Log of OOC Meeting 06/17/2018 -- Nanny Spec

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Sat Jun 16, 2018 11:38 pm

Temi claims, "But we'd like more friends for you to play with, always."
Prisca states, "I like what I've ready of the Nanny spec so far. nice that they can choose a weapon besides dagger too"
Kinaed states, "It's easier with people who have mudded before. Very hard with people new to MUDs."
Edwin says, "I would say... still offer the long thing."
Edwin claims, "I am new to MUDs"
Temi gives a spotted dog wearing a crown on his head and a purple robe to Kiryn.
Lethanavir claims, "Same"
Edwin says, "It was a -lot- of reading."
Kinaed queries to Edwin, "Really? How did you find us?"
Arkenn queries, "Was?"
Arkenn says, "Still is."
Edwin states, "But! Ultimately worth it."
Arkenn claims, "It's still a lot of reading."
Arkenn says, "I've been around TI for a couple years and I'm still finding new helpfiles."
Kinaed says, "It's a text based game. Every moment requires reading :)"
Farra claims, "I really like this change! I wonder if we can't do more to convey the theme itself to players, but this I definitely like. It also seems like assisting players getting skills is missing; maybe we can have some experienced players run through with 0 bonus XP to create 'suggested builds' for various types of characters, ie characters who want to be fighters, characters who want to be mages, characters who want to be merchants, thieves, etcetc."
Edwin claims, "To kinaed Someone recommended I play the game THEY play. I hated it. It was creepy. So I picked one on search perameters. Permadeath, RP all the time a big plot."
Prisca claims, "Maybe make a note to still leave a newbie knife in the character's inventory if they choose another weapon. for crafting stuff and the like"
Maura states, "Only thing I dislike is the stat selection bit. I think if someone opts for the detailed customization, that it should retain the current stat selection. If I couldn't choose the precise stats I wanted, in intervals of five, I likely would not play the game. Stats are very important to me"
Maura also realizes they may be a minority in being finicky about stats
Edwin claims, "I think the detailed chargen should be the same as it is now."
Kinaed says to Maura, "You can swapstat in game for that."
Maura says, "But my understanding is swapstat only exchanges two values between stats, doesn't allow for values to be taken and added to"
Azarial states, "Taking and adding to end up the same, because you have to spend all of your points."
Edwin says, "ANd I also worry that people popping out of a Nanny chargen won't be well indoctrinated into the Theme."
Kinaed states, "They probably won't be. You'll know who they are due to a formulaic desc, and no custom clothes. That said, they'd be cyan and flagged 'in training'"
Farra queries to Maura, "I would imagine that you can still adjust any values going option #1, the system just sets a preset for you?"
Kinaed states, "No one enters game knowing the theme thoroughly."
Arkenn says, "I'm totally a theme expert... so much so I still don't know crap about it. *thumbs up*"
Farra states, "As players, we might consider making more tutorials for new players; helpfiles are great, but they are limited in scope. We could consider helpfiles, or forum threads to direct people to, like .. 'Getting Started Playing a Freeman' or 'Getting Started Playing a Vavardid', 'So You Want To Be An Orderite'. etc."
Niamh exclaims, "Vavardid!"
Kiryn claims, "I'm surprised there aren't more things like that on the website, actually. The crafting guide was a good start, IMHO."
Prisca wonders, "We started a wiki a while back too, anyone still working on it?"
Lethanavir muses, "Why is it called 'nanny'?"
Lethanavir says, "Why not uncle tim"
Niamh says, "It's the file name."
Maura claims, "I still have more to say on the stats bit, but will wait till after topics section to bring it up, since it seems we don't have many topics and should be sometime after"
Azarial claims, "Becuase that is the name of the function that handles the state machine that gets you into the game."
Edwin questions, "Uncle Tim's naked puzzle basement?"
Niamh questions, "Nanny.c - contains all the states and such for chargen. (..OR ALSO THE FUNCTION?)"
Farra says, "Just that I think helping players get skills and assets set up in Nanny would be good to; I skimmed it and didn't see any mention of them in Nanny, and that seems to be where new players spend the most consternation."
Lethanavir says, "Yes"
Temi says, "We're planning a default asset solution, and I think there may be some skill plans in the quick selection"
Kinaed says, "It's randomized and people can alter what they're randomly set with in chargen."
Farra claims, "I think having some experienced players run through it and record their selections might be a good way to offer suggestions to new players."
Kinaed nods at Farra.
Edwin states, "I will make a guy with the new system. Then complain endlessly."
Prisca wonders, "What happens on reroll?"
Temi claims, "I think it should be the same choices, quick or detailed"
Temi claims, "And reset the random stuffs"
Prisca nods. "Sounds goods then."
Maura actually checks the swapstats helpfile and sees that they completely misunderstood the command, sees it's exactly what they would hope for, and finds nothing wrong with the Nanny spec
Farra says, "I imagine it'll be a selection like after you set the name.. 'We offer two chargen selections: Quick -- Recommended for New Players, and Detailed."
Temi nods at Farra.
Carys claims, "We need a Vavardi name generator. x.x"
Temi questions, "Okay, any other concerns, questions or suggestions on Nanny?"
Lethanavir claims, "We have enough vavardi"
Temi wonders to Carys, "More than any other race?"
Edwin says, "I was going to say."
Farra claims, "Great name generator: dicelog.com/yafnag ."
Prisca claims, "A link to a name suggestion site might be nice. found a neat one that lets you choose various options, lemme find it"
Maura queries, "Just wanting to confirm I'm understanding, but detailed selection would basically just drop someone into our current chargen correct? No real changes made to that?"
Prisca states, "Https://www.behindthename.com/random/"
Kinaed says to Temi, "Lets move on. Ppl pboard me with further Qs or suggestions."

Temi asks, "Alright, shall we go ahead and get started?  Can I get a volunteer to scribe for us today?"
Farra claims, "I can scribe."
Temi declaims, "Thanks!"

Temi wonders, "Okay, Kin is mobile again, so I am running the meeting today.  Our agenda is:  1)  Staff Updates, 2)  Player Heartbeat, 3)  Player Questions.  Does anyone have any topics they want to get on the list already?"

Temi queries, "Okay.  Kin, want to give your update?"
Kinaed declaims, "Sure!"
Kinaed claims, "I wrote the nanny spec (see the book on the floor if you haven't already) and processed the request queue several times."
Kinaed says, "Still have jail automation."
Kinaed states, "That's it for me."

Temi queries, "Okay, Az, can you give us your update?"
Azarial says, "I have finished the noble projects spec, despite the hail storm of suck this week.  I'm waiting to see if i need to add more tape, or if it is sufficiently water resistent with Bud coming through this week."
Temi declares, "Looking at the updates, it looksl ike noble projects has been the main thing... so we're looking forwards to seeing that in play!"

