Log of OOC Meeting - 3/25/17

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Sat Mar 25, 2017 7:04 pm

Temi queries, "Our agenda for today is 1) staff updates, 2) player heartbeat, 3) player topics. Does anyone have any topics they want to get on the list before we get going?"

Eirian is gonna be IAWish writing recommends for last night's event.
emote raises her hand.

Empena raises her hand.

Temi nods at Empena.
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Temi claims, "Okay, got Empena. Anyone else that wants to be on the player topics? You can also let me know as we go if you think of something."

Rothgar shakes his head.

Temi states, "Okay. Staff updates now then."

Temi questions, "Kin, do you have anything you'd like to start us off with?"

Temi states, "We'll come back to Kin if she has anything."

Temi states, "For my update.. not a whole lot. Work has been a bit crazy, hopefully calming down again soon.. so mainly little RPA and story help things."

Temi claims, "Still planning to add redeemable objects to asset templates at some point, but didn't really make progress there last week. Hopefully this next week."

Temi questions, "Az?"
Empena sneezes loudly.

Azarial says, "Plugging along on assets, mainly."

Azarial says, "A few bugs, a few typos, a few wild geese causing crashes."
Temi nods.

Temi asks, "Anything else you want to add?"

Kinaed claims, "Ohm sorry. Nothing worthwhile here. Just policy stuff, and not too much. On my plate - Jail automation spec."
Temi nods at Kinaed.

Azarial claims, "Nothing leaps out at me as major, or noticable by players"
Kinaed starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Azarial claims, "Mostly taff tools or stuff that would be transparent at the user level"
Kinaed finishes her note.

Temi states, "Yeah, I don't see anything too life changing on the changes board."

Temi wonders, "Okay then. Player heartbeat! How's everything for you guys this week? How's RP?"
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Kinaed says, "I'm wondering if Mass Effect: Andromeda coming out means we'll have a lesser pbase for a week or two. :)"

Sauvaige claims, "Slow! Because I've been playing Mass effect. Still getting this guy shoved into the roleplay as best as I can. "

Kinaed claims, "Ha."
Temi says to Creston, "We just asked how RP was this week"

Creston states, "The story last night was fantastic"

Temi says, "People did seem really jazzed about the story, yeah."

Creston states, "Kudos to Joza"

Rothgar declares, "Been yelling at people here and again. Slowing down a bit this week. Quiet, mostly! Been able to meet with some characters in varied locations, so that's good. And yeah! Had a bunch of fun with last nights story!"

Kinaed queries, "That's great to hear. Whose was it?"

Rothgar states, "Jozafat, it was -really- well written."

Rimilde states, "Yeah, Jozafat did an amazing job all around."

Temi claims, "Jozafat's rat story. Hence this little bugger (rhyme courtesy recent player submission)."

Temi shakes a dead rat plush with rhymed verse embroidered on its belly.
Eirian nods.

Kinaed says, "That is awesome. We'll be sure to draw his attention to the positive feedback. I already awarded him QP for it."
Azarial has gone AFK.
Kinaed nods at Temi.

Mairin states, "I think, I immersed pretty well into the world, by now. Started about a week ago and now got the hang of the most basic things."
Temi nods at Mairin.
Eirian pontificates to Mairin, "Welcome to the game!"
Rothgar exclaims to Mairin, "Noice! Always good to see new folks around, you joined at a pretty good time too!"

Mairin states, "I'd really like to praise you guys. Everyone has been so help- and respectful"

Sauvaige cheers!

Mairin claims, "Super responsive staff, too."

Temi says, "That's cool! Should be starting to settle in, glad to hear your'e enjoying yourself."
Creston declaims to Mairin, "Send me a tell if you ever need any help! I'm not big and scary like staff"
say I'm still sort of struggling with finding my footing RP following another ST, which was also awesome, just figuring out choices based on that. Wanted to do something cool this week for the festival but work has been a tragedy.

Empena says, "I'm still sort of struggling with finding my footing RP following another ST, which was also awesome, just figuring out choices based on that. Wanted to do something cool this week for the festival but work has been a tragedy."

Eirian states, "Recommends are one of the best ways to give praise. ^_^"

Mairin says, "I wonder what people do recommend others for, though."
Eirian states to Mairin, "Help recommend gives examples, etc."

Rothgar claims, "It should give a little rundown in the helpfile, I believe. Basically, being helpful or thematic or... you know. Other... Good things."

