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Thu Aug 24, 2017 12:54 am

Hi all!

I had the thought to introduce a command for PCs to issue a poll to other PCs. In particular, I was thinking that it would be useful for members of the council and for guildleaders and their members.

IT would work like this:

Margaux wants to ask the Council and the Reeves if we should put in duck crossings near the Bren. She wants to allow 3 days to complete the poll.

She would enter the following text: poll submit council, reeves +A motion for the Council to pay for the installation of official duck crossings near the kissing bridge in Lithmore. #3

+ indicates the text of the motion
# indicates the number of days (could go with hours or whatever)

This could also be set up in a polca and could have extra rules such as are respondents allowed to change their answer once submitted, is it private, is it anonymous, etc.


Once the poll is issued, a poll number is set for it and there would be an alert to all recipients, which they could read by typing 'poll read 2'

Margaux has proposed the following motion to the Council and the Reeves: A motion for the Council to pay for the installation of official duck crossings near the kissing bridge in Lithmore. The closing date for answering this poll is 27/08/2017 (could use an IC date as well.)

They could then respond: poll vote yes / poll vote no / poll vote abstain. Anyone that hasn't responded counts as an abstention at the cutoff date for the poll.


At the end, the results would be posted to Margaux, and if the rules were set up to do so, to the respondents as well. She could then go forward with following through with whatever the results came back with.


Thoughts? I think this could be a really useful tool.

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Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:21 am

I think this would actually be a rather interesting command to have in the game. I'd support.
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Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:38 am

Why not do it ICly?

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Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:28 pm

Sometimes depending on their play times/time zone you don't necessarily always hook up with others easily.

Also, arguably the system to vote on Gambits is an IC method by which people use a coded system to vote on an IC topic. So is city metrics, while there could be RP via direct scene or via mail that goes into those votes/decisions, ultimately having a coded system helps to that end. It might also help to keep things more "honest" if the results are visible, versus collected behind the scenes by one player.

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Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:31 pm

I am not sure that I am a fan of it, why would someone care what random group of people want? This isn't a democracy, every group should have a leader, and you ask that leader for the opinion of the group. And he then can ask members to cast an opinion via letter, or not, before saying what that person thinks. And this is just easy popular-vote thingy, that takes away from scenes/letters to take opinions if a leader wants one.

So in the example of the council, you have Seneschal and the Reeve GL who would be the only people whose voice actually matters. And if they give bad answers, they can be ousted.
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Fri Sep 01, 2017 5:59 pm

Voting (Or at least knowing public opinion, or the opinion of your underlings) is pretty important, and I feel that missing out on a meeting shouldn't hinder your progress. While not a democracy, Lithmore tends to have organizations that behave more on popular opinion that would make votes/polls relevant.

+The election of a seneschal (An actual election based on votes and support.)
+The removal of a guildleader (While not an actual impeachment in all cases, is based on support and popular opinion. Like, when the GI or EA is removed by the Synod/Patriarch/Matriarch)
+The passing on inter-group edicts (Thieves, manus, etc.) that require subversion, but also collaboration.
+Petitioning of the Church over questionably heretical acts, when called upon as a people ('I saw Goody Proctor dancin' with the Witch!' 'Aye, me too!').
+Even Class Ascension/Demotion can be put up to vote to a council of peers.

However, I feel as though that this can be covered in a note, or a plot, if it can't be handled in-person. ('Though I was not present, I cannot agree with thee, for thou art a scheming, undermining shrew.' Was drunkenly tucked under the Grand Inquisitor's door in response to his outrageous claims in a City Council meeting that orange fish are actually blue.)

I think the idea totally has merit, but it needs a distinctive advantage, a reason to add something to the game, something that isn't outdone by notes or the plot system.

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Sun Aug 19, 2018 8:19 am

Added to talking points.

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