Pelts & Mounted Heads

Ideas that have been discussed, approved, and are awaiting implementation.
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Sat Jul 20, 2019 4:55 pm

So - Having hunted my fair share of things, I've noticed there's a few things that stand out. Especially as Leatherworker, with a share of Artist skills, I've noticed there isn't too much you can actually do with all the things you obtain.

Bobcats: Pretty mean beasties, definitely stronger and more hostile than your average cat. While their pelts sell for good money irl and are/have been used plenty, these meanies give you no fur on kill but instead just an unidentifiable piece of skin.
- I'd suggest these dropping a pelt, much like foxes, allowing one to actually hunt these and make something that isn't a fox-fur pelt.

Bobcats: Back to the bobcats - Upon butchering them, they can yield 'a severed head of a cat'. Now while we cannot actually butcher an entire deer's head, their antlers are apparently enough to make a Mounted Head recipe with. Cat heads.. No.
- I'd suggest the 'The severed head of a cat' to be added to Mounted Head recipe. Between deer and bear, this recipe could use some love. Perhaps even consider adding a boar to it, as these are also commonly mounted upon walls (and quite the fight to take down, so worthy of being displayed prominently, imo)

Boars: Read above.
- Perhaps either having their heads added as butcherable item, or have the tusks they drop (which I haven't found a use for) be added to the Mounted Head recipe.

Goats: Why is it something as fleecy, woolly, and pretty bulky/nasty a fight yields only meat. Reading their descs, they're probably the fluffiest thing you can encounter in the wild.
- Killing x goats yields enough wool to make 'a pile of raw wool'? Have their hides (which are unidentifiable skins rn) be tannable into fur? Add their horns to Mounted Head? (Mounted Goat/Ram heads are quite commonplace and can look pretty awesome/menacing)

Wolves: For something that puts up one heck of a fight, and has likely taken down plenty of brave fighters, they sadly do not drop anything that allows you to show them off on your wall too - though at least you could hang their furs up.
- Guess what: I'd suggest these, too, to be added. We can already make cloaks with a menacing wolf-hood, but it'd be even cooler if we can hang 'em on our walls - wouldn't it?

Bisons: These look way too bulky and mean for me to kill, but they, too have yieldable item that links to the Mounted Head recipe.
- Surely, there's a market for having the head of such a hulking, shaggy bison with some massive horns mounted upon your wall?

Bisons: You might've guessed it, but these bad-ass are very woolly and shaggy too, yet do not seem to drop anything that allows you to craft Small or Large Pelts. Bison Fur is a famous material for cloaks and highly prized, actually.
- Have them drop fur, allowing Bison Fur cloaks to be 'farmed' by trying to best one of these horned beasts? It's strange you're better off slapping rabbits to death over fighting something as strong as a bison for your share of fur, and all a bison seems to give is some unidentifiable skin... which is only 1 unit of leather, over a tiny piece of rabbit fur yielding you with 2 pieces of leather (or 1 piece of fur).

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Sat Jul 20, 2019 6:05 pm

Looking into this for leatherworking adjustments. Thank you for the post, it's very thorough!

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Sat Jul 20, 2019 6:28 pm

Boars, wolves, and bisons now have a chance of dropping a head when butchered.

Goats, bisons, felines, and wolves now have a chance of dropping fur when skinned.

Added boar, cat, wolf, and bison heads to the mounted head recipe.

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