Log of OOC meeting - 23-07-17

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Percival claims, "Can I take logs today? I'm endlessly hungry for QP."

Temi says, "I'm gonna ask everybody at once."

Bofaha claims to Percival, "Stop hoarding silver by the ton :P"

Temi asks, "Now.. would anyone like to scribe for us today?"

Azarial claims, "Okay, I should not be looking at the metro 2033 and kibitzing on terrain and
asthetic design choices."

Percival puts his hand up, holding it aloft.

Safir states, "I think Percival does."

Rothgar states to Azarial, "Good book."

Temi grins at Safir.

Temi claims to Safir, "I think you may be right."

Temi declares, "Okay, Percival, thanks!"

Percival says, "Mostly because I worked out how to hide prompts"

Azarial claims, "Decent xbox 360 game. just gives me vertigo and eyestrain to watch someone else

Temi grins.

Temi nods.

Temi queries, "So, Rothgar has a topic. Anyone else that would like to get themselves on the books

Percival shakes his head no.

Savvin claims, "I have a small topic"

Azarial states, "Hough it does make fallout look like camelot--a rather silly place."

Taunya consigns a piece of mail to the flame.

Temi nods at Savvin.

Percival says to Azarial, "Dude, sick reference."

Temi questions, "Anyone else before we get going?"

Azarial pontificates, "'we still hvae haloween decorations up after 200 years! the weather hasn;t
done shit to them!'"

Temi says, "Okay, continuing along then! Our agenda for today is 1) Staff updates, 2) Player
heartbeat, 3) Player topics."

Temi tells you, "Okay"

Temi states, "I'll start for staff updates, since I'm already talking."

Spencer says to Azarial, "In all fairness, plastic doesn't really degrade very quickly."

Azarial claims, "Sunlight does an excellent job, as does dust and sand storms."

Temi states, "I went through and did all of the assets for rosters this week, which included
categorizing and creating assets for all 100-some of the roster positions."

Temi states, "Hopefully I should have that tested out and out to people today."

Percival blinks increduously.

Bofaha questions to Temi, "So roster is officially dead?"

Savvin questions, "Will we be given the roster positions if we were already on it?"

Spencer queries, "Assets for rosters?"

Temi states, "Roster is officially reborn."

Bofaha states, "Long live roster"

Percival questions, "Woah, well done Temi. So the silver goes about to people who are on the

Spencer states, "Wait wait wait, How does this work? Considering I was just recently trying to push
a certain asset we were talking about that you told me not to get my hopes up about."

Taunya wonders, "What if someone already has their max assets, can no longer be paid for a roster

Temi claims, "People who take roster positions - should still be the same limits as before - will
get an asset to represent it and get the money from that. It's not owning the thing, it's a
management position at the place, same as now"

Savvin asks, "What is the reborn roster going to do for PC owned Shops?"

Temi claims, "Ignore them."

Rothgar has returned from AFK.

Azarial says, "Taking a roster should be compleyely handled by the asset command"

Percival wonders, "So will we have to reapply?"

Azarial says, "No, you obtain the roster asset form the roster command. there are no more

Azarial states, "Er asset command"

Niamh claims, "I think they're wondering if they need to do that, or if it's already handled if
they were a manager prior."

Temi states, "These are ongoing the same assets so that multiple people don't manage the same place,
etc. You'll need to grab them, but they aren't really an application."

Spencer muses, "I'm assuming Nobility can't take roster assets, considering the virtue of their

Temi says, "Correct"

Percival queries, "Will it cost silver / xp to gain the assets for the roster jobs we had before
this update?"

Temi says, "Roster jobs don't cost"

Temi claims, "I may be able to set up the existing active people on the list with theirs, but I'm
not entirely sure how to handle people who are full up on assets"

Bofaha queries, "So in practice it will work like previous rosters, but without the application

Temi nods at Bofaha.

Bofaha pontificates, "Awesome!"

Temi states, "And with city metrics, and with a thing to track it"

Bofaha nods many times and offers temi a pint of alcohol, which may or may not originate from the
pool he is swimming in

Percival declaims, "Excellent, nice one Temi!"

Temi states, "It's essentially taking something off the staff plate and adding it into the asset
system coe"

Taunya questions, "But you can't take a roster job now if you're already full on assets?"

Azarial says, "No."

Safir says, "You'd probably have to sell an asset."

Azarial claims, "A roster is a t1 asset. if you have our full set, then a roster would be moot."

Temi queries, "Okay, that's about it for me. Az, do you have an update for us? "

Azarial states, "Bugs, crash bugs, weird conversion stuff."

Percival queries, "Are you enjoying all my bugs/typos, or should I slow down on that?"

Azarial states, "I get to them as i can. it;s too hot to think most days."

Temi claims, "If there's bugs/typos, it's better to know about them than not. If it's too many,
we'll let them wait until there's time for them"

Azarial claims, "Summer needs a glacier enema."

Bofaha states to Azarial, "Move to uk, problem solved ;)"

Azarial states, "Can;t afford it. =/"

Bofaha claims, "Aww"

Percival states, "Actually, UK is quite unpleasantly hot right now too."

(visnet) Player Anonymous: Sorry I'm late, can I get a trans to the meeting

Temi has transferred Empena. [OOC]

Jozafat begins to count their money.

Niamh gives a brass puzzle ring comprised of twin chalices intertwining to Empena.

Jozafat kisses Empena.

Spencer asks, "What is unpleasantly hot to you Percival?"

Temi muses, "Anything else you'd like to update us on, Az?"

Primrose says, "Percival is sick. It's cold here."

Empena winks at Jozafat.

