Log of OOC Meeting - 4/1/17

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Sat Apr 01, 2017 5:41 pm

Temi says, "Our agenda for today is then 1) staff updates, 2) player heartbeat, and 3) player topics."

Temi questions, "Before we get too deep into things, does anyone want to add any topics to the list?"

Rimilde states, "I've something but it's more just a reminder, could go under heartbeat or topics."
Temi nods.

Empena says, "I have a few unrelated things, one will likely come up during the heartbeat."

Jakob holds a portable target with a winged bullseye mounted on a stake in his hand.

Temi says, "I'll put you both down as a topic."
Jakob stops using a portable target with a winged bullseye mounted on a stake.

Temi states, "Okay, staff updates then."

Temi claims, "For my part... work has been crazy still. So unfortunately, I accomplished very little in the way of staffy things."

Temi says, "I'm holding out hope that one day things will be back to normal and less crazy. All signs do not point to that starting this week."

Temi muses, "So! Az.. how did your last week look?"

Azarial claims, "Well, given a major patch, not bad at all."

Azarial says, "It seems stable enough, so I hvae started chewing on the bug baord again before going back to assets. it si getting unmanagable."

Temi muses, "The major patch was behind the scene memory management stuff?"

Azarial says, "Yeah. extensive rewrite of language parsing to not use static sized internal buffers, converting it to malloc instead."
Temi nods.

Temi states, "So, theoretically, invisible to players, but hopefully more stable! So that's good."

Empena says, "I have no idea what any of that means, but, bravo for fixing the world so we don't crash."

Empena claps for Azarial.

Azarial claims, "It didn;t get the one I wanted to fix, so I'll keep digging for that one."
Temi nods.

Allyn wonders, "So when do the pet dragons come out?"

Temi claims, "Anything else you wanted to let folks know about? I know you were holding tight for a bit to make sure things weren't broken."
Temi claims to Allyn, "They are already out to the extent they will ever be."
Temi grins at Allyn.

Azarial says, "Not that i can think of; it does not appear to be leaking. some story fixes, but those are hardly used features so that;s not a big deal"

Arcadia declares, "Speaking of dragons! I'd like to say a few words when the time comes for player topics, please!"
Temi nods at Arcadia.

Temi exclaims, "Got you down!"
Arcadia smiles.

Temi questions, "Okay then. Looks like time for player heartbeat. How's RP been this week, folks?"
say I've honestly found it really difficult to get into the mood to play this week.

Empena states, "I've honestly found it really difficult to get into the mood to play this week. "

Temi nods.

Temi queries, "Due to game stuff or personal stuff?"

Empena says, "The announcement about conclusions et al, it's made me feel sort of stuck. Like either I'm going to become annoying posting too many request or get in trouble by not asking enough."

Luella wonders, "Conclusions?"

Temi states, "Please don't worry about annoying staff. We're happy to be bothered frequently about it, and shouldn't be involved work for us."

Mairin muses, "Did I miss that announcement?"

Temi says, "About jumping to conclusions, from Kin"

Mairin states, "I don't recall anything about that."

Temi claims, "If you're not sure it's reasonable to jump to a conclusion given that Lithmore is a city full of thousands of people, rather than one with less than a hundred of players, feel free to ask staff"

Jakob states, "It's on the general board"

Rimilde wonders, "I'm guessing that listing all your cnotes that you've been documenting throughout the case and then with a summary of the conclusion based on them and next steps for actions will be sufficient?"

Rimilde states, "For the format of the request post, I mean."

Temi claims, "Yeah, general board 11"

Azarial claims, "Not by vnum though; it renumbers"
Temi says to Rimilde, "Yes, that seems fine"

Rimilde wonders, "Ah right, so cnote titles then?"

Azarial says, "Please."
Temi nods at Rimilde.

Rimilde says, "Ah good to know, I forgot about that:)"

Azarial claims, "Taht was a lovel bug in the execution pk handler. <_<"

Temi says, "If you don't want to ask staff, it's also always safe to not put 2+2 together."

