Log of OOC Meeting - 03/03/18

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Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:32 am

Kinaed wonders, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today?"

Norrig says, "I'm on a phone :("

Kinaed smiles at Norrig.

Norrig raises a hand

Kinaed states, "No worries, but thank you for being willing."

Kinaed nods at Norrig.

Kinaed says to Norrig, "Got you."

Kinaed states, "Anyone else? If you have a topic, please pre-write your introduction so you can just drop it in when the time comes."

Kinaed has transferred Margaux. [OOC]

Cataleya pontificates, "Marrrrrrrrgaux!"

Temi gives a hinged oak case of Magebane cards with gold-painted backs to Margaux.

Margaux waves hello.

say I have something

Empena states, "I have something"

Kinaed claims, "Okay, I'm guessing by the extended silence, we have no more player topics at the moment. If that changes, please feel free to drop me a tell, and I'll add you to the list."

Kinaed says to Empena, "Got you. :)"

Talish claims, "Not other than rec your mages and cloakies :D"

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Kinaed states, "Okay, let's kick off Staff Updates. I've been pretty busy with work, so have mostly been stopping in. Not a lot of policy cases this week, thank you folks. I've approved some recommends in the queue, asked Az to focus on a bug that worried me, and beyond that haven't done much."

Kinaed claims, "I still have Jail Automation and a lore submission system in my queue."

Kinaed states, "That's it for me - Az, you're up."

Azarial states, "I've wored with niamh to clean up the data on guild inactive fees, and I am looking into the root causes of that. otherwise I've started cleaning up my bug board."

Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Azarial claims, "I ended up sicker than a dog after alst week's meeting, so progress has been delayed."

Kinaed says, "(that was the bug on my mind, thank you sincerely for fixing it prior to the next payout cycle)"

Kinaed comforts Azarial.

Rothgar states to Azarial, "It's going around here, as well. That sucks :/"

Kinaed nods at Rothgar.

Cataleya trails off, "Warring with Niah? how does that work..."

Kinaed claims, "Working with Niamh."

Kinaed says, "I've gotten used to Azarial speak over the years. *flex*"

Azarial grins.

Cataleya says, "Ok, I was confused. LOL"

Kinaed smiles.

Temi grins.

Kinaed claims to Temi, "Sounds like you're up. :)"

Azarial queries, "It;s only been a bit over thirteen years now?"

say Is there any other info that is needed from GLs about that bug?

Empena wonders, "Is there any other info that is needed from GLs about that bug?"

Kinaed claims to Azarial, "Since 2004, yep, so more like 14, but yep"

Azarial claims, "Late 2004."

Kinaed has transferred Farra. [OOC]

Azarial states, "And no; I know where the root cause is. I jsut need to figure out why."

Kinaed claims to Empena, "We refunded those who reported."

Temi says, "Okay.. well, other than a long weekend in Vegas... I've been spending some time working on fixing all the items that have no weight or size, hopefully to fix up containers a bit for some other improvements we want to make."

Azarial claims, "The data should be consistent now between the lists, so that it accurately reflexts the current guildlist"

Temi gives a hinged oak case of Magebane cards with gold-painted backs to Farra.

Temi claims, "But not too much else from me."

Kinaed says to Temi, "Please make a note on the Staff Forum/Building Standards of any changes to the standards if you've made any executive decisions."

Kinaed has transferred Prisca. [OOC]

Temi states, "Yeah, mainly just going through old items that weren't correctly set at the times. Only real 'decision' is that it's okay for tattoos to have zero weight."

Kinaed muses, "I think that's everything for Staff Updates then. Time for Player Heartbeat! How was the game this week, folks?"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Cataleya claims, "I have had fun... emotional, plot bending, plot twisting oh my god why, fun."

Kinaed states to Cataleya, "I'm very glad to hear that. :)"

Marisa says, "Not too involved again, so probably need to work on fixing that."

Cataleya giggles

Vlora hugs Cataleya

Kinaed muses, "Anyone else want to tell us about how their week went?"

Kinaed comforts Margaux.

Kinaed says, "That was intended to be Marisa :)"

Cataleya cuddles Vlora and sobs.

Vlora says, "Same ole' knight stuff, baddies needing a smack in the teeth. "

Kinaed nods at Vlora.

Rothgar claims, "Been good. Trying out for Seneschal to try something new. We'll see how that goes."

Vlora states, "Have a few prospective recruits too! So maybe I won't be the only one whapping about their sword. "

Kinaed nods at Rothgar.

