Log of OOC Meeting - 12/16/17

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Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:53 pm

Kinaed wonders, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today?"

Cataleya cuddles against Malora and nuzzles her ear.

Norrig shakes his head in spanish.

Malora hugs Cataleya. "I don't think I have anything."

Temi gives a miniature, folding triptych framed in carved oak archways to Riette.

Nadya shakes their head in Russian.

Sigeberht states, "Nothing I want to say besides urging combat characters to join reeves or knights as they're both lacking."

Prisca states, "Seems like I had something, but head's fuzzy. I'll message if I remember"

Cataleya says, "I don't think I have anything either."

Kinaed says, "Okay, if anyone thinks of anything - let me know via a tell."

Kinaed nods at Prisca.

Temi gives a miniature, folding triptych framed in carved oak archways to Sigeberht.

Cataleya huggles softly against Malora because hse's cuddly like that.

Sigeberht happy claps.

Kinaed says, "To kick off Staff Updates, last week I did very little - it's the crazy time of year, and I had heaps on."

Kinaed trails off, "However, I also have a backup pile of stuff that I need to attend to, including..."

You will no longer see prompts.

Kinaed claims, "Specification for a lore command so players can submit lore directly to a room and changing the ennoble command view and providing that information based on city lore skill."

Kinaed says, "There was an asset UI for market to remove descs, but I finished that."

Kinaed states, "And subsequently Az updated the game to match the spec."

Azarial says, "Prety sure that was implemented"
Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Azarial states, "Sorry. I don;t touch type. <_<"

Kinaed states, "In addition to that, I still have a Roles UI and automated jail messaging."

Kinaed claims, "That's me. Azarial, you're up for a staff update."

Azarial claims, "I've been trying to get back into things, and i've been clearing some of the bug notes, either by fixing things, requesting more information, or deleting old ones that no one responded to the requests for more information. niamh ahs cleared the changes board, so I am not entirely sure. nothing major, though, iirc. no crashes"

Kinaed states, "Yeah, looking through it, it's mostly bug fixing. Nothing people would notice on top except things working as expected."

Kinaed says, "But there have been a lot of changes recently, for which I thank you."

Azarial says, "Still chewing on matchmaker; the data allocation is a bit fiddly with the requirements."
Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Sigeberht questions, "Matchmaker?"
Kinaed says to Temi, "You're up for Staff Updates, Temi. :)"

Kinaed claims, "Feel free to get and read that spec."
Sigeberht gets a ledger containing Matchmaker code.

Temi states, "Nothing too big for me. I think I've got a guild metrics proposal to discuss with staff."

Nadya states, "I'm still confused on Roles."

Evrald states, "Mwahahaha"

Temi says, "Other than that, just RPA and such things on that."

Evrald states, "Or something"
Temi gives a miniature, folding triptych framed in carved oak archways to Evrald.
Nadya gets a ledger containing Matchmaker code.
Temi nods at Kinaed.

Kinaed says, "Okay, Niamh is not here today. Hopefully all is well for her."
Evrald gets a ledger containing Matchmaker code.

Cataleya claims, "Maybe she's sleeping."

Kinaed questions, "And that takes us to the next item on our agenda - Player Heartbeat. How was the game last week, folks?"
Kinaed nods at Cataleya.

Kinaed claims, "Could be"

Cataleya declares, "It was goooooood!"
Kinaed smiles.

Cataleya states, "With every one of me's."

Kinaed states, "That's a pleasure to hear."

Sigeberht pontificates, "Not dead. So could be worse!"

Cataleya trails off, "You will be dead soon enough..."
Kinaed claims to Sigeberht, "I daresay that's a low bar. :)"

Sigeberht states, "Been getting into my charalin char a lot. That's been nice."
Kinaed nods.

Sigeberht claims, "Thanks cat."

Malora claims, "Its been a bit slow for me. I've been kind of burnt out plus a little busy IRL. I'm really hoping to get more into things this coming week. :)"
Kinaed comforts Malora.

Evrald states, "I mean... the fact that i'm not dead yet is kind of impressive to me."

Cataleya trails off, "Malora my dear..."

Nadya trails off, "Special shoutout to Veilus for trying to get peeps involved, and a shoutout to Steven for working with his limited schedule. ... Aside from that? We're a little low on Orderites..."

Empena says, "I had some lovely RP this week, clearly, and I'd like to thank everyone who at various times stopped in for ... well the ten hour wedding reception."