Temi says, "If this brings up issues we haven't thought of, you can keep us up to date on that too"

Temi asks, "How else has RP been for folks? Has that been leaving others feeling stuck, or has anything else been bothering anyone?"

Rimilde trails off, "It's been pretty good, I held a game-wide event on a whim last week and it was far more attended than I expected which was encouraging and a couple guild events that I hope got a few people involved and entertained..."
Allyn states to Temi, "My alt is kind of in a rut, this one isn't. Part of that may have been from purchasing The Division this week."
Temi grins at Allyn.
Temi claims to Allyn, "Dangerous thing to do."
Temi nods at Rimilde.
Temi declares to Rimilde, "We commemorated that event with the OOC gifty this week!"

Rimilde declares, "Which I think attests that you can do things that don't take a lot of planning but get a lot of people involved! I literally just went bought snacks and sent out messengers. People are great for coming out to support others!"
Mairin says to Rimilde, "Yeah, that was really awesome. Totally liked that."

Saira says, "It's not rp, but my description writing is in a rut. Anyone want to pass on some brain grease, that'd be great."
Saira grins.
Temi grins.

Mairin states, "I like writing descs if you mean to ask for that"

Temi states, "Brain grease is a hard sort of grease to share."
Temi has transferred Eirian. [OOC]
Temi gives a portable target with a winged bullseye mounted on a stake to Eirian.
Eirian pontificates to Temi, "Thank ya!"

Saira states, "Darn, looks like I'll have to kill someone and siphon it from their ears."
Jakob begins to count their money.

Empena claims, "I also like writing descs etc, feel free to pboard if you want any help if it's not for something that would be like awkward or revealing to ask about or whatnots."

Temi pontificates to Saira, "Sounds like you may have some support at least, if you need it!"

Saira says, "No. Just having difficulty describing eyes currently. Namely the shapes. Can't see 'em."
Saira smiles.

Saira claims, "Thanks you guys."

Temi queries, "Any other comments or RP or general stuff bugging folks or things staff ought to know about it?"

Temi muses, "Okay then. Rimilde, did you still have a topic or get it handled?"

Rimilde declaims, "Still do!"

Rimilde declaims, "Just a reminder to set moods when it's appropriate (and required). When we stumble across a room with objects that are clearly a part of a crime scene a mood helps continue the story. Quite possible things get wiped out with crashes but I still wanted to raise this again. Thanks!"

Azarial states, "Might ned to set longer durations if you are setting a mood"

Temi claims, "Good reminder! Remember to set moods, especially with anything untoward. And especially especially when required by policy."

Rimilde questions, "Is it maybe possible to have the default to be longer than 7 OOC days? I wonder if people don't think they can set the day amount?"

Mairin claims, "I support that. Getting stuck is annoying."

Temi says, "We can look at that."

Rimilde pontificates, "Thanks!"

Eirian questions, "Was the 'perm' option ever added back in?"

Temi asks, "How long would people prefer it be by default?"

Rimilde states, "30"
Azarial says to Eirian, "No, but you can let them last a year."

Eirian states, "30 sounds good for default, to me."

Temi says, "No, no perm moods, though 365 days really should be enough. Those are required by policy for policy-required moods."

Temi claims, "That's in help moods now, in the policy part"
Saira nods.

Eirian says, "That's where I'm wondering if people are getting tripped up. We used to just have 'perm'"

Eirian says, "Now people have to set a number."
Temi nods.

Eirian claims, "I don't want to have to think about a number when I'm in a hurry doing shady stuff."

Rimilde claims, "Yeah it's possible folks are confused which is why I think having the default longer might at least help catch stuff that's just a lack of understanding."

Eirian shifty eyes.

Temi claims, "We can discuss that. I wouldn't want to make a call on that without Kin, but I'll note it down to discuss"

Eirian claims, "I think it'd help for coverts, anyway."

Eirian thumbs up.