Mairin says, "I guess, I'll just have to distribute them a bit more freely"

Creston claims, "Exceptional RP, taking risks, running events and stories, etc. "

Temi states, "If someone does something which creates RP or drives conflict or provides a good thematic example, etc."

Eirian states, "Also for personal style you find engaging and interesting."

Temi pontificates, "We do have a nice big list full of ones that need approved, and it looks like you have some examples lurking in there to receive soon!"
Temi grins at Mairin.

Temi claims, "I'll try to make a point to go through those today"

Rothgar states, "People still believe me when I say I know theme, hilariously enough, and they also believe that I play engaging and fun characters. Spoiler : help me I'm trapped, I have no idea what I'm doing please help"

Sauvaige states, "Heh, stop kidding around Rothy. "

Kinaed states, "Um, staff reject recommends that aren't about people advancing the plot somehow. Please make sure to include how the RP moved things along."

Creston claims, "Rothgar is a wonderful RPer and you could do worse than follow his example"

Rothgar laughs nervously, gives the shifty eyes. "Haha yeah dude, I know what I'm doing, haha."
Mairin says to Rothgar, "You surely did an awesome job that one time I had the honour"

Kinaed states, "Rothgar knows the way most of us do - just do it and see if the game breaks. If it does, you did it right. :P"
Rothgar nods at Kinaed.
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Temi gives a dead rat plush with rhymed verse embroidered on its belly to Merick.

Merick hops.

Temi questions, "Anything bothering anyone, or anything that staff ought to know about?"

Mairin raises her hand

Empena says, "I started a forum thread about it already."

Kinaed smiles at Mairin.
Temi queries to Mairin, "Yep?"
Kinaed wonders to Empena, "Link me?"
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Temi gives a dead rat plush with rhymed verse embroidered on its belly to Bertrand.

Merick queries, "Or link us? ha"

Rothgar claims, "I'd comment in that thread, but... You know. No experience. GG no re."
Kinaed nods at Merick.

Mairin claims, "Sometimes, I find it a bit hard to find the right helpfile on a matter. Especially, when I stumble into a scene about which I'm not certain thematically"
Kinaed nods at Mairin.

Kinaed queries, "Any idea what sort of things put barriers there, or is it just a lack of familiarity with the system?"
tell kinaed viewtopic.php?t=1518&p=10262#p10262

Sauvaige says OOCly, "You can always send a tell or ask in local ooc for help!"

Temi says, "Is that the post about married couples and the pox? I know someone posted that. In any case, Kin approved a change so they're protected."

Sauvaige says, "Which I just did accidently there"

Temi asks, "Do you know about help match?"
Rothgar states to Mairin, "That's some realtalk. If you're uncertain if what you're doing or getting into is thematic, you can always send folks tells. I'd wager that 9/10 could help you out, or at least give you an informed opinion."

Mairin claims, "For example, I had to deal with a priest and suddenly questioned if priests were allowed to marry. Searching for marriage didn't yield anything, though."
Merick says to Sauvaige, "Goob"
Merick grins.
Temi nods.

Temi claims, "Totally okay to ask that on visnet, in tells or anything like that."

Kinaed states, "Oh, re: viewtopic.php?t=1518&p=10262#p10262 <-- there is a post on the board for Az to resolve this."

Empena claims, "If I'm on and you have Priest RP questions, I'm happy to answer tells on theme, I mean ... well, at least my answers on them. "

Rothgar says, "And what Temi said. That's... I keep forgetting about visnet, yeah."
Kinaed says to Temi, "Apologies that I seem to be replying to things, like, a good minute after everyone's moved on. :)"

Temi claims, "People will be very understanding and eager to help, especially if you're cyan but even after."
Temi grins at Kinaed.
Temi states to Kinaed, "No problem."

Mairin states, "Yeah, I get a bit oocly chatty in some situations, but I hope that'll settle down soon."
Temi nods.

Temi says, "Everyone has their own preferences for OOC chattiness"
Eirian states to Mairin, "Asking ICly often works out just fine, too. Asking the priest about marriage was just fine by me -- you have a little leeway due to playing a Hillman."
Luella is idle.
Luella is no longer idle.
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Mairin queries to Eirian, "Guess what I have been abusing all the time?"
Eirian says to Mairin, "Which is to say, it didn't seem awkward or ignorant at the time, all things considered. So no sweat."

