Log of OOC meeting 5/20/2017

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Sat May 20, 2017 6:17 pm

Azarial claims, "Okay. let's see, standard format would be staff reports, heartbeat, then rp woes, as I recall."

Alessandro declares, "Aye!"

Evani says, "Yup."
Jaye declares to Azarial, "Yup!"

Azarial claims, "I believe I have recouped my work lost in the downtime; there may be some repeat bugs hat need rechecked with the loss of notes and mail."
Azarial has transferred Onreon. [OOC]
[Action: Flaviano grins widely while making the finest boarshead soup in a huge cauldron. ]

Azarial claims, "Depending on if temi caught it, that means no titled nobs due to the data format change to prevent misnomers."

Evani says, "Eww. I just read that."

Evani trails off, "Grab me vigi... yeah"
Alessandro nods at Azarial.
Evani nods.
Jaye wonders to Azarial, "Thanks for the quick work! By the way, I'd noticed weirdness with things drying over and over during rain, is that known already?"

Azarial says, "Yeah. we were down for two days, and the crash was so bad at the hardware level they had to roll us back two days from offsite backups."

Evani queries, "Did we ever figure out what happened with that?"

Azarial says, "Still working on that; testing has not shown me why yet. I'll play in the rain after this and see."

Azarial says, "Raid crash."
Evani nods.

Merick wonders, "I think I heard something about a fan?"

Vicannia asks, "Was it only two days it rolled back? Certainly felt longer as it even undid weekly payments"

Azarial says, "They were doing a routune reboot, and it didn;t come back up. then it was new hardware time."
Evani nods.

Evani states, "Ah, so it was like an upgrade, ok."

Azarial says, "We were down two days, and rolled back two more days, so we lsot most of the week."

Azarial states, "Activity has been shot in the pants across the board."
Evani nods.

Flaviano glances down at az's pants and frowns.

Azarial trails off, "Payments, rp, story progress, notes, mails, crafted items..."

Bofaha says, "Recommendations, characters"

Evani states, "Lord."

Bofaha shakes his head "Oh well, we can rebuild

Azarial says, "Yeah. requests, etc. niamh has recovered a lot of that, temi has redone plots, and I have woprked on the code. the rest is in your hands, I believe; any questions that regard missing rp woudl hvae to go to kin"

Azarial states, "Nothing like a redo, as it were."

Bofaha grins

Merick says, "I'd say something about missing three thousand silver but I'll behave."
Merick grins.

Azarial muses, "Anyways. how has RP been, outside of the downtime and rollback?"

Alessandro states, "Some of us don't ahve that much."

Evani says, "Good, i've been having a good time."

Merick says, "Fairly good, touch and go."

Alessandro sniffs.

"Fun! Made up the rp hours in 2 days!" Bofaha proclaims with happiness while picking in his ear [Bofaha]

Evani states, "And I know I don't have that much, mister snooty pants."

Aenaela states, "I'm finding it a little difficult to get in to things, but it's likely just me."

Raemont states, "Rp has been good. Scenes almost every time I need/seek them"

Evani snickers at the ear picker.

Vicannia glances at Merick "You, Three Thousand Silver? Come now, if you are going to make up a number, at least make up a number that makes sense for your character. He'd never be that rich." Snickers

Flaviano remarks, "I've been sent back to chargen and decided to work on clothing... No RP after reboot yet."
Merick claims to Vicannia, "He's a big wig now you know"
Bofaha pontificates to Flaviano, "Nothing wrong with rping and then going back to redo your clothes!"

Evani says, "For some reason, when I met him again he was happy."

Merick says, "And he already has that much he just needs more :P"
Azarial says to Aenaela, "I think popping into public places is a good start on making connections for tp, but....I don;t play. so I don;'t knw for sure"

Flaviano looks around for a wig with curiousity.

Vicannia groans "Clothing and Descs... the worst part about chargen."

Verrok queries, "I'm new the RP I have done so far as been nice, though I'm still gettingmy head around the dynamic. Though I'm struggling to get jobs to work though I was told they will be down for now??"

Evani says, "That fifty nine string char limit, yo."

Azarial states, "I think they are; that is niamh's project"

Azarial says, "And depending on your concept, the starting clothing should be fine."

Alessandro states, "I am doing great. RP slowed down for me because I had to redo what I lost, but other than that. I'm great. and looking sexy now."

Evani says, "I need to look sexy too."

Merick claims, "I could use more orderite rp and the like, everything else has been good"

Verrok says, "Clothing at the start was fine for my char though I did have to make the skirt it gave me in to some pants."

Azarial trails off, "Descriptions...I believe there are samples on the forum"
Vicannia claims to Azarial, "But thats so... boring. It's a catch 22. I want to look decent and unique, but I don't want to write the strings.""

