Log of OOC Meeting for April 15, 2017

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Log of OOC Meeting for April 15, 2017

Postby Swanlet » Sat Apr 15, 2017 5:30 pm

Azarial says, "(Daravi)So, let's see. short of anyone popping in while traveling, it will be my update this week, and then on into other topics which Ic an pass up to kin as required."
Azarial asks, "(Daravi)Does anyone have anything to add?"
Azarial has transferred Vicannia. [OOC]
Saira nods.
Azarial gives a red garbed doll with an oversized lash to Vicannia.
Saira states, "One thing."
Azarial asks, "(Daravi)No one else?"
Klaetela says, "I've a thing."
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)Okay, two players"
Svurien states, "I have a questiony thing."
Azarial grins.
Azarial states, "(Daravi)Three."
Azarial states, "(Daravi)So this week has bene chewing on bugs and the usual litany of trying to find the memory leaks; the sphere should be working better as of this morning, and hunting dogs might actually hunt now. some misplaced mail should be re-entering the system, and I need to poke a few lingering test cases to mkae sure it is staying in the system. and there was a partial repair to a numbering issue in crafting."
Azarial wonders, "(Daravi)Well, no one has popped in, so onto topics. saira?"
Saira claims, "Regarding purchase view. Could something similar please be added so that it's accessible to those of us no longer in chargen? So, if not purchase view, then perhaps purchase calculate? There's really nothing worse than spending silver on ingredients, grinding and then finding you haven't the xp for the advancement, losing your pool and all the silver you've just put into creating the items you were grinding on. And not everyone is good at math or, more simply, wants to sit there and manually calculate how much xp it will take to advance through levels. :D"
Azarial says, "(Daravi)Technically speaking, returning to buy more ranks as you get the experience is a bit frowned upon."
A flurry of fiery-colored leaves sweep across the area, rapidly coalescing into the winged shape of Niamh. [OOC]
Saira states, "No, that's not what I mean."
Niamh waves.
Svurien waves to Niamh.
Vicannia questions, "Are you meaning how much each rank costs?"
Saira says, "I mean, rping to save up for a skill so you can grind it in game, just making sure you have enough."
Azarial muses, "(Daravi)'help ranks' shoudl hvae the costs listed?"
Maya wonders, "Is your XP not showing in your prompt?"
Azarial gives a red garbed doll with an oversized lash to Niamh.
Saira shakes her head. That's not what I'm getting at. I'd just like something like they have in chargen that will automatically calculate the cost of advancing to a certain level.
Maya says, "If you're worried about having enough XP, do a rough calculation and give yourself a buffer."
Svurien claims, "Help rank is off, or else my calculator is. I rose eleven ranks and only lost a little under two grand, where I should have lost 3600 according to Azarial states, "(Daravi)Well. I can check that, then, at least. I will let kin know about the purchase view request."
Maya claims, "Might have something to do with cut-offs."
Niamh questions to Saira, "Basically purchase view outside chargen?"
Maya didn't even know there was a purchase view.
Niamh states, "On mobile, may be slow"
Vicannia didn't even know purchase view was a thing
Saira nods. Just, not with the goal of going back into chargen to raise things. Just so we don't have to manually calculate.
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)'help random' reveals all sorts of useful things."
Purchase view is a very very nice thing [Svurien]
Niamh nods.
Niamh states, "I think we can make a note of that for Kin. Don't think it would hurt anything to have"
Saira smiles.
Azarial states to Niamh, "(Daravi)Did you hvae an update for us for this week? though being mobile, being awesome can be sufficient."
Saira is just pants at math and tends to get all confuzzled even with calculators.
Svurien wonders how Saira can be pants.
Saira tells Svurien they're the pants she scared off of him.
Niamh declaims, "Oh yeah! update: upped the hp on all training mobs for longer sessions, did some building, and fielded the usual requests and typos "
Azarial states, "(Daravi)Note that this has made them a bit tougher."
Niamh nods.
Azarial questions, "(Daravi)Klae, you had something?"
Merick claims to Niamh, "Yeah the trainer almost kicked my ass lol"
Niamh states, "Ran an npc to torment our poor order players, too.."
Niamh says, "Alas poor Billiam."
Saira grins.
Merick laughs.
Maya makes the sign of the chalice.
Niamh grins.
Niamh claims, "That's it from me."
Azarial gets a small box of weapons from pico, a text editor.
Azarial gets the theme stick from a small box of weapons.
Niamh laughs.
Merick states, "Oh HELL"
Azarial pokes Klaetela with the theme stick.
Klaetela says, "I was wondering, what the possibility of having a "Study" command or something along those lines. We have a lot of awesome books, and I wonder if ... being able to flag some of them as useful to pool with by studying with them in some way would be cool. Like being able to mark a book as useful for a certain skill."
Merick questions, "Maybe language?"
Svurien states, "Or medicine."
Merick nods.