Temi claims, "For game policy, keep chatting to a minimum on visnet, and no pressuring anyone OOC or spreading knowledge they wouldn't have"
Merick trails off to Mairin, "Stop abusing people! oh wait..."

Merick snickers just a little.
Mairin says to Merick, "Now you put yourself on the hitlist"
Temi grins.

Mairin claims, "Alrighty, I got everything off my chest. You guys and gals are awesome."

Temi asks, "Did we miss anything in there? Anything else bothering anyone?"

Empena states, "This isn't really bothering me per say but would be a suggestion for consideration, though I'm uncertain how to best diseminate the thought"

Temi wonders, "Okay, want to try?"

Empena states, "Ah, mostly that if you spot on the Who list that someone is flagged as being in an ST that it might be best to try and wait to scene or interact with them. "

Temi nods.

Creston states, "Oh, one thing for me. When I type remove cloak when I have more than one cloak, it seems to be removing the lower layer instead of the top one"

Creston states, "If that makes any sense"
Eirian exclaims to Creston, "Bugboard!"
Creston sneezes loudly.

Temi says, "If someone is currently a part of an ST, you should probably get permission from the Storyteller before getting involved in their scene"

Temi states, "I think when I've seen that, it's normally based on inventory order, rather than layer order. Which doesn't seem to be changed by wearing things"

Temi states, "If you remove something, it targets the first thing in your inventory with that keyword, and it moves that item to where it was in your inventory list"

Creston pontificates, "Interesting. Okay! "

Empena claims, "I was a participant, and didn't really want to cause a ruckus so sort of glossed over it otherwise I think if I'd have reacted the way I likely otherwise would have, it might have broken the ST. But that was my thought, as a player I didn't want to tell someone you can't RP this right now, but it was slightly awkward."

Temi nods at Empena.

Bertrand claims, "I would apply the same rules as the "No Executions over the top of an ST" rule."
Temi has transferred Xauron. [OOC]
Temi gives a dead rat plush with rhymed verse embroidered on its belly to Xauron.

Merick asks of Bertrand, "No executions? bah"

Merick trails off, "No fun..."

Xauron states, "Greetings everyone"
Merick waves.
Mairin declaims to Xauron, "Hi!"
Xauron tells you, "Hey there"
Temi tells you, "You can tell staff too, and we can pass along messages"

Bertrand states, "I mean I think it is perfectly fine if you want to create something for the people not involved with STs but yeah, respect the ST."

Bertrand says to Merick, "Dude you don't know how bad it was for a while. Just... Just don't."
Temi queries to Empena, "Was that your player topic, or did you have something else on the list?"
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Temi gives a dead rat plush with rhymed verse embroidered on its belly to Lyonie.
say That was my topic

Empena states, "That was my topic"

Mairin pokes Lyonie
Temi nods.

Temi states, "Does anyone else have any topics they'd like to discuss? No matter how big or small."

Rothgar states, "I need a new graphics card, but it'll cost like a grand. So, uh, send your money orders, signed, to 123 NotAScam, MD 20118"

Empena claims, "Well, if no one else has something I have a thought/question."

Temi nods at Empena.

Temi muses, "Okay?"

(visnet) Player Jozafat: Ooc chat over?
Temi has transferred Jozafat. [OOC]
Temi gives a dead rat plush with rhymed verse embroidered on its belly to Jozafat.

Jozafat beams at the rat plush!

Temi claims, "We're just going through player topics now. Empena is preparing a thought/question for us."

Jozafat declaims, "Sure!"

Empena queries, "Listening to channel discussions, I've gleaned that a perceived bonus to NPC shops versus PC shops is the ability to haggle with them. Is that something currently that PC shop owners can choose to allow or disallow somehow?"

Eirian states, "You can haggle with PC shop owners by showing up and RPing with them."

Eirian says, "Haggle in real time. :)"

Mairin questions, "You can haggle with npcs?"

Mairin facepalms
Eirian says to Mairin, "Help mercantilism"

Temi claims, "No, haggle is turned off for player owned shops so that you have control over what you sell it for."

Temi claims, "We have prices designed so that you can sell for half of the NPC shop costs if you want to, so that takes out a lot of the benfit of haggling."

Temi states, "And you -can- always haggle with the actual player to get the prices lower."
Jozafat nods.

