Log of OOC Meeting - 5/27/17

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Sat May 27, 2017 10:04 pm

Kinaed muses, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today?"

Nadya states, "Oh! You sly devils."

Rothgar claims, "I've got something typed up I'd like to say during player heartbeat."
Kinaed nods at Rothgar.
say I have one, though I've no doubt it will come up before I say it. But, yes.

Empena states, "I have one, though I've no doubt it will come up before I say it. But, yes."

Zhar claims, "I'd like a moment during Topics"
Kinaed nods at Zhar.

Nadya questions, "Can I just have a pre-topic request?"
Kinaed wonders to Nadya, "Sure, want to make it now?"

Raemont grins

Nadya states, "Yeah."

Kinaed wonders, "Meanwhile, does anyone else have a topic while Nadya writes up the request?"

Nadya claims, "I realize things are getting rough and tough , but please don't take it out on one another. If stuff like that bleeds into things, from any side of the parties, it'll just breed bad blood. Let's not get too inflammed, alright? All that's given from getting upset is a shouting match, in something that's better resolved in a calm discussion."

Kinaed nods at Nadya.

Lance hugs the puppet.

Kinaed says, "If the conversation gets too out of hand, I'll ask people to defer it anyway."

Kinaed says, "Okay, let's get started. Staff Updates! Last week, I actually handled a plot and did a bit of policy, but not much. As far as I can tell, people were having fun and not getting into policy issues, which is what I like."

Kinaed claims, "Still on my desk... jail automation. I really should do something with that. Sorry guys."

Kinaed states, "Thats all for me. Az, you're up."

Azarial states, "Let;s see. poked at roles some more, fixed a few bugs, and trying not to cough up a lung."
Kinaed comforts Azarial.

Kinaed claims, "Just having a quick look at the Changes Board."

Kinaed states, "People are aware that only 2 guildskills can be purchased in chargen now - there's a topic on the forums about that."

Kinaed claims, "We've removed the job creators because people were earning an unbalanced amount of silver from them, particularly for jobs that were freemen oriented."

Kinaed states, "We've moved vats to be themely."

Kinaed states, "Policy Freezes no longer exist."

Margaux waves.

Azarial says, "Tanning vats are a huge NIMBY."

Nadya wonders, "What's a NIMBY?"

Snefru questions, "Two of each guild's skills? Or only two skills of all that are guild specific?"

Kinaed claims, "I think that's worth mentioning."
Kinaed says to Nadya, "I have no clue."
say Not in my back yard.

Empena says, "Not in my back yard."

Azarial states, "'not in my backyard' thigns like sewage treatmant plants and nuclear power plants."

Azarial states, "The most basic substances used to make leather include fresh and fermented dung, urine, and boiled brains."

Caterina claims, "Mmmm."

Bofaha thanks Temi

Kinaed states, "Oops."

Vicannia claims, "Mmmmmm.... boiled brains. "

Kinaed claims to Temi, "I'll leave transing to you."

Bofaha claims, "I know my way down from double tp"
Temi grins at Kinaed.
Temi nods.

Bofaha grins

Azarial says, "As the saying goes, outside of the american bison, everyone animal has enough brains to save its hide."

Kinaed claims, "Okay, let's see. I think that's it. Temi, you're up."

Azarial claims, "Every, rather."

Temi says, "I've been working on all the prep work for the Royal Wedding events this weekend. Some of the stuff has IC Events posted. There's a bunch of merchantly and craftery activities to help make up for Amir's oopsy, for those interested in such things - engage with those via the bounty system. And there's a potential plotly issue... feel free to engage with that via plot system."

Temi claims, "Or I'll have some more info introduced there later today, and have some NPCs out."

Kinaed claims, "Oh, guys - if I miss something you say or fail to respond, I've probably missed it in my screen spam. Please send me a tell to check."

Temi states, "No specific timing, just depends on when olks are around."
Kinaed nods at Temi.

Temi finishes abruptly, "The wedding ceremony itself - provided it happens ;) will be on Monday"
Kinaed claims to Temi, "I've been impressed with the prep so far, and I hope everyone enjoys it. I think its looking awesome."

Temi says, "Please vote on the forums if you haven't already, and would like to attend that, and I"ll try to set the time in stone tonight"
Kinaed claims to Snefru, "Re guildskills - to guildskills in chargen, total. From all guilds."

Temi claims, "That is, there's a vote for the time on Monday on the forums."
Snefru nods at Kinaed.

Snefru declares, "Thank you!"

Temi says, "If there's enough lull, I'll resume some assets work."
Temi nods at Kinaed.

Temi says, "Back to you."

Zhar cheers Temi on.
Kinaed smiles.
Kinaed states to Temi, "Thank you."