Malora smiles at Kinaed. "Thank you."
Kinaed claims to Evrald, "I won't joke about how much it impresses me either :P"

Cataleya says, "Cat just kind aplonked her butt in there"

Cataleya says, "I love cat, I'm sorry."

Evrald muses, "I mean. It's really a miracle right Kinky?"

Safir states, "Lots of medical RP. Thanks for coming to the hospital or putting people in the hospital, as the case may be."

Cataleya loves herself.
Kinaed smiles.

Prisca exclaims, "Pretty good! A lot of it has been spent playing with the ST tutorial, hoping to get a story set for next weekend"

Evrald trails off, "It's my first character and i'm still alive... XD"
Kinaed nods at Prisca.
Kinaed says to Evrald, "Good point"

Cataleya states, "My first main is still alive"

Malora is hoping to make this character a physician preistess...so you might have an order member or two soon.

Kinaed asks, "Anything shitting anyone that staff ought to know about?"

Cataleya says, "Progress"

Nadya says, "I haven't dosed anyone with the Duchess's diet, so no-one's shitting anyone. Yet."

Cataleya states, "Jeeze Nday"

Kinaed chuckles.

Cataleya claims, "Nadya, too"

Malora giggles.

Evrald claims, "Sounds like something Nadya would do though."
Nadya raises an eyebrow at Norrig.

Sigeberht states, "Reeves and Order still desperately need members. As they have been for months :("

Cataleya states, "To his worst enemy."
Kinaed nods at Sigeberht.

Derfel says, "I had a bunch of great RP this week."

Norrig queries, "What what?"

Sigeberht states, "Unsure how brotherhood and manus are doing due to covertness."

Kinaed states, "I believe we're opening applications for GI and EM today."

Derfel says, "Belatedly. And the Order needs at least one clergy member"

Prisca queries, "How's Order GL recruitment looking?"

Cataleya claims, "I think I'll just leave the poisoining to the people who want it."

Sigeberht states, "It would be nice to see a bit more rumors about them though."

Azarial asks, "Characters versus charicatures?"
Nadya raises an eyebrow at Cataleya.

Evrald questions, "Sige. I'd offer but I don't think people want a Charalin Reeve(not that I would make a good reeve anyway) and the Order may work but it's like... eh?"

Cataleya winks

Cataleya claims, "I'm innocent, my dear"

Sigeberht claims, "Im making this char for a clergy."

Safir says, "There have been plenty of Charalin Reeves."

Nadya claims, "So many savages."

Cataleya states, "Safir, how did you learn that language"

Sigeberht says to Evrald "We have a hillish reeve currently. Charalin wouldnt hurt."

Nadya groans.

Malora is probably joining the physicians first then the clergy.

Sigeberht declaims, "Not enough savages! theres only five charalin active :("

Safir says, "Spoilers, Cat."

Malora debates a savage...

Cataleya pouts

Malora trails off, "Only if I can play a daravi..."

Evrald says, "I mean... if I were to get more than 40 minutes of RP I would totally be active."

Cataleya says, "No playing dravi"

Malora says, "I know."

Evrald states, "But I keep getting 40 then my RP partner disappears"

Cataleya says, "Oh dear"

Temi states, "If people want, staff can set Daravi on people who understand what they are getting into. We don't promise you'll live, of course."

Cataleya states, "I'd be afraid to do taht."

Evrald claims, "I mean... Temi."

Malora declares, "REALLY!"

Temi states, "But they probably don't work for guilds, no."

Malora states, "I love you Temi."

Prisca muses, "Oh, I noticed with the ST switch thing, I can't speak any language with the NPC that my PC doesn't know. Is that a difficult fix?"

Kinaed states, "Bug it"

Sigeberht claims, "I think daravi can be played. Just be warned its hard to hide ;)"

Malora says, "I don't care how long I live. I just want to try it for fun."

Kinaed states, "Okay, Player Topics. "

Sigeberht states, "And you may be seen as a spy if you get found out."

Evrald trails off, "Wait wait..."

Kinaed says, "I had one passed to me in a tell earlier, which was essentially that players want expanded Roll and Contest commands."

Prisca declares, "Yes!"

Evrald queries, "It's not illegal to be Daravi is it? You're just pretty much suspected of magery just by being alive no?"

Sigeberht claims, "Not illegal. But probably highly suspected of being a mage or spy. We're at war after all."