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)Interestingly, that is pretty close to an old replacement suggested by temi for research. it jsut has not been sufficiently beaten into shape for implementation"
Merick says, "I could see how that could be abused."
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)There would be limitations, and it would hopefully not be as scriptable as the prior version."
Merick nods.
Azarial says, "(Daravi)Much like how current crafting was aimed at covering the holes in the prior version."
Klaetela says, "I'm not sure it could be abused more or less than learning from another player."
Saira claims, "And it could fill in the gaps there since it seems rather like nobody's teaching many things these days."
"Couldn't be anymore abused than Tending and Harvesting for Herbalism." Vicannia comments while running through lithmore, tending for all the public gardens she can find [Vicannia]
Azarial says, "(Daravi)Learning from a notehr player is limited by the ranks they have int it, teach, and their charisma, so there is a finite cap on how much someone can teach"
Niamh nods.
Merick states to Azarial, "Yup"
Kinaed sneaks in.
Kinaed has returned from AFK.
Niamh says, "And involves rp."
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)Research lacks the teachers' limits"
Niamh states, "Which is always preferred."
Nadya trails off, "I mean, so long as people don't cap medicine with very little reason to..."
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)Well. lacked."
Nadya asks, "But, why punish a player-based interaction?"
Merick queries to Azarial, "So put level caps on certain books?"
Svurien states, "It could basically be a librarian or professor version of the training mobs for weapons."
Saira claims, "You'd probably be limited in that, nadya, if you're not a physician, just like now."
Azarial says, "(Daravi)Honestly? I don;t remember why it was capped."
Vicannia asks, "I've never understood, what exactly does teach limit? Does it actually prevent learning past a certain rank? So lets say someone has mastered a skill, has at least 70 charisma, would that mean they are unable to teach you to master rank?"
Azarial says, "(Daravi)And I do not appear to have commented the reasons."
Nadya muses, "Why what was capped?"
Azarial says, "(Daravi)How much you can teach someone via code"
Nadya states, "Hm."
Maya says, "You're limited by how much you know in the skill. Charisma is factored in. Then, the more ranks you have in teaching, the faster your students will pool."
Maya claims, "Is how I understand it."
Nadya asks, "To state, though. I think studying is important to apprenticeship! I'm just wanting to know what can be done to teaching, so it's not replaced. If it's capped per book, it makes sense... But they're all in public libraries. How about actual lectures you have to pay for in the university?"
Azarial states, "(Daravi)Charisma% of your ranks, iirc"
Vicannia says, "So teaching only effects speed of learning? Got it."
Azarial states, "(Daravi)And I think how much you get per teaching tick"
Maya says, "Teaching makes you a more effective teacher. WHAT you can teach depends on your skill in the subject and your charisma."
Maya claims, "And your students' current knowledge."
Azarial asks, "(Daravi)I think that's the dead spot in the conversation; svurien?"
Svurien says, "Ok, I have two. First, about hunting dogs, do they heal? Cuz mine hasn't in about a week, and it was just scratched. Wanted to ask that before I forgot to ask it later on visnet."
Saira claims, "Bruised."
Azarial says, "(Daravi)I am still working on that aspect of it; tracing things through can take a while. It took ages to trace combat to figure out the most likely cause for hunting pets to not attack"
Maya says, "If it's a non-treatable wound, applying numbing salve should help."
Maya asks, "If it's treatable, treating should help?"
Svurien says, "It was treated."
Maya wonders, "And you tried feeding it?"
Svurien nods.
Kinaed wonders, "(Eld)Have yoi bug boarded it?"
Maya states, "Sounds like a bug, then."
Svurien states, "And resting, and sleeping, and rp'ing with it as best I could."
Azarial states, "(Daravi)I've been looking for test cases to fix it, actually."
Kinaed claims, "(Eld)A staff member will heal your dog while we investigate the bug."
Azarial says, "(Daravi)No one has reported anything, so I set it on the back burner to finish off later."
Svurien says, "Well, I'll volunteer my hounds for testing then. Just don't tell PETA"
Saira snickers. Oh god.
Azarial says, "(Daravi)Peta is not thematic."
Saira giggles.
Svurien grins.
Kinaed shows her carnivorous unicorn teeth.
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)Plus they;re a pretty nasty bunch anyways."
Azarial states, "(Daravi)Which is off topic."
Niamh ruffles Azarial.
Svurien claims, "So, I'll keep an eye on it and bug report it if anything happens."
Azarial wonders, "(Daravi)How has rp been this week? anything else that is bugging people?"
Raemont shakes his head no.
Sauvaige says, "I'm back from my hiatus and should be back to activity."
Kinaed says, "(Eld)Please bug report it so we have a tangible record to close out and remind us."
Saira says, "RP's been good. Still trying to find my character's headspace, so I kind of suck right now. "
Saira states, "But other than that, it's been fun."
Svurien says, "One more question."
