Log of OOC meeting 8/4/2018

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Sat Aug 04, 2018 6:12 pm

Kinaed questions, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today?"

Kinaed has transferred Empena. [OOC]

Temi gives a plump little stuffed owl toy with feather-tufted eyebrows to Empena.

Prisca looks for her list to see if there's anything new.

Edwin says, "I had a thing, but I totally forgot what it was."

Giles claims, "I only have two issues, and they are very minor."

Kinaed claims, "Okay, well, I'll put Giles down for now."

Prisca claims, "Oh, I've got an idea that hasn't really been discussed. I'll bring it up"

Evani states, "I have so not rped this week, because I'm bad, except like a few hours ago"

Kinaed claims, "Anyone else, or if you remember your topic, Edwin - send me a tell later. Also, if you've registered a topic, please pre-write it. Also, Giles, I'm sorry - please raise only one topic at OOC Chat, the one more dear to you... you can bounce the other off me after, but we agreed as a group only one topic per person. However, if we have enough time at the end, I'll call on you for the 2nd one."

Maura says, "I've got a suggestion that could do with brainstorming from those present"

Prisca starts to move towards the south and east.

Kinaed states, "Okay, I've got Giles, Prisca, and Maura."

Kinaed has transferred Vlora. [OOC]

Giles states, "Oh, okay! I've brought one up before, so I'll focus on the other one."

Prisca withdraws a length of sturdy rope and motions for Evani to put her hands together.

Temi gives a plump little stuffed owl toy with feather-tufted eyebrows to Vlora.

Kinaed nods at Giles.

Evani places her hands out, wrists together, and nods to Prisca.
Prisca fastens a length of sturdy rope around Evani's wrists.

Evani claims, "Kinky"

Vlora bares her sword.

Edwin states, "I need to kill more heretics. <.<"

Kinaed states, "Alright! Let's kick off Staff Updates. Last week, I did diddly squat. Sorry, guys. Still on my desk - Jail Automation, and um *embarassed peek at Prisca* forum idea updates."

Vlora gets Warrant Update Spec.

Kinaed asks of Evani, "Yes? :)"

Temi claims, "I think she means the rope, not you"

[Action: Prisca has hogtied Evani, nodding along at the meeting nonchalantly ]

Yeto says to Edwin, "You could make a full time job out of lesbian hunting in Lithmore"

Kinaed exclaims, "Oh, oh yah!"

Kinaed states to Azarial, "You're up. :)"

Azarial states, "I've fixed a few bugs, a crash, and cleaned up some of the guild handling under the hood. I doubt the benefits will be all that noticeable, but it is streamlined and should make roles a bit easier to slip in."

Evani grins

Edwin claims to Yeto, "I'm pretty sure I'd be killing everyone."

Temi says, "But if you note weird guild stuff, that's a bug to let Az know about"

[Action: Evani is casually tied up, leaning against Prisca ]

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Gaultier claims, "Well, I for one am not playing a lesbian, hmmmmm"

Yeto states, "Thanks for the quick fixes on that stuff, Az"

Kinaed claims, "I don't really see very much that would be noted top side. I hope everyone's seen that we have a new Liquidation forum that enforces things like rumors and IC_Events."

Edwin says, "That was super quick, Az. We don't deserve you."

Kinaed nods at Edwin.

Giles nods.

Prisca nods.

Evani sings, 'And I don't diserve you."

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed claims, "Okay, Temi, you're up."

Prisca muses, "Are the IC events mandatory, even if your character has been inactive for over a year and you're just sweeping up?"

Kinaed says, "They are if the character is established with over 500 hours of RP, I believe."

Prisca questions, "I've got an old one that I'm sure everyone would be like 'Who?'"

Prisca claims, "Ohh, okay. still cyan so should be fine."

Empena says, "There might still be people who remember you "

Temi claims, "I have not accomplished a whole lot this week. Dealing with RL stuffs instead, but I want to set the date for the Queen's stuff soon. Doing plots and such."

Edwin questions to Kinaed, "IC events are mandatory?"

Kinaed nods at Empena.

Kinaed claims to Edwin, "Depends on how well established the code thinks the character is."

Temi says, "I think there's some times where you can use just rumors instead."

Edwin queries, "Am I established?"

Kinaed claims to Edwin, "I think yes."

Prisca claims, "Actually still in the old Tubori quarter. If I decide to liquidate, maybe just say charred bones were found."

Empena asks, "Can I ask when people liquidate, what decided if their helpfile stays or not?"

Empena says, "Or die for that matter"

Evani states, "Oh my god"

Temi claims, "Help player files will always go eventually, when the code gets around to cleaning them up"

Kinaed states, "I think Player Help files linger for awhile until the Master List is cleared. If a player wants us to retain their character's help file, we probably should look at adding that to the POLCA."

Temi states, "For well-famous people, they may get a new help people file instead"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Empena muses, "May be that could be a milestone option?"

Recalls they still need to write Vicannia's help people file. Maura groans [Maura]

Kinaed claims, "I think that's all of Staff Updates. Wow, slow week."

Prisca states, "Seems a likely milestone option, yes."

Kinaed nods at Empena.

Kinaed comforts Maura.

Edwin claims, "I didn't even DO my milestone. <.<"

Vlora wishes she wrote one for Gothan

Calanthe questions, "It's probably not too late?"

