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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Ailyn Eiric Ousted!
Date : Sun Jun 16 08:33:36 2013
To : All
Mistress Ailyn Eiric of the merchants has been ousted as Grand Magnate
for her recent disappearance. No one is quite certain where she has gotten
to, but guild activities are languishing. The lay merchants of the guild,
collectively, have demanded a new leader.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: What's this- spectacles?
Date : Fri Jun 21 20:13:24 2013
To : all
With a missive from one Mistress Cecilia von Nadejda, glassmakers across
Lithmore have been curiously discussing an interesting new technique out of
Vandago which can create glass pieces that magnify clearly on looking
through them. The effect is not precise but is enough that it is being put
to use by the creative. Handheld objects are being called 'magnifying
lenses' while wearable options to help those with fading vision are being
called 'spectacles' or 'monocles'. The general opinions on the new objects
treat them as a curiosity, unlikely to substantially impact lives, and some
have taken to considering them absurdities, sniggering over those who go
about wearing them on their face. Rumor suggests that the Nadejdas'
research in Vandago was funded in part by a windfall of success trading in
Lithmore and that they consider certain citizens here to be benefactors.

OOC: Spectacles and related objects are now in theme as a new development,
thanks to the result of the Vavardi Trade Quest a few months ago. The
technology is still crude, so there won't be anything like prescription
lenses, but simple reading spectacles would now be considered reasonable,
though not cheaply. Spectacles and magnifying lenses are being added to
the options for glassmakers and the stock of Lithmorran Luxury Goods in
North Lithmore.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Deina ab Proscett - New Baroness of Lundsend!
Date : Wed Jun 26 13:04:46 2013
To : all
In light of Laela ab Vinoli's continued absence and the worsening of
Baron Wilfred ab Proscett's already-delicate health, Deina ab Proscett (nee
Soneu) was declared victor of the contention for Lundsend today by Dame
Urzula ab Andria.

It appears that the decision came just in time; signing the papers to
confirm the new Baroness was Wilfred ab Proscett's last act. It is the
opinion of his Physicians that willpower to see his barony settled for the
future may have been the only thing that kept the Baron alive long enough
to affix his signature.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: The Lord Justiciar is Dead (Edited by Temi)
Date : Sun Jun 30 02:01:09 2013
To : All
Earlier this week, the body of Lord Justiciar, Regilus ab Porter, was
found robbed and murdered on the edge of Southside. Sources confirm the
Justiciar was taken and killed after a failed raid on a Brotherhood Den
deep in Lithmore's Southside. The Lord Justiciar will be remembered for
his triumphs against the corruption of public officials, and his strict
'some say brutal' application of the law.

Who will be next?

(Some discussions suggest that the situation is more complicated, and the
dead Justiciar's head was actually found posted on the road with a note
from the Brotherhood.)

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Nayiv Becomes Justiciar
Date : Wed Jul 3 05:47:04 2013
To : All
Announcements and whispers spreading throughout Lithmore hail the
emergence of a new Justiciar, Nayiv de Reymes. A Farin-native from a
respectable gentry family in Montord, the woman's experience in leadership,
combat and medicine, as well as her place as Magistrate, were what first
qualified her to take the place of her murdered predecessor. As member of
both Lithmore's Reeves and Physicians for some time, her support to rise to
the position came from a great many of those she had worked closely with in
the last year in the city.

Though she has yet to make a public speech since the Justiciar's
appointment, rumors in the Reeves state that Lei Varick, Proconsul for the
late Justiciar Regilus ab Porter, will remain in her position despite the
change in leadership.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: A New Poet Laudate named!
Date : Fri Jul 5 10:59:47 2013
To : all
Whispers can be heard on the southern end of the Avenue of Arts: a new
Poet Laudate has been decided. Perhaps they were simply grasping at
straws, but that is not the story being circulated among the bards.
Apparently there was paperwork on the late Poet Laudate von Eclen's desk to
name one of the young bards as Poet Knight.

Arabella Ortein has been elevated to the position of Laudate over the
Lithmorran Troubadours, suddenly and surprisingly. Will she fail her
fellow bards or serve them with pride? All the people of the duchy can do
is wait and see.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Givanni Ousted
Date : Sat Jul 13 18:24:32 2013
To : All
The Merchants Guild have finally thrown their hands up and ousted
Givanni dul Convaggio for failure to meet his duties with seekers and
within the guild.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Demon Attack at the Lithmorran Rose!
Date : Thu Jul 18 00:33:36 2013
To : all
Lithmore erupted into chaos on Novembris the 22nd, when a strange
demonic entity was spotted in the Lithmorran Rose Beauty Salon.

According to witnesses, the odd creature had the wings of a bat, the
leathery hide of a pig, and a toothy maw, along with many segmented
insect-like legs. It drove out the patrons, then began to consume the
various beauty products.

Many concerned citizens turned out to stop the creature, led by the Lord
Keeper and the Lady Justiciar. While they were engaging it in combat,
however, a masked figure appeared and evidently assaulted the gathered
individuals with magic.

Reports are unclear over what happened next, but it seems that the mage was
eventually subdued after a great deal of damage, with several fatalities.
Details are still trickling out through the city.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Cardinal Calix Returns to Lithmore
Date : Fri Jul 19 11:09:14 2013
To : All
As quiet and sudden as her departure, Olivia Calix has returned to
Lithmore City and Saint Aelwyn's Cathedral, replacing Kibane ab Kagson as
Cardinal and resuming her duties as Matriarch of the Holy Order.

Those banking on a pregnancy scandal are left with empty purses; the only
bundles Her Holiness has brought with her are rumored to carry books...
Lots and lots of books.

In a city still reeling from the recent demon attack, it is possible that
what little information has leaked from the church thus far has simply been
twisted morbidly with each retelling. Details vary wildly but every rumor
includes some thread about darkness, battle, and death.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Odo's Resignation
Date : Sat Jul 20 05:14:00 2013
To : All
The University was abuzz with word that following the burning of Jacques ab
Linwood, Dean Odo ab Sempring has tendered his resignation, instead
settling for a customary position of Professor Emeritus. The letter cited
health reasons and the desire to retire. However, it is not difficult to
guess that Sempring's failed objection to the cleansing and attempt at a
legal appeal are at the root of the cause.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: New Leadership in the Merchants
Date : Sat Jul 20 14:58:49 2013
To : all
Morgen Harrick, herbalist of Lithmore, has returned after over a year of
studying abroad in Vavard to further his craft. Completing his University
studies and fieldwork he returned to Lithmore qualified as a Master
Herbalist only to find that the merchants guild was without leadership and
therefore no one was present to record his new qualifications. After
expressing interest, a lengthy interview process and verification of his
abilities he was elevated to the position of Grand Magnate.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The Dragon's Claw Attacked on the Front!
Date : Wed Jul 24 00:15:14 2013
To : all
The war in the Sultanate rages on, and reports indicate a most mysterious
happening on the front lines. The armies of Avonna, for ages known of the
Dragon's Claw, were leading as vanguard in a frontal assault when suddenly
a great 'whirlwind' of fire was reported to have swept through them.
Originally thought to be some magical attack by the tainted Sultanate
warrior-mages, reports now indicate that no bodies were found. A great
deal of speculation insists that the Azadar forces have deserted the

