Log of OOC Meeting - 9/16/2017

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Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:22 pm

Kinaed wonders, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today?"

Kinaed claims, "No one with topics? Wow. I was expecting to be overrun today."

Empena says, "I have something, well, potentially two things depending on if it comes up or not otherwise."

Taunya claims, "I'm sure someone else will bring up what I'd like to dicuss, it started close to a flamewar on the forums"

Evani claims, "Mage, get him."

Janus claims, "Oh, I have a topic"

Aenaela declares, "Oooh, toys!"

Nadya says, "I'd like to add in a topic."

Kinaed claims, "So... I put Empena down. "

Kinaed claims, "And Nadya"

Evani states, "Oooh"

Janus states, "And Janus"

Kinaed claims, "And Janus"

Kinaed wonders, "Anyone else?"

Vicannia opens a heavy winter cloak with silver snowflakes around the hood, revealing her identity.
Vicannia stops using a heavy winter cloak with silver snowflakes around the hood.

Azarial says, "Nice cloak"

Evani flips a sweeping green cloak, richly embroidered with palm leaves back over her shoulder.

Kinaed claims, "Prewarning - if the conversation gets too heated and doesn't remain polite, I'll feel obligated to shut it down, so wherever we get to today, please remember to speak kindly, etc, to peers."

Evani pets a sweeping green cloak, richly embroidered with palm leaves possessively

Janus flips a magey mage cloak that reveals her mageyness.

Gaven says, "I've got just one thing I'd like to bring up when the time comes."

Vlora claims, "I KNEW IT"

Evani says, "Burn her burnnnn"
Kinaed claims to Gaven, "Adding Gaven."

Vicannia claims, "Thank you azarial. Emma made it."

Gaven muses to Vicannia, "She makes the best stuff doesn't she?"

Kinaed states, "Okay, let's kick off Staff Updates."

Kinaed claims, "Last week, I handled a bit of policy, I did a bit of staff decision making, which people can see we posted and actioned some of this week."

Kinaed states, "I also speced up an 'invite' command so people can let people know they're looking for RP."

Evani states, "Ooooh, yay"

Kinaed claims, "I'm working on a few other things, and that's about it."

Kinaed states to Azarial, "You're up."

A flurry of fiery-colored leaves sweep across the area, rapidly coalescing into the winged shape of Niamh. [OOC]

Janus claims, "Niiice"

Pearl peers at the blank face of the doll and grimaces in disgust.

Temi skips in down a rainbow, which sparkles away behind her. [OOC]

Evani muses, "Pearl? Never seen you"

Azarial states, "I've been chewing on the asset objects, looking at the data structures, etc, etc. some work on wealth, looking to refine mage circles, and I am giving up on the silly modern ideas on gender-neutral pronouns. it makes the code a pita."

Gaven says, "Peaaaarlllllll"

Pearl waves.

Evani pontificates, "Niamn!"

Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Niamh declares, "Hi!"

Niamh claims to Azarial, "Thanks."

Niamh puts a silver faced doll in a pair of footie pajamas patterned with yellow ducks.

Kinaed claims, "The largest changes, non-bug, are on the Announce Board."

Taunya says to Nadya, "Guess we'll just have to assume your gender."

Azarial states, "...i will probalbly have to wriute a helpfile to prevent freakouts at the pronoun usage."

Kinaed claims, "I don't think there's anything worth mentioning that's not in 'HELP SEP2017'"

Vicannia states to Azarial, "If there are freakouts... well TI probably would be better off without those people."

Kinaed claims, "Okay, Temi - you're up."

Temi claims, "Well I am on the phone "

Janus says to Vicannia, "Shh. The grammar didn't work."

Nadya declaims to Taunya, "Rude!"

Temi states, "Kicked off some queenly ongoing plot stuff"

Gaven says, "Poor queen baby :("

Gaven wears black to all the things.

Evani says, "All dem babys"

Empena questions, "Are people meant to get involved in that in a specific way? Or is it a you'll know if you should know kind of thing?"

Temi says, "Wrote a new spell spec, which is now adding to Az's list"

Kinaed claims, "You can raise plots if you want to get involved proactively, but I imaginne the rest is you'll know if you need to."

Janus queries to Temi, "Proposed fire RP spell?"

Vicannia says, "I don't even really see why anyone would get involved. Seems like it's a rather cut and done bit of lore."

Temi states, "No specific intentions right now, but it is setting stuff up for some upcoming things"

Narcisse queries, "Maybe there will be more plot stuff to come?"

Narcisse nods.

Gaven claims, "Nobility with condolences and whatnot maybe"

Narcisse says, "Peacock girls sending flowers, natch. Nothing wrong with that."

Azarial claims, "Nothing says you can't rumor about it. nothing like a little scandal to juice up those days when there is no execution in the offing"

Kinaed trails off, "Perhaps, or you can send the Queen a gift in condolence to curry favor or write a treatise on the medical implications of a lost child, add rumors of whatever bent... etc"

Evani claims, "I need to give you hugs more often narcisse."

