Log of OOC Meeting - 4/8/17

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Log of OOC Meeting - 4/8/17

Postby Merick » Sat Apr 08, 2017 7:11 pm

Temi questions, "Now, agenda for today: 1) staff updates, 2) player heartbeat, 3) player topics. Before we get started further.. does anyone have any topics they already want to add on for player topics later?"

Saira states, "5"

Eirian claims to Temi, "I do."

Saira says, "Little ones."

Jakob claims, "I have two, yes"

Azarial has transferred Estone. [OOC]

Kinaed has transferred Vicannia. [OOC]

Kinaed has transferred Klaetela. [OOC]

Saira says, "Mine are more just questions."

Niamh gives a mourning shield pin bearing the wreathed le Orban daggers to Vicannia.

Temi asks, "Okay. I've got Saira, Eirian, Jakob. Anyone I missed for player topics?"

Temi exclaims, "Okay, continuing on then and starting off with staff updates!"

Temi says, "I'll start since I'm already talking.. and this will be quick."

Temi exclaims, "Work's still been kicking my behind, though the end is in sight!"

Kinaed comforts Temi.

Nadya says to Temi, "Feel you there. Preach, sista."

Temi states, "But have been doing what I can to keep up with plots and requests and possibly not entirely successfully. So if I have continued missing something that Niamh hasn't picked up, feel free to ping."

Temi declaims, "So.. Kin!"

Kinaed claims, "Ahh, yes."

Kinaed says, "I haven't done a lot. As you all know, I'm visiting the US under very unfortunate circumstances. It has allowed me to see a lot of home and do some sight seeing, but because I'm mostly being hosted by others, I can't spend a lot of time online. That said, I've done a bit of policy work, handling player complaints and concerns. Nothing major though, so thanks for being an awesome pbase."

Kinaed claims, "I won't be home until the end of April, but I will attempt to make these OOC Chats."

Merick wonders, "Do what you can, life comes first, yeah?"
Temi nods in agreement.

Kinaed has transferred Zhar. [OOC]

Saira nods.

Temi asks, "Okay, good from you?"

Kinaed says, "In unrelated news, but also a bit sad (or maybe not, I don't know), I heard a rumor that Orpheus quit Burning Post. "

Kinaed states, "I am hoping that isn't the end there."

Kinaed claims, "That's me. Next :)"

Merick claims, "He did, but I have a feeling he'll go back eventually."

Vicannia questions, "Who is orpheus?"

Kinaed questions, "Is Burning Post still around, or was that the end?"

Kinaed says to Vicannia, "Senior admin at our sister game."

Merick says, "It's around. it needs people but it's around."

Azarial claims, "Mostly chewing on bugs and story stuff this week, cleaning that up a bit so that it is more consistent. the extensive testing has been helpfule"

Vicannia nods

Kinaed says, "(the sister that doesn't want to be our sister and disclaims all relationship *wink wink*)"

Kinaed nods at Merick.

Saira mumbles about bp just knowing ti is better.

Kinaed smiles at Saira.

Saira tried to play there twice. Fail.

Temi nods at Azarial.

Temi declaims, "Yeah, thanks to our players who helped out with the story stuff for Az!"

Kinaed comforts Saira.

Eirian claims to Azarial, "Appreciate your putting up with all my confused-sounding notes."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Azarial says, "Iirc, theya re the last clone still kicking around. msot looked at the code and dumpd it."

Azarial says, "I'm chewing through them; it helps crasha dn bang aren;t here right now so Ic an concentrate."

Saira smiles at Kinaed.

Kinaed claims, "Also, a very special thanks to Eirian who built a tutorial zone for anyone who wants to learn how to become a Storyteller and use ST commands."

Temi wonders, "Anything else you want to update us on, Az?"

Saira claims, "Oo"

Kinaed nods at Saira.

Azarial claims, "Umm. can;t think of anything. I've been trying to jeep- the news updated."

Kinaed claims, "We'll figure out a way to let people get there and whatnot, but it's open for anyone who wants a look-see."

Niamh claims to Azarial, "Somnii is fixed. That's a big one."

Saira nods.

Azarial claims, "Right, right; that shuld not be showing ooc stuff as intended."

Kinaed cheers.

Azarial states, "So I should be able to resume adding bits and pieces to that again."

Azarial states, "Somewhere I have a long list."