Azarial says, "Not that I can thnk of. several things were one shot issues to to a mismatch, and
should not occur again."

Rothgar says, "Bloody brits."

Temi queries, "Okay, Niamh! Have an update for us?"

Percival says, "Primrose is always cold."

Spencer claims, "Rofl I was about to say, temp in London shows 14 celsius. That's a cold day where
I live."

Niamh says, "While I kept up on typos, requests, and recommendations this week, I wasn't on
anywhere near as much as the norm. Didn't get much in excess of the board maintenance done. I got
massively sucked in to Dragon Age. As it has been defeated, I'll be back to my normal too-many-TI-
hours going forward."

Bofaha queries to Niamh, "Templars or mages?"

Azarial says, "14c would be comfortable"

Niamh claims to Bofaha, "Mages."

Spencer states, "Always mages."

Bofaha claims to Niamh, "The fun storyline"

Niamh nods in agreement with Bofaha.

Rothgar says, "You'll be so disappointed with Mages in DA2 and 3."

Niamh claims, "I have no time for lyrium-addled lunatics."

Azarial says, "Inside it is creeping up on 29c, and outside has been hitting 38."

Bofaha says to Azarial, "We have no sun, mostly rain, 16-22c durng the day"

Niamh claims to Temi, "That's it for me."

Niamh smiles.

Temi has transferred Vicannia. [OOC]

Niamh gives a brass puzzle ring comprised of twin chalices intertwining to Vicannia.

Temi queries, "And Kin is travelling so will be scarce or weirdly timed for a couple weeks, so that
brings us to player heartbeat... how's RP been this week, folks?"

Jozafat says, "Good. Surprisingly good."

Bofaha glazers at Jozafat

Jozafat says, "For a passive f*** like mr."

Percival says, "I've been off sick so I've started to get crazy and antsy. So erm... sorry to
everyone I've interacted with this week. I'm trying to cut down."

Rothgar states, "I'd be delighted to give a brief shout-out to elements of a group that will remain
unnamed who took the time out of their no doubt busy RP to come speak with us at the Holy Order,
taking an enormous risk but involving us all in a great conversation that I was lucky to have logged
back in for. Thank you. Honestly, really - thank you. You know who you are, and just being able to
have a chance to speak with you was ground-breaking for me. I don't know who you are, but it means a
lot to me."

Bofaha trails off, "Intense, fun, annoying... so the usual fun week"

Primrose exclaims, "Fun! Had the wedding, few other things going on :)"

Spencer claims, "Terrible. A magical nuke got dropped on Lithmore. Everyone's dead. The city's in

Spencer says, "It's now Fallout - Legacy."

Niamh declares to Rothgar, "Yay, that sounds great!"

Bofaha states to Primrose, "The wedding sure was fun"

Bofaha winks with both eyes

Azarial states, "Don;t forget t recom for good scenes"

Primrose claims, "To bofaha You didn't see the vNPC rage about Bofaha at the reception. :D"

Rothgar claims to Niamh, "It was like getting a breath of fresh air."

Percival says, "If you don't know who you are you can make a request."

Empena states, "The wedding was fun, more folks get married. "

Niamh says to Rothgar, "I'm so glad to hear that. This makes the Niamh smile."

Bofaha declares to Primrose, "Remember to recommend if you've enjoyed what he caused!"

Percival states, "Er... don't know who they are. If you don't know who you are... you have problems."

Taunya claims to Percival, "You can via req board"

Percival nods.
Bofaha nods at Taunya.

Azarial declaims, "'do you know who I am?!' 'oh no, you have amnesia? We can find someone to help

Vicannia claims, "Eh... rp's been fine this week. This character, not so much, but alts, great."

Bofaha states to Azarial, "Who said that"

Temi has transferred Zorba. [OOC]

Azarial states, "Any smart ass to any pretentious ass."

Niamh gives a brass puzzle ring comprised of twin chalices intertwining to Zorba.

Temi questions, "Anything else we ought to know about how RP's been for folks this week? Anything
bugging anyone?"

Savvin claims, "Eh."

Bofaha states, "Slightly bugged by people doing hit&runs in public places"

Rothgar nods.

Percival states, "Yeah, that mage attack at the cathedral was pretty bad"

Vicannia says, "Only thing bugging me is moreso the fault of my guild, minus one, than something
staff can really help with."

Jozafat declares, "Uzi drives!"

Temi has transferred Augustus. [OOC]

Savvin claims, "I thought it was awesome."

Jozafat pew pew pews Bofaha.

Percival states, "There needs to be some sort of balancing with fire walls. The terrifying presence
of a mage was pretty cool though"

Azarial states, "It is on the docket."

Spencer queries, "Well, if it's the entire guild, is it necessarily their fault or is it something
you might need to re-examine?"

Jozafat states, "Don't forget to be scared shitless of mages."

Niamh gives a brass puzzle ring comprised of twin chalices intertwining to Augustus.

Azarial claims, "For some reason, writing one's senators about the abdusly hot summer weather nets
no rsponse o action."

Temi says, "We do have an existing item on the list for the fire walls."

Temi claims, "But yeah, Az is very swamped, so it's hard to get things through."

Jozafat exclaims, "They aren't D&D wizards. They are The Exorcist like monsters!"

Percival claims, "Gotta stay scurred of mages"

Azarial states, "It's too hot to think. -/"

Niamh comforts Azarial.

Percival states, "Ohhh I was going to say one more thing on RP"

Temi states, "Anyone who would like to send icebergs to Az, we can forward them to him."