Temi states, "If you do have any involvement interest, plot certainly. otherwise, feel free to take note for later"

Temi nods at Kinaed.

Edeltrau begins to move east.

Edeltrau slows to a halt.

Edeltrau sits down and rests.

Kinaed states to Niamh, "I think you're up. :)"

Kinaed says, "Oh, those of you who registered topics, please pre-write them so that you're ready to go when I call on you."

Niamh claims, "This week I was mostly focused on keeping boards clean. I wasn't feeling well for a good chunk of the week, so just kinda kept to myself and sorted typos/requests/recommends as they came. I polished up the tiny chart for combat hit changes, which I believe Taunya submitted on the forums (thanks Taunya!). I'm involved in a long-term bit of research to look into precisely how much things cost in comparison to new average incomes. Nowhere near done, as it requires waiting on pooling on my tester in some places."

Niamh states, "And that's it for me."

Janus queries to Niamh, "What was the situation with the rearranging stockroom spec?"

Kinaed says, "Okay, I think that wraps up staff updates. :)"

Kinaed wonders, "Oh, Janus' question - sorry. Niamh, rearranging stockroom spec?"

Niamh claims to Janus, "It's on my to-do. I think the research takes precedence for me, but between working on that I'll keep trucking on my specs in progress."

Janus queries, "Does it help if we make suggestions via request board?"

Kinaed queries to Janus, "Forum for suggestions please?"

Janus nods.

Taunya says, "Stock rooms for shops are a real pain to arrange - it's basically LIFO. I think there was a suggestion about being able to move items up and down in a room"

Kinaed nods at Taunya.

Kinaed states, "I remember that."

Janus claims, "Yes, that's what the Niamh is working on re: spec"

Kinaed asks, "I think that's all for Staff Updates. Next - Player Heartbeat! How has the game been for you guys in the last week? RP fun?"

Janus queries, "...anything shitting you?"

Vlora declares, "I want to give a REALLLY BIG shout out to Janus, for the whole Seeing Double storyline. It was expertly run. It's honestly been some of the most fun I've had on TI, and it's really refreshed my interest in Knight stuff. Plus, provided so many avenues for developments for loads of characters. Love it!"

Niamh grins at Janus.

Vicannia shrugs "RPs been existent."

Kinaed states to Janus, "Thank you sincerely for running such a well received plot."

"Oh... shucks." Janus says, waving a dismissive hand.

Niamh says to Janus, "An OOC meeting is not complete without that question."

Evani says, "Well, I got hit on by a ... promiscuous yesterday and god i haven't laughed so hard. My alt did. It was really really fun and I found myself trying to politely decline while laughing oocly"

Eirian declaims, "I'd like to give a shout out to Niamh for helping me wrap my head around a bunch of Merchants stuff and get my bearings and all that. I've been pestering her this week, and while she's been sick, no less, and she didn't get grumpy at me or anything!"

Azarial says, "Fiber and laxatives can help with that question."

Janus shoots finger guns at Niamh with a wink.

Niamh says to Eirian, "Daww, thank you! It's no trouble."

Kinaed claims, "That's great. :)"

Evani says, "It was super fun, as for this one... Uh... magnate stuff. That is all I can say."

Evani says, "I've kinda been like... trying to help people. Yeah."

"I'm really glad the merchants have leaders again. Thanks for taking the role, gang." Janus says. "It takes a lot of effort to run the merchants."

Narcisse is ready to buy stuff.

Niamh nods in agreement with Janus.

Evani winks at Narcisse.

Eirian states, "It takes a lot of effort to run any guild, I'm sure, but I'll try to document everything I learn ICly so that the next person to pick up the GM reins will have an easier time of it."

Kinaed states, "Okay, that sounds pretty positive, and I'm glad to hear the game seems to be going fairly well on that count."

Narcisse says, "Though, on that note, come and visit the Peacock if you have a character of questionable morals. Or you're Vavardi! We love that RP. Plug done."

Kinaed smiles.

Evani trails off, "Hmm..."

Janus says, "It's certainly my approach. I recommend keeping records of interactions and a history for someone else to pick up."

Taunya won't ask what kind of plug.

Evani waggles her eyebrows

Vicannia claims, "Just don't go the 100+ letters in a box route of history keeping. "

Kinaed states, "Speaking of plugs, I have a request from Margaux to remind everyone that, after OOC Chat, she is running a City Council event that she'd really appreciate it if people attended."

Janus says, "Yeah, ouch."

Evani states, "Speaking of one hundred letters."

Vicannia shudders as they remember becoming em and seeing that

Gaven claims, "Definitely gonna be there."

Vicannia had actually forgotten that was today.

Kinaed claims, "Okay, next item on the agenda - Player Topics."

Evani thinks her satchel is literally just full of mail

Kinaed says, "I have one via pboard, which I'll do first because I don't want to forget it."