Evani declares, "There's a demon in my room, bless it, bless it!"
Merick claims to Evani, "Nah I'll kill it tho"
Azarial claims to Vicannia, "Arrive in town, hit the merchants, buy some new gear"

Evani states, "Ooooh so manly."

Vicannia looks to Evani "Oh you got a new mirror in your room? When did that happen?"

Alessandro states, "I definitely didn't restring, I just threw money at people nad told them what I'd like."
Bofaha says to Vicannia, "Hire a merchant to make clothes for you, if that's in your concept"

Bofaha says, "Can be unique and not spend 3 days stressing over strings ;0"

Evani gasps at Vicannia. "You, you.... I'll push you into that mirror."

Aenaela states, "I did not restring newbie clothing. I should likely find someone to help me with making some, though"
Nadya has gone AFK.
Merick states to Aenaela, "Plenty will assist"

Onreon raise a hand.

Vicannia was moreso joking about the strings and whatnot. If somebody really wants custom clothing strings out of chargen, desire takes over.

Evani says, "I didn't restring either. I just walked on in looking like a frozen bird."
Raemont wonders to Vicannia, "Find a clothier and have them right the strings via personal board post?"

Evani states, "And also, yes, I need to get new clothes, this is known."

Flaviano adds, "It is definitely interesting and actually more easier to resting with Percivals new restringing tool. They did such a god job with It."

Evani declaims, "I knooooow I can eve use that tool!"

Verrok wonders, "Restring tool??"

Flaviano frowns, "You can;t?"

Evani says, "I can"

Evani claims, "I can use it."

Vicannia wonders, "I have not seen this string tool, is there by chance a link?"
Azarial nods.

Evani states, "Yus."
You will now be visible to the WHO command.

Flaviano proudly holds up a shiny link and shares it with the Crowd. "This!" http:/polyducks.co.uk/hosting/inquisition-tool/

Merick says, "Http://polyducks.co.uk/hosting/inquisition-tool/"
Evani grins at Flaviano.

Azarial wonders, "As kin puts it, is there anythign shitting you? outside of the downtime, etc etc"

Merick says, "Oops I was late lol"
Evani laughs.

Flaviano chuckles.

Merick says, "Define shitting."

Evani claims, "Sit on the pot and find out."

Alessandro states, "It's been a pretty good week RP has been great. I've met a variety of characters, got involved easily. So I'm good."

Evani states, "Me too. I have been involved and spent many a night on this game."

Flaviano ponders. "Hmmm. Is there anything shitting me?" He scowls at the thought.

Vicannia looks over the tool "Hmm. While I'll probably never use it, it certainly is a great addition to the Color-code stringing tool."

Evani grins at Flaviano. "Don't worry honey, I'll hold your hand."
Nadya has returned from AFK.

Verrok trails off, "I do feel that it sometimes hard to find your way around....the map makes it a litle understand whats around you...."



Verrok twiddles his fingers together

Merick says, "There are apps open for knights and squires btw folks"

Azarial says, "Travel works out to about twelve rooms, if that helps."

Merick states, "Also Acolytes apparently"

Evani states, "Nice."

Vicannia says to Nadya, "To the place it belongs... By the lord's side as its bodyguard.""

Flaviano perks Up, grinning at Evani. "I can't fly. Can we Fly? There won't be so much shit on us if we can Fly." Flaviano grins widely.

Merick says, "I killed itt"

Evani queries, "What is so important about that goose? We ate it, ok?"

Alessandro muses, "Is there a way to come in for order without apping?"

Azarial states, "I expect that there is a list of waypoints someone for common travel points to reach shops and the like"
Azarial claims to Alessandro, "Seek"
Merick claims to Alessandro, "Yes"


Merick claims, "Help seek, Alessandro"
Bofaha asks of Azarial, "Would it be a big coding problem to have like travelto_crossroads command, that can get you to cr from anywhere in the world?"
Azarial claims to Nadya, "If you;re eating the soul, you missed the best part."

Alessandro says, "I have some things to kind of do before but near future I might be interested."

Bofaha states, "I remember as newbie that it was confusing sometimes"

Aenaela states, "I know that I need to get out more. I sometimes have trouble balancing out rp with coded stuff I guess"
Nadya muses to Azarial, "Or, you just have bad taste. Don't like soul food?"

Azarial says, "Given that we are non-euclidian, yes."

Evani flies with Flaviano.

Aenaela claims, "As in, there are things I know that my background says I should do, but I don't always know how to get started with them from a mechanical standpoint."

Alessandro trails off, "Euclidian....."

Nadya says, "Mmm, Noneuclidean geometry makes me sweaty under the collar."

Aenaela rambles ramblingly.
Merick states to Bofaha, "If you ever need help getting anywhere, people can generally assist"
A flurry of fiery-colored leaves sweep across the area, rapidly coalescing into the winged shape of Niamh. [OOC]
Niamh has returned from AFK.