Vicannia states to Spencer, "It was moreso we all agreed to meet at a specific time, having known
of this time for about a week in advance, and everyone, except one person and myself, was a noshow.
It's part of the reason I was late to the ooc chat. When you forfeit sleep just to meet with others,
it's a bit annoying"

Taunya states, "The wall did give us some medical RP at the Madison at least, but a few tweaks
wouldn't hurt."

Niamh says to Vicannia, "Aw :("

Percival claims, "I find it very unfair that the Order/reeves/medical guys get the blame for not
stopping mages/crime/wounds when they're offline"

Percival claims, "I'm not in any of those guilds, so correct me if I'm wrong"

Zorba claims, "I haven't seen how bad the fire walls are these days, but I would caution too much
of a nerf. Mages are hunted by everyone."

Rothgar states, "I got a rant about that typed up, no worries."

Rothgar snorts.

Niamh nods at Zorba.

Percival grins at Rothgar.

Temi claims, "I believe our plan is to limit the amount it can be used, not the individual power of

Bofaha follows Rothgar with his own snort

Zorba says, "I would agree with that Temi"

Savvin says, "You can't stop one side from taking on another while the players are offline. I mean,
what, is everyone suppose to play nice and never act out unless everyone is around to see it? I can
see that turning into a bad thing really fast."

Vicannia claims, "As long as the fire walls aren't being placed at "High" traffic locations
becauses mages know people will randomly travel through their without thinking, then not sure what
the issue is with firewalls"

Percival states, "Just allowing the flame to be visible or for it to be clear when you get wounded
would be perfect"

Augustus claims, "I played a mud where if an opposing faction wanted to attack another, they had to
get staff approval first so they could ensure it was 'fair'"

Azarial claims, "It is visible in testing."

Jozafat claims to Savvin, "That's fine. Just restrain criticism when it's obvious players were

Augustus claims, "Didn't work so well"

Savvin asks, "Maybe a (accept damage exit)?"

Niamh says to Vicannia, "They stop my internet from connecting to questionable game clients."

Vicannia says, "Firewalls are invisible now? That's a massive change."

Jozafat nods at Percival.

Empena states, "They were put at the Crossroads "

Percival says, "To savvin No, it's fine for one side to do whatever, it just sucks for people to
complain about other people being offline"

Zorba states, "Could code a block to entering or exiting the direction. No person would
intentionally walk through fire, let alone mage fire"

Temi says, "Fire walls should be visible"

Zorba nods at Savvin.

Jozafat claims, "Blocks. Yeah blocks."

Vicannia catches Niamh's comment and chuckles

Niamh grins at Vicannia.

Azarial states, "I cast several, went player, and checked form all sides. visible."

Spencer says, "Eh, the way I see it is if people complain about the Order for not stopping mages
when it's just an incident that they couldn't be there for because nobody was on, that's just the
crowd complaining. It's no different from people saying the police suck at their job because a
shooting happened downtown in a modern city that they didn't happen to be on location for when it

Percival says, "Fire walls and wyrds are currently only visible to mages"

Savvin claims, "And while the Travel Command is handy, players would do well to take time and learn
the city. It helps in trying to get away from someone."

Zorba nods at Spencer.

Safir claims, "It didn't seem obvious or visible at the cathedral, and the code I go for being hurt
was lost in the travel between rooms (room description scrolled it up) so it wasn't obvious to me
until I started getting damage warnings later."

Temi claims, "But yeah, we definitely don't want to blame folks for not being around, and I know
we've brought that up before and seemed as though folks were doing better about it"

Taunya claims, "I saw no wall on the one in the cathedral, and in fact missed that I was burned the
first walk through"

Temi says, "But maybe it needs another reminder again"

Temi states, "We'll check into it"

Bofaha states to Temi, "Can't fault the baddies for goodies not wanting to play"

Niamh claims, "We tested them as players, but as MAGE players. I wonder if that's the mix-up."

Savvin nods at Bofaha.

Temi claims, "There -are- different types of wall things, not just the fire ones."

Safir says, "If a block is put up for them, then it should have an accept so crazies that do want
to walk through it can, knowing they'd get hurt."

Vicannia states to Bofaha, "Well if the baddies only come out when the goodies are away, ya can"

Bofaha queries to Vicannia, "How do you know that?"

Bofaha says, "I saw mage attacks with orderites online"

Savvin claims, "Same here."

Percival claims, "Aye"

Vicannia says, "I'm not saying that is the case, what I'm just saying it has happened in the past.
There are times you can blame the baddies"

Spencer says, "Things go in cycles. Sometimes the baddies are a bit more organized and stronger so
the good types don't really stand much of a chance. Other times it's the direct opposite. The
argument seems to be a rather common one that crops up from both sides."

Temi claims, "Okay, well, shall we go onto player topics? I believe we may end up discussing some
of this."

Savvin says, "The baddies are always blamed though. :)"

Taunya claims, "Shoulder might be a good solution. shoulder (direction) to get past a firewall.
could load an invisible npc."

Bofaha says to Vicannia, "If someone does that intentionally well, that's policy violation. And now
I shut up as temi says :P"

Zorba claims, "Young mages will practice with low online count and progress when they feel stronger
to peak times. "

Spencer claims to Savvin, "I've seen the same blame happen to the Knights and Reeves before in the

Savvin says to Spencer, "But that's how it goes."

Temi muses, "Okay, Rothgar, did you still have some things then?"

Spencer says, "Firewalls in the middle of the city center is kind've dumb though."

Rothgar states, "I'd say let the other fella go first, I don't recall who else wanted to raise

Savvin pontificates, "But it works!"

Spencer claims, "It serves no purpose other than trolling people."

Spencer says, "And contributes literally nothing to RP other than causing problems."
Temi queries to Savvin, "Did you still have anything else you wanted to bring up?"