Temi says, "Okay, my update - ongoing plot stuff.  Held the Queen's council meeting - Celeste will not be marrying Roland, based on the results of that."
Temi claims, "Roland's got an event coming up and we are planning to provide more updates on how things will proceed soon"
Kiryn is looking forward to seeing the results of that council meeting play out.

Temi questions, "Alright, Niamh?"
Niamh claims, "I can't remember many specifics on what I did last week... I know there was quite a bit of testing and building, I just can't remember exactly what they were. Noble Projects I suppose! Did the testing for Az on that. I'm waiting on the last leg to be finished (the prestige system) to helpfile everything and update help news. Running a plot event today a bit after the meeting. Will notify with a global messenger when it's time."

Temi questions, "Okay then!  Player heartbeat then.  How's RP been this week, folks?"
Dvi claims, "I got my one hour in, so clearly I'm proud."
Farra claims, "RP's been a bit meh of late, I've had a few fun scenes but I'm struggling to find reasons to have Farra go around and do things, she's just getting to be a bit too 'predictable', and I have the most fun with her when there's something she can be .. well, most of you know how Farra can be. Hopefully there will be avenues opening up with some things I've heard of that players are pushing that pique Farra's interest, and if not I have a story (that might need to be a plot, as it isn't super condusive to a sit-down type session, idk!) that I've been piecing together."
Lethanavir claims, "Spicy as always"
Edwin claims, "Boring as shit. But, I was in the Madison most of the week."
Prisca claims, "Bit slow for me, busy with work stuff some other IC obligations that took time away from RP. Oh, also got the new calendar sent out."
Lethanavir says, "Thats your fault"
Kiryn says, "RP has been freaking amazing. I get to do one of my most favourite things... annoy people."
Lethanavir claims, "I'm the only one thats supposed to have problems with boars"
Cee states, "I've found this last week particularly slow. I've kind of written myself into a corner where I don't want to go to certain places/meet certain people thanks to my character not wanting to do it IC, but I've reached the point where I log in, see no one I want/can RP with on who/Where, and just log off again"
Farra nods at Cee.
Maura "What rp I engaged in was okay. Tried to hold an event, but didn't realize how weird the game's peak times are nowadays."
Farra states, "That's a bit where I'm at; though school and IRL issues are contributing too."
Kinaed comforts Cee.
Kinaed questions, "How can that be fixed?"
Cee says, "Don't think GMs can fix that without suddenly doubling player numbers."
Cee says, "My current issue is befriending people enough. Cee's in this weird spot where she 'knows' a lot of people, but doesn't like/isn't liked by a whole lot of them lol"
Cee claims, "So I can't really watlz into the Queen's and strike up a convo."
Cee claims, "Honestly I don't know the solution."
Prisca says, "Give Hevstina back to the Charalin."
Niamh nods at Prisca.
Lilikoi claims, "Time to start a knitting club."
Cee says, "But, I'm not too worried about it, not going to quit or anything."
Edwin claims, "If you want your character to do things just... make them do things."
Cee states, "If I did that, I'd break what they are as a character."
Lethanavir states, "I love cee"
Edwin claims, "There are a million reasons why."
Kinaed states, "Letting ppl know you're having trouble finding RP at the OOC chat is a good start. :)"
Farra claims, "I'd suggest seeking a Guild, or just causing trouble. Going to the Queen's and getting into a rando barfight on my alt was a lot of fun last week."
Farra says, "Let 'em lose their cool sometime, is generally my suggestion to find RP! ^.^"
Lethanavir says, "Bar fights are fun"
Edwin claims, "That's what I do when I'm  bored."
Edwin claims, "Make a mistake."
Prisca claims, "We recently had a thread on finding RP on the forums I think"
Maura imagines Farra breaking a bottle over the bar top
Farra nods.
Kinaed muses, "Help things to do may help?"
Prisca questions, "Https://ti-legacy.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1786"
Kiryn states, "Psst... it's a little known fact, but the Merchants Guild has an actual "skilled labourer" subrank. It's, like, completely not used. Just in case you were bored/curious."
Farra claims to Maura, "There was a recentish event involving Farra stabbing a Gentrywoman in the middle of the Queen's as a lesson."
Temi nods at Kinaed.
Prisca queries, "Looks like Niamh's putting together a finding RP helpfile, how's it coming along, Niamh?"
Cee claims, "Yeah, I have this awkward spot where my character doesn't find any of the guilds appealing. I may have to force it to find some RP though."
Edwin went on an absinthe bender and passed out of his stool. Face first on the ground. Fun.
Kiryn got to see that. Is still snickering.
Maura claims to Farra, "Broken bottle is far more impressive than wimpy dagger"
Arkenn says, "I mean... I've had a good couple days of RPing."
Arkenn claims, "So at lesat there's that."
Farra claims, "I think Guilds are often a lot more broad than they seem from the outside. I can't speak for every GL, but I know most of us are very willing to fit someone into a guild that doesn't maybe 'make sense'."
Farra says, "You don't need to be a clergy or Knight to be in the Order, for instance."
Temi nods at Farra.
Farra states, "Or a doctor to be a Physician, etcetc."
Empena nods.
Farra claims, "Feel free to throw us tells or pboards asking for help to get involved somehow."
Kiryn claims, "Exactly. Talk to the GL's OOCly if you need ideas."
Temi states, "There's other ways to approach it.  If there's something you're kinda interested in, it may not hurt to chat with guildleaders about options on how to approach it from an OOC standpoint"
Maura says, "Never been a fan of that mindset, and feels like just a way to artificially fill numbers"
Farra claims, "Thankfully, that's not what's actually happening :)"
Temi states, "I think it's less a risk of just filling numbers up without dual guilding"
Edwin queries, "You can dual guild?"
Cee says, "While I try and work things out my end, feel very free to come to my character should you enjoy it. I'm often idling in the city in a nice public place when I'm not scening."
Arkenn says, "Not anymore"
Kiryn says to Edwin, "Not anymore."
Farra says to Edwin, "Not as of a recent change, no. Not code-wise, at least; you might still have a quasi involvement with a second guild, but the code won't support it."
Prisca wonders, "Anyone left still dual-guilded?"
Arkenn claims, "Sure you can. Just work twice as hard."
Arkenn queries, "You?"
Temi states, "Alright, sounds pretty good in general with some thoughts for those who were having some issues."
Prisca says, "Yes, me. *struts*"

Niamh states, "Cool article on finding RP: https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions ... 7105#37105"

Arkenn claims, "I thought there was another but I forget."
Niamh says, "From Kinaed, ages ago! I bookmarked it."
Niamh claims to Prisca, "And the helpfile is back-burnered. Will get to it ASAP, just a lot on the plate at the moment."
Kinaed preens for finding out she was useful.

