Log of OOC Meeting - 4/22/17

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Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:43 am

I don't know what happened to my original post here, so sorry, so here it is again:

Niamh asks, "Do we have player topics this week? Anyone who would like to bring something up during the player topic portion?"

Nadya exclaims, "I got a topic!"
Niamh nods at Nadya.

Niamh pontificates, "Got you noted. Please type it up ahead of time!"

Karim muses, "Is the topic the one earlier we talked about Nadya?"
Saira opens a trapesium satin satchel shut with pearlesque silver cords.
Saira gets a handful of silver coins from a trapesium satin satchel shut with pearlesque silver cords.
The Courier hands Saira a letter.
Saira closes a trapesium satin satchel shut with pearlesque silver cords.
Svurien says to Saira, "Cheater"

Niamh frowns.
Merick begins to count their money.

Niamh questions, "Anyone else for player topics?"
Merick tosses a silver coin in the air, catching it with the other hand.
Karim begins to count their money.
Merick tosses a silver coin in the air, catching it with the other hand.
Raemont begins to count their money.

Niamh muses, "Okay! Lets get into Staff updates. Az, do you want to go first?"

Vicannia claims, "Sorry, yeah I do have a topic"

Saira shrugs at Svurien. Saw it done in the past.

Karim questions, "Are Kinaed and Temi not around for this meeting?"

Karim claims, "Oh, there's Kinaed"

Azarial says, "Thst just means stealing other things. rumoring about the lust letters yoy lift is great fun"

Azarial says, "Kin is afk"

Karim says, "That red language text is ominous"

Azarial states, "Guh, stupid client"

Saira frowns.
Niamh nods at Vicannia.
Niamh claims to Vicannia, "Got you noted."

Azarial declares, "'no one writes with sem-colons! let's use thst as a command!'"

Svurien writes with semicolons
Eirian claims to Azarial, "My client does that too, and I can't change it. Drives me nuts."

Niamh says, "I think Az's mobile client is killing him."
Niamh grins.

Niamh claims, "I know that this week he brought mage ashes back up to near complete viability and fixed a huge bug with gambits."

Azarial claims, "I'm mobile on a new device, semi-colon, still working out the kinkd"
Niamh states to Azarial, "Anything else you can remember? I know there was more, it's just slipping my brain."

Vicannia arches brow "There was a bug with gambits?"

Azarial asks, "Cgeck change board?"

Niamh states, "Story interface tweaks, fixed the half-cast spells issue, some rumor bugs."

Azarial states, "Some typos, ashes were hauled, gambit has cards, assorted under the hood cleanup and tweaks"

Azarial states, "I am betting kin is jetlagged a d eeping in"

Azarial claims, "Or not"

Kinaed queries, "Hi? :)"
Empena waves.

Niamh claims, "This week in the world of Niamh, I added HELP FEAR OF MAGES at long last, transferred all of Wilhelm from the wrong area file to the right one (this won't be visible to anyone on the ground, if it was done correct), ran through and took inventory of the rest of our areas and which aren't being used or are redundant, moved the objects/rooms/mobs out of nearly unused ones, etc. Also went through the game's database of fish and rewrote them to be both freshwater appropriate, theme-friendly, and pretty."
Raemont nods.

Empena claps her hands together.

Eirian claims, "Sweet."

Niamh trails off, "Because you know, that's what everybody wants is pretty fish..."

Niamh scuffs.

Karim says, "Theme friendly and pretty fish"

Saira states, "They are very pretty."
Svurien nods.

Vicannia queries, "So does that mean there are no saltwater fish? Or will they actually be restricted to like the docks or something?"

Niamh says, "Oooh, and tested the everloving heck out of mage ash with two player volunteers, who deserve a whole heap of thanks."

Karim claims, "The docks are in the Bren Vicannia"

Niamh states, "There are no saltwater fish, no. The docks aren't over saltwater."

Karim says, "Which is freshwater"

Karim says, "Lithmore is actually landlocked. The Bren is a channel that passes through it."

Azarial claims, "There is no player access to saltwater in the world"

Karim queries, "Are there catfish in the new ones?"

Karim states, "Cause I wanna catch a giant catfish"
Niamh declaims to Karim, "Go fishing!"

Merick claims, "Mmmmm catfish"

Niamh muses, "Okay, player heartbeat! How was RP this week? Because it always tickles me to use Kinaed's wording: Is anything shitting anyone?"