Kinaed declaims, "From Lorrent: For nobility and people that are supposed to have wealth, how does one accrue it? I paid 50k XP for 100 gold when I started, but that xp just disappears. Even many of the manors and houses on auction are more than 100 gold, and with wealth now being 10k xp for 10 gold, how does one maintain the lifestyle of a noble? IE, having not been around at a time when wealth was apparently easier to accrue, I can't finance commoners or build large things or sponsor anyone for anything, which seems like the sort of thing a noble should be doing as part of theme. Is this the sort of thing I should've asked for at CG? Should nobles be ready to pay 100k-200k xp that won't be seen later in death xp as part of their concept? Thanks! "

Taunya nods.

Janus nods.

Kinaed claims, "Purchasing wealth used to be a stretch goal at 50k xp, it certainly wasn't an 'accumulation method'. Accumulation methods haven't really changed; everyone gets their weekly accumulation provided they don't want to do anything additional, such as industry, bribes, etc."

Vicannia feels for lorrent "Though I imagine this will be the answer... Nobility aren't inherently wealthy."

Janus claims, "Amadore plays the role of patron very well. I think he has about five employees and it really helps everything tick over. I wonder how he manages it."

Nadya states, "Mm. I think it brings up a decent point. The squeezing of coin does make it harder for more supposedly wealthy classes to support RP with people as servants/house tradesmen."

Vicannia claims to Janus, "But he was also a nobility before the big changes came in"

Nadya questions, "Maybe some benefits for nobles/gentry that rely on PCs instead of vNPCs?"

Nadya muses, "Like, an actual 'House' mechanic?"

Kinaed claims, "In real numbers... most nobles are making as much or far more than they used to with three tier 3 assets."

Janus wonders, "Guilds get extra silver based on their membership count. Can anyone think of a way how this might apply to the situation?"

Temi says, "Nobility do receive a domain asset"

Janus says, "Ah, okay"

Narcisse questions, "Is a domain tier three?"

Vlora claims, "Nope"

Gaven says, "I think what disappoints me with assets is that I feel restricted as a player by them now."

Taunya claims, "More than they used to, but with maxed assets (not so easy to aquire), you'll probably make an average of 500 silver/week"

Vicannia queries to Temi, "But doesn't that take up one of their slots as is?"

Nadya says, "Ah, then, maybe the answer to Lorrent's question, may lie in asking him to rely on a Guild that doesn't have a patron. Be invested in their politics, and share in some of the silver as a result of his campaigning."

Nadya asks, "Like, say... The priesthood?"

Temi claims, "And nobility are 3 tier 2s, potentially. yes, it does take a slot"

Kinaed states, "There's very little change with assets in terms of how much money is going to people or in the system. For some, it's a bit more. For others, it's a bit less."

Kinaed says, "But it's not a lot less."

Gaven says, "It used to be as a noble or someone who wasn't a craftsman, if I needed cash to do things to support some stuff with my concept I'd take and use XP and explain it as various methods in the background my family got it. Now it sort've feels like I'm playing a facebook app where I'm set on a timer of having to wait a week until I have the cash."

Narcisse is poor.

Eirian states, "I'm doing fine with my assets, tbh, especially since costs were lowered for NPC upkeep."

Gaven states, "So now I either have to be a merchant or really just sit and wait."

Vicannia nods to Gaven "Assets are likely the only reason the merchants have 20 members according to census. Only reliable way to make silver without waiting on a timer."

Empena asks, "I think the difficulty is that you can't use assets to get a great draw of wealth at once like you used to be able to with wealth, and hence - as he said, how does someone get a big house like folks used to have?"

Janus says to Eirian, "You also sell a lot of things"

Eirian claims, "Merchants have always had a lot of members."

Kinaed claims, "It's interesting - the bulk of players who have reported back their feelings on assets have told us that it feels good to crystalize some of their background and where their money comes from for RP purposes."

Narcisse says, "It can be hard to wait a week for an extra 30 silver, sometimes. Probably less so if I wasn't more used to being able to buy it."

Eirian states to Janus, "I wasn't taking into account Merchant stuff, when I made that statement. Purely on assets, I do okay. But I don't play a ton during the week, so the timer goes by fast."

Gaven states, "The bulk? We recently had a forum post where there was maybe only one voice happy with assets."

Kinaed says, "That said, we're still balancing costs and so on. As Niamh mentioned, she has a big task this week to look at the costs, time and effort required to do different things this week and let staff know what is achievable, what isn't, and where we need to look to make the system better."

Gaven wonders, "Is it possible for us to maybe at least have a poll on it that we can visibly see to assuage concerns on it?"

Janus claims to Eirian, "Ah. Yeah, I'm clock watching."

Niamh claims, "We're still balancing, guys. It's a pretty new system. Kinaed has me running research to work on balancing the rest of the world with--"

Niamh grins at Kinaed.