Kinaed states, "Looks like that's it for Staff Updates. Niamh's been busy too, I promise. :)"

Zhar declaims, "Busy slacking off!"

Kinaed questions, "Player Heartbeat! How was the RP this last week, folks?"

Zhar states, "I kid."

Zhar says, "I've had the time of my life on TI:L to be honest."

Caterina states, "RP was great for me! No complaints. Having a great time :) Thanks for all the scenes, guys."

Bofaha states, "Pretty fun, engaging, a lot of ICly drama which is awlays awesome"

Zhar claims, "I've done so much crap, written so many letters, met so many people, engaged in RP I never would've-- I'll be honest. I wanna do a gambit again."

Sauvaige trails off, "Had a fun little scene with a fake mustache..."
Temi grins.
Bofaha exclaims to Zhar, "Glad to see that you enjoy it!"

Empena claims, "I've honestly had a sort of a rough time this week for a number of different reasons."

Margaux muses to Zhar, "We could make it a weekly event? :P"
Kinaed comforts Empena.
Zhar nods at Margaux.

Bofaha chuckles

Zhar says, "Absolutely."

Vicannia says, "Rp's been fairly well this week. No complaints really."

Kinaed queries, "Anything shitting anyone that they want staff to know about?"
Kinaed smiles.

Empena says, "Hmm, a bit, though I do not know if I should wait until later to talk about it then."

Kinaed claims to Empena, "I'll give you my time either way."

Vicannia shrugs to Kinaed "Nothing that staff can really assist with, though I am thankful someone brought the issue to my attention."

Rothgar says, "I'd had something typed, but I've got the same concern as Emps."
Kinaed states to Empena, "It doesn't have to be in front of everyone."

Empena nods at Kinaed.

Jakob says, "Well now I'm curious"

Zhar states, "I've had an issue, but it doesn't really bother me- It did however affect some RP. I have however lost the log of the incident-- it was a code issue I think."

Kinaed says, "Okay, well I'll meet you and Rothgar after and we can have a cup of tea or something :)"
Kinaed nods at Zhar.

Zhar wonders, "What about me? I don't get tea? :("
Rothgar nods at Kinaed.

Rothgar says, "Alright."

Bofaha scratches his head "Nothing to gripe about this week"
Nadya drinks from a clay mug with a handle, filled to the brim with black tea.

Bofaha exclaims, "But I do love our current turnout in EU timezone, GO EU!"

Kinaed says, "Okay, anyone else have a comment for Player Heartbeat? I'm so happy that, for them most part, people are enjoying their drama filled RP week."
Kinaed nods at Bofaha.

Kinaed claims, "It's been nice for me too, logging in and finding people."

Sauvaige declares, "Finally! Eu friends!"

Lance claims, "TI has messed up my sleep schedule, and I wouldn't have it any other day. RP has been fantastic."

Lance states, "Way*"

Snefru declaims, "Go EU (and by association, Africa)!"

Kinaed cheers.

Caterina says, "As my final comment, I demand that Cat's wedding outfit for the Queen go on permanent display if the wedding does not go through so everyone can admire the 4 hours I took coloring it."

Caterina is obviously joking.

Zhar declaims, "I am not people and this offends me!"
say Should make a tiny copy of it to give to everyone as next week's item.

Empena states, "Should make a tiny copy of it to give to everyone as next week's item."

Kinaed claims, "Okay, next item on the agenda... Player Topics. Totally my favorite part."

Bofaha grabs popcorn
Vicannia trails off to Caterina, "That's actually a good idea... and something I could see the crown doing"

Azarial says, "Much like this dirk, that I believe has long since vanished from the grid."
Kinaed asks of Rothgar, "I have you down in my list first. Did you want to raise something?"
Margaux wonders to Caterina, "Save it for the runner up groom?"
Vicannia states to Azarial, "I have a feeling I know which dirk you speak of Azarial."
Temi grins at Caterina.

Rothgar queries, "Yeah. I guess I should start out by saying that this is a personal thing, more than a professional one, so knowing that, would you rather me air it here or elsewhere?"

Temi claims, "Though.. all that work -could- be considered incentive to help make sure the wedding goes off."

Azarial grins and flips a slim damascus dirk, ivory-gold hilt capped in a ruby rose in her hand.
Kinaed says to Rothgar, "It's entirely your choice, friend. It's your topic."
Rothgar nods at Kinaed.

Rothgar states, "Text incoming, sending."
Kinaed says to Rothgar, "If you'd prefer, I'm meeting with you after. If you want people to know - and thus be able to comment - here's your soapbox. :)"
Jakob muses to Temi, "The best way to interact is a plot?"