Edwin muses to Calanthe, "Is it not?"

Kinaed claims, "I hope people had fun with the Bids at least. It also looks like we have a winner, though the code won't announce it for another couple of days."

Vlora questions, "Omg did Giles win?"

Kinaed says to Calanthe, "We tend to leave the option open for two weeks."

Prisca claims, "Ooo"

Kinaed states to Vlora, "Yes... yes he did."

Calanthe queries, "For milestones?"

Kinaed states, "Type 'bid list'."

Vlora sheathes her sword.

Edwin states to Kinaed, "I want to say how effing cool all of these political games have been."

Yeto claims to Vlora, "He won an award for most withdrawals in one race"

Gaultier says, "Huh, from reading the boards I would have thought Astarte wins"

Vlora claims, "At least nobody died this time"

Edwin says, "And RP making."

Giles declares, "I did!"

Kinaed claims to Edwin, "I'm so glad you enjoyed the political RP. :)"

Edwin says, "I'm glad to know Justin withdrew."

Gaultier queries, "Oh, you're the player?"

Edwin says, "Considering we're breathing him in right now."

Prisca exclaims to Edwin, "Withdrew to ash in the wind!"

Vlora says, "It would be troublesome having some ash in the chair, yeah."

Kinaed says, "Pesky mages."

Evani muses, "Just in was mage?"

Maura Honestly bids felt a bit... lack luster considering prior seneschal. It's no fun when people just withdraw.

Prisca nods at Evani.

Evani says literally she misses so much

Edwin says to Evani, "Yes."

Kinaed states to Evani, "Well, the Order said so."

Kinaed says, "Must be true."

Edwin says, "We wouldn't lie."

Azarial claims, "The code does that to ensure you don;t get two back to back runs."

Evani states, "Innnocent... Until proven burned."

Giles wonders, "Wait, so I can't run again next time?"

Prisca states to Maura, "The withdraw was amusing if you were there, but yeah I was hoping for more of a fight from everyone"

Gaultier says, "The letter I got from Empena going 'oh and by the way if our city metric on law is so low wouldn't the proconsul make a SHIT seneschal' made me go OOOHHHH irl haha"

Edwin claims, "There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt."

Azarial says, "You can run agai if you did not win"

Kinaed says to Giles, "I think you can - a player cannot run when they've won back to back."

Temi says to Giles, "No, it'll clean it up for next time and only Empena will be left officially withdrawn"

Kinaed states, "But people who nominated and failed to win can attempt to in the next bid period."


Azarial states, "Which given how past seenschals have lasted, could be next week."

Azarial shrugs eloquently with more tail than shoulders.

Edwin flies away.

Kinaed snickers.

Kinaed wonders, "Okay, Giles! You have a topic. Won't you introduce us to your topic?"

Giles pontificates, "Oh cool. I have plans to keep Giles lingering around for random reasons for as long as possible!"

Evani shifts her wrists in her ropes

Maura , would have been a great seneschal if it weren't for that pesky inquisition and their darn knights

Empena winks.

Prisca claims, "Now that was a memorable race."

Yeto states to Maura, "You got the speeches down at least"

Edwin states, "We could always burn another one. It'd be the rule of three."

Maura hugs Empena "pay no mind to the knife."

Prisca waggles a plump little stuffed owl toy with feather-tufted eyebrows's eyes at Empena.

Kinaed queries to Giles, "Your topic?"

[Action: Edwin is listening to the meeting, like a productive member of the community. ]

Azarial says, "Might not have pretyped it"

Edwin claims to Giles, "You're supposed to pretype it."

Yeto says, "He typo'd it"

Kinaed queries, "Did I miss that?"

Maura says, "To be fair, this chat is going super fast, and I'm still trying to type my topic as well"

Giles states, "It is kind of a silly stopic, but I just sort of wish it were easier to recommend the so-called "bad guys". That's really it. I don't know who was giving Giles a hard time, and I don't want to know, but it made my RP a lot more fun. I don't know how it could be easier, really, but there was a certain mage (or maybe two) that really gave me a great time."

Edwin states, "Back when I had a thing I was ready to go. About shields I think it was."

Yeto claims, "You can req board it"

Kinaed claims, "Oh, just Request Board."

Kinaed nods at Yeto.

Temi says, "He did, yep. We got that handled."

Kinaed says, "Staff will fulfill/forward Recommends to appropriate parties upon request."

Temi states, "I think he's suggested just to make it easier."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Gaultier says, "It should maybe be possible to send recommends to the acct of someone you have someone remembered by"

Kinaed states, "Hmm. A bit hard for code without a target, but I suppose we can look at how we cna improve it."

Kinaed nods at Gaultier.

Gaultier claims, "So if you have someone who told you an alias and you want to rec them, you go RECOMMEND FALSE and it sends it to their real since in the system that's what you have TRUE remembered as"

Temi questions, "Can you target it in room?"

Kinaed says, "That might help - I think also, being able to put one in without a target and just have staff fix it up during processing might work."

Giles begins to move west.

Giles slows to a halt.

Azarial says, "Mages can show up in forms that cannot be reluiably rememebred"

Temi says to Gaultier, "You can. The problem is the sneaky mage you can't even remember"

Gaultier claims, "Nickname their familiar/shadow and recommend that :P"

Edwin claims, "Recommend owl For being a scary bird of doom."