Azarial says, "Travel takes I believe fifteen tries random walking from the room you are in to find one that matches the string wihtin the radius"

Evani declares, "Yaaaay miss Niamh!"

Niamh exclaims, "Hi!"

Azarial claims, "Anything beyond that greatly increases the calculation time"

Nadya claims, "HAIL NIAMH."

Evani states, "Hi colorful leaf girl."

Merick states, "Niaaaaaaaamh"
Vicannia can use whoinvis again.
Bofaha nods at Azarial.

Merick says, "The tamer of crazy people"
Merick grins.

Niamh chuckles.

Evani claims, "I can travel just fine."

Evani says, "Of course... I dunno... I use travel for everything. I'm lazy."

Alessandro declares, "Hi! Niamh!"
Azarial states to Aenaela, "Usually you can find helpfiles on all of the coded stuff, or ask on visn for what the command or helpfile might be"

Verrok says, "I will get my head around it but I guess its just time to learn where I am and where I want to go. I'm just used to looking at a map and seeing the layout of the space around me not just a small view point like we currently have."

Azarial claims, "The starting map should also help some; it has an ascii map and a set of keywords that will list things off in a more screen reader friendly format"

Evani says, "I will thank you ten times over for that, whoever did that."
Niamh smiles.
Evani grins at Niamh.

Niamh says, "Someone requested it awhile back. Figured I might as well."

Verrok muses, "It has an Ascii map ??? huh?"

Evani states, "Life saver."

Niamh states, "The text map, that is. Not the physical map with text descriptions."

Azarial says, "Well, it should. I've never actually looked at it."

Merick says, "There's an ascii map and a buncha keys and what not"

Evani says, "Yeah, but I just used the textmap."

Niamh states, "The one you get on creation was actually made by a player."
Merick wonders to Niamh, "But now it has a text thingy?"

Verrok claims, "Omg I just saw the command, and here I drew my own"

Niamh ruffles Evani.
Merick grins at Verrok.

Evani giggles and leans into Niamh.

Vicannia walks up to Verrok, and puts a hand on their shoulder in a form of companionship "If you made it six roos beyond the almshouse, you are already doing better than I when I first joined back in 2012. I was in that almshouse trying to talk to an npc for about a good two weeks.

Merick claims, "I like Verrok's style "
Bofaha begins to move north.
Bofaha slows to a halt.
Merick grins at Vicannia.
Merick laughs.

Azarial states, "...npcs are in yellow, if that helps. or flagged with NPC with colour off."
Azarial has transferred Karim. [OOC]
Niamh says to Vicannia, "Lol. You poor thing."


Evani wonders, "Right?"

Karim muses, "AM I A SCRUB?"

Vicannia sticks their tongue out at Merick "I had never played a MUD before or a game Similar to a MUD. I was a nubile, innocent, naive young Mudder."

Evani states, "A doctor? No."

Verrok trails off, "Ah question, code wise...are we allowed to automate some things as long as I'm at the keyboard?? Or is that against terms of service..."

Alessandro is most certainly not a scrub.

Evani is just... a plain jane.

Azarial states, "I believe if ti does not affect another player directly and you are sitting at the keyboard, it is okay to script a few things"

Azarial says, "Though try not to script the trainer."

Verrok queries, "So the lockpick, steal and track systems?"

Vicannia states, "I do have a bit of a question should we have time towards the end."

Azarial states, "Probably ought not script those, though I concede hunting can be tricky"
Azarial states to Vicannia, "I think we;re in a genral q/a point"

Niamh states, "I'm very glad I missed Staff updates. I was immensely lazy this week."
Merick laughs.

Niamh coughs.

Merick says, "We all have our days"

Nadya muses, "Improtant player topic: Does Azarial need a hug?"
Niamh states to Nadya, "Always, but be careful - she bites."

Vicannia nods to Azarial "I was just curious if there was a reason provided for the change to how many guildskills one can purchase in chargen. I like the change, but just curious is all."

Evani questions, "Does niamh like hugs?"

Azarial says, "Too many taking one rank in numerous guildskills when there was no backstory to support it."

Evani claims, "Topic and point."
Evani nods.

Niamh states, "Encouraging character building and concept choices rather than taking everything at 1 just in case."

Niamh points at Azarial.

Nadya states, "I think it's a very good way to handle it, personally."

Karim says, "Niamh loves hugs. Hug her all the time."

Azarial claims, "Much like papercraft back in the day, everyone took a rank even when it made absolutely no sense for their concept, because it was OOCly convenient"

Niamh hisses, spits, etc.

Raises hisarms in the air. "Woohoo! I caught up!" Flaviano then wonders about his skills, but thinks he may be okay... [Flaviano]

Evani laughs

Evani says, "Fine."
Bofaha wonders to Niamh, "So not big on hugs?"