Rothgar states, "I just wanted to briefly touch base about all this... Stuff. Going on about the Gambit. We all know that I made it - I put my name on it, for Dav's sake - and at this point I feel like we're all adult enough to talk about it for a brief second. I've seen pboards getting tossed around about how it 'seems' to be an OOC thing. The imms have weighed in on it, on OOC, the Forums, and now, as I'm lead to understand, IC'ly via the Cardinal."

Rothgar states, "And you know? I've gotten one letter about it. No pboards. No tells. No OOC conversations about it. Lord knows, Empena was the only one good enough to let me know it was being discussed over OOC the other evening. No one has brought a concern about... Multiplay, or theme, or legality, or whatever to me. At all. Period. I can give you guys logs if you want them. I can give whomever, whatever. Cnotes, logs of what I've got, anything. The reason for doing this is wholly IC."

Rothgar says, "But the point is, like it was LAST week when I asked for a trans out when everyone was talking about shit I'd inadvertantly done, that not a soul has - or likely will - touch base with me about it. This OOC stuff is, honestly, beginning to get to me. It feels like shit - people keep from referencing my name simply because they want to keep my shit secret, or keep me out of the conversation or whatever, but damn, guys. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we've even lost a player over this Arien stupid crap. "

Rothgar states, "I'm rambling, and I know this isn't a good sticking point for anything, and I sound like a Salty Sandra. But man, guys, if you believe that I'm multiplaying, or cheating, or ganking, or whatever, tell the imms to leave me a pboard or -something.- Tell them to talk to me abou it. Or even just talk to me about it yourself. I mean, what the Lunare am I supposed to do now? Pretend that all this doesn't affect me? It does. It makes me feel like shit. Honestly, not even angry - it, all this bull, just fosters that edging feeling of helplessness and depression when I'm on this character."

Temi states to Jakob, "Plot, yes, or if the NPC is out."

Jakob plots to kill the NPC and win the affection of the Queen

Kinaed claims, "The IC letter was in response to a player plot. The discussion on the forums was not about your gambit, but gambits in general. With regards to this gambit, it is in play, and we don't change the rules of gambits in flight. You have not received OOC communication because it hardly seems appropriate."

Zhar claims, "Rothgar, I want you to know I never thought of anything about this as OOC. I haven't said a single word OOCly or raised a complaint about the gambit."
Kinaed nods at Zhar.

Kinaed states, "Yes, there are no complaints about hte gambit being OOC, nor do we think anything poorly of you for raising a gambit."

Bofaha says, "But maybe it would've been better to let it run it's course and then discuss it on forums"

Bofaha wonders

Caterina states, "Though I'm not really involved in this ICly or anything, I just want to say that I enjoy you, Rothgar, as a character and a player. I have often squeed about how much I like Rothgar because he cracks me up."

Kinaed states to Bofaha, "Potentially. I got a pboard about gambits in general, and asked NIamh to let people discuss the note."

Kinaed nods at Caterina.

Sauvaige claims, "What Bofaha said. I think it's quite unfair to have shined such a spotlight on this one gambit while it's still going on, it's not very fair to Zhar or Rothgar."

Kinaed says, "As far as I can tell OOCly, everyone seems to like Rothgar's RP and enjoy his presence."
Kinaed states to Rothgar, "I'm sorry you've somehow inadvertently gotten a cold message OOCly."

Zhar claims, "I haven't even written on the forums, and was reluctant to even say anything on OOC the other day when 'gambit criteria' was discussed. I respect you as much as the next man. I wouldn't do that."

Empena says, "The difficulty is that when there is a Gambit currently in play and it's affecting roleplay, it becoming a hot topic of debate with people expressing thoughts like Gambits shouldn't be a thing, and those feelings sort of coming to the surface in the midst of active play, it makes it sort of awkward."

Zhar states, "So you and me, we are good bro. I love you to bits."

Kinaed nods at Empena.

Bofaha states, "I don't know icly rothgar, but I love the rp this gambit threw my way, so big fan from that angle."

Rothgar states, "It was a personal point, more than a professional one - And Zhar, to his credit, has been dashing as a guy OOC'ly. But it didn't help just... That nagging feeling. I don't mean to dwell on it, I just did want to get it out there."

Azarial claims, "Smoething has to be a thing to dislodge GLs for various reasons."

Vicannia claims, "I do agree that speaking of gambits in general oocly on the forums to such a degree was not a smart move, as people can be influenced by such ooc discussion"

Jakob questions, "Death? :P"

Azarial trails off, "If they never login..."

Nadya trails off, "I kinda agree, with the whole timing of the gambit topic..."
Vicannia sneezes loudly.

Zhar states, "I wouldn't let anyone vote pro Zhar if it was fueled by OOC. Literally, I would tell them OOCly to abstain."

