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Specifically for code or policies you would like to see implemented.
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Tue Jul 21, 2015 12:45 am

- Wholist Fix for Mages
- Tracking spec
- Eavesdropping
- City Events
- Guild Roles

- Bury Revision
- Influence Levels
- Domain Games and IP system revision
- Skill vs skill contesting
- Flexible mail delay to allow players to specify how long it takes for a mail to be received.
- Mooks
- Sheathes & Hidden Draw
- Chasing spec
- Research Redo

- Magic Stuff, including sacrifice, two-to-three new spells per element, removal of combat-oriented spells
- Sneak & Hide Replaced by Stealth (Fixed up in a different manner, please let us know if this is not working as desired!)
- Places Code
- Secret List code
- Ranged Combat (Bows, Throwing, etc)
- Poisons.
- Makeup
- Bounty System Upgrade to Expand Use
- Guildnotes
- Storyteller Code
- Recommend Code
- Magic stuff, including: demons, two-to-three new spells per element, and mattack magic attack for combat.
- Critical Wounds & Treat
- Tattoos
- Look <victim> <item>
- MAIL POLCA & Forgery - spec

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