Log of OOC meeting 3/11/2017

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Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:05 pm

Kinaed questions, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today?"

Vicannia states, "I have something minor to bring up."

Rothgar says, "Aye, I've something to chat about as well."

Kinaed queries, "Okay, I've logged Vicannia and Rothgar. Anyone else?"

Merick pontificates, "I'll be afk but I'll try to return quickly, grrrrrrrr people are annoying!"

Merick says, "Ooc stuff"
Kinaed smiles at Merick.
Kinaed nods.

Lhea will refrain from going "ba-boom" during player heartbeat.

Illian states, "These emotes are over my head still haha"
Kinaed trails off to Lhea, "It's exactly like the Tell-tale Heart..."
Lhea declaims to Kinaed, "No!"

Lhea says, "Yikes."
Lhea smiles.

Creston says, "New players :)"

Kinaed says, "Okay, for those of you with topics, please pre-type them so they're ready to go when you're called on to introduce your topic."

Kinaed says, "In the meantime, I will kick off with Staff Updates."

Kinaed claims, "This week, I handled an unusual amount of policy. I processed some requests from the Request Queue, and did absolutely nothing with the Jail Spec that I'm working on to automate messages to help jailbirds and Reeves/Order keep track of a prisoner's progress. Next week, I'll probably do the same, but maybe I'll work up the courage to improve our jail experience."

Kinaed claims, "That's me. Azarial, you're up."

Azarial claims, "Chewing on assets and roles"
Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Azarial claims, "I keep adjusting how they're stired as i add things, trying to find an ideal low-liad method"

Azarial claims, "Some bugs, don't think there was a crash this week."

Kinaed states, "Having a quick look at our changes board, I don't see anything major. Bug fixes most people won't notice for the most part."
Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Kinaed claims, "That's awesome."

Azarial claims, "Currently mobile, else i'd be working on assets right now iaw"

Kinaed says, "Niamh's not here, but you may note that we've tentatively dipped our toes into the world of Facebook advertising. Fingers crossed."
Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Kinaed asks, "Anything else to add?"

Noelle wonders, "Really?"
Kinaed nods at Noelle.

Vicannia claims, "It's looking good thus far... the facebook advertising that is."

Noelle asks, "Fb page?"

Azarial wonders, "Please remember to greet new players, so we cone across friendly?"
Kinaed claims to Noelle, "Nah, those little side-bar and in-line advertisements you get for games and such."

Noelle claims, "Ahh. I'll keep an eye out."
Kinaed smiles.

Temi claims, "We have had a page though."
Kinaed nods at Noelle.
Kinaed says to Temi, "Really? Nice."
Kinaed exclaims to Temi, "You're up!"

Temi exclaims, "Okay!"

Temi claims, "A little more filling out assets. I can probably share my current set of template plans: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing I'll post that up on the forum post soliciting ideas as well. I figure that's about long enough for people to have come up with unbiased ideas."

Temi says, "I started to put them into the system, but unfortunately found a bug, so will be a bit of a delay on getting them all in and ready to use."

Temi states, "And I set up our livestock to use randomized keywords, so that you can get different types of animals instead of the same every time."

Empena states, "Woo"

Temi says, "You may have previously seen it on like the size of pigs in long descriptions, but those will be able to be targeted with the keywords now too."

Creston muses, "And in chargen when making a character, you'll be able to purchase all of those? "
Noelle drops the ASSETS spec.
Lhea drops the ASSETS spec.

Temi states, "All would be options, depending on current numbers of things."

Temi states, "Maybe limited to amount you can get in chargen."

Cullen muses, "To qualify for Freeman L2 shops, do you still need to pay something/get license from the merchants?"

Temi states, "I imagine on grid stuff will stay approximately the same"

Vicannia asks, "L2 shops?"

Temi says, "If you have an off-grid shop, it would be assumed to have the correct stuff it needs to be wherever it is."

Azarial states, "Prolly act more like a rostered job than a pshop for a lisenxe, unless they want to br picky"

Cullen claims, "Ooooh"

Temi says, "If you have something on-grid, even represented by the asset to make for extra money, you'd need to get the deals worked out with them."
Illian sneezes loudly.