Vicannia nods "Though how does it work should someone app into a guild position? Would they be able to purchase guildskills related to that position and two non-related skills or would they be restricted to only two, including the ones they are apping into?"

Evani says, "I'll just stand over in my moonpuddle."

Niamh claims, "I do like hugs, but not from Karim. He's icky."

Verrok bumps in to Niamh, apologizing with a roguish smile before grinning from ear to ear as he looks at the massive pile of gold in his hands before frowing as they turn to useless rocks.

Niamh says, "(And he bites)"

Azarial says, "We'll see how it plays out, and ttweak it if needed, like everything else"

Bofaha moves the finger from his ear to the nose "How about from me?"
Niamh nods at Azarial.

Verrok runs away from Niamh

Vicannia nods
Evani grins.
Niamh has transferred Rothgar. [OOC]

Azarial claims, "Apps are likely to be an exception; staff can set those as needed."

Flaviano stares at Evani's moon puddle and glances up, "Can I join? I like moons."
Niamh muses to Azarial, "Doesn't apply to folks with their guild set anyway, I don't think?"
Merick hugs Rothgar.

Rothgar claims, "I just got one thing to raise at the meeting, I'm sorry for being late and stuff. Had OOC off. <coughs>"
Merick laughs.

Vicannia states, "Speaking of which, which guild does Daravi fall under? I noticed it was set as a guildskill while I was doing research on the change.""

Evani likes long warm melt into hugs. oh wait, new topic, sorry listening.

Niamh boggles, "Is it?"
Bofaha states to Vicannia, "App only"

Niamh states, "She means the language, I think."

Bofaha says, "Yep"
Vicannia says to Niamh, "It's colored as such in the skill list"
Verrok rests.

Vicannia claims, "Right next to eld"

Azarial claims, "It;s limited; you;d probably have to request it with a reasonable reason to know it."

Rothgar says, "I believe we tried to limit it's knowledge, like we did with Eld. Because -everyone- was using it."
Bofaha claims to Vicannia, "Just knowing daravi would make you a high ticket person"

Bofaha says, "And the above"

Niamh states, "Limited for rarity rather than guild connection, I'd figure."

Azarial states, "Basically"
Vicannia says to Bofaha, ""I'm aware of the dangers of Daravi, as I played a daravi.""
Niamh wonders to Azarial, "Uses the same colors, right?"

Rothgar claims, "That'd be my guess, yeah."

Nadya claims, "Oh. One of my alts speaks it, so I'd like to question what it'd require to speak it better than just getting a few words right."

Rothgar states, "Nah, Daravi is red. Eld is yellow. Not that I'd know."
Niamh grins at Rothgar.

Azarial states, "It;s a guildskill not set to a guild."

Niamh claims, "Ah hah."

Nadya muses, "So... It can -only- be taught?"

Azarial states, "They are coloured in the language file"

Vicannia claims, "Then that raises the question of how one who obtains it could raise it above 36."

Niamh claims, "Learn slot and use."

Nadya claims, "But it's a guildskill. It won't go over 36."

Rothgar says, "Barring being a Daravi one's self, I'd say that you can't."

Niamh ponders.

Vicannia nods to Nadya "Exactly."

Azarial says, "If you apped in, it would be set."
Niamh states to Azarial, "We could add it to the OOC chat topics list and go over it with Kinaed/Temi. See what they think about it not being a guildskill"

Azarial states, "Atm, thouigh, daravi are closed"

Flaviano seems slightly confused. But it's okay. He's used to being in that state.
Kinaed steps out of your shadow. [OOC]
Niamh comforts Flaviano.
Rothgar nods at Azarial.

Evani is always confused sometimes.

Niamh pontificates, "It's Kin!"

Alessandro declares, "Kiiiiiiiiiiinky!"
That is not a language.

Bofaha says, "Speaking of the devil"

Kinaed says, "Literally just woke up and opened my eyes."

Vicannia says, "Speak of the devil and they shall appear."

Nadya claims, "I understand, I was simply just wondering, because it's pertaining to a strange aspect of one of my characters."

Verrok blinks at Kinaed

Flaviano waves to Kinaed.

Azarial says, "I'd say post a request and see"

Nadya says, "Alrighty."
Niamh says to Kinaed, "We were discussing the guildskill change and Daravi no longer being listed as a guildskill."
Kinaed nods.

Merick hops in place as he listens to the chatter.

Rothgar says, "I've just got a quick to-do about warrants? I don't know if you guys were in the middle of something, so I didn't want to inturrupt, but there seems to be a slight discrepancy between our Orderite helpfile and individual helpfiles. I can make it a board thing if that'd be better."

