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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Rumor: Brawl at the Blind Horse?
Date : Sun Jul 29 01:59:10 2012
To : all
Late on the night of 29 Januarius, 355, the Blind Horse bar cleared out
as screams could be heard coming from beneath it. Heard were such things
as "Arien, she almost bit my nose off!" And "The Lord favors the crazy,
you donkey lovers!"

Shortly after the screams stopped, three men were seen leaving the bar by
witnesses, two of them bleeding rather heavily. A short while after, a
person in a dark colored cloak was seen limping south.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Fight in the Divine! (Edited by A Player)
Date : Sun Jul 29 22:30:28 2012
To : all
Idle conversation about the Hillbeast turned sour, when Safir Mara'aye
punched Leatherworker Ramil Barrows in the jaw. Rumor is divided, with
some claiming she is a Brotherhood sympathizer that was roughing up a
Merchant. Others say that Barrows was mocking the Hillbeasts victims.
Some say that Barrows use of racial slurs led to his getting punched, while
others counter that his words were warranted after what Mara'aye said about
the quality of his goods, and anyway, she proved her savagery by breaking
the peace. Regardless, he took a mean right-hook to the face.

Word has it that the Grand Magnate was so enraged by what happened that he
threatened Mara'aye to an immediate duel and promised to burn down her
tavern. She refused, leaving the wounded merchant to the Magnate. Knight
Rothgar Astartes loudly reminded everyone of the law and eventually calm
settled in the bar once again.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: counter-rumor: Fight in the Divine! (Edited by A Player)
Date : Mon Jul 30 05:45:00 2012
To : all
The Charali woman didn't punch Barrows. She slapped him. And she would
not have been going overboard to have done a lot more than that. That
little pig was insulting women, Charali, and anyone who'd ever died
fighting the Hillbeast. He insulted his fellow merchants, as well, and yet
the Grand Magnate for some reason took his side. A whole lot of people saw
it. Don't believe me? Ask Astartes, or that red-headed bard Journeyman.
Yeah, Safir was completely innocent. Let's not pretend that slimey little
man was in any way a victim.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Mages walk the Half-Pint Inn!
Date : Mon Jul 30 20:35:26 2012
To : all
Talk spreads like wildfire through Wilhelm at the odd happenings at the
Half Pint Inn. Rumor has it that words were exchanged between Safir
Mara'aye and the Grand Magnate, with the two of them coming to some sort of
a truce. While a Charalin woman and Vavardi man coming to any sort of
agreement is wholly odd in and of itself, this was only a drop in the

A shadow haunted the Half Pint Inn, coming first out of Mara'aye's own
shadow, then later tricking all, including Paere de Laerne, by imitating a
child before revealing itself. Later still, it morphed out of Rothgar
Astartes shadow, imitating his form, before the mage finally arrived in the
flesh, threatening all to listen to it or suffer death by lightning.

This mage begged all to listen to it and seemed to want to assist in the
hunt for the Mad Hillman. Finding the Half Pint filled with Knights,
however, arguments over religion quickly ignited and were never settled.

The Half-Pint Inn closed before the mage appeared in person, and Safir has
shuttered its doors indefinitely until the harassments stops.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Lithmorran Capital Fair!
Date : Thu Aug 2 13:17:23 2012
To : all
((((((((((((((( The Grand Magnate of Lithmore presents ))))))))))))))
((((((((((((((( First ever Multi-Duchy Lithmorran Fair!!! ))))))))))))))

All are invited to attend the first ever Lithmorran, Capital fair, hosted
by the merchants guild of Lithmore and the master merchants of the
neighboring duchies. Come and explore the fine wares of -your- merchants
as they put their trade on display. Looking for new clothing? Looking for
a new weapon at your side? Looking for exotic goods from A distant land?
All will be on display and available to buy!

With special guests from the Troubadours performing for your entertainment,
courtesy of the Poet Laudate. Also fun and games for all!!!