Temi says, "And I also did some RPA and plots, and wrote a book of mage stories which I'll be adding to the set of books that can come out."

Kinaed hops with joy and cannot wait to read the stories.

Temi shows off an illustrated children's storybook entitled "Mage Stories".

Vlora prods Rothgar
Kinaed states to Temi, "Is that you? Heaps of work this week. Thanks."

Noelle trails off, "I really need to start on those ti books I'm planning..."

Temi states, "I decided we needed more stories with children getting eaten by demons."

Empena claims, "Now I know what to read in the bath"
Rothgar questions to Vlora, "Eh?"
Kinaed nods at Noelle.

Vicannia asks, "I imagine such a book.... wait it's a children's book? Do they all start with mages as the villians and end with mages being pyred?"
Temi nods at Kinaed.

Temi states, "That's me."
Kinaed says to Noelle, "You do. We're generous with QP for copies of books."
Kinaed says to Vicannia, "Probably. :)"
Temi states to Vicannia, "The subtitle is 'Cautionary Tales for Naughty Children'"

Lhea states, "Heehee"

Kinaed loves Temi.

Rothgar claims, "Fuhhhh that sounds amazing."

Vicannia nods

Kinaed asks, "Okay then, that's Staff Updates. Any questions from players before we move on to the next bit?"

Noelle says to Kinaed "After chatting with Niamh a lot of the stuff I will make will all be done ic (plan to open a bookshop.) but I do wanna dk some through yoi guys too.

Lhea states, ""Scared Straight For Tots""

Vicannia nods "So order approved then." curses about the enter button being so close to the quotes button.
Kinaed nods at Noelle.
Temi nods in agreement with Vicannia.
Empena laughs.
Kinaed says to Noelle, "We can handle it either way, happy to help out with a project like that."

Azarial ponders buying up the 'bardic sweatshop of penny dreadfuls' asset.

Noelle says, "To /kinaed "Once I have qp I may be requesting rpa regarding stuff so stay tuned I guess :D""
Kinaed nods at Noelle.

Vicannia smirks to Temi "If I had my way, the enter button would be on like the back of the keyboard or somewhere you could never accidently press it."

Merick trails off, "Gee I should start building my qp...."

Kinaed wonders, "Okay! Player Heartbeat. How was the game this week, folks? RP good?"

Azarial claims, "Push it over under 'end'. uasable, bot fumblablr"

Lhea claims, "Just starting but had two nice encounters so far."
Kinaed claims to Merick, "Books and typo hunting are two pretty solid ways to earn QP."

Esmerelde declares, "I wasn't actually around much... I should fix that this week. Some threads I'm excited about!"

Noelle declares, "Really enjoying my new Peacock worker! Great to be getting rp there!"
Kinaed smiles at Esmerelde.

Kinaed beams at Noelle.

Vicannia says, "What rp I engaged in was interesting. Met some neat characters who really, really helped fill niches in the game that are typically ignored."

Noelle says, "I'm trying to start running st's for it instead kin :P Just waiting to start Thragg the Thrasher."
Rothgar states to Kinaed, "Exceedingly strange, out of my comfort level, and I have been enjoying it excessively."
Kinaed nods at Vicannia.
Kinaed comforts Rothgar.
Kinaed muses to Rothgar, "Anything staff can do about that, or is it entirely around your RP partners and preferences, etc?"

Noelle winks to Rothgar "Anytime sugar." <3

Temi claims, "That sounded like he was happy with it, to me."

Kinaed states, "Oh, you HAVE been enjoying it, not HAVE NOT."
Kinaed states to Temi, "Yeah. I can't read."
Rothgar states to Kinaed, "Oh, that's entirely around my own RP. I've taken Rothgar to places I never knew he'd go to, and it's stretching the limits of what I can justify. It's been great."

Rothgar wiiiiiiiiiinks at Noelle.

Empena shifts her eyes back and forth.

Kinaed trails off, "Well, so long as you're consenting adults then..."

Kinaed coughs.

Kinaed trails off, "Okay, let's see..."

Noelle says, "Always kin."

Kinaed questions, "Anything shitting anyone that they want staff to know about?"

Azarial states, "So i guess a book on onion propogation miht be in order."