Temi muses, "Let's go on to player topics.  Farra, you had something?"
Farra pontificates, "Oh shit I did didn't I. Not written up at all; if there was someone else go to them first!"
Temi says, "Everyone with topics, please work on preparing them now so you're ready to go."
Temi queries, "Okay, Yeto?"

Yeto states, "For tailors who do use dyes in their clothing, can we get a generic 'kit of dyes' item? It's a pain in the ass to collect all the dyes, half of which don't exist. Seems like the only dyes that should be unique are the prestige ones"
Kiryn claims to Edwin, "That already exists, I believe."
Temi says, "There should be a generic dyes item"
Yeto says, "It does not"
Temi has created a kit of multi-colored liquid dyes in an assortment of hues!
Arkenn says, "There's various shops around the grid that have a dye bottle that counts as a generic dye item"
Yeto states, "I mean literal dye"
Yeto states, "That item doesn't give the dye appraise flag"
Arkenn states, "I know of at least five dyes that all cost the same but are different items."
Niamh claims, "There's some unique ones in the Tubori quarter, but for the more part unless it's a prestige thing or you want the unique @appraise from the Tubori quarter ones."
Arkenn states, "But count as "stoppered dye""
Temi claims, "The @appraise thing is really for when items have something out of the ordinary"
Niamh says OOCly, "Errr... *unless you want the unique @appraise from the Tubori quarter ones, you can just use the generic dye. They don't have a special appraise because they aren't special."
Arkenn wonders, "Is there a way to set an @appraise on an item?"
Temi claims, "Just a generic dye isn't really special"
Niamh says, "Omg. NOT on osay: Errr... *unless you want the unique @appraise from the Tubori quarter ones, you can just use the generic dye. They don't have a special appraise because they aren't special."
Yeto says, "Okey doke"
Prisca claims to Arkenn, "There's @shop_info"
Niamh states to Arkenn, "Not currently. Appraise is a staffy thing."
Kiryn states to Yeto, "I don't think those ones are supposed to. tubori Purple and Cardinal red are particular things. Ie: If you want Tubori Purple, go to the tubori quarter."
Kiryn claims, "Or, you know, if you can't because race relations suck, know someone who can."
Arkenn questions, "Can I make a suggestion to allow usage of QP for adding @appraise to a finished item as long as it goes with the item/theme of the item?"
Prisca states, "That's already an option."
Arkenn says, "Oh. Then that's cool then."
Niamh states, "I think that'd be an expected use of QP - 3QP for item modification."
Kiryn is also working on something ICly to help somewhat solve the "I don't know where to find xyz" problem.
Yeto claims to Kiryn, "There's like two helpfiles for that"
Arkenn asks, "Really?"
Arkenn wonders, "Where?"
Yeto claims, "Help supplies"
Yeto says, "Help business"
Kiryn says to Yeto, "Yes. But we're the Merchants Guild. We're supposed to have better options than that."
Prisca claims to Niamh, "Oh, could you add help supplies to the see also: in help businesses and vice-versa? didn't know about help supplies myself."
Farra exclaims, "Sorry, topic prep'd now!"
Temi claims, "Okay, let's move on to Farra's topic now then"

Farra trails off, "I wanted to bring up, briefly, support and the GL Approval Metric. I know I'm not alone in GLs in being exasperated by the inconsistency of the system -- I might have terrible support vs subversion and be loved, or good support vs subversion and be disliked, seemingly without any rhyme or reason. I really enjoy the Support System when it gives me information I can apply to RP -- people might note IC_Event notes involving Farra and describing criticisms against her; those are written by me to help explain to the broader City why the GI's approval might be middling, as GL Support is supposed to be indicative of the broader city. I love when I can have Farra turn towards a group of people, justifyable or not, and confront people -- and it seems like those people like it to, given the feedback I usually get. I -like- the promise of the support system a lot, and when it 'works' it works very well. Buuuut...."
Farra says, "But when GL Approval moves all over the place, often seemingly in discord against support status, city metrics, etc. it's just frustrating. For example, being 'Extremely supported' vs 'Marginally subverted' and being at 'Disliked' approval just leaves me OOCly frustrated, especially when at less 'good' values for support the Approval actually being 2 steps higher. I'd really like it if methods could be considered to present information explaining the GL Approval metric with more accurate detail to GLs, so that we know a general sense of where to direct efforts to either entice more support or threaten action against those working against us. Recently, it was mentioned this information has been hidden because of some players griefing others OOCly about subversion, but this approach kinda sucks -- like instead of just punishing the players breaking rules about OOC manipulation, you're just removing the chance for fun RP from those of us trying to generate conflict at our character's expense. And I don't know that I have specific suggestions, but some improvement could be considered."

