Log of OOC Meeting - 11/18/17

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Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:06 pm

Temi says, "Now then, our agenda for today: 1) Staff Updates, 2) Player Heartbeat, 3) Player Topics."

Temi wonders, "To get started, do we have anyone who would like to get on the list for player topics?"

Nadya claims, "Remember, this isn't a grave. It's the future you chose."

Yilaina claims, "It is to a grave ok"

Augustino says, "Can player topics include advertisments for RP and services? If so I have one to offer."

Nadya states, "Remember, this isn't a grave. It's the future you chose."

Nadya claims, "Lag is forreal."

Yilaina huggles Niamh, because why not.

Niamh ruffles Yilaina.

Yilaina coos and nuzzles gently.

Empena says, "I've got something to ask about/bring up."

Temi states, "I'll put you down. Maybe gear it more to the OOC side of things than the IC info, though."
Temi grins at Augustino.
Temi nods at Empena.

Augustino nods to Temi!

Temi muses, "Anyone else on the player topics list?"

Temi says, "Okay! If anyone thinks of anything, let us know."

Temi claims, "Now then, staff updates. I'll go ahead and start."

Temi says, "In addition to plots and such things, I've also been working hard on the plot revamp spec."

Temi says, "Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a chance to run it by the other staff yet, so I'll hopefully be able to share it with you all next week."

Niamh is excited about that.

Orik has a squishy grizzly bear plush with a large, button-up pocket give Nadya a hug.

Augustino is curious about the changes as well.

Temi claims, "But the basic idea will be that a plot will have an owner, but other shared people can also edit certain parts of it and add contributions, which the contributions can be held and tracked on the plot itself."

Yilaina says, "Oh that makes sense."

Nadya declares, "Jesus christ, Temi. You sound like a life-saver. These changes sound good!"

Temi claims, "And messages are one time additions on things, so that they can be shown in order, without the sort of weird back and forth editing things - with targets."

Yilaina states, "They do and easier, much much easier."

Temi claims, "But all of this could be adjusted a bit still after I get some more input from Niamh and Kin."

Yilaina states, "Like so easy I can do it without making my plot sound weird."

Steven states, "OMG A BEAR"

Temi declares, "We'll make the details available once we have them!"

Temi muses, "Okay, Az, do you have an update for us?"

Azarial claims, "Mostly typos, a few bugs, adna f ew crashes this week"

Niamh pats Steven on the head.

Steven claims, "...man for so many people on not many are here"

Azarial says, "The wioninvis thing, i am reminded,w as this week"

Yilaina claims, "I know"
Temi nods at Azarial.

Azarial says, "The chagne baord has been cleaned off, so it is all probably in the enws by this point"

Temi trails off, "Yep, that's a big effect on people. And taking a look at the news..."

Temi says, "The whoinvis bit.. the quashed rumors thing people probably want to know about. Once you've quashed a rumor, people won't talk about it to you anymore."

Azarial says, "...taht was this week too? man. I am not with it this week"

Temi states, "Looks like the rest is smaller bug fix adjustment type things."

Cerise trails off, "I don't understand the quashed rumor thing..."
Temi claims to Cerise, "No? If you quash a rumor, you can't see it anymore."

Cerise wonders, "Quashed rumors are simply removed, aren't they?"

Nadya says, "I imagine what was meant was, if you quash it, and it survives the quashing."

Temi states, "If they are completely quashed. If they are partially quashed, you don't have to worry about it."
Temi nods at Nadya.
say I think that's why one suggestion was being able to quash individual responses to the rumor.

Empena claims, "I think that's why one suggestion was being able to quash individual responses to the rumor."

Cerise claims, "Ah, allright."

Temi says, "But.. let's not talk deeper things on rumors now. If people want, we can bring it up in more detail later."

Temi wonders, "Niamh, do you have an update for us?"

Niamh states, "Besides the usual requests, recommends, and typo type things, I focused on the Stealth Overhaul Spec and filling out our missing wizhelps (Staff commands that didn't have documentation or helpfiles). The latter probably isn't anything that's noticeable on the ground, but... I'm hoping it'll help in the long run. Annnd... I sorted out the request from the forums to have unidentifiable meat and skin spawn on failed attempts at butchering/skinning, where appropriate. Skinning a centipede still won't work of course."

Lorrent declares, "Yas new stealth!"

Yilaina says, "But it's all them legs."

Niamh laughs.

Azarial states, "Best to just eat it whole. you loose too much otherwise"

Azarial claims, "Lose, rather."