For any questions or concerns, mail the Grand Magnate, Eniven dul Capay

((OOC)) I am aiming to hold this even on Saturday, August 11th. The event
will start in between 6-7 PM EST.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Hillbeast Strikes Again! (Edited by A Player) (Edited by A Player) (Edited by A Player)
Date : Sat Jul 28 08:43:41 2012
To : all
Earlier today, the bodies of two Royal Guardsmen were found mauled to
death. They were strung up outside the Blind Horse and according to
witnesses, had been there well over a week, with the South Side folk too
scared to even enter the tavern. Rumor has it that corpse rot has been
spreading rampant across the South Side, particularly along Tavern row, as
the bodies corrupted those that lived nearby.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: *New Clothier Now Open*
Date : Sat Aug 4 00:11:23 2012
To : all
.*. .'*oo*'. .*.
.*'-_-( x )-_-( x )-_-( x )-_-( x )--**--( x )-_-( x )-_-( x )-_-( x )-_-'*.
| '._--_.' |
| |
| |
| Now Open |
| |
| |
| .o'*. 'o |
| O, O' |
| 'o. *. |
| 'o.*' I M P L E '.*o* U X U R Y |
| |
| |
| A Fabulous New Clothier |
| |
| Selling Beautiful Premade Clothing |
| |
| Just West of the Square |
| |
| New In Stock: Nightgowns & Lingerie |
| |
'*, ,*'
| '. .' |
'*._'-._ (OOC: Two rooms west of Church Square, North door) _.-'_.*'

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: The King Heads South
Date : Sun Aug 5 09:20:50 2012
To : all
The Royal Palace has issued a report that King Tobin has headed south,
first to Montford in Farin and then Daravi. Gossip is swirling about that
some intelligence was received from Duke Cameron de Montford that
necessitated the King's personal attention.

The King did not take a large contigent with him, instead stressing the
importance of keeping Lithmore safe and secure.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Commander of "Operation Killbeast" Named -- Paere de Laerne
Date : Tue Aug 14 17:28:57 2012
To : all
Throughout the streets of Lithmore, courtiers and servants deliver news
to the city's inhabitants, spreading official word from the Crown:

"Recognizing the threat of the Hillbeast poses for all citizens of
Lithmore, the Crown declares this being, which has no soul, anathema and
orders it killed upon sight. To effect this decree, the Crown has ordered
the creation of a task force and named Sir Paere de Laerne its commander.

Sir Paere is duly authorized full authority to carry out this mission. All
subjects of the Kingdom of Lithmore, whether noble-born or peasant, shall
obey his directives in the matter of combating the Hillbeast; and Sir Paere
is granted the power to enlist subjects under the Crown's purview to
eradicate the Hillbeast. All are expected to lend support and succor to
Sir Paere, comporting their means and station. This authority shall last
until the Hillbeast is slain and the force disbanded."

So ordered, this 4th day of Aprilis, 355.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Edessa Prepares For Battle
Date : Thu Aug 16 22:35:38 2012
To : all
Though Lithmore is not likely to hear for weeks, far to the south in
contested Edessa, King Tobin ab Samael has made his presence known.
Ambushing a Daravi contingent sent to detroy the Lithmorran forces
blockading Sands Fortress, together with reinforcements from Farin, his
squad managed to slaughter the Daravi forces and capture several

Heavy questioning revealed that Sands Fortress would be weak, guarded by
only a small squad of battle mages, but another reinforcing force would be
coming in from the east.

Following a rousing speech, the king split a large portion of the forces
off to meet those coming in from the east, leaving the remaining army to
try to retake Sands Fortress. As long as the reinforcements could be held
off, all expected it to be the best chance at the fortress lost to the
Daravi a couple years back now. They mentally prepare themselves for the
challenge that will be facing against mages, praying that the Lord of the
Springs will support them.

((The Daravi Battle will be the assault on Sands Fortress versus the battle
mage squad preparing to exterminate them in return.))

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Justice at Last, The Hillbeast Killed!
Date : Sun Aug 26 04:47:30 2012
To : all
It was the morning of Maius 18 SC 355 and the people of Lithmore were
called to River Square to witness a cleansing. Those that arrived saw the
Hillbeast himself chained and apparently docile as Her Holiness the
Cardinal mounted the dais to both praise those that brought him to justice
and to condemn the beast himself to the pyre for his past actions.

However, all did not go to plan; and as the Cardinal began to wrap up the
speech, the Hillbeast sprang into action, attempting to break free of his
chains and choke the Reeve- Kyla Wendsbridge- who held him securely. It
was a violent scuffle, but the raging Hillmen was subdued by the combined
efforts of the Reeve, the Keeper of the Seal and the Vicar General of the
Knights Lithmorran.

Rather than sending his soul to the Lord of the Springs, the Hillbeast was
condemned to a common death at the hands of Magistrate Wendsbridge, who
caved his head in with her mace. The Vicar General slit his throat to
ensure that there could be no doubt and finally saw to it that the corpse
was burned to ashes which were then scattered about the city.