Temi queries, "Empena, did you still have a topic or topics?"
Temi nods at Eirian.
Empena nods.

Empena says, "One thought would be - the big map of Lithmore on the website. I'm guessing that the implication is that the big red blocks are meant to be the xblox where the line to Southside is."

Temi asks, "That looks likely?"
Kinaed steps out of your shadow. [OOC]

Kinaed didn't intend to interrupt. Please continue.
Temi queries to Kinaed, "We just had a topic about moods. Any thoughts about changing default mood duration to like 30, or adding an easy 'policy' or 'perm-like' option for the 365 day policy-required ones?"

Empena says, "And hence the like cross this divide at your own risk zone. But to my understand the public communal garden is where there are some Freeman gardening type jobs but - the Communal gardens are north of said indicated line but ... also spawn Brotherhood mobs some of which I'm uncertain but I think might indeed be the deadly kind. So just a thought that either those fellows should move or the location of said job might want to be re-considered as that might get a noober say ... Reeve or something in a bit of heat without intending it."

Kinaed claims, "Not that's qualified with intelligent thought, sadly. Less than 2 hours sleep in an international airport terminal. "

Temi says, "I don't think the communal garden should be within southside and spawning mobs."
Temi nods at Kinaed.

Rimilde claims, "The communal gardens are not in Southside, unless there is a bug, you will get the warning if you are going into Southside if you shouldn't be there, if that's not the case, i would suggest bug boarding."

Azarial claims, "Spawning would be a typo"

Rimilde exclaims, "Ah, good to know, thanks Az!"

Temi says, "If you're noticing those mobs there, typo note that for us, yeah."
say Okay, I'll report that then.

Empena states, "Okay, I'll report that then. "

Azarial states, "It;s something a builder can usually tweak."

Rimilde claims, "And anything Lethal will be marked with a red L"
Temi nods at Rimilde.

Temi questions, "Okay then. Was that the last of your topic?"

Mairin states, "Don't really have something to add."
Temi wonders to Empena, "All good?"

Empena nods.

Temi wonders, "Okay! Arcadia, you had a topic for us?"
Temi has transferred Vlora. [OOC]
Temi gives a portable target with a winged bullseye mounted on a stake to Vlora.

Arcadia states, "A quick request! I'm going to post to the boards about this too, but I'm collecting information about Avonna and its leadership that might not have made it into the archives. Maybe there was a memorable public incident, or maybe your character comes from the March. I want to support any story threads that already existed if I can, so any help you can offer will be appreciated."

Temi claims, "That's anything Casimir related too then, I imagine"
Arcadia nods.

Arcadia says, "I'm sure you could fill a book or two on Crazy Uncle Casi."
Azarial grins.
Temi grins.

Arcadia declares, "That's all I have. Pboards and tells are fine. Thanks!"
Kinaed has gone AFK.

Temi declaims, "Okay! Thanks"

Temi queries, "Alright, I have one more topic provided in a tell: What can clergy do that players would actually be interested in?"

Mairin claims, "Oh, I could think of a couple things I would be interested in."

Temi queries, "Like what?"
say I second that question. I'd happily invite any pboards with suggestions, I'd love to do some more stuff.

Empena states, "I second that question. I'd happily invite any pboards with suggestions, I'd love to do some more stuff."

Eirian says, "I also want to say that I like the 'donations' shop in the Church, and that I don't think it's unthemely at all."
Luella is idle.
Luella is no longer idle.
Luella has returned from AFK.

Arcadia asks, "Interested in playing with them, you mean?"

Mairin muses, "I believe I mentioned last week, that the background lore is massively vast and it can easily involve into a chore reading through countless lengthy helpfiles. I don't know if there's a better organization to handle that, but how about members of the clergy hold minor events to relate bits and pieces of history?"
Temi pontificates to Arcadia, "I think so!"