Alessandro is fed figs by half naked Vavardi pleasure models.
Niamh says to Alessandro, "Oh my"

Nadya declares, "Nasty!"
Kinaed states to Rothgar, "Peoples typo, yes."

Alessandro grins wickedly.

Azarial states, "A note would be good on warrants to get that straigthewned out"
Rothgar nods at Kinaed.
Niamh questions to Azarial, "Anybody on for player topics?"

Kinaed says, "... please."

Evani presses her face into Niamh's shoulder. "Save me, I'm somewhat modest."

Nadya claims, "Oh! I've a question."

Verrok claims, "Figs make you ...well not a good thing to have you should be having them feed you grapes."

Azarial states, "The topics have been spontanesouly arisin"

Evani states, "It's fine, we are goofy today, it seems."

Alessandro states, "It's one of those days."
Merick muses to Rothgar, "Didn't you have a topic or some such?"

Merick says, "Oh wait you said already"
Merick laughs.

Azarial waits for the question

Vicannia ponders "How would one go about suggesting new poisons and poisonous plants? As I would love to see Crab's eye and Doll's Eye as legitimate forms of poisons in the game."

Rothgar says, "That was my topic, the warrants. I'll just make out a pboard. Or make out with a pboard."
Kinaed says to Vicannia, "Forums"
Merick nods.

Flaviano starts stepping over suspiciously to Alessandro's pleasure models, and begins to stand behind one. Threatening to lick his shoulder. "I wonder..."
Niamh declares to Rothgar, "Both!"

Azarial states, "Or a request; they are a bit more noticable"

Rothgar claims, "Rothgar is not for lewds. Oh, a quick shout-out, lemme type it up."

Nadya says, "Well, I got this idea from something I've read, but it's something that makes me cant my head. Would it be possible to have the 'Health' metric give off a report of the dead, dying, and sick? Like, for example, the metric determining how many 'watchers' are present within the Physicians, who take census of the Plague-ridden/etc."

Merick claims, "Yes he is."

Alessandro coughs, then says rather loudly. "I bought them, and I'm keeping them for the rest of the day. Rent your own time slot."
Onreon is idle.
Niamh begins to count their money.

Alessandro claims, "Oh, that'd be cool, the dead people thing."
Azarial begins to count their money.
Azarial gives Niamh some coins.

Evani claims, "No"

Vicannia glances to Nadya "That would be an interesting idea, though I feel like such a number would just be superficial as we wouldn't actually know the number of dead." Gestures towards the cesspool of sin and disease that is southside

Rothgar claims, "I've been noticing that there's a lot of new folks. I just wanted to state for the record, for new AND old characters : If we're in a scene and you wanted to get a theme thing straight, you can always just shoot me a tell. No need to flounder through something that your character would obviously IC'ly know! And if I don't know, I'm sure I can find a helpfile that does."

Bofaha pontificates, "Oh, bribery day!"

Evani claims, "Wow Niamh, you swanky."

Alessandro states, "Yes I am no longer....as poor."

Azarial claims, "I do not believe we have good numbers for that to begin working out how many would be dying each term on the metric"

Verrok i

Jaye pets her new shiny.
Verrok begins to count their money.

Niamh pontificates, "No OOC gift this week, so 100s/1g!"
Evani grins.

Evani claims, "Thank you"
Bofaha asks of Niamh, "Does pickpocket work here? asking for a friend"

Evani exclaims, "No!"

Niamh swats Bofaha.
Bofaha grins at Niamh.

Azarial states, "It should not work in ooc rooms."
Aenaela smiles at Rothgar.

Nadya states, "Ah! I simply meant something for theme. Like, just a random number generator for the most part offset by the metric, but also allows for 'notable' people being listed. Such as... Say, there's an outbreak of corpserot. Why? There's an outbreak of boneshivers-- Has someone tainted the well? /etc."

Verrok hands 100 silver to Bofaha

Azarial states, "That might be more an event that occurs if health is particularly extreme"
Niamh states to Nadya, "I think that would be very reasonable for the Physicians to RP, set moods, do IC event posts, etc., based on the state of the city metrics."

Aenaela exclaims, "Thanks for that. Because dark fantasy theme be scary sometimes!"
Bofaha muses to Nadya, "So something that generates rp hooks for you medical people?"
Kinaed says to Nadya, "Please write out your idea more thoroughly on the forums with examples."

Nadya trails off, "Er... Sorry. Didn't realize I was being horrible in describing it..."

Alessandro questions, "Did you guys happen to speak about my questions about chandlery herbalism, and general Merchanty things?"

Flaviano gets distracted from licking the pleasure model, and smiles at the gold piece and licks that instead. "Is mine now. THANKS!"

Rothgar states, "Onto the next topic : The overthrowing of the Crown on the wedding day."

