Log of OOC Meeting - 01/27/18

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Sat Jan 27, 2018 4:41 pm

Temi says, "So, our agenda for today is 1) Staff Updates, 2) Player Heartbeat, 3) Player Topics."

Temi wonders, "Before we get started, does anyone have any topics they would like to get on the list?"

Empena claims, "I have two thoughts if no one else has something."

Prisca claims, "Nothing too important, might bring up some ST command inconvenice stuff"

Temi claims, "Okay, got Empena and Prisca. If anyone else thinks of anything as we go, just send a tell and I'll get you on the list."

Temi says, "Starting with staff updates... Kin, do we have you here? She's mobile today."

Temi muses, "Okay, we'll come back to Kin later. Az?"

Azarial states, "Not much this week; poked at the bug list, else RL has been demanding"

Temi trails off, "Hm hm.. don't see anything too exciting on the list..."

Prisca states, "Got the plot running"

Temi states, "I know we've got a new spell out, for those of magely persuasion."

Vlora bares her sword.

Temi says, "Well, a revamp of a spell, yes."

Temi states, "For myself.. yes, I have a plot going. Niamh has another plot going too, so also take a look at that."

Temi claims, "Nothing too exciting. The normal keep things going stuff beyond that."

Temi questions, "Alright.. player heartbeat then! How's RP been this week?"

Vlora claims, "Been settling into Earl Marshal, and sending out mail by the truckload. "

Prisca says, "A bit quiet, mostly. Had a player quit that was driving a lot of my RP lately, so there's that."

Rothgar states, "It's been quiet. Nice."

Empena states, "I've had some interesting scenes, the Race was nice, I didn't remember there being an event for that before while I've played."

Marisa states, "I remember an event for it previously, but it's been a long while. I couldn't make this one though."

Vlora claims, "Oh yes! Shout out to Farra to organizing that race. Was dope."

Prisca pontificates, "Oh yeah! Did enjoy the race, though I couldn't get into it as much as I'd have liked with the timing and work"

Temi states, "Right right, she had that. Excelelnt."

Rothgar states, "Dang, that's right. I forgot about posting that recommend."

Temi wonders, "I know it's been pretty quiet with the number of people around... but it sounds like things have been decent when people are around? Anything we ought to know that's keeping people away?"

Rothgar says, "Looks like high lawful turnaround but I'm sure that'll make a comeback soon."

Rothgar says, "Just going through that winter lull, I suppose."

Prisca states, "Nothing comes to mind. I think things have just been busy IRL for people"

Empena states, "I do know that some folks found the not being able to buy things as crafter/Merchant types a bit rough to deal with. I know the reasoning for it, which is to make Metrics impactful, but ... I wonder if there might be some more gradient way besides not selling to folks at all."

Rothgar says, "I was thinking about that. Since all traders in-game are either Merchants, or are issued Merchant trader coins, why wouldn't they trade with fellow Merchants? Might be a possible guild advantage."

Temi says, "It gets quite extreme before it does anything."

Prisca claims to Empena, "Unless the shopkeeper is totally bugged, there's ways around that. I've had two fun RP encounters having characters ask me to get stuff for them"

Azarial nods at Prisca.

Prisca states, "Seems like there was one that was bugged though, don't recall if I reported that. Might have been set to noble or something."

Temi says, "I dont' recall seeing any such bug, but it's possible."

Prisca wonders, "I think it was Namaka's shop?"

Azarial claims, "That would be more a typo first"

Temi claims, "You may need to post it still - typo first, as Az says, we can move it if necessary."

Prisca nods.

Temi asks, "Anyway, anything else bothering anyone that we ought to know about?"

Prisca states, "Well, metric will probably be going up in a few hours regardless."

Vlora pontificates, "Nothing comes to mind, just the usual cry for more orderites!"

Rothgar says, "Or people to fight them."

Vlora declaims, "Are you offering! :D"

Rothgar makes waggly eyes.

Temi says, "Sounds about normal then."

Temi grins.

Temi questions, "Shall we move on to player topics? Empena, you had a couple?"

Empena muses, "One is and I don't know if this is an update to the plot spec to consider or just a policy thing to consider but ... when people do IC_Events/plots etc could we suggest in some way they write lore entries for stuff?"

Prisca states, "I know lore's set to have a new addition soon that should help"

Temi states, "I think that it would be rarer that lore would be attached to plots. Maybe some things, but it might be better attached to the new system Kin's working on"

Empena says, "IE - this week's one about Lysander being replaced is kind of a big deal, I'd imagine, but ... I don't know who 'should' be the one to write that arguably. Should it be the person who submitted the plot? I always feel awkward writing them for someone else's ST and such."

Temi claims, "I don't know that he'll be replaced permanently."

Temi states, "Potentially, though. But you could suggest things you'd love to see lore for and we could ping the person behind it and see if they are interested in writing it up, or potentially do it ourselves"

Rothgar muses, "Oh, quick question RE: last weeks (I think) meeting, has there been any movement on the Front helpfile?"

Temi states, "No, there has not."

Rothgar nods.

Temi asks, "Did you have something else, Empena?"

Empena says, "Ah, just the Merchant Metric thing, but that already came up."

Temi asks, "Okay, Prisca you had something?"

