Log of OOC Meeting - 1/13/18

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Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:35 pm

Kinaed questions, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today?"

Vlora raises hand
Kinaed claims to Vlora, "Got you. :)"

Farra declares, "I have a very quiet announcement to make, maybe during heartbeat!"

Kinaed claims, "Please pre-type your topic so you can bring it up quickly when called upon."

Vlora says, "Will do"
Niamh gives a tall hand-puppet Dame with an embroidered Heretic's brand to Marossa.

Kinaed states, "Okay, if anyone else has something, send me a tell and pre-type your topic."

Kinaed says, "Kicking off Staff Updates, I didn't really do much last week except manage Jenifyr and process a few requests. It seems that the game has been quiet, particularly on the policy front, for which I am grateful. "
Kinaed claims to Azarial, "You're up. :)"

Bofaha was out most of the week, probably why P

Azarial states, "Just a few bugs this week; RL has been hectic"
Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Kinaed states, "Quickly peeking at the changes board to see if there's anything worth mentioning."

Kinaed says, "Nope, all small stuff people won't notice beyond 'yay, that works as expected.' :)"
Kinaed states to Temi, "You're up. :)"

Temi claims, "Not a whole lot on my account. We discussed some plots as staff again which I still hope to find some time for at some point, but nothing firm yet.. I rewrote help drug laws to be more player friendly, as well, and in character with common player information."

Temi claims, "I think that's about it."
Kinaed nods at Temi.
Kinaed says to Niamh, "You're up. :)"

Niamh claims, "This week I redid the skinning and butchering failures additions that I did before, but a crash ate. Basically adding unidentifiable meat and scraps of unidentifiable skin where appropriate as failures. I went through the changes board and tested/helpfiled everything we had up there, though Az quickly filled 'er back up with fresh updates. I also went through each spell helpfile and added the effect mage ashes have upon it to the imminfo, so Staff will know as needed. Processed recommendations, cleared the typos board - usual stuff."

Niamh states, "That's it for me."

Kinaed claims, "Thanks :)"

Kinaed muses, "Okay, Player Heartbeat - how was the RP this week, folks?"

Farra claims, "Really hard for me to find people willing to RP with Farra this week."

Vlora claims, "Been lacking in motivation recently, but a few cool things got done this week. "

Farra declaims, "That's a lie; I was practically drowned in really fun RP. Thanks for everyone who was a part of that!"

Niamh waggles the puppet at Vlora.

Vlora squeals
Kinaed smiles.

Bofaha pontificates, "The bit that managed in while traveling was pretty darn good! Shamelessly drafting unwilling people into reeves"

Vlora says, "Oh yeah, and the Knighting. "

Vlora was a Squire for like a year

Marossa pontificates, "There's only been a few empty patches for me this week - I can usually find a scene when I'd like one!"
Temi grins.

Kinaed says, "It has felt a bit quiet around here lately. We go through that occasionally though, so no worries here."
Bofaha states to Kinaed, "New years resolution to game less"

Niamh claims, "Definitely seem to be coming down off the holidays boom."
Kinaed nods at Niamh.

Athyndriel always has time to rp with Farra.

Farra RPs with Farra all the time in her head.

Kinaed wonders, "Anything shitting anyone that they want Staff to know about?"

Farra muses, "I'll mention this here! -- As a player who often made speaches on IC_Event posts, I appreciate the policy change concerning them; though I wonder if we can't find a spot on the Forums for people to read any on-grid speaches in full as if their character was ICly there?"

Vlora declaims, "Could write em' down IC'ly as newspapers and distribute them!"

Kinaed claims, "I don't mind if players post logs of speeches given in game in the FanArt section."
Bofaha says to Kinaed, "One thing. It's quite discouraging to run a character that directly does some self deprecating things IC, in quite visible spots where they are guaranteed to suffer IC consequences and not even a recomment comes out of it. Makes me wonder do people want this sort of rp."