Svurien muses, "Second, I asked this on visnet, but no one was really sure, so I want to get as much clarification as possible. The weapons list shows all manner of weapons, from all across europe, north africa, the middle east, and into russia historically speaking, my question is how far this extends. Could we make a chinese broadsword, if we figured out a way to make the geographical terms work with the game's setting? Could we make japanese swords? What are the restrictions as to from where we can take our influence for weapons and armor designs?"
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)We are avoiding the asian portion of history at this time."
Vicannia claims, "I'm pretty sure katanas and whatnot have been expressely not allowed."
Azarial says, "(Daravi)Otherwise, mostly european centric, woith some of the areas around the edges as I recall."
Kinaed says, "(Eld)TI's theme is primarily European and Middle East (Daravi)"
Maya states, "I'm sure you could desc a sword like a samurai sword if you wanted. I just wouldn't name it that."
Azarial states, "(Daravi)There are several varieties of curved sword available."
Svurien wonders, "Ok, so europe and the lavant then?"
Kinaed states, "(Eld)If you want to check a specific item for thematic-ness, drop Staff a Request Board."
Niamh declares, "Must run. Sorry I was brief, hope everyone has a wonderful week!"
Raemont claims, "Damascus creation sounds a lot like the process for Katana creation."
Kinaed nods at Svurien.
Niamh waves.
A flurry of fiery-colored leaves whirl around Niamh, and when they scatter she's gone. [OOC]
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)Otherwise we don;t look over your shoulder constantly."
Azarial states, "(Daravi)It does not start with the poor grade iron sand."
Vicannia claims to Raemont, "Damascus is actually a real-world process."
Merick declaims to Azarial, "I feel like I'm being watched... ALL THE TIME... you can't fool me!"
Kinaed claims, "(Eld)Damascus steel is called Damascus because, iirc, it was also from Damascus."
Svurien claims to Raemont, "Its slightly different, but similar. Damascus steel is made in a slightly different form of forge, called a cruciple forge, but now I'm getting all nerdy."
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)The picking through the resulting material for the best steel to fold into the blade is not required"
Maya says, "If you wanted little tassels on the pommel, etc. I don't think anyone would hold that sort of thing against you. I just wouldn't call anything a katana."
Kinaed nods at Maya.
Saira eye rolls.
Azarial says, "(Daravi)The steel you get from the crucible is more of a solid block that is shaped and formed. I can dig up...a nova special, I think, that I drew some of the dieas from asn I picked around for something suitably interesting."
Saira eye rolls at the nerdy, not Maya.
Saira grins.
Nadya claims, "I think the sheer lack of asian influences would make things awfully suspicious, to suddendly take inspiration from."
Maya says, "Samurai swords were also folded and the best ones had the rippling effect you see with damascus."
Kinaed nods at Nadya.
Azarial says, "(Daravi)Http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/secrets-viking-sword.html"
Merick says to Maya, "Yeah they had a slightly different technique too"
Svurien states, "I'd like to pretend I don't recognize that documentary by name, but I can't. Its actually really good."
Kinaed states, "(Eld)Not that Wikipedia is king, but: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damascus_steel"
Saira feels stupid. Again, with all these people who know everything about everything. *dies*
Merick claims, "Hahah I've seen that documentary :D"
Nadya claims, "Samurai swords and damascus...? The methods are different, if memory serves. Damascus entirely running supreme."
Azarial says, "(Daravi)The layering there was more to balance out the lower quality iron, as I recall. europe had quite a bit more available to play with"
Kinaed states to Saira, "(Eld)Nah, I don't know heaps either."
Svurien nods at Nadya.
Saira grins at Kinaed.
Saira goes to stand with Kinaed and comiserate.
Svurien claims to Nadya, "Samourai swords are overrated by far, but that's for a different ooc chat."
Maya says, "We have damascus. It's made in a crucible forge."
Kinaed hugs Saira.
Maya says, "That's all you really need to know."
Nadya says, "Hug me, you nerds."
Azarial nods at Maya.
Saira hugs Kinaed.
Kinaed hugs Nadya.
Saira declares, "No! My Kinaed!"
Nadya exclaims, "Yay!"
Kinaed is free and untamed.
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)I have to admit, taht vid maks me half-wish I had followed the path into the forge like I had wanted at a much younger age."
Saira states, "Sounds like Kinaed's a flower child."
Kinaed muses, "(Eld)Okay, where did we leave off? Heartbeat?"
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)No, a flesh eating unicorn."
Vicannia nods to Kinaed
Nadya tries to perform CPR, "Don't die on me, Damn it!"
Nadya says, "Kehehe. Geddit. Heartbeat."
Kinaed queries to Azarial, "(Eld)Did anyone register a Player Topic earlier?"
Sauvaige dies
Saira is trying to be both gentry and interesting and failing like a 75 crafting recipe on a first try.
Saira says, "You know, one of those I just lost ten gold failures."
