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Trying the new log code thingy.

Church Street East
[Pleasant, dark clouds, slight breeze from the east, before dawn] 
  Broad enough for many carriages to drive side-by-side, Church Street
runs east and west through the very heart of Lithmore.  Here it leaves
behind the Civic Sector to the west, approaching the busiest part of the
city - the Market Sector.  The once-uneven cobblestones have been worn
slick and smooth by travel.  To the north, the sturdy stone building of
Lithmore's First Bank stands out among humbler wooden structures.  Across
the street, an etched shield sways from a post above the door, proclaiming
the building to be a shop called the Damascus Damsel. 

[ Exits: north  east  south  west ] [ Air exits: none ]
     Simple iron lamp-posts edge the street, burning tallow candles. (northern edge) (lit)
Fain (Rylin) Mia'Anora is here. [App: 3]
A large reddish-brown and white alpine mastiff is here.
A dark chestnut Charalin stallion with a black mane is here.

>look fain
Clear by his features and attire, this tall and brawny man is of Charalin
heritage. He seems to be in his mid twenties and has the marks of one who
has often seen combat, with scars of various sizes on his face and other
visible parts of his body. His thick, ruddy hair is braided, reaching his
lower back, is secured with a headband.  His rugged countenance seats two
steel grey eyes, above the left of which is a small scar, giving it a
perpetual half-squint. His chiseled jaw is free of beard or stubble, and his
mouth seems to naturally set into a light frown when he's not speaking. He
carries himself with the alertness of a veteran fighter, and is muscular for
one of his race.
He is taller than Prisca by a hand and a half.

Fain (Rylin) Mia'Anora is using:
<used as a light>    a three-inch thick, slightly lumpy candle of dipped tallow(off)
<worn on head>       a tough leather protective headband and wide forehead guard
<worn around neck>   a tight fitting choker of shielding bone and leather strips
<worn over shoulder> an oiled leather backpack embossed with a majestic stallion
<worn on arms>       a tough leather pair of sleeves, with fringe down the sides
<worn on hands>      a tough leather pair of wrist-long gloves with short fringe
<wielded, right>     a leather whip with a bone handle and sharpened metal rings (coiled, hung from the hip)
<worn on torso>      a tough leather padded vest with fringed shoulders and back
<worn about body>    a tough leather concealing poncho with long trailing fringe
<worn about waist>   a tough leather belt fitted with several convenient pouches
<worn on legs>       a tough leather pair of leggings with fringe down the sides
<worn on feet>       a tough leather pair of ankle-high, tightly laced moccasins

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