Karim claims, "Teehee she said shitting"

Niamh swats Karim.

Vicannia claims, "I've actually been more active this week than I have been in awhile, so rp has been rather good."

Sauvaige says, "Quiet for me! Trying to get back into the swing of things. Slow going. "
Niamh smiles at Vicannia.
Niamh nods at Sauvaige.

Karim states, "Oh RP has been amazing for me."
Niamh asks of Sauvaige, "Anything we can do to help?"

Saira states, "Rp's been good. Put in some recs good."

Nadya states, "I'd just reccomend people to use moods more. It allows people to know when longterm RP ends in an area, and... It can get a bit questionable, when stuff like that's ignored."

Amadore claims, "I managed to get some of my chars active again."
Niamh grins at Amadore.
Merick states to Sauvaige, "Come bug me and I'll assist"
Merick grins.
Niamh nods at Nadya.

Sauvaige states, "Probably not, I just need to get motivated again for my characters."

Karim says, "I would suggest folks use reccs more."
Merick pontificates to Amadore, "YOU STILL OWE ME!"
Niamh claims to Nadya, "Always good to leave moods."

Karim says, "I haven't seen any and it makes me a sad fariner."
Niamh nods at Karim.

Niamh states, "Recommends are lovely to receive and lovely to give."

Azarial claims, "B"

Karim states, "You get QP for recc'ing people too"

Raemont wonders, "What is a recc?"

Azarial states, "Keep your recs current, you never know when so eone dies"

Amadore says to Merick "Youve never spoken to me. I dont owe you shit."

Sauvaige declares, "Fight fight fight!"

Empena clears her throat.

Raemont trails off, "Oh, reccomend...got it"

Niamh wonders, "Everybody ready for player topics?"

Kinaed claims, "A sec"
Niamh nods at Kinaed.

Kinaed says, "My update: some policy, some demoning, that's all. On my plate: jail automation stuff."

Kinaed declaims, "Okay, can go on. Thanks!"
Niamh grins.
Niamh queries to Nadya, "Do you want to introduce your topic?"

Merick screams and runs away from Kinaed!

Kinaed is on a mobile phone, sorry for short and slow.

"and reading your recommend list can really help to lift spirits if you are feeling down about the game, or feel like people don't appreciatevalue your rp." Vicannia has to scroll through three 100 line pages to see all past recommends. "Also holy heck, have the quality of recommends changed with time." [Vicannia]
Niamh nods in agreement with Vicannia.
Saira grins at Vicannia.
Saira says to Vicannia, "Show off."

Nadya states, "Alright! Physicians. The Madison is a hospital, everywhere else has an infirmary, or worse. I've realized that it's become an OOC issue to visit it, because of the chance of being stalked and murdered in a very, *very* public place. As of recently, it's been getting better, but it still seems to harbor some issues. You can't have a place designed to be for the public entirely closed off to it, it'd close off the point of having a treating area like that, but it's one of the only ways to combat this fear of suddenly being killed in an area that belongs to a guild that's already starved for RP. How would one go about solving a conundrum like this? It doesn't seem as if more guards will help, as you'd need one for each room, which... Isn't really feasible."
Merick laughs.
Niamh nods at Nadya.
Eirian has lost link.

Karim ponders.
Eirian has reconnected.

Kinaed questions, "I thought the Madison had a public area and private rooms. Can't people pick how private they want it?"

Vicannia claims, "As someone who has had a character murdered in the madison, during the middle of the day, and their killer never get found... I've always found it ridiculous of how it is allowed for such things to even happen in the madison."

Nadya claims, "Not how it works."

Nadya states, "The private rooms can be closed, and you can't select who can enter."

Raemont queries, "Why would that not be feasible if people are being murdered at the hospital?"

Vicannia claims, "And mind you, the murderder apparently had time to write a message in blood, without anyone questioning it."

Kinaed says, "People can murder people anywhere. I don't see why staff would disallow it."

Raemont claims, "Guards outside or in each room that is"

Niamh claims, "I think extending the courtesy to the Physicians' of using them for medical care, rather than cutting them out, would be a lot more community-friendly. Definitely don't consider the OOC of "there were murders here before". There were probably murders everywhere."