Whatever the case, accusing glances are already being thrown in the
direction of Casimir ab Azadar, Lord of Avonna, who has acquired no small
amount of infamy during his stay in the Capitol. Whether a court hearing
will be called for to address Avonna's sudden lack of Crown-pledged troops
remains to be seen. Some, indeed, call outright for an Inquisition of
Marquis Azadar, stating that he is a mage marshalling his troops for some
sort of evil intent.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The Yule Killer: Mysterious Deaths in the Mountains!
Date : Sat Jul 27 00:25:10 2013
To : all
A series of mysterious murders has now claimed the lives of four
different travelers crossing the mountainous passes just west of Lithmore,
the first found dead during Yule itself. The murders have reputedly been
unusually gruesome and horrifying, with the victims' bodies left hardly
recognizable afterward. Travel through the passes - already a difficult
proposition in the Lithmorran winter - has slowed to a crawl, and the few
hardy souls who live in the area year-round have voiced increasing concern.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Luck's Bounty
Date : Sat Jul 27 09:32:58 2013
To : All
The office of the Grand Magnate of the Guild of Merchants announces the
issuance of a business permit authorizing Vren Jinika to operate the Luck's
Bounty, a ship docked at Lithmore's docks, as a restaurant and tavern.
Specializing in fresh seafood and drinks at reasonable prices this endeavor
further improves the quality of food available in the city. Miss Jinika
says she has made all preparations and is ready to serve the public at
their leisure.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: An Announcement from the Crown (Edited by Kinaed)
Date : Sun Jul 28 08:17:11 2013
To : All
In the turn of the New Year, in the working hours of Januarius 2, a
Royal Herald appeared on the steps of the Town Hall, wearing a tabard
emblazoned with Queen's insignia. In a booming voice, he announced to all

"Loyal citizens of Lithmore: we are besieged, once again, by a threat from
those of us who would harm, rather than help, our fair kingdom. Murderers
and brigands plague the mountain roads leading to Lithmore city, killing
the innocent and endangering our populace.

We will not condone the actions of these murderers, and would see them
brought to swift justice. Because of this, we ask every able-bodied
soldier, be you Reeve, Knight, or Mercenary: help us to combat this new
threat against our people. To this end, we have invested Lord Ariel le
Orban, Baron of Savir and Secretary to the Throne, with the authority to
put together additional fighting bands to sweep through the mountain
passes: if you are capable, please join us in the effort. Each participant
will receive two gold pieces for their efforts and their hard work.

On behalf of Her Majesty, Cellan of Lithmore, and Her Highness, Caitrin
ab Samael, I thank you for the perseverance, strength, and determination
you have shown in preserving the good order of our city and kingdom in past
years; it is you, as much as our leaders, who are to thank for the
continued stability of our Realm".

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A note has been posted by: Delilah
In subject of: The Royal Wedding (Edited by Takta)
Date : Tue Aug 6 17:25:16 2013
To : All
At noon on Votumas, Januarius 30, In the Year of Our Lord 359, runners
from the Palace of Lithmore circulated through the Capitol, announcing to
the populace in ringing tones that the royal wedding between Her Majesty,
Queen Cellan ab Samael of Lithmore and Count Gavin ab Harkness of Awan Ride
is to take place within the month, in the third week of Februarius.

No further details have been given as yet about the location; there has
been an increase of activity, however, along the North Road, with palace
officials, servants, and merchants cluttering the thoroughfare from city to

(OOC: Friday 9th August, GMT evening/CDT afternoon/EST afternoon)

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: A Noble Birth - Elena Charmaine dul Damassande le Orban
Date : Wed Aug 7 02:40:12 2013
To : all
Lady Marisa dul Damassande le Orban, Chancellor of the Exchequer and
Baroness of Lyndale, and Lord Ariel le Orban dul Damassande, Secretary of
State and Baron of Savir, have officially announced the birth of their
firstborn: Elena Charmaine dul Damassande le Orban, who came into the world
in good health on Februarius the 5th, 359.

The young girl has been born into a position of privilege, with both her
parents wealthy members of the nobility; it remains to be seen if she will
be named heir to Lyndale or to Savir. Little scuttlebutt has accompanied
the birth itself, which evidently occurred quietly at home. The girl's
middle name is clearly in honor of the late Queen Charmaine, whose dying
wishes raised the Lady dul Damassande to her position of nobility.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Beggar Aenimus Fletcher Drawn and Quartered!
Date : Fri Aug 9 04:08:49 2013
To : all
At sunrise on the 18th of Februarius, 359, a man commonly recognized as
a beggar often present at Church Square was drawn and quartered.

The man, introduced as Aenimus Fletcher, was declared a traitor and heretic
beyond salvation by Grand Inquisitor Loreth ab Radford. Offenses announced
at his execution included affiliation with the Brotherhood, vigilantism
with regard to witches, and sowing discord among the Reeves and Knights by
dealing in misinformation.

The Sable Masque, an organization long considered defunct, was mentioned
during the event. While the context was unclear, many present have offered
guesses. Was Fletcher part of the Masque, or did they foil his plans? Was
he trying to revive the organization, or has it existed all along?

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The Cathedral Burns!
Date : Fri Aug 9 04:10:15 2013
To : all
During the wee hours of Eldes, Februarius 17, 359, criers ran out
throughout the city of Lithmore, yelling that mages were attacking the
Cathedral. The Knights Lithmorran, Reeves, and other concerned citizenry
rushed to the defense of the Cathedral.

Details are still being pieced together, but a Farin-man known as a Daravi
sympathizer was casting mage fire around the cathedral, while Cub, the beau
of the missing Vren Jinika, attacked the Justiciar with unholy water
erupting in a wave of magic from his hand-less stump. She, the Earl
Marshall, and the Lord Keeper managed to subdue and arrest the two mages.
The beggar known as Fletcher was also arrested at the insistence of the
Lord Keeper, though little is known as to why.

With the mages dragged out, the defense of the Cathedral, and the northern
districts of the city from spreading fire, was left to the impromptu
fire-brigade that formed under the Justiciar and the Charalin woman Safir
Mara'aye. Several notables of the city were involved, including Rothgar
Astartes, Maxwell Wattkil, Cyrio op Fiore, Epion Beronica von Destral, and
Squire Cambrea Brandt. Whispers swirl that Marquis Casimir ab Azadar
initially came to the Cathedral once the burning had started, but left,
refusing to help.