Temi says, "Oh, you logged off before I could mention it when we were discussing yesterday"
Azarial says, "Support is weighted differently for guildleaders then basic support."
Temi says, "As opposed to support, which weighs more heavily people which have more support, GL approval weighs certain people more heavily: namely your guildmembers, guildleaders, nobles."
Kinaed says, "Given it's underlying math, it's not without rhyme or reason, you just might not know a supporter went inactive or shifted their support elsewhere."
Farra says to Temi, "I'm open to hearing things for it! But I know I'm far from the only GL to be exasperated by the system and what all we can see involving it."
Temi says, "The systems are linked, but they aren't supposed to just be the same thing"
Norrig states, "It makes little sense to me, same as guild rank in support show"
Farra says, "It'd be nice if there was some way to express that to us, I mean. When all the avenues I can see suggest 'Yeah, things are good!' yet the final number comes up 'Nope, it's real bad' it's frustrating."
Kiryn says, "My only bief with it is I think it literally changes daily. Or at least, it gives the impression of it changing daily. I was neutral yesterday. I'm not now. Will I be again tomorrow? No clue."
Norrig claims, "How the hell am I the eight bard in a 6-bard guild"
Farra nods at Kiryn.
Empena says, "I think Guildleaders might need a helpfile that provides like any basic hint at some of the things that go into it."
Kinaed says to Kiryn, "It updates once per day."
Temi says, "You're not the eighth bard, you're the eighth most supported by bards"
Farra says, "And with Kiryn's thing; often GL approval will change dramatically with no change to the information we can see."
Kiryn nods in agreement with Farra.
Prisca says to Niamh, "Ohh, we're tied."
Empena states, "Because you have four GLs here, and we are all are confused et al."
Prisca claims to Norrig, "Ohh, we're tied."
Norrig claims to Temi, "OoOh, those traitors"
Farra says, "At one point 5 people were #4 in the Order."
Temi claims, "It does drop ties down to the lower number"
Temi says, "Shouldn't be 5 people tied for #4, but there quite possibly could be 4."
Farra pontificates, "Anyways, point being -- I know we can't be shown everything, but some improvement on that front might really lower the OOC frustration, of which there's often a necessary amount for GLs already! :)"
Farra claims, "Or even more clear helpfiles for GLs to consider when confused."
Kinaed states, "Bugs me a bit that people are OOCly sharing and comparing privileged info OOCly btw"
Ivar states, "Tbh, I never really had much trouble with the support system myself."
Vlora states, "I agree it is pretty frustrating, and had to actually... use for any sort of IC reason when you know without anything actually happen it can plummet for whatever reason the next day. "
Ivar says, "As a GL"
Niamh queries, "Hm hmm. What impacts your approval rating is primarily how supported or subverted you are by influential people. Pissing off nobles who then subvert you is a significant hit. Pissing off other GLs who then subvert you is a significant hit. And vice versa - nobles and other GLs will have a big impact on your support if they want to support you. (Do I have this right, Kin?)"
Prisca claims, "Semi-relatedly the champion skill flickering thing seems to have resolved for me."
Vlora says, "And hard to*"
Farra asks of Niamh, "Then why can't support reflect that?"
Kinaed nods at Niamh.
Norrig claims to Prisca, "And for me."
Maura so basically a gl who is supported by all his guildmembers will have higher approval than a gl supported by none of their guildmembers, but just as many other people?
Niamh wonders, "I'm not sure how it doesn't. Could you explain?"
Azarial states, "Becuase support for GLs and suipport for people is weighted differently."
Temi nods at Maura.
Maura trails off to Kinaed, "Yeah, that is a bit annoying..."
Farra claims to Niamh, "If an influential people is dragging down a GL's approval so much, can it be reflected in 'support' information? Because it doesn't seem to be."
Maura muses to Farra, "Does it show that you are being subverted?"
Niamh asks, "Ahhh, I think I see what you mean. In 'support show' it doesn't tell you how influential individual supporters or subverters are?"
Norrig says, "It doesn't discriminate between indirect or direct subvert"
Farra states to Maura, "Much, much less than being supported, yes."
Azarial states, "In support show, it doens;t matter."
Ivar claims, "And tbh, considering the culture of blackballing that has arisen from some groups towards anyone that opposes them, I'd much rather they not know where their subversions are coming from. They should have to puzzle that out through IC RP methods."
Norrig nods at Ivar.
Norrig states, "Also acting against icly a subvert is against the rules"
Maura high-fives Ivar for having the kahonies to say that
Kinaed nods at Ivar.
Edwin claims, "I agree with Ivar."
Farra says to Niamh, "It would be VERY nice to know 'Hey, your Approval is being dropped by influential members subverting you'. If I'm at a high subversion in support show, that makes sense, but when subversion is low but approval is also low it's just confusing."
Niamh nods at Farra.
Temi says, "If the helpfile is unclear, we could probably help clarify that some"
Dvi claims, "Approval is based on the difference between support and subvert"
Dvi says, "So it's quite possible to have a larger difference with low subversion"
Maura says, "I also do have something I'd like to tack onto this support talk, something I've encountered"
Dvi claims, "If you're also supported less"
Arkenn questions, "Wait. So if I subvert Farra. And she finds out ICly, it's against the rules for her to act against me for subverting her?"
Farra claims, "For example, at one point Farra's subversion was at 'extreme' and I was able to RP around that, but when Farra's subversion is at 'slight' but approval is still low I'm just confused at what's happening."
Arkenn claims, "That seems... wrong."
Farra says to Arkenn, "God no."
Niamh states, "I think that's a reasonable conclusion to come to - if you check support show and it says you're slightly subverted but your approval is way down, then those who are subverting you have to be influential."
Niamh pontificates, "We could clarify that in helpfiles pretty easy, I think!"
Ivar says to Niamh, "That sounds about right."
Temi states, "Influential or your own people."
Temi says, "Who are influential in your own power."
Arkenn states, "Farra. There's only one option."
Arkenn claims, "Pyre everyone."
Ivar states, "I can guarantee you. On Steven, I knew exactly who was subverting or supporting me based on the RP I'd had and seeing generally how they were reacting to me."
Ivar says, "And found it was fixed when I started nudging them."
Ivar states, "-Especially- if I threw my weight against them on a subverson"
Ivar states, "*subversion"
Niamh claims, "If you're hugely subverted but still pretty popular, can assume it's a bunch of nobodies, on the reverse."
Niamh grins.
Maura states to Ivar, "That's sound like the perfect way to handle subversion icly"
Farra says to Ivar, "And, if people are blackballing your characters, go to staff. Restricting information so that bad players can't abuse the info doesn't really solve anything, because they'll abuse something else."
Farra says, "But that's just me."
Norrig nods.
Ivar states, "Not mine. I've witnessed it against others"
Kiryn states, "Apparently it's also me."
Kinaed claims, "I don't agree with you there, Farra."
Farra pontificates, "Fine to disagree!"
Arkenn trails off, "Erm..."
Kinaed states, "I don't generally like to design against bad behavior, but it is often appropriate."
Niamh questions, "Is there any more confusion on why the lines about slight or severe subversion on "support show" don't directly equate to GL popularity?"
Norrig claims, "I get it now, thanks."
Niamh nods at Norrig.
Prisca claims, "Makes sense to me."
Arkenn claims, "Let this be a lesson to all GLs"
Norrig claims, "I could use an indication of direct and indirect subvert and support tbh"
Arkenn states, "Make friends with nobles and your guildmates"
Arkenn says, "Screw everyone else."
Norrig states, "So I don't waste staff's time"
Niamh queries to Arkenn, "Don't offend your nobles, GLs, or guildies? :P"
Niamh ruffles Arkenn. 
Yeto claims, "Same boat as Ivar, I thought it was clear when I GL'd"
Arkenn pontificates, "Yep!"
Maura says to Niamh, "Nonefrom me, but it would be nice if gl approval stuck for 2 days versus a single day, to give gls and folks more time to rp around their current approval. Afterall someone can be entrenched for 24 hours, then drop back down to neutral"
Arkenn is ruffled, is ok with this.
Niamh nods.
Temi states, "Okay, let's move on to the next topic."
Farra says, "I wish GL approval was tied to the weekly reset."
Niamh nods at Norrig.
Kiryn claims, "Yeah, now I get it. And coincidentally, now I know what to work on going forward."
Kiryn grins.
Prisca claims, "The system does have some interesting quirks. I recall a mage that was found out was basically subverted by everyone, but he supported one of the GLs, which made their approval tank by association"
Niamh exclaims to Kiryn, "Woo!"
Temi questions, "Theodora you had a topic to pass on for someone else?"
Farra nods at Prisca.
Maura says, "Weaponize the hate"
Norrig says to Temi, "She was going to post in my stead if I couldn't make it."
Theodora claims, "Ah, person is here now so I'm give my spot to the orignial speaker."
Ivar claims, "Case in point, if you don't wanna be subverted, work with people instead of trying to walk over them."
Ivar says, "It's a game of diplomacy."
Norrig wonders to Temi, "May I?"
Temi exclaims, "Okay, then, Norrig!"