Niamh says, "Sometimes causing problems is a contribution in and of itself."

Taunya nods at Niamh.

Percival nods.

Jozafat nods and riots!

Savvin queries to Spencer, "But to deny a mage from being able to do it, I mean there are -powerful-
mages out there and it's hard enough for them to get RP with everyone running in terror. Why not
antagonize the pbase with a firewall in the crossroads?"

Percival claims, "My alts had some pretty fun 'omg mages' RP from the mage attack"

Zorba claims, "I agree with Savvin"

Spencer says, "Because it literally does nothing other than having something that ruins another
player's playtime with something they can't really act on."

Spencer states, "Your average mage just drops that wall, cloaks, and leaves."

Bofaha asks of Savvin, "Why would a mage risk being discovered and captured just to antagonize

Spencer states, "Leaving nothing to actually play with"

Vicannia says, "Because it's scummy? Everyone travel's without really paying attention. icly you'd
see a wall of fire, but oocly what reason do you have to pay attention to every room when it's
normally safe"

Savvin claims to Spencer, "But the point and purpose of a mage is to terrorize the population."

Spencer trails off, "No... no that isn't the purpose"

Bofaha states, "Maybe we need to increase RPA details we get from mages doing that, put some risk
to their terror"

Savvin queries, "Who's going to be terrorized with a firewall on Iolaide Avenue?"

Bofaha says, "Good reminder that mages are too die too"

Zorba states, "And on the terrorize part, I disagree"

Vicannia says, "To place anything that impedes travel in overly traveled locations is abusing ooc
knowledge.. because you know people aren't going to pay attention"

Percival claims, "Sort of... there's risk-free antagonism and roleplay antagonism"

Spencer says, "Holy shit why is this constantly seen as the purpose of mages? Playing one isn't to
terrorize everyone."

Temi states, "There's nothing wrong with the occasional fire wall. The problem is if it becomes
all the time."

Empena states, "If you've written your character in a corner where terrorizing people is the only
thing you have left do, I'm not sure that's on everyone else to suffer to give you meaning."

Bofaha nods at Temi.

Savvin says to Spencer, "It is the purpose, straight from the helpfile."

Niamh claims, "We should be mindful of OOC respectfulness. It's unlikely they did it to ruin
anyone's OOC day. It's not fun to read the OOC log and find yourself criticized OOCly for something
you probably thought was generating positive conflict. Not a bad thing to talk about it, but--
hopefully that makes sense."

Percival nods at Empena.

Spencer says, "Point out where in the helpfile it states they're supposed to terrorize."

Temi claims, "Okay, I have an anonymous topic to discuss."

Safir claims, "I thought it was used effectively in the city center, blocking people from access
allowed them to interact with the ones there more. "

Temi questions, "I have someone questioning if people should be able to opt out of showing their
activity or on the activity lists. Do people have thoughts?"

Azarial states, "Not worth the code it would take, right off the top of my head."

Augustus claims, "I guess if they're that concerned about people trying to abuse OOC info, but yeah,
seems like a waste of Az's time"

Taunya says, "I suppose it could be toggled off, if they're paranid and don't care about the QP"

Niamh states, "Could be useful for coverts."

Vicannia trails off, "That... that doesn't seem eh"

Percival says, "Sometimes people need to hide both ICly and OOCly, like coverts. I agree."

Bofaha says to Temi, "Kinda defeats the purpose of it though. "

Spencer states, "I wouldn't be against it, allowing people to cloak it."

Temi states, "If we did such a thing, activity would still apply to them, it would just be not

Vicannia trails off, "If you are covert, you should be focused on hiding your name icly... people
shouln't know the mage harrassing them is on the top ten of activity, and if you use whoinvis
there's no reason they should suspect it"

Spencer says, "It isn't something I'm in dire need of as a player though."

Savvin states, "Spencer, sending you a helpfile"

Empena asks, "The difficulty there is then ... how does someone know at what point they might need
a wrap up?"

Percival says, "I know why someone wants this, and their reasons are valid. It's not mages."

Azarial claims, "I'd be inclined to not award if it is not visible, else no one would be visible,
like some of the silliness with the aononymous visnet"

Savvin states to Spencer, "Says in item G. Manus terrorizes the populace"

Percival wonders, "Is this something that could be handled for this specific person?"

Vicannia agrees with Azarial on this

Niamh says, "The Manus is a guild, not mages."

Spencer claims, "That's the Manus Savvin, not mages as a whole"

Taunya nods at Azarial.

Percival nods.

Spencer says, "The Manus is like the ISIS of Mages."

Spencer states, "Or was"

Azarial states, "Not without a lot of code, whgiuch for one person would put it well down the
priority list."

Savvin questions to Spencer, "What do you think the Manus is?"

Bofaha questions, "I will just personal say that do we really have so much distrust in the pbase
that even activity list is assumed to be metagamed?"

Niamh nods at Spencer.

Vicannia states, "And even if a helpfile says mages terrorize people, there is more to mages than
that one thing."

Safir states, "Agree with Bofaha."

Temi claims, "The manus is a single sect of mages that share an ideology and goals."

Augustus says, "I mean, assuming people don't metagame activity list is probably ignorant though"

Percival nods at Vicannia.

Niamh nods at Temi.

Azarial states, "With the cnoversion, my list has cross two-hundred, not counting the spec ledgers
i carry around."

Savvin muses, "But really, how often do mages attack? I've been back for 3 months and that's the
first I've seen of one"

Vicannia says, "I don't even get how the activity list could be metagamed. You'd have to be
stalking a person at that point."