Merick states, "I've not a bloody clue what you're talking about, so I'm good."
Kinaed claims to Merick, "One of those mage things that makes them scary as shit."

Niamh nods in agreement.

Temi questions, "Okay, great. Niamh! Can you update us on what you've done?"

Merick states, "Oh lovely as if they aren't already"

Merick laughs.

Niamh claims, "This week I went through the old memorial gardens at the Palace and redid the area to bring it into line with the rest of the grid's style, rolled through the usual typos and requests, did some testing for Az and updated another sector's worth of rooms with custom flavor foraging."

Saira says, "Oo,nice. Custom foraging."

Niamh says, "Yep"

Azarial questions, "Codpieces for that frantic getaway at the dolphin?"

Eirian says, "I'm digging the new additions."

Niamh grins at Azarial.

Gaven states, "Hey now. Codpieces are awesome."

Niamh states to Azarial, "Not far from the reality of it."

Emma groans at Gaven.

Gaven states, "I've still got my golden codpiece somewhere"

Temi muses to Niamh, "Anything else from you?"

Niamh states, "Nope nope. All good."

Azarial gets a dufflebag of ooc meeting items from pico, a text editor.

Azarial gets a carved wooden box sculpted to resemble a Tubori pineapple from a dufflebag of ooc meeting items.

Azarial gets a suave, pineapple-shaped codpiece with spiky green accents from a carved wooden box sculpted to resemble a Tubori pineapple.

Emma states, "Rofl."

Merick states, "What the hell."

Emma claims, "Oh for goodness' sake."

Azarial puts a suave, pineapple-shaped codpiece with spiky green accents in a carved wooden box sculpted to resemble a Tubori pineapple.

Azarial puts a carved wooden box sculpted to resemble a Tubori pineapple in a dufflebag of ooc meeting items.

Azarial puts a dufflebag of ooc meeting items in pico, a text editor.

Emma muses to Azarial, "Is it a tube, or a cup?"

Kinaed says, "Well, that's... fashionable."

Temi states, "Okay then! Player heartbeat! How's RP this week, folks? Try not to be too distracted by the pineapple."

Eirian claims, "Good! Some drama in the Merchants. Haven't seen Luella in a few days since, so I hope I didn't scare her off."

Azarial states to Emma, "I would assume a cup with the chance of stabbing yourself in the stomach if you bent forward."

Nadya says, "Pineapple codpieces are tasty, but let's not be too hasty. I'll be frank, you're all rather dank."

Emma sputters at Azarial.

Saira winces.

Emma claims to Kinaed, "RP was excellent."

Vicannia claims, "What little rp I've been involved with has been fairly good. Wish I had more time for more rp, but alas not in the cards."

Azarial trails off, "Well, it said spikey accents. so..."

Kinaed states, "Oh dear, we have another one."

Merick states, "I need more knights and squires, as you know all things considering the apps I asked to be put up, we're short, the Clergy is in need as well, I feel like there's an imbalance, eh, that kind of makes things a bit screwy for some of us."

Kinaed claims, "I can see it already - Nadya and Azarial will be friends. Kinaed will expire."

Merick says, "While I know some people are wary of playing such roles, I feel like it's the life blood of the game, or at least the bones."

Emma laughs.

Azarial says, "So, thrust that pineapple out there and swagger, and if you drop something you dind;t need it."

Marisa says, "I've been a bit out of sorts. Busy RL and trying to get up to where I can get back in RP, needing mourning garb etc."

Saira wonders, "What if it's your pants?"

Svurien asks, "Who needs pants?"

Azarial claims, "Still have the codpiece? you're good."

Emma nods in agreement with Svurien.

Nadya trails off, "I guess you could say that's codpiece is..."

Nadya claims, "Fruity."

Merick claims, "Oh good lord"

Kinaed winces.

Azarial wonders, "Didn't ariel actually wear that one around town?"

Marisa states, "Probably."

Emma trails off, "Prooobably..."

Merick claims, "In general I think people need to get out and about more as well! I do get roleplay, though I sometimes have to dig. but that's all from me"

Kinaed claims, "Yep, definitely Azarial's kind of humor."

Emma hugs Merick, "Hang in there."

Merick hugs Emma.

Azarial claims, "That reminds me; when scotty returns i need to toss that mustache ride snippet at him"

Emma states, "..."