Malora also thought Daravi were treated with suspicion and enslaved in places?

Sigeberht says, "It's like being a frenchman in england."

Kinaed claims, "Heresy, I think. Magery is acceptable in Daravi, but even like in Lithmore, mages are physically a small portion of the population"

Evrald asks, "We're still at war? I thought there was like some unspoken truce?"

Evrald states, "Or temporary ceasefire as it were"

Safir claims, "There have been successful ones, before. Depends on how you do it."

Sigeberht says, "Stale,ate."

Sigeberht claims, "Stalemate* still at war afaik, Just no big battles."

Prisca says, "During my hiatus, it seems we got a known Daravi page named Rooster, which I still occasionally hear fond words about."

Cataleya trails off, "Wow..."

Temi finishes abruptly, "Still at war - but Lithmore has currently pulled back to the passes which they are defending, and there's no big pushes forward on either side"

Kinaed claims, "Okay, I'll take it as endorsed that players do want expanded roll and contest commands. That's fine, I don't have any issues with that either, albeit it may be awhile before it's a priority."

Evrald says, "Ah mkay"

Malora trails off, "As for the expanded roll and contest commands. I would really like that depending on how it was done. Like being able to set thresholds for difficulty and stuff would be nice..."

Evrald states, "Thanks for that Temi, and sounds good Kinky."

Sigeberht says, "I'd like to see the farin front put in a helpfile. Because we constatly get people who make chars from there with backstories contradicting the actual lore because its so hard to find."

Safir claims, "If you are talking about the roll/contest commands that have been discussed on forums, like the difficulty sets, that'd be awesome."
Prisca rolled 1d20 for a pool of: 8. [Em137]
Norrig claims to Kinaed, "I have a suggestion luv."
Kinaed nods at Malora.

Temi wonders, "What precisely do players feel they still need on roll and contest, out of curiosity?"
Kinaed nods at Safir.

Sigeberht claims, "Like lithmore has retreated with no big pushes but thats not in any helpfiles."
Norrig claims to Kinaed, "Glance but instead it only shows equipment."

Cataleya trails off, "Sorry I zoned out of this conversation..."
Temi nods at Sigeberht.

Malora says, "For me Temi? I would like to be able to set difficulty levels for skill and stat checks."

Temi says, "We probably should at some point"
Prisca states to Temi, "To set the level a roll will pass at to make easier or more difficult challenges, for example"

Safir says, "What they both said."

Temi queries, "Like, hand-set levels? Or just being able to say like 'easy', 'hard' in addition to regular which is as now?"

Kinaed claims, "I'm getting another Player Topic via tells at the moment, so a bit slow to respond."

Temi states, "Because you can still just use the roll 1 100 command"

Sigeberht shrugs to Temi "Just be good to know what sort of combats go on there. Sodm chars have claimes its just skirmishes ithers hiant battles with hundreds of demons daily... and some people are unsure if there's still a war. Its a bit confusing right now."

Malora says, "For example. Charisma. Charming someone who is already attracted to your character vs giving a speech to a crowd vs comforting someone who just lost a family member, all of those should have varying levels of difficulty in my mind that could be decided by those rolling."

Malora says, "I think levels like, easy, normal, hard would be good and all those involved could decide which they want to use."

Temi muses, "Would that be enough for everyone?"

Prisca claims, "On the forums, the same levels at statexits was suggested"

Kinaed questions, "Okay, everyone mind if we draw our attention to the next topic from an anonymous source?"

Azarial claims, "..those are ranges; that maeks it ahrd to cmapre against"

Prisca claims, "Simple/modest/considrable/difficult/tremendous/nearly impossible"

Prisca states, "Should be fin for rolls. just give each a number, and rolls below it pass"

Riette claims, "I think under the hood it's fine if it's just a single number to represent the range."
Riette nods at Prisca.

Kinaed says, "Apparently a player feels that people have been doing a lot of 'scene stealing' lately. I'm not sure of the context because I don't have any examples, so perhaps we can discuss it in a general light? I know that we have had a problem with people crashing other people's events in the past and making a nuisance to the point that some event runners didn't want to run events anymore - which is obviously bad for the game."

Kinaed states, "That said, we're a non-consensual game, so a bit of scene stealing isn't entirely unreasonable."

Kinaed asks, "What's your experience with this, and how do you feel it ought to be?"