Rothgar claims, "There's not more coffee in my cup, yeah."

Kinaed wonders, "... that isn't being raised in the Player Topics section? :)"

Rothgar snorts.
Kinaed trails off to Azarial, "That would be such a great way for Lithmorrans to get around the stigma..."

Kinaed claims, "A slew of cookbooks dedicated to the senses or something."
Temi grins.

Azarial says, "Onions are quite good, if you know how to handle them."

Lhea claims, "Yikes."

Noelle claims, "Bow chika wow wow"

Rothgar claims, "They've got layers."

Kinaed states, "Oh, public service announcement - please try to quit instead of drop link. Lest you awaken naked and tied to a tree. I'm just saying."

Noelle trails off, "Kinky..."

Lhea states, "They require delicate handling, of course, to peel back the layers."
Kinaed questions to Noelle, "Yes, dear?"

Merick trails off, "Kinky..."
Kinaed queries to Merick, "Yes... dear...?"

Rothgar claims, "Onions got layers. Ogres got layers. Etc etc."

Azarial states, "You linger on grid about half an hour, then the same in the ifle room."

Noelle exclaims, "Not you kin!"

Noelle laughs

Kinaed claims, "Oh. Sorry."

Kinaed twiddles her hooves. Then clears her throat, "Right. Moving on."

Merick yawns.

Vicannia ponders "Someone should do a swamp ogre story, and in the end it's just an incredibly large hillman whose skin is dyed green due to snail slime."

Kinaed queries, "Player Topics - Vicannia, you're up first. Care to introduce us to your topic?"

Vicannia Clears throat "So what I'd like to bring up is the fact you can not use whois with a remembered name. For example, I recently rped with someone who gave a false name, of course my character doesn't know that, and I tried to use whois to see if they had rp preferences and whatnot. So I had to skim through the who list trying to decipher the actual name of the person just to view their whois. Thankfully they had a title that kind of gave it away, but still. If I can view a players helpfile with a "False" name, it would be nice to also view whois with said remembered name, given the information whois can have in it."

Kinaed says, "I think we can do something about that - filter whois through your remember list and just put the false name at the top."

Noelle wonders, "So similar to how you can view helpfiles with remembered names?"
Kinaed nods at Noelle.
Rothgar nods.

Noelle states, "Would be rad."
Kinaed claims to Vicannia, "Would you mind bug boarding that for me after the OOC Chat? No issues with adding it."

Rothgar states, "I'd honestly like to see that, yeah."
Kinaed nods at Rothgar.

Vicannia claims, "I can bug board that yeah."
Kinaed claims to Vicannia, "Thanks."
Temi grins.
Kinaed questions to Rothgar, "You're up. :) Care to introduce us to your topic?"

Rothgar says, "Well now I feel shifty because Vicannia made a good topic. Arien."

Lhea says, "Awww :)"

Rothgar claims, "Right, text spam, gg no re your eyes"

Rothgar states, "There's not really a gentle way to put this, and I'm really tired and pissy now, so I'll just out with it. I know I'm probably reaching out of my element, but I did want to touch base about Orderite funding. I won't go into specifics, but at this point in our funding base, without spending any money whatsoever, the Order will be flat broke in... roughly 9-12 weeks or so. I know how utterly foolish and base this must sound, and I know it just sounds like stupid whining, but bear with me."

Rothgar says, "I was conversing (venting) to another person (apologies) and they agreed (I forced them to) that it was kinda strange that the Order was... Seemingly going broke. Theme-wise, we're supposed to get 30% not just of income - but of everything. Help tithe states we get 30% on all fines, taxes (!), locker purchases, retools, messengers, couriers, mail purchases, and rumors. I don't... Know that this -isn't- true, and was looking for A : An imm to possibly confirm that this helpfile isn't out of date and B : Suggestions on how to make the Order... Profitable, I suppose? I mean, we're going to be literally flat-out broke soon, and our manners of making dosh are unbelievably limited. "

Rothgar states, "So yeah, maybe I'm just being a huge baby, but I keep looking at the cost to hook up a Knight, our current funds, our current taxes, and then chortling as I consider the RP of having to go to a Gentry household to drum up financial support for the Order, of all things."
Kinaed has transferred Hunapo. [OOC]
Temi gives a sculpted, dark chocolate rat, mounted on a handheld stick to Hunapo.