Savvin says, "As for the activity list, I agree with an opt-out feature."

Bofaha says, "Soon we will just remove activity and who altogether, because metagame"

Bofaha complains

Rothgar states to Savvin, "Conservatively, roughly once or twice a week in private scenes. Once a
month or so for public scenes."

Temi says, "Mages in general are just people - on the whole, I'd guess their main thing they have
in common is most want to live, and they use magic."

Savvin claims, "Sometimes, players don't need to know who is at the top of the RP list or the
Activity List."

Empena states, "Just because you don't personally see or witness something doesn't mean it doesn't
mean it isn't happening. That applies to a lot of things "

Spencer claims to Savvin, "We had a group of mage players not to long ago who were constantly
abusing wall spells to the point of ridiculousness. It's sort of left a bad taste."

Vicannia trails off to Savvin, "I have to call bs on that train of thought..."

Savvin queries to Spencer, "What would you consider abuse?"

Savvin asks of Spencer, "For example, if I wanted to put up barriers and make the city into a rat
maze while I laughed at everyone from atop the Cathedral ... is that abuse or a mage terrorizing the

Bofaha queries to Savvin, "You or your pc?"

Bofaha claims, "That is the line"

Vicannia claims, "I'd consider that abuse."

Rothgar questions, "What does it add to the game? Or people's RP?"

Savvin says to Bofaha, "It's just an example"

Spencer claims to Savvin, "Well, they literally walled every gate of the city and dropped random
walls in the city while cloaking and ran back to whatever hole they crawled out of while we had to
just sort of deal with it disrupting things."

Empena claims, "Goes to Kinaeds statement on the forums that being a cackling mage flying around
doing stuff like that isn't the theme."

Savvin says to Rothgar, "It adds that the Order needs to hunt a mage because someone is capable of
taking everyone prisoner."

Percival claims, "I'd have to point everyone back to Kinaed's quote about Mages 'winning' when they
can cast a spell and not get caught, as opposed to blotting out the sun and raining down fire."

Azarial claims, "About like summoning several demons, turning them loose, and melting the snows
early so that the city is flooded."

Rothgar says to Savvin, "We're already doing that. Constantly."

Bofaha says, "Generally all sort of homicidals are supposed to ba app characters"

Bofaha states, "Because of what impact they have on the playerbase as a whole"

Zorba says, "The mage acting overtly in the game adds to the RP by demonstrating their existence
and that they are not fearful of the populace as a whole"

Bofaha claims, "Or it used to be like that"

Savvin states, "I dunno about mages 'winning'. I took one out with someone who wasn't a mage."

Zorba says, "It takes a lot to get a mage to that level of ability."

Savvin states, "What I like about the mage thing is you have to outsmart the player behind the mage
and work as a team rather than one or two people trying to play the hearo."

Savvin states, "Hero*"

Spencer claims, "Playing a mage isn't like playing some anime villain who has to run around
cackling and doing the whole mustache twirling villain thing. It's about living in a world where
you're persecuted for being what you are and trying to generally survive as a result of it."

Rothgar wonders, "We got about 15 minutes left, Temi, you mind if I spam my wall-of-text-complaints
while we're voicing them?"

Jozafat has lost link.

Zorba says, "I would say that the mage should be present in the area for the spell to remain active
Savvin questions to Spencer, "Rather bad stereotype don't you think?"

Spencer says, "It's a rather fitting one to me."

Niamh claims to Zorba, "Interesting idea."

Percival states to Spencer, "It's about being gay in the 1970s."

Vicannia says, "A good mage never has to attack people... or use spells that inflict harm. I say
this from experience"

Temi claims, "Let's move on to Rothgar's topics, everyone."

Savvin states to Zorba, "THen you are locking the mage into place."

Azarial claims, "The problem is that areas are not well outlined to work that well."

Zorba claims, "Not thhe immediate room. Within 5 rooms"

Savvin states to Zorba, "Still locking them in the area."

Savvin nods at Temi.

Temi nods at Rothgar.

Percival nods at Temi.

Rothgar states, "Right, hold onto your butts."

Zorba muses to Azarial, "On the build grid?"

Rothgar states, "One : Recent rumors that 'the Order, Reeves, or Knights aren't doing their job.'
I'll be the first to tell you that you're right, we're not. There's two Inquisitors, with no Priests
to back us up in the Order. In the Knights, we've got three active characters, with the Earl
Marshall in charge. The poor Reeves have no one except for Jozafat, and the dude absolutely cannot
be on at all times of the day. Enough is enough, and I'm absolutely sick of hearing people from the
sidelines telling me that these organizations 'don't do their jobs,' or 'aren't there when we need
them.' Yeah, no crap, pbase is low and it's only getting lower. I'm in a rare and exciting position
of being able to be on 5 or 6 hours a day - the others aren't. They've got jobs, lives, and friends.
For Dav's sake, cut them some slack. And if you're -really- pissed off about how no one is there to
help you? Make an alt and join those organizations. I promise you that within a week you'll either
be ready to tear your hair out, or quit. The last time I offered this up at the OOC meeting, three
people joined. They lasted five days."

Rothgar says, "Two : 'The Order is corrupt.' Yeah, no crap, dingleberry. Of course we are. Not in
the way that you think, because there's no one to share Orderite RP with at the moment, but yeah -
we make deals on the daily with shitty people because otherwise, a lot more people would be dead.
What -bothers- me about this is that, after a few evenings ago, this is the -fifth- character who
has demanded something wholly unthemely from the Holy Order, and threatened to go around murder-
hobo'ing people because 'The Order is Corrupt.' How is the Order corrupt to them? I honestly don't
know, I've never gotten a chance to RP with them. How is that possible, you ask? Because they'll
yell something through a closed door and leave, or give me a one-sentance emote in a combat scene
before never talking to me again about it. In -fact,- the one character I was -able- to talk to
about corruption in the Order told me that it was all lies, that they had zero evidence, and were
only saying it to destablize the Order. All two of us."