Norrig smiles for the camera and begins: "Me and others have been discussing at the TI discord server how many super attractive people are on grid. This devalues the whole idea of how special megahot people are. If everyone is hot, then nobody is."
"This mainly stems from the lack of things to spend XP on -- my case for example. We were considering at Discord that perhaps a good idea would be to make App purchases non death refundable. That would give me significant pause before buying all the way from App 1 to 5."
Dvi says, "Or just increase the cost"
Prisca states, "Oh, I'm surprised it is currently."
Norrig says, "I think it's costly enough, just easily attainable over time."
Vlora says, "Well, you don't have to spend all your XP if you don't want to. "
Maura trails off, "Or jus restrict it to chargen. I'm only app 4 because of how I chose to distribute stats... no xp sink"
Norrig says to Vlora, "But Senpaiiii"
Cee says, "I don't think the issue is cost, people will always want to make their characters hot."
Dvi states, "I agree that we could use an XP sink"
Kiryn took his app 3 and liked it, thankya.
Norrig pontificates to Cee, "Not always!"
Edwin claims, "Always."
Cee may be the only app 1 in the game.
Arkenn muses, "Wait. Does purchasing your app up refund XP?"
Arkenn states, "I could have sworn it didn't."
Prisca states, "Starting out, I was saving to purchase App 3, then the Madison exploded and saved me some xp."
Norrig asks of Arkenn, "I think so?"
Arkenn says, "I thought I read somewhere it doesn't add to death XP"
Farra says, "I think increasing App past +1 should have extremely high Xp costs."
Maura chuckles to Cee "You aren't alone. I have a certain hillman who is a beautiful app 1
Prisca scratches the burn scar on her cheek.
Norrig claims to Prisca, "Bwahaha"
Temi states, "I think that app is currently included in death XP, but I'm not compeltely sure on it."
Norrig nods at Temi.
Kinaed claims, "Hmm. We probably should categorize some char improvement types as non death refundable. Not sure I have the brains to think through it though."
Farra says, "Like go from 25k xp for +1, to 75k (total, so 50k for the second one) for +2, to 150k to +3, etc."
Niamh says, "Added it to the talking points list."
Theodora states, "But if it was more expensive at chargen, it would encourage people to buy perfume and stuff on grid too."
Kinaed states to Niamh, "Thanks"
Temi nods.
Niamh nods at Kinaed.
Ivar says, "App is already expensive to raise"
Farra says, "Not ~really~."
Maura claims to Farra, "See I have an issue with that as it's a suggestion that really only is targetted at folks who have an excess of xp, which must be nice, and hurts those who don't"
Norrig states to Kinaed, "Worth the talk later on."
Niamh says, "It'd cost a Freeman 100% of their starting XP to buy +2."
Temi questions, "Okay, staff will discuss in more detail.  People in general are in favor of it being less common?"
Dvi states, "Yes, but I think it should be changed to hurt people with extra XP and not those trying to save up"
Arkenn claims, "Hah... Farra's sitting with app5 going, "hah... expensive to be app 5? please. I was born this beautiful""
Cee says, "The issue isn't XP cost. People will just farm their appearance for longer until they're satisfied. I feel like it needs to be capped instead. Only +2 than your chargen app, or something."
Kinaed says, "Should it be raisable outside of chargen? Seems weird to change after initial chargen."
Arkenn is ok with this he might add.
Farra states to Maura, "You can always invest into CHA in chargen to play a very pretty character. I made Farra with 0 bonus XP available beyond chargen (actually, -15k xp given noble costs of the time!) and invested stats to make her App 4."
Cee wonders, "How do your characters get hotter anyway? Cosmetic surgery? :^)"
Farra claims, "People's appearance DOES change with age."
Arkenn says, "Farra's always been that damn beautiful cause it's Farra."
Temi nods at Kinaed.
Niamh states, "Taking better care of yourself, learning how to dress for your body type."
Norrig says to Cee, "Better standard of living"
Niamh grins.
Prisca claims, "I think making it not refundable death xp would be fine. don't think it needs to be pricier, it's already a pretty steep investment for a little number next to you."
Farra says, "I think making it raisable +1 outside of chargen would be a good compromise."
Maura trails off, "It really shouldn't be purchaseable outside of chargen.... and Farra that answer just further's the point I made"
Dvi starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)
Yeto says, "Silver fox"
Temi states, "Good question.  I think that's mainly people who always wanted it higher and couldn't afford it"
Edwin claims, "I disagree."
Farra claims to Arkenn, "'Cause I put 85 points into Charisma as Farra's base stats =P"
Temi says, "Okay, it's on the Staff discussion list, and we're almost out of time"
Temi states, "I have one more question passed along anonymously."