Nadya declaims, "I'm trying to get something going to help with conflict, but I'm uncertain if I'm doing alright. You're all still pretty swig!"

Azarial wonders to Emma, "Did you want it to?"

Azarial states, "Too, rather"

Emma claims, "NO."

Temi grins.

Temi states, "Okay, so, anyway.. nothing bugging folks or things staff ought to know about with the game lately? Other than topics, of course."

Merick declares, "I think we need more... events, sermons, speeches, trouble makers (so long as people don't die, yet), parties, so on, so forth, I'm quite willing to jump into whatever comes, lets stir stuff! as far as mages? shadows, ice walls, voices, that weird crap that happened some time back in the square, the voices and screams and such, I'm just tossing out ideas, I'll shut up now!"

Saira queries, "Aka, stories?"

Emma says, "Nothing that's not already on the table. Game has been wonderful as a whole."

Merick nods at Saira.

Kinaed wiggles her toes, then remembers she has hooves, and stops it.

Saira offers Kinaed sugar cubes.

Kinaed accepts.

Niamh claims to Kinaed, "Bad."

Kinaed's ears and tail droops.

Niamh says, "Awww"

Temi says, "Okay then! Player topics. If I haven't already reminded you, please try to make sure that they are ready to copy paste in or whatnot to keep this moving."

Saira comforts Kinaed.

Kinaed should continue wiggling her toes. Much more impressive to wiggle what one does not have. [Svurien]

Saira says, "Not the ear droop."

Temi asks, "Saira, you had some quick topics?"

Kinaed licks the sugar cube as any good unicorn would.

Saira nods at Temi.

Saira wonders, "1. I had a question regarding how assets will behave, and I'll use an IC example for reference. If a gentry has a family business that isn't doing so well for reasons, could they, over time and rp, increase the earnings from that asset as if they were rebuilding the business, or will they be fixed at certain rates?"

Temi states, "They'll be based in the metric of the asset."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Kinaed states, "At least, first pass assets will be that way."

Saira muses, "Assets will have their own metrics?"

Jakob says, "One of my things is on assets too, and I know that we've had this sort of discussion a million times, but I don't understand why the earnings between the three groups is linear. It makes it so that there is cachet or importance to level three assets."

Temi states, "So if it's based in infrastructure, you can improve the family business's performance by working to improve infrastructure in the city."

Kinaed states to Saira, "They link to the City Report metrics."

Saira claims, "Aaaah. got it"

Saira questions, "Does that still cost ip for everyone?"

Kinaed says to Saira, "Yes."

Kinaed says, "Well, not nobles, GL or Seneschal."

Saira says, "Ok. sorry if further questions overlap."

Saira questions, "2. Regarding assets, are there certain assets that return objects that will be forbidden? For example, could a blacksmith have a mine that returns ore rather than silver, a woodworker an importing business of fine lumber that returns exotic logs, a tailor having a silk worm plantation or something or a cotton field that would return either bolts of silk or flax stalks respectively, etc?"

Kinaed says, "No worries, feel free to ask anything. :)"

Temi states, "There will still be plenty of room for us to update assets if we find something isn't working well or good enoughyet."

Temi claims, "Yes, there will be objects on some assets."

Kinaed queries, "Not sure what you mean by 'forbidden' though? Like Temijul, etc?"

Saira says, "Ok, skipping about a bit in my own list"

Jakob claims, "Moar Temijul"

Saira states, "Oh no no"

Kinaed states, "I don't think we'll have forbidden objs in the list, at least as a starting position."

Kinaed nods at Saira.

Temi claims, "It's on my plate to determine which ones, but they will be returned at 2x cost, so if instead of taking 50 silver worth of silver, you take 100 silver worth of vegetables."

Saira muses, "I mean, not allowed or anything, like, could someone have a mine that will product steel ingots, etc?"

Temi claims to Kinaed, "We might in the ones related to anti-lawfulness."

Kinaed nods at Saira.

Saira states, "Or would that be seen as a cop out for purchasing"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Saira nods at Temi.

Temi claims, "Yes, there will be some. Not sure what yet."

Saira questions, "4. Another one on assets. Will joint assets be permitted, or will the focus be single assets for now?"

Temi asks, "How do you mean?"

Saira states, "Like if a married couple jointly owns abusiness or something"

Temi says, "No, one person"

Saira claims, "Got ya."