(This is an OOC room. Nothing counts for rpxp here.)
Maya says to Saira, "You're doing fiiiine."
Saira says, "Nawwwww."
(This is an OOC room. Nothing counts for rpxp here.)
Saira hugs Maya.
Vicannia trails off to Kinaed, "We already went through player topics... bit of a weird order today"
Azarial states, "(Daravi)Failures increase your chances of success. especially now that I am pretty sure I stopped up the renumbering of recipes."
Nadya states, "Yeee boiii"
Saira states, "Have I rped with you? I don't even know. LOL. But thank you anyway."
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)Yeah, I couldn;t remember the typical order."
Kinaed claims, "(Eld)Cool. I guess we can just shoot the breeze for another 30 min then."
Saira grins at Azarial.
Maya says, "Eirian's busy."
Saira exclaims, "Ooo ooo! Question!"
(This is an OOC room. Nothing counts for rpxp here.)
Kinaed queries to Saira, "(Eld)Mm?"
Raemont trails off to Saira, "10 gold failure? Good lord..."
Kinaed just read that as "(Eld)Eirian's busty".
Azarial grins.
Maya says, "He's got nice pecs."
Maya chuckles.
Nadya says, "Pecs are nice."
Kinaed says, "(Eld)I think I officially need reading glasses."
Saira asks, "Because I've been very bad with retooling things in the past, are we allowed to retool a box into another box? Like, there are some boxes tooled as having certain stuff in them, but I have a better system of just labeling boxes, so can I retool the boxes or do I have to make new ones?"
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)You can label boxes as well"
Klaetela raises a hand.
Kinaed claims, "(Eld)Yes, you can retool a box into a box with different labels."
Maya states, "I don't see why you couldn't retool them."
Saira grins at Maya. "Eirian's gettin' busy, you say?"
Kinaed muses to Klaetela, "(Eld)Yes? :)"
Saira declares, "Oh! You meant busy!"
Saira grins.
Azarial says, "(Daravi)The biggest ones are don;t change the material, and don;t clone someone else's strings"
Kinaed pontificates, "(Eld)Ooo, I can read a lot better when I turn the brightness up on my phone display. Yay!"
Saira states, "Okay, yeah, I'm not. Just tooling a box that holds eggs into a generic box I can label so it's not specific."
Saira says, "Cause right now, you look in my egg box and it's got clothes in it. Odd."
Saira laughs at Kinaed.
Saira states, "Kinaed, you're adorable."
Kinaed wonders, "(Eld)Is that what they call it?"
Kinaed says, "(Eld)Nice."
Saira says, "One of the terms."
Azarial states, "(Daravi)Or 'adorkable'"
Vicannia claims to Saira, ""Is it not normal to keep your clothes in your egg basket, and your eggs in your armoir? Strange.""
Kinaed snerks.
Saira giggles at Vicannia.
Maya questions to Klaetela, "Did you have a question?"
Klaetela says, "A thought/idea."
Kinaed says, "(Eld)Cool"
Saira states, "Oh, one thing too when everyone's done so I'm not hogging all the air here with my hot head."
Saira grins at Klaetela.
Kinaed states, "(Eld)Btw, anyone near Pittsburg that wants to have dinner with me tonight... lemme know."
Kinaed says, "(Eld)... h. Pittsburgh"
Kinaed wiggles her ears towards Klaetela.
Kinaed asks, "(Eld)Idea?"
Saira asks, "You coming to MD soon, Kinaed?"
Nadya pontificates, "Maryland?!!?!"
Kinaed says, "(Eld)No, sadly. Flying back to Melbourne in the morning with a layover in Denver and LA."
Saira cries.
Klaetela says, "There was a thought discussion by yours truly on the forums at one point about an RP bonus, small, minute or otherwise for shopping at PC shops to balance against the haggling reward of NPC shop shopping, it had some traction but never an official staff answer."
Svurien shudders at the memory of flying across the pacific.
Kinaed states, "(Eld)I don't intend to add that, no."
Klaetela claims, "Also, the whole being able to serve and set a description for food portions thing, like cups"
Azarial states, "(Daravi)Most player shops should be cheaper than npc shops"
Vicannia claims, "I don't think an rp bonus would work since you aren't actually rping with the shop owner when you buy from them, most of the time, as such makes little sense for an rp bonus."
Azarial states, "(Daravi)Npc shops are priced high enough to allow pcs top undercut and still profit"
Azarial states, "(Daravi)You can 'split' food"
Vicannia says to Azarial, ""Yeah, glad I discovered why noone was buying oils and whatnot from me. Couldn't dream of beating that price.""
Saira is excited to use serve when she actually gets around to it.
Azarial states, "(Daravi)If something seems off, please typo it; costs for manufacture do shift a bit as recipe adn components are tweakd"
Azarial has transferred Jakob. [OOC]
Azarial gives a red garbed doll with an oversized lash to Jakob.
