Map of North Lithmore

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Fri Apr 03, 2020 9:59 am

Hello. I have made this map for my own use since I do not fare well with ASCII maps (such as the one found in the help file). It may be a bit incomplete, and there are definitely shops and such missing. I tried to just have the general layout of the city and 'points of interest'/meeting spots/taverns included as much as possible. Hope you all find an use for it, too.

Tell me if there's something I have wrong/should add and I'll do it if I can.


Text size should be big enough, I reckon. I'll work on some other maps of graphic nature of the south side/Wilhem or other parts of the city as I get around to exploring them (in a safely manner).


EDIT1: Updated and fixed a mistake, specifically the Three Cups being in the wrong place.
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Fri Apr 03, 2020 12:05 pm

Good work! I've never been too good with ASCII maps either, so this is a great help.
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Fri Apr 03, 2020 2:12 pm

This is a great visualization!

Hollow Globe Theatre should probably be a chunk on the southernmost end of 'Arts'.

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Fri Apr 03, 2020 3:12 pm

This is fantastic. Lots of work and design style. Love the Southside warning signs.
Just some pointers, on top of the missing Globe Theatre,
-The Klein's Arrow is the unofficial tubori quarter, maybe add it in the docks.
-Missing Ahalin Tower and Reeve HQ, both east of the First Bank.
-Opal Circuit turns north at the east end.

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Fri Apr 03, 2020 3:57 pm


Thank you all for the recommendations. Here's what I've added and updated the post with:

Reeves HQ
The Law now have their own lawful place on the map.

Globe Theatre
Globe theatre, globe theatre, wherefore art thou, globe theatre?
Now on the map.

Ahalin Tower
2D towers don't look very aesthetic, but the Ahalin now rises on this map.

Klein's Arrow
Added a tiny, cute ship sprite that represents Klein's Arrow at the docks. Now the Tubori can go conquer the seven seas.

Birch Promenade
The Opal Circuit and Viridian Avenue have been connected after lengthy roadwork by Daravi slaves.

As always, feel free to keep suggesting if I'm missing something and I'll try to fit in what I can.

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Fri Apr 03, 2020 11:41 pm

Got the warm fuzzies seeing that the Amity made it on there. Is someone running it now?

One thing still missing is the Vandagan quarter. It fills between Flairkin and Little Duxby.

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Sun Jun 21, 2020 2:51 pm

The Klein's Arrow is inside the Tubori Quarter, so maybe put a little box around it and say 'tubori quarter is here!'

Oh and a new cafe called the eventide opened up right next to the auditorium, just north of the street that leads into the auditorium. If that makes sense.

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Sun Jun 21, 2020 6:07 pm

There's also the new cafe in Paarin Park as well but the map seems to be missing a few things here and there overall. But not a bad effort! Looks nice.

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