Farra claims, "Might went pretty good; took a needed bit of a break from RP earlier in the week; things are more picking up now."

Marisa queries to Margaux, "Now, why's everyone always confusing us.. must be the gorgeous noblewoman thing, right?"

Justin raises his fist at Rothgar.

Cataleya says, "Sword ab sword"

Kinaed claims to Rothgar, "I'm glad you've found the system interesting."

Vlora nods at Cataleya

Margaux declaims to Marisa, "I think so! (Nothing to do with our names, no way! :P)"

Justin says, "Good ol' politicking."

Cataleya claims, "Yarp"

Kinaed says, "Is there anything shitting anyone that they want staff to know about? (Beyond any player topics, of course. :))"

Empena claims, "I've had some interesting scenes this week, that said, it's an idea that I've mentioned before but I think it goes with the recent antag flow chart. An Antag scene when someone is just monologing at you and it doesn't feel like they are looking for back and forth can be ... difficult to work with."

Rothgar says, "I'm an old dog for this. I just RP and hope for the best."

Kinaed nods at Empena.

Cataleya says, "Whose ... wow whose uh.. who does that/ sorry"

Norrig says, "I had a lotta fun. Refreshing."

Prisca says, "Still hate sorting pshops"

Kinaed comforts Prisca.

Cataleya questions, "Sorting what now dear?"

Norrig claims, "Some very emotional scenes, protagonism, bardic performances."

Farra states to Prisca, "Solution: burn the pshop."

Farra nods.

Cataleya claims, "Emotional my big fat butt."

Prisca nods at Farra.

Norrig thwaps Farra with a rolled newspaper: "Bad!"

Kinaed claims, "Very nice to hear that bards have been performing. :)"

Cataleya states, "Yeah I had fun performing yesterday, laughed my big old butt off."

Farra says, "This is a continuation from a topic mentioned briefly last meeting, namely of people idling out in the middle of RP. One, this is rude in general -- excusable if it happens once, but if you're not available for RP please give people the courtesy of excusing yourself, and Two this is extra problematic when people idle out in private areas, such as when invited into a home for a chat. Staff is great about moving these people out of the room when asked; but I was wondering if Staff might consider a way to let players auto-flag someone else who idles out mid-RP somewhere they wouldn't have access to, to return or log back in at the almshouse or something (like people already do when they idle out in certain public rooms). .. It just gets a bit old having to get with Staff -- who can't always be around -- just to make sure someone doesn't idle out somewhere and (potentially) do shady stuff like taking items from containers or someth"

Kinaed wonders, "The guilds appear to be in a good place at the moment from Staff side peeks at numbers and activity. Is that an illusion?"

Farra states, "WHOOPS"

Norrig states, "Yeah I've been busting my ass to throw songs and stuff and encouraging others too."

Farra exclaims, "Was typing up a topic, didn't mean to hit enter!"

Vlora , congratulates Farra

Cataleya wonders, "Oooops?"

Vlora forgot how to emote

Cataleya states, "Farra stop being farralike."

Temi states to Farra, "We'll just ignore that for now."

Kinaed questions to Farra, "We can certainly look at something like that. Was that your topic?"

Azarial asks, "Write in notepad and then paste?"

Norrig states to Vlora, "Yeah sure"

Cataleya snickers.

Farra nods at Kinaed.

Vlora states, "Fite me"

Farra states to Azarial, "I should have, yes :p"

Kinaed states, "Ahh, see above that it was. Okay, well, since it's out there - yes, that and maybe other measures are a good idea. I'll put it on Staff Talking Points."

Farra says, "And, to be a bit grumpy -- if you idle out mid-RP once it's frustrating but I think most people will forgive it. If you come back, swear you're there, and then idle out again after 1 pose it's just Rude. >.<"

Prisca claims, "That'd be great. have 2 or 3 people idle out and risk getting locked up in the merc hall in the last week"

Kinaed nods at Farra.

Kinaed states, "We can also track how many of those people get in a week, and if it goes over a certain threshold, get policy involved."

Cataleya says, "I have idled out a few times yesterday but I always came back and apologized profusely."

Justin questions, "Mercs have a guild hall now?"

Justin blinks.

Cataleya says, "With fronie faces and I'm sorrys all over the place."

Kinaed claims, "I'm tired of it too, it hurts our game and reputation as a game. No one wants to play at a place where RP has gotten that bad or slow."

Kinaed nods at Cataleya.

Kinaed claims, "It happens to everyone, it's more the serial offenders that I'm concerned about."