Saira states, "5. Again, on assets, how will the silver output / object output be balanced so that it's realistic i.e. not consistently giving out rivers of gold or objects but also not just giving small amounts of gold or items that won't cover much. Will it fluctuate solely based on metrics or can a person put some kind of effort into growing their asset to its peak if assets have one? I.e. expanding a business, making alliances, combining businesses, etc. All supported through rp as much as possible, of course."

Saira questions, "Metrics?"

Kinaed claims, "We're basing assets off current income standards as they will replace class income."

Kinaed wonders, "So the top most tier is 300ish silver pw, I think?"

Gaven says to Saira, "Assets are more of a 'this is where my income comes from' thing"

Saira muses, "Soyou'll still only get 250 silver? Is that per asset or split over all 3?"

Kinaed nods at Gaven.

Saira nods at Gaven.

Kinaed claims to Saira, "Not sure yet."

Gaven states, "Considering they'll end up doing away with purchasing silver, I'd imagine it'll be a bit higher than the current income rates."

Saira claims, "If assets only produced 83 silver... sounds like a bit of a sad asset. LOLs"

Saira claims, "Ok, last one"

Saira claims, "3. I know this is more a forum question, so if someone could point me to the suggestions sub-board, that'd be great. I can't seem to find it. But I wanted to know if clay pipes could be added to artwork, please."

Vicannia nods in agreement with Gaven "That's what I would imagine as well... It would be a bit ridiculous not to make them a bit higher than present weekly earnings."

Temi claims, "The subboard is gone. Feel free to suggest things on the regular suggestions board"

Kinaed claims, "Just add it to the general ideas for consideration forum. We can do it, certainly, but I'm not sure if another craft owns pipes at the moment."

Gaven states, "Woodworking does."

Niamh claims, "Two crafts already have them."

Azarial states, "I have a money flow tracker in place; we'll watch the system as it goes and tweak it as needed"

Temi claims, "Art shouldn't really fall too much into the realm of catch-all, can do anything craft."

Svurien says, "Jeweling also has pipes"

Niamh nods in agreement with Temi.

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Vicannia nods to Azarial

Kinaed claims, "I'm not sure we'd want to add clay pipes to art given how many other trades already have them."

Kinaed claims, "Then again, if all the other trades have them, maybe it's not a big deal."

Saira queries, "Would a claypipe or something close to it have to be a qp item then? Like, so far as I've seen, there's metal pipes, glass and wood?"

Kinaed claims, "Will discuss with staff and decide."

Vicannia asks, "What would you even use clay pipes for?"

Saira falls off podium.

Merick catches Saira

Kinaed muses to Vicannia, "Presumably to smoke, just like other pipes?"

Svurien states, "Smoking tabac."

Saira beams at Merick. Why thank you!

Temi asks, "Was that all your questions then Saira?"

Vicannia claims, "Oh... I was thinking like industrial pipes, not smoking pipes... completely off track of what type of pipes were being talked about."

Kinaed grins and high fives Vicannia.

Saira nods to Temi. Yep. Thanks for the answers!

Kinaed states to Vicannia, "I've had moments like that too."

Vicannia , grins

Temi asks, "Okay, Eirian, you had a topic?"

Eirian states, "Not sure if this has been proposed before, but I wanted to throw around the idea of a possible adjustment to learning trade skills. Currently, you learn next to nothing when you fail a crafting recipe, despite failure being trial and error and a learning experience. Some of the recipes have been adjusted so that you get a few more consolation items or ingredients when you fail, but even still, failing can be quite costly, especially at higher levels. At least when you succeed, you get your intended item out of it. When you fail, you lose materials and learn almost nothing from the effort. I've always found this to be both counterintuitive and backward, and I wonder if boosting learning from failure would be possible without throwing the whole system out of balance. It would certainly make the system less frustrating."

Kinaed has transferred Xauron. [OOC]

Saira points at Eirian. "That."

Svurien seconds the pointing at Eirian

Azarial says, "Each failure increases your overall chacne of success"

Merick says, "Failing when blacksmithing is a pain in the rear, the stuff is incredibly expensive."

Svurien nods at Merick.

Vicannia shudders "I could not imagine having to learn a trade solely by crafting items... Thank god herbalism doesn't have that." Imagines wasting temijul and other very deadly things just to fail a concoction

Saira states, "I'msure it's the same with the big crafts like jeweling, woodworking, tailoring, etc as well."