Gaultier states, "Yeah, exactly"

Giles states, "I just worry that having to write on the request board -- which I did -- might be intimidating to certain players, especially if new. That's it. It is a minor thing, as I mentioned."

Kinaed claims, "I'm sure we can figure something out."

Kinaed nods at Giles.

Azarial claims, "I've noticed that the polcas are more intimidating"

Kinaed claims, "Thanks for raising the suggestion, Giles."

Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Edwin claims, "I have one of the demons remembered as The Great Big Whinger."

Kinaed questions to Temi, "Add it to the Staff Topics so we don't forget?"

Temi nods.

Temi starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Kinaed queries to Edwin, "Was that my demon? :)"

Giles states, "The mages and thieves keep the game fun. We shouldn't forget that."

Kinaed nods at Giles.

Edwin claims to Kinaed, "I don't know who was playing him at the time. But there was poo involved."

Temi finishes her note.

Vlora says, "Omg no"

Vlora says, "That gave me a rash"

Kinaed claims, "Okay, next person on my list - Prisca. :) Introduce us to your topic please. :)"

Kinaed claims to Vlora, "Pretty sure it wasn't me."

Prisca says, "Dusting this one off: custom rhymes!
Rather than just the random rhyme when you type 'rhyme', make it take an optional message that's a rhyme. "

Edwin says, "Might have been Niamh."

Prisca states, "They say rodents can't stomach a rhyme, or they'll expire in blood, mess and grime; I think it makes sense; bards' verse IS an offense. Oft poems are a capital crime."

Azarial claims, "Code checking for rhymes is not something I want to get in to. >_>"

Kinaed has transferred Cee. [OOC]

Calanthe clears her throat.

Cee eyes Evani warily.

Kinaed states, "We can just give them a rhyme command and trust them though."

Temi gives a plump little stuffed owl toy with feather-tufted eyebrows to Cee.

Prisca states to Azarial, "No need to check."

Prisca nods at Kinaed.

Kinaed claims, "Really, it's doable but very low priority. :/"

Edwin states, "Trusting people is not a good idea. We are... NOT good people."

Gaultier states, "I have seen rhymes generated by markov chain in another mud, and they usually make so little sense they're actively part of Eris/Discord stuff"

Kinaed states to Edwin, "I should correct that - I trust other people to turn you in if you're not a good person. :P"

Temi says, "We do have a fair number of rhymes in the system"

Edwin says to Kinaed, "You made me sad."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Azarial states, "I add more when it crosses my desk."

Prisca asks, "Here's the ideas board post about it from a year ago: https://ti-legacy.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=1539"

Kinaed says to Edwin, "I'm sorry. Ish."

Kinaed nods at Prisca.

Calanthe says, "Understanding it's low priority, I like the idea of trusting people to not abuse it and just having the option to append a custom rhyme behind the 'rhyme' command."

Kinaed nods at Calanthe.

Kinaed says, "I can probably bother to write the spec up one day."

Kinaed asks of Maura, "Okay, it's your turn to dazzle us with a topic, Maura. What's on your mind?"

Clears throat "So what I wanted to bring up, or more correctly brainstorm, is how to bring up IP icly. We've seen an increase in systems that require IP, however IP is such an awkward currency to bring up icly, as what is it? For example, asking for someone to use the influence command to give you IP. While we have a syntax to make it oocly clear you are asking someone to influence, how do you translate that icly? I've tried to translate it as asking for someone to talk to the right people, say a good word here or there." Maura pauses to consider "Hopefully what I am saying makes sense, and maybe what we brainstorm can be added to the influence or IP helpfile? And yes I know this would be better suited as a forum topic, of which I plan to create one after the ooc chat, but given the amount of time we still have, saw no reason not to bring it up." [Maura]

Calanthe requests help with influencing projects and what not.
This emote requests to pool Influence Points (IP) to Calanthe. Please see HELP IP.

Kinaed questions, "Didn't we do something about this with things like requesting support? I thought we did IP too?"

Calanthe claims, "Yes, influence request <emote>"

Kinaed thumbs ups.

Maura states, "But that is an ooc notice. I'm talking about bringing it up icly"

Kinaed has transferred Norrig. [OOC]

Norrig wakes and stands up.

Temi says, "I think it can sound perfectly natural to discuss about lending your influence and such too"

Temi gives a plump little stuffed owl toy with feather-tufted eyebrows to Norrig.

Gaultier claims, "They mean putting examples of that in the help file"

Prisca claims, "I need your help. Um, I need three of your help."

Azarial nods at Temi.

Kinaed says, "The OOC notice is on the IC emote."

Yeto states, "Seems fine to me, I haven't come across issues with people asking"

Norrig eyes around warily. Then he bows.

Giles pontificates, "Hi Norrig!"

Norrig states, "Hola."

Kinaed says, "We can certainly add a couple of examples to the help file."

Giles says, "Personally, I think examples would be great."

Evani shifts and is quite distracted, but gently presses her fingers into the rope

Calanthe says to Maura, "I misunderstood you, sorry. :)"

Prisca nods in agreement with Giles.

Kinaed nods at Giles.

Maura asks, "Sure saying can you lend your influence is fine and dandy... but that gets boring does it not? What could be synonyms for influence? That is what I am talking about"

Empena has been transferred out by Kinaed. [OOC]

Prisca removes a length of sturdy rope from Evani.