Cataleya says, "I'm usually good about it, but sometimes when I'm dealing with ooc stuff, I sometimes have to leave the computer to deal with Mom and things, so yeah it takes me a bit sometimes to respond."

Kinaed states, "In fact, it happening to everyone is why it's so hard to resolve as an issue because it's hard to tell the difference between an accident and someone just not wanting to deal with RP or whatever."

Talish states, "I've started just walking away if it seems to be going that way."

Kinaed nods at Norrig.

Rothgar nods at Talish.

Empena states, "If you are someone with inconsistant availability, picking a concept that doesn't require timeliness might be a consideration too. But idling out daily in some professions/jobs could be arguably deadly for yourself and others. "

Norrig muses, "Yeah?"

Cataleya says, "Oh yeah, I never not want to deal with rp, it's just sometimes it happens like that. I say brb and I'm back within thirty minutes."

Prisca says to Justin, "Had one for a long time. was in Southside before but got bought and rennovated, and a new exit made to be more accessible"

Marisa states, "Yeah, try to be understanding, but it helps if there's a heads up, and some indication that it's not me."

Farra says, "Saying you're stepping away is alright, in most cases :)"

Kinaed states, "I think most people wouldn't flag someone who up front said "I may have to go suddenly" or even who osayed "I am so sorry, I have to run suddenly.""

Norrig claims, "Don't say brb, say 'I need at most half an hour'"

Norrig claims, "Brb is I'm going to go take a piss and back"

Cataleya claims, "I sometimes don't know if i need half an hour, though, it depends."

Farra nods in agreement with Cataleya.

Cataleya says, "It depends on what I have to do, I may think I need to br, but in reality mom needs me to do things for her, so it could be half an hour."

Kinaed nods at Cataleya.
Norrig nods.

Azarial claims, "Nothihng wrong with assking for half an hour and not needing it"

Cataleya claims, "Sorry, I'll get off my siapbox now."

Cataleya questions, "Soapbox?"

Farra claims, "Life happens, but Cata-- I've RP'd quite a bit with you and I've never once thought you weren't interested in the RP or anything like that <3"

Farra states, "This is more directed at people who ... don't give those impressions."

Kinaed says, "Then say that when you get into RP - like I said, I think people are forgiving when it's clear that it's not someone running off to avoid RP or because they don't like them, etc. The problem is it's pretty rude to just drop out saying nothing, which it seems like a lot of people do."

Cataleya nod nods and huggles tight to Farra.

Farra nods in agreement with Kinaed.
Kinaed nods at Farra.

Norrig claims to Kinaed, "I have seen it frequently unfortunately."

Farra says, "'Man, this lady isn't flirting with me so I guess I'll just go play Call of Duty.' -.-"

Kinaed claims, "Okay, sorry about that skipping, Norrig, but I think it's officially your turn."

Cataleya says, "I'll flirt with you."

Kinaed nods at Norrig.

Cataleya claims, "Just you gotta give me signals/ LOL"

Rothgar says to Farra, "Well, maybe if you hit on me more I wouldnt do that."

Farra pulls out a dagger.

Norrig claims to Farra, "I'll flirt with you too."

Norrig nods at Kinaed.

Farra says, "Commere I'll hit on u"

Farra tucks her dagger in her belt.

Cataleya asks, "Rithkar are you sure you're a lady?"

Azarial snerks.

Norrig stands up and clears his throat, saying: "Aight so, for once I'd like to propose for consideration, if there is none yet, a command named count (string) that shows you a list of all items in your inventory and room that match the string you input, like:

count emp
You count two entities matching 'emp':
1. an empanada (inventory)
2. Empena (room)

Kinaed muses, "What for?"

Empena says, "I appreciate being used as the example for this."

Norrig claims, "Madness prevention."

Prisca claims, "I think for targetting purposes"

Vlora claims, "Don't count your Empena's before they hatch"

Azarial wonders, "Versus 'target'?"

Norrig states, "Yeah."

Cataleya cuddles with Empena?

Kinaed says, "Seems benign enough. Not sure about the overall priority, but sure, we can do that."

Prisca claims, "Players and objects should get different counts though"

Cataleya claims, "I agree."

Norrig claims, "I will bank all my QP if I have to."

Cataleya says, "Dude."

Kinaed starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Cataleya states, "You've probably got enough qp to make your npcs a 12 in the attraction scale."

Kinaed finishes her note.

INFO: Jeyn has just created!