Azarial states, "I do have a salvage mechanism waiting to go in, if that helps"

Kinaed finishes her note.

Temi says, "I don't know if it would really knock things out of balance. It would be some incentive to try things a little out of your comfort range."

Saira nods at Azarial.

Eirian says, "I think the loss of expensive materials would be easier to swallow if we got a little more pooling out of the experience, I guess is what I'm saying."

Saira does promote teaching though!

Saira states, "If people have it."

Eirian says to Temi, "And that's true, as well."

Temi claims, "It's a clear Kin decision though."

Kinaed claims, "I think this is something I'll need to mull over. I'm not ready to commit to anything in the OOC Chat when it's a balance issue that has large systemic affects."

Eirian claims, "No problem. Appreciate the consideration."

Kinaed claims, "Thank you for letting us know your feelings, and I'll also discuss this with staff."

Temi wonders, "Did you have anything else, Eirian?"

Eirian declaims to Temi, "That was it!"

Temi muses, "Okay! Jakob, you had some?"

Gaven states, "I'll admit, I've never been a fan of how long it can take to pool trade skills in general but, it seems to work for the game."

Jakob trails off, "Speaking of balance issues with systemic effects..."

Jakob claims, "The training hall feels really bad right now. I understand the desire to encourage sparring and teaching, but it's frustrating that you get so little pool for so much time hinting enter on the keyboard. I'd much rather have the cost increased than the pooling still be so low."

Gaven queries to Jakob, "Is your int and wis really low?"

Jakob claims, "No, very high"

Kinaed says, "I don't mind increasing pooling. I think this is the result of us doing things to plug the fact that players used to go in, pay for one 25 silver session, then stay there until they ran out of playing time or something disengaging, healing, then re-engaging."

Temi states, "We have been trying to keep an eye on balancing it."

Kinaed says, "Prior, we had no complaints about pooling."

Gaven queries, "Are we talking 80 high or 60 high?"

Jakob states, "80 high"

Eirian states, "Last I checked, it did seem like the pendulum had swung too far in the opposite direction, with trainers. I haven't even bothered to go back to one since."

Kinaed claims, "That said, it is important to us that sparring and RP be, hands down, the BEST way to improve combat skills."

Kinaed nods at Eirian.

Jakob claims, "It's just frustrating to spend twenty minutes hitting things and leave with almost none or inconsequential"

Kinaed nods at Jakob.

Kinaed says, "That makes sense. As I said, we haven't looked at it since a few weeks ago when we plugged the hole of people 'abusing' the trainers."

Kinaed states, "That this has led to knock-on effects in terms of how quickly people pool given the cost, isn't surprising."

Kinaed states, "We'll have a look, maybe bump it up a little, and see if it improves things."

Eirian asks of Kinaed, "What sort of hole was plugged?"

Temi says, "Sleeping on the floor in the trainer"

Svurien asks, "Possibly make some sort of limit on how many times a day one can use the trainer?"

Kinaed states to Eirian, "People paying for a 25 silver session at the trainer, then fighting until exhausted, disengaging, healing, then re-engaging over and over."

Saira nods at Svurien.

Kinaed claims to Svurien, "I think we just made it so you can't rest or something."

Merick trails off, "Oy..."

Niamh claims, "The trainers get a strop on and boot you if you nap in there now."

Kinaed can't remember.

Eirian states, "Ah, gotcha. Sounds reasonable."

Niamh claims, "Resting, sleeping, disengaging, sitting."

Kinaed nods at Niamh.

Nadya wonders, "Sleeping in public? What is this, the Vavard?"

Kinaed grins at Nadya, "I know, right?"

Niamh claims to Nadya, "Right? Icky foreign customs creeping into Lithmore.."

Merick says, "I will say I wouldn't mind if the trainers had just a bit more health, a tiny bit at least. It's also expensive for very little at times. the fight time varies as does the pooling, I'm in the 70's, he's no slouch, not a super genius but hey."

Eirian claims, "But eating is fine? I guess you're paying for the food and all that."

Merick claims, "You can't eat while you fight last I checked."

Jakob says, "My other thing is that I wish the scaling on revenue from assets wasn't so linear, so that there was a clear difference between the different levels. Usually ships of merchant vessels earn more than three times as much as a clerk at a store, and while I understand realism must be sacrificed to the game, it would be cool if level three assets were something to aspire to."