Yilaina giggles

Orik curves his arrows, shooting the flies off of wings.

Niamh says, "That's it for me. :)"

Temi states, "Okay, thanks Niamh! Let's move on to player heartbeat then."

Steven states, "Thu thump"

Temi asks, "How has RP been this week, folks? "

Steven claims, "Ive been fairly quiet cause of work, but good from what Ive seen."

Orik states, "It's been okay. Had a lot of rp hooks not take. :/"

Yilaina claims, "Omg... It's been... ... well for a bit it was sad."

Yilaina claims, "But that wasn't this one"

Steven states, ":("

Yilaina claims, "It was good but sad, taht's all I'll say"

Steven pats Yilaina.

Augustino says, "I have been having fun! I joined my chosen guild and and am working on getting my name out there a bit. I've done several scenes here and there and am hoping to do some more guild and non guild related stuff soon."

Augustino offers Yilaina comfort too.

Yilaina coos?

Augustino smiles and hugs.

Temi wonders, "Sounds pretty good all in all... anything bothering anyone that staff ought to know about?"

Lorrent claims, "Armoured bears, talking ravens, pyring, arrests. Busy week full of great RP, when I've been able to be here."

Yilaina states, "Yup"

Steven claims, "I'm sad I missed the armoured bear."

Empena states, "I think I already said my peace on it on the forums."

Temi muses, "Nothing else 'shitting' anyone as Kin always likes to ask?"

Azarial says, "'piece'"

Steven says, "Maybe she meant peace :("

Azarial shrugs eloquently with more tail than shoulders.

Yilaina states, "I didn't."

Azarial states, "The phrase is 'piece'."

Temi wonders, "Okay then, let's move on to player topics. Augustino, you had a small thing for us?"

Augustino declaims, "Yes I have a quick something!"

Augustino says, "If anyone wants an IC way to have thier home or business descriptions written for them rather than doing it themselves, there is a member of the Merchants who will be happy to help you. Ask around! This way you can do a bit more RP around having something built if thats your thing."

Augustino bows.

Augustino hopes that was OOC enough...

Temi declaims, "Okay, so, help with room descriptions, it sounds like. I know people find that challenging at times, so hopefully they like the IC opportunity!"

Gabriel says, "I've had moments in the past where I could have used those kinds of services. Not at the moment, unfortunately, but I hope it works out as a character concept."

Temi questions, "Alright, moving on then to Empena. You had a topic for us?"

Augustino also does art and woodworking too so even if it doesn't I have something to fall back on. :)

Empena says, "I'm trying to figure out how to word this, but I suppose this might be a general service announcement about how I've noticed sometimes folks putting things in descriptions - IE cosmetics etc that they don't seem to actually be buying. (As you can tell when it doesn't add a line when looking around the room.) I know people have different ideas on what the line is between buying or RPing certain things but, sometimes it gets a bit awkward - especially now with economic changes."

Steven questions, "Descriptions should be the base person wirhout cosmetics, to my understanding?"
Niamh nods.
Yilaina has reconnected.

Yilaina queries, "I missed somethin' didn't I?"

Steven asks, "Does chargen mention that because new players might not know cosmetics are a thing?"

Niamh claims, "I'm not sure how it's awkward, but it is a policy thing. Rule of thumb is if it exists code-wise you need to acquire and use the coded item. If it doesn't exist code-wise, you can RP it."
Niamh says to Steven, "I don't think it does."

Steven states, "Might be a nice addition. Would bring awareness to the objects for newbies to look for even."

Orik states, "Yeah, descs should only show what would be seen in public areas(face, skin that shows, hair that isn't under a hat item)"

Temi claims, "Getting the info out there more might be good."
Niamh nods in agreement.

Steven claims, "<3 colognes and wish we had more chandlers"

Yilaina trails off, "Huh? wait... so ..."

Yilaina questions, "You want initial descriptions for things?"

Augustino questions, "I agree. I'm also for adding worn items like earrings or other piercings to chargen for newbies who make characters that would have things like that. Don't farin's have a lot of piercings? kind of like tattoos and tubori or hillmen?"

Steven states, "For people. The desc just shouldnt include things like makeup and whatnot because there are items for that."
Niamh states to Yilaina, "No, just can't include things like perfumes in descriptions, as they're coded items. You'd need to buy a perfume and apply it, etc."