Mairin says, "Neat. This character doesn't have any mercantilism, though. Nice to know, anyhow"

Rimilde states, "You can pool mercantilism by buying things:-)"

Luella says, "With GM in merc, can you can reliably get close to half off"

Mairin says, "I've got another spontaneous idea regarding new players. Just wanted to cue that up."

Temi wonders, "Do people think they would get a lot of use out of turning haggle on in player shops?"
Temi nods at Mairin.

Eirian claims, "No."

Luella says, "No"

Mairin claims, "Me, neither."

Eirian claims, "And I think we run the risk of shop owners not really realizing how much they would lose if they did use that feature."

Mairin says, "RP-haggling is way better."

Temi questions, "Are there any players that would want to turn it on, with the chance that you may only be getting half of the prices you set?"

Rimilde states, "I'd rather leave haggling IC for player shops."
Temi nods at Eirian.

Creston claims, "I don't think that it should be allowed in PC shops"
Sauvaige is idle.

Temi claims, "That seems a pretty clear answer then."

Temi nods at Jozafat.

Rimilde trails off, "Rather than code...(need coffee)"
Sauvaige is no longer idle.
Sauvaige has returned from AFK.

Luella states, "There are already plenty of advantages to PC vs NPC shopping that I don't think the possible price break from haggling is an issue."

Temi queries, "Okay, Mairin, you had an idea?"

Mairin claims, "Okay, I think it's a little bit hard to get involved within the first two hours after chargen, because you're super ignorant of almost everything. I found that discouraging, to be honest. I've seen something for that in another game, though. Something like an IC guided tour through the most important things run by volunteers."
Temi nods at Mairin.

Mairin claims, "I think it could be considered to offer that to new players on request."

Temi muses, "Is that something newer folks would find appealing? Or older folks would be interested in offering? How would you do it?"
Eirian asks of Mairin, "We're pretty much all playing tour guide, when we see a new cyan player. That's what cyan tells us -- that you're new and that we need to show you the ropes. Was there something in particular that you needed help with and you just didn't know how to ask, or...?"

Mairin states, "It was mainly just approaching people to start a scene. Didn't have any powder to shoot my guns."

Jozafat claims, "A city council position as an inmigrations officer."

Eirian asks, "I think we already do some touring when folks join guilds, but I guess we could have a "travel office" or something for newbies to stop in, if they want?"

Bertrand says, "I would bet 80% of the time if you can find your way to the Queen's Inn, Church Square, or the Bear and Boar... Someone will come pester you."

Temi questions, "Would it be useful to have a travel tour that goes to the most important locations?"
Jozafat nods at Bertrand.

Merick chuckles, "I'll say this, don't get frustrated, don't feel scared to ask questions, don't feel afraid to fall flat on your face either. We all started out ignorant here, well most of us, some of us are smart asses, not me though. I'm an idiot. But really, you come find me, I'll give you rp. If you feel like something is off, say something."

Xauron states, "In another game, I play, when a newbie shows up, there is a tourguide, to start a seen with them, as well as show them around, give them some advice on how to get started, so on it a farely well run system"
Merick questions to Temi, "Maybe that's something that could be put on the map given at the start?"

Eirian queries, "A self-guided tour? lol"

Merick says, "Sorta, like you're a tourist :P"

Eirian says, "I think we already have TI-Facts, which is pretty good."

Jozafat claims, "Or a basic helpfile guide to the city"
Temi queries to Xauron, "Is that a person or an automated system?"

Xauron says, "Its a person"

Eirian states, "I would be cool with having a location in game where new players could go and hang out and wait for someone willing to give them some kind of intro or answer their questions, but we already have visnet, and most questions come up during actual RP. And I worry that having that expectation would disappoint people when there's no one available to swing by and do the tour or whatever."

Xauron claims, "Basicly, they meet them at the place they enter the game, introduce themselves, and guide them around showing them the important areas"
Jozafat nods at Eirian.
Temi nods.

Jozafat claims, "IC comms in TI are slow. And the player flow is not constant."

Creston questions, "Wasn't there a system for new player helpers way back? "

Creston wonders, "Aides? "

Eirian states, "We're more of a learn-as-you-go sort of community, which works better for our smaller playerbase, I think. But maybe isn't as comfortable for people who want to start off with more bullets and gunpowder in their guns, so to speak."

