Vaire's Phome Request Guidelines

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Hey everyone. I just thought I might put together a little outline that might be helpful for ensuring your phomes get approved faster and situated either exactly where you want, or close to it.

Example: (2 rooms)

Name: An Awesome Room

Temp: Cozy

Desc: This room is truly awesome and will make all your neighbors jealous. We're pretty sure Dav built your room from scratch using the bones of Chuck Norris, Texas Ranger. A hearth is set into the northern wall, which is really unnecessary given how awesome the room is.

[exits: north(locked->Southern Awesome Way), west(closed)->A super sweet bedroom)]

key: A diamond encrusted key of pure obtanium with a rounded head

Name: A Super Sweet Bedroom

Temp: Comfortable

Desc: If you thought the previous room was awesome, this room is stunning. The Lord of the Springs is likely envious of your bedroom. The walls have been cast in gold, and the floor is constructed from the rarest timbers available on Urth.

[exits: east(closed)-> An Awesome Room]

Objects: I would like a Hearth object in "An Awesome Room"

NOTE: Ideally make the request from the room you'd like the phome built off of, in this case: Southern Awesome Way. If you can't be in the room you know you want it adjoining, but know the exact room name, that can be equally as helpful.

I think that covers the basics. Any questions, feel free to ask. I'd love to make the process smooth for anyone interested in it.

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Oh, I like this, is it possible to make the Guidelines a sticky for people new to phome building, so it doesn't get lost as new posts come out?

If it's going to be the new standard, that is.

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Funny enough this is essentially the same outline i have been using for sometime
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First of all, I really appreciate you doing this, it was quite helpful.

However, I have some... concerns. Anyone who hasn't built a phome before is going to be only using a single room I would think, since they're building their free one, so I don't know why you included two rooms in this example. It caused some confusion for the person I was just trying to assist.

A bit more specifics on the nature of the description would have been helpful as well, I was told something like 5-10 lines, multiple sentences.

Also of note is that your player name cannot be in the name of the phome.


Again, i really appreciate you taking the time to post this, it did help me out a lot when I was designing my first phome. I also liked the theme you chose, hehe.

I figured I might as well post an example of my own, while I was here. I hope it meets the guidelines! :shock:

(I wasn't sure how long to make the description, and I think I added in some unnecessary things, so please help me out! I'd just like a very clear example here, as I think it could help a lot of people, even more than the original one did, which was a lot)

Name: A Log Cabin
Temp: Brisk
Exit: East
Key: A wooden key with a top hat carved into it.
Material: Wood
Location: Around the south-side almshouse.
Description: An animal skin rug lies directly in front of the entrance. There is a fireplace in southwest with a chimney, for those chilly nights. in the Nothern area a wooden table is available for meals, with a few wooden chairs arranged around it in case guests drop by. The walls are rounded, obviously made from whole trees, and the floor has a thick carpet, which on closer inspection appears to also be animal skin. A pair of axes are crossed on the wall above the table. Altogether a very pleasant, rustic cabin to return to after a hard day at the lumber yard.

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