Taunya states, "I think most were happy with assets and the option of working hard and saving for wealth if they really needed it. this change, not so much"

Vicannia chuckles

Temi claims, "The recent post is on purchase wealth, not really assets directly "

Kinaed says, "What kind of poll would you suggest? I'm not putting up a poll like someone suggested 'are you happy with where TI is going?' or am I going to poll 'Do you like assets'."

Narcisse states, "It can also be discouraging when your metric tanks and it seems pretty daunting to try and affect that IC."

Taunya nods at Narcisse.

Narcisse pontificates, "But maybe that's just me!"

Kinaed states, "Taking a note of that."

Gaven claims, "I'd like to see a poll as to whether or not people are happy with assets. I get that you're going to make us use them whether we like it or not, but a general census on if people like it and maybe having the additional option to post in the thread about what we feel might improve the system would be nice."

Empena wonders, "I'd agree the part of it helping to crystalize RP is a positive, but ... I have sort of a post I'm working on about it, but I think it can also create some RP curiousities. As arguably assets are all background stuff that happens to/with vNPCs. Assets can't be "stolen" like coin can, can you RPA/plot to research how another person gets their money?"

Nadya states, "I'm happy for the changes, but mainly due to the now important reliance on Guilds. No-one can lone-wolf it and reliably make bank-- Which is the point of Guilds being proto-capitalist companies. The only, major issue that I would point out with the economy, would be the number of NPC sink-holes when it comes to purchasing things (Such as yeast/etc. being non-findable, or makeable)."

Janus states, "Metrics do feel a bit like a wild card. It's hard to see the effect you have on a metric."

Kinaed claims, "You're right, I'm not going to poll on that."

Evani states, "Well for people like me, who couldn't get the experience on time, both of my characters only have one asset to their name."

Eirian says, "I get the complaints, though. It's hard to act like a patron and throw money at RP if you don't have an excess."

Evani trails off, "And for a gentry tubori woman... kinda need two assets to pull off the wealthy thing"

Gaven claims to Kinaed, "Figured as much."

Temi states, "Which admittedly we knew would be a bit ripping off the bandaid (on the wealth)"

Desna queries, "Are guild suppose to pay you?"

Desna says, "Guilds"

Vicannia claims, "They don't have to desna"

Kinaed has lost link.
Kinaed has reconnected.

Taunya claims to Desna, "Depends on the guild and their GLs"

Nadya states, "Then use political clout. If someone is a nobleman and wanting to be a patron-- Use your name and political force to be the means of getting objects sold, or force the prestige to raise."

Kinaed states, "Lost link."

Vicannia states, "But they typically do."

Evani claims, "Heh my guild doesn't pay me, sooo"

Evani asks, "At least I don't think they do?"

Desna claims, "THen I dont understand"

Vicannia says, "You are magnate... I would hope they pay you."

Janus says, "I've not heard of guilds paying people."

Nadya says, "Some guilds pay."

Evani states, "I don't get paid at all."

Narcisse says, "Depends on the guild, I think."

Desna queries, "If you can't (lone wolf) it but some guilds dont pay you. Doesn't that leave you destined to be poor in the game?"

Evani trails off, "At least... I haven't looked at my paid list"

Nadya says, "The Physicians, for example, pay their guildsmen. It depends on the guild."

Narcisse claims, "And the leadership deciding it."

Eirian states, "Merchants pay dues. They're different."

Taunya says, "In merchants, you pay GUILD"

Temi states, "The ones that ask you to do work for them should probably pay you. the ones that enable you to do your own work don't "

Janus laughs.

Kinaed says, "Ah, I don't know if this went through, but I will work on specific suggestions to improve assets, but they're here to stay. The spec was out for almost a year before implementation. A lot of hard work went into it, and some people actually like them."

Evani says, "Magnate is a job, though."

Vicannia states, "Guilds where the point of the guild is to do work that doesn't inherently pay typically pay you. Physicians, knights, order, reeves. These are all guilds with niches that aren't based in making silver"

Eirian says, "I love assets."

Janus asks, "Where do we stand on buying assets with XP instead of silver?"

Kinaed states, "You can in chargen, but not on grid."

Janus muses, "Is that likely to change to represent in-character developments and improvement?"

Kinaed states, "We're deliberately divorcing XP from silver; XP is OOC, silver is an IC economic commodity."

Taunya says, "I think that should be on grid, or it may never be purchasable to someone lik Evani"

Eirian says, "And I appreciate all the hard work that went into them. If things are balanced a little better, probably everyone else will be happy with them, too."

Temi states, "Gls can decide to pay themselves, even if normal membership is not"

Robin is idle.

Evani muses, "... how does that work?"

Vicannia states to Kinaed, "I do have to warn about basing the success of a system on the vocal few. As we've seen with topics where polls were created, and many people thought the poll would understand in a vocal majorities favor, it's turned out the opposite. "

Narcisse states, "Agreed, I just think maybe some tweaking would help. I don't mind them as an idea."