Prisca declaims to Evani, "Behave now!"

Kinaed nods at Maura.

Cee muses, "'Can you help spread the word', 'can you support me with this', 'can I reply on you to help me out' Stuff like that?"

Norrig claims to Maura, "I have a way."

Kinaed states, "We'll put some examples in the help file."

Kinaed nods at Cee.

Norrig says, "I say 'I will lend you bards and secretaries to do what you need'."

Gaultier asks, "Yeah but then it's like 'how many points do you NEED tho?'"

Cee claims, "Right, describe the ic allegory of your IP."

Prisca states, "I do it a few different ways, but the actual number is a little hard to get across ICly"

Kinaed says, "I have Cee on the list, who sent me a tell earlier saying she had something for the end of the Topics List."

Gaultier claims, "Like somoene said earlier 'I need 3 of your help'"

Cee states, "Well, that's just gonna have to be something you sort out in tells."

Evani has to go...

Norrig claims, "The points can be discussed in tells."

Kinaed states to Gaultier, "Oh dear."

Norrig waves to Evani.

Cee states, "Once you've agreed it's happening."

Kinaed nods at Gaultier.

Edwin says, "There once was a rat in my space. His tail thick as a thumb at the base. I smashed in his head, made sure he was dead. And now he's all over the place."

Norrig muses, "Need 3 of your help? Hahaha"

Evani says OOCly, "Ewww."

Norrig asks, "On a scale from 1 to 15, how badly do you need me?"

Kinaed asks of Azarial, "Did you set him up limmericking?"

Azarial says, "Nope"

Prisca grins at Norrig.

Evani states, "The scale is zro"

Edwin states, "I should have been a bard <.<"

Kinaed states to Norrig, "I need you so bad, dahling. 24."
Calanthe claims to Edwin, "It's not too late."

Calanthe states, "You can be our Knight Poet."

Edwin snorts.

Norrig starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Evani grins and leans against Prisca as she scoots away

Evani has left the game.

Kinaed questions, "Cee? Were you going to raise something?"

Kinaed states, "Sorry about getting distracted."

Cee wonders, "Just a quick little thing, there's a command called 'command obj <insert object here>' that lists all the commands you can do to an object, so you'll never have to pester visnet much. There isnt any help file on it, for some reason though, so could we maybe have one some time the admins can shoe the time in?"

Norrig finishes his note.

Kinaed nods at Cee.

Kinaed states, "Easy peasy. Thanks for letting us know."

Maura didn't even know that existed, and has been playing for 6 years now

Giles claims, "Did not know that was a command."

Cee says, "For example, take a look at the ';warrant update spec'"

Edwin states, "I just found out today."

Kinaed declares, "Oh, Norrig has a topic!"

Norrig says, "Nobody did apparently"

Edwin claims to Norrig, "Ew. Norrig has a topic."

Gaultier says, "Someone was complaining a lot the past few days about requiring appraise to figure out how to deal with items and the admin went 'why don't you just do X' and the game collectively inhaled"

Cee says, "I only found out because I was complaining that it didn't exist it was in the game, when it turned out it wAS in the game."

Prisca blink blinks. "That's a new one for me!"

Gaultier says, "I thought it was kind of funny lol"

Kinaed states to Gaultier, "Yeah, that happens over 15 years of development. We... forget things we put in."

Azarial states, "Or someone fails to document it"

Cee claims, "All chill! I -really- recommend you stick the existence of this in help newbie too."

Cee claims, "It's such an essential command, just think how many visnets it'll save."

Maura eyeballs Prisca "Blink blink? Is that when you are like a cat and have two sets of eyelids, and each set blinks at the same time?"

A flurry of fiery-colored leaves sweep across the area, rapidly coalescing into the winged shape of Niamh. [OOC]

Niamh waves.

Giles states, "Arguably, the hardest bit about being a new player is that you don't know half of the commands. That's just a thing you have to deal with."

Calanthe states, "I just realized the other day that if you put help behind any command, you get the help file."

Prisca claims to Maura, "Um.... We'll say no."

Edwin states to Niamh, "Hi Niamh."

Niamh states, "Heya guys."

Temi gives a plump little stuffed owl toy with feather-tufted eyebrows to Niamh.

Cee muses, "Well, when you have a command that gives you the commands, removes a lot of that stress, no?"

Giles declares, "Hi Niamh!"

Kinaed says to Niamh, "We're waiting for Norrig's topic at the moment."

Edwin says, "You missed my awesome rat killing limerick."

Norrig states, "Moment"

Cee exclaims, "Anyway. My only point was 'hey this thing exists'! Don't forget to use it :)"

Kinaed claims, "Niamh may drop out, by the way."

Norrig begins gesticulating at several things: "I'd like for count to list items in order of targetting. Currently it does NOT do tyat."

Prisca declaims to Niamh, "Don't be a fool, stay in school!"

Norrig says, "That"

Maura super glues Niamh to a secure object so that they do not drop out of the room

Niamh panics.

Edwin says to Kinaed, "That's okay. Temi is my favorite."

Temi grins.

Kinaed says, "I have no favorites... that I'd admit to."

Count what?

Niamh claims, "(Quick update: nothing spectacular this week guys, the usual requests/recommends/typo notes, I think I went through Az's changes this week and managed to get the board briefly clear, but he's too quick)"

Kinaed says, "Honestly, it's whomever shows up covered in chocolate body paint in a given week."