Vicannia claims, "I'm not saying it shouldn't be allowed, but it shouldn"

Amadore praises Niamh "Preach it fam..."

Vicannia says, "I'm not saying it shouldn't be allowed, but it shouldn't be as easy as it is currently, where it's pretty much treated like there's nobody in the madison. You have to walk through the triage just to get to the patient recover areas"

Vicannia hates the location of the enter button

Merick claims, "My problem is the 'guard' in the middle of the wards doesn't seem to do much"

Merick queries, "And they're specifically stationed there as a watcher, no?"
Niamh states to Merick, "I would suggest posting some Knights there if there's a security risk, rather than taking the medical RP from the Physicians."

Kinaed says, "Npcs don't do much. Because they can't really do much. "

Azarial states, "You're supposef to respect the guard in rp. can't code against evertyhing"

Eirian claims, "It's a public place. I'm sure it gets treated like other public places when there's RPA and such."

Saira claims, "You'd think there are nurses, doctors and orderlies moving around, so if someone's killed, then someone writes a message in blood... well, seems like they'd be caught."

Saira states, "Vnpc's and all."

Nadya states, "Well, here's the thing. It's done so much that the guild is treated like they're incompetent over something that can't be controlled. But... We even have people saying that they avoid it entirely, to the point of waiting for subpar medical treatment in infirmary rather than an actual hospital."

Vicannia nods in agreeance with Saira "Exactly."

Karim claims, "Would it be possible to xblock the recovery ward where you have to be admitted or escorted by an Orderly or Physician? Sorta like a real hospital."
Saira nods.

Kinaed states, "HELP VNPC just to get everyone on the same page."
Niamh claims to Karim, "I suspect we could, but it would present other problems. I imagine that the recovery rooms were made as open as they are so people could get RP in them."

Karim trails off, "Murder could still very well happen, but it'd be from the interesting standpoint of say... a dirty physician"

Svurien states, "You could make the doors lockable. then someone who wanted rp could unlock it, and someone who didn't could leave it locked."

Nadya states, "The Physicians seem to be somewhat... Worked around. People relying way too much on the Reeve/Keep infirmary, rather than actual docs. Even at times, full-on RP avoidance."

Saira claims, "Not even just hospital staff. Visitors, patients waiting to be seen, etc."

Azarial claims, "Or a treatment that went wrong"

Kinaed says, "I think it's up to the player if they want to be accessible or not. People can also recover from home."
Saira claims to Svurien, "But then everyone would need a key. Little sense."

Eirian questions, "Make keys like inn keys?"

Eirian muses, "Use door wedges?"

Karim states, "Well, from what I've mostly seen, the Madison only really gets dangerous for someone super high profile who's already pissed someone off."
Niamh muses to Kinaed, "Generally speaking, it would probably be a Physician who works at the Reeve/Knights' infirmaries, yeah?"

Eirian shrugs.
Svurien nods at Eirian.
Niamh gives Zhar some coins.

Kinaed queries, "Are the Reeve/Keep infirmaries able to heal players to the necessary effect to rival doctors?"

Nadya says, "I don't think so, but people seem willing to take that risk, over seeking Physician help."

Karim claims, "Well, you can't learn higher than 36 medical without being part of the Physicians"
Amadore has returned from AFK.

Karim trails off, "So, if the wounds are bad enough that you'd have to be in a hospital room....you're probably getting treatment from someone trained by them"

Saira queries, "Is it that they call a physician to that infirmary, or that they rely on someone with medical training who is not, in fact, a physician?"

Kinaed muses, "Are the Physicians allowing dual guilders?"

Vicannia claims, "Kinaed, I'm going to use the actual scenario. I brought up the vnpcs in the madison when Casimir killed Augustus, my Inquisitor while he was recovering in the madison. I brought up the vnpcs, but I was expressely told that because I did not rpa the vnpcs in the madison, that it was essentially my fault."

Azarial says, "Could also disallow dual guilding into the physicians"

Saira says, "Cause that's been an issue for years, I think."

Vicannia says, "And yes, we are allowing dual guilders"

Karim states, "The Physicians have sort of been treated like a dual guild for ages"

Eirian claims, "I think the issue is overblown, personally. Physicians could be making house calls, too, for high profile players, etc."