Temi states, "I have found it difficult to find RP lately. Joining scenes on where seem to lead to everybody clearing out, setting myself up into my own scene and leaving whereRP on has led to people going to the spot, opening the door to look in and see who it is, then leaving again. Sometimes they'll walk in and do a rapid-fire one liner then leave without allowing the opportunity to respond or engage them. Just a general request for etiquette."
Temi claims, "Well, less a question and more of a comment/plea."
Cee claims, "Sounds like what a lot of us have been echoing."
Maura states, "The one-liner bit is worrying"
Temi states, "So... please be considerate, try not to just pile out on people, etc."
Kinaed states, "Sounds pretty rude. Please report who is doing that to staff."
Arkenn claims, "I have... Not had that problem."
Farra says, "To hash back on the point: don't be shy to talk to people OOCly. If anyone wants to RP with me, don't hesitate to send a pboard to establish time."
Arkenn says, "I've been hunting for people."
Arkenn says, "And finding them."
Farra says, "I haven't really had issues with people peeking in and then running away with me or my alt."
Arkenn claims, "Then when I logged in today, someone sent me a tell and we arranged to meet up for some RP."
Edwin claims, "It all depends really. Sometimes I have a really hard time."
Kinaed claims to Arkenn, "Bet it's an Inq or noble from experience."
Norrig states to Temi, "I have seen (and complained about) this forever"
Farra nods at Kinaed.
Lethanavir states, "I'm always shy"
Edwin claims, "Most times it is not hard."
Arkenn says, "I mean... Any time I played a noble. It's never hard to find people."
Arkenn trails off, "Inquisitor... never played"
Arkenn says, "But seems hard"
Arkenn states, "I like RPing with both"
Arkenn states, "They bring tasty RPXP bonus gains"
Arkenn claims, "Kinda like being a Cyan brings them too."
Kiryn says, "I see the occasional someone will open a door, peek in, then close the door, but never thought anything of it. Never seen the rappidfire one-liner, though."
Kinaed states, "Though if I were sn Inq and someone did that, I'd figure they had something to hide and would invite them to my parlour."
Farra claims, "If you play a noble with any kind of superiority complex, I've noticed a trend of people just clearing out for one reason or another half the time you go to find RP."
Kiryn says, "That part is just bad RP, IMHO."
Cee says, "With all due respect Edwin, you play a rather outgoing character, perhaps it's my fault for writing myself into a corner somewhat, but the more quiet/grumpy characters who don't strike up conversations with strangers all that often can find it harder to find RP while sticking to their character."
Arkenn states, "Farra. At that point as a Noble, if they are leaving without being excused."
Farra states, "I'll also mention to Mages: you can 'beacon' or something in the astral to try to attract that kind of RP."
Arkenn questions, "Can't you have them whipped for disrespect?"
Lethanavir claims, "Cee gets me"
Edwin claims, "Alright."
Ivar claims, "Superiority complexes aren't generally fun to deal with tbh, unless they're done in an interesting way."
Farra states to Arkenn, "You caaan. But, to be honest, punishing players as a new noble tends to get people to just hate your noble before you have a change to engrain yourself in a place to find RP."
Niamh nods.
Farra states, "When I was new, any time I actually carried through the threat of punishing someone as Farra, I never saw those players with Farra again =\"
Arkenn wonders, "If I walk into a tavern, see a Noble, and one line walking right back out. I fully expect them to say "Halt. I don't think I gave you permission to leave? Did I do something to offend your poor sense of taste?""
Farra claims, "Which really drains the fun out of being that kind of prick, when people just Alt-F4 after the punishment."
Niamh states to Arkenn, "Hard to do when they're long gone, honestly."
Farra nods at Niamh.
Arkenn trails off, "Ah..."
Empena says, "Can I ask a clarifying point as this comes up a lot? Can we have some standard understanding if you are supposed to bow at a noble simply because they are there, or wait for them to RP noticing you? As ... there's very different feelings on that people people and it can lead to the feeling one party or the other is misreading helpfiles."
Edwin gets punished pretty regularly. <.<
Arkenn states, "I mean. I just did the smart thing and never pissed off Farra on my last character."
Lethanavir claims, "I never know what to do around nobles other than insulting them"
Arkenn says, "<3"
Kiryn claims, "People log into a nonconsentual RPG and aren't happy with the nonconsentual part, unfortunately."
Farra states, "You should bow to a noble who is in close proximity, iirc."
Temi nods.
Farra says, "Simply being in a tavern probably isn't necessary, but it doesn't hurt to try, and some nobles might single people out just 'cause."
Arkenn claims, "I mean... Arkenn is a rude douche, and I fully expect he will be whipped at some point."
Niamh says, "I think it depends on the setting, people involved, and the RP. Helpfiles can't be wielded OOC to make people behave or react certain ways. They're guidelines that can be interpreted."
Temi says, "If it's a busy scene (ICly or OOCly) where you could reasonably not notice them, feel free to not notice htem."
Farra nods in agreement with Temi.
Kinaed states, "Honestly, it's not fun to RP with a jerk unless the player is careful to acknowledge their char is a prick eith their emotes."
Cee states, "I brought this up a little bit before, but if older players have menial things to offload onto newer players, please do as much and not do the boring jobs yourself. It helps out so much."
Niamh nods at Cee.
Empena states, "I'll put in a reminder then about folks moving using the map more then."
Cee seconds Kinaed. She does her best to be a self aware jerk.
Maura wields help random like a mace. 
Farra claims, "Or setting actions acurately."
Kiryn says to Cee, "As a GL, that's actually something I'm supposed to do. I do it regularly."
Arkenn declaims, "Cee. Go grab me ten deer skins... chop chop!"
Farra is not a Jerk at all and anyone who thinks she is will be Pyred.
Arkenn ducks.
Temi states, "Nothing wrong with being a jerk, but being more aware you're being a jerk helps people enjoy it more."
Dvi states to Kinaed, "Not sure I agree"
Cee states, "Literally already done that for four characters"
Ivar questions to Farra, "So by experience, everyone?"
Ivar beams.
Kiryn does not think Farra is a jerk. He knows Farra is a jerk. Is therefore not pyreable.
Prisca says, "You only need to ask permission to leave when you're in direct conversation with a noble, but should always take a moment to grovel if you see one."
Niamh nods at Temi.
Kinaed says, "That said, please report the behavior to me."
Dvi claims to Kinaed, "I can't remember Casimir writing the fact that he was a jerk into his emotes"
Norrig declares to Cee, "Next cliche quest: rats in the cellar!"
Dvi states, "But he was the most fun to RP with"
Niamh says to Dvi, "I mean, he IMPLIED it.."
Kinaed nods at Dvi.
Lethanavir claims, "I'm never a jerk"
Arkenn claims, "Farra knows what you're thinking. Therefore Farra is a mage. Pyre Farra."
Arkenn offers Farra hugs.
Norrig eyes Lethanavir warily.
Edwin is alwaysa  jerk.
Temi grins.
Farra claims, "O shit r we supposed to be pyring mages ive been doing it wrong this whole time"
Lethanavir smiles innocently 
Vlora states, "But we r mages"
Temi asks, "Alright.  I think we've about got that topic.  Anything else we need to handle before we send folks back?"
Farra claims to Vlora, "Shit shit shit"
Ivar states, "My feelings on characters who are antagonistic is generally being comfortable knowing whether or not they're capable of not getting offended oocly when their jerkish actions bring negative reactions towards them."
Vlora claims, "Omg omg"
Niamh nods at Ivar.
Ivar says, "Which can quite often cause concern for players."
Arkenn states, "I think someone mentioned bringing up something at the end but we got sidetracked."
Ivar states, "It's just inherent to the character type"
Niamh claims, "Being an antagonist who can't take the heat they create can be a little sticky."
Cee claims, "I'll be clear. My character's well, not nice. But she's just a paranoid person who's slow to warm to people, like most Charali new to Lithmore :P. If you feel I'm being shitty OOC please just bring it up. I'm just trying to RP my character accuratly is all :)"
Ivar says to Niamh, "It's even worse when it feels like they're a jerk simply for the sake of being one rather than proving or learning from meaningful RP and growing as a character."
Farra states, "I'd encourage people this, too: confront people. Put your character at risk. If your character doesn't like someone important, let 'em show that dislike."
Kinaed nods at Niamh.
Maura takes the heat and triples it with ghost peppers
Niamh grins at Maura.
Niamh claims to Farra, "That's one play style. Others are backstabbing politics. Lots of different styles."
Farra exclaims to Niamh, "Ofc!"
Arkenn asks of Ivar, "Arkenn has grown to 'be' a jerk. Does that count?"
Niamh trails off, "Even the guy who wanted to ride an elephant down the Concourse..."
Ivar claims, "On the flip side, I'd also encourage those people in power to keep reactions to said showing their dislike entirely IC and not roast them in an OOC nature."
Ivar states to Arkenn, "Definitely"
Farra declares to Niamh, "But -- just personal experience -- it's so much more fun when the character can see it coming :) Gives them time to 'mobilize' against you!"
Lethanavir says, "I never say anything nasty to people I don't like. I promise. Norrig knows this"
Niamh pets Lethanavir fondly.
Lethanavir grins sinisterly
Ivar trails off, "I wanna ride an elephant down the concourse..."
Niamh claims to Ivar, "NO."
Kinaed says, ""She doesn't like me, kill her!" is not how people think irl."
Ivar states, "That's totally how my future Farin Nobleman will come to Lithmore."
Ivar states, "He'll ride in on an elephant."