Farra exclaims, "Or, maybe clarify if players can't post their speeches in the Log spot and allow others to know that info ICly -- yep, thanks!"
Kinaed says to Vlora, "And that would be a dozen times cooler."

Bofaha states, "Er, self harming not depracating :P"
Kinaed states to Bofaha, "I'm sorry to hear that happened or has been happening."
Niamh claims to Bofaha, "It's always good to recommend someone for tempting IC consequences with their behavior. That's the kind of thing that keeps things spicy."

Empena says, "What does or does not get a recommend at times can seem rather ephemeral. But perhaps that's intended. "

Kinaed nods at Niamh.
Kinaed nods at Empena.

Niamh pontificates, "You also get 1 QP per recommendation you submit and is approved, so more incentive!"

Temi claims, "Sometimes people forget - if RP is especially exciting, I know people sometimes gets so engreossed in the RP, they forget about the OOC stuff that goes along with it, like recommends."

Kinaed claims, "I think it matters quite a lot as to whether people are thinking about it."
Niamh nods in agreement.

Kinaed says, "Perhaps we should have a 'time since RP' kind of thiing and an auto reminder to people of who they've RPed with recently to suggest recommends."

Farra declares, "Could there maybe be an 'endrp' command who -- yes!"

Bofaha claims, "Yep, ooc happens, and one off doesn't really bother me. But sometimes this sadly is a recurring thing and then it has that "is it worth it" moment"
Niamh wonders to Kinaed, "Could even be an extension of matchmaker?"
Kinaed nods at Niamh.

Temi says, "You can always send recommends yourself, and that can sometimes spur memories, too. Or recommend yourself, but that's not the same warm fuzzies."

Farra states, "Something that mentions 'see help recommend if this role-play was particularly thematic or engaging'"
Kinaed nods at Temi.

Bofaha recommends a lot!
Niamh claims to Bofaha, "Hooo boy, do you ever."
Temi grins.

Niamh ruffles Bofaha.

Bofaha grins

Vlora states, "I usually forget... and then do a bunch in a row when I remember. "

Kinaed states, "Okay, I think that's it for Player Heartbeat, so time for Player Topics."
Kinaed states to Vlora, "You're up :)"

Vlora declares, "Just a quick discussion on how to retain order members, as it's been a frequent occurrence lately of people joining the order as pages and whatnot. A week passes as they either give up on the characters and liquidate, or leave for pastures new. It's quite hard to not take this personally after you spend time helping to set these new characters up, and give them stuff to do. If these players are still around (Or anyone), I'd like to know what we're doing wrong and what we could possibly change/start doing to give us a better retention? I know were all pretty stuck in our ways, and it can be difficult to self-evaluate what we might be doing wrong.

At current, the Order is pretty much defunct, not for lack of trying. If anyone would like to spin up some order characters or otherwise join up, nows the time. Youre not gonna be lacking in roleplay!"
Kinaed nods at Vlora.

Bofaha says, "The way I see it the biggest retention problem is burnout. People go on duty 24/7 and... few months past and bam, you are tired. Or when order RP gets slow, you find out that have nothing to really do"

Vlora states, "It's more the fact of a handful of new players who as I said, give up after a week. I don't think that could be settled as simply burnout. "

Temi says, "A lot of times, new characters just don't gel. I think more fail than succeed."
Niamh nods.

Bofaha claims, "Aye, this sort of fails are normal in most of the guilds"

Temi states, "In all guilds, not just the order. It's just that the Order really needs them"

Kinaed claims, "So, reluctantly, I should let you know that what looks like several players creating, seeking the Order and leaving recently... are actually one player OOCly. That one is actually not the Order's fault."

Bofaha raises a toe

Kinaed says, "Sometimes things like that happen too."

Kinaed claims, "But it's also true that sometimes people create new characters and they just don't work out. People can't 'get into them'"

Kinaed states, "According to my reports: There have been 11 new characters created, with 2 active."

Kinaed says, "That's pretty usual."