Kinaed claims, "Your fault? I doubt that. That staff wouldn't do anything, probably."
Merick nods at Karim.
Kinaed nods at Eirian.
Saira nods at Eirian.
Kinaed says to Eirian, "My next quesrion was if it's an aversion to physicians or the Madison."
Saira nods.

Niamh says, "I think the issue Nadya is describing is more so that Physicians are skirted around for self-treatment or friend treatment, whether for house calls or not."

Vicannia states, "I remember it clearly kinaed because you are the one who told me that... That's always been a thorn in my side about how it was handled. but alas not important since we've seemingly moved on"
Kinaed says to Karim, "If I were the Physician GL, I probably wouldn't allow dual guilding personally. "

Merick states, "There are certain recent things going on around the madison from what I've seen that keeps people away"

Amadore states, "Guys were going very off topic here."
Karim states to Kinaed, "Neither would I. Medical practice should be the focus of the practitioner."

Niamh claims, "I would still say that issuing Knights or Reeves to protect it is more polite than taking the RP from the Physicians."

Raemont claims, "So, as soon as you leave the triage area hobble your crippled arse home and recover? Being murdered in recovery would be quite an aversion to the Madison."

Amadore queries, "Perhaps viccannia and kinaed can speak on this issue after the meeting?"

Svurien claims, "Thematically speaking, duel guilding would be almost expected, but that's a different subject."
Merick nods at Svurien.
Karim wonders to Svurien, "How?"
Saira nods at Svurien.

Eirian says, "Sounds like there's opportunity for physicians to advertise themselves and their skills, work with other guilds to ensure protection, and so on."
Kinaed states to Vicannia, "I wouldn't tell someone it was their fault that they were attacked somewhere. Not unless something actually made it their fault - but of you have a bone to pick with me, please raise ot after the meeting."

Saira states, "The physicians get little rp as it is. "
Niamh nods in agreement with Eirian.
Karim muses to Svurien, "How in the world would it thematically be expected?"
Kinaed nods at Amadore.
Merick says to Karim, "People have many skills"
Karim states to Merick, "Not many people can perform life saving surgery"

Merick claims, "Some might focus on -one- thing, others not so much"

Nadya queries, "I think I regret bringing this up... Mind if I make a clarification?"

Saira trails off, "Not every physician is a surgeon either..."

Niamh claims, "Just be mindful of the fact that you wouldn't be happy if someone was doing your job and cutting you out of guild RP. And try not to do it to others."
Svurien says to Saira, "The idea of a specifically trained doctor is a relatively recent one in history. Normally they'd be a doctor and something else, often a butcher or something of that nature, or an intellectual of some sort."
Vicannia says to Saira, "It also doesn't help when you have leeches who join the physicians just for the herbalism skill, then never show up. The physicians guild has alot of problems with it"
Merick nods at Saira.
Kinaed states to Nadya, "Please. I'm sorry we're getting sidetracked."
Niamh queries to Nadya, "Fair summary, you think?"
Saira nods at Vicannia.

Eirian claims, "I don't know if the NPC in the triage can be beefed up with any kind of mobprogs or if additional NPCs or progs could be purchased for other areas, to give the impression of greater safety and deter more crime? But beyond that, it seems like the solution could be IC."
Niamh nods at Eirian.

Empena says, "There honestly isn't always enough to do as purely a Physician without something else to do. So ... I honestly think if you tell people that that's all they can do, people will be even less inclined."

Saira nods.
Merick states to Eirian, "That's all I'm suggesting, additional mobprogs, that and maybe a guard at the entrance"

Kinaed says, "We can add certain mobprogs but need to be careful because snything we offer s guild, we have to offer to all guilds"

Merick states, "It'd be logicial considering previous issues"

Eirian states, "So that sounds like a request board thing to hash out later. :)"

Saira says, "My physician rp's limited since my character was pretty much told by a member that she couldn't understand the carnage that accompanied saving lives because she's a gentry. So she went in as a midwife instead which limits me even more."
Vicannia states to Kinaed, "To be fair, most guilds aren't as... public as the physicians. Most are hidden behind xblocks."

Karim doesn't really see a reason why code should be put in to reinforce the madison more than it is. "If there's a reason to believe an attack might happen, get PC's to guard and hang out there."