Edwin claims to Kinaed, "It's alright. I know it's me."

Kinaed claims, "Has yet to happen."

Prisca claims, "Targetting is a little iffy to begin with. the order of targetting depends on the command"

Norrig twiddles his thumbs...

Kinaed states to Norrig, "Did you post? Sorry."

Norrig begins gesticulating at several things: "I'd like for count to list items in order of targetting. Currently it does NOT do that." -- re

Edwin says, "It was about count not listing things in order for targeting."

Niamh claims to Kinaed, "He asked if 'count' could display based on target order."

Gaultier claims, "Like if you do COUNT MAN and get, say, Gaultier at 3, if you do 3.man it won't actually target gaultier most of the time"

Gaultier claims, "Is what he means"

Kinaed questions, "Oh, that makes sense. Sure, bug board that please?"

Norrig nods.

Kinaed claims, "Seems like something that actually should happen."

Niamh nods in agreement.

Cee claims, "I actually killed my wolf to that"

Azarial states, "Order depends on the command, which differs for a multitude of reasons."

Giles nods as well.

Cee says, "Ahem, dog ;)"

Niamh comforts Cee.

Norrig starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Gaultier says, "Oh is THAT what happened to your dog"

Gaultier says, "That' ssaaaaaaad"
Edwin states to Cee, "You shot me once."

Cee states, "That was 'accidental'"

Edwin states, "Mhm."

Cee whistles.

Cee claims, "I mean cummon, we summed in an admin to heal you."

Kinaed claims to Azarial, "Well, the purpose of the command's existence is to tell players how to target, so it needs to match the targetting 100% of the time. That's why we created it."

Vlora states, "Finish the job"

Norrig finishes his note.

Edwin claims to Vlora, "Right? Everyone kill Edwin."

Prisca wields an ash-wood javelin tipped with a sharpened steel spearhead.

Kinaed says, "Alright! Don't kill Edwin in this room, it's OOC and I like my carpets clean."

Niamh stops using a small, celebratory cannon with a long pull-string.
Niamh holds a plump little stuffed owl toy with feather-tufted eyebrows in her hand.

Niamh gives her owl a hard squeeze, eliciting a long, ominous, "Doooom."

Calanthe asks, "Isn't there a similar command that helps you make sure you're targeting the right person?"

Gaultier kills Edwin with his bare hands
Gaultier appears to be proficient at unarmed.

Vlora stops using a damascus steel bastard sword with an incise floral motive.

Prisca stops using an ash-wood javelin tipped with a sharpened steel spearhead.

Niamh states to Temi, "Rofl."

Azarial states, "Target, yes"

Calanthe says, "Oh, it's target."

Kinaed states to Calanthe, "Nope, that's the command."

Vlora stops using a damascus long knife with a twisted hilt and reddened trim.
Niamh says to Temi, "The owl is the best."

Vlora wields a walnut and steel crossbow stamped with the Knights' sigil.

Kinaed wonders, "I think?"

Calanthe grins at Kinaed.

Calanthe claims, "I was thinking about target."

Edwin snaps cautier's spine like kindling.
Edwin appears to be a grandmaster at unarmed.

Azarial claims, "It;s five minutes to a combat round;l check your targets"

Kinaed nods at Calanthe.

Temi nods in agreement with Niamh.

Calanthe starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Temi claims to Niamh, "He says dooom too."

Niamh grins at Temi.

Kinaed queries, "Okay, we've got 20 minutes left. I had a new Agenda topic to raise, I really need to remember that - OOC Chat format! Is it working for everyone, or is there a suggestion on how we can make it better?"

Calanthe finishes her note.

Norrig says, "I really like the format."

Gaultier queries, "Maybe have it use acct name and not character name?"

Norrig claims, "And I like that you enforce it."

Prisca says, "It works."

Kinaed states, "Sweet. That's one for keeping it how it is. :)"

Norrig nods.

Edwin says, "The format is good. One issue per person i good."

Gaultier says, "Yeah I show up as gaultier, it would maybe be Even More OOC if it used your account name"

Maura claims, "I see no issue with the format. Staff update, general rp, then topics"

Cee says, "The ability to appear here in account name instead of character name would be nice."

Gaultier states, "Oh, you mean the format for this"

Kinaed says to Gaultier, "The OOC Chat? Sorry, things get spammy in here, and I start missing messages."

Gaultier trails off, "Not the actual...ooc...chat"

Vlora claims, "I don't see a problem with it"

Kinaed nods at Cee.

Gaultier states, "Hahahaha I thought you meant the ooc chat as in, the chat you do by typing OOC *message*"

Kinaed questions, "Anyone else want to see people by account name?"

Gaultier states, "To show up as acct name THERE"

Edwin claims to Kinaed, "No."

Vlora wonders, "And yeah, account names would probably work out better. Maybe give people a choice?"

Kinaed muses, "I feel a bit weird about exposing account names. Maybe OOC names?"

Norrig says, "It does make it difficult to remain in hiding and not give yourself away oocly short of not attending"

Azarial says, "Ooc names would be fine."

Niamh states, "OOC names would be cool."

Edwin states, "Jason is fine."

Prisca claims to Kinaed, "I'd rather show up by ooc title than account name"

Vlora states, "Yeah, I mean ooc names."

Edwin glances around the area.