Kinaed says, "Okay, recorded. Empena, it's your turn. :)"

Norrig states, "(it would really help when crafting, for instance)"

Kinaed says to Empena, "Are you in there? If yes, please introduce us to your topic. :)"

Empena claims, "I'm not sure exactly how to word this, but the past few weeks over OOC and Visnet, there's been some folks who seemed really enthusiastic about some concepts/ideas and ... people didn't seem as supportive of them as perhaps might be ideal."

Kinaed has transferred Safir. [OOC]

Cataleya says, "I will admit I have my visnet off half the time."

Jock has reconnected.

Kinaed states, "I'm not sure I understand what you're saying."

Temi wonders, "Like discouraging people from trying out a concept they have?"

Kinaed states, "Are people using visnet correctly? It's not a place to discuss ideas, by the way."

Empena nods at Temi.

Kinaed asks, "Can I have an example?"

Temi claims, "For staff, we have an official rule that we shouldn't say an idea is good or bad, just whether or not it's codewise possible or violates theme or policy, etc."

Talish just remembered something he'd like to bring up if it's not too late to be added.

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Kinaed says to Talish, "Not too late at all. I've added you to the list. Please pre-write your topic so it's ready to go when called upon."

Margaux states to Kinaed, "Add me too? It'll be brief."

Kinaed says, "So if someone comes up to a staff member and says 'Can I assassinate the princess?' we don't say 'that's a dumb idea, how are you going to get around the guards?' we say 'there is no policy against assassinating the princess, but we cannot provide you any advice on how to best go about it.'"

Kinaed nods at Margaux.

Kinaed says to Margaux, "Added."

Empena states, "Uh ... the other day someone was sort of pontificating about if their character would fit in as a Knight and the reply was that certain behaviors/mentalities were 'More Needed' - I'd think if anything we should encourage people to seek out GLs and things IC and try their had at stuff than just shut them do. "

Empena says, "Down."

Temi nods.

Temi says, "I find the most successful characters are those that people are excited about, not those that are 'most needed' by the game. If someone's excited about their character, they can make it fit in and add stuff to the game."

Kinaed states, "Yeah, particularly shutting down IC things OOCly is concerning. It's probably better to ICly tell a seeker what you're looking for so they can make the choice of if they want to take their character that way, plus give people RPxp to boot, etc."

Farra states, "That's very frustrating to hear."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Farra nods in agreement with Kinaed.

Cataleya nods.

Kinaed queries, "Do we need to take further steps other than bringing that onto the table for people to consider going forward?"

Norrig is lagging hard...

Kinaed claims, "I'd also love it if people felt empowered to say on visnet in response to that "You do what you want, new player. All sorts of concepts fit here, even when it seems they might not""

Norrig nods.

Farra says, "I think telling someone OOCly that a character personality type is 'more needed' or something isn't healthy for discussion of the game. Sometimes I'll see somebody ask, like 'Oh, does the game need tailors?' or something and people might advise them that there are several in the game, so that might not be the thing to use for a 'needed' role, but not in ways I've thought were hostile. Or people ask about playing, say, a Charali and people advise them that it might be more difficult than they expect."

Kinaed says, "Certainly, as staff, I'll make the attempt to gently redirect/steer that sort of thing in a different direction if I see it."

Talish claims, "I think that has been said, not sure"

Cataleya coughs at Norrig. "Stop saying things like that. You're a merc."

Kinaed nods at Farra.

Cataleya nods.

Kinaed claims to Farra, "It's hard to say without seeing the actual visnets whether or not the interpretation raised here is entirely valid."

Temi claims, "I think if someone is asking for what's more or less needed, it isn't necessarily bad to describe the current state of things."

Farra claims, "I guess I'd say commenting negatively on the 'personality' of someone's concept sits sour with me."

Kinaed claims, "That said, I would encourage people to support one another OOCly. We're a murderous and traitorous bunch ICly, so there's gotta be some balance to that, or this place would be hellish. :)"

Temi states, "But less good to bring it up if they already have the concept they want."

Kinaed nods at Farra.

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Jock states, "One could direct them to use the 'census' code to get some clues on demographics and the help business code to get a clue on what businesses already exist"

Farra claims, "Yeah, we can't all be as sweet and caring as Farra~~"

Kinaed says, "I'm going to settle on 'we've discussed this matter publicly, so nothing further needs to be done' for now."

Kinaed says, "If we still see issues around that sort of thing in coming OOC Chats, we'll think deeper."

Kinaed muses to Talish, "Are you ready to introduce us to your topic, Talish?"

Temi nods at Jock.