Nadya claims, "Yeah... Shit. And, here's the thing, Eiran. It's also an OOC mentality of the area. It'll be impossible to give every room a guard, (Because the there are recovery rooms, too.), and have a line of defense against anything. The avoidance, which in some cases have been confirmed through checking the 'wholist' to see if anyone is present there, before even approaching."
Merick says to Karim, "That'd be nice, if I had the knights to spare,"

Eirian muses, "Hire mercenaries? ^_^"
Karim claims to Eirian, "<3"

Azarial claims, "Well, gentry don't get theur hands dirty as a rule. they pay serva ts for that"

Vicannia claims, "As if we have alot of mercenaries on grid"

Merick claims, "The knights are meant to go against mages, not mercs"
Niamh nods in agreement with Azarial.

Vicannia arches brow at Saira "Thats.. a concerning bit of information."

Saira gestures to Azarial and Niamh. "Thematic though, it seems."

Eirian declares, "Protection is protection!"

Saira shrugs at Vicannia.

Azarial states, "If yoy want to get your hands dirty, roll a freeman and yoy eon't get the pushback for not bring thematic in yoyr clasd"

Kinaed claims, "Perhaps as a courtesy, the hospital could ask the Knights to extend their patrols? Or hire mercs. Either moght help - just get buff pcs to go play there."

Niamh claims, "Nadya, do you have anything to add to the topic? We're getting way off of it."

Amadore says, "Getting pcs to hang out there would be great. But theres issues of 1) timezone syncing and 2) stabding around is really really boring if theres no rp""

Niamh claims, "This is true, but not going there because there's no RP means there won't ever be RP. RP requires people to be there."

Eirian states, "I still think there's room to figure some of this out ICly."

Kinaed asks, "Any other solutions to suggest then?"

Amadore claims, "I have been tryng to round mercenaries up as Zara. Its why the merchants now accept mercs to get a group together for sts and anything folks need paid guards."

Eirian states, "Change the culture ICly."
Azarial nods at Eirian.

Merick states, "I have solutions I'll speak on with staff privately"

Amadore claims, "Good point niamh."

Kinaed claims, "No solution can pass without some form of criticism."
Azarial nods at Amadore.

Nadya says, "Right... So, here's a biggie as well. The knights have had the chance to post guards. They don't have the numbers."

Nadya claims, "I mean, that's how it was explained to me."

Niamh claims, "Well, here's the thing:"

Amadore says, "Ill get more rumors out for the merc stuff and hope players ignore the negative responses enough to join us ;) But I know of at least 2 mercs whod be willing to be hired."
Vicannia trails off to Niamh, "I've stood in the triage for about 8 hours, and in that 8 hours I had one person come towards the end of that 8 hours. Having someone standing around does not bring rp... "

Karim claims, "I'd take that as an IC thing of the Knights just generally being undermanned right now because we've had years of heavy conflict RP-wise."

Niamh says, "If they have the numbers to physically move a patient out, they have the numbers to have not done that and guarded instead."
Raemont muses to Amadore, "Mercenaries are now part of the merchant's guild as a career path? Is that openly advertised somewhere? "
Eirian states to Raemont, "That's a bit off topic."

Niamh claims, "I think it's just a matter of being mindful of other people's RP opportunities. Focusing on providing and creating instead of taking. The rest can probably be fielded IC."

Kinaed looks thoughtful.

Amadore says to Raemont "Notice boards and rumors. Luella never posted and ic event which was a shame."
Eirian nods.

Merick grunts.

Nadya states, "Because... My only issue is that infirmaries seem favored over Physicians (Due to the HQ being the Madison). They're available most of the time, and just a message send away."

Eirian states, "There's a gambit for Grand Magnate, and I wouldn't assume that any agreements made with Luella are going to stand in her absence. Best to figure all that out ICly after the meeting."

Karim claims, "Could just as easily downgrade how much healing the infirmaries give if they give comparable to the Madison."

Karim claims, "People are impatient. It'll make them flock there instead."
Kinaed nods at Karim.

Niamh claims, "I think it's fair that the infirmaries get more use for those guilds, but it would be more courteous to invite a Physician to do the treatment at them."
Saira nods at Karim.

Zhar wonders, "Kin, can I bring up something at the end?"

Merick states, "I've run into numerous people having to wait for hours on end."

Vicannia asks, "Wait a second? I thought the infirmaries were just rooms for guilds? Are there actual mobs that provide healing?"

Merick states, "That's one of the problems with the physicians"
Kinaed states to Zhar, "Sure. :) That's why we meet."