Yilaina nods

Niamh trails off, "There's things like lip rouge, lotion, perfume, cologne, and such. I think there's even war paint..."

Yilaina states, "Yup"

Nadya says, "Kohl."
Lorrent says to Augustino, "Farin do, yes, and wouldn't be caught dead without earrings. It would be nice to be able to get them in chargen."
Niamh nods at Nadya.

Steven says, "Make me a Farrin with coke bottle sized gauges."

Nadya states, "Since masculinity is tied directly to earrings, it's pretty much mandatory for a Farin noble."

Steven claims, "*Farin"
Temi questions to Empena, "Does that address your question?"

Steven claims, "I have one topic to bring up when the others be done."

Orik says, "Would it be possible to get a chargen shop that we can buy things from in chargen? Have EVERYTHING that we could need for props, outside of weapons and armor. Possibly even npc guards for newborn nobles."

Steven says, "Kind of feel a lot of that should be purchased on grid."
say Yes, my follow up thought if I had one would be considering adding an apply option and thus scents possibly to some other items - say pipe smoking, etc. For all those late night joker and midnight toker types.

Empena says, "Yes, my follow up thought if I had one would be considering adding an apply option and thus scents possibly to some other items - say pipe smoking, etc. For all those late night joker and midnight toker types."

Temi says, "Really, we want people to buy things from PCs, not avoid doing so with easy chargen."
Temi nods at Empena.

Temi claims, "That's an interesting idea."
Niamh states to Empena, "OoOoOohh.."

Steven states, "I wanna smell like my tabaccy :("

Augustino asks, "A smell for the dwellers of southside? ;)"

Yilaina says, "Ewww"

Yilaina muses, "Really?"

Augustino declaims, "Well it would make bathing more popular!"

Steven claims, "Maybe even alcohol if you reach a certain state of inebriation"

Empena looks awkward at that.

Temi grins.
Temi wonders to Empena, "Not what you had in mind?"

Augustino says, "Alcohol breath and tabac smells would be a good idea though."

Yilaina pontificates, "I bathe all the time, I am clean!"
say oh totally.

Empena states, "Oh totally. "

Nadya says, "Tabac and floleaf smells, so you can discern who's been lower, or high class."

Yilaina states, "LOL"
say I mean, I was the one who suggested booze have a tolerance.

Empena claims, "I mean, I was the one who suggested booze have a tolerance."

Lorrent states, "Coamjar dust around your nostrils"

Steven says, "RoflNadya"

Empena winks.

Temi grins.

Gabriel claims, "Those are the kinds of things that can be easily RP'd, imo."

Yilaina says, "Mmm, yeah, taht is why i can't get drunk on wine."

Steven states, "Id still like them coded. Its a nice fun thing."

Temi claims, "I'll put that on our list for discussions... though I think non-perfumey type smells are certainly reasonable to put in your desc."

Temi states, "Whether that's body odor or too much liquor or pipe smoke."

Yilaina questions, "Is there like an add sesc thing for it?"

Steven says, "And Id totally enjoy walking around smelling of alcohol and tabac."

Azarial claims, "Pmood, iirc"

Yilaina states, "That is what I was forgetting. Taht is it. Thank youuuuuu1"
Temi nods.

Steven states, "Clears when cloaked though :("

Temi states, "Okay, great! Let's move on now then."

Temi queries, "Steven, you had a topic?"

Steven states, "I made a post about Seneschal powers in the forums. I just wanted to draw awareness to it because it seemed to have positive reactions."

Steven says, "Making it so the Seneschals personal vote is closer to the equivalent of a metric shift."

Nadya questions, "Mm... I dunno about a full metric shift. Then why collab with the Council?"

Temi states, "The way the votes work, it wouldn't exactly work."

Nadya says, "I think a better way, is making sure the Seneschal remains the seat. For example, asking for influence to make his/her changes on-grid, so you get a similar effect based on your politicking."
Steven claims to Nadya, "The idea would be folks trying to court the Seneschal more rather than the other way around. Gives them a bit more oomph to their power."

Temi states, "We do have some plans for additions to temporary metric shifts"

Nadya claims, "That's based on personal politics, Steven. If a seneschal is weak, a title can't demand strength, unless it's the bare minimum of nobility."

Nadya states, "Have a cult of personality, and courtship follows. If you're weak, you're used like a puppet."

Niamh says, "Unfortunately I don't think there is a coded way of giving the Seneschal cult of personality, so we'll just have to leave that one to RP."