Vicannia wonders to Azarial, ""Also this just occured to me, but do we have someone logging this chat?""
Saira states, "Can I jump in with something else? Different subject."
Svurien points at Saira
Saira nods. I'm scribing.
Klaetela trails off, "True, but you have to decide ahead of time if you are splitting something. If ... like you make a wheel of cheese and they split it later, each portion is then described as a whole wheel of cheese"
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)That comes into the icky grammar stuff that is hard to code for"
Azarial states, "(Daravi)Serving into cups is a much easier prospect to write code for, as far as the grammar goes."
Vicannia states, "Just wanted to check,"
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)An X of Y is not the same as a wheel into a wedge"
Klaetela queries, "But if you let people set it somehow as an ed add or something would that work? Don't know, was just checking "
Maya says, "I think I suggested that split be usable for items on the ground, with an emote, as kind of a compromise."
Saira eats all the cheese.
Azarial says, "(Daravi)I think the format to pull that off would be too icky for most players."
Merick is idle.
Azarial states, "(Daravi)IU'd have to tap into the # splitting I wrote for craft strings."
Klaetela states, "Okay, just thoughts."
Klaetela smiles.
Svurien trails off, "Has there ever been a suggestion of making a way that you could collect or for yourself? Since you can get your own lumber..."
Svurien says, "That's ore, of course, not or."
Sauvaige is idle.
Sauvaige is no longer idle.
Sauvaige has returned from AFK.
Azarial states, "(Daravi)It's been brought up many times; for the most part the land around lithmore doesn;t support it"
Saira scribbles.
Klaetela asks, "Isn't there a mine on the official map?"
Saira says, "Assets. *cough*"
Azarial nods at Saira.
Jakob has lost link.
Jakob has reconnected.
Azarial states to Klaetela, "(Daravi)That I don;t know; I don;t need the map."
Saira questions, "Can I bring up my few things since we're getting close?"
Azarial says, "(Daravi)Feel free."
Vicannia trails off, "I think it was an abandoned mine...."
Saira states, "Ok, a few tiny thhings, then one note on something. 1, carriages and wagons are awesome things. Low priority but I had to bring it up again because OMG would my gentry so be riding around in a carriage and not side-saddle if she had one. XD. 2, can we have something that targets trademarks to certain objects when looking at them. Right now, I think it's just look trademark, not look ring trademark or look trademark ring. When you've a lot of trademarks, eesh."
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)Depending how carriages would be done, it;s a mess. i've seen it before, the code is hideous. a hack might be a variant on mounts."
Maya states, "I think the look <item> trademark thing has been suggested and may even be up on the forums."
Maya claims, "Would be nice."
Saira says, "Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. Instead of riding in on a horse, maybe horses and carriages or something. Not a separate room. While that would kick butt, I'm sure it's crazy coding."
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)If it si on the forums, give it a bump, otherwise I'll let kin know. I think she;s wandered off"
Vicannia ponders "What about just making special "Horses" that are tooled as carriages? Make them ungodly expensive and have them be more like a prestige item?"
Saira thinks carriages should be craftable by woodworkers. Or at least wagons.
Merick is no longer idle.
Svurien states, "Or, just the first sentence of that."
Merick has returned from AFK.
Merick grumbles.
Saira claims, "So, that's an idea. I'll post it to the forums. Last thing."
Saira says, "So, this is sort of an advertisement and sort of not. Saira posted a few adverts around the city. Gates, mainly. And the only reason I mention it here is because what I need help with is actually ooc, so if they read a bit weird, the position, please just bear with me. I'm trying really hard to turn an ooc need into an ic position that can foster rp for everyone involved, but it's actually rather difficult to explain icly. So if you take a look at the adverts and have any suggestions on how I can word the position, let me know."
Maya says, "Horse-drawn cart or maybe a period-appropriate phaeton and ponies? Those are both open."
Vicannia doesn't even know about this advert.
Kinaed asks, "(Eld)Not sure I'm following what you're saying, Saira. What's OOC that you're looking to describe IC?"
Maya says, "Saira, it's pretty clear."
Maya claims, "Your OOC note at the bottom makes it clear."
Maya says, "I didn't understand what you were asking in RP, but the OOC note helps a -lot-."
Saira gets an advert seeking a dyer of textiles edged in leafy borders from a small leather portmanteau shut by a spinning silver clasp.
Saira gives an advert seeking a dyer of textiles edged in leafy borders to Kinaed.
Kinaed says, "(Eld)Sounds like it's all good then. :)"
Kinaed gives an advert seeking a dyer of textiles edged in leafy borders to Saira.
Saira questions, "Wait, it's illegal to post stuff like that?"
Merick states, "Currently"
Merick says, "It has to be on a board"
Kinaed questions, "(Eld)How is it illegal?"
Maya states, "That's IC stuff."
Saira states, "This needs to be written somewhere icly. Eesh."
Maya claims, "It is."
