New Chandlery Recipe: Cosmetics Palette

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New Chandlery Recipe: Cosmetics Palette

Postby -+[-__-]+- » Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:12 pm

To encourage more use of cosmetics and add variety without requiring a lot of new recipes, I propose adding a single new recipe to the chandlery skill to encompass cosmetics applied in a theme.

An unremarkable person is here.
His/her cosmetics are tastefully applied.

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Name : (xxxx) Cosmetics Palette
Known recipe
Notes: When applied, gives the user a tasteful overall application of varied
cosmetics and improves how their appearance is viewed.

Skill: Chandlery
Ranks required: 45
Steps taken   : 4
Energy spent  : 5 (20 total)
  1x a portion of rouged beeswax.
    OR 1x a portion of smooth beeswax balm.
  1x a small jar of fine, white powder.
  1x a tiny pot of deep black kohl
  1x a small cosmetics palette with an array of applicators.

Something like this, with 5-10 uses and the ability to set an @apply message. Now I can wear makeup and perfume together and have more options than a red lip.

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