Prisca claims, "I'm unsure of the context. if it's a scene you don't want crashed though, just ask your partner(s) to turn off whererp"

Temi states, "I know I've personally been upset when I have a scene going on and it has a certain atmosphere to it, and someone else comes in and starts rpechoing vnpcs with no context as to what's been going on."

Kinaed states, "What I have is "people often show up to a scene and often don't get a lot of context or flow for what's happening before making the scene suddenly all about them'"

Malora states, "I cannot say I have experienced it. But then I don't view it as scene stealing. I view it as getting involved and taking part in RP. As long as the person in question isn't being an OOC jerk? I don't see an issue."
Derfel has lost link.

Sigeberht questions, "What's scene stealing?"
Kinaed says to Sigeberht, "Good question."
Temi claims to Sigeberht, "Up to interpretation, but Kin just offered an interpretation"

Nadya states, "There's been a few cases where I've experienced anomalies, like seeing others writing others out of scenes."

Nadya claims, "I don't know if that's the same, though."
Kinaed states to Nadya, "Can you give an example of how one writes someone else out of a scene? That seems... odd."

Sigeberht states, "Making it all about them is what I assumed. Like someone constantly trying to be the only spotlight."

Malora states, "That kind of strikes me as...bad rp."
Kinaed nods at Malora.

Kinaed claims, "RP is, first and foremost, a highly interactive activity."

Malora claims, "RP is about including others and telling a story in sync. So context is important."

Evrald states, "I've personally never had an issue with it, but when it comes to scenes when I intro into it, I always take a full round of RP to view whats going on before I introduce myself so I don't horribly throw it out of wack"

Kinaed says, "If you're not kind to your RP partners, they absolutely will not want to play with you."

Prisca says, "I usually set an action like 'is walking into (room)' and wait for everyone to pose to get an idea of what's going on."
Kinaed nods at Malora.

Empena claims, "Not RPing a response when the other person addresses or tags them - IE pretending they aren't there. So it isn't ICly ignoring you like emoting turning your back etc, it's just pretending you aren't there."

Malora says, "I have been trying to do that as well. Then once I figure out whats happening I update my action."

Nadya states, "Like purposefully trying to emote around someone-- Not like talking in another language, one that you don't understand, but including you, but more like trying to dissuade you from entering/interacting in a scene that's fairly open."

Malora claims, "That sounds VERY rude. I mean I know and understand people like the occasional scene with certain people but a public scene should be..public."

Nadya says, "It's weird. But I don't really know if that's what's being talked about here."

Malora claims, "Private meetings are okay and great as long as thats not all you do. There should be encouagement to RP with new people."

Kinaed claims, "Yeah, I can't imagine that being intentional since it ignores the reality of a situation - seems like something that might happen if a lazy RPer wasn't reading their screen and seeing everyone's emotes, so missed something."

Riette claims, "I don't consider myself a lazy RPer but I can miss a lot in a big room."

Kinaed says, "I recently had a training course with some psychology elements, and they said 'when you ask someone a question, don't ask two part questions because the brain will only remember and answer the second part' - I noticed that in my RP, if someone throws me a complex paragraph I tend to read the whole thing, but perhaps only react to a second part."

Temi gives a miniature, folding triptych framed in carved oak archways to Farra.

Kinaed states, "Perhaps lazy is a poor choice of words given at least one cause is general brain capacity."

Prisca nods at Kinaed, "I've had to repeat myself a lot asking two questions in a pose."

Safir claims, "I don't consider myself lazy, either, and can miss things in big groups, especially with players that tend to take longer to pose, enough time goes by that if I'm not parsing out a possible response while waiting for my turn that I can skip or miss people."

Kinaed states, "That said, I get the impression that the player who raised this to me in tells feels the behavior is deliberate."
Kinaed nods at Prisca.
Kinaed nods at Safir.

Malora states, "People outside your normal circle. This game doesn't have that many people. We should be open to RPing with everyone if the scene fits. I don't like being excluded or shut out and I wouldn't do that to anyone because I don't want it done to me. Granted I do get lost in big scenes but outright ignoring someone? If it happens? I think its a big issue."

Sigeberht nods to Kinaed "I struggle with big paragraphs too (and big scenes)"

Nadya asks, "But 'scene stealing' doesn't seem to not quite resonate with what I brought up though. Is it like forcing your emotes onto people/vnpcs without context to the crowd?"

Nadya states, "Like... If I emoted that someone else's bodyguard bowed."