Vlora begins to count their money.

Empena says, "But that's not going to divorce it, it just divorces it from whatever character you have now. Your next one can start off rich with what you bank."

Vicannia says, "Many people are afraid to speak their mind."

Temi states, "Gpay command "

Kinaed claims to Vicannia, "Noted."

Evani questions, "Uh... is taht like... I mean is that like frwoned upon or anything?"

Evani wonders, "Frowned?"

Kinaed says to Empena, "It divorces it in play. Starting off with an advanced concept based on XP is certainly intended and supported."

Janus claims to Evani, "You need to justify it to your guildmates."

Eirian says to Evani, "You're welcome to ask these questions IC."

Evani claims, "Thanks."

Niamh finishes her note.

Desna states to Evani, "You dont have to justify it to your guildmates unless it's brought up ICly. Dont expect to have to write out a letter to everyone asking them if it's okay for you to pull 2 or 3 gold"

Vicannia trails off to Evani, "It's not frowned upon. Being a GL is alot of work, typically with little appreciation. Ceos of companies pay themselves... I don't even comprehend where this notion is coming from "

Kinaed states, "We're hitting 8:40am my time, with 20 min to go and 4 people with topics."

[Order] Arielle: Wen keys are more expensive than you remember... and you short by like... 3 silver *heavy sigh*

Desna nods at Vicannia.

Kinaed states, "So, in light of that - please turn to the forums for more discussion on assets, purchase silver, etc."

Kinaed says, "Empena, you're up :)"

Nadya claims, "Right, just to clarify. There are some guilds that charge you to be in, like the Merchants, I believe. Their point is to give you a trading license, so you can legally trade your finished goods. Physicians make money from treatment/guild/House they're aligned with. I believe Knights and Inquisitors are paid with tithes--"

Nadya declares, "Right! Sorry!"

Kinaed states, "Oh, it's fine."

Vicannia trails off to Nadya, "Merchants are the only guild I'm aware of that charges you..."

Kinaed queries, "Empena, are you here?"

Empena nods.

Empena claims, "My first topic I'd like to introduce is a request for consideration on current liquidation policy. Or at least what all goes into a liquidation. One, is that I'd like formally propose that when someone wishes to liquidate they need to submit some kind of story as to what happened. As currently it just suggests to reach out and ask them, but not everyone knows how to OOCly contact every other player/their alts etc to do that. It sort of leaves the burden of doing plots or research in to what happened, when there's likely no real answer. Also, partly due to economic considerations, I'd like to propose the idea that people need to return items like keys or Guild equip, and settle up their property etc before they disappear. "

Taunya nods.

Kinaed claims, "I think that's a good idea; so I'll jot that down and see what staff can build to facilitate that."

Gaven says, "Isn't equipment like that on liquidations disposed of? Like, it shouldn't cause a problem for the guild."

Janus nods.

Niamh states to Kinaed, "We could do a quick check to see if the character has, say, 10 or more hours of RP on them."

Vlora says, "More the fact that keys and equipment are expensive now, Gaven. "

Janus says to Gaven, "50-75 silver per key. It adds up."

Vicannia states, "I definitely like the story idea, not to sure on the property bit, but guild equipment makes sense. It's weird when ya see knight cloaks and reeve cloaks in the auction house"

Desna claims, "Doesn't that leave liquidation then up to the descretion of Staff? What I'm saying is if a Liquidation request is rejected, the player just stops logging the character in."

Gaven states, "I know if I ever liquidate characters, I've always included in the message to staff that I've tied up loose storylines and whatnot. Always figured that was a bit of a requirement."

Kinaed states to Niamh, "I think we need an automated check - liquidation is a POLCA request, it can be forwarded to relevant parties, automatically looks for warrants and won't let a player use it if they're warranted."

Kinaed claims, "Done, liquidation is easy."

Niamh claims to Kinaed, "OoOoOOoOo"

Niamh trails off, "Errr..."

Niamh states, "I sent "Fancy, I like it!" in a tell for some reason. Put that here."

Empena claims, "Thank you for the consideration on that."

Vicannia trails off, "I'm pretty sure it is against policy to liquidate a character that is involved in open rp..."

Kinaed states, "It's a good idea."

Kinaed states, "It at the moment."

Kinaed finishes abruptly, "Okay, Nadya - you're up :)"

Temi states, "We do stop folks if we know of major things"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Niamh starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Kinaed claims, "It's dependent on staff knowledge if we'll become aware."

Nadya exclaims, "I'd like to just warn to be careful with the usage of vNPCs offscreen. Plenty of people love to interact, and you just may make someone's day by hailing them, and having them tell you about things. Your RP's too good to be kept off-screen, when there's people who can help you explore parts of your character!"

Niamh finishes her note.

Nadya claims, "You peeps are 10/10."

Kinaed claims, "Thanks, Nadya."