Kinaed claims, "I'm checking Orderite payments at the moment. A moment please."

Azarial says, "People may not be buying much gor 30 percent to amount to much"

Rothgar looks at the differences between his request and the other request, frowns and shakes his head a few times.

Vicannia states, "I think the order being poor is linked to the piety stat... I know I had a similar issue when I was earl marshal and I'm pretty sure that's what I was told. That was an embarrasing time, telling the order that if we kept paying them as we were, it would be several months when we run out of all silver."

Kinaed asks, "You'll only go broke if all of those people listed as inactive actually become active. Right now, you're paying out about 45 silver per week and bringing in 700?"
Kinaed wonders to Azarial, "Is that wrong?"
Rothgar begins to count their money.

Merick states, "Yeah we are a bit short on funds or will be, heh, I'm part of that on the knights end, supplies needed to be made, but yeah, we always seem very short on funds, compound that with the tax raise"

Temi says, "You do get automagic payments for things like purchases and taxes and such, a cut of them."
Rothgar says to Kinaed, "That'd put us at a positive of... What, 20 silver a month? I don't have access to the guild coffers, mind - I only check the worth stat obssessively."

Vicannia arches brow "Damn... then they must not be paying their people very much or changed wages if 45 is how much.

Rothgar says, "We also have a few members simply not getting paid, I believe."

Merick says, "I haven't changed my own pay yet "

Temi claims, "That amount is higher when people are paying more out."

Kinaed questions, "Um, more like a positive of ... 45x 4 = about 200 silver out, 700 x 4 = about 2800 silver in - 2600 in the clear?"

Kinaed wonders, "Monthly?"
Merick claims to Rothgar, "Some, I adjusted things on my end, I think"

Noelle says, "Risk your life for free. knights lithmorran."
Vicannia claims to Temi, "I remember when I was EM knights alone, the rank, was being paid 75 silver per knight"

Noelle states, "Same when i was em."

Temi claims, "But yes, there's more with piety too."
Kinaed nods at Temi.

Merick says, "I'm trying to find new ways to improve piety with my position, I feel like Im wandering at times in the dark"

Rothgar claims, "I wish I had the actual numbers in front of me so I could sound less like an asshole. I just saw the tax redo, and I don't blame anyone, it was just alarming to me how much money we're now paying into the system."

Noelle wonders, "Get friends to support piety?"

Noelle claims, "5ip is easy to get."

Temi claims, "We're glad to adjust guildhalls if need be for that."
Kinaed trails off to Rothgar, "Those are actual numbers from your gpay..."

Rothgar states, "Oh, are there? Fair nuff."
Merick states to Noelle, "Way I understand it I need to do a new plot with every city support sway motion"

Kinaed says, "Merick's taken out a few thousand."

Empena says, "I'm sorry I'm not being more helpful in this conversation I'm on mobile to say a lot like usual."

Noelle say to Merick "Make it clear you expect regular support? You could probs get amadore to help. He is still patron."

Kinaed says, "Not a plot per se, just a 'this is our action explanation'. It's a line of reasoning in the command, Merick, not a Plot POLCA thing"
Merick says to Kinaed, "Correct and I'll be dumping coin back in when Im able"

Azarial says, "Fifty thousand words in the google docs app helps with the phone. but it still sucks"
Merick muses to Kinaed, "Im confused then, so I dont need to do a plot advance with everything?"

Temi says, "You only need to do a plot for off-cycle things."

Temi says, "The city support, city subvert stuff just requires an explanation "Here's what Merick's doing to improve this, roughly.""

Kinaed states, "I'll have a staff member review guild funding in general. With assets coming in, it's probably a good idea to review. Just note that gpay transactions only go through when players are active, so just because you have a list of 50 people, if only 5 are active, only their funds go out."
Kinaed nods at Temi.
Kinaed nods at Merick.

Merick queries, "So say, bringing in mages, would that count?"

Noelle pontificates, "Pay your guild members!"

Azarial says, "Or come in"

Merick says, "Cause Im a knight"
Temi nods at Merick.