Though the Cathedral roof eventually gave way, collapsing in on itself, the
fire was put out, saving the rest of the city from destruction. Many of
the brigade were seriously injured during the collapse; the Justiciar was
carried out on a stretcher, and it's rumored that the Lord Keeper may have
given his life to save the Charalin woman, who may not have survived
herself. The Epion's reported to be in critical condition, as well.
Rumors as to the conditions of the fire brigade swirl as details still come
trickling out of the Cathedral and Hospital.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: A Prisoner Escape in Ahalin!
Date : Sat Aug 10 12:25:29 2013
To : all
The chaos of a recent spate of arrests has stretched the guard force of
Ahalin Tower nearly to capacity, as Knights, Orderites and Reeves work
around the clock to process prisoners.

Word has spread that, overnight, a small group of members of the
Brotherhood were able to take advantage of the situation to break into
Ahalin itself. One prisoner by the name of Roak, suspected to be the
Sapiente, was assisted in escape by the Thieves; his whereabouts are
currently unknown. Several guards injured in the break-in/break-out are
recovering in the equally-strained Madison Hospital.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: A Trio of Burnings
Date : Sun Aug 11 09:10:45 2013
To : all
A trio of burnings helped light the early morning sky on the 21st of
Februarius, 359.

The first cleansing by fire was Odo ab Sempring, known to many as the last
Dean of the University. Fewer, perhaps, knew him to be a former leader of
the mage organization responsible for some of the most gruesome murders in
recent history, including mutilated bodies left at the Fountis Major and
the Hollow Globe. Sempring was also known to have raised objections at the
burning of his former pupil, Jacques ab Linwood. The correlation was not
forgotten; no public objections came in support of Odo.

The other two souls cleansed of taint included Phoran and Zahrien, the two
warlocks who carried out a heinous attack on the Holy Cathedral days prior.
Phoran was a Daravi scout and fire mage, and Zahrien a Charali water mage.
The latter was also betrothed to Vren Jinika, proprietor of the Luck's
Bounty and strangely missing since soon after the restaurant's opening.

The Grand Inquisitor personally oversaw all three the burnings, leading
fervent prayers to the Lord of the Springs for the salvation and acceptance
of the witches' cleansed souls.

Another man, arrested by the Reeves for disturbing the peace, was reviewed
by the Grand Inquisitor for being Daravi. While he was not immediately
found guilty of the sin of magery, a pair of Knights Lithmorran were seen
escorting the man outside the city walls before the series of burnings.
Some suspect the man was temporarily removed from the city for his own
safety, until public opinion toward Daravi commonfolk settles in the wake
of the attack on the Cathedral. His ultimate fate has yet to be revealed.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The Queen and the Lord Keeper Wed!
Date : Sun Aug 11 13:01:04 2013
To : all
On the heels of the destruction of Lithmore Capitol's Cathedral,
commentators on the royal wedding began questioning whether the ceremony
would take place at the appointed time, particularly without its intended
venue. A few days afterwards, however, rumours in the city turned into a
full-blown, official announcement: that Her Majesty, Queen Cellan ab Samael
of Lithmore, was married to the Count of Awan Ride and Lord Keeper, Lord
Gavin ab Harkness on Februarius 17, 359. Her Holiness, the Cardinal of
Lithmore officiated the ceremony, while the Lord Keeper's cousin, Lillian
ab Harkness, attended the Queen. Among the most notable guests were the
Lady Justiciar, Baronesses of Lyndale and Lundsend, and the Barons Seahome
and Savir.

Shortly after the announcement of the marriage was another: that the new
husband of the Queen was to adopt the ceremonial title of the Duke of Bren,
rather than become King in his own right. Furthermore, a festival to
celebrate the marriage was slated to occur in the coming months, though the
city's heralds gave no further details.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: New Leader in the Physicians
Date : Fri Aug 16 22:55:06 2013
To : all
The Physician's Guild of Lithmore has announced the retirement of
Aesculapium Gwenith le Stepps, citing health reasons due to her continuing
recovery from attack. Beronica von Destral will be stepping up into the
head leadership position. She has announced already that she will be
seeking someone to fill the Epion position she formerly held.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Performance Announced!
Date : Wed Aug 21 23:44:52 2013
To : all
/\ /\____
__||__ The Hollow Globe Theatre || >
| | and the Lithmorran Troubadours ||____ >
\______/ present... ||
|| ||
||\ ||\
|| | The Treacherous Troubles || |
|| | of the || |
|| | Flying Swashbucklers! || |
|| | || |
|| | A high-flying naval adventure, || |
|| | starring: || |
|| | Master Bardess || |
||/ Elizabethany op le Marke ||/
|| and Baron Arynon von Eclen ||
|| ||
| /
| /
Open seating! Refreshments! No admission! Donations welcome!
Fun for the whole family!
The Hollow Globe Theatre: Aprilis 21 359
OOC: Saturday August 24th at 9 PM System/Eastern time.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The Golden Week Festival
Date : Fri Aug 23 12:23:04 2013
To : all
In the wake of the wedding between her Royal Majesty, Queen Cellan, and
his Grace Gavin the Duke of Bren, rumblings regarding a festival skittered
from the palace. Now comes official word, announcing that a Golden Week
festival shall take place in the coming months, and listed some possible
some possible events. These included a public festival and performance of
some variety, provided by the Troubadours; a parade or other presentation
by the Knights Lithmorran; and a crafting contest or trade faire by the
Guild of Merchants. Of particular note were two other events, however.

First, the Crown announced that the Reeves would select certain Lithmorrans
to ask boons of the Queen and the Duke, favors which by tradition the
Throne is inclined to grant; and

Second, the title of Officer of the Queen's Guard, a ceremonial post at the
palace, is available to be filled. Historical members of the Queen's Guard
include the Duke, the late King Tobin, and the late Sir Jei ab Sevoi.

Applicants must demonstrate knowledge of Lithmore's history, present an
impressive and stately appearance, and profess true loyalty to the Throne.
Before the Duke selects the newest Officer, the people of Lithmore
themselves will select a pool of adequate size, determined by the support
they offer the applicant.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Cathedral Repairs Near Completion
Date : Sat Aug 24 23:22:49 2013
To : all
When word spread in mid-Februarius of the fire in Saint Aelwyn's
Cathedral, many citizens answered the call for help in putting out the
flames. In the two months since, the people of Lithmore have been absorbed
by the story and the city heaved a collective sigh of relief when the last,
injured volunteer had recovered enough to be released from Madison

But what of the cathedral itself?