Niamh wonders, "I think combat vs. crafts, pooling combat is still drastically less expensive?"

Eirian states, "Between fights, obviously."

Kinaed claims, "Maybe instead of increasing pooling, we may want to look at extending the session by increasing trainer HP."

Gaven questions, "What's this about asset scaling being linear?"

Temi wonders, "Would that address your concerns, Jakob?"

Merick says to Kinaed, "I think a tiny pool boost as well as a tiny session increase would be good, 25 silver isn't pocket change"

Vicannia states, "That certainly would be a good way to going about it, in regards to the pooling"

Kinaed claims to Jakob, "Thank you for the feedback. I think that assets are important in terms of being balanced, and will be highly descriptive in terms of what players can flex them into, so it won't be possible to balance them on 'description' alone."

Merick declaims, "But that's my thought!"

Azarial questions, "How do you mean, linear?"

Vicannia questions to Merick, "It's not pocket change?"

Gaven says, "Yeah, I don't really understand that."

Jakob says, "Last times I looked at the spec, it's 50 silver for level one, 100 silver for level two, and 150 siler for level three."

Estone claims, "RE: Combat vs Crafts; Crafts cost up front, but pay out later; combat doesn't eventually pay back-- not against it, but hurts players who don't have wealth purchased/are freemen much more that way."

Emma states to Vicannia, "Poor people. Tsk."

Vicannia nods to Emma "I know right? Ugh."

Saira asks, "Will wealth be taken out when assets are in, at that?"

Niamh claims to Estone, "I wonder if that's kind of thematic, though. Being harder to "get ahead in life" as a Freeman."

Merick states to Vicannia, ":P"

Azarial states, "Those are the starting points to see how well it works."

Azarial claims, "And those will be adjusted by the related metric."

Merick claims to Niamh, "I'd say so."

Temi states, "I think initial plan was just purchase silver, not purchase wealth, but it may come into play."

Kinaed claims, "At this point in time, purchasing wealth is going to remain."

Saira claims, "It's not really like you can purchase wealth weekly though. I mean, wow you'd have to rp a lot."

Estone states, "Thematic, yes-- just looking from the perspective of 'this becomes more headache for the people with poor characters', on the OOC side."

Jakob claims, "There's no difference between gentry and noble earnings, according to the spec."

Niamh claims to Estone, "That's sensible, I think."

Temi says, "There's no thematic difference between gentry and noble earnings... just gentry have to keep up the earnings to still have their clout."

Niamh claims, "Balance between realism and player-pain and such."

Kinaed states, "Staff have agreed to implement a 1/3 increase on the HP on training hall trainers by the way."

Vicannia ponders "Might I ask a question while we are on the topic of assets, unless there was somebody else in line waiting? also in regards to harder for poor characters... well frankly there is a reason gentry are suppose to be defined by wealth. They are suppose to inherently the wealthiest of the three classes. Kind of throws that out the window when freeman are sometimes wealthier than gentry."

Temi says, "So nobility can be poor, but they don't have to be."

Kinaed says, "See how that goes in terms of making it better."

Niamh states, "Gentry aren't inherently wealthier than nobles, afaik."

Kinaed says, "Gentry and Nobles can both have 3 assets. Nobles must have one asset be their domain."

Niamh states, "They're just universally wealthier than Freeman, thus dividing them from Freemen."

Gaven claims, "Admittedly, I really do like the idea of the assets system. Too often do I see Freemen walking around with enough to put Gentry or otherwise to shame."

Gaven states, "Just because they could just spend xp on silver."

Azarial states, "Or people taking gentry adn living as freemen"

Kinaed claims, "Therefore, in terms of money-producing assets, gentry CAN be wealthier than nobles when fully developed."

Vicannia nods to Gaven "Exactly."

Jakob says, "No, Kinaed, how the current system is written, that's not true"

Jakob says, "They both have a max of 6 total assets levels"

Azarial states, "It depends on how well off the forced domain asset is. if that is weak, a gentry with three healthy assets could make more"

Niamh claims, "Their assets are different."

Niamh claims, "Numbers are the same, but the assets are different."

Gaven claims, "I'd hope the domain asset would be the Nobleman's strongest."

Kinaed claims, "Uh... I'm checking if the asset spec changed since I was last looking at it."

Merick questions, "So for instance my domain could be what, the keep?"