Eirian claims, "Despite whatever IC criticisms people have made, I mean. Even the Vatican has a gift shop where you can get blessed pendants and stuff. ^_^"

Rimilde states, "The first things that come to mind are mass of course, but also charity work, I remember the work done around rebuilding the orphanage that got all the guilds involved (granted it had to burn down first), but things like that I think are good."

Mairin says, "I think, that'd fit the theme fairly well."

Eirian states, "I'd totally sit in on a history lesson. Or mass. Or hymns. Or whatever."

Rimilde says, "Yeah, history lessons would be great."

Arcadia claims, "I'm basing this on old experience since I'm not on grid yet, but I think being proactive is a big plus."

Luella wonders, "Masses aren't well attended. What could increase that?"

Temi claims, "There's a lot of nicely religious history."
say Is that a timing thing?

Empena muses, "Is that a timing thing?"

Eirian says, "Well, attendance also depends on time of day and who's around."

Rimilde claims, "Having them when there are more people on? I think most will go unless they are in something."

Mairin states, "Of course, yeah, but I try to think of what my local Catholic church does to drag people in."

Arcadia says, "Whether you're playing a formal priest or Papa Frank, be interested in the lives of the people you're ministering to. Ask to help with other people's events, for example, build relationships beyond confessor and mentor."
say Spaghetti dinners? Friday night Fish fry?

Empena asks, "Spaghetti dinners? Friday night Fish fry?"

Temi grins at Empena.
say Bingo?

Empena muses, "Bingo?"

Arcadia claims, "Maybe bless more stuff."

Temi claims, "Communal meals to help support the less fortunate aren't necessarily a bad idea. Bingo may be.. a bit odder in Lithmore."
Temi grins.

Eirian claims, "Also, with things like mass, that aren't scheduled in advance, it's good to give people about 20-30 minutes to exit their current scenes and head over, if you can."
Arcadia nods at Eirian.

Arcadia claims, "I like that idea. A pre-mass bell."

Allyn claims, "I think Cullen's was good. I think most people don't go because it winds up being 1-2 hours of sitting there doing the same poses, since you don't exactly get a chance to speak in a sermon."

Rimilde says, "Mass that engages people to speak up and have dialogue I find go well, doing a bit of a discussion at the end so that it can turn into different things."
say I'm sort of torn about announcing Mass time ahead of time.

Empena says, "I'm sort of torn about announcing Mass time ahead of time."

Arcadia asks of Empena, "Because more people can run and hide?"
Arcadia grins.

Temi muses, "Ahead of time meaning previous days? Or with 30 minutes headtime?"

Empena trails off, "Previous days, because then I'm ... mildly concerned that it will turn into a coordinated mage bombing"

Saira is idle.

Rimilde claims, "I really like the 30 minute thing, it can take that much to just have everyone in a scene pose they are going in that direction, less disruptive for everyone."
Saira is no longer idle.
Saira has returned from AFK.
Arcadia nods at Rimilde.

Empena nods.
Temi nods at Empena.
Allyn nods.

Arcadia claims, "The drop-everything-and-run aspect of mass bells can be rough."

Eirian claims, "I don't think anyone was suggesting that mass needs to be scheduled a day in advance."

Nods at Allyn. [Allyn]

Eirian states, "I was just saying 20-30 minutes for people to exit their current scenes would be good."

Empena claims, "Nah, I know, I was just explaining why I've not encouraged announcing things like other RPTs on the pboards and such."

Rimilde trails off, "The same goes for a pyre or any public event, it would be good to give people a chance to get there. That is something I always struggle with, if you are on the other end of the grid just travel time..."
Eirian nods.

Empena claims, "But I get the 30 minute rule, send out messengers, tell people it's on in 30 minutes."

say So people can go put on their fancy digs.

Empena states, "So people can go put on their fancy digs."

Temi grins.

Empena claims, "Also, speaking of the former map question, is there like an original copy of the map in the Zmapper format? I'd happily update it a bit if there was one."

Temi states, "Unfortunately, I think it was made by Takta"

Empena wonders, "Can I bring up a related concern to the clergy topic?"

