy?"

Sparkles asks, "Is the forums the best place for some ST system feedback?"

Asher says, "Lans would just make Paladins over and over"

Azarial says, "Given the devout nature of the populace, anything that hints at magic woul;d be extremely suspect"

Raspberries states, "Forums work, yeah"

Temi nods at Sparkles.

Ethelon claims, "Conquest paladins, specifically."

Lans states to Asher, "As if that was a bad thing."

Emerald claims, "Burn all the gameboards and have everyone who was playing it cleansed."

Lans nods at Emerald.

Temi states, "Alright, folks.  Let's go ahead and wrap up"

Emerald says, "Even the nobles."

Emerald grins.

Sparkles waves.

Temi pontificates, "Have a lovely rest of your weekend mischiefs!"

Asher says, "Thanks again to staff for all your work"

Lans claims, "Have a good week, everyone."

Emerald declaims, "Thanks!"

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