Talish states, "So this is purely for rp and well kind of counting on players to be forgetful. >.> As it stands, if someone owes rent or tax or whatever, they can't withdraw from their account until it is taken care of. This actually makes one of the Reeve commands useless. So I'm wondering if it's possible to get that lifted. Not the one after 3 months, but the immediate one. This way Reeves can levy search and harass people icly about overdue taxes and whatnot."

Temi gives a hinged oak case of Magebane cards with gold-painted backs to Prisca.

Kinaed queries, "Which Reeve command is useless and why?"

Kinaed claims, "I didn't follow all of that."

Cataleya wonders, "I am happy I have mine set to autotax?"

Prisca wonders, "I assume there's something with levy?"

Talish claims, "Levy search"

Prisca claims, "Ah."

Empena says, "I don't think being able to arrest/harass people for being 1 RL day over due is going to lead to quality RP."

Prisca isn't familiar.

Cataleya isn't either. Don't feel bad.

Kinaed claims, "Hmm."

Talish claims, "It's used to see which people owe taxes and whatnot."

Kinaed states, "Ahh."

Justin claims, "I have a very small thing at some point."

Kinaed says to Justin, "Adding you - please pre-type"

Temi asks, "I assume just because there's incentive for people to have to pay their taxes, there's less chance to have to get them to linger and have to harass them later?"

Talish says to Empena, "Well as it stands, there is 0% chance of any rp with it. With it lifted, Reeves could check on people at some points."

Prisca nods at Temi.

Temi says, "Especially on my low on money concepts, I may not hardly ever withdraw from the bank"

Prisca claims, "Makes sense to me. hard to get by without access to accounts for most people."

Farra claims, "I like that; I don't think the Banks would be so affiliated with the Reeves that they restrict withdrawals and the like, tbh."

Temi states, "Most of my money comes from other players."

Kinaed says to Talish, "I'll add this to staff talking points, because I think it's very specialized and I'm not prepared to make a decision without further staff discussion."

Temi nods.

Kinaed queries to Margaux, "You're up. Please introduce your topic?"

Margaux claims, "Don't want to point fingers but do want to raise this. I'm time poor and not around a great deal, but I've been seeking for awhile without a response to my application letter IC or acknowledgement of it OOC. This is the second time now- a few months ago I gave up due to a similar experience with a previous GL. I'm at the point now where I've given up again- and I'd really hate to see a newbie in this position."

Kinaed nods.

Temi claims, "Well... definitely not ideal to not respond to people."

Vlora is idle.

Vlora is no longer idle.
Vlora has returned from AFK.

Kinaed claims, "It's not okay for GLs to ignore seeker apps - it's against the requirements in HELP GUILDLEADER. GLs, please, if you're not going to pursue an application, let the player know. If you're not finding someone ongrid, please pboard them or IC mail them to at least acknowledge their application."

Rothgar states, "To be fair, you're usually on around like 2am where I'm at. Not much anyone can do about that."

Temi says, "Well, except mail back."

Margaux says, "A letter or pboard"

Prisca nods.

Rothgar claims, "I agree. The RP bit is a little different."

Cataleya says, "Ahem...when i was gl I responded as promptly as I could."

Farra says, "Or pass along the responsibility to a person who can be around on-grid when the other player is."

Cataleya nods.

Kinaed states to Rothgar, "A GL should pboard or IC mail back saying 'hey, I see you! Let's get together' or even 'I haven't seen you, what's up' or something. Nothing over an extended period after you've reached out... will make new players, and even old players, quit seeking at a minimum, and possibly quit the game."

Temi nods.

Rothgar says, "Wouldn't know anything about the situation at hand. Just pointing out that TZ differences can be pretty extreme."

Kinaed says, "I'd like to note that it's Staff Policy that if we become aware of GLs failing to respond to seekers, we contact the GL."

Temi claims, "While a no will often make people try harder and bring RP, a nothing doesn't."

Azarial says, "Mail and notes transcend T"

Kinaed says, "If we don't get something moving by that, then we will actively drop a negative on the GL barometer for a first report, and will actually strip a GL out of the role if we get multiple reports."

Prisca claims, "I've encountered a few ignored seekers ICly, and it can lead to RP."

Kinaed states, "That being said, this is a hugely underreported problem because players just get discouraged and leave, so I've only had 1-2 reports on a single GL ever"

Kinaed nods at Prisca.

Norrig nods.

Temi states, "Okay, I suppose it's possible. Though still in general."

Temi grins at Prisca.

Prisca nods.

Norrig states, "Hardly ideal."

Farra states, "It can lead to RP, but it usually doesn't. It's very frustrating for a new person to be seeking a guild without having the opportunity to get Sponsors or the like for multiple weeks."