Prisca says, "Your suggestion about making merchants exempt from it would be a nice perk, but we've already got too many perks as it is"

Prisca claims, "When you're running an ST, the commands take precedence over many standard commands. You can't for example, use the note command to read OOC boards, you have to type out 'east' or 'west' to move instead of 'e' and 'w', things com for combat, i for inventory, sc for score and a couple of other things I don't immediately recall don't work either. Might be good to bump the priority for ST commands down, since it can cause several unintentional things. (sc for score turns into sclose and closes the story to joiners for instance)"

Temi states, "I don't think we can fix some of that, since it's a special layer that goes over things, rather than just making new commands available. Maybe Az can speak to that, though."

Temi claims, "Two letter abbreviations are generally a bad idea in normal situations, though."

Azarial states, "They are in a different table; the story commands come firest by the nature of the system"

Prisca asks, "I see. perhaps a few commands could be renamed then to prevent overlap? Otherwise you have to pause the story to check boards and such"

Temi muses, "Ones with complete overlap might be good to fix. note is a problematic one?"

Prisca nods.

Azarial states, "It shoudl not permit notes while in a polca."

Rothgar wonders, "Arguably, couldn't you just do an alias in your client? Wouldn't that be an easier fix than additional coding?"

Temi asks, "Is it problematic to read them or only write them?"

Azarial claims, "It's tricky to separate out."

Prisca states, "Note list
Editing the notes is only available during story preperation."

Temi muses, "Are there other problematic commands?"

Prisca states, "That's all that I recall. I recently had to set my quick keys for north south east west to n s e w for my my client's auto mapper, so e and w are overwritten."

Azarial says, "It might be easier once I get notes wrangled into a polca so that they stand a better chance of surviving disconnects and people ignoring calls for a copyover and lingering in the editor for half an hour."

Prisca says, "Inconvenient but perhaps fixable on my side"

Temi nods.

Prisca nods.

Temi muses, "Potential room for improvement later then as code changes, but sounds like we might not be able to fix it now.. anythinge lse?"

Prisca says, "Ah one more ST thing that would be nice"

Prisca claims, "Being able to 'contest' with mobs that are switched to"

Temi queries to Azarial, "How hard is that?"

Prisca states, "Contest could possibly use some work in general though. I've found when the stats are relatively close for two characters, it always ties."

Azarial states, "That might not be too bad; id have to check and see if context used anything player specific"

Temi asks, "Any possibility it might work generally on npcs, with auto-accepts or something?"

Temi questions, "Is that something people would use?"

Prisca claims, "I'd use it."

say Well ... if some of the wild critters that could be domesticated arguably you could try and roll Husbandry against and win and claim them, yeah.

Empena claims, "Well ... if some of the wild critters that could be domesticated arguably you could try and roll Husbandry against and win and claim them, yeah."

Rothgar claims, "Arguably it'd be a decent addition with the recent addition of mage animals."

Temi says, "I'm not saying with any function. Just to roll."

Empena claims, "Ah, well, the roll thing would be useful against Familiars, as said for RP"

Temi nods.

Empena claims, "Or ... two people having their retainers or dogs whatnot get into a fight."

Temi muses, "Familiars could accept rolls by hand though. Would people use it against non-animated mobs?"

Prisca says, "I thought it would be good for horse races too, but Farra's system works out better."

Rothgar questions, "What would be the purpose against non-animated?"

Temi says, "I dunno. There wouldn't necessarily be one, which is why I'm asking if people would want to do that."

Rothgar shrugs.

Prisca states, "I could see potential times it might be useful in RP."

Temi nods.

Empena states, "Time to add more random birds flitting around so people can roll Dex to dodge the inevitable gifts from above."

Temi states, "Well, I'll put it on the list for Az's consideration."

Prisca claims, "Like if you're totally inebriated but want to convince Lysander for one more ale. can roll CHA vs WIS or something"

Temi nods.

Vlora sheathes her sword.

Temi asks, "Okay, well.. anything else anyone wants to tlk about?"

Vlora pontificates, "Oh!"

Vlora queries, "What ever happened to that mounted combat thing that was talked about a while ago?"

Vlora says, "I think Niamh was doing something about it"

Prisca says, "Reading through the logs from a chat I missed, I saw the TI scripty thingys. Thanks for those, to those who submitted them! They don't work in my client, but gave me ideas on how to implement them in mine."

Prisca queries, "I really dig the room vnum being on my prompt too, had no idea that was possible. (And whose idea was it to make this room vnum 69?)"

Prisca states, "Lewd."

Azarial claims, "Someone in old TI"

Temi claims, "Sorry, I got a phonecall."

Temi says, "Anyway, the mounted combat thing is something Niamh was working on, but I don't know what's become of it, and I'm afraid if she's got it done, it's probably a bit low on the priorities regardless"

Temi states, "So may be a bit still"

Temi claims, "And vnums were not available, but Niamh requested they be made available to players so the automapping could work"

Temi states, "So it's new."

Vlora states, "Okeydoke, only asking because I'm planning some sorta tournament."

Prisca pontificates, "Nice!"

Temi nods at Vlora.

Temi says, "Might be safest to plan on using current code stuff, unless soon is not important at all."

Temi trails off, "Okay, well, we managed to use up our time, so unless anyone has anything else remaining..."

Temi declaims, "Alright, thanks for coming! Sending folks back!"

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