Temi says, "I think there's two different discussion points wich aren't necessarily related. Missing or ignoring people in scenes, or coming into a new scene and not taking account of what's already going on there and making it about yourself"

Malora asks, "Its that against policy?"
Kinaed nods at Temi.
Norrig nods at Temi.

Malora queries, "Using other peoples npcs that is?"
Asteris has returned from AFK.

Temi says, "I don't know if it's policy, but I do think it's probably a bad idea"
say Perhaps one way to address the missing things would be that code automatically highlights in a different color to you when you are tagged?

Empena questions, "Perhaps one way to address the missing things would be that code automatically highlights in a different color to you when you are tagged?"

Kinaed claims, "I think people missing something in a scene is not a big deal or even evidence of writing someone out until it's been three or four consistent emotes. If someone does that, please tell staff. I will discuss courtesy with the player."

Nadya questions, "That's what I'm confused on. Is it mandating vNPC's, or mandating players' actions?"

Azarial says, "That may come under clsoed emotes"

Kinaed says, "On the other half - using other people's NPCs - absolutely not okay without permission."

Farra states, "You shouldn't use other people's NPCs without asking them, ever. -nods-"

Temi claims, "The instances I've seen have been more vnpcs, but if it's been npcs - sounds like that's not allowed."

Kinaed says, "But using vnpcs... yeah, there should be some sort of handshake going in."

(visnet) Player Anonymous: Is there an OOC chat ongoing?
Kinaed says to Temi, "I'm just slowly building what I'm saying point by point."

(visnet) Staff Kinaed: Sure is. Want a trans?
Temi grins at Kinaed.

Farra says, "VNPCs shouldn't ever really have a drastic impact on a scene in general, I don't feel like, but even still a quick tell for clarification wouldn't be unwise. I RP Farra as having escorts as a general background clutter, but if it's not one of her NPC guardsmen then they'd never meaningfully impact a scene -- at least, not by getting in the way or being a posed threat."

Nadya states, "Oh. So it's an issue with using other people/npc/vnpc in an emote having them react, as determined by yourself in a context that doesn't make sense, or agreed on."

Sigeberht states, "I get annoyed when people get pissy because I havent emoted my bodyguard bowing and I haven't emoted that noc at all. Like I feel if retainers arent being emoted they should be presumed to bow when needbe etc. If they're being fully emoted and stuff then sure it can be Temi gives a miniature, folding triptych framed in carved oak archways to Laura.

Nadya says, "This was a little confusing. Or I'm particularly dull."

Prisca says, "Have maybe a mini-topic if there's time, though might be better for the forums."

Sigeberht trails off, "If you mean my post then yeah rereading it ive worded it so badly..."
Laura stops using an iron bludgeon lashed with leather for a more secure grip.

Sigeberht claims, "I also keep going off on tangents today. Sorry folks."

Farra claims, "I get that it can be annoying -- and I wouldn't waste the energy scowling Farra at an NPC like that -- but if an NPC is in the room you have the responsibility to mention its actions."

Kinaed states, "I don't know - if you're walking around with a retainer, it's my view that people can only react to what they see, and you're responsible for your retainers - so make them bow or they didn't bow."

Malora states, "I think there were multiple issues brought up and it got a bit confusing."

Malora claims, "As for retainers. I sometimes include what they are doing in my characters pose...I cheat."

Kinaed claims, "People can't just decide other people should assume everything is hunky dorey because someone else finds it a pain to type out emotes and whatnot for their retainers."
Kinaed comforts Malora.

Sigeberht states, "Fair enough. I dont use retainers much because I always forget to emote them and feel if im not making them an emoted person then I have little use for them."

Farra claims, "It's TOTALLY fine to include what your retainers are doing in your character's pose."

Kinaed says, "I do agree with that."

Sigeberht claims, "Just thought it would be worth bringing up and basically getting a view on whether its to be expected or not :)"

Malora trails off, "I have my retainer on one character carry her stuff and apply her makeup..."

Kinaed asks, "I think... the issue is crystalized to be about vnpcs?"

Temi states, "I think so."
Temi nods at Kinaed.

Farra claims, "I think, personally, you shouldn'"

Sigeberht trails off, "I once tried to put makeup on my bodyguard and she drew her weapon..."

Kinaed asks, "And people coming into a room with little context and taking control of vnpcs in a way that doesn't fit the scene?"

Norrig claims, "Pyre them."