With the help of Vandago's master stone masons and an unprompted influx of
monetary donations, the restoration efforts are set to conclude in the
coming weeks. Cardinal Calix gave thanks at a recent mass, mentioning many
of the local heroes by name and announced the Holy Order's intention to
commemorate the people's triumph over tragedy by building it directly into
the church. This, of course, has inspired a second round of donations as
more people became eager to be remembered by future generations as having
invested time, money or other resources to repairing one of the kingdom's
most recognizable symbols of the faith.

(If you were involved in the cathedral fire event, please make sure to get
your name in to Olivia! If your character would give coin please set up a
payment to the guild and let Olivia know. General questions welcome too.
This offer expires Aug 31 2013 @ midnight.)

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Mage Burned
Date : Thu Sep 5 17:59:02 2013
To : all
On June 4, 359 Forsythe Archer was cleansed at the pyre for being a
mage. It was pronounced that Forsythe had been possessed by a demon which
led him to inflict harm upon several victims including Cothin Fay'Maril.
After the Grand Inquisitor, Loreth Radford, and Inquisitor, Meranda Ditori,
excorcised the demon he was brought to the river square to be cleansed by
method of pyre. Meranda Ditori performed the pyre and it went without any
hitch. It was not until after the burning was finished that it was made
aware that an odd occurance had taken place prior to the burning; there was
a sudden shift in the temperature of air around lithmore prior to
Forsythe's burning.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Grand Magnate Steps Down, Merchants Leaderless
Date : Sun Sep 15 00:56:53 2013
To : all
Grand Magnate Morgen Harrick officially tendered his resignation today,
in the face of growing dissatisfaction among the Merchants with his level
of availability. He is expected to continue to serve as a herbalist and

Both the Grand Magnate and Magnate's positions are currently open; the
Guild is expected to quickly look for replacements in order to keep
business functioning smoothly.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: New Grand Magnate, Gaberiel mal Kovasc, Chosen
Date : Thu Sep 19 11:29:15 2013
To : all
The Merchants, who have been without a leader since Morgen Harrick
stepped down, have elected Gaberiel mal Kovasc into the position of Grand
Magnate. Kovasc is an apprentice blacksmith, under Master Joudan von
Urath, and is also a Guard in the Reeves Lithmorran. Many are unsure why
this decision was made, although some point to Kovasc's steady availability
in merchant work as a potential reason. Additionally, some whisper his
noble - if bastard - blood may have something to do with it...

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: New Grand Magnate Selected
Date : Tue Oct 8 19:11:20 2013
To : staff
Tristana Smithe has been appointed Grand Magnate of the merchants. It
seems his dedication solely to the merchant profession has been noticed and
he has accepted the appointment. The appointment was apparently done
without much pomp, but maybe that's to be expected with Golden Week
preparations that are likely keeping most people really busy.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The University Charity Drive!
Date : Fri Oct 11 16:14:35 2013
To : all
>|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|<
>|< >|<
>|< >|<
>|< \__ __/ Her Majesty Cellan ab Samael >|<
>|< /_/ /\ \_\ and >|<
>|< __ \ \/ / __ Her Holiness Olivia ab Calix >|<
>|< \_\_\/\/_/_/ announce the 359 Charity Stall >|<
>|< __/\___\_\/_/___/\__ >|<
>|< \/ __/_/\_\__ \/ from mid-Octobris to mid-Decembris >|<
>|< /_/ /\/\ \_\ at the Town Hall Reception. >|<
>|< __/ /\ \__ >|<
>|< \_\ \/ /_/ All proceeds go to the renovation of >|<
>|< / \ the University of Lithmore and >|<
>|< scholarships to underprivileged >|<
>|< young men and women. >|<
>|< >|<
>|< >|<
>|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|<

OOC: This is the first stage of a long-term story that involves the University.
The store will be open from now until (roughly) Sunday, 27th October.
Further details of the rest of the quest forthcoming!

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Queen's Guard Quest! (Edited by Takta)
Date : Fri Oct 11 16:12:51 2013
To : all
With official notice issued from the Office of the Duke of Bren (which
has seemingly been relocated to the upscale tavern on Silverstone called
the Bluebird's Ballad rather than its habitual spot in the palace), news
has percolated through the streets of Lithmore: the contest to become a
member of the Queen's Guard, a ceremonial position representing the Kingdom
of Lithmore itself, has commenced. According to the distributed notices,
applicants are meant to garner recommendations from certain worthies of the
realm: namely, its titled nobles and leaders of its guilds. These worthies
are then are charged with weighing applicants by the following criteria:

- Demonstrating loyalty towards the Crown and Church;

- Having physical and mental gifts enough to adequately serve the Realm in
an official capacity, to include presence at scheduled events;

- Having no unresolved past that renders one unfit for such service; and

- Presenting an impeccable image duly worthy of being a representative of
the Realm.

The winner will be the man or woman who accrues the most recommendations,
mailed to the Duke by the end of Golden Week (OOC: Saturday, 19 Oct). The
following men and women are authorized by the Duke to issue them: the
Marquessa Katarina ab Brayston; the Marquis Casimir ab Azadar; the Baroness
Marisa dul Damassande; the Baron Ariel le Orban; His Holy Honor Loreth
Radford; the Earl Marshall Lloyd le Tarow; the Justiciar Nayiv de Reymes;
the Proconsul Lei Varick; the Poet Laudate Cyrio op Fiore; the Grand
Magnate Tristana Smithe; and the Prime Medicus Doctor Beronica von Destral.

The Duke wishes everyone good luck and hopes to congratulate the winner at
the end of Golden Week.

(OOC: Edited to replace Olivia with Loreth. People seeking Church approval
should contact Loreth instead!)

[ #157 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Fwd: New Grand Magnate Selected (Original author: Temi)
Date : Sat Oct 12 17:25:07 2013
To : staff all
Tristana Smithe has been appointed Grand Magnate of the merchants. It
seems his dedication solely to the merchant profession has been noticed and
he has accepted the appointment. The appointment was apparently done
without much pomp, but maybe that's to be expected with Golden Week
preparations that are likely keeping most people really busy.

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Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:30 am

[ #158 ]
A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The Reeves' Basket Auction!
Date : Sat Oct 12 23:06:16 2013
To : all
The Reeves have officially scheduled their Basket Auction for the middle
of Golden Week, Novembris 19th, at the Event Ballroom in the Town Hall!
(OOC: Thursday, Oct 17th, 8 PM EST/system time)

The Basket Auction is a chance for individuals to get introduced to
potential kindred souls, in a way that allows one to look below the surface
to similar interests and tastes. All participants must buy a basket from
the Tradepost Repository (blue-ribboned for men, pink-ribboned for women)
and fill it with items of their choice, whether store-bought or

The baskets can either be brought to the auction by the participant or, if
they choose not to attend the actual auction, turned in to a Reeve
beforehand. At the event, all baskets (whether accompanied by their maker
or not) will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The winner receives
not only the contents of the basket, but also an evening's dinner with the
basket's maker, in whatever context the two parties agree on. All proceeds
will be donated to a charity of Her Royal Majesty's choosing.