Elle claims, "I think as long as you are trying to engage them, help them understand the role and learn the ropes and there is RP for them, you are doing the right thing. People will come and go, but you've left a good impression then for the future if they do leave."
Niamh nods in agreement with Elle.
Kinaed nods at Elle.

Bofaha declaims, "Eyp!"

Vlora states, "Fair enough. I think it would be helpful though for when people liquidate or leave a guild, for them to leave a Pboard to the GL about why. "

Athyndriel only had to kill that one seeker......

Farra claims, "I do think that Guilds can do more to engage low-ranking members into RP. I can't speak of specifics, this is just a broad problem I've seen in the past. Finding your own RP that doesn't risk you getting thrown out of the guild can be difficult, even for experienced and engaged Role-Players. I'd encourage Guild Members to find excuses to give low-ranking people duties they might shouldn't -precisely- have, especially if RP seems slow."

Kinaed says, "I'm not sure how I feel about that. Often it has nothing to do with a guild and I'd be concerned about spreading IC info OOCly."
Kinaed nods at Farra.

Vlora says, "Mmhm. That's pretty much always been the case with the Knighthood at least, even the pages get to do cool stuff due to low numbers of KNights. "

Bofaha coughs

Farra claims, "Pull a Page along when investigating something sinister. 'Let it slip' about some important matter, use a vNPC to share sensitive information with a squire. Those sorts of things, too, not just 'I GETS TO FIGHT' ;)"

Empena questions, "But how does one RP where someone's gone with no info? "

Elle says, "I also think that guild members should try to engage with newbies more often too, like it's a team effort. But generally speaking, I do think numbers go up when there is something visibly going on, typically conflict."

Kinaed says, "The same way you'd treat it if someone disappeared real life - haven't seen Joe in awhile, I hope everything's okay."

Kinaed states, "With the full knowledge that people disappear in Lithmore all the dang time."

Bofaha says, "And sometimes come back"

Marossa says, "I agree with Farra. One of the things that kept me around the physicians was being given set duties for my rank, and maaybe a few things that were a bit above me. If people feel like they're successfully filling a role and not just waiting for a promotion, it really makes them want to stick around."
Niamh says to Elle, "Activity definitely seems to breed activity. The more visibly active a guild is the more people seem flock to it."
Kinaed nods at Marossa.
Kinaed nods at Niamh.

Vlora says, "Whattt? Lithmore is very safe. I understand what you're all saying, and I had thought we had pretty good engagement with the lower ranks in the Knighthood. We could probably do more though, as we're all wrapped up in our own stories that get in the way sometime and suck up a lot of time. "

Farra states, "And, in the case of things where 'being gone' is a major RP point, the GL should work with them to establish a story of where they've gone. Inactive players are set to 'retired' rank for this reason."

Empena says, "I do wish we had some of those little jobs that could be assigned, sometimes doing things like that can be a good group activity for RP. Like the time the Physicians RPed and like cooked potatoes all day."

Farra states, "A page disappears for 3 OOC months and comes back? They were sent to assist Lord von Arienwit in Vandago for a season."

Kinaed says, "It's not that hard to do, especially for a GL."

Bofaha claims, "You don't need gl to set this sort of events"

Elle says, "Events are a great way to get people involved, in and outside a guild. They don't have to be huge ones, or take a lot of effort. Some of the best ones can be impromptu."
Niamh nods in agreement.
Kinaed nods at Bofaha.
Temi nods.

Vlora states, "We tried giving Page's page jobs to do, and it didn't take. It appears people don't like roleplaying mucking out stables and lick cleaning sandstone blocks. "
Kinaed claims to Bofaha, "I agree, guild mates should also RP with one another and share RP"
Niamh says to Vlora, "If it helps, when I've processed the liquidations in question, there has never been anything negative said about the guild or a lack of engagement, and dissatisfied people almost always make it known."

Vlora says, "That's good :)"
Kinaed wonders to Vlora, "Maybe just take them with you on patrol instead and assume the stable cleaning is happening?"

Niamh states, "I'd like to lick-clean sandstone blocks just to say I was made to."