Niamh holds onto her butt.

Rothgar claims, "Three : This trend of hurting Cyans, giving Cyans 'no win' scenarios, or
threatening Cyans with death unless they meet your rediculous demands. I don't know who's doing it,
and I'm not about to start pointing fingers - but with that said, I now have -three- Cyans in the
last 2 weeks tell me that they were threatened with death over stuff they never should've been
threatened with death over, simply because they literally could not perform the actions that were
asked of them. You know who you are. Stop. It's hurting the MUD, and my stance on handling stuff
purely IC'ly has been tried and tested nearly to the breaking point these last two weeks. You don't
have to baby Cyans by any stretch of the imagination - those of you around last evening saw what my
idea of giving them a plot hook looks like - but threatening them with death right off the bat?
That's the dumbest and most annoying thing I've ever heard."

Rothgar states, "So, guys, I'll wrap this up by saying this : the imms, a while back, were kind
enough to open up a channel directly to me and the boss. They said that if anything odd was
happening, or if there was anything I was uncomfortable with, to contact them. I tried my hardest
never to do so, not to bother them until I felt that there was no other choice. I'll tell you what,
I've started up 3 or 4 pboards in the last week, and I've got no doubt that they're sick of hearing
about it. But, guys, honestly? If you see something, or hear something, report it. Otherwise, it's
just going to keep happening. I'm paying the price for my silence, now, and it's just not good."

Niamh says, "OH MY GOD. *read*"

Percival says, "Reading."

Augustus says, "O boy"

Vicannia claims, "Really should have done that in parts, bring up topic one, move one after some
discussion. "

Rothgar claims, "Well, I can repost it to the forums if it'd suit the court. But we've got ten-ish

Bofaha wonders, "Who the lunare is doing that to cyans?"

Azarial says to Zorba, "In some spots, five rooms is five areas/zones with no connection further.
the phome zone is scattered all over, aslwell, complicating zone boundaries"

Spencer trails off, "...the cyan part is..."

Spencer claims, "Disturbing"

Temi says, "Definitely report the cyan abuse to us, you dont' need to try to shelter it from us. I
know Kin's addressed at least one of the things she heard about, and I'm not sure if the others were
just to her."

Bofaha claims, "And I will add that knights are very much defunct, out of the alive characters we
have no actually active knights out of the Earl, who is not on a lot."

Spencer claims, "The cyan abuse is borderline bannable I think"

Rothgar nods at Temi.

Azarial claims, "Room size and the design of the grid does not allow it to be mapped to a proper
grid, so that distanbce calculations are as the crow flies, versus at the rat walks."

Rothgar says to Temi, "I'll look through what I'd had logged and get back to you on names. Though
I'll save you the effort now and say that I don't know who's behind it, just that I've gotten
reports from cyans being threatened off the bat."

Percival claims, "That cyan thing made me really angry."

Spencer says, "Gonna be honest, and considering I've kind've been antagonistic today already, it's
probably gonna come across as douchey but"

Temi nods at Rothgar.

Niamh frowns.

Spencer says, "As far as the Order goes, I played a Knight for a while and was not happy with how
it was being run."

Spencer says, "And stopped playing as Orderites"

Spencer says, "Sort've just a vote with your wallet thing, so to speak."

Percival says, "Then you can change it IC. It doesn't deduct from the problems Rothgar is having."

Vicannia says, "The cyan bit is very worrisome... point 1... Eh sounds like much the same old same
old. I get tired of hearing how vicannia is such a horrible person despite that being publicly quite
the contrary... and point two. Well I can't really say anything about that. I played orderites, I
gave it an honest shot on misune and several other characters, and I've just had no desire to go
back. But I also haven't played an a mage in over a year, so no exactly adding to the issue."

Spencer states, "Not really Percival. When someone did try to try something new with it, he got
immediately ousted."

Safir states, "If there's new leadership, could try again, or change it IC. I've been an Orderite
GL before, it was exhausting. "

Vicannia claims, "Also there can be legitimate corruption in the order. At the time of rhea, there
was corruption, of which part of she purposefully created."

Percival claims, "Can imagine it's tons exhausting."

Temi says, "Private corruption is totally thematic. Letting it show is where things become

Savvin says to Rothgar, "One : Rumors are rumors. The helpfile says that you may even be called a
whore and that it's IC. We've all been dragged through the mud with the rumor board, Reeves and
Order alike."

Savvin says to Rothgar, "Two : Not sure how to help you with this. I've played an Orderite and had
a good time catching Mages. Maybe offer a sign on bonus? (hopefully not a bad joke) I don't know
what else to say."

Savvin states to Rothgar, "Three : Whoever is threatening Cyans with death, should have a bounty
put out on them because that would be the IC thing to do."

Spencer claims, "Being an Orderite GL -is- exhausting, so definitely not saying otherwise. I just
wasn't happy with the current atmosphere of the guild."

Spencer claims, "And wouldn't be surprised if that's kind've the case otherwise."

Rothgar claims, "There is corruption. They're not -wrong,- it's just that it's been made a rallying
cry for ganking people without a more in-depth IC reason."

Savvin wonders to Rothgar, "How do you know?"