Kinaed claims, "I can make an effort next time to forestall those discussions until after an event is over, it just seems awkward to delay responses to people, etc. But the gambit discussion on the forums, so far as I know, makes no reference to the gambit in play and is more of a general discussion about if gambits are thematic enough, whether or not they make being a GL a popularity contest, etc."

Zhar nods at Kinaed.

Caterina snuggles up to Rothgar.

Kinaed claims, "I think that's a valid discussion, and as I said, I'm sorry it's made you guys feel awkward. Again, as far as I know, no one is judging you guys for utilizing a system designed to be utilized."

Vicannia states, "But you have no way of knowing Zhar, that's the problem. Voting doesn't require a reason provided, and as such it is rife for ooc/ic crossover"

Nadya joins the cuddle session with Caterina and Rothgar.

Margaux claims, "It probably should require a note."

Zhar claims, "I do talk to people and chat with them. I can tell when there is OOC favoritism."

Empena claims, "I'd request that to please be a consideration, because otherwise it brings up the concern whether or not it's valid that OOC posts/discussions etc are influencing what arguably should be IC decisions."

Kinaed states, "I can add that 'vote <reason>' - easy done."

Caterina states, "Yeah that's be good. Like with support you have to give a reason."

Caterina pontificates, "I like this idea!"

Snefru nods.

Vicannia nods to Margaux "I'm always in favor of potentially game changing commands to have reasoning behind them, reasoning that can be tracked if needed."

Nadya claims, "However, it should do the same thing when you change your vote."

Jakob says, "I doubt that solves any problem if it exists, but eh"

Snefru nods at Vicannia.

Bofaha finishes abruptly to Kinaed, "Eh, stalling could be done easily - open the topic on forums and put a note there that Due to current XYZ event, this will be discussed after XYZ, I think people will understand"

Kinaed claims, "I'll also give staff a way to strip votes out and we can warn players if we feel their gambit stance isn't strongly supported IC"

Kinaed claims to Bofaha, "Perhaps, but people forget their feelings and thoughts over time when delayed."

Kinaed states, "Let's say Jane raises a topic June 2nd. We hold it off for 2 weeks. Jane forgets what she was going to say about it."

Empena says, "I'd argue that would be really helpful, because posting reasons might help filter out folks just logging in whatever alt gives the best coded advantage to the discussion even if that char has like zero reason to have an opinion on a topic. Or at least not a good one."

Kinaed states, "(sorry anyone named Jane)"

Rothgar says, "Anyway, I definately did not intend to derail the conversation at hand, you've got my apologies for that, certainly. And RIP in peace Jane."

Kinaed questions to Rothgar, "Please don't apologize. It was your soapbox, remember? :)"

Nadya says, "The only Jane I know is Mary Jane. And that's because she dies in the spiderman comics."
Temi grins.

Kinaed claims to Nadya, "It's usually a mostly safe name to use. :)"

Bofaha scratches his beard "Good point, but there could be some middle ground, like staff could collect opinions and only post them on that day. Something like that".

Lance balks at Nadya, "Whaaaat?"

Jakob claims, "Something that might lend credence to Empena and Rothgar's argument"

Ponders "Why are they even called soapboxes" Vicannia queries in the background [Vicannia]

Jakob states, "Is how much the gambit has swung just because we talked about it here"

Bofaha claims to Vicannia, "Tis from the old days"

Zhar claims, "Oh wow."

Caterina states, "Or you could just put a disclaimer on the forum post like 'this is not related to the current gambit going on' and boom. Done. No need to delay."

Zhar states, "What the hell"
Margaux claims to Vicannia, "My understanding is that soapboxes were a good size to stand on to get your head above the crowd you wanted to talk to."
Kinaed states to Vicannia, "In history, there used to be a soapbox in town square or at crossroads people would stand on to give speeches and stuff."
Vicannia claims to Jakob, "Probably not, but to be fair, this has been the most active gambit I've seen, so I do feel like there is something New in play"
Kinaed wonders to Empena, "Okay, it's your turn. Have an intro to a topic you'd care to raise?"

Nadya says, "It went from powerfully anti, to barely pro. But that hardly really factors in the IC issues, as well as the OOC issues. Because you can't tell that without the reasoning."

Vicannia queries, "But was it actually a "soapbox" is my biggest question?"

Temi says, "Well, most gambits have been 'so and so isn't doing anything'."
Kinaed states to Jakob, "I don't know that the gambit swung because we talked about it here. That's a huge assumption."

Zhar claims, "I think he means how it just now went from barely pro to fairly anti, nadya :P"

Jakob says, "In the last twenty minutes it went from barely pro to fairly-anti"

Temi says, "This one has actually played out with RP on grid, due to strong opinions on both side."

Jakob says, "Without any new voters"

Nadya questions, "What the hell?"