Prisca states to Temi, "Had a quick question"
Temi nods at Prisca.
Temi wonders, "Okay?"
Prisca says, "What's the current minimum age limit on characters? has it been bumped up? thought it was 13, but the spec shows 16."
Temi states, "13 is the absolute minimum, but only if there's not too many child chars"
Kinaed claims, "For quick gen, it'll be 16. 13 is still setable."
Temi says, "And child chars is not going to be a simple version of play"
Prisca says to Kinaed, "Ahh, makes sense."
Kinaed claims, "Also... proportional."

Arkenn trails off, "Oh. If I have a problem with an Orderite, whom should I direct the problem to... the Grand Inquisitor or the Earl Marshal"
Arkenn asks, "Farra right?"
Arkenn says, "As long as it isn't a knight"
Farra states, "GI, yes."
Niamh declaims to Arkenn, "A dagger!"
Arkenn pontificates to Niamh, "I've tried!"
Niamh trails off to Arkenn, "A... *thinks*"
Niamh pontificates to Arkenn, "A MACE!"
Farra claims, "The GI is the Archbishop of Lithmore -- they are pretty much 'in charge' of all Orderites in Lithmore City. They 'answer' to the Cardinal, but have pretty much full control over the clergy and inquisition, and to an extent the Knights, in the city."
Norrig grins at Lethanavir. 
Arkenn states, "I'll look into a mace... maybe a throwing axe."
Niamh nods very seriously to Arkenn. 
Prisca claims to Arkenn, "The cardinal and queen (or king?) is also an option for filing complaints if the orderite is the GI, but seek out options on-grid first"
Farra states, "But if it's a page/squire/knight, going to the EM or Grand Master is also appropriate."
Arkenn claims, "So when I tell them to shove off and they do, I can chuck an axe at them for good measure."
Ivar claims, "Does the GI have control over the clergy? I always thought that was the Archbishop which is its own role."
Farra nods at Prisca.
Maura muses, "Wait... Isn't the archbishop the second gl role for the order, which isn't being filled?"
Norrig says to Farra, "Really? I didn't know that."
Ivar questions, "Did Archbishop get rolled into GI now?"
Farra states to Ivar, "When the Archbishop is it's own role, yes. But as per 'help grand inquisitor', the GI is traditionally the Archbishop."
Norrig claims, "Huh."
Farra claims, "Given the helpfile hasn't been changed in 2+ years, that's not a recent change. Might not have always been the case, but."
Arkenn states, "Dang... Farra's super important. <3"
Maura muses to Farra, "Perhaps that is a matter of the helpfile needing updated? Since at the time archbishop wasn't a gl role"
Ivar says, "Huh. I never saw that help file."
Dvi says, "It was changed when they merged again"
Dvi states, "I believe"
Farra says to Ivar, "(Honestly I didn't either til like 2 months into being GI lmao)"
Kiryn states to Maura, "Second GL position for Order now is Earl Marshal. Not sure when that changed (probably when the Cardinal went NPC), but there you go."
Farra nods at Dvi.
Temi questions, "Alright then.  Anything else before we send folks back?"
Maura trails off to Kiryn, "No, technically the order has a total of 4 gls, with archbishop and grand master still techically being 2nd gls... unless that has changed since I last played order" 

(-- I didn't see this during the OOC meeting itself, but to clarify: the GI -is- the Archbishop, now! No 'official' 2nd GL for the Clergy like the Grand Master is for the Knights)

Farra states, "In any case though yeah, it's pretty much a nod that the GI is the pinacle clergy of the city. I have to do it aalllll omg someone help."
Farra grins at Prisca.
Dvi claims, "I miss the Cardinal"
Temi claims, "The Order has two official GL positions like other guilds"
Kinaed states to Farra, "Delegate."
Farra declaims to Kinaed, "When I get clergy, I do!"
Temi says, "And it also has some other roles which make sense as GLs if the current GLs choose to use them as such"
Kinaed nods at Farra.
Arkenn queries, "So Farra... looking for heretical acolytes? >_>"
Maura muses to Temi, "So the grand master no longer has access to guildleader commands?"
Dvi states, "They do"
Edwin states, "Purge the heretic."
Temi states to Maura, "Only if the GI or EM grant it to them"
Farra claims to Arkenn, "Looking for anyone! Heretical acolytes will probably be beaten into obedience."
Norrig states, "Burn the un lean"
Kinaed says, "The GM can if the Order GLs want to promote them to leader."
Prisca claims, "Order and Knights used to be two guilds, GI and AB GLs for order side, EM and GM on knights"
Edwin claims, "Blood for the Blood God."
Kinaed says, "But is not required."
Niamh says to Norrig, "The unlean :("
Maura claims, "Well that sucks for those rolls... makes me dislike the merger even more now that such a change has been made."
Farra claims to Maura, "Wat"
Norrig laughs.
Niamh declares to Norrig, "I see what you're after now, Norrig. Fewer hot people so there's more UNLEAN people to purge!"
Maura muses to Farra, "What? "
Azarial states, "In this setting, overwight would imply wealthy."
Temi claims, "Staff won't do applications to set up that person as a GL, but it is frequently selected by the GLs to have them as back up GLs"
Norrig doesn't even know what unlean means in english.
Yeto claims to Maura, "Most of the time the Grand master did have GL access"
Farra exclaims, "As a general advertisement: Heretical Acolytes are probably a lot safer to Inquisitorial assault than Heretical not-Acolytes. The Church is the place to go to debate theology!"
Kinaed claims to Farra, "Some people dislike change simply because it's change."
Yeto states to Maura, "Nobody has wanted archbishop in ages though"
Prisca claims, "We need more unlean people. Haven't seen an overweight Vavardi lately"
Edwin states, "Everyone's dead sexy."
Arkenn exclaims, "I have! But she's an NPC"
Arkenn coughs.
Temi says, "Alfred was quite fat"
Niamh states to Edwin, "It's almost like people play what appeals."
Kiryn's next character will be an overweight Vavardi. Right after someone gets fed up and kills this one.
Kinaed is dead sexy for a horse.
Niamh grins at Edwin.
Lethanavir claims, "I'm fabulous"
Dvi states, "Speaking from experience, playing an Archbishop is a ton of fun"
Maura shrugs to Kinaed "Can't argue there, but there's been alot of changes I've disliked but gotten over... the merger is still one I find reason to dislike despite the numerous years it's been now."
Norrig claims to Niamh, "I play a weaker, uglier version of myself."
Niamh says to Norrig, "Rofl. I love yuo."
Arkenn trails off, "Wait... Kill the Grand Magnate? Where's my axe..."
Farra states to Kiryn, "I can't wait to play the concept I have picked out for my next char, but need Farra to DIE first :( :("
Niamh claims, "*YOU."
Lethanavir coughs at Norrig 
Temi claims, "Alright, let's go ahead and wrap up.  I'll send folks back now"
Edwin claims, "Bye."
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-------------- Nanny Quick-Start Spec --------------