Kinaed claims, "Or eliminate the page rank and just start at Squire"
Farra nods in agreement.

Elle nods.

Vlora says, "I dunno, the Page rank is very important for newbies to get to grips with Order roleplay. "
Bofaha pontificates to Kinaed, "For that we need guild mates! And on that note I will shamelessly advertise for people to join the reeves! There are a lot of plot hooks waiting for even cadets, stuff to do, rp, and talk about while spreading rumors!"

Marossa says, "Those currently in the Order are people I see around a fair bit, and are always open for a scene or two. I don't think the lack of new blood is your fault at all."
Kinaed nods at Marossa.

Temi claims, "For getting people involved with tasks, I think it might work better if it's active tasks that they can actually do something with code, or in RP."
Bofaha says to Kinaed, "Page needs serious revamping"

Temi states, "If it's 'go off on your own and do this RP thing' that does little for them"

Kinaed trails off, "I was joking the other day that, between actual Orderites and Seekers, we made up half the who list... and it was true"

Elle nods with Temi.

Niamh states, "Learning to cook to supply the Knights, for example, instead of mucking stables."
Kinaed nods at Bofaha.
say I've done this.

Empena states, "I've done this."

Temi states, "Mucking the stables can generally provide enough entertainment for the time it takes to write a mood."
Temi grins.
Niamh nods in agreement.

Temi trails off, "And if that's supposed to keep them going for three days..."

Bofaha claims, "There may be my proposal somewhere, was turned down by then current gl. But simply give them some actual rp hooks. Like dig into your faith, learn how city is run (talk to reeves), learn a bit about medicine (meet physicians) and how supply and logistics work (merchants)"

Farra says, "Unless you bring your friend and start a Roll Self Dex poop-war. Which my Squire alt totally never did you can't prove it."

Niamh trails off, "Or polishing the bells. That was my favorite back in the olden days of Niamh playing a Page. Great way to get out of an awkward scene, "Look, I have to go polish the bells...""

Kinaed coughs.

Vlora claims, "We could do with holding some more public events! Being more visible always helps. I don't think the Page rank needs revamping at all, it's just some people go into it with the wrong idea. People are given those opportunities, Bofaha. If they're not it's likely for specific IC reasons."
Kinaed nods at Vlora.

Niamh eyes Kinaed.
Niamh nods in agreement with Vlora.

Vlora eats a tall hand-puppet Dame with an embroidered Heretic's brand
Bofaha declares to Vlora, "Not from what I've seen, but it's been a while!"

Farra claims, "Niamh's page spent a lot of time waxing the marble statue."

Empena states, "This keeps sounding worse, not better."

Niamh claims, "I don't fully comprehend what's being said here but I know enough to be alarmed"

Bofaha grins at Niamh

Empena titters in Vavardi.

Kinaed says, "That's hilarious. The Order needs a help file '110 random jobs for Pages and Acolytes' or something"

Niamh implodes.

Empena says, "I wrote one for the Acolytes."

Temi says, "And assigning two people to do something together will usually work better for RP than one, perhaps."
Temi grins.

Niamh claims, "An Acolyte did too, from what I remember."

Farra states, "Oiling up the Lance-Shafts, keeping the Knight's Wood shiny and durable."
Bofaha states to Temi, "And think how statue will feel"

Lyssa declares, "And really non orderites could still do charity stuff too!"
Temi nods in agreement with Bofaha.

Athyndriel says, "We could make an underground room at the keep called " Inside the Latrines""

Niamh states, "Oh god what is even happening"

Temi pontificates, "Everybody wins!"

Kinaed's eyes widen.

Vlora says, "Considering the turn of this discussion, we really could do with some Clergy if anyone is thinking about it."

Niamh wildly rings the alarm bells.

Farra pontificates, "I'm Trying To Help! *flails arms around*"

Elle claims, "Yup, if possible pair people with others, I believe the Knights have a mentor system built in as is, so really push that. I think relationships with tasks are best."