Nadya claims, "I'm so confused."

Vicannia trails off, "That would be a sign..."

Sauvaige says, "I've noticed it has been a bit of a rollarcoster."

Jakob states, "So unless people are making life-changing IC decisions in OOC chat, it seems like that's an OOC change"

Azarial claims, "Yes it was actually a box meant for shipping soap"

Kinaed says, "There are also people who are not in this chat, on grid, who may have read a post, etc."

Vicannia trails off, "Though I'm also of the mind there's probably something buggy with it... as I said, this is like a great stress test of the system"

Kinaed states, "But if you are in this chat, and you did change your vote - shame on you."

Zhar states, "That's a 6 point change I think, :P"

Kinaed says, "One vote changed."

Azarial says, "Rounded, yes."

Zhar states, "Mah whatever, I am out of steam t oworry about it."

Nadya claims, "Alright! Time to mediate. Kipper decrees that both Rothgar and Zhar must hug me at the same time."

Kinaed claims, "I'll have a chat with whomever changed it if they're in this chat to discuss IC/OOC separation."

Bofaha grins at Nadya

Vicannia quiets down so Empena can take to the "Soapbox"

Kinaed questions, "Did Empena say if she had a topic or are well all enthusiastically talking over her?"

Nadya pontificates, "I'm sorry!"

Empena claims, "My topic would be about the Guildskills conversation. Which, I know that topic got a bit fiesty. I understand the reasons why the change was made, but I still have the slight concern/question what folks are going to do with RPXP if it's not on crafts. Because I've heard some people mention having like insanely beasty amounts of RPXP."

Kinaed claims, "Don't be, I just get spammed a lot during these meetings and often miss says"

Kinaed claims, "You can use it on alts, or not at all."
Bofaha claims to Empena, "Nothing, it just sits in the bank"

Jakob claims, "Eh, I have an insane amount of RPXP and there's still things to do with it"

Kinaed states, "And you can also go find a teacher to get guildskills."

Bofaha claims, "Then if you want to play something expensive, you burn it"

Bofaha looks at his way too big xp bank

Rothgar claims, "To be fair, if Rothgar passed at this point, I'd be in the same boat. I could learn every skill -but- guildskills to 36 with no problem."

Empena states, "Like, have we considered making, I don't know ... a Gambling skill or some other just sort of RPXP sinks that are for RP stuffs? Or seperating maybe Guilded Dancing from say ... Acrobatics so fancy folks can RP knowing how to courtly dance without wanting to be a Troubadour, that kind of thing."

Jakob says, "I still vote we raise purchase app prices"

Vicannia claims, "You can also purchase wealth with excess silver"

Vicannia states, "I mean xp"

Empena says, "Currently you can, but my understanding is eventually that won't be a thing anymore."

Azarial states, "Or kick the class costs back up."

Caterina says, "That's what I used most of my starting xp for to be honest. All the silver."

Bofaha muses, "Not sure what would be the point of having to burn more exp to have fun, what's wrong with big xp bank?"

Temi states, "We do want any skills to actually feel fully formed with stuff to do, not added for the sake of having new skills, but because they make sense on their own."

Zhar says, "I kinda like the idea of non-guilded class skills costing a hell of a lot more to raise"

Taunya claims, "I was told it's fine to RP singing, for instance, without having the skill. You'll just sound like an untrained amateur, but not necessarily bad."

Vicannia trails off to Empena, "My understanding is that wealth may still be a thing... I remember bringing it up in the past"
Temi states to Zhar, "We tried that out... did not go well."

Kinaed says, "Wealth is still a thing, yes."
Zhar asks of Temi, "Why not?"

Kinaed says, "It is not slated to be removed."

Vicannia smiles to Kinaed "So there's a big sink for xp if ya got it."

Jakob says, "Yeah but at some point you don't have anything to do with wealth"

Caterina says, "Go full on Gatsby and throw big ass parties."

Kinaed claims, "If you're amongst the number of people with a huge amount of XP and nothing to spend it on, please contact me with a pboard and let me know about what that's like."

Temi says, "Awkward to implement in a good way, and it didn't seem to encourage good feelings from folks."
Vicannia states to Jakob, "If you can't find a use for wealth, then you clearly aren't trying... Silver makes the world go round."

Taunya says, "Throw out bounties for fun things."

Kinaed says, "I'm curious about how many of you are actually out there too."

Temi trails off, "I have a huge amount of xp with nothing to spend it on..."
Temi grins.

Jakob muses, "What's the threshold?"
Bofaha claims to Kinaed, "It's blissfull"

Nadya asks, "Might I make a suggestion?"