Nadya states, "We're also extremely active, as of late."
Zhar smiles.

Azarial states, "Mobs cannot heal"
Karim says to Vicannia, "Your rate of healing is increased in a hospital room. I imagine the infirmaries are the same."

Amadore says to Eirian "Currently. Mercs are part of the merchants. At this current time. That may change or it may not btu well nothing that should put people off going for it. Any role could theoretically be removed anytime from a guild.."

Merick shrugs

Kinaed claims, "Guys, we're about to hit our hour and haven't touched other player topics."

Vicannia nods in understanding "Forgot that was a thing, and thank you for clarifying. I was reading it as mobs that healed."
Merick says to Niamh, "Port me out please."

Karim claims, "I've got a topic of my own, when it gets to my turn."

Kinaed says, "Let's move on. We can discuss this further out of meeting with Nadya or on the forums."
Merick has been transferred out by Niamh. [OOC]
Niamh states to Kinaed, "Vicannia is up next."

Kinaed questions to Nadya, "Would you mind writing a post on the forums?"

Vicannia clears throat "So what I wanted to bring up is actually regarding gambits. I'd like to present the idea of having a 'Public' action taken against the GL, and then a private section to fill out that explains how your character is going about said actions? Only staff and the poster would be able to see said section, much like plot advances. I present this idea as I'd prefer gambits to remain somewhat anonymous, or at the very least not point to the originator without some rpa."
Niamh has pulled Jakob from the pattern!

Svurien nods, "I noticed a similar problem about gambits. NO way to be subtle about it."

Eirian wonders, "I don't think gambits require revealing the originator?"

Kinaed claims, "Gambits are intended to generally be anonymous. They're only not if the player chooses to disclose their name."
Saira nods.
Kinaed nods at Eirian.

Amadore says, "Gambits have always veen anonymous."
Kinaed nods at Amadore.

Eirian says, "I ran a gambit without mentioning anything specific to my character, just reflected on the guild as a whole. It was fine."

Amadore says, "You never have to mention yourself or other players."

Kinaed claims, "Our most recent one wasn't, but we assumed the player was happy with that."

Eirian states, "The one up for Lyonie is the most recent."

Eirian states, "And it's anonymous."

Niamh nods.

Svurien says, "The one for gm of merchants isn't"

Kinaed wonders, "There's one up now that isn't, I think?"

Eirian claims, "That was Allyn's choice."
Kinaed nods at Svurien.

Amadore says, "Due to player choice."
Kinaed nods at Eirian.

Vicannia sighs "Even if you don't have to, I feel it would help greatly. It wouldn't clutter what the public sees, but staff could also see what your character is actually doing to further the public view.

Amadore says, "The player wrotes the gambit description."
Kinaed nods at Amadore.
Niamh asks of Vicannia, "Sort of like the "private notes" in the plot advance POLCA?"

Amadore says, "Wouldnt a plot advance style of things make gambits a bit trickier as theyd require staff intervention as oppossed to player votes."

Vicannia says, "Exactly niamh"
Kinaed asks of Vicannia, "I think I'm missing your point. Are you yrying yo encourage people to post anonymously?"
Niamh nods at Vicannia.

Niamh claims, "Doesn't seem like a big deal."

Eirian muses, "There's always cnotes for further explanation, in case staff actually want or need the info?"
Niamh says to Kinaed, "She's suggesting a field in the gambit polca like the "Private Notes" one in the plot advance polca. Something that doesn't post publicly, but allows for the player to explain what they're doing behind the scenes to push for it."

Vicannia pontificates, "Niamh gets it!"

Kinaed claims, "It doesn't seem necessary with how gambits are set up. I'd suggest writing cnotes"

Karim says, "My only thing about that is the gambit system is largely player handled. There isn't really anything the staff influences on it."

Niamh says, "So while the gambit content itself might be anonymous and not mention any names, there would be a private field Staff see that says, "Vicannia is telling people Karim poisoned the well.""

Vicannia says, "Just if you want to clarify something that doesn't flow with the publicly seen message"
Niamh says to Karim, "That's true."

Karim claims, "Oh I totally poisoned the well."

Kinaed says, "That's where staff go yo check what people have been doing. Or open a plot."

Raemont muses, "Thanks for letting me attend but I need to bail. Can you port me out please?"