Farra says, "I think, personally, you shouldn't muck around with vnpcs, but vnpcs also shouldn't really be doing anything to affect the nature of the scene."

Farra says, "Muck around with other people's vnpcs*"

Malora has her NPC put makeup on her character not the npc.

Kinaed claims, "Vnpcs aren't owned though. For example, the Queen's Inn Innkeeper, what's his name... he's there all the time."

Kinaed claims, "Any player is welcome to liven up the RP by rpechoing his reactions."

Kinaed says, "BUT.. there needs to be restraint and respect for the current scene."

Prisca says, "Lysander. Technically a NPC not vNPC, but yes"

Farra claims, "Right, which would go under 'shouldn't be important to a scene'. You shouldn't have him in a situation where, if Farra comes in and I RP him greeting her and offering a drink, it interrupts your own RP."

Kinaed claims, "Right. Okay, vnpcs - the crowd at Church Square."

Laura claims, "I don't think any VNPC should be used in a way that benefits one character over another"
Kinaed states to Laura, "I agree with you - and by policy, they can't."

Temi trails off, "Like, if you're in a tavern and a tense showdown between people is going on and they've rped the group attentively watching that, then someone else wandering in and rping that everyone was happily drinking and dancing... that's disurptive to what they had going on"
Farra nods in agreement with Temi.

Farra states, "Moods should be used for that crowd, though, too."

Farra states, "Esp. When new people walk in."

Temi says, "So you should probably wait at least a round of people's ongoing emotes before taking over for the vnpcs"

Malora claims, "Moods and maybe rpecho."

Temi says, "So they can do the moods and rpechoes to catch you up on it."

Kinaed questions, "Is there any way we can improve on this via code?"

Sigeberht states, "If situation is tense please rpecho for newbies entering in."

Malora nods.

Prisca says, "Moods wouldn't be a bad idea to set if someone's walking in."

Farra states, "I think the code for it is there."

Asteris says, "I've found it a good rule of thumb to wait for all or most people in a room to pose before posing in, so toes do not get stepped on"

Riette wonders, "Wasn't it decided at some point that wherever you are, you're there? e.g. I walk into a room and people greet me before I've set an action or posed and people can greet me?"

Kinaed says, "Moods certainly are - I do think if you're having a tense scene, there should be enough evidence in a room for someone walking in to get that."

Riette claims, "In practice, that can be rough because what if I'm bleeding green from a chest wound."

Farra claims, "Moods, actions, etc."

Kinaed says, "Though it does behoove the new guy to wait a few emotes before jumping in."
Norrig nods at Kinaed.

Asteris nods at Kinaed.

Riette says, "I like the general use of waiting a round before jumping in, and for making sure your action is updated when you see new people come in."

Temi states, "Things can happen quickly, probably need to give people some leeway to get those things happen."
Temi nods at Riette.
Kinaed nods.

Farra says, "It's always common RP courtesy, I think, to wait a moment, or write an 'arrives' emote before going up and greeting people specifically."

Laura states, "Updating actions is usually how I see most people inform new arrivals"
Norrig nods at Farra.
Prisca nods.

Prisca questions, "Ohhhh, neat the nod social is back?"

Riette questions, "Probably in OOC rooms?"

Kinaed states, "Here's a bit more I received in a tell: This might be more of a 'closed emote' thing - ie, walking into a scene, then implying to other people what their reactions are/should be towards you."

Kinaed states, "That's probably yet another different issue"

Cataleya queries, "Wait what?"

Cataleya muses, "Sorry I'm like... so this has to do with actions?"

Riette states, "Ah, so."
Norrig wonders to Kinaed, "As in, 'he arrives and looks terrifying'?"
Farra states to Norrig, "I think that'd be fine, tbh."

Riette struts in like the bomb-diggity b she is, ignoring all the looks of awe and stopped conversations she causes.

Norrig laughs.
Cataleya laughs.

Cataleya says, "Helarity"

Sigeberht is always bomb-diggity

Aedyn stares in awe at Riette.

Riette claims, "That sort of thing. I can see how that would be disruptive, especially if there was something big already going on."

Cataleya states, "I just do an arrive emote then wait a few minutes and do an emote like walking over to the bar or something"

Farra muses, "And I don't know if that's exactly bad, either -- I know I do it with Farra, but if it's the Queen's -- is that really wrong?"
Farra nods in agreement with Riette.