Temi claims, "But that probably has something to do with my playstyle."
Kinaed states to Nadya, "Sure :)"

Azarial states, "Huh. looks like my free finally crossed 51M at some point."
Kinaed questions to Temi, "Do you feel bereft or irritated at not having more to spend your XP on?"

Temi states, "I do not."

Empena wonders, "Can I also clarify as that thread but up the following - are people meant to RP like doing various crafty type things or RP virtually doing things like eating, etc versus actually buying things on grid?"

Nadya claims, "How about allowing for items to be purchased with silver? Nothing like weapons, but, say... A hooded cloak. Or silk clothing! Something to sink XP into, for people believing that they have too much, or just to affirm things."

Kinaed declares, "Well, if people have counter feelings, let me know. Pboard!"

Lance states, "Let's go full socialist and redistribute the XP amongst the masses."

Nadya declares, "I mean XP, not silver!"

Nadya exclaims, "Dangit!"

Empena says, "Being able to buy things like tattoos in the pre-game would be nice, it's super awkward to like not have them when you join if you are meant to."

Kinaed nods at Empena.

Jakob claims, "I have 300k unspent and that doesn't make me bereft or irritated, but I'd still think it cool if I had something to spend it on. "
Bofaha says to Nadya, "You can convert xp to silver, and hen buy stuff :)"

Nadya declaims, "Not for long, buddy!"

Kinaed says, "I'll make a note to Niamh that it'd be nice if people could access tattoos in chargen."
Zhar says to Jakob, "Hi there."

Zhar eyebrow wiggles.
Taunya claims to Nadya, "You'll still get silver for xp when purchasing wealth"

Empena states, "Or items for the wearslots that don't come with newbie gear"

Kinaed nods at Jakob.
say even if they are expensive and basic

Empena says, "Even if they are expensive and basic"

Kinaed claims, "Honestly, I don't think adding a handful of skills is going to take care of a 300k hoard."

Kinaed claims, "Okay, Zhar! You're up."

Empena claims, "In either case, I think given that we have cards and dice as items, having a gambling skill would be sweet for any number of reasons. "

Zhar states, "Gambit Turnouts: I must admit that it drives me up the wall, that people who would normally have a neutral or positive stance towards the GL- and I can only really speak for this gambit as an example as I haven't paid much attention to others (further proving my point maybe) have no desire to vote. On the other hand, those opposed are happy to vote! Fixing the problem took some radical thinking, but I think it's something not everyone can do. It requires great amounts of time, and a lot of luck, to have a positive gambit mood when things are like this. I think the main barrier is that it costs IP to do, and the secondary barrier is that-- there's nothing to gain out of it."

Taunya states, "I'd really like tattoos to be fixed to not take up one of the three wear layers though, it's a rather unrealistic limitation"

Vicannia turns out all the lights in their corner, and holds a single candle to their face "Some still say Jakob the dragon rests atop his hoard of xp, challenging any trespassers who would dare take his shinies."

Zhar says, "In short, if it wasn't clear: Pro-voters rarely vote. Anti-voters love voting."
Kinaed says to Zhar, "That's probably too close to this gambit right here to discuss right now. At least, the way it's phrased."
Kinaed queries to Zhar, "May I ask you to pboard me your thoughts?"

Zhar states, "I didn't mean to. Sorry."

Zhar says, "Those are all of them, boss."
Kinaed states to Zhar, "No stress. :) I get where you're going with it, but that's going to draw people into talking abotu why they did or did not get involved, etc."
Kinaed smiles.
Kinaed states to Nadya, "You're up. :)"

Zhar states, "Oh one more thing please"
Kinaed claims to Zhar, "Okay."

Zhar says, "Can we please change the voting syntax to gambit vote pro / anti. It's confusing as hell."

Kinaed claims, "Making a note."

Zhar says, "You are thinking 'I like this guy, so I want him to stay' but you have to vote 'no'."
Kinaed nods at Zhar.

Kinaed claims, "That should be doable."

Taunya states, "That would still be vague on whether pro for removing or pro for the current leader."
Kinaed declares to Nadya, "Okay, now you're up!"
Snefru nods at Taunya.

Azarial asks, "Keep/toss?"

Caterina agrees with Taunya.
Taunya declares to Azarial, "There you go!"

Zhar asks, "ProGL or anti GL then?"

Vicannia nods in agreeance with Taunya
Snefru nods at Zhar.

Kinaed claims, "ProGL AntiGL seems best to me."

Vicannia states, "Or you know, people could take a few seconds to read the helpfile and immediatly understand"

Kinaed giggles.
Bofaha states to Vicannia, "That will work"
Kinaed says to Vicannia, "No way, that's too smart. :)"

Bofaha nods slowly

Azarial states, "It;s not like there;s a lot of them to read."

Caterina claims, "Psh. Who reads in a text-based game. Nerds."