Temi nods at Empena.

Temi queries, "Sure, what's up?"

Empena asks, "People's reactions IC seem to be rather ... blase to clergy sometimes. That they've better things to do, that people shouldn't be telling them what to do etc, etc. What's the suggestion on handling that thematically?"

Eirian questions, "In active RP or via rumor?"

Temi claims, "You certainly have the IC power to take them to task"

Eirian states, "If they're apathetic during active RP, I'd say put 'em down for a light Review. >_>"

Mairin states, "This might not be well-received, but if I was a high-ranking member of the clergy, I'd crack down on them. The clergy members I met on grid, so far, are way too docile."
Kinaed nods at Eirian.

Temi says, "If they're behaving like heretics, you can certainly charge them as such"

Eirian says, "And maybe a reminder about their responsibilities as Davites, etc."

Kinaed states, "Or a heavy one, depending on how annying they are"
Kinaed nods at Temi.

Rimilde wonders, "Depends on the situation but there are a lot of ways to engage people, whether it's having them attend classes with a Priest, giving them charity work, reviews, etc. Having events like Mass and ways for people to engage with the clergy will help also I think?"
Arcadia tells you, "And not to give away trade secrets in case there are punks in the crowd: the church can look at cultivating some allies to get the point across so they don't always have to look like bad guys."

Saira agrees with mass. Sounds like ic mass could be fun.

Rimilde tries to opt for solutions that further drive RP.

Eirian says, "I think it's easy to background religion sometimes, and if you want to foreground it more, you need to impress upon people that it's a cornerstone of Lithmorran society. So whatever helps achieve that."

Rimilde nods.

Luella wonders, "What are people's thoughts about coercing confessions rather than an invitation?"

Kinaed states, "Hold mass and denounce the behavior from the pulpit."
Temi states to Luella, "Totally thematic"
Kinaed nods at Temi.
Vlora is idle.

Empena claims, "Understood, thank you everyone."

Mairin muses, "I'd be fine if a priest came up to me, saying "Lass, haven't seen you at confession for six weeks. How about a review of faith, dear?""

Kinaed says, "Policy certainly wouldnt mind. I might even cry a little tear of joy."

Mairin says, "I'm generally surprised how nice people are. This character is hillish and nobody seems to bat an eyelash."

Kinaed says, "Yeah, I'd expect some eye-batting."
Jakob is idle.
Allyn claims to Mairin, "On the surface, everyone is nice. In their head, they are planning out the kill room."
Vlora is no longer idle.
Vlora has returned from AFK.
Kinaed nods at Allyn.
Eirian says to Mairin, "You're also cyan and a newbie. We go easy on you to start, just so we don't scare you away."

Kinaed states, "Probably."
Eirian states to Mairin, "But if you want people to be meaner, just start acting more Hillish."
Luella laughs.
Saira grins.

Mairin states, "Might be my fault, as well."

Temi says, "Okay.. Anything else folks want to discuss? We're at time."

Empena claims, "I haven't done that only because I didn't want to get into the whole suggestion in the help confession helpfile that people might be off-camering things, which I might suggest that be considered. People can't off-camera with say ... Physicians the same way and argue RP happened that didn't happen on grid."

Eirian trails off, "If you're nice, people will generally be nice back. ^_^ If you're ignorant and confrontational, well..."

Luella says, "Also it's a tough balance. I've done racism before and been figuratively punched in the face over it."
Temi says to Empena, "They can say they confessed to someone, and you can still say 'well, again will be good for you, and it wasn't with me'"

Empena nods.

Rimilde states, "If staff has a moment afterwards I have a couple guild things I was hoping to discuss, otherwise I'll do a pboard. (sorry to take up time)."
Eirian grins at Temi.

Eirian says, "Temi's got good ideas."

Mairin claims, "Nobody said clergy members had to be reasonable."
Temi nods at Rimilde.

Temi pontificates, "Okay. If there's no objections then, I'll send folks back! Thanks for coming!"

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