Vicannia arches brow at Nadya "I'm very confused by that statement."

Desna nods at Vicannia.

Janus wonders, "Yes, can you clarify? Do you mean specifically medical RP?"

Nyna says, "Agreed entirely"

Robin says, "I don't really know what you mean."

Eirian says, "I'm not entirely sure about the point of that statement, either, since it was made without context."

Nyna says, "Yah I didn't follow any of that"

Kinaed queries, "Nadya, mind clarifying a bit?"

Kinaed says, "What I got was 'please use PCs rather than NPCs where possible to give people RP'"

Gaven claims, "That's what I got from it as well"

Taunya muses, "Do you mean we should meet face to face more than relying on messengers/mail?"

Nadya states, "That was exactly what I was saying."

Aenaela nods.

Nadya says, "No, not messages."

Nadya states, "Just to encourage people to interact with Priests, and Inquisitors and the like, directly."

Nadya says, "There's some very good priests on-grid right now."

Kinaed says, "Ahh, okay :) Thanks"

Taunya says, "Ah, okay. Got it"

Eirian wonders, "Oh, like not saying "I went to confession" and meaning with a vNPC?"

Vicannia nods "Ah.."

Kinaed states, "Okay, Janus! You're up. :)"

Nadya states, "So don't keep your RP to yourself! It's too good to do that."

Gaven states, "In other words tell the Priests about your romps at the Peacock and the Dolphin"

Gaven says, "Not NPCs"

Janus muses, "Ready?"

Kinaed states, "I solemnly swear to tell priests, etc, about my romps at the Peacock in lurid detail."

Desna wonders, "Does that mean we can't use vNPCs?"

Vicannia braces themselves

Kinaed nods at Janus.

Janus states, "Proposal: spells which seal off areas, restrict movement or make enter/exit dangerous should be revertable by any mage who can cast the same spell over the top of the last one in the same way, from the same room, regardless of the owner of the effect. This is so areas can be freed up again without waiting for the effect to cool - the reversion depends on the mage having the time to evoke. Some existing spells have problems with the new reduced timeout. I can give examples in a request board so as not have to talk about specific spells in OOC."

Narcisse declares, "I did ask for RP!"

Nadya claims, "This, sounds, 10/10."

Evani grins. "I will rp with you I swear narcise.

Vicannia states to Janus, "Pretty sure this is already in staff consideration as it was brought up awhile ago"

Gaven states, "I think if something like that was done, I'd ask that it had some kind of check dependant upon the initial casting mage's level in the corresponding element."

Temi claims, "We do have other plans for cancelling them"

Narcisse says, "Gives you something to confess anout."

Kinaed claims, "We've already reduced times, and a barrier isn't really a barrier if people can take them down ultra easily. Particularly since there are spells that are designed to counter barrier spells already in play."

Janus claims to Vicannia, "No, not quite."

Temi says, "On the lists."

Evani grins.

Gaven says to Kinaed, "Agreed"

Kinaed gives a silver faced doll to Rothgar.

Janus states, "Alright, I'll wait for it to be reviewed and send bugs where I find them."

Vicannia is glad there are no more 6 hour barriers

Janus says to Vicannia, "Not true."

Kinaed says, "I think the only un-implemented way in the list is a mage taking down their own barrier, which has a bit of crud involved because we're touching some very told, very poorly written code."

Evani states, "Rothkar don't burn it."

Nadya wonders, "Are mages able to lower their own barriers?"

Kinaed smiles.

Nadya pontificates, "Ah!"

Kinaed claims to Nadya, "No, but intended."

Janus nods.

Vicannia asks of Janus, "Wait... I thought that was one of the new changes? "

Kinaed claims to Gaven, "You're up."
Janus states to Vicannia, "Partially true"

Taunya questions, "Oh speaking of, could axes be considered to augment the bash command? reduced chance of breaking your arm, but damages the weapon considerably"

Rothgar queries, "Can't promise that, we're on a roll. Just a quick question for the gathered, has anyone touched base on something regarding liquidation policy? Did that topic get breeched?"

Eirian says to Rothgar, "It got breached."

Kinaed queries to Niamh, "Write down Taunya's request re; axes on staff talking points?"

Niamh finishes her note.

Gaven says, "Admittedly, I've always had to wonder why Davism wasn't focused on using funeral pyres rather than burying their dead. Random thought brought on by Rothgar burning things."

Niamh states to Kinaed, "Done."

Rothgar makes a thumbs up.

Kinaed claims, "Yes, it did."

Nadya queries, "I think people like Daravi are disposed of by burning their corpses, right?"

Kinaed queries, "Gaven, did you want to introduce us?"

Janus states, "While we're on the topic of theme, one of the quit quotes mentions 'heaven'"

Janus states, "Sorry Kin. Go ahead, Gaven."

Kinaed claims, "Thanks, Janus. I'll check it"

Narcisse queries, "Guess the soul's already gone though, so kind of not needed?"