Temi states, "Yeah, we used to have aides, but we didn't always see them doing a lot. We've talked at various times about bringing it back."

Luella asks, "Do people feel uncomfortable using visnet?"

Creston says, "Might be worth bringing back"

Merick trails off, "I do when I'm trying to be anonymous... then I muck that up..."
Eirian states to Mairin, "Also, in case you didn't know, you can use visnet anonymously."

Xauron claims, "That's new"
Merick states to Eirian, "Unless you're me."

Merick facepalms.

Mairin claims, "I knew that, already, thanks."

Temi says, "If you're whoinvis, it will be anonymous automatically"
Eirian declaims to Merick, "Whoinvis will set you to automatic anonymous!"
Temi nods.

Merick says, "Tbh I don't like whoinvis but that's just me"

Temi states, "Okay. Some interesting things to think about there."
Merick grins.

Temi questions, "Jozafat, you also had a topic for us?"

Mairin claims, "On a second thought, an IC guided tour may be a bit overboard. The other game I mentioned had 100 players at that time active simultaneously"

Mairin claims, "Oh, please go ahead. I think this has been exhaustive enough, now"
Temi grins.

Jozafat exclaims, "Ok!"

Jozafat looks at a dead rat plush with rhymed verse embroidered on its belly fondly and strokes it, saying: "I think it was said last week but I really think a teating room for ST commands should be given a look. Last night was awesome, but my lack of familiarity with commands and their syntax meant I had to improvise on the fly a lot."
Temi nods at Jozafat.

Eirian says, "That would be pretty great, actually."

Temi asks, "Just a place off grid you can try the commands?"

Merick laughs

Merick says, "Agreed"

Merick states, "You did good though"

Eirian says, "Yeah, a place off grid with instructions in the room desc."

Rimilde says, "A testing room is a great idea imho."

Jozafat claims, "Yeah like switch and smload"

Sauvaige says, "Yeah that did happen with the ST run by Amadore, it was a bit rocky at the start due to some wonky knowlege of the commands. It turned out to be awesome though. "

Eirian states, "Where you can load mobs (or try... seems to be a kink in smload still)."
Temi nods.

Jozafat questions, "Would that be possible Temi?"

Eirian says, "Maybe explanation about the spoofing command that isn't really clear 'cause you can't see yourself when you set it. Ghost action or whatever it is."

Mairin states, "That's a totally awesome. I've seen a similar concept somewhere else, where there'd be a general RP school, as well, where players could pracitce emoting and playing scenes with spawnable props."

Temi states, "I think we'd probably be okay with that, though I don't know what we'd write for that description, if someone who has tried these things and figured out what is useful would like to write it"

Rimilde says, "The codes are what always make me nervous about running them, a chance to practice would be a great way to set people up for success."

Temi states, "I know there's approximately a 0% chance I'd ever find time to write it up."

Temi states, "Though other staff might at some point, if players wanted to, that would likely go faster."

Jozafat states, "Also the helpfile for the st execution commands could be more... Helpful! The syntax is missing and the command to show it doesn't work."

Eirian states, "I would be happy to team up with Joza to write something."

Jozafat high fives Eirian!

Mairin pontificates, "Way to go!"

Temi muses, "Post a typo up on that?"
Luella has been transferred out by Temi. [OOC]

Eirian claims, "We could do a little testing to see what's still missing, if needed."

Temi states, "Okay, then. We're about at the end of our time and I have one more thing."

Temi wonders, "Xauron, can you explain your topic?"

Xauron wonders, "So, its ben a while sence I've played here, and I'm wondering has the arrest code changed, I know there was talk about that before I left, or are we still usng restrain?"

Jozafat says, "We are."

Merick says, "Arrest and restrain"

Merick questions, "Depends on what you are using, no?"

Temi states, "Arrest should be used with official arrests, and restrain for anything unofficial"
Temi nods.

Xauron claims, "Arrest is new then"
Azarial has returned from AFK.
Temi nods at Xauron.

Merick trails off, "Like the woman merick is going to kidnap..."

Merick muses, "I mean... what?"

Merick claims, "Just kidding :D"

Mairin shivers

Xauron questions, "Ok, I assume, there is a help file for it?"

Temi says, "It's mentioned in the main arrest/restrain helpfile."

Merick says, "I just sent it to Xauron"

Temi asks, "Okay. I think we're about done then. Anything else before we send you folks all back to RP?"

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