Empena says, "I've something to add here, there's this demand that the Order as whole answer mage
attacks, but by helpfiles that's the Knights job. Indeed there was ... negative RP about doing so.
But there seems to be a state's expectation any Orderite on needs to answer mage attacks otherwise
the threat is people including cyans will be hurt or killed. So my choice feels to be to break theme
or admin directed RP or watch people hurt."

Rothgar claims, "About the corruption? I'm in the Order. It's all I play."

Vicannia claims, "Likely because it sounds like he's been the victim of it"

Savvin questions to Rothgar, "I've heard this comment before even against one of my alts. How do
you know there isn't more in-depth IC reasons and your character just hasn't been privy to it?"

Spencer claims, "Well, Empena's right. Knights are the ones who immediately answer mage attacks."

Spencer claims, "Inquisitors just investigate."

Savvin nods at Spencer.

Rothgar states, "Excellent question, Savvin, and you're correct - there -is- RP going on that I'm
not privy to. I'd never know, however, because the people who say 'the Order is corrupt' have never
RP'd with me except for once."

Vicannia says, "If a person is not providing legitiamate and thought out reasoning in a scene where
they are attacking people, then it's our right to assume there isn't substance behind it"

Rothgar states, "And, again, they're not wrong."

Bofaha muses to Rothgar, "Got to wonder where it comes from eh?"

Temi says, "Okay, I think we've got that all out, and I don't know if we can make much more
progress on this, and I do have one more topic."

Temi queries, "Percival, you had a topic?"

Spencer states to Rothgar, "Well, to be fair. If someone said that to Rothgar, he'd probably have
them under the question."

Vicannia claims to Rothgar, "I'd definitely would see about posting your points on the forums."

Spencer states to Rothgar, "So you're not likely to encounter that personally"

Percival asks, "Mine's a much lighter topic - can mortals design things for the meetings?"

Niamh says to Rothgar, "Billiam has some strong words for you."

Vicannia looks to Percival "What?"

Safir queries to Percival, "Looking for more QP? "

Percival laughs.

Percival claims, "No, I'm just curious. It looks like a lot of fun."

Rothgar states to Niamh, "We can work it out in my office. Privately. <waggly eyebrows>"

Temi states, "You can suggest things for us to consider, whether it's specific sorts of things or
an event to commemorate"

Azarial gets a dufflebag of ooc meeting items from pico, a text editor.

Niamh grins at Rothgar.

Percival states, "Cool, thank you."

Azarial gets a painted glass eyeball yoyo on a rough braided string of scarlet yarn from a
dufflebag of ooc meeting items.

Bofaha says to Niamh, "You are helping the corruption to spread"

Spencer claims, "Maybe a tiny Lithmorran man with a top hat like a british dude with a teacup"

Temi says, "But we reserve the right to completely change things up or commemorate different ideas"

Vicannia states, "Eh... the ooc meeting items are typically meantto represent significant rp during
the last week. I'd be hesitant to allow people to make items for ooc chat, as it would likely be

Niamh pontificates, "Nonsense. Billiam is the shield against Order corruption!"

Empena claims, "I'm cautious about posting to the forums, as I got feedback disagreeing bothers
some folks."

Taunya gets a wriggly, slippery, edible leech from a felted wool raccoon plush with a sizable,
buttoned pocket.

Primrose says, "To vicannia Seriously? It's a little OOC item. It really doesn't matter in the
grand scheme of things."

Taunya hugs a wriggly, slippery, edible leech

Temi states to Vicannia, "But hearing about a big event to consider is definitely helpful as I
can't be in a lot of these things"

Azarial puts a painted glass eyeball yoyo on a rough braided string of scarlet yarn in a dufflebag
of ooc meeting items.

Niamh claims to Taunya, "You still have the raccoon! Whee."

Azarial puts a brass puzzle ring comprised of twin chalices intertwining in a dufflebag of ooc
meeting items.

Bofaha wants to see inquisitors reaction when he will find the ooc items stack

Azarial puts a dart with a barrel-shaped shaft and trailing, red ribbons in a dufflebag of ooc
meeting items.

Bofaha claims, "Especially some of the older OOC meeting items.."

Azarial gets a severed length of void tentacle from a dufflebag of ooc meeting items.

Bofaha nods at Azarial.

Azarial puts a severed length of void tentacle in a dufflebag of ooc meeting items.

Taunya states to Niamh, "Was happy to finally have a bag to stuff all these things in."

Vicannia says to Temi, "Also yeah nothing wrong there... I think suggesting events is fine and
dandy. but creating... not so much."

Azarial puts a dufflebag of ooc meeting items in pico, a text editor.

Taunya puts a wriggly, slippery, edible leech in a felted wool raccoon plush with a sizable,
buttoned pocket.

Taunya puts a brass puzzle ring comprised of twin chalices intertwining in a felted wool raccoon
plush with a sizable, buttoned pocket.

Azarial claims, "Players lack msot of the commands needed to properly create one."

Temi states, "Even suggesting ideas for those events, but staff will make the eventual call on what
to do/honor"

Temi states, "The ideas don't hurt though, at all"

Azarial says, "There are often a number of wight and size tweaks to get them to work as intended,
changes to wear lkocations, and sometimes types."

Temi muses, "Especially since a lot of weeks we get up there, and look at each other and go.. uhh..
what happened this week?"

Percival states, "Alright, was just curious. Wasn't sure what the OOC items were about."

Jozafat has reconnected.

Jozafat states, "Shieeeeet"

Percival declaims, "I didn't know they commemorate real events!"

Jozafat states, "Supermarket signal"

Niamh tsk tsks at Jozafat.

Temi nods at Percival.

Empena wonders, "Random question, is the rumor true you can forget a skill off your learn for QP?"