Nadya states, "I've seen that too, I can confirm Janus's thing."

Edeltrau is no longer idle.

Niamh claims to Janus, "Typo board it with which one, if you would."

Gaven states, "I already mentioned what I wanted to say but I'll use this as a chance for another shameless plug for city council and Gaven's sister. There's a council meeting tonight that folks are invited to and believe it or not, city council actually is rather potent now with how the city report works."

Gaven claims, "So it's really a great tool and springboard for RP."

Eirian begins to descend.

Eirian leaves down with purpose.

Temi nods in agreement.

Vicannia states to Janus, "If we have an abyss, and at least one religion references what could equate to a "Heaven" the cult religion, and we have have a book titled the History of the heavens I think it's called. Heaven seems to have a precedent for existing in TI. "

Kinaed claims, "Also, if any suggestions come out on how to improve the council/city report/etc, please post your ideas on the forums."

Vicannia says to Gaven, "I'll admit, I"

Evani states, "Honestly, I hope I don't fall asleep in said council meeting."

Kinaed states, "It was 'heaven' in a lower case, however, which can use a different meaning in the English language."

Janus says to Vicannia, "There is no heaven in Davism, only rejoining the springs."

Kinaed says, "But I get why it's jarring."

Pearl says, "The heavens are different than Heaven, yeah."

Kinaed claims, "Okay, that brings us to five minutes before the end of the hour."

Gaven queries to Vicannia, "YOu'll admit what?"

Narcisse states, "There does seem to be a heaven analog, but not the exact same thing. Just like the abyss isn't exactly like hell."

Vicannia states to Gaven, "I'll admit, I'm not too infavor of having random people join the city council meetings... they already take long enough as is, and we already have too many people typically present."

Kinaed wonders, "Anyone want to discuss anything else?"

Vicannia states, "Sorry gaven, accident hit the enter button too early"

Vicannia and apparently can't bloody type today

Gaven says to Vicannia, "I wasn't aware people showed up for them half the time."

Janus claims, "I think random people at the City Meeting is fine as long as they're not interrupting."

Gaven says to Vicannia, "I'm just suddenly feeling a bout of deciding to be around more."

Evani states, "I'd think gls are supposed to be there."

Narcisse questions, "Oh! If I want to ask a staff member a question about applications, who should I bug?"

Kinaed nods at Evani.


Kinaed states, "If you type 'city council', you'll see people who are seated on the council."

Vicannia trails off, "Gls are suppose to be there, and we had one random person show up the last time..."

Nadya claims, "Remember-- GLs and Noblemen are talking about the city. If you're a freeman, it'd be like approaching the court with a problem. Not necessarily... At the table."

Narcisse claims, "I have a question that isn't covered there, is why I'm asking."

Gaven claims, "I'm a fancypants noble. I get a seat by right."

Nadya claims, "But most definitely involved."

Gaven tuts.

Janus says to Narcisse, "I do apologise."

Nadya claims, "Re-read what I said, Gaven. Tut-tut."

Temi says, "You can ask staff or visnet"

Narcisse questions, "Anyone works?"

Gaven claims to Nadya, "Hush, peasant."

Gaven states to Nadya, "<3"

Temi says, "Except Az"

Evani states, "Got it"

Narcisse nods.

Narcisse states, "Gotcha."

Evani says, "I like nadya"

Kinaed states, "Three minutes to go! May I ask that people help us advertise by posting on Reddit? I hear that's the place to find new games now days, and it'd be great to invite new people to play with us."

Gaven says to Evani, "Nadya is pretty dope."

Aenaela states, "There was a review of this mud on reddit a couple days ago"

Nadya claims, "Nadya should be executed on the Pyre."

Vlora claims, "Reddit? Crap. I've been posting adds in the newspaper. "

Kinaed states, "Any idea who wrote it? We can give the author QP."

Pearl laughs.

Aenaela claims, "Also, in a couple of weeks, the mud subreddit will be taking openings for a game to bump forOctober, so be sure to put down that you'd like it to be this one"

Gaven asks, "Which review was that? I know I've commented a few times whenever I've seen TI come up"

Aenaela states, "They do a let's play for each month, where a bunch of people try a different mud during the entirety"

Kinaed states to Aenaela, "Thank you for letting us know. ;0"

Aenaela says, "It's a very recent one"

Gaven says, "To try to support it."

Nadya says, "Though, do be careful with Reddit! I've known a few MUDs to have issues with griefing, due to the attention."

Kinaed nods at Nadya.

Aenaela states, "It was posted like a couple days ago. The people in the mud subreddit seem to be a fun and decent lot, though"

Niamh nods in agreement with Aenaela.

Aenaela states, "I mean, of course you have your trolls, but that's with any online community *srhugs*"

Nadya says, "Eyup."

Gaven states, "It's a bit hard to troll here. Game has enough of a learning curve that it takes a while for a troll to learn enough to be trouble."