All are invited to participate; the only requirement is that you bring
either a basket, money to bid on the baskets of others, or both.

The Reeves hope to see you all there!

[ #159 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Golden Week Medley by the Troubadours
Date : Sun Oct 13 16:24:33 2013
To : all
| |
| In Celebration of Golden Week, |
| |
| The Troubadours are pleased to announce |
| |
| A Medley of Performances Upon the Kissing Bridge |
| |
| (\ ___________________ /) |
| ||/ __ __ __ \|| |
| /|| /\ \/ /\ \/ /\ \/ ||\ |
| __/ ||/-------------------\|| \__ |
| _____/ --------------------\_____ |
| |
| King's Concourse at the Kissing Bridge, |
| Novembris 10, 359 |
| |
(OOC: Tuesday October 15th, 7 pm Eastern)

[ #160 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Silver Week Event at the Stardust Dance Hall (Edited by Temi)
Date : Sun Oct 13 16:27:24 2013
To : all
In recognition of Golden Week, the Brotherhood of Common Goods is
throwing a Silver Week. Proceeds will benefit the businesses and people of
the South Side. As such, the Stardust Dance Hall will be throwing a
dancing competition towards the end of the week. You do NOT need to have a
dance partner with you to attend. Everyone at the dance will be given a
ticket and paired randomly for each round of dance.

Interested troubadours are asked to contact Miss Sandne if they are
interested in performing.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to attend, but it is reminded that it can be
dangerous to travel in the South Side. However, where there's a will,
there's a way. Anyone concerned about coming to the event can speak with
the Stardust Dance Halls manager, Miss Sandne.

OOC: Looking at this Friday, October 18th in evening EST. Shooting for
8pm. Everyone and anyone is welcome to attend, but it is reminded that it
can be dangerous to travel in the South Side. However, where there's a
will, there's a way.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Golden Week: Queen's Hall of History Now Opened!
Date : Sun Oct 13 17:32:39 2013
To : all
The Queen's Hall of History is a new area opened up in the Queen's Inn
and Tavern for people to get a glimpse into Lithmore's history. Various
items from important and memorable events are on display. Come and visit
with friends and family, and see the city's past laid out in physical form!

The Inn is accepting donations.

(OOC: I'd like to immortalize a lot of plots/big events this way. If you
have either an actual, physical item related to a plot to donate, or a
suggestion to provide, please put it on the Request board. QP will be
awarded for the donation of items/suggestions that are placed in the Hall!)

[ #162 ]
A note has been posted by: Delilah
In subject of: The Lights Return (Edited by Delilah) (Edited by Delilah) (Edited by Delilah)
Date : Fri Oct 4 14:41:31 2013
To : All
Whispers can be heard in the streets around the city, fingers pointing
skyward. The lights have appeared once again in the sky. People are
worried as to what this event in the heavens will be foreshadowing, but
some are dismissive and ignoring the superstions of others after the
anticlimactic disappearance of these beautiful sky-lights in the year 358.

Is this simply a new, common occurance?

( This is a staff run mini-event over the weekend, starting today with the
Aurora. Tomorrow with an event, preferably around 4pm Est depending how
many of the Pbase are on. Wrap up on Sunday.)

The crowd was to small at the specified time, so we are going to try for
later. After the OOC meeting likely.

Alright, family has left the premises. Quest is on for Weds, 10/16, at 8pm
EST. I'd suggest planning for atleast 2 hours free. Combat and noncombat
characters are more then welcome, I just want yooooou!

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A note has been posted by: Madyriel
In subject of: Azadar army strikes again?
Date : Wed Oct 16 16:07:36 2013
To : all
What started out as a story traders told one another to see which scared
easier has become full fact: in the midst of the Golden Week festivities
three villages skirting the trade routes between Azadar Keep and Lithmore
City have been pillaged in quick succession. Each attack was quick and
brutal, leaving few survivors and every building in various stages of...

'Leaked' survivor reports indicate that Azadar soldiers initiated the
attacks. However, Reeve authorities from the area are quoted as saying
that the Azadar militia were on the defense. Some common folk have even
taken to calling this a mage attack after a particularly vivid drunken
story from a surviving villager relating a 'laughing, mad, burning army'.

No official statement has yet to be given. Casimir ab Azadar has not been
seen in the public eye since the Golden Week events at the Queen's Inn.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: News from the Front
Date : Wed Oct 16 23:17:12 2013
To : all
With Winter fully taken hold, the last contingent of soldiers to be
relieved from the Front this season have arrived back in Farin. As always,
the passes are seasonally impassible, snowed in after them, making transit
across nearly impossible. With this arrival, however, the soldiers bring
news of a changing environment in Daravi, whispering concernedly about
those troops remaining in place. A prime advisor of the mysterious young
sultan is dead, rumored murdered by one of their own, and a power struggle
has ensued in the vacuum left by his death. There seems to be a push among
the Daravi for change, though what this will mean for Lithmorran interests
in Edessa remains to be seen. The two lands remain at war, fighting
regularly in small skirmishes, though there has been no large scale battles
in most recent years.

(OOC: Planning quest furthering this story end of October, over the entire
week from October 27th to November 2nd)

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A note has been posted by: Cellan
In subject of: The Throne Responds! (Edited by A Player) (Edited by Kinaed) (Edited by A Player)
Date : Tue Jul 24 01:15:24 2012
To : all
On the morning of Eldes, Januarius (Month 1) 10, in the wake of the
death of Inquisitor Onard and the attack on Lady Justiciar Vivienne ab
Guiscard, the following message was attributed to Her Majesty Cellan ab
Samael, delivered before the parliament and court of Lithmore:

"My lords and ladies of the Privy Council; to my Court and my people of

For the past month and a half, our city has been plagued by a mass murderer
we call the 'Hillbeast'. Despite the very best efforts of the Reeves
Lithmorran, the Royal Templars, and the Knights, this man has thus far
eluded all attempts to capture and detain him.

We have watched the senseless deaths of innocent men, women, and children,
attacks upon our leaders and our clergy, and other crimes too repugnant to
put to word.

With this in mind, in the name of the Samael Throne, I do hereby command a
full mobilization of the Reeves Lithmorran, the Royal Templars, and the
Knights Lithmorran to combat the threat to its city and people, to be
undertaken in conjunction with any current and pressing responsibilities to
both Throne and Church.

Furthermore, I do reinforce that current searches for the Hillbeast
undertaken by existing Reeve taskforces and by the Royal Guard should
continue, unrelentingly and mercilessly, immediately and without pause. In
addition to this, any man or woman of a private militia or mercenary group
will be compensated accordingly for aiding any of these organizations in
the search.

For the victims of the Hillbeast, I hereby discharge the Lay Sisterhood of
Saint Celeste, under the provenance of the Throne, towards the setting up
of a public fund for their families and loved ones.