Niamh claims, "What Vlora said, k. Ya'll need Jesus."

Niamh says, "*Dav."
Kinaed nods at Niamh.

Lyssa is considering joining the Order.
Bofaha says to Niamh, "Only if you got three fiddy"
Kinaed states to Niamh, "Nice save."

Niamh beams.

Lyssa claims, "But I really don't want to be an inquisitor."

Vlora declaims, "You can be a priest!"
Kinaed nods at Lyssa.
Bofaha declares to Lyssa, "Then stick to priest! you will have a lot of fun"

Lyssa nods.
Niamh says to Lyssa, "Acolytes and Priestesses are wonderful."

Lyssa states, "I've been told it can be thankless. But i really do like the idea."
Kinaed wonders to Farra, "You had an announcement you wanted to make?"
Bofaha claims to Lyssa, "That's mostly inquisitor+ where it's thankless, people avoid rp with you etc"

Farra says, "Yes! And I JUST accidentally deleted it, so skip me if need be. D:"
Niamh states to Farra, "Tsk."
Kinaed states to Farra, "Alas, I can't. You're the last on my list."

Elle claims, "One more bit of advice, when doing a seeker interview try to find out what the person hopes to learn, achieve and what their plans are. Much like in a job, most people want to know there is a chance to grow and if you find out what people want, you can better pair them and engage them."
Kinaed nods at Elle.

Vlora nods!

Elle claims, "And cookies."

Niamh claims, "As many cookies as you can get ahold of."
Kinaed says to Elle, "I usually ask someone to do something that's social and expected to be difficult."

Elle says, "Challenges are often the best way to get people involved, I mean you can lose people, but those that stick around, are probably going to be there for awhile."

Niamh stares at Farra. The Jeopardy song plays.
Kinaed nods at Elle.

Vlora says, "Tick. Tock. "

Farra claims, "MUSHClient users! -- and, for those who play on PC and use a Mudding Client other than MUSH, I have to recommend it as the best, imo, client for Role-Playing Intensive MUDs like TLI -- Niamh and I have whipped up a few plugings that you might be interested in, things that can make your life a lot easier when roleplaying or crafting or being evil heretical witches or whatever it might be! You can go to this link Niamh made to find them, and though there's no instructions there on how to take those files and put them into MUSH I bet Niamh will get on that like right now! https://github.com/lmclarke/TI-Legacy-Plugins ."

Athyndriel claims, "And don't always think No is the final word. in the past I have changed the minds of sponsors when I kept trying."
Niamh trails off to Farra, "Oh god I forgot instructions..."

Niamh says, "I'll steal the one people use on the forums."
Kinaed nods at Athyndriel.

Marossa states, "Aww yiss. Thank you for that."

Farra exclaims, "I can't recommend the Color Copy Plugin Enough; it allows you to copy output from the mud with color codes still intact!"

Vlora claims, "Oh my glob. "

Empena says, "I never got mine to work, alas, sadness with my sad no-color logs."

Lyssa exclaims, "OOOH!!"

Farra pontificates, "And the Emote Previewer one you get to click shit. It's like an RP-Based Minigame!"

Lyssa squees.

Niamh claims, "I'm working on a graphical mapper this afternoon."

Lyssa uses MUSH client so this will be SO useful.
Farra declaims to Empena, "This is actually copying the text, highlighting it and clicking a button to copy with color. Great for grabbing a colored item desc or something!"

Niamh states, "Should have that pushed into the repository soon."
Kinaed claims to Niamh, "Thank you. These plugins are much appreciated."

Lyssa states, "Oh and I don't know how many of you crafters know about this, but I LOVE it too. http://polyducks.co.uk/hosting/inquisition-tool/"

Kinaed says, "If anyone has a plugin they'd like to add to the library, please talk to Niamh too."

Niamh claims, "Definitely. The more the better."

Farra declaims, "And if anyone uses the Emote Previewer plugin and has suggestions, criticism, or bugs, please let me know!"

Lyssa says, "I'll have to try it and let you know."