Gaultier queries, "So set up a nickname for OOC in here, and for OOC on the actual OOC channel?"

Kinaed says, "Well, it's a security issue. One of the ways we know if a person is really themselves when they ask for a password reset is that they know their account name."

Kinaed nods at Prisca.

Norrig claims, "Yeah my account name is FurryGoddess so."

Gaultier says, "Kinky"

Kinaed claims to Norrig, "*gasp*"

Kinaed questions to Gaultier, "Yes?"

Cee claims, "I mean, I'm xXxPu55yDestroyer69xXx"

Edwin laughs.

Norrig says to Cee, "Okay."

Giles laughs.

Kinaed claims to Cee, "I never noticed."

Calanthe claims, "I THOUGHT you seemed familiar."

Norrig states, "Let's HAHAHAHAHA

Gaultier claims, "OOOOOOOOH"

Kinaed keeps her cat away from Cee.

Niamh sputters.

Cee claims, "Jajaja*"

Gaultier claims, "DAMN, KINEAD"

Edwin dies laughing.

Cee states, "Stop laughing in english Norrig :("

Cee states, "On an unrelated note, I just want to say I enjoyed watching Niamh relieve an NPC of 5 paragraphs worth of objects."

Norrig wonders, "Okay, Jaja, anything else about ooc chat?"

Edwin states, "I almost dropped my bowl."

Kinaed says, "Okay, we'll look at using Title OOCs for the OOC Chat."

Maura queries, "Wait, your account name could be something different than your first character's name?"

Kinaed nods at Maura.

Edwin says, "Yes."

Kinaed claims, "For most people it is."

Prisca queries, "Can account names be changed easily?"

Azarial claims, "We've been streamlinging chargen to make it easier."

Azarial states, "NO"

Kinaed claims to Prisca, "No."

Prisca nods.

Niamh trails off, "Those all caps..."

Kinaed claims, "But OOC titles can."

Maura is in stunned silence "I must have glossed over that bit when creating all those years ago."

Azarial states, "Changing names is bad enough. >_<"

Edwin claims, "Mine is Jason. Which is my first name. I'm a paragon of creativity."

Kinaed wonders to Niamh, "Oh, did you want to give us a quick update?"

Niamh says to Kinaed, "I did a bit earlier."

Niamh grins at Kinaed.

Gaultier claims, "Time to steal Edwin's account and password"

Kinaed says to Edwin, "Mine is Kinaed. Similar issue."

Edwin says, "My account name is not Jason."

Azarial says, "Internal tracking is name, pid, and account. change one and you don;t exist."

Maura trails off, "Voxumo... first character and name I use EVERYWHERE"

Kinaed states to Gaultier, "Edwin is a natural liar, alas."

Niamh says, "Mine's my real name, for whatever reason."

Gaultier claims, "Most people's 'everywhere name' isn't a very suitable RP name"

Kinaed nods at Gaultier.

Maura says, "I was stupid at the time and heavily medicated"

Norrig has lost link.
Norrig has reconnected.

Edwin says, "I'm totally naming my next character Jason."

Kinaed has transferred Dvi. [OOC]

Maura shudders as they recall their first few characters

Cee states, "Bet that'll make mud-romance fun."

Prisca says, "Didn't someone have a second topic? was curious to hear it."

Edwin claims to Cee, "I haven't done no romance."

Norrig claims, "Liar."

Cee says, "Yet."

Kinaed claims to Niamh, "Did you have the chance to give us a quick update on what you've been doing for the past week? It's okay if not."

Maura states to Kinaed, "They did"

Niamh claims, "I did a bit earlier. :)"

Kinaed says, "... sorry."

Temi says, "She snuck it in."

Temi grins.

Niamh sneakysnake.

Kinaed says, "I'll read the log. I wonder how much of this session I missed."

Cee wonders, "Because I feel sorry for poor Kinaed, is there a way to impliment a 'one message every 30 seconds each' code?"

Edwin says, "As much as I did. And I'm here."

Maura has to clean up the log a wee bit, so might be a few minutes before it's posted after the chat

Kinaed trails off to Cee, "There sure is, but... "

Norrig states, "There could be disabling all chatter except for staff and one chosen player."

Kinaed claims, "I sort of like the free for all, I just can't keep up with it."

Calanthe queries to Norrig, "Whoever's holding the conch?"

Norrig claims, "I am of course."

Edwin murders Piggy.

Cee states, "Well, if you're happy with it."

Kinaed states, "We used to have a Head on a Stick."

Calanthe states, "Sucks to your assmar."

Cee says, "Just trying to make things easier for everyone ;)"

Kinaed wonders what she did with that thing.

Norrig says to Calanthe, "But yeah, Lord of the Flies style"

Calanthe grins.

Niamh has created the dismembered head of a Tubori man!

Kinaed claims, "That worked out so well in Lord of the Flies."

Calanthe states, "I'd be happy to hear that second topic too."

Niamh drops the dismembered head of a Tubori man.

Niamh nods.

Gaultier says, "Oh why is it a TUBORI man"

Giles grins.

Edwin screams!

Prisca grins.

Gaultier cries

Kinaed questions to Niamh, "Whose head is that? Before I touch it?"

Kinaed gets the dismembered head of a Tubori man.

Niamh trails off to Kinaed, "Lets go wiiith..."

Temi claims to Gaultier, "It's okay! They have two heads a piece, so he's still okay."