Azarial claims, "Plots, talk to temi"

Kinaed says, "You're not necessarily, I'm just not awake enough to think clearly or make decisions. It'd be good to see what you anticipate and let people think/comment there."
Merick grins at Rothgar.
Kinaed claims to Alessandro, "I don't remember. I don't think so."

Vicannia smiles widely at Rothgar, clapping their hands together "Oh you have plans that day too? We should really consider working together."
Alessandro states to Kinaed, "Okie-dokie"
Kinaed says to Alessandro, "Pboard me a reminder of the idea and stuff? I'll let you know ASAP."

Alessandro pontificates, "Okay!"
Kinaed states to Vicannia, "No ooc colluding."

Merick says, "Aw"

Merick claims, "But. but."
Alessandro starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Evani pouts

Bertrand looks at Evani, "Stop it. Don't embarrass us."

Azarial says, "Try not to cross the ic/ooc lines. I now it;s tempting to gloat and plot,. but try to do it icly"

Evani is chastened considerably.

Azarial states, "Know, rather"

Flaviano pats Evani on the head lightly.

Evani says, "We know what you meant, az. We promise."

Azarial says, "Any other questions or concerns/"

Vicannia pouts at Kinaed "Ruin all the fun." should state that the whole pose was meant as a joke...

Merick states, "Umhm... ummmm.."

Merick states, "Naaaaaah"

Merick says, "I complain enough as is."

Kinaed claims, "Just on a note about OOC colludiing because we lost a player this week because I caught it and another player got docked a lot of XP for being involved - if you see, hear, or think people are OOCly colluding, please tell us immediately."
Merick nods at Kinaed.

Bofaha winces "Really?"
Alessandro finishes his note.
Merick nods at Bofaha.

Vicannia was wondering why that player got banned...

Evani says, "Yeah"
Kinaed nods at Bofaha.

Azarial states, "There is no winning or losing, there is just telling an interesting story. sometimes that means your plots and plans collapse down around you and you have to figure something else out"

Verrok trails off, "I was tild this was like an AA meeting, it lacks after meeting donuts..."

Merick claims, "DONUTS."

Merick declaims, "NOW!"
Bofaha states to Azarial, "In my experience failed plans are the most fun ones"
Merick has lost link.
Kinaed states to Verrok, "We're better, we hand out money."
Azarial nods at Bofaha.
Nadya begins to count their money.

Vicannia procurs mysteriously glowing donuts from within their satchel, an odd, yet sweet herbal smell wafting from the frosting."
Evani begins to count their money.

Azarial states, "It gives you room for character development. if you always win...you might as well write twilight fanfiction."
Merick has reconnected.

Azarial shrugs eloquently with more tail than shoulders.

Alessandro queries, "Dem evil donuts?"

Merick states, "Damn net."
Flaviano begins to count their money.
Merick has lost link.

Verrok claims, "Failure always builds a better narritive than success I find"
Vicannia states to Alessandro, ""Define Evil? It's really subjective.""

Alessandro trails off, "Uh......"

Aenaela says, "The ones filled with arsenic"

Evani states, "Poison is best."

Aenaela claims, "Those would be evil doughnuts"

Alessandro muses, "Black plague donuts?"

Evani asks, "Oh god, flowers in the atic, anyone?"

Kinaed wonders, "Did we finish Heartbeat? We're on topics?"

Evani asks, "Attic?"

Azarial says, "And ground glass in the drinks."
Merick has reconnected.
Bofaha claims to Kinaed, "It's kinda mixed bowl today"

Evani says, "You are just all up into that ground glass."

Merick claims, "Graaaah"

Alessandro trails off, "I don't really have topics..."

Niamh exclaims, "I have a PSA!"

Azarial says, "It's delightfully horrific."

Alessandro declares, "Oh!"

Vicannia mumbles under their breath "I really want to poison someone one day."

Kinaed gives Niamh her attention.

Alessandro looks at Niamh

Niamh states, "As just a gentle reminder, please try to remember to use visnet for the vast, vast majority of questions -- using visnet doesn't just present your question to a wider audience (thus making it much more likely you'll get a quick answer), but it also helps other players who might learn something based on what you ask. For sensitive topics, there is the anon option. Request notes are preferred for most other things. It's not that we don't like tells, it's that they often get lost because we're working on other things, or can be spammy while we're in editors."

Evani listens to Niamh.

Niamh claims, "I say "we", but I mostly mean me."
Niamh grins.

Alessandro nod nods.

Kinaed claims, "Yeah, I often get tells whilst afk and don't answer for literally hours because I'm at work or something."

Bofaha pats Niamh on the forehead "And doing great work of it!"

Kinaed states, "So it can be far more efficient to ask questions on visnet with the anon option if it's a private matter."
Rothgar says to Bofaha, "It's alright."
Rothgar says to Niamh, "Nerd."