Kinaed wonders, "We're out of material for the OOC Chat, unless anyone wants to bring anything more up?"

[OOC] WalkingStick: "Are we doing that ST today? Does anyone know?"

Lyssa claims, "I have a minor thing if thats okay? Nothing offical."

Kinaed says, "We could delve into arguments on the forums or something, I suppose - or just wrap up early."
Kinaed claims to Lyssa, "Always, go ahead."

Farra states, "We could run a Jerry-Springer Style Show revolving around which Knight it was that did that thing you know that one thing."

Lyssa wonders, "Basicly I would like to see more bard stuff done. If people want to hire a bad to plan an event or to entertain, PLEASE get in touch either with me or with any other bard you know of. I'll also try and put on some performances from time to time as I can if people would like to attend?"
Kinaed nods at Lyssa.
Niamh smiles.

Niamh declares, "Yay bards!"

Lyssa says, "Basicly I need more stuff to do."

Lyssa claims, "I'm also planning to join the Order so that may help too."
Kinaed states to Lyssa, "I'd recommend courting a noble to become their court bard. It's been a really long time since I've seen anything like that."

[OOC] Tasker: "Doesn't look like Prisca is about just yet! :("

[OOC] WalkingStick nods and waits.

Elle trails off, "I've a small matter more of a gripe though..."
Kinaed claims to Elle, "Go ahead, that's what the OOC Chat is for."

Lyssa claims, "That would be neat. Being a court bard or a bard representaive for a guild."
Kinaed states to Lyssa, "You can make it a goal and RP towards that."

Elle claims, "Just on cloaks again, please remember that wearing a cloak hooded outside and walking through the street, is not means for immediate suspicion. Seeing this a lot lately, wanted to raise it again. Suspicious behaviour is suspicious behaviour, but walking around with your hood up really isn't and yeah, just a reminder on that."
Kinaed nods at Elle.

Bofaha states, "It's cold, it rains, i will wear my cloak"

Lyssa queries, "Maybe the reeves need a bard to give them news and gossip and serve as an offical crier? The Merchants needing someone to advertise?"
Lyssa pulls closed her cloak, hiding her garments.

Temi says, "Remember that such things will often require being proactive and building up a relationship over time, not something you you expect others to bring to you."

Vlora says, "It's a bit odd in summertime though if people wander around fully cloaked up. "

Lyssa pulls up her hood.
Bofaha exclaims to Lyssa, "Dunno, come by the cityguard!"

Kinaed states, "Especially since it is possible to get sick (ie, code diseases) walking around without a cloak in the rain and other weather"
Lyssa flips a cascading silvery silk cloak clasped with a tiny camellia back over her shoulder.

Bofaha claims, "Never seen ya there"

Elle wonders, "Yes, but if you are wet and it's summer, I believe you can still get sick no?"
Kinaed nods at Elle.

Kinaed says, "Yes the time of year is not part of the equation."

Temi says, "I think there may be a temperature check in there to increase risks, though."
Kinaed nods at Temi.
say I have a thought/question/idea

Empena states, "I have a thought/question/idea "
(This is an OOC room. Nothing counts for rpxp here.)

Bofaha says, "I have one bigger one"

Azarial makes a note: 'more weather evil'

Bofaha says, "I have slightly bigger thing I've been pondering for a while. The way support current work, which means it can change from one minute to another (sometimes without even person noticing) is a bit weird. Do people think it would be better to have support/subvert slots lockable, like city metrics? Make it less at-a-whim system, where you can literally sleep through some major shift of opinion."

Kinaed politely turns her ears to the ideas.

Kinaed queries, "Support and subvert update on nightly rollover, not on a whim?"

Kinaed wonders, "Perhaps we should send GLs a message when their barometer changes, but I think we already do?"

Farra says, "I kind of think it should be a weekly update."

Bofaha states, "Don't know if it's rollover, but it's a bit weird that it's even less than a day to shift opinion from "entrenched" to "gambit time""

Bofaha declaims, "And then back as fast!"

