Endgame herbalism items - Poison you apply to weapons

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In light of the recent storyline, I was seriously thinking hard about what my character, one of whose highest skills is Herbalism, could do to help out. This really made me aware that other than two dust-ables, there's not really much combat utility to Herbalism (and I also found out that the dustables require a different skill to work anyways). It's pretty much poison you put into food, recreational drugs, and oils for chandlery. And edible poison is great, but I think it's quite thematic to have weapon poisons or poisons that have to enter the bloodstream to work.

So I propose: Poisons that you can apply to weapons, that deal a little extra damage, give a boost, or otherwise apply a status affect in addition to the weapon's damage. There's already a similar system for blacksmithing--getting your weapon maintained by a blacksmith to put an edge on it to make it hit a little harder.

I would suggest these be HIGH LEVEL herbalism skills. Perhaps even grandmaster level, because it would be INCREDIBLY difficult to make something that you can coat a weapon in that won't degrade the weapon over time, as well as to assure that while there and present, they aren't something that a dabbler would know how to make. Not to mention there's the suspicion that comes with just HAVING poisoned weapons, poisonous plants, etc, that should go alongside IC to combat abuse of this--after all, if having a stash of normal poison could get you in trouble so should this.

Additional items that could go alongside this--poisoning arrows, poisoned spike rings, etc.

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