Kinaed states, "I'm not sure, but I'm gathering 'he arrives and Lysander immediately drops everything to go over, serve him a drink, etc'"

Farra states, "If you don't take the time to gauge the mood and actions of the scene it'd be absolutely improper."

Malora trails off, "So descriptions of how a character looks in a scene is okay. Describing how people react is not. Thats how I see it anyway..."

Cataleya states, "Uaully, I look at actions"

Safir claims, "I think we're doing a lot of guessing on this."

Farra says, "But I also don't really think there's a way to put a policy into it other than 'Don't be a jerk. Gauge a scene before emoting any actions other than your own character and retainers.'"

Riette claims, "Yeah, I don't have personal experience with the issue but can def understand why it would be frustrating."

Temi states, "That's probably really enough. And I don't know if it can be policy, really."
Kinaed nods at Safir.

Malora claims, "Don't be a jerk. Thats a good rule."

Cataleya states, "Well, if i'm gonna walk in, I do. i mean, and if I have an npc with me, they are either talking to me or doing something else, but still. It's not horrible."

Farra wonders, "Is there an 'RP Ettiquette' helpfile?"

Kinaed states, "There is, yes."

Riette states, "So aside from a general reminder to play with others, not next to them."

Malora wonders, "Help courtesy I think?"

Kinaed says, "HELP RP ETIQUETTE"

Malora says, "Oh."
Farra pontificates to Cataleya, "(That'd be your own NPC, so it's fine! :) )"

Cataleya trails off, "I have always done courtisy so I don't really see where this is going..."

Safir states, "Help courtesy is IC etiquette, not RP ettiequte "
Kinaed smiles.

Malora claims, "Sorry."

Kinaed claims, "No need to be sorry :)"

Malora got them confused.

Kinaed gives Malora a quick hug.

Malora hugs!

Cataleya huggles tight.

Temi claims, "Emoting immediately what you do and what npcs you come in with do, seems fine. Emoting anything that suggests what's already been going on in the room becomes a bit more problematic, and you should wait a bit on that."
Temi nods.

Cataleya claims, "Oh oh, right. Ok. Well usually I wait."

Malora trails off, "But Help Courtesy is a great way to avoid making nobles mad..."

Cataleya pffts

Kinaed wonders, "So it's not an issue that someone walks in like the ... uh.. b-diggity, it's that they assume it works when, I dunno, it's a funeral?"

Farra says OOCly, "From the helpfile '- When a character enters a room, all players update their actions. The entering player should wait for a present player to set the scene before they emote, except in emergencies. ' So if we see someone disrupting RP by doing otherwise, either nudge them towards the helpfile or ask a staffer to maybe offer that nudge."

Farra says to Malora, "Those are more like rules than actual guidelines. We get mad anyways ;)"

Cataleya sighs

Prisca wonders, "Seems like there was a similar helpfile on TI RP culture?"

Cataleya claims, "Some don't."

Cataleya claims, "They may get annoyed, or stare at you for a length of time."
Kinaed says to Prisca, "Same help file. Multiple keywords"

Malora hides from Farra. "Just don't murder me because you are not the fairest in the land anymore okay?" ;)
Cataleya laughs.

Prisca says, "Ah, okay."

Cataleya claims, "I will be a five, that'll show you"
Kinaed states to Malora, "You clearly haven't met Farra yet. :P"

Malora states, "No I haven't."

Farra throws a tantrum.

Cataleya states, "It's ok Malora, you are my fair lady."

Laura chuckles.

Asteris claims, "Farra will always be farraest"

Malora exclaims, "Not the puns!"
Cataleya laughs.

Cataleya claims, "Don't make me turn this ooc chat around"

Kinaed says, "So the rule of thumb is - it's fine to walk into a scene doing whatever, but please do not assume VNPC reactions."

Malora cuddles up to Cataleya.
Temi nods at Kinaed.

Cataleya coos and nuzzles her head into Malora's shoulder.

Kinaed muses, "Does that mean it's the responsibility of people in the room to RP those vnpcs, or that it's fine to assume it after a few rounds?"

Evrald claims, "I've only ever had pleasant interactions with Farra."

Farra states, "Fine to assume it after a few rounds."

Cataleya trails off, "Uh... I find rping bar npcs seems more fun..."

Evrald says, "She's quite kind."

Kinaed claims, "Because to be honest, my feeling with vnpcs is that some people are willing to play them, a lot of people aren't"

Cataleya says, "I don't mind playing them."
Kinaed nods at Cataleya.