Temi claims, "We can't give someone enough power to make them successful without their force of presence."
Niamh nods.

Azarial says, "Nor can we force people to bow."

Nadya claims, "That's my point. I think it's less of a coded issue, and more of a perception one."

Nadya says, "The moment we have a strong seneschal, it'll work as intended."

Orik exclaims, "But you can! buy all types of npc guards that force people to bow!"

Nadya says, "Orik pls."

Azarial claims, "We, as staff, cannot force people to boqw if you do not the have the cahrisma and force of personality to be a convincing noble"

Temi states, "We do want to give them some small things to make that easier, but everyone has been up in arms over way too much power to them from starting a gambit against a GL."

Gabriel claims, "You can RP that you're paying folks out the wazzoo to fix the roads, and, indeed, you could even have people on payroll, but if you don't give them IP and ask them to vote on the metric (which is probably as much an OOC convo as an IC one, unfortunately), the RP doesn't convert into coded results."

Yilaina claims, "Omg"
Niamh nods.

Yilaina claims, "Taht's all I got to say"

Gabriel says, "So, there's some difficulty there."

Yilaina says, "Omg"

Nadya says, "You can use that as the basis of a plot request to affect metrics."

Temi states, "The system can use some improvement, but the intent is not to make them a standalone without coordinating other players, which is their 'job'"

Steven shrugs, "I liked the idea of giving them some code support because I feel the position in and of itself would carry some weight regardless of personality and felt the idea of the metric shift effect would be a less hit people with power and more of an effect of the office's effect on the city from their resources available through the Queen."

Nadya claims, "I imagine that staff would be fully willing to accept actions/silver/etc in tandem with IP in the case of affecting metrics."

Steven says, "Margaux was a strong Seneschal, and we saw how the metrics shat on her."

Nadya says, "Right, but I feel that a full metrics shift somewhat undermines the whole point of council coordination and GL power."

Yilaina states, "She was a good senicial"

Yilaina claims, "I know I couldn't be a senicial , I'm just tellin' you now"

Temi claims, "We've made some adjustments since Margaux and we have others in the plans."

Temi states, "Thanks for the idea."
Temi smiles at Steven.

Gabriel claims, "I don't think it needs to be all or nothing -- i.e. the Seneschal has to herd cats to do anything or the Seneschal gets all the power."

Azarial says, "Major systems redesign takes time, and I am the one watching the munchkins. they are past the age of kid cages for nap times so I am undisturbed."

Temi asks, "Does anyone else have any other topics in our last couple minutes?"

Nadya says, "But, as said. The Seneschal is a great lord by right. If they do not carry themselves as such, or do not use authority as such, then I can't say code will help them. As for margaux, she's a busy woman, and stepped back due to it. It's hard to play full politics when you have a life-and-a-half."

Steven questions, "Is the Seneschal a Great Lord?"
Niamh nods.

Yilaina wonders, "So taht makes him noble, right?"

Nadya says, "Yes. That's why I don't think it really needs coded power THAT great. It's all based on individual."

Niamh says, "Seneschal, Justiciar, Earl Marshall. Seneschal's just a lot more temporary."

Nadya claims, "You get a huge pay boost, a title, and a luxurious suite."

Yilaina wonders, "And how long do the cenisial last?"

Yilaina states, "Omg"

Azarial states, "Six months oocly"

Yilaina trails off, "Oooof, and then..."

Azarial states, "Amnd no back to back reelections"

Yilaina says, "Yeah"

Steven queries, "Unless you stage an uprisong against the Queen?"

Yilaina claims, "No staging an uprising, bac."

Yilaina says, "Bad"
Niamh grins.

Yilaina nuzzles Niamh as she huggles her.

Temi says, "Okay, that's our time, anyway."

Yilaina claims, "I bet Niamh would be a great queen."

Temi asks, "Any last comments before we send everyone back?"

Arlow states, "TY for all the on the fly Staff assistance this week"

Yilaina states, "Nah I'm gonna go back and try not to fall asleep"
Gabriel claims to Steven, "For what it's worth, I think there's some merit to your idea. I don't know if it needs to be a "full metric shift" or whatever, but probably the role could use a little more oomph. Don't think I'll ever consider touching that zero-sum game, otherwise."

Gabriel waves.

Nadya questions, "Mm... Maybe tweaking with metrics somehow?"

Nadya pontificates, "Whoops! Peace!"

Temi pontificates, "Alright, sending everyone back then!"
Steven says to Gabriel, "Agreed."

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