Give wild swings back to the people!

These ideas will eventually be included - eventually!
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Now this one is short but will cause a lot of controversies I bet. Simply put I always disliked that one of our hit forces is "swings wildly", which is a descriptive term for an attack, associated with some fighting styles, and no measure of actual damage (imagine a two handed sword swung wildly at you, not an experience you will forget soon!). So let's rename it to "Weakly hits", which is a lot more appropriate and makes the scale saner.

Update: Not big fan of the "skillfully" either, let's make it "strongly" instead. A hit may be skilful but doesn't mean that it will cause a lot of damage [look: fencing].
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I approve.

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Sure, sounds reasonable.

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Agreed. I've been thinking for some time that it could use improvement.

help adjective scales currently lists:

Swings wildly
Glancingly hits
Skillfully hits
Powerfully hits
Critically hits

I can't think of a single time I've seen 'Hits' used though.

My suggestions:

Lightly brushes
Glancingly hits
Solidly hits
Powerfully hits
Critically hits

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Uh, sure... Niamh, would you mind putting together a suggestion and post it to Staff for review? Happy to user whatever mix of suggestions here, or just Taunya's outright.

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