For the capture of the Hillbeast, I offer a bounty of 10 gold pieces to
each man and woman responsible for his capture, payable on his delivery to
Ahalin Tower.

I do, however, reinforce that no search for the Hillbeast should occur by
any man or woman alone: these needless deaths should not and cannot
continue. The safety and preservation of Our people, as always, at the
forefront of Our minds. Together, we will combat this threat in the same
manner that we have faced all that have come before: united, strong, and
with the courage and good faith that so well defines our city and

At the close of the speech, runners were sent from the palace to the city
to disseminate word to the people.

Kinky Please update the bounty in the bounty system to include this amount.

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A note has been posted by: Madyriel
In subject of: Destruction of the Manus' Tower
Date : Thu Oct 17 01:41:02 2013
To : all
According to eye-witness reports, in mid-Novembris 359, a large
structure was seen falling from the sky somewhere to the northwest of
Lithmore City, followed by a loud sound that shook the area for miles.
Onlookers are said to have gathered around the area of impact a short time
after, to watch as a small group of brave adventurers entered a
half-collapsed and burning tower, led by a Reeve.

Witnesses say that the tower's foundations finally gave in about an hour or
two later, and that the group only narrowly escaped being crushed by the
collapsing rubble. So far, no deaths have been reported, though apparently
several people were badly injured. Although the remains of the tower are
currently inaccessible due to efforts by the authorities, onlookers say
that debris and furniture had fallen from the tower's upper stories during
the structure's landing and subsequent implosion, only to be scattered
amidst the surrounding wilderness.

It is being said that the structure was the Manus' own tower.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Former Proconsul Killed in Battle
Date : Fri Oct 18 22:43:32 2013
To : all
As the war drags on with Daravi, the border areas of the Charalin Plains
have become dangerous, as bands of brigands are making incursions trying to
gather up horses and, if taken alive, savages for use in the war effort.

News has reached the city that the former Proconsul of the Reeves
Lithmorran and supposed reformed heretic, the Charalin man known as
Dagerian Mara'aye, was killed while on a recent excursion to the Plains.
Its rumored that he led a band of savages against a group of brigands along
the Vandagan border. Little is known as to what he was doing there or the
outcome or the manner of his death.

[ #168 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: A New Heir is Born!
Date : Sun Oct 20 05:47:19 2013
To : All
In the early hours of the 28th of Novembris, 359, word had spread
through the city like wildfire: that Her Majesty, Cellan I of Lithmore, had
gone into labour while making her way to the Cathedral for mass.
Accompanied by Her Holiness, Cardinal Olivia ab Calix, the Queen was borne
directly to the Madison Hospital and into the care of the waiting

Some eight to ten hours later, with the Cardinal at her side, another girl
was born to the Queen and her consort, Lord Gavin ab Harkness: Princess
Celeste Marisa ab Samael.

The new Princess is second in line to the Samael Throne, after the
five-year-old child of Tobin I and Cellan I, Caitrin ab Samael, and the
fourth child born to Her Majesty. The name 'Celeste' was said to be a
tribute to Saint Celeste, whose charitable works has been the particular
interest of the Queen's for many years. Her middle name, Marisa, seems to
recall Lady Marisa dul Damassande, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and a
rumoured long-time friend and mentor of the young Queen's.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Wedding Feast (Edited by Temi)
Date : Sun Oct 20 23:02:33 2013
To : all
<3 - o - <3 - o - <3 - o - <3 - o - <3 - o - <3 - o - <3
((( )))
))) (((
((( Earl Marshall Lloyd le Tarrow & )))
))) Master Bardess Elizabethany op le Marke (((
((( )))
))) are pleased to invite their friends and family (((
((( to join them for a feast in celebration of )))
))) their wedding reception. (((
((( )))
))) Decembris 5th, 359, (((
((( The Viridian Greens Pavilion )))
))) (((
((( &P) (d) )))
))) UpcdMJ ((((
((( /M\ HH )))
))) /WMW\ HH (((
((( )))
<3 - o - <3 - o - <3 - o - <3 - o - <3 - o - <3 - o - <3
OOC: Monday October 21st, Evening

[ #170 ]
A note has been posted by: Madyriel
In subject of: Wave of Cold Washes over Lithmore City
Date : Tue Oct 22 03:49:30 2013
To : all
In the wee hours of Arendas, Decembris 5, 359, a wave of bitter cold
swept through Lithmore, lowering the outdoor temperatures to hypothermic
levels. Although most families in the central and northern districts were
safely huddled inside their homes, a number of homeless and Southside
residents froze to death without adequate heat and no advance warning.

Temperatures rose back to their normal levels within a few hours, seemingly

As yet, the authorities have made no statement regarding the unusual
weather pattern, but the populace has already begun to speculate on the
nature and meaning of the deadly cold spell. Some have begun to send
supplies of warm blankets and firewood to the poorer neighborhoods as a
remedial and preventative measure.

[ #171 ]
A note has been posted by: Madyriel
In subject of: Awan Ride Declared Safe Haven for Escaped Slaves
Date : Tue Oct 22 17:06:54 2013
To : all
While slavery remains uniformly illegal throughout the boundaries of the
duchy of Lithmore, the count of Awan Ride, Gavin ab Harkness, announced
today that henceforth those in bondage who escape from their lands - and he
cited the duchy of Farin specifically - would be afforded his protection
and support, noting that any slave-owner crossing into the county would be
turned away, with force if necessary.

The count called upon travelers, troubadours and merchants to pass along
this message, and urged other fief holders, nobles, and those with
influence to end what he termed an unforgivable practice. Curiously, this
announcement centered solely upon those lands upon which he exercises sole
sovereignty; there was no similar announcement from the Crown itself, and
Harkness stressed that he spoke for Awan Riders only, not Lithmorrans.

[ #172 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Word from Edessa - A New General Takes Control in Daravi
Date : Thu Oct 24 23:43:18 2013
To : all
It is an accepted inconvenience of those stationed in Daravi over the
winter that they will remain isolated. The mountain passes from Farin
become quickly impassable, and the Levusto strait, treacherous in the best
of times, swallows more ships than she allows to pass in the winter months.
However, some communication is possible with messenger birds routed through

Word has escaped from the palace messengers that one such pigeon has
recently arrived in Lithmore. The struggle for power, spurred on by the
assassination of one of the sultan's prime advisors, has ended, leaving a
man known as General Harzak on top. It is suggested that the young sultan
is cowed by the powerful general who all but rules in Daravi now.

Already the climate in Edessa has changed. The war has long been
characterized by skirmishes and isolated battles since the fall of Sultan
Altarh xi Qarat in the Battle of Queen's Landing, his successors more
mysterious than strong. However, that seems likely to change now.
Lithmorran forces have intercepted at least one contingent of young,
able-bodied men called into service, and many smaller villages have been
found to be lacking this population that they once had.