Azarial says, "I'm often iaw even if I don;t flag it. sometimes I get up at the drop of a hat and chase monsters through the house"

Niamh says, "Don't feel like you can't send me a tell, but try to keep questions on visnet, and if it's much too sensitive for it a note is -usually- best -- I hate coming back an hour later and finding I've left somebody in the lurch. :("
Kinaed nods at Niamh.

Evani trails off, "Niamh is my favo... wait..."

Kinaed states, "I also don't mind getting tells."

Bofaha wonders for a moment "May be not question for here, but hwat happened with takta?"

Kinaed states, "It's fine."

Evani says, "Yeah, tacta is mentioned in help files but I don't see them."

Kinaed states, "Takta was asked to step down as a staff member because she brought Ariel in (who was offline at the start of a scene) to prevent the death of her alt's lover."

Kinaed claims, "After she stepped down, she played TI for awhile."

Verrok states, "Ah dam missed my event"

Bofaha winces again

Kinaed states, "Then she eventually left."

Bofaha claims, "Ugh"
Merick has lost link.
Merick has reconnected.

Azarial claims, "There is no ban, ftr"

Kinaed claims, "There's a player who logs in occasionally and accuses us of having banned her, etc. That did not happen, she can still log in today, though Ariel was wrapped up so his wife can move on with her RP."

Alessandro claims, "Just out of curiosity and things, but do you guys hire staff or do junior staff, other staffish things? for people who would like to intern, blah blah....I don't know what I'm asking."

Niamh claims, "I talk to her sometimes. She wishes TI well."

Bofaha states, "I simply asked because I remembered takta few years ago, and now no takta. Didn't know there was backstory like that. Ugh"

Azarial states, "The codebase was also not stolen."
Jaye asks of Azarial, "Can I have the codebase then? *rubs hands*"

Azarial states, "No."

Evani says, "No"
Merick laughs.

Jaye pouts.

Kinaed claims, "Sorry, I don't think Takta look at it the same way I did at the time - in fact, I know she didn't, as she protested heavily."

Vicannia arches brow at Azarial "Is that a new claim going about?"

Azarial states, "Go find a modern mud source and steal the ideas."

Verrok says, "So someone logs in and yells a bit for a reason that is not real.. its like RL."
Azarial claims to Vicannia, "The same troll ranting about takta claimed the source was tsolen"
Bofaha says to Kinaed, "Oh, I trust your judgement. Just, well, sad to hear."
Niamh claims to Bofaha, "Staff are held to an immensely high standard for conduct."

Kinaed claims, "And she was great staff, it was very hard to lose her... but I insist staff have integrity."

Niamh says, "I'm CLEARLY biased, but imo it's one of the reasons TI is such a wonderful game."
Merick wonders to Kinaed, "I thought it was a friend of hers that was tossing the accusations, that was ariel as well?"

Bofaha nods and agreed with Kinaed

Vicannia nods to Azarial "Ah, I had not seen that bit."
Merick has lost link.
Alessandro claims to Niamh, "I agree"

Azarial says, "The TI source is....bad. go start fresh and take the ideas to overlay a much more modern mud source that works better than ROM"

Alessandro states, "This is the only game I can come to and know that staff aren't gonna treat me shitty. And I play like five games."
Kinaed states to Merick, "No, I think it was just the Order had caught her alt's mage lover."

Bofaha states, "Well, if you want this type of game but with not as great staff, there are similar muds on TMC, not to name names"
Niamh comforts Bofaha.

Bofaha says, "You can find out yourself how that worked out from reviews :P"

Alessandro states, "I went to said mud and....yeah."

Karim states, "Eh, Kinaed, that's not what happened"

Evani claims, "Oh no I love this game."

Azarial says, "Outside of burp, there are no clones left."
Kinaed says to Karim, "Actually, it is exactly what happened."
Bofaha states to Azarial, "That's the one ye"

Karim states, "The character in question got caught on bs charges by the Reeves and never should've been executed."

Karim claims, "But did."

Evani claims, "Uh"
Kinaed says to Karim, "Oh, it was Reeves, not Order."

Evani says, "Oh"

Evani says, "I thought there was gonna be a fight i the ooc meeting."

Kinaed says, "Sorry, I thought you meant that her alt wasn't the lover fo the dude getting executed."

Vicannia states, "TI is the first and only MUD I've played, and I very much doubt I'll ever play another MUD should TI kick the bucket one day."

Azarial states, "Bs charges and unlawful executions are icly valid, though."

Karim claims, "Ah, yeah. I don't know the lovers part."

Niamh quietly fistbumps Vicannia.

Rothgar asks, "Can I get a trans out?"
Nadya has lost link.
Rothgar has been transferred out by Niamh. [OOC]
Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Azarial claims, "However, we'd prefer less rp-killing options first for obvious reason, not that we can really say unless it violates policy."