Kinaed claims, "So, for today, I'll write a note reminding GLs in general to please contact seekers, and note the consequences for failing to respond to seeker overtures."

Cataleya once had to wait a few months to get into a guild.

Norrig hugs Cataleya.

Cataleya says, "Or at least nearly a moth. it was frustrating but it worked out."

Kinaed asks, "And can an Order GL please contact Margaux ICly? It is perfectly acceptable to staff for a Gl to see a seeker flag and say "I've heard a rumor you're interested in joining our organization""

Norrig states to Cataleya, "Not the same 'a few months' to 'nearly a month' haha"

Temi claims, "I think everyone here has stuck around, at least. We lose the ones who don't."

Temi grins.

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Cataleya nod nodds.

Vlora claims, "I'll chip in here as it seems this is turning into a bigger problem than it is, in the situation with Margaux specifically there were certain IC situations and reasons for not writing back at the time. I suppose I could've sent her a Pboard to let her know that things were in motion, but it's just taking a while. I'd rather not let this trail off into people thinking that I and the Order do not chase up seekers - because we do."

Cataleya claims, "It felt like months though"

Kinaed says to Vlora, "Thank you."

Jock has lost link.

Norrig exclaims to Cataleya, "That's subjective!"

Jock has reconnected.

Kinaed claims to Vlora, "Also, if you come across a seeker that you're uncomfortable contacting back, please let staff know so we DON'T hold it against you if someone complains."

Rothgar muses, "Jesus. Are we losing that many players to this?"

Vlora says, "Well I would rather someone contact me to say whats up OOC'ly before going to staff about it, but ok."

Kinaed says to Rothgar, "Honestly, I suspect we have, yes."

Temi states, "Over years, I'm sure we've lost a good number to it. I don't know that it's been an especial problem lately, but always a good reminder."

Rothgar nods at Temi.

Kinaed says to Rothgar, "This isn't the first time I've heard this complaint."

Norrig says to Rothgar, "Slow reactions are a very common complaint."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Temi claims, "That also doesn't mean letting people in immediately. It's just about hooking them into the RP."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Kinaed claims, "It's also okay to turn them down."

Kinaed states, "If they're not going to get in, just say so."

Temi says, "Making it hard to get in can even be better sometimes, if it's engaging."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Norrig nods.

Kinaed trails off, "Okay there, I think we've had enough on this..."

Farra claims, "I'd say in general a GL should also make an effort to locate who can give someone a sponsor and steer them, whether OOCly or ICly, towards Seekers."
Temi grins.

Kinaed states to Margaux, "But thank you for raising your experience and feelings. I know it can take courage to do so."

Farra nods in agreement.

Kinaed questions to Justin, "You're up, Justin! What's your topic?"

Margaux nods at Kinaed.

Justin claims, "What with the changes to the latent system, I think it might be worth it to leave off auto-awaken in chargen for a little bit -- I noticed it when creating a new character. The number of mages according to census has skyrocketed, without going through the latent stage that was just made more interesting."

Kinaed questions, "I'm not sure what you mean?"

Temi claims, "Those numbers are based on current counts."

Temi states, "If a bunch of people are starting as awakened mages, it's because the numbers were low."

Cataleya muses, "Do we no longer have a choice on whether we're mages or not?"

Temi states, "Once it's high, it'll go back off."

Cataleya says, "I was confused on that."

Farra thinks that a 3-1 awakened-latent ratio sounds about right.

Norrig queries to Cataleya, "That so?"

Farra claims, "Iirc, there's a choice to be MAGE, RANDOM, or NOT."

Cataleya says, "No i was confused on whether new chars have the choice of being magical or not. Taht is what my confused brain is asking."

Temi says, "You can pick to be an awakened mage. If you don't, latency is more random."

Prisca says to Cataleya, "You can skip having a chance of being latent with QP, otherwise there's a chance you may be, if the game needs more mages"

Kinaed states, "I'm a bit confused as well. When magery is open, people can start awakened because we haven't hit the threshold. If they choose to be a non-mage, they can randomly be a latent unless they opt out. If they opt out, they are mundane.

When magery is closed, people can opt to be latent, otherwise they're randomly latent, unless they opt out."

Temi claims, "And you can only pick to be an awakened mage if there aren't too many."

Cataleya's lips turn down.

Justin claims, "If everyone thinks it's fine, I'm sure it is. I personally think magey RP would be more interesting with less awakened and more latents."

Kinaed questions to Azarial, "Is that correct?"