Temi declaims, "Yep!"

Azarial states, "Butning mages nets you part of yheir bank."
Rothgar claims to Noelle, "What, so they can spend it at the peaco- Oh. Fugg."

Merick claims, "Im talking about city support, Az"
Temi nods at Merick.

Noelle says to Rothgar "Oh yeah, because you're soooo against rp at the peacock."
Kinaed states to Merick, "You do not need to do plot advances. When you post your monthly action (the "vote" like part), part of the command is your reason. The reason serves as the "action". It's intended to be background fodder for staff if we run plots or do a write up. Examples are things like "+ piety, the Order is holding more masses than usual" or something"

Temi says, "Yes, you can use arresting mages as your explanation or part of your explanation in city support for reasonable metrics."

Vlora coughs

Merick states, "Ok that clears things up "

Azarial claims, "Ditto teeves. executiond pay"
Kinaed nods at Azarial.
Lhea eats a sculpted, dark chocolate rat, mounted on a handheld stick.
As Lhea eats a bite of chocolate rat, sticky red juices ooze out a bit.

Empena muses, "I suppose my question would be is guilting people into donations be theme if RP wise if it's implied in helpfiles people already do?"
Creston has lost link.

Kinaed questions, "Okay, it's 8:35am. We usually end at 9am my time. Therefore, with 25 odd minutes to go, and all of our agenda done - what shall we do?"
Creston has reconnected.

Hunapo asks, "Throw a party?"
Temi states to Empena, "Those aren't donations, those are tithes."
Temi muses to Empena, "Don't they want to do more than -the bare minimum-?"
Empena nods at Temi.

Temi says, "(Yes, totally thematic.)"

Noelle muses, "I could do some shameless advertising and tell people where to contact me if they have ideas for stuff I could write into player made books for my bookshop?"

Kinaed says, "I'm happy to see people guilted into donations."

Merick trails off, "I thought tithes and what not was automatic myself... "

Kinaed claims, "Or tithes, or charged money for penances. Whatever. Fine by me. Go ahead and get medieval on people, that's how the church really worked back when."

Kinaed claims, "Hold mass and pass the plate."

Rothgar thinks about the times in the past he's attempted to shame people into doing stuff for the Order, frowns deeply, shakes his head slowly.

Kinaed states, "Anyone who doesn't obviously put stuff in is clearly a mage."

Vicannia stares down Empena "I dare you to try and Guilt Vicannia into donating more of her money." smirks
Merick declares to Rothgar, "Let's smash some heads!"

Empena says, "Charisma battle at Mass"

Noelle smiles to Empena "Flirt with Amador.le

Noelle says, "Unfortunately that will work."

Cullen -charisma wins.

Noelle says OOCly, "Darn enter button."
Kinaed says to Merick, "Tithes are not automatic, but we don't provide clear tithing records or anything."

Temi claims, "Bare minimum tithes are probably safe to assumed with stuff. Nothing generous is assumed."
Empena nods.

Vicannia sniffles. Vicannia still misses the 100 gold that she was fined... That was a hit.

Merick declaims, "Yipes!"

Empena states, "Less whippings, more fines, got it"
Empena nods.

Kinaed says, "The Order gets money from tithes anonymously as part of their 30% of everything people buy in shops, etc, as "the world at large pays tithes" but it does not represent PCs per se"

Merick declares, "More whippings, more fines, more confessions!"

Creston says, "I like the charisma battle idea"
Lhea nods at Merick.

Temi says, "Well, we could discuss asset templates and if we missed anything important for people."

Noelle declares, "More penance that isn't whippings because not everything calls for lashes!"

Merick says, "Ok maybe not so many whippings"
Merick grins.

Rothgar says, "So TL;DR just start hounding after people for it, really. Granted, Assets will more then likely see prices driven down universally after a while."

Creston says, "I look forward to seeing the deflation"

Vicannia looks forward to sitting on their hoard of gold like some dragon

Merick trails off, "Great, Smaug much..."

Creston claims, "As someone with 0 silver, I have no expectations of being able to buy anything ever"
Creston begins to count their money.

Creston claims, "Finally being a freeman makes sense"
Temi grins at Creston.