Kinaed high fives Caterina.

Zhar says, "And if they don't, you have to sit like an idiot, wondering if it's okay to ask them in a tell if they meant to do that, or if that would be IC/OOC. :P"

Rothgar claims, "My glasses come next week (speaking of nerds) and I absolutely could not be more excited."
Temi grins.

Kinaed did the laziks thing.
Vicannia asks of Zhar, "My question is, how would you know if they did vote or not, or which way they did, unless they told you?"

Kinaed muses, "Did I even spell that right?"

Zhar claims, "I keep checking gambit list like a temijul addict checking his mail."

Margaux says, "It probably shouldn't be a live list."
Kinaed asks of Nadya, "Are you typing up your topic introduction? :)"

Zhar states, "I'm pretty sure I even figured out how the scales work."

Snefru claims, "Lasik, I think :D"
Bofaha muses to Rothgar, "Will you post a pic of your nerdiness?"
Kinaed nods at Snefru.

Rothgar claims, "You lot should be so lucky."

Vicannia nods to Margaux "Probably shouldn't, so that it can't be abused. I'd say update every 12 hours or even a day."
Margaux wonders to Rothgar, "Horn rimmed? :)"

Rothgar states, "They're like titanium... Poly... Whatever. They're fancy. For five hundred bucks, they should be."

Caterina states, "Holy crap."

Sauvaige states, "Made from the thigh-bones of virgins. "

Nadya declares, "Oh! I've a topic, when it's freed up!"

Vicannia ponders "I've probably spent that amount on all my glasses throughout my life."

Rothgar says, "Gotta get em strong so they can stand up to the forge."

Snefru says, "Yeah, those new titanium ones are quite expensive but they really last."
Margaux states to Sauvaige, "Virgin unicorns."
Kinaed states to Nadya, "It's your turn, go for it :)"

Zhar claims, "It is your turn bro."

Caterina says, "I have fake glasses so I can pretend to be a nerd if that counts. And we're waiting on you, Nadya."
Snefru nods.

Caterina says, "Ya goober."

Bofaha has good eyesight, so no glasses for him

Bofaha states, "And I have to see all of you, clearly, all the time"

Bofaha sobs

Nadya states, "Ah! Can the medicine crafting skill be able to craft catgut surgical threads, in the future? It's a bit silly we can't really do it."

Snefru states, "Bofaha Your loss... er."

Temi muses, "Do you need catgut threads?"
Kinaed states to Nadya, "Not for me to say, but I've made a note and will pass it to the craft staffers to discuss."

Kinaed claims, "(that's mostly Temi)"

Zhar claims, "I was gonna say, Kinky."

Vicannia arches brow "Is there even a skill that can make the stitching kits?"

Temi claims, "Because we try not to make crafts for the sake of making things, but rather to fill a need."

Margaux trails off, "There goes the cat population..."

Zhar states, "You say 'Craft Staffers' and we immediately all focus on Temi."

Nadya says, "I'm just asking, because there's no alternative, but you can craft your own jars of leeches."

Kinaed spreads her hands, "I'm only this awesome, not this awesome." She spreads her hands wider.

Bofaha asks, "Won't that make "sneaky surgeons" less traceable?"

Temi queries, "What object do you need?"

Azarial states, "Leeches were an early test case, admittedly."

Zhar states, "You are all the awesome."

Vicannia asks, "Is that like the 12 foot pike joe supposedly caught when no one was around Kinaed?"

Kinaed states, "Maybe Temi doesn't want to own up to it - but it's not just her, Niamh is there too. The problem is, I don't remember who does what craft."

Caterina says, "Well if you remember, let us know so we know who to bribe."

Caterina claims, "I MEAN."
Bofaha claims to Caterina, "Az"

Taunya hugs a canister of fat, writhing leeches.

Temi claims, "And I see an issue."

Zhar declaims, "That's why you're the boss! You don't know who does what, but it gets done!"

Temi says, "There's no catgut keyword on the kit you want."

Nadya claims, "I'm just asking, because there's an interesting hole there. Cut-wounds are RP-wise more greivous and are in more demand to staunch, than the bruises."
Kinaed says to Zhar, "Yup."
Kinaed muses to Temi, "Is there a catgut keyword on it now?"

Temi claims, "There is."

Kinaed states, "I love a simple fix."

Kinaed high fives Temi.

Nadya states, "I'm... Confused."

Azarial questions, "Shoudl we use something else than cat, given the negative religious connitations on cats?"

Temi says, "But that's my issue, not the real issue."
Temi claims to Nadya, "You said you want catgut thread.. Temi goes.. vnum catgut.. nope, doesn't exist."
Kinaed states to Nadya, "You were supposed to have a catgut item, looks like, it was just missing a keyword."