Gaven claims, "Considering most of their power would be consolidated there."

Vicannia trails off, "I don't think you count as nobility merick... "

Emma exclaims, "Great Lord!"

Merick states, "Drat, I was hoping I'd slip by."

Kinaed says, "Merick is the Earl Marshall, he's a Great Lord, and therefore noble."

Vicannia says, "Well great lord but that isn't coded nobility, moreso honorific nobility"

Merick says, "I am a great lord, just not by blood"

Jakob says, "6*50 is 300 silver per week fully developed for both nobility and gentry, leaving aside metric changes"

Merick states to Kinaed, "I'm labeled as gentry in my score"

Gaven states, "I wholly expect to have an asset specifically tied to Apples."

Kinaed says to Merick, "Yes, as the EM, you'll be treated codely as gentry for the purposes of assets at this time."

Svurien claims, "To gaven make calvados."

Emma groans at Gaven all over again.

Kinaed claims, "When we roll out roles, we might change that. I'm not in favor of coding it into specific guild ranks because that gets messy in terms of upkeep."

Gaven beams at Emma.

Azarial states, "Tying it to roles might be easier."

Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Kinaed claims, "I have to go in 3 min. I promised my host to be free."

Temi wonders, "Did we miss any questions or anything else folks want to cover?"

Azarial states, "Have fun"

Kinaed questions, "Did we get through all of the topics?"

Vicannia claims, "I did have something I wanted to ask in regards to assets."

Kinaed says, "I want to say thank you for everyone who attended, and also welcome again to the new faces. :)"

Azarial states, "Please ntoe that this is the first draft on assets. it will evolve as required in order to meet the required goals."

Kinaed claims to Vicannia, "No worries; I'm sure the other staff can field it."

Niamh passes out squishyhugs.

Azarial states, "But that will require live data as it is used to see where it needs work."

Kinaed states to Temi, "Thanks heaps for running the meeting."

Azarial says, "Kinda like stories."

Temi waves to Kinaed.

Gaven squishyhugs Niamh.

Kinaed sticks around for another 2 minutes to eeek out all that she can.

Nadya questions, "Awh. No squishing hugs for me?"

Vicannia states, "Given that to my understanding the initial wave of assets will be bought with silver by those are already on grid, established, all that fun stuff. It would be nice to have an idea of what the various levels of assets will cost, unless of course it changes from asset to asset"

Azarial tosses a handful of mice to improve the 'eek' level.

Gaven states, "Nope. Only for Niamh"

Kinaed passes Nadya a squishy hug.

Niamh specifically squishes Nadya.

Gaven claims, "And maybe Kinaed since she steals hugs."

Kinaed grins slyly.

Nadya exclaims, "!!!"

Temi states, "I think there's some information in the assets about it"

Svurien hugs Saira, who is his squishy, and he shall ccall her squishy

Temi states, "The spec, that is."

Kinaed says, "We haven't decided, but I think the initial wave will probably be people thrown back into chargen."

Temi claims, "But not entirely sure everything - yeah, what she said."

Vicannia claims, "When I looked through the spec, I did not see any temi, unless it's been updated."

Azarial states, "Or I'll just not chargen lock the command until later"

Kinaed states, "Then people can buy their initial assets with XP. Or even just open chargen purchase on grid for a week, then close it."

Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Temi states, "It may have been the xp pricing that was."

Kinaed declares, "Okay, my time has arrived. Have fun folks! Enjoy your RP! Please vote for TI to bring more people to play with you!"

Merick grabs Nadya

Temi wonders, "Anything else from anyone before we wrap you up?"

Saira shakes head.

Svurien shakes his head

Nadya wriggles in Merick's grasp, "Gaaahh!"

Azarial says, "I believe the costs are set per asset template, and will be adjusted into silver costs as required as a default for unowned assets such as rostered shops."

Azarial says, "Using the standard xp into solver conversions used for purchase at this time at the gentry level."

Merick muses, "Is there a known or estimated cost list?"

Temi claims, "Most on grid costs will be from other players, theoretically."

Temi says, "For everything code-created, it'll be current silver to xp ratios on the xp costs in the spec"

Gaven claims, "Beam me back down plz."

Temi claims, "Okay. Going ahead and wrapping up"

Estone states, "4xp to 1silver then"

Temi declares, "Have a nice day everyone!"

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