01:  Overview
02:  Low Customization
03:  Detailed Customization

After interviews with several new players and failure to retain players,
we've received feedback that the chargen process is too long for people to
just jump in and get a feel for gameplay.  As a result, new players often
drop off because they're not getting to the meat of the game quickly.  These
updates are a method to try to reduce the workload on a player, giving
different skill and interest levels of customization.  

There will be two paths:

- A low customization path with minimal questions asked to get in game and
get RPing.

- A high customization path that still presets a lot of values, but allows
players who really know the game to customize extremely highly. 

The purpose of the Low Customization path is to get the player in-game with a
playable character as fast as possible.  Chargen will ask some basic
questions, then create a randomized description and intro to apply to a
a 'guest' character.

The questions change after detecting a new character and sorting the account
to be as follows: 

Do you prefer quick or detailed character generation? (Quick|Detailed)
  Quick generation is for new players and randomly sets many character aspects.
   Players can alter these aspects until they achieve 50 hours of RP.
Do you prefer quick character generation, or detailed? (Quick|Detailed)  
What is <name>'s gender? (Male|Female)
From where does <name> originate? (Show the current race screen options)
How old is <name>? (16-45)
What is <name>'s focus? (charisma, crafts, combat, stealth)
What is <name>'s preferred weapon? (Dagger|Mace|Whip|Bow|Polearm)

Set random race (not barbarian)
Set random domain origin based on race
Set random height - female between 5'4" and 5'10", male between 5'6" and 6'0"
Set random weight - between 120 lbs and 160 lbs
Set random description
Set random intro
Set Faith to Holy Church of Dav
Set random magery
Set class freeman
Set character's surname to one of a random list below
Set birthday to today
Set random 1 combat defense skill at 36
Set Lithmorran skill to 61 and race language skill to 61
Set character with default first asset with random income type and metric

Load default race/gender clothing
Load correct weapon
Set character defense to correct defense


- Stat orders for various focuses:
   Charisma: cha, wis, int, dex, con, str
   Crafts:  int, wis, cha, dex, con, str
   Combat: Str, dex, con, wis, int, cha
   Stealth: dex, con, str, int, wis, cha
- When setting magery:
   If magery is open, roll for latent.
   If magery is closed, to character is mundane.
- Random description:
This `appearance_adjective <man|woman> has `eyecolor eyes and `hairstyle 
`haircolor hair. <He|She> stands at a height of <height> and looks to be about 
<age> years old.
- Random intro:
   `appearance_adjective `gender_noun with `eyecolor eyes and `hairlength hair

      App 1: beastly, horrid, grotesque, hideous, unsightly, revolting
      App 2: plain, average, common, ordinary, homely, usual 
      App 3: regular-featured, charming, comely, bonny, clean-cut, vibrant
      App 4: attractive, good-looking, dapper, well-proportioned, fine, pleasing
      App 5: elegant, virile, stately, handsome, polished, pulchritudinous
   App 1: beastly, horrid, grotesque, hideous, unsightly, revolting
   App 2: plain, average, common, ordinary, homely, usual 
   App 3: regular-featured, charming, comely, bonny, clean-cut, vibrant
   App 4: attractive, good-looking, statuesque, well-proportioned, fine, pleasing
   App 5: exquisite, beauteous, alluring, delicate, dazzling, pulchritudinous
   Male: male, man, guy, fellow, beau, bloke
   Female: female, woman, gal, lass, damsel, maiden
   bright blue, pale blue, cool blue, warm brown, dark brown, rich brown, hazel green, hazel blue, hazel brown, grey 
`hairstyle: hip-length, waist-length, shoulder-length, jaw-length, short, braided, curly, wavy, long, flowing, knotted, unkempt, smooth, woven, spiky

Subject: Detailed Customization 

Date: Sun Jun  3 04:42:45 2018

Arendas, Octobris 27, 377

Detailed customization is the current chargen with the addition of the
question whether it will be quick or detailed chargen, with the following

1) Replace the current stat selection with:
Statistic Selection

Str - A good measure of one's physical brawn, strength affects how much 
      damage is dealt in combat, as well as how many items and how much 
      weight one can carry.
Int - Indicative of how quickly one gains knowledge and applies knowledge. 
      Combines with wisdom to determine the number of learn master slots 
      available to the character.
Wis - Relates to perception and how quickly a character processes their
      learning pool. It also combines with intelligence to determine the
      total number of learn master slots available to the character.
Dex - A measure of how agile a character is, higher dexterity reflects in
      greater movement points, and reduces the character's chances of being
      hit in combat.
Con  - Constitution, coupled with dexterity, determines the total movement 
       points. Coupled with strength, it determines total hit points. 
       Finally, it has a lesser factor in appearance ratings.
Cha - Indirectly affects how NPC characters react to a character and is a
      factor certain 'behind-the-scenes' algorithms such as haggle costs,
      rumor costs, and more. It is also the primary impact on appearance 

Enter the order of statistic importance to <name>: 
(eg, type 'con dex str int wis cha')

- Stats are assigned as follows in order, highest to lowest: 
   65, 63, 61, 59, 57, 55
- Max stats are calculated and hidden as now.
- Players can still use swapstat in chargen zone.
2) Set the following as default values that can be changed in chargen using the purchase command:
Set random height - female between 5'4" and 5'10", male between 5'6" and 6'0"
Set random weight - between 120 lbs and 160 lbs
Set class freeman
Set Faith Holy church of Dav
Set birthday to today
Set character with default first asset with random income type and metric
3) Ask the player the character age during nanny chargen, the same way we do in quick chargen:
   How old is <name>? (16-45)
~~ Team Farra'n'Stuff. ~~

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