Azarial claims, "I am tracking silver flow now, so it can be adjusted as we go."
Illian is idle.
Merick begins to count their money.

Rothgar states, "What a short OOC meeting."

Kinaed says, "Just a note: A player sent me a tell and asked to get a due date for their pregnancy ICly since their char would probably have an idea. I'm cool with that being put in score once it's clear to the player that they're pregnant. Maybe not the actual day, but the month? I floated this by staff, and I'm hearing that it shows in affects, at least how many months are left."
Illian is no longer idle.
Illian has returned from AFK.

Rothgar states, "Pregnant? Jeeze, people are doing that. Right. I need to play someone other then... You know. Scars McGrumpyface over here."

Merick snort

Rothgar says, "Most eligible bachelor, 373."

Noelle takes a couple steps out before turning to the group and clearing her throat. "Whilst were here I'd like to say a few things to you all!"

Temi attempts to check, finds her tester gave birth while offline. Oops.
Merick states to Noelle, "Uh oh :D"

Kinaed says, "That was poorly phrased. I don't think they were asking for themselves, just asking that it be put in there. I copied what I said to staff."

Azarial says, "It should be showing in score or affects when it is far enougj along"

Vicannia smirks to Temi "Neglectful much?"
Creston claims to Temi, "Throw that in the orphanage"
Kinaed nods at Azarial.
Kinaed says, "Okay, we've got 15 minutes."
Temi states to Vicannia, "Terribly."

Kinaed wonders, "I'm out of topics. Anyone else want to say anything? Public service announcements?"
Malachai replies to you, "Oh right, the OOC Chat. Sorry"

Noelle grins before saying "So firstly I'd like to say it's been super cool rping at the peacock and a bif rhanks to all of you who have rp'd with me and made it super fun!. Now secondly I'd like to discuss a matter of books!"

Rothgar says, "Give him to the Order, we'll make a man outta him. Also, Noelle's saying something."
Creston has been transferred out by Kinaed. [OOC]

Vicannia flashes lashes at Noelle and makes that weird cat throat nose that they can not make in real life to save their life.
Lhea eats a sculpted, dark chocolate rat, mounted on a handheld stick.
As Lhea eats a bite of chocolate rat, sticky red juices ooze out a bit.

Lhea eats a sculpted, dark chocolate rat, mounted on a handheld stick.
As Lhea eats a bite of chocolate rat, sticky red juices ooze out a bit.

Kinaed states, "I think Noelle is typing still."

Rothgar says, "Well, I can safely say that giving orders to visit the peacock and share XP has been one of the greatest moments of my IC life."
Kinaed smiles.

Noelle pontificates, "So like I'm planning on writing up ic books and having shit sold on grid. I have spoken a lot to Niamh about it and how to go about it. All of the books will have been copied/scribed by noelle but not all written. So if folks have anu cool ideas they'd wanna see turned into books written by Noelle or Npc's (ooc'ly writtended by me) then please contact me by pboarding Noelle or Amadore. Or tell at me over ooc chat or the forums at my alias Icarus. I'm really looking forward to getting new ic literature out and about for sale and think a wide variety of book topics and stories would ve super awesome!!" she then smiles and adds "Lastly for those taking part Im super looking forward to running the Thragg the Thrasher st event. Just waiting on some last bits to be made on it and then it will be ready. This marks the syatt of hopefully a long series of st events run by me. All will be different and available for a variety of players! I hope you all enjoy them :)""

Empena chalices herself.
Kinaed wonders to Rothgar, "Are you bringing piety to the impure?"
Rothgar states to Kinaed, "Oh, they'll confess."

Kinaed laughs.

Noelle pontificates, "I appreciate the rp sharing Rothy!"
Kinaed trails off to Noelle, "Cook books! Smutty onion recipes! Vavardi fashion! Um..."

Kinaed claims, "The confessions of a dowager"

Rothgar questions, "Slutty... Vavardi fashion?"

Noelle trails off, "Smutty books may or may not ve planned..."

Rothgar claims, "We need more penny dreadfuls, yes."

Kinaed says, "A treatise on slavery"
Kinaed nods at Rothgar.

Noelle states, "Also penny dreadfuls are super on mt to do list! They will be my bread and butter."