Vicannia states, "One would think it's be easier for staff to have such information in one area, versus having to seek it out, or find it in another polca"

Niamh states, "Hmmm... Staff don't actually have any influence over gambits beyond the initial y/n approval."

Kinaed claims, "We don't generally need or do anything with that info though, so it'd just be clutter to us. We don't play in gambit space. "
Niamh says to Vicannia, "I understand what you're getting at and what the purpose would be, honestly. Behind the scenes, though, Staff wouldn't need the information."
Niamh nods at Kinaed.

Vicannia questions, "If a player does not explain how their character is going about the gambit, or has no reason to go through with such gambit, wouldn't that fall under reason for staff not to approve said gambit?"

Karim says, "Gambits can only be done when the support is super low."

Karim states, "That's reason enough"

Kinaed claims, "Gambits are in themselves IC actions that we expect to be justified."

Vicannia throws hand in air, flustered as all get out "Nevermind! Thought this would be something that would make it easier for all, but obviously I'm wrong."

Niamh ruffles Vicannia, "It makes sense! There probably wouldn't be much of a place for it, is all, due to how the gambit system works."

Eirian states, "It makes sense, just doesn't seem necessary, in the grand scheme."
Niamh nods in agreement with Eirian.
Niamh states to Kinaed, "Amadore up next."
Kinaed claims to Amadore, "You're up. :)"

Niamh claims, "If no one in the guild suits the first GLs preference, open for apps."

Kinaed questions, "Okay.. is Zhar next? :)"
Niamh nods.

Zhar declaims, "Wee!"

Amadore nods to viccannia "Apps is what id recommend for guils with no suitable options or noone who wants to od it."

Vicannia smirks to Niamh "Exactly. Even though I've had players miffed at me for denying them, I'd rather have a second GL I can trust than one I don't."

Saira questions, "Apps are kinda luck of the draw though too, right?"
Niamh states to Vicannia, "Right! And IC rivals are fun, so it's all good."

Amadore says, "Hence demoting them if theyre bad."

Svurien says, "You could always make it democratic if apps don't work."
Vicannia claims to Saira, "They are, but at that point I only have myself to blame for being so picky."

Amadore says, "Treat these issues ic. If you dont like them, get another! or play up the rival stuff."
Saira grins at Vicannia.

Zhar says, "Alright, I was suggested to bring this up in the meeting. Knights get access to a unique mount-- a destrier-- I was wondering if the policies should get updated, and that they act similar to a bodyguard, or perhaps get a 'trample' attack in combat. Alternatively, whether or not it should give a boost to combat while mounted-- but ONLY for the Destrier mounts. The sentiment here is that it would even out the playing field a bit."

Vicannia wonders, "Wait, destriers are exclusive to knights now? I thought they could be bred?"

Eirian wonders, "I didn't realize destriers were necessarily unique to Knights?"

Svurien says, "Nor did I"

Zhar states, "I didn't see any other place that sells destriers."

Eirian claims, "It's thematic for knights, I don't know that it's exclusive to them."

Svurien says, "A destrier is just a style of horse. Any horse could be a destrier."

Niamh says, "Destriers aren't Knight-only, as far as I'm aware."

Niamh says, "I think his topic was more along the lines of mounted combat, though."

Eirian claims, "Often, they'd come with extra training for battle, but I think that's RP'd only here."

Zhar says, "Well, any destrier then- a horse bred and trained for war."

Kinaed says, "Generally, we're interested in mounted combat, but for everyone, not just knights. It's nust low code priority at the moment."
Zhar nods.

Saira claims, "Might make the ride skill more useful too if it comes in. Right now, not really sure what above 36 in ride does, if anything."

Eirian says, "You could certainly emote it as part of an attack with a weapon while mounted."

Eirian says, "For added awesomeness."

Kinaed states, "We're working on other things already in game that need patching to help knights, etc."
Saira grins at Eirian.
Vicannia says to Saira, ""I think higher level may help drunk-riding more, so as to prevent less mistakes while drunk-riding.""

Svurien states, "I use my horse in combat emotes all the time. I think it would be interesting to have lances though. I haven't seen any knights with a lance, and if we're making knightly combat, lances should be required."
Saira smiles at Vicannia.
Kinaed nods at Svurien.

Niamh states, "There's totally lances at the jousting pitch."