Niamh says, "Hunapo. Hunapo was Tubori."

Niamh laughs.

Kinaed bounches the dismembered head of a Tubori man on her knee.

Niamh claims to Temi, "Exactly."

Edwin asks, "What's a Hunapo?"

Kinaed gives the dismembered head of a Tubori man to Edwin.

Maura is amazed by how athletic a unicorn can be

Vlora declaims, "A traitor!"

Kinaed claims to Edwin, "Old player."

Calanthe says, "Otherwise, I could drop a question to solicit feedback too."

Edwin holds the dismembered head of a Tubori man in his hand.

Niamh says, "It's when you sneeze but instead of expelling dust you create a one-legged pirate man."

Dvi states, "Who wore skirts."

Kinaed asks, "Also a traitor, but which of you lot isn't? :P"

[GRAPHIC]: Azarial requests a censor of this RP.

Dvi shakes his head sadly.

Prisca grins at Niamh.

Azarial did not want to see a unicorn give someone head.

Edwin says, "Alas, poor Hunapo. I knew him well."

Niamh claims, "Oh snap we got censored."

Edwin is in general favor of getting hea- I mean... hi.

Kinaed says to Dvi, "Careful. Hunapo's player may be in this room right now, listening to ev-ery thing we say."

Kinaed says, "At least his head is."

Maura questions, "Am I really a traitor if I never was not one to begin with?"

[GRAPHIC]: Gaultier requests a censor of this RP.

Gaultier states, "Neat"

Edwin stops using the dismembered head of a Tubori man.

Niamh trails off, "You know how those Tubori are..."

Edwin gives the dismembered head of a Tubori man to Kinaed.

Kinaed says to Maura, "I need to ponder that."

Giles nods.

Kinaed has transferred Theia. [OOC]

Gaultier says, "Also"

Theia questions, "So... what did I miss?"

Norrig says, "You people need Dav."

Prisca says to Gaultier, "There's also 'turns'"

Temi gives a plump little stuffed owl toy with feather-tufted eyebrows to Theia.

Kinaed claims to Theia, "Apparently we're just gabbing now."

Gaultier asks, "The Inquisition is just like a giant game of Paranoia, right?"
Niamh nods in agreement with Norrig.

Temi claims to Theia, "You didn't miss an owl."

Azarial claims, "You'd think they;d be more careful, as they're righyt above that second-class line. if they party too hearty they might join the charali"

Prisca says to Gaultier, "When things are going too quick for you to get a word in"

Norrig nods at Gaultier.

Kinaed states to Gaultier, "Mostly."

Gaultier states, "Everyone's a mutant communist traitor but it's just trying to make sure everyone knows everyone else is"

Edwin claims to Gaultier, "Something like that."

Cee queries, "Was that a paranoia reference?"

Theia trails off, "Awww... poor woody... such a loving little drunkard you were"

Theia hugs a plump little stuffed owl toy with feather-tufted eyebrows.

Kinaed claims, "Yes, apt reference."

Edwin gets a plump little stuffed owl toy with feather-tufted eyebrows from a black satchel made of hemp.

Edwin holds a plump little stuffed owl toy with feather-tufted eyebrows in his hand.

Edwin gives his owl a hard squeeze, eliciting a long, ominous, "Doooom."

Gaultier states, "Friend High Inquisitor is your ally"

Cee states, "I was once literally a mutant communist happiness officer, is the only reason I brought it up lol."

Niamh nods at Gaultier.

Kinaed grins.

Kinaed wonders, "With about 10 minutes to go, give or take - anyone want to talk about anything else game-wise?"

Maura has so much spam to edit out of this log, groans

Kinaed muses to Giles, "You did have a 2nd topic, right?"

Edwin stops using a plump little stuffed owl toy with feather-tufted eyebrows.

Kinaed claims, "Looks like we have time for it today."

Edwin puts a plump little stuffed owl toy with feather-tufted eyebrows in a black satchel made of hemp.

Gaultier states, "Do we keep the owls"

Kinaed nods at Gaultier.

Maura says, "Yes"

Prisca declaims to Maura, "Just leave it all in!"

Edwin states to Gaultier, "Ye."

Kinaed says, "The OOC Chat objects are intended to be 'what's fashionable' this week."

Cee claims, "Could we have a help file on Werevile... Werev-... Whatever they're called? We have one on the other non'real' animal, the nyxis. If it's too much work it's fine,m I understand."

Calanthe says to Cee, "Waiverine."

Cee says, "That thing."


Maura looks over their shoulder at Prisca, gaze unmoving and wide-eyed "Eww."


Theia states, "Alas. Poor Woody. I didn't know ye very well but you were cute."

Cee muses, "AFAIK Nyxis are meant to be lemurs?"

Giles says, "Oh, sure, I did! It was just about the age thing. There have been several times where I should have been able to figure out the ages of characters, more or less, and had to ask."

Edwin says, "Its a lemur."

Gaultier states, "I'll name him zooboomafoo then"

Prisca states to Cee, "Seems like an opossom to me"

Kinaed claims, "Yeah, we probably should put people's age bracket in their look desc."

Theia says, "I think they are lemurs."

Theia pontificates, "So I've got a question!"

Cee says, "Right, well if it's possible to have a similar file for Werevines that'd be great."

Theia claims, "We have/had a monkey pet for sale at one point"
Kinaed wonders to Theia, "Yes, ma'am?"