Merick claims, "It is"
Vicannia claims, "There is a reason we have notice boards in various locations... people were posting adverts all over the city, and it was just clutter."
Svurien states to Merick, "There are adverts all over the place that aren't on a board"
Merick grins at Maya.
Kinaed muses, "(Eld)What are you talking about?"
Merick nods at Svurien.
Azarial states, "(Daravi)The major boards have been used for adverts for....well. years."
Klaetela says, "The Lady Justiciar has said it's illrgal"
Kinaed states, "(Eld)Clutter is not illegal."
Saira says, "Why isn't this written up somewhere? I see adverts for the art shop all over. Paisley's."
Maya claims, "There are IC laws in place that restrict public advertising, currently."
Kinaed claims, "(Eld)Lady Justicar does not make law, the Queen does."
Klaetela claims, "Might want to clarify that with the Reeves, Kin"
Vicannia states to Kinaed, "The reeves made it illegal because people weren't using the public boards... Also kinaed it's been like this for at least a month, there was even an ic event post about it."
Kinaed claims, "(Eld)HELP SUMMARY OF LAWS has all of the laws."
Merick says to Kinaed, "I dunno if it's even really been done by the justicar, it could be bullcrap for all anyone knows"
Kinaed claims, "(Eld)The Reeves cannot just make laws. They're like the police."
Maya claims, "Check out the Reeves board. There's stuff there that allows recourse. Or just ignore it and see what happens? It's all IC, as far as I know."
Saira says, "Even if it is a law, it needs to be boldly placed somewhere. Icly, my character would never knowingly break a law."
Kinaed claims, "(Eld)I'll have a chat with Rimilde."
Azarial has transferred Jaye. [OOC]
Kinaed states, "(Eld)At a minimum, any new laws need to be discussed with Staff. I am not okay with Reeves just making laws up."
Azarial gives a red garbed doll with an oversized lash to Jaye.
Maya states, "It is boldly placed on the Reeves board, but it wasn't well-advertised when I guess Margaux and Rimilde came up with it."
Jaye surreptitiously picks up the ASSETS spec.
Maya shrugs.
Vicannia claims to Kinaed, "I'm going to be blunt kinaed, since you don't play the game as a player much, the advertisement clutter was getting ridicilous.. and frankly this was a solution to a problem staff were ignorant of"
Svurien states, "I don't think I've even seen the reeves board."
Saira fails. Ugh I didn't even think to check that board. I don't go down that way much.
Kinaed starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)
Azarial states, "(Daravi)Then report it so we are aware of it."
Maya claims, "It was circulated in rumors, even."
Saira puts an advert seeking a dyer of textiles edged in leafy borders in a small leather portmanteau shut by a spinning silver clasp.
Merick queries, "Is ther a way to clear the boards?"
Azarial questions, "(Daravi)Erase the notes?"
Merick wonders, "Can anyone erase anyones note?"
Vicannia queries, "And I really I don't see what the tissy is about. Staff created notice boards for a reason, and if people aren't using them... wouldn't this be a way to encourage people to?"
Saira hasn't heard that rumor yet. That doesn't help newbs. Or new newbs. I've been gone for months.
Azarial states, "(Daravi)I am not allowed to play in rumors, so I don;t listen to them."
Azarial shrugs eloquently with more tail than shoulders.
Svurien also points out that some of the adverts not on the board are from the order, so the rp of the reeves arresting the order would be fun. Come to think of it, there's one from the knights too.
Saira giggles.
Vicannia rolls eyes "
Kinaed finishes her note.
Maya says, "I don't mind the advertising law, but probably it should have been run by staff and put into a helpfile to represent it being "widely known.""
Kinaed says, "(Eld)I dropped Rimilde a note. It's probably just a misunderstanding."
Klaetela states, "I think one issue is the ads are described as pieces of paper but code wise there's no way to rip them down or anything, which seems like a bounty board thing, paying someone to take a competitors signs diwn"
Merick nods at Kinaed.
Azarial states, "(Daravi)Brb. the 3yo is calling"
Saira claims, "Awww."
Vicannia says, "Or just taking them down out of spite. Sure as heck know I've wanted to do that many of times. "
Merick grins at Vicannia.
Maya claims, "I thought Az said the graffiti scrub command would work."
Maya states, "Dunno if that's true or not."
Merick questions, "On the board? I dunno why that would work"
Kinaed says, "(Eld)Bluntly, staff made advertisements as a craft item."
Azarial states, "(Daravi)I have adjusted the temapltes; I do not know how much taht has trickeld down yet"
Maya states, "No, the pieces of paper."
Vicannia vehemently hates advertisement clutter, but hates it even more when there is nothing one can do about it
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)If there is a bad one, please typo ntoe it so that its type can be adjusted"
Kinaed states, "(Eld)That means 1) People making them are putting resources into their creation and 2) we tacitly approve of advertising."