Zhar says, "I personally feel no pressure to get nice bells and whistles for the Knights. I just figured it might be simple to add an 'affect' that the mounts give, that makes riders better in combat."

Eirian says, "Polearm."
Saira says to Vicannia, "Drunk riding's funny."
Niamh nods at Eirian.
Saira nods at Eirian.

Eirian states, "Go crazy. ^_^"
Kinaed claims to Karim, "You're up. :)"

Karim says, "So"

Vicannia ponders if lances were true medieval weapons, or more ceremonial

Svurien claims to Vicannia, "They were very much real"
Svurien says to Vicannia, "And very much deadly"

Karim says, "I heard something earlier today that sort of bothered me. Apparently there's an issue circulating currently between the Knights and the Mages where one side isn't leaving moods when they break into places or do unlawful things and the other side is apparently starting to do the same thing in return."

Niamh frowns.

Eirian claims, "Goodness, I hope not."

Karim states, "Public Service Announcement: We aren't on this game to -win-. Stahp it. Please."

Saira grimaces.

Kinaed claims, "Staff haven't been alerted to any if these incidents."

Vicannia arches brow "That just sounds petty and creates a repeating circle of issues."
Saira nods at Vicannia.

Azarial states, "Winning is telling a good story. mary-sues do nit tell goid stories. re: twilight"
Zhar nods.

Karim claims, "There's one incident I could've been victim to recently that I'll bring up after this to you Kin, myself, but I wasn't aware it's been a problem."
Svurien grins at Azarial.

Saira bursts into giggles.

Eirian states, "If that kind of behavior is happening, or even just being talked about, folks need to alert staff ASAP."
Niamh nods.

Kinaed states, "In terms of behavior - crimes need moods and cnotes."

Niamh says, "We don't know it's happening unless we're told."

Vicannia sighs wistfully as they remember the knights when they first joined "Still my favorite iteration of Knights."

Karim states, "The moods should be made regardless of if you're doing it from a position of authority or if you're a mage cloaking around. It doesn't matter, you should be leaving them."
Saira comforts Vicannia.

Eirian claims, "Ayep."

Eirian states, "It's straight up policy."

Kinaed says, "If you suspect someone didn't leave these, contact staff ASAP. The longer you wait, the harder it is for us to track down who did it."
Kinaed nods at Karim.

Vicannia has to ponder what crimes knights are committing that would require moods? Maybe bashing doors down, or searching a hidden mage haven, like sewers or somesuch
Kinaed states to Vicannia, "Yes."

Azarial claims, "Ramoant doir bashing at one point"

Svurien claims, "Or just being very bad knights."

Kinaed says, "All breakins require moods."

Kinaed states, "And cnotes."

Vicannia says to Svurien, "Can you elaborate on what is a "Bad knight.""
Eirian states to Azarial, "I don't know if my bugnotes have been very helpful for tracking down these rumor bugs, but if you need me to help test anything, let me know."
Svurien claims to Vicannia, "Pillaging, plundering, preying on the weak and innocent. Think pirate with shiny metal suits."

Kinaed states, "But if you don't tell staff it happened or wait 3 days, a lot of code evidence can rollover and we won't be able to figure out who did it."

Karim claims, "I should start doing that."

Karim claims, "PIllaging and plundering in the name of the Order"

Niamh chuckles.

Saira queries, "Didn't Dav do that?:D"

Kinaed states, "Seems thematic :)"

Karim breaks down someone's door, "I hear you haven't been paying tithes."
Niamh grins.

Sauvaige states, "Well, the order needs it more than they do."

Niamh wonders, "Like the Kool Aid man?"
Saira grins at Karim.

Karim states, "I'll take that candleholder as payment to the church"
Svurien declaims to Saira, "Blasphomye. Burn the witch!"

Saira faints.

Kinaed muses, "Did anyone else have a topic?"

Sauvaige states, "Or we should start locking up rich gentry and stealing all their silver."

Vicannia nods in agreeance with Kinaed "Definitely seems thematic given the current mood of the game."

Eirian says, "Nope! Thanks for the meeting, all."
Eirian waves.
Saira nods at Vicannia.

Svurien states, "All of mine are up on typo or bug boards already"

Saira says, "Event tonight for those who missed the ic post."

Kinaed claims, "If not, thank you for attending everyone. :)"

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