Norrig has lost link.
Norrig has reconnected.

Temi states, "We could adjust the percentages at which these things turn on and off."

Temi states, "But I don't know if people in general feel that the ratios is not quite right yet"

Farra says, "I'm of the opinion that the game is healthier when I have more victi-- I mean uhm."

Kinaed asks, "I think magery opens automatically when we hit ... 15 or 20% awakened mages? And closes automatically if we hit 40% mages? "

Rothgar makes eye waggles at Farra.

Cataleya states, "I don't generally like playing magical chars wit a consiquence of certain death, it makes me a little weirded out, I'm sure I can get used to it, but it just makes me a bit... i don't know."

Rothgar says, "40%? -Arien.-"

Farra states, "TLI isn't meant to be a game where your characters always are safe."

Kinaed nods at Farra.

Temi says, "It might be 30, not sure on the exact percents there."

Kinaed claims, "TI is a Dark Fantasy, non-consensual RP game. People die."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Cataleya says, "Well this is true. I could die at any time and I don't mind."

Norrig nods.

Kinaed queries, "I think we need to make sure those percents are in imminfo, or it might be visible in system?"

Norrig says to Cataleya, "She means you."

Farra states, "On that note -- as I'm getting more comfortable with Order RP, people should expect more Inquisition in their life. Soz."

Cataleya questions, "Jesus christ, really?"

Rothgar declares, "I believe there is a thread on the forums about Mage familiarity, lemme see if I can get you a link, Cata!"

Cataleya states, "Otay"

Kinaed queries to Justin, "Did we address your concerns at all, or just talk past them?"

Norrig says to Farra, "I'm glad you are getting comfier and having a good time."

Farra says to Norrig, "Who would have guessed; Farra with fewer people who can tell her to stop is a Farra having a good time ;)"

Marisa grins at Farra.

Farra states, "Who. Could. Have. Guessed. *hoards all the Dragonballs*"

Rothgar claims to Cataleya, "Lunare, it's been closed. Sorry, man. But that's a good discussion for the Forums."

Empena queries, "This is a random thought but just to slap it in here, but if you are peeking at a container overhaul or whatever, could we potentially have a spec for a 'clothing box' that allows enough items for an outfit but not a lot of weight so it isn't codedly such a large-huge box it won't fix in an armoire? "

Justin exclaims, "I think we've established that they're not shared, which is fine!"

Temi claims, "We can consider that, but I don't think Kin shares goals with you."

Temi grins at Empena.

Kinaed nods at Justin.

Justin says, "I wish awakening would only happen through IC means"

Kinaed says, "Hmm, on Empena's topic - Empena, please register topics so as not to derail other people's, but we're at the end of Justin's so I'll roll with it... we have an issue with people hoarding things."

Justin claims, "But I understand why that isn't possible"

Kinaed claims, "Believe it or not, TI takes up disk space on a server, and our host charges us for disk space."

Prisca is totally a hoarder. Sorry.

Margaux has gone AFK.

Azarial claims, "Player homes are storing 30MB of condensed text. which comes out to tens of thousands of items, easily."

Farra claims, "If someone wants to give me the mental capacity to play another character, I'll roll a thief and help out with that. *wigglefingers*"

Kinaed trails off, "When a player hoards 10,000 objects inside multiple containers inside one another (which circumvents room limits we've put on how many objects can fit in a room, for example)..."

Norrig states, "Do consider junking unneeded items to save disk space, yes."

Norrig states to Kinaed, "Lol I had never thought of that"

Azarial ponders making everything decay if not repaired.

say I'm know I found one of those boxes in the Vault once.

Empena says, "I'm know I found one of those boxes in the Vault once."

Norrig states, "A nonmagical bag of holding."

Kinaed claims, "Well, small cases of hoarding aren't an issue, but we have some exceptional players who lock down our disk space, then we get awarnings from the host, then we have to pay more monthly, etc."

Norrig says to Kinaed, "Pay more? Girl, burn their homes down."

Azarial says, "Or we hit our quota and when someone tries to save their pfile, it is written as a zero length file."

Norrig nods sagely: "Do it."

Kinaed states, "Anyway, please, don't hoard 100 widgets if you don't see yourself needing widgets."

Temi claims, "We don't mind people keeping what they might need for normal play, but we won't necessarily want to gear things towards making it easier to stock up and store items."

Kinaed claims to Norrig, "I increased our disk space allowance last year."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Jock has lost link.

Kinaed queries to Azarial, "That's happened at least twice, hasn't it?"

Jock has reconnected.