Edwin claims, "I've totally killed and butchered a Nyxis Its a lemur."

Theia questions, "If you bought one/have one could you have it be a Nyxis?"

Kinaed claims to Edwin, "Lemurs around the world are gasping."

Prisca says to Theia, "Monkeys are still for sale on grid"

Norrig nods.

Dvi chuckles.

Edwin claims to Kinaed, "Luckily for them, they don't get a vote."

Maura I wish the player of Gwyneth... or was it Gwynevere, was still around, as they had this awesome reptile pet that was supposedly from the isles, that I always wanted to duplicate, but I can never remember the species name they gave it

Norrig says, "We had a bard which trained his monkey to be a little bard too"

Theia claims, "I know with my Peka I just bought a parrot and restrung her to be prettier"

Giles claims, "That's really it. I understand that teenagers can't really ascertain if the person they're talking to are 19 or 16, and that's fine, but a person in her 40''"

Calanthe asks of Maura, "Did you share your suggestion for brainstorming too?"

Maura states, "Yes I did Calanthe"

Giles says OOCly, "Sorry, hit enter too soon. But you see where I'm going."

Theia queries, "Also... What race would a Lemur / Nyxis belong to?"

Theia wonders, "A Farin maybe?"

Edwin says, "Not going there. Not an IRL racist."

Cee claims, "Imean, they're native to Lithmore guys."

Cee says, "So Lithmorrans :^)"

Calanthe nods at Cee.

Theia trails off, "Lithmorran..."

Theia questions, "Wait. What kind of animals would be indigenous to Tubor then?"

Norrig states, "Tubori."

Kinaed starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Theia states, "Aside from parrots"

Maura trails off, "Could be an invasive species..."

Edwin exclaims, "Tubori!"

Theia could totally be an animal, yes Norrig.

Azarial claims, "No, the invasive species are hill and charali"

Theia wonders, "Right?"

Giles says, "There have been a number of times in RP I had no idea if I was RPing with a person in his/her teens or 30's. I understand it might get difficult to code as people age, but that's just my thought."

Theia claims, "Damned savages everywhere."

Kinaed finishes her note.

Cee claims, "Reeeeeeee"

Maura states, "Also Giles, I do agree that having some way of seeing a characters age would be nice, even if it was an personal option"

Theia looks at Cee, "Becareful of those savages everywhere."

Edwin states, "Yeah... savages."

Edwin shakes a fist.

Cee glances around, scared.

Cee queries, "Where are the savages?"

Theia will keep Cee safe. She's totally intimidating like that.

Giles nods at Maura.

Norrig states to Giles, "People should always include apparent age in their descriptions"

Prisca points at Vlora.

Norrig states, "Always."

Cee states, "But to get on topic, yes. A rough age bracket (maybe which decade they're in is enough?) would be awesome."

Edwin will totally have to lynch a Charali so he can get in good with the gang.

Cee muses, "Or you could just give us an exact age and trust us to rp it properly yunno?"

Niamh nods at Cee.

Calanthe states, "I thought it was already on the list of considerations."

Cee claims, "If that's easier to code."

Niamh claims, "I think a bracket would be nice. Exacts would be a bit odd."

Temi claims, "I know we've discussed it before and people got up in arms a bit."

Kinaed claims, "Anything else, folks? If not, please help us bring in more players for you to play with by writing a review on TMC or Reddit. :) Thank you sincerely for your time this week, and we'll see everyone next week."

Edwin claims, "So do I."

Prisca says, "I'd like a 15 year bracket"

Calanthe says, "How about the census brackets."

Theia exclaims, "Kin!"

Niamh nods at Calanthe.

Edwin claims, "BYE I HATE YOU ALL"

Theia muses, "About my Lemur/Nyxis/Monkey question?"

Kinaed asks, "Theia? Did I miss another sentence?"

Azarial peers about intently, then chases her tails once, twice, thrice--she's gone! [OOC]

Kinaed muses, "What was it?"

Maura states to Kinaed, "I've been having issues with TMC lately, as chrome is warning me it contains malware and thus blocking the site"

Prisca declaims to Theia, "Opossum!"

Norrig says to Maura, "Same here."

Edwin states, "Lemur."

Theia questions, "Is that a doable thing? If you get a monkey pet on grid, cna you restring it to the Lemur/Nyxis?"

Kinaed says to Maura, "No idea."

Norrig states, "Also I spoke with the Mudverse admin, because the site was down"

Theia states, "As it stays the same general species"

Norrig claims, "He thanked me (he didn't realise) and fixed it."

Kinaed states to Theia, "Probably for QP. Request Board. If it's too out of theme, no, but if it's just a tad exotic and reasonable, yes."

Temi claims, "No, those are different animals. They'd need to be considered as custom pets"

Prisca states to Theia, "I think you'd need to so a custom pet for a nyxis."

Temi claims, "You can't just restring a monkey to them"

Theia claims, "Mkay."

Theia muses, "Can I submit a request board for suggested exotic pets from Tubor and the like?"

Kinaed exclaims, "It's the top of the hour, folks! Hold on tight!"

Norrig nods.

Maura restrings a monkey to a human, as really what's the genetic difference

Theia wonders, "If you guys have ideas?"

Norrig states, "Adios"

Kinaed exclaims, "Thank you for coming!"
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