Autoassigning keys

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Autoassigning keys

Postby Andruid » Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:22 am

I am exasperated with this OOC key system whereby I have to assign keys to someone before they can use them. I have all kinds of other gripes with this system, but I'll stick with the immediate concern: which is that I can't friggin' remember to assign a key half of the time.

Would it be possible to modify the give command, such that if an object of type key is handed over by the owner of that key, it automatically assigns the recipient as the new owner if the give command succeeds?

This would allow folks to RP key exchanges naturally and without having to remember some arbitrary command. Mailing keys, delivering them via messenger, or leaving them someplace would all have to work the usual way with manually performing the assignment, but at least this would cut out some of the burden of in-person exchanges.

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