Geographical Note: Edessa is the section of northern Daravi which is under
Lithmorran control since Queen Charmaine's assault on Daravi ten years ago.
Ownership has been contested between Lithmore and Daravi since that point.

OOC: Guild notes have been added to all guilds with some information to
consider in the upcoming plots and I will start with bringing NPCs in
starting as of Sunday night, October 27th.

[ #173 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Nayiv de Reymes Ousted
Date : Sun Oct 27 00:35:49 2013
To : All
Justiciar Nayiv de Reymes officially lost her position today after
growing discontent from the city guard over her unexplained absence from
important Reeve business. Without a Justiciar, several internal candidates
come forward, and at least one potential has already been found dead whilst
another was accused of de Reymes' murder. It remains to be seen who will
seize the position next... and how long they will last when they attain

[ #174 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: The Daravi Peddler
Date : Sun Oct 27 16:45:49 2013
To : all
Word has quickly spread throughout Lithmore of a new arrival in the
city: a Daravi peddler from Edessa selling goods from his homeland. While
some are cautiously interested in access to the hard to import goods, given
the recent news from Daravi, others wonder at the timing of his arrival or
hope that he might have additional information to provide. Whatever the
true particulars of the situation, the gossips report that the trader's
name is Alazor Sabadin and that he has been very careful to have everything
in order as far as permits and inspections of his wares.

[ #175 ]
A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: War Council for Edessa!
Date : Sun Oct 27 19:31:15 2013
To : all
With the recent political changes in Daravi, spelling the potential
beginning to increased hostilities in Edessa, the Crown is calling for a
war council to discuss official responses to the threat.Representatives of
each guild will be summoned to the Council Chamber at the Palace on the
16th of Januarius, 360. Representatives should come prepared to discuss
their guild's knowledge about and perspectives on the situation in Edessa;
the Crown has promised more detailed instructions via courier.

The nebulous nature of the situation has many concerned; though the Daravi
appear to be gearing up for war, little is known of their forces or their
intended target, perhaps explaining the necessity of the extensive
discussion planned for this council.

(OOC: Friday Nov. 1 at 6 pm EST. GLs are all invited, along with other PCs
with relevant experience who will be getting mail. GLs, feel free to send
subordinates in your place if you can't make it/bring them along if you
want; the more, the merrier!)

[ #176 ]
A note has been posted by: Delilah
In subject of: Cleansing by Fire: Seymor ab Sinclair
Date : Mon Oct 28 13:43:32 2013
To : all
On the 28th of Decembris, 359 SC, Seymor ab Sinclair was found guilty of
magery after an investigation by Inquisitor Thierry dul Dieudonne and Grand
Inquisitor Loreth ab Radford. Though the full extent of Seymor's sins are
unknown to the public, it was mentioned that he possessed a book, bound in
what appeared to be tanned human flesh, designed to teach magical rituals.
At least two witnesses reported seeing him use magic on separate

After a thorough investigation, Seymor confessed his sins and was cleansed
at the pyre to remove the taint of magic from his soul. As always, the
burning included a benediction for the Lord of the Springs to receive
Seymor ab Sinclair's purified soul.

[ #177 ]
A note has been posted by: Azarial
In subject of: Justiciar Lei von Varick
Date : Mon Oct 28 16:30:02 2013
To : all
Internal Reeve affairs have resolved on Church Street in time for the
new year: An official announcement from the Cityguard Headquarters has
named Lei Varick - now Lei von Varick - Justiciar, and Great Lord of the
realm. Confirmation from the Royal Palace for the former Proconsul's
ascent to the position has been verified.

[ #178 ]
A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The 359 Winter Festival!
Date : Mon Oct 28 20:51:20 2013
To : all
>|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|<
>|< >|<
>|< /\ The Royal Court of Lithmore >|<
>|< /\ / \ /\ invites you to... >|<
>|< \ \/\/ /\ \/\/ / the 359 Winter Festival! >|<
>|< \ \ \ \/ / / / >|<
>|< / \ \_| |_/ / \ Sledding, skating, and >|<
>|< / \ /\ /\ /\ / \ snowball fight competitions >|<
>|< / /\ -- /| |\ -- /\ \ with food, drink, and >|<
>|< \ \/ -- \|__|/ -- \/ / merriment throughout the >|<
>|< \ / \/ _ \/ _ \/ \ / day, near the North Road >|<
>|< \ / / | | \ \ / >|<
>|< / / / /\ \ \ \ Open to all! >|<
>|< / /\/\ \/ /\/\ \ Contact Martine op Fournier, >|<
>|< \/ \ / \/ Cellan ab Samael, or >|<
>|< \/ Katarina ab Brayston with >|<
>|< any queries. >|<
>|< >|<
>|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|<
OOC: Sunday 3RD November. All day, exact mini-event times TBD

[ #179 ]
A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: New Year's Challenge from the Church
Date : Mon Oct 28 21:17:37 2013
To : all
With conversation inevitably turning to the situation in Edessa, the
people of Lithmore made the most of New Year celebrations and the chance to
renew ties with family and friends.

Saint Aelwyn's Cathedral sponsored an impromptu buffet in Church Square for
those passing through, either for confession or en route to visit with
neighbors. Cardinal Olivia Calix spoke briefly during the special sunrise
mass, offering prayers and blessings for the new year as well as a personal
challenge to the citizenry. She tasked them with making Sun Cycle 360 a
year of positive change and personal growth by setting an appropriate goal,
and holding themselves accountable for achieving it before year's end.

Those with more ambitious goals that benefit the community were invited to
write her office to petition the church for support.


Sun Jul 27, 2014 6:55 pm

A note has been posted by: Temi
From room : 97
In subject of: Town Hall Discussion on the Edessa Situation
Date : Tue Oct 29 23:29:28 2013
Expires : Sun Jul 24 23:29:57 2016
To : all
With concerns rising and everyone talking of the situation in Edessa and
what it could mean for Lithmorran interests in Daravi, multitude opinions
abound. Many common citizens have determined that -they- know what the
proper course of action is and have not been shy in the least about sharing
their 'facts' and 'opinions'. A group of concerned citizens have decided
to coordinate a town hall meeting to discuss and debate the situation, to
be held at the town hall, and open to all who wish to see Lithmore prevail
in the south.
OOC: To be held Wednesday, October 30th at 10 pm Eastern as a later
counterpoint to catch different people from the war council on Friday.


Sun Jul 27, 2014 6:58 pm

A note has been posted by: Delilah
From room : 97
In subject of: Joktan Storne Cleansed
Date : Wed Oct 30 12:41:03 2013
Expires : Mon Jul 25 12:41:32 2016
To : All
The cathedral bells rang early one winter morning to call the faithful
to River Square. The Cardinal of Lithmore presided over the cleansing of a
man - a dead man - with curly raven black hair, whose bier was built
adjacent to the square's blackened post.