Maya says, "Artwork has advertisements. Which can maybe be scrubbed away if offensive."
Saira thinks that an ooc dislike of advert clutter shouldn't justify an ic action.
Vicannia wonders, "Then why the flying rat have the advertisement boards kinaed?"
Sauvaige queries, "Maybe the Reeves should jsut make em' pay a tax before they can lather the city with adverts?"
Kinaed claims, "(Eld)In terms of they're getting messy, etc, that's something to discuss with staff so we can find better implementations, etc."
Saira says, "Unless the character hates it too. Though if there are only like 3 adverts up near a big ass gate, it probably wouldn't look to be all that much."
Vicannia claims, "You have a better implementation already, the boards that are set up all around the city."
Maya states, "I think we've got general purpose notice boards. They're not all "advertisement" boards."
Merick nods.
Kinaed claims to Vicannia, "(Eld)I have no idea what boars you're talking about, but I also see no reason boarss wouldn't be allowed just because posters are."
Kinaed nods at Maya.
Maya states, "There's been IC discussion of requesting more, to help smooth out the new IC rules about public advertising."
Maya claims, "And maybe something about buying permits, to post outside of boards."
Saira states, "The board in church square, Queen's, that really needs to be de-cluttered cause nobody reads it much."
Saira states, "I see stuff from like years ago."
Merick states to Maya, "Though I think that may be up in the air until things are clarified"
Vicannia trails off to Kinaed, "You don't know what boards I'm talking about? That just shows how disconnected you are... The church square board, the board in the queen's, the board in the bluebirds... all major taverns have them to my knowledge"
Merick nods at Saira.
Azarial says, "(Daravi)You are free to declutter them."
Klaetela trails off, "Some are literally inside NPC businesses, which ... unless someone asked permission seems sort of ignoring the NPCs"
Azarial says, "(Daravi)There is nothgn preventing it"
Maya states, "But honestly, it seems like something the Reeves started (maybe Margaux) but which didn't get hashed out well enough for the rest of the guild to keep up with."
Saira says, "I don't like taking things down that aren't mine."
Kinaed claims to Vicannia, "(Eld)Those aren't "advertisement" boards, they're general notice boards."
Maya claims, "I read the boards all the time. >_> Usually, the bottom posts, to look for new stuff."
Kinaed says, "(Eld)Advertisements are allowed there, but it's not like they're the be all and end all."
Saira nods. I do too. But I know not all do.
Kinaed says to Vicannia, "(Eld)Also, don't be rude."
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)It is not worth the hassle to make the posts expire. if theya re ancient, use them for paper pulp"
Kinaed states to Vicannia, "(Eld)Even if I am disconnected, speaking to me that way is unnecessary."
Vicannia rolls eyes "I'm sorry kinaed, but in this matter, it feels like you are undoing work that has already been put into place for at least a month, just because you are unaware of your own game.
Saira grins at Azarial.
Svurien says, "Seems like requiring advertisements to be on a specific board would kind of defeat their purpose. They're meant to be noticed, not easily ignored."
Merick says to Kinaed, "One thing I'd like to clarify is if I can remove stuff from the boards that aren't mine? If so I can clean some stuff up."
Azarial says, "(Daravi)The only thing stopping you is someone icly getting mad about ripping their notes down."
Maya says, "I occasionally clear things that are obviously old, but sometimes I like to see a living history of events."
Merick claims to Vicannia, "Things are in place that haven't been cleared that are confusing a lot of people."
Kinaed claims to Vicannia, "(Eld)There are ways to put rules, laws, and policy in place designed specifically to ensure that I AM aware of them being in game."
Kinaed states, "(Eld)People dodging that process is exactly how staff get out of sync."
Vicannia claims to Merick, "I'd say write a cnote about removing the post, so that way staff, if someone rpas it, can find out who removed the post"
Klaetela claims, "I'm sorry, I originally mentioned the ad thing so someone didn't get in trouble, I didn't mean to cause ill feelings with it."
Kinaed muses, "(Eld)The Reeves cannot make laws. That's thematic. So how am I supposed to know when they do unless someone tells me? Osmosis?"
Maya says, "We're like 17 minutes over the mark."
Merick claims to Azarial, "I'll check and remove mainly reaaaaally old stuff that has no bearing on anything"
Maya grins.
Saira states, "No, I'm glad you mentioned it, hon."
Vicannia claims to Kinaed, "From what I've talked with the reeves, it seems like they are under the impression they can make laws."
Azarial states, "(Daravi)If thy are interesting, start a thread on the forums"
Kinaed says to Klaetela, "(Eld)You didn't."
Nadya says, "Alright, this, in general, is a communications error. The admins need to know something going on, let them know. This's getting really weird."
Merick claims to Vicannia, "I will say the arrival of that post was very sudden and it didn't make a lot of sense"
Merick nods at Nadya.
Merick claims, "Y'all take a deep breath."
Vicannia asks of Merick, "What post?"