Taunya claims, "'a small surgical kit with several needles and catgut thread' I think"

Nadya trails off, "How'd the keyword have to do with..."

Jakob states, "Doggut"

Nadya pontificates, "No, sillies! The surgical kits!"

Azarial claims, "Nothing like sewing sin and heresy into patients."

Zhar states, "I don't know. We recycle a lot of religious byproducts."
Temi states to Nadya, "Post a typo note? We'll consider it."

Caterina says, "I like my hospital visit to have a nice dose of sin on the side, myself."
Vicannia trails off to Nadya, "I'm equally confused..."

Zhar says, "Raven feathers, cat gut, heretic toilet paper."

Margaux states, "The Erra Pater spake, 'Thou shalt tie the gut of no animal to your flesh, except for the blessed rat'"

Nadya says, "Alright, so I'll clarify because I'm utterly confused on the turn this took."
Bofaha queries to Zhar, "Are you using erra for the last?"

Kinaed states, "Sorry people, you don't have toilet paper."

Kinaed says, "Or toothbrushes."
Margaux states to Kinaed, "I pay people to perform that service."

Zhar trails off, "Heretical propaganda for toilet paper..."

Kinaed wonders, "Now then, what will we discuss for 3 min?"
Bofaha trails off to Kinaed, "Will remember that for my next latrine rp session..."
Temi says to Nadya, "I couldn't find what you wanted. I found it. But please post a typo note for us to look at adding it."

Azarial claims, "That;s what the hool on the wall is for. It takes a dex check. most don;t bother."

Snefru states, "Wow, it's been an hour."

Azarial states, "Hook"

Zhar claims, "How awesome I am, and how my pecs are well adjusted."

Vicannia says, "Kinaed's right. I only use the finest hands of servants in place of it.""

Kinaed queries, "Oh, I know - I updated my fanfic last night if anyone likes Dragon Age: http://archiveofourown.org/works/105758 ... _work=true"

Sauvaige says, "Iiiive started replaying DA2"

Kinaed says, "And with other shameless plugs, I hear our Queen is getting married."

Sauvaige states, "Aw yiss"
Margaux claims to Kinaed, "*"

Sauvaige says, "We have a queen/"

Caterina says, "IN A KICKASS DRESS."

Zhar queries, "I am getting married?"

Sauvaige questions, "*?"

Jakob wants to duel for her honor

Caterina shamelessly plugs the dress.
Raemont is idle.

Kinaed headscratches, "Someone wrote a fairly negative review of TI on TMC if anyone wants to have a gander and maybe comment."

Sauvaige questions, "Can you make me a dress?"
Margaux states to Jakob, "Her honor got sold to Farin, sorry."
Raemont is no longer idle.
Raemont has returned from AFK.
Bofaha questions to Margaux, "What honor?"

Kinaed wonders, "Anything else?"

Zhar asks, "Why we talking about my honor?"

Vicannia trails off, "A kickass dress that I imagine will be better than the coronation gown... also Kinaed probably someone who recently got banned..."

Caterina says, "I will go look at that review and post my own."
Kinaed wonders to Zhar, "You have honor?"

Zhar declares, "Yes! I am not marrying a Farin Duke!"
Kinaed says to Zhar, "That's pretty stand out amongst the litter."
Margaux claims to Zhar, "Please do.."

Zhar cries.

Zhar muses, "Could it be that we went one OOC meeting without going overtime? What is this?"

Kinaed muses, "We have one minute to go. Anyone else have anything to say?"

Vicannia says, "I do have a minor question for staff.."
Kinaed claims to Vicannia, "Make 'er quick :)"
Kinaed says to Caterina, "Thanks. :)"

Vicannia muses, "What happens if there is no producable item on grid? For example let's say noone has Temijul, will staff make it available or just wait?"

Kinaed says, "We allow purchase of items for QP if they're not available on grid."

Kinaed states, "However, usually they are available on grid and people just don't know where."

Temi states, "But if they are not available on grid because they are restocked by metrics, we do not."

Vicannia nods

Azarial muses, "Temijul was metric controlled, wans;t it?"
Kinaed claims to Temi, "I'd deem that available on grid through a natural function."
Temi nods at Kinaed.

Zhar states, "Then you invade a country to the south full of what you thought was savages, and it has temijul growing everywhere- but then it turns out they are actually more advanced than you are, and you have to consolidate the world to put up a fighting force and go retrieve it."

Temi states, "I think it is, yes."

Zhar says, "Oh wait. Shit."

Jakob trails off, "Does that include special... ohhh"

Vicannia trails off, "Hmm... strange that a plant would be under metrics..."

Kinaed says, "Okay everyone - hang onto your hats. It's time."

Kinaed pontificates, "Thanks for coming!"

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