Vlora says, "I don't recall that Kinaed. "

Athyndriel claims, "Weekly makes sense"
Kinaed states to Vlora, "If we don't, I suspect it's broken."

Farra says, "I definitely am in favor of it going to at minimum daily, but would prefer it to be weekly. Give players time to RP that support."

Bofaha exclaims, "Yep!"

Lyssa questions, "How would that affect guildleaders and thier ability to stay in power?"

Temi states, "If someone starts working against someone, that could actively change things quickly"

Farra says, "I'd also really like it if 'support show' was public information."

Farra claims, "Quickly, sure, but this is the medieval world. A month is quickly, for how things change."

Elle states, "I don't see people getting ousted pretty quickly, I think support can change quickly, one action can have people changing their mind."
Bofaha says to Temi, "Sure, but then we can easily oust someone, simply because some other players were not online for day or two"

Lyssa asks, "So what about covert guilds? I've noticed those change fast. Do we want them changing faster?"

Kinaed says, "I'm not willing to turn it weekly because that makes it much harder for people to organize and see results of their work."

Temi says, "You can't oust people in a day or two."

Temi states, "You can put them up for ousting maybe, but then those others can get involved and say 'um, hey.. no'"

Elle questions, "I thought gambits were at least 5 days, no?"
Bofaha claims to Temi, "But you can get them to that support level of oust-threat. Without a chance for players to login and set supports"
Kinaed nods at Temi.
Kinaed nods at Elle.

Bofaha trails off, "And that's a bit... weird"
Kinaed says to Elle, "Something like that."

Niamh queries, "5 OOC days would be about 25 days IC, yeah?"

Elle claims, "And just because someone slips into gambit doesn't mean one gets launched."

Azarial states, "20"
Niamh nods.

Kinaed says, "I think we'll make sure that GLs get a highly visible alert when their barometer changes as a first step."
Kinaed nods at Elle.

Temi wonders, "I think if we may be imagining any problems here... I don't think this has actually been a problem in practice, yeah?"
Bofaha states to Elle, "Just position that someone can start a gambit can be enough, even if you have players who can support you, either you have to bend, or hope to survive gambit"

Azarial states, "Not tha i've heard."
Bofaha says to Temi, "It was"

Marossa asks, "Is there a grace period before GLs can be gambited?"

Bofaha claims, "We had a situation exactly like that"

Temi claims, "And someone getting gambitted who is not a problem. It's only a gambit if people get ousted."
Kinaed states to Marossa, "No, nor do I think there ought to be."

Temi says, "That made no sense."

Lyssa says, "I think a warning is a good idea. That way guildleaders are aware and have a chance to bolster thier support."

Temi says, "There's no problem if people who are widely loved get gambitted, just because there was a faction that swung against them."

Farra states, "I've been mid-RP and seen support shift, when that RP was predicated on Farra being highly supported in a guild (and then dropping some meaningful ranks). Not having it update randomly would help, but being able to establish a weekly RP theme around a saturday-support-update would be really cool."
Niamh nods.

Temi claims, "The problem is if the RP can't happen in response to that, and if people don't have time to get saved who are loved."

Bofaha questions, "But then if weekly is too long, why not 3 days?"
Farra nods.

Bofaha states, "Some stability really, because we literally had a situation where I was away for 2 days and found out that one GL got almost gambited in those 2 days"

Bofaha states, "And was abckt o loved by my time back"

Kinaed claims, "I've added an item to Azarial's request queue so that GLs will get a personal board notification when their barometer shifts."

Kinaed says, "That's as far as I'm willing to go in the first instance. I think GLs who don't want to be gambited need to do things to shore up their support, etc. "

Empena claims, "If we are talking about Metrics and Gambits and stuff, I'd like to propose the idea that longer term projects had some more ... lingering affect on Metrics."

Kinaed muses to Empena, "Can you clarify what you mean with an example, maybe?"