Kinaed says, "We totally should have one-page or two-page penny dreadfuls written each week, then shoved into a book."

Kinaed claims, "Which is an awesome idea that I totally won't do."

Rothgar states, "I'd be down with that like you wouldn't effing believe."

Azarial trails off, "If i had some ideas..."

Rothgar totally has a collection of 1 and 2 cent comics.
Kinaed says to Rothgar, "Me too, if I could be counted on to actually write once a week or something."

Noelle says, "Send me those idead guys and I'll write them."

Vicannia ponders "If I buy a slave in tubor, and bring it to Lithmore, would I be forced to free the slave even though it wasn't technically bought in lithmore? Not sure how the slavery law works really in lithmore."
Kinaed asks of Rothgar, "Maybe take them up as inspiration to write your own on TI?"

Noelle says, "Maybe monthly though... weekly is hard for me to commit."
Kinaed says to Vicannia, "I imagine that's a risk."

Kinaed says, "Indentured servitude is legal in Lithmore though, so I imagine most slaves are paraded around under that banner in Lithmore. Slavery itself as a legal status doesn't exist in Lithmore or Vavard."

Rothgar nods to Kinaed. "Honestly, been considering it. Some of them are... Well. A little out there. But hey, if everyone submits a really awful tale once a month, that's a buttload of penny tales."
Temi asks of Vicannia, "Legally, probably. But who's to know if the slave is properly cowed into assuring that they are servant?"

Azarial claims, "That's why you drug them with something. they escape, dt, die."

Kinaed says, "Though I'd note that rumor 6 implies that there may be some popular pressure to force change in that area."

Kinaed claims, "Wait, wrong rumor"

Kinaed states, "No, right rumor"

Vicannia nods to Temi "Has a slave technically, as they were bought at a young age, but is treated more inline with an au pair.

Noelle queries, "Temi. Mind if I send you a quick tell?"

Temi says, "Sure."

Kinaed queries, "We have five more minutes until the top of the hour, folks. Anyone want to add anything before we wrap up?"

Rothgar states, "Yeah, I'm going to be at the kissing festival. And I'm going to be the prettiest princess there, and y'all are gonna LOSE."

Merick claims, "Excuse me, that will be me"

Merick claims, "Not you."

Empena says, "I feel so left out."

Illian chuckles.

Vicannia wonders, "I have something... Why did we add yet another bathhouse to the grid?"

Kinaed states, "Once again, I'd like to thank our new players for attending our OOC Chat this week. Please drop me a line sometime in the next few days to tell me of any improvements you'd like to see to the game, or even just to tell me about your first impressions."
Merick muses to Vicannia, "Why not? :D"

Kinaed claims, "I was unaware of the new bathhouse, so couldn't say."

Lhea claims, "Thanks for the invite :)"
Kinaed smiles at Lhea.

Illian states, "Yeah this was quite interesting"

Merick waves a sculpted, dark chocolate rat, mounted on a handheld stick about a little.
Illian eats a sculpted, dark chocolate rat, mounted on a handheld stick.
As Illian eats a bite of chocolate rat, sticky red juices ooze out a bit.

Kinaed claims to Illian, "We do this every week; same formula. Rothgar keeps us all from falling asleep mid-chat."

Kinaed says, "Very important duty."

Vicannia states, "Well because frankly the other two don't see much use, rp wise, and I'd rather see the pre-existing ones made more appealing than create another one that likely will not see much use."
Merick states to Illian, "Ok that was gross :D"

Rothgar snerks and lifts his head from his desk. "Do whassit. More coffee."

Noelle exclaims, "Everyone come to the peacock! ;) That's all I have to add :P"

Illian claims, "Don't knock it till you try it /merick."
Merick grins.
Kinaed states to Merick, "I love Temi's descs."
Azarial peers about intently, then chases her tails once, twice, thrice--she's gone! [OOC]

Kinaed states, "Thanks again for your time this week, everyone. We're about to wrap up, and I will send everyone back in a moment."

Kinaed states, "Please take the time to vote for TI to help us stay at the top of the lists that attract new players to play with."

Kinaed pontificates, "Enjoy your RP!"
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