Spencer states, "Like the old snowglobes with the golden lung event ;_;"

Niamh nods at Spencer.

Azarial says, "Hence asking about rp during the week. looking for item ideas"

Bofaha claims to Empena, "Yep, but no qp back"

Temi exclaims, "Generally RP events from the week! This week was the wedding, I think"

Vicannia states to Spencer, "That was a fun one."

Spencer states, "Oh Zeita we knew ye well"

Azarial states, "You can purchase a skill down and remove it from the learn that way"

Percival questions, "Can next week's item be a cathedral oil lamp with fire walls coming out of

Niamh laughs.

Azarial says, "They also need to be icly safe. that might not be safe, as mjch fuin as it woun be"

Bofaha declares to Azarial, "Since when ooc meetings items are icly safe ?!"

Empena says, "Not after a certain point, I don't think, it's locked in if you go past 36"

Bofaha trails off, "What did i miss..."

Azarial tends to not crete items anymore for that reason.

Percival questions, "Then... a locket with Empena's other side of her face getting burnt?"

Taunya gets a wriggly, slippery, edible leech from a felted wool raccoon plush with a sizable,
buttoned pocket.
Niamh comforts Azarial.

Azarial says to Bofaha, "Kin made that call a while back"

Taunya eats a wriggly, slippery, edible leech.
Biting into a jelly leech, Taunya's mouth EXPLODES! ... with flavor.

Percival winks comically at Empena.

Bofaha states to Azarial, "Awww"

Taunya puts a wriggly, slippery, edible leech in a felted wool raccoon plush with a sizable,
buttoned pocket.

Temi says, "I think we have provided help with folks switching slots around due to being locked in
from already having all the slots full, for QP"

Spencer wonders, "Do the puzzle rings do anything?"

Safir stops using fingerless archer's gloves shielded by rigid leather plates.

Safir wears a brass puzzle ring comprised of twin chalices intertwining on her left finger.

Safir wears fingerless archer's gloves shielded by rigid leather plates on her hands.

Temi says, "But you should be able to switch it if you aren't above the threshold for the slot its

Temi states, "I think the rings are just pretty."

Empena states, "Part of it was a skill raised before some changes happened "

Temi states, "You can always purchase skills down, you just don't get xp back."

Empena nods.

Empena claims, "Good to know"

Percival muses, "Does it maintain as death XP?"

Temi wonders, "Okay.. anything else we need to address before we send folks back?"

Temi claims, "No idea"

Spencer claims, "I have one thing to suggest"

Vicannia says, "Small thing"

Spencer states, "It's something I recently encountered with chargen"

Temi nods.

Vicannia claims, "Order, Love your mages, mages, love your order. You two need each other to truly
function. And remember, killing isn't everything."

Percival cycles his hands to hurry things along as he's running out of VHS tape for this log.

Azarial grins.

Azarial claims, "Don;t record it on sp."

Vicannia says, "The best rp comes from a lack of killing."

Savvin states, "I disagree."

Rothgar says, "Well, the current Manus is a sweetheart, shout out to her/him/whatever."

Spencer claims, "Gentry don't really have much of a tangible benefit anymore choosing them aside
from direct rp benefit. Used to be they started with more of a weekly check but now all it really is
is a drain on your starting xp and the ability to get higher assets later if you don't have a large
bank of XP immediately right now."

Spencer claims, "Suggestion is to maybe lower how much it costs to choose gentry as your class."

Spencer says, "Or give them a free tier 2 instead of a tier 1."

Savvin states, "Gentry get treated like Nobles from what I've seen."

Niamh starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Spencer claims, "They shouldn't, really."

Niamh finishes her note.

Temi finishes abruptly, "Gentry should be more about RP than the benefits, and they do have a lot
more room to expand into for power. But we can suggest those ideas - they'll definitely need Kin

Vicannia states to Savvin, "Then I fear for your playstyle. if killing is the only thing you or
your characters can do... Well that's a pity as killing cuts off rp. it may further your rp, but it
destroys the other persons"

Taunya says to Spencer, "They get a massive amount of silver from purchase wealth still"

Temi states, "Niamh's got it up on our list for us."

Niamh claims to Temi, "Added to the talking points list."

Temi nods at Niamh.

Spencer states, "The thing is if I'm getting less XP, I want some kind of mechanical benefit."

Spencer says, "Because XP supports the mechanics of the game."

Azarial says, "Okay, the moire patterns are getting complex. taking a break."

Azarial has gone AFK.

Bofaha finishes abruptly to Spencer, "You do get coded benefit - can grow into riches"

Bofaha claims, "Freeman can not build nowhere near as big assets pool"

Savvin claims to Spencer, "Well no, they shouldn't. But when you put the three classes side by side,
the Freemen get the garbage and the Gentry expect to be treated like the Nobles when the Nobles
aren't around. Granted, it's thematic for the Gentry to piss on the Freemen but when the they can
start pulling in Reeves and Knights to punish Freemen ... it gets a bit annoying."

Spencer says to Bofaha, "Except Gentry aren't supposed to -grow- into riches. They're supposed to -
be- riches"

Bofaha states to Spencer, "And they can, if you have the XP for it. But this is part of the theme
that having XP availale opens up more opportunities"

Jozafat says, "Imma beat all gentries who play smart."

Spencer says, "Either way, it's a suggestion for a bit of a tweak. 15k xp is a lot to lose."

Bofaha claims, "Eh, of the game not theme"

Savvin states to Spencer, "Seems fair to me."

Savvin shrugs.

Temi claims, "We'll definitely discuss it as staff"

Temi declaims, "Okay. Sending everyone back now!"

Niamh declares, "Take care everybody!"

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