Norrig claims, "I do play them some times when the scene is completely unambiguous"

Cataleya coughs loudly

Farra exclaims, "I've gone into scenes with people bickering and then, when nobody emotes crowd reaction or anything, gone ahead and busied myself doing that. I love it!"
Kinaed says to Cataleya, "You're probably one of the few that doesn't forget they exist :)"

Temi states, "If you care about what the vnpcs are doing or have been doing, you have a responsibility when someone new arrives to let them know what they are doing with an emote"
Kinaed nods at Temi.
Farra nods in agreement with Temi.

Cataleya states, "I like making an npc come to life, even if just delivering a simple drink"
Kinaed nods at Cataleya.

Cataleya trails off, "And I do rpecho's a lot, even on my other me's, so..."

Temi says, "But give them the chance."

Kinaed states, "We encourage that. One thing I would just recommend with vnpcs though - it can be jarring if people think they're alone, and suddenly they're not."
Derfel is idle.
Farra nods in agreement with Kinaed.

Cataleya states, "Well usually I try to say, hey lysander or some such."

Kinaed claims, "So remember - public places are public and people are around. Private places are private unless it's established otherwise naturally."

Cataleya says, "Oh yeah, true."

Farra declaims, "'look around' is good for this!"

Kinaed states, "So there is a crowd in Church Square, but the cook isn't always in the kitchens."
Kinaed nods at Farra.

Kinaed states, "Oh dear, our time is almost up."

Cataleya gets all sad.

Sigeberht claims, "Ive used moods before to say an noc is out of the room. Did that in my office for a private meeting once. Made sens eto send out uniform salesman."

Kinaed wonders, "Anyone have any last messages or plugs for us? Public service announcements?"

Sigeberht states, "Npc*"
Farra nods in agreement with Sigeberht.

Kinaed smiles.

Cataleya says, "I just used rpecho sometimes for that, or even putting my NPC outside the door for that purpose."

Sigeberht says, "They're fun groups."

Evrald declaims, "I'm too much of a renegade!"

Farra declaims, "PSA -- RECOMMENDS RECOMMENDS RECOMMENDS. Make the Staff reconsider having the command by giving them to outstanding examples of RP you see so frequently!"

Sigeberht says, "And the best way to not get arrested."

Cataleya says, "I'm a rebel. You wouldn't catch me in the reeves"

Evrald says, "Also the Merchants is lots of fun too even if we have a lot of people."

Prisca says, "I sometimes get People ignoring vNPCs set in the mood and RPing stuff you wouldn't want to disclose public. fun for rumors I suppose, but would be good to keep in mind"

Cataleya claims, "Join the bards, and stay active."

Sigeberht trails off, "I need to recommend more..."

Riette states, "If you can't or don't want to join the Order or Reeves, consider playing a character that's actively supportive of them."

Malora says, "Me too."

Kinaed exclaims, "On that note - please vote for TI to keep us visible and attract new players. Also, please write a review for TI. We're finding more and more that we get love from posts on Reddit more than we do traditional places like TMC, so please - if you're into Reddit, help us out!"

Sigeberht declares, "Reeves is best place for criminals and renegades. Noone will suspect you!"

Asteris states, "The reeves is a great place for rebellious streaks"

Cataleya states, "Oh please"

Evrald declares, "But you can't be a thief and a reeve at the same time!"

Kinaed claims, "This will help us grow and bring around new players for you to RP with. :)"

Sigeberht says, "Order has support roles too. You dont need to be guilded for them. Things like teachers, cooks, gardners etc."

Prisca states, "Oop, no time for my topic. I'll bring it up on the forums."

Cataleya claims, "Rebellious is my middle and last name."

Farra claims, "You can't be guilded Brotherhood and Reeve at the same time* ;)"

Cataleya says, "Cat the rebel."

Evrald claims, "What Farra said"

Sigeberht states, "Real thieves dont join the brotherhood. They join the merchants."

Kinaed states, "Okay, friends... I'm about to put everyone back. Thank you for coming to this week's OOC Chat. We greatly appreciate your participation."

Azarial claims, "Intresting to see how the older meanong of 'victory' has been lost."

Evrald drops a ledger containing Matchmaker code.

Empena claims, "Tis true, and if an Order support role is your interest, I can at least give ideas. I don't do payroll though."

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