Farra queries, "What about making the guild-by-guild support ranks shown in 'support show' visible to other players, or perhaps tied into the City Lore skill? (Vlora asks around about Farra, finds that she is still very well regarded by the Council, where she's rank 1)?"
Kinaed states to Farra, "I think that has merit, but I'll need to discuss the ramifications with staff."
Farra nods.

Kinaed says, "Some things that seem like great ideas on the surface actually turn out to be disasters."

Farra says, "I think she's only rank 1 'cause veilus isn't logged in, though, so that might be meaningless. Like I said, those numbers seem to change wildly and unpredictably and I'm only sure what they are SUPPOSED to mean."
Bofaha queries to Kinaed, "I will put my idea to forums for future debate if you don't mind? You didn't say exactly no :P"

Elle wonders, "I have noticed that no matter the level of support I've getting I'm still getting the same IP, is that suppose to be that way?"

Temi claims, "It should have no effect from who is logged in."
Farra nods at Temi.

Empena claims, "Well, in my case, the Orphanage, new rooms were added, it was discussed rather publiclly, became a big thing IC wise at least. But it made little impact on Metrics. IE - maybe peeking at what sort of things affect metrics. Because at the moment the main thing seems to be folks using the rumor system to plug IP which doesn't always feel the most natural RP wise."

Lyssa asks, "I like that idea. Like maybe a large scale bardic performance could in some way affect a metric as well perhaps?"

Temi states, "It made little impact on the metrics because I rolled the dice and they said it didn't"
Bofaha exclaims to Lyssa, "Sure! You can plot for that influence"

Temi states, "If they'd been favorable, it would have."

Kinaed wonders, "Can we put this on the forums as an idea?"

Bofaha claims, "Temi and her dice of doom"

Bofaha peers at some of the investigation rolls

Empena claims, "But that's it - there's no dice rolls for metrics votes based on rumor IP."

Azarial says, "Metric votes are tallied up and then calcualted accordingly."

Elle questions, "I'm not sure I follow, is the suggestion that if there are rumors about something, it should shift metrics?"

Niamh states, "That's the intent of you using city support <metric> <what you did>. If people did more to counter it than you did to promote it, that accurately represents the effect."

Temi states, "Right. That depends on what other people are voting for."

Lyssa questions, "So techinally I can do that with the plot system? Gain influence or influence metrics?"

Lyssa states, "I didn't know that."
Bofaha states to Lyssa, "Before IP pooling that was the way to do it, yep"

Temi says, "If what you are doing is potentially impactful, yes."

Temi says, "But it will take from something else"

Bofaha glares at race relations

Lyssa asks, "So say I wanted to do a pro order performance or song? That would affect piety or something like that?"
Farra finishes her note.

Niamh says to Lyssa, "Temi put together an amazing revamp on the plot system that'll make these things a lot more apparent. What you can do with the plot system, etc., and the costs."

Bofaha asks of Niamh, "Is there a spec yet?"

Lyssa questions, "I take it there is a helpfile I can peek at?"

Farra declares, "And remember! Non-Nobles and non-GLs can use City Metrics if they have the IP to do so!"

Kinaed claims, "Hey, it's the top of the hour :)"

Temi claims, "That would have a chance to affect piety, sure. Perhaps at a cost of morale if it's a depressing song."

Bofaha throws himself out "I know when they don't want me in a bar"

Farra pontificates, "It takes 5 IP, and IP don't roll-over to the next cycle; use em or lose em! (And, well, get a smidge of silver if you don't use them but)"

Niamh states to Bofaha, "Take your toe with you."

Kinaed claims, "Thank you for coming everyone - sorry if I missed anything anyone said, I got a bit distracted by other channels there for a bit. I'll re-read the log when it's posted."

Bofaha declaims, "It's spying toe!"

Lyssa offers hugs.

Kinaed declares, "Also, a reminder to please recommend other players!"

Athyndriel waves.

Kinaed claims, "And if you have time to write a review or spruck us on Reddit or something, please do."

Kinaed states, "Okay, putting everyone back :)"

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