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Tue Aug 09, 2016 6:29 pm

Hi all!

I've been thinking of late about precedence and the potential merits of coding the values of what is seen in the file. I could see it being useful in:

1) determining influence/support modifiers more fluidly.
2) as a general reference in RP
3) to help determine eligibility for certain asset items (reqs Asset code)
4) to help determine eligibility for certain Roles, (reqs Role code)

Your precedence score would be visible in your score, based on your social class, ethnicity, social status and some other modifiers. Precedence scores of others could be determined through skill in city lore (adding a bit of oomph back into this). I expect that this would be a descriptor both in absolute terms as well as relative to the PC, rather than a raw value.

Below are the values that I've come up with, noting that the actual values would likely be highly subject to change in any finished form:

Peasant, Slave, Outsider (a non-citizen of Lithmore): -1
Freeman: 0
Gentry: 1
Noble: 2

Lithmorran: 1
Vandagan, Tubori, Farin, Vavardi: 0
Charali, Hillman: -1
Daravi: -2

Social Status: (refer to individual's highest rank in 'seeks public' guild, the tiering of these is largely based on what is seen in help precedence)
Upper Gentry: Belted Knight, Court Bard, Inquisitor, Magistrate, Master Craftsman: 1
Noble-Gentry Cusp: Poet Knight, High Inquisitor, High Priest, Magnate, Epion: 2
Lower Noble: Baron, Bishop, Poet Laudate, Grand Magnate, Prime Medicus: 4
Middle Noble: Archbishop, Marquis, Grand Master, Proconsul: 5
Upper Noble: High Steward, Grand Inquisitor, Great Lord (All), Count: 6
Princely: Prince, Royal Consort, Cardinal: 8
Ducal: Keeper of the Seal, Heir to the Throne, Retired Monarch, Duke: 9
Regal: Monarch, Regent, Patriarch: 10

Other: These are more nebulous and could certainly be expanded on.
Is a known, unlegitimised Gentry or Noble Bastard: -1
Formerly convicted criminal or heretic: -1 to -3 on severity. (-3 for sins 2, 3, -2 for sins 4, 5, -1 for sins 6-10)
Excommunicant: -3
Former Excommunicant: -1 (does not stack with Excommunicant)
Known to have birthed/sired a bastard: -1 (does stack with heresy of fornication)
Heralded Hero: +1 (This was inspired by seeing the various medals available in the Court guild shop, and thinking it would be good if these had more oomph.)
High/Low Charisma: +/-1 This reflects the extra ability to get things done via personal sway and ability to get things through smoothly, or the inverse of that.
Ousted from a guildleader role or stepped down during ousting proceedings: -1 to -3 (based on guild and role, higher the social status, bigger the loss)

Thanks for reading my idea.

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Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:36 pm

So one of the arguments I have heard in the past is that so much of precedence is perception how would we take that into account? For example, Ariel is a Baron (4) and the Grand Master (5) but he is also a former Regent who left in disgrace (-3), BUT despite all of this he is likely one of the most respected characters in the game. Based on your system here, at least the way I read it, Ariel should have something like a five, though his real social standing is probably much closer to an eight.

Likewise Casimir should have been a 6 but by the time of his death was probably closer to a 2 based on perception.

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Wed Aug 10, 2016 4:41 pm

I'd really prefer not to have things hard coded like this.

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Wed Aug 10, 2016 8:40 pm

Yeah - I'm not a fan. I'm very big in favor of precedence's subjectivity, and against anything that really makes it hardcoded.

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Thu Aug 18, 2016 9:02 am

I like the thought process and the ideas in what would affect a person's precedence, but I agree that the ambiguity is part of the system's beauty and it's more effectual for being what it is by being flexible, etc. Sorry, Zeita! Please do keep the ideas coming though. :)

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