Norrig puffs his cheeks, "I'd go warn the bigger hoarders to knock it off or face the Kinkinator."

Azarial states, "More than twice."

Kinaed queries, "Anyway, big headache for staff, please don't hoard. Please? Pretty please?"

Farra says, "So remember: when the Order burns down mysterious buildings, we're doing it because the mud needs it."

Farra nods sagely.

Kinaed laughs.

Prisca laughs.

Norrig laughs.

Empena queries, "Perhaps reconsider the thought of letting people off-load stuff for a silver or two or a percent of value just to get rid of it?"

Justin sighs and empties out his collection of 10,000 human hearts

Cataleya sighs, give me back my heart.

Farra trails off to Justin, "Oh no. We need those for .. medical purposes...."

Kinaed says to Empena, "Nope, a lot of these objects are rechargable at low buy-in; it would break the money system."

Farra licks her lips eagerly.

Azarial claims, "If it isn;t selling in a shop already, then it has no value"

Talish muses to Farra, "You aren't the order we want, but the order we need?"

Cataleya states, "Iwww farra"

Farra states to Talish, "I'm whichever Order was 'Execute the Younglings'."

Prisca states, "Hopefully the black market will be implemented sometime"

Justin laughs.

Kinaed claims, "Eh, I'll throw it on staff talking points and see what we can do beyond 'fix objects that were set with 0 size'"

Rothgar states to Farra, "Because Lucas didn't want to say "Killed kids.""

Prisca states, "Easier to offload human hearts and the like that way"

Justin questions, "Make items decay?"

Jock questions, "Does burying stuff still get rid of it?"

Farra claims, "And not just the Youngmen, but the Youngwomen and Youngchildren too."

Prisca nods at Jock.

Kinaed claims to Justin, "We do make many items decay, but that's a good point."

Azarial states, "Once the mound they were buried in decays, it is gone"

Rothgar queries, "Don't get me started with Star Wars. Also, are we that strapped for data at the moment?"

Temi says, "Burying stuff should get rid of it eventually."

Azarial states, "Thirty megabytes of compressed text just for phomes."

Justin claims, "If something seems to be egregiously hoarded, make it have a long decay."

Talish asks, "Have an ooc burning of houses? Say the Order found a hoard of buildings that needed cleansing? "

Kinaed claims, "It is worth noting that there was a problem where cold rooms, which were meant to slow the decay of food, actually halted all decay timers. That has been fixed recently, so if you're hoarding non-perishable, non-food items in a cold room... you might want to look to that."

Farra states, "Just please don't make finished products decay :("

Farra says, "Like clothing."

Temi states, "We're not in a position now where we need to dump a bunch of stuff - we did have one of those last year."

Farra squeezes her clothing tight.

Temi claims, "But we just don't want to get into that situation again."

Azarial claims, "If it gets bad enough, everything will tick down and wear out."

Justin says, "I would make resources decay"

Norrig queries, "Clothing decays?"

Farra claims, "Nooo."

Kinaed states to Norrig, "Clothing does not decay."

Temi says, "It's something we've discussed, but we keep trying to avoid because it does not add fun to people."

Temi grins.

Azarial states, "Could remove nesting of containers, I suppose. taht would slow some of this down."

Kinaed states, "Oh, ooops, after 9am :)"

Norrig phews, "I wouldn't want Farra's clothes to decay in the middle of reviewing me."

Rothgar says, "Might start up a donation thing if it gets out of control, I suppose? I've only ever run one MUD, so my costs were lower 10 years ago."

Temi states, "Plus, people do do more storing of ingredients."

Farra says, "Lol. Like Farra wears clothes during Reviews."

Kinaed claims, "It's the top of the hour, folks. Thank you so much for attending our OOC Chat. Also, thank you, those who have helped us build and maintain a presence on Reddit. I'm sure some of our new logins have been from there."

Norrig laughd.

Farra claims, "She covers herself in mud and blood and stands on their chest to exert her dominance."

Norrig bows.

Norrig claims, "Happy to help."

Kinaed claims, "If you have the time and/or inclination, please do submit a review about TI there or elsewhere (Reddit is our 2nd main feeder after Mudconnect at the moment though)"

Kinaed smiles at Norrig.

Farra pontificates, "... You're supposed to trans everyone out on THAT note, Kinky!.. Dangit!"

Norrig winks at Farra.

Norrig exclaims, "And vote on the mud sites links please!"

Kinaed exclaims, "Okay, I hope to see you all next week! Have a great time, and thanks for attending and sharing your thoughts!"

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