"Joktan Storne," she explained, and the crowd was obliged to keep silent in
order to hear her, "sought confession with me, admitting to the fact that
had led the Brotherhood of Common Goods, that he had attempted to create
within it a safe haven for witches and that he was a witch, himself."

"Though accepting that he could only be free of his sins through cleansing
fire, he was against the notion of being taken to Ahalin Tower for formal
questioning. He resisted, violently, using magics to attack his confessor
and in the ensuing struggle, he was slain."

"Sin is sin. When we attempt to deny our own wrongdoings, to convince
ourselves or others that our actions were justified, we are only denying
ourselves the chance to be Uplifted - and no pain we may avoid by lying is
worth an eternity of suffering in the Abyss."

"We are all held accountable for our actions. Joktan Storne did not
complete his penance but he did come forward to confess. May the Lord of
the Springs find his soul, that it may be judged."

Motion rippled through the crowd as people drew the sign of the chalice
after the Cardinal, who cast a lit torch into the oil-soaked wood
supporting the corpse and soon enough, the fire reduced both man and bier
to ash.


Sun Jul 27, 2014 6:59 pm

A note has been posted by: Kinaed
From room : 97
In subject of: Feast!
Date : Tue Nov 5 00:51:17 2013
Expires : Sun Jul 31 01:51:31 2016
To : All
Have you heard all the commotion with that ship that just docked? All them
sailors drinking merrily and singing those wretched songs. One's been
going around telling every business about a feast that is going to take
Come one come all! I, Wymer Bnirsh, invite Nobles, Gentry, Freemen and
Peasants alike to join in a Feast within the Town Hall Ball Room. Tubori
food and nicely aged rum straight off the ship. Don't have the time? No
problem! Come get a bite and leave if you must - only requirement is to
share one mug! Take place Februarius 14th, 360.
(OOC: Friday Nov 8th at 8pm EST)


Sun Jul 27, 2014 7:02 pm

A note has been posted by: Temi
From room : 97
In subject of: Situation in Edessa Culminates in Daravi Attacks
Date : Wed Nov 6 01:47:37 2013
Expires : Mon Aug 1 02:48:18 2016
To : all
As each day continues without word of attack from Daravi, tension grows
in Lithmore and some begin to wonder if the Daravi truly meant to attack,
doubting themselves. However, the Lithmorran soldiers have dutifully
positioned themselves, focusing forces within Queen's Landing, Fort Latago,
Rassitown and a Edessa Keep, according to orders from the crown, informed
by the dutiful investigation of the guilds.

A contingent travelling from Edessa Keep to Rassitown to reinforce the
troops there encountered Daravi forces on the Cross Desert Road, resulting
in the first small scuffle. The Lithmorrans were able to prevail and
continue along to Rassitown, but most of the Daravi survived, favoring
instead a strategy of regrouping with additional reinforcements.

Apparently luck was with the Lithmorrans travelling to Rassitown; they were
able to arrive in the town before any attack was launched with enough time
to get the troubles with rebellion under control. Only a few days after,
the Daravi struck, simultaneous to an attack at Edessa Keep. A bloody
battle in Rassitown resulted in the eventual prevailment of Lithmore, with
losses on each side. In Edessa Keep, however, the remaining troops at
Edessa Keep found themselves outnumbered, even considering their advantage
manning the fortifications. A weeklong siege was capped off by battering
rams and catapults - and take over by the Daravi.

About Queen's Landing, patrols from the Lithmorran forces were joined by
some assistance in thinning out the Daravi from less formal sources. One
letter reports a situation with a Daravi ship arriving at Queen's landing -
only to find it manned by a Tubori crew that had been wintering in Edessan
waters. With these combined efforts, Lithmorrans in the Levusto were
barely able to keep the Daravi naval forces from blockading off the Levusto
strait, but they were unable to repel the Daravi mooring which took root at
the mouth of the nearby Logishera River.

At the passes, Lithmorrans were able to keep Fort Latago well fortified and
heavily manned, maintaining control over the most important of the three
passes. Rather than attacking them at this fortress, Daravi set to
capturing the mouth of the Southern Pass, rendering it useless even when
the passes clear come spring, and positioned themselves to control the
nearby roads. This shall make transport difficult between the different
Lithmorran controlled areas.

With these missives, Edessa notes that they will be waiting eagerly for the
arrival of help from Lithmore. Though now isolated from one another, Fort
Latago and Queen's Landing should each be accessible from the opposite
directions, able to receive supplies, but Rassitown is in a worse
situation, somewhat surrounded, despite being firmly in Lithmorran hands.


Sun Jul 27, 2014 7:05 pm

A note has been posted by: Temi
From room : 97
In subject of: Cook for Courage!
Date : Fri Nov 8 18:21:45 2013
Expires : Wed Aug 3 19:22:17 2016
To : all
Starting immediately and ongoing until Aprilis 5, 360 (OOC: Nov.21
evening). On Aprilis 5, 360, we'll do a big roundup and get as many people
working together on the same day as possible. Leading up to then, feel
free to pitch in as much or as little as you'd like. And whenver suits
you. The big thing about Aprilis 5 is that it should be a big roundup and
work day before sending everything off.

-Open to anyone interested in helping. Curious how you can lend a hand?
Here's a few ways.

Cooking: Cooks can prepare preserved foods for the war efforts.

-Preserved fish, venison, meat: unidentified pieces of meat, fish, and
venison rubbed with salt will keep the best

-Traveler's rations: require bread, fresh cheese, fruit preserves,
preserved pork and preserved beef (this is ideal, but might be considered
by many to be prohibitively expensive due to cost of supplies)

-Fruit Preserves: Easy to make and requiring only chopped fruit and honey,
which can be foraged easily

Foraging: primarily focused upon acquiring fruits for chopped fruits, and

Fishing: Acquiring a stock of fish for cooks to use for preserved fish

Hunting: venison, any kind of meat which can be used for preserved meats

Woodcutting: Providing a stock of wood for woodworkers

woodworking: assembling crates or baskets

Everyone can take part in these efforts to come together as a community and
support our troops out there fighting in Edessa. If you don't know how to
cook, but would like to learn, this is the perfect opportunity to pair up
with someone who does know how, and work with them. All of these
preparations are able to be done with minimal skill and if everyone lends a
hand, it will go by quickly, and we'll see the results in better fighting.

To take part:

Gathering: Gather whenever is convenient for yourself, and deliver the
supplies to any merchant.

Preparing: Seek a merchant if you'd like to take advantage of these
supplies that have been gathered, and then return the prepared goods to a

Merchants will warehouse the supplies safely within the guild, so you don't
have to worry about it.

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