Evani should rp with nadya more

Kinaed wonders, "On that note - griefing. Guys, some players told me that reading the posts on the forums recently was depressing for them. I'm not sure about the crux of why, since I generally find talk about how we can improve the game exciting, but please do try to keep complaints clinical and factual, and not 'the sky is falling, everything sucks, why is anyone even here' kind of posts, okay?"

Gaven says, "And they usually don't have that much of an attention span"

Aenaela claims, "I'll find the link and link someone to it"

Niamh questions to Kinaed, "Do we have a second for me to harass the players about Artwork?"

Narcisse declaims, "Constructive criticism!"

Kinaed states to Niamh, "Go for it"

Kinaed nods at Narcisse.

Nadya questions, "Should I pay someone to post a few rothgar fanfics to the forums to lighten a mood?"

Gaven states to Niamh, "Paint me like one of your Vavardi boys plz"

Narcisse nods at Nadya.

Vicannia rolls eyes

Evani trails off, "Uh... wow"

Kinaed states to Nadya, "Pleaaaaase."

Aenaela states, "Never let go"

Nadya says to Kinaed, "Ten bucks to do it. Roth has to be a powerbottom, though."

Janus trails off, "I have a Rothgar and Empena slash fiction I've been writing..."

Evani says, "I'd do that. Someone paint me. I have a vivardi you can use"

Nyna waves a silver faced doll, "will this get me hassled for sumptuary?"

Vicannia claims to Nyna, "It shouldn't"
Gaven wonders to Janus, "You have to write slash fic for that...?"

Vlora queries, "Suddenly. Did I miss something, did we get the XP costs back for purchase wealth or have I been sleep roleplaying again?"

Nadya pontificates, "Just don't wear it, and you'll be fine!"

Rothgar claims, "As I said last evening, I will support and encourage any... Explorative works. Done about Rothgar."

Kinaed says to Niamh, "I think only if you wear it."

Evani says, "They literally just bang when they feel all the hate."

Evani claims, "And then afterwords, they kneel and say, please dav help me release this taint."

Nadya says, "Alright. I'll be writing a fanfic between Rothgar and Eirian."

Kinaed waits for Niamh on artwork before putting everyone back.

Taunya asks, "Speaking of artwork, are stone arrowheads going to be put in sometime? I see the recipe when using a search on craft_"

Vlora says, "Gimme some slash fic"

Gaven claims to Nadya, "Just write a bunch of penny dreadfuls about Rothgar so you can watch him stomp around Lithmore trying to find the perpetrator."

Janus asks of Niamh, "What was your point about art before we started talking about Rothgar's noods?"

Niamh states, "Players who use Artwork!: I would very very much like some feedback from people who have either started Artwork from 0 and leveled it up, or started at 36 and have invested enough time in to get at least 10 ranks. My biggest focus is on recipe flow. I want to be sure it's possible to advance through it without too much struggle."

Evani says, "Mmm, slash fic, preferably with women.. wait god I'm so gross."

Vicannia muses to Kinaed, "Hopefully the forums don't get to a point where we are policing people's voices because a few get... depressed by reading them?"

Narcisse is going to write dirty stories IC now.

Niamh states, "Be it monetary or just running out of recipes to do, I'd like to make sure there aren't any impossible periods in it."

Evani will read every one.

Janus says to Niamh, "I'll feedback on my arty alt."

Niamh claims, "Tldr: Pboard me if you have experience with Artwork. I'd love to hear it."

Niamh declaims to Janus, "Thanks!"

Nadya states to Niamh, "I, personally, reviewed how you reorganized it, and I like it. You start off with paper, and begin working with bone and basic paints. It's in order of actual style and difficulty of the work, rather than weirdly spaced out."

Niamh says to Nadya, "Exactly! I'm so glad you liked it."

Kinaed claims to Vicannia, ""Policing people's voices" has always been a thing, but we're not policing to censor opinions, but rather to ask people to be polite and respectful, which is standard 'forum moderation' and yes, we do it."

Nadya states, "I'm actually considering taking up artistry, just because you did so well."

Empena wonders, "Is it possible to learn Artwork from 0 now? Or do you still need to be taught the first level?"
(This is an OOC room. Nothing counts for rpxp here.)

Evani claims, "Omg."

Gaven claims, "...bone art"

Gaven says, "Oh now I'm interested"

Evani stares at Nadya and kneels. "Teach me."

Nadya claims, "I'll make art of your bone bb"

Niamh claims to Robin, "Can learn it from 0. Any skill that isn't a guildskill is good to learn from 9."

Niamh says, "Errr... 0. not 9. That would be weird."

Evani grins.

Kinaed says, "Okay, it's past time to wrap up, and someone is waiting in the wings with an event."

Taunya waves.

Evani says, "I do like art and it can be a hobby. Just a hobby, probably for this one."

Gaven says to Nadya, "How ghastly."

Kinaed declaims, "Thank you for coming, everyone!"

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