Verrok states, "I came here from a mud that upped and died :( still a sad panda for that"

Evani states, "Well this game is fun to me. And believe me, I play a looooooot of games."

Evani questions, "Upped and died?"
Raemont begins to count their money.

Evani wonders, "What mud was it? have I heard of it?"

Vicannia fistbumps Niamh in return "Oddly enough, I think the only reason I found TI, was I was looking for browser based games to kill time on."
Kinaed smiles.
Evani giggles.
Kinaed says to Vicannia, "We'll count ourselves lucky that you found us."

Bofaha trails off, "And 300 hours later..."

Verrok states, "Ran for years, it was MKO"
Evani giggles.
Niamh nods in agreement with Kinaed.

Azarial claims, "....oh that would be rich--write a flash app for facebook gaming."

Evani trails off, "Oh, never seen it, or heard of it..."

Aenaela claims, "I'm going to take your advice to heart and try to get out there more and not be so shy"

Aenaela claims, "It's annoying me."
Aenaela laughs.

Alessandro declaims, "It really helps!"

Niamh smiles at Aenaela.

Evani asks, "Socializing, what's that?"
Vicannia states to Evani, "More like 900+ hours and 25 character later"

Aenaela states, "I've been in some scenes, I'm just not quite sure of how to sometimes progress with the concept I have"

Kinaed claims, "Okay, anything else to add? We're over the top of the hour."

Aenaela pontificates, "But, all in a day's emotes!"

Bofaha exclaims, "Throw mud at one another and stay safe!"

Kinaed says, "I don't mind sitting around and chatting, but I'm sure people have more exciting things to do. :)"

Alessandro states, "Thou wouldst be wrong, m'lady, in my case."
Onreon has left the game.

Aenaela asks, "If we lost xp, is that something that can be returned, or no? I'm okay either way, but just thought I'd ask"

Alessandro states, "I lost 22 qp."

Kinaed says, "Request Board."

Alessandro sniffles.

Evani says, "I'm sceening all the time."

Alessandro exclaims, "Oh!"

Alessandro claims, "Okie-dokie."
Alessandro starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Kinaed muses, "How did you earn 22 QP in two days though?"

Kinaed states, "That seems like a LOT"

Evani states, "Lord"

Evani states, "22 qp? Lord."

Vicannia asks, "Thankfully the only thing I lost from the downtime was about 400 gold... And maybe he wrote a book?"

Kinaed says, "We only lost 2 days of data."
Alessandro finishes his note.

Jaye trails off, "Ohh ohh, I lost 240 QP..."

Jaye coughs.

Alessandro says, "I made 2 referals."

Evani states, "J no."

Kinaed claims, "Ahh."
Niamh pontificates to Alessandro, "Nice!"

Evani says, "Jaye be good."

Kinaed states, "Thank you for that, Alessandro."

Alessandro says, "I actually have brought 4 people here, but I don't think all of them got the 2k xp."
Bofaha asks of Kinaed, "I've lost a rec, should I ask the person(s) to re-recommend, or put a request board?"

Evani says, "I need to transfer... refer people here."

Alessandro states, "Also I just sent you guys an empty note. Sorry."
Kinaed says to Bofaha, "Ask the person to re-recommend because we actually can't reinstate the text without their help"

Azarial says, "It seems to help to engage them immediately and help them adjust to the game"
Bofaha nods at Kinaed.
Kinaed says to Alessandro, "No worries"

Vicannia arches brow "So wait... does the person who was the reffered also get qp on top of the refferer or just the referer?
Kinaed nods at Azarial.
Azarial says to Alessandro, "You can delete it and try again"
Jaye declaims to Vicannia, "They do!"

Aenaela questions, "Do they?"

Bofaha says, "Referring is all around good times"

Kinaed doesn't remember.

Alessandro states, "Oh, uh...lemm' figure out how to do that."

Aenaela states, "I don't recall that when I hit the original 2k xp when Alessandro brought me in"

Jaye states, "Both referrrer and referree get 10 QP."

Vicannia nods

Aenaela says, "That did not happen for me"

Alessandro says, "I got the qp."

Kinaed says, "Okay, we probably need to wrap up. Please remember to vote for TI - it keeps our game visible and helps bring in new players to play with you."
Aenaela nods.
Alessandro places his right fist over his heart in salute.
Evani places her right fist over her heart in salute.
Evani giggles.

Kinaed claims, "We get a lot of hits through Reddit if you want to write a review and put something in the correct place there or TMC as well."
Bofaha claims to Kinaed, "TMC didn't process reviews since feb:/ But i will post something on reddit"
Kinaed nods at Bofaha.

Kinaed claims, "Thank you"

Aenaela states, "Yeah, TMC is pretty awful about putting reviews through ugh"

Kinaed pontificates, "Okay, everyone.. thank you for coming! Hang onto your hats!"
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