Maya states, "Again, the laws don't bug me that much, except they're not codified in a way they can be easily enforced or engaged with, right now. Also, Rimilde is on break as of yesterday."
Azarial claims, "(Daravi)Note that oin mot cases, telling me doesn;t get vetry far. I only handle the code. if ti gets bad, I will dabble at typos"
Kinaed claims, "(Eld)What post, yeah? I just dropped Rimilde a private one and asked what's up."
Merick says to Vicannia, "I believe there was a post done icly about no advertisements, I'd have to look"
Saira states, "Oh, I'm not angry. I just wish that had been more widely known is all."
Jakob is idle.
Kinaed states, "(Eld)Didn't see or write anything worth getting worked up over in my mind."
Azarial queries, "(Daravi)You can rp with reeves for a lesson?"
Merick asks of Kinaed, "Drop me back in game and I can look right quick?"
Maya states, "There's a post on the Reeve boards, which I already mentioned."
Kinaed states to Maya, "(Eld)She told me she'd be gone over the weekend, not a long hiatus."
Maya claims, "Nothing that was announced over IC Events."
Kinaed nods at Maya.
Maya says to Kinaed, "Right on. It sounded like it was going to be longer."
Saira states, "Maya, I guess I mean more visible than just there. Newer players may not even know there is one."
Vicannia claims, "In real life there are alot of laws we are not aware of, but are still laws."
Merick nods.
Maya claims, "I already agreed that if it's going to stay in play, it ought to be in a helpfile."
Saira has totally forgotten how to target people in says.
Saira nods at Maya.
Vicannia claims to Saira, "Sayto name"
Merick claims to Maya, "Not so sure it will"
Kinaed says to Maya, "(Eld)I think the confusion was the idea that the post was upsetting. As for it being "not posted visibly enough for an enforced law", my guess is that's because it hasn't gone through the real process of becoming a law."
Saira pontificates to Vicannia, "Thanks!"
Kinaed states, "(Eld)I'd say don't sweat it."
Merick nods at Kinaed.
Merick hops.
Kinaed says, "(Eld)We'll work it out."
Merick lights a handheld oil lantern, shaped like a Magebane bonfire and sets it on the ground.
Svurien says, "Another way to handle this, which would actually help with rp, would be to have a decay on the advertisements. Less clutter if an ad only lasts a few days before it vanishes."
Merick gets a handheld oil lantern, shaped like a Magebane bonfire.
Maya says, "Yeah, it wasn't well-announced. There was just a rumor and my advertisements got pulled up and left in my shop, heh."
Merick lights a handheld oil lantern, shaped like a Magebane bonfire and holds it.
Merick snuffs a handheld oil lantern, shaped like a Magebane bonfire.
Kinaed states to Svurien, "(Eld)They do decay."
Vicannia agrees with kinaed on this despite different feelings on it "If the reeves haven't come for you yet on the ads, then I wouldn't worry."
Saira says, "There are decays on them."
Maya declares, "That's mainly how I know about it!"
Maya states, "But this was before art advertisements were implemented, so they were just sheets of paper."
Nadya claims, "And since it's a *running* issue, a *change* in law enforcement, it should be something known, and posted *openly* if it's going to be enforced. This in its entirety is born from iffy communication."
Vicannia queries to Kinaed, "Is the decays a new thing? Because old ads never seemed to decay, but they were also just paper posted in a room as notake"
Nadya states, "You guys are dank. Keep being dank."
Merick nods at Nadya.
Maya claims, "Ads created using the artwork skill have decay tmers."
Azarial states, "(Daravi)They had a longer decay and were intended to be scrubbed away. I was not informed it was more than one vnum."
Kinaed nods at Nadya.
Vicannia nods "I think the lack of decay is a large part of why such a law was even discussed in teh first place, as ads were being put up, never taken down, and generally adding up so that you could not even target such ads properly."
Saira leans on Maya just cause.
Kinaed states to Vicannia, "(Eld)What they all said typing faster than I can on my phone. :)"
Maya hugs Saira.
Kinaed states, "(Eld)The decay is 1 week or 1 month OOC, depending on the typoe of advert, I think."
Maya declares, "I need to get going. We're 25 minutes over! ^_^"
Saira melts into a happy Sai because hugs are golden.
Vicannia nods to Kinaed "If there is a decay timer, than I see no reason for such a law, it was the old methods of ads that were the issue."
Kinaed claims, "(Eld)Oh! Sorry guys. Not in my normal timezone, so wasn't watching the clock."
Kinaed exclaims, "(Eld)Thanks for coming everyone!"
Saira pontificates, "Don't goooo!"
Saira clings.
Kinaed nods at Vicannia.
Saira grins.
Merick states, "What Vicannia said"
Kinaed waves cheerfully, "(Eld)Thanks for attending!"
Jaye waves.
You tell Kinaed, "Got a sec?"
Raemont salutes
Saira waves.

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