Can Lithmore breathe more easily at last?

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Pigeons bring word of the King from Edessa
Date : Sun Aug 26 21:50:26 2012
To : all
Back in Edessa...

After a narrow victory against the approaching Daravi squadron, King Tobin
ab Samael and his troops approached Sands Fortress to find it eerily quiet,
gates hanging open with no sign of either the Daravi forces or the Farin
and Lithmorran men left to defeat them.

Ill at ease, a few scouts were dispatched to determine the state of the
fortress. Some would later say that something seemed off about them when
the scouts returned reporting that their men had captured the fort and,
severely depleted in number, set up camp in the furthest tower, but, at the
time, no one said anything.

However, once the majority of men were within its walls, the true situation
became clear. The gates slammed shut and fire began to rain from the sky,
several mages exposing themselves to work their foul magics.

Outside, the remaining troops began battering the gates, while those within
ducked for cover and tried to slice down the mages. It is said that King
Tobin managed to fell three mages himself before those outside finally
broke open the gates and dragged him and several others out, even while the
walls started crumbling down around them.

Safely retreated out of the collapsing fortress, the Lithmorran forces
found themselves reduced to a quarter of their original size, with several
serious injuries among them. When the fortress stopped crumbling, little
more was left than a pile of rubble and there was no sign of the remaining

Pigeons to Lithmore report that King Tobin and his men are returning now
towards Lithmore. He is said to be among the injured, though his exact
status is unknown.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: The Death of a King
Date : Sat Sep 1 04:44:43 2012
To : all
On the morning of Lunisda, June (Month 6), 7, In the Year of Our Lord
355, riders bearing the banner of House ab Samael sped northbound through
the city, cutting a determined path towards the palace.

The next morning, official word was released that His Majesty, Tobin ab
Samael of Lithmore, had passed of complications relating to injuries he
incurred during the mage attack on the Sands Fortress in Edessa. To mark
the passing of the King, the Samael banners were drawn to half-mast
throughout the city, and the members of the Royal Guard donned black cloaks
in mourning.

His widow and co-monarch, Queen Cellan ab Samael of Lithmore, has been
rumored to have stepped to the helm of House ab Samael as Queen and Regent
until their daughter and heir, Princess Caitrin ab Samael, reaches her

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Viewing of the Fallen King
Date : Mon Sep 3 09:06:34 2012
To : all
The Royal Palace has released word that the body of the late king, Tobin
ab Samael, may he rest in peace, has arrived from the south. A funeral
will be held soon, and until that time the king's body rests at the altar
of St. Aelwyn's Cathedral for his loyal subjects to view him.

Since the announcement, a steady stream of mourners of all classes has
taken time from their usual schedules to travel to the cathedral and view
their fallen monarch. Weeping accompanies the solemn affair, and many have
left floral offerings.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Skin Walker's Reign Ends!
Date : Thu Sep 6 15:06:24 2012
To : all
It has been announced by the Lithmorran Reeves and Knights that the Skin
Walker has been slain by Dame Earl Marshall Lylie ab Mantiff and Page Baggs
Ronthe, during an encounter on Miller's Bridge. According to the Earl
Marshall's report, he or she refused to be arrested peacefully, and was
killed in the fighting that ensued. There is, of course, complaint that
the Earl Marshall should have continued with the arrest, but most in the
city are happy to see an end to the murderer's killing spree in southside.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Birthday Celebration
Date : Wed Sep 12 19:35:56 2012
To : all
/ ________________________________________________\
(( ))
| | ,.-, ,-.,
| | &|.\| .,.,., |/.|&
| | '&) \._, .*; \/ ;*, ,_./ (&'
| | _/ /`> '; __||__ ;' <`\ \_
| | ((( )/ ,;__|______|__;, \( )))
| | ) ))) __|____________|__ ((( (
| | \\\ |__________________| ///
| |
| |
| | In celebration of the anniversary of her birth,
| | Lady Marisa dul Damassande, the Chancellor of the
| | Royal Exchequer and Baroness of Lyndale, is pleased
| | to open her home to guests. A galant affair is to
| | be expected with plenty of space, refreshment and
| | merriment for all, and all are invited within the
| | spirit of the event.
| |
| | Gifts are neither necessary nor expected.
| |
| | The Palazzo Damassande, just north of Lithmore on
| | Majestic Way.
| |
| |
|/ ((OOC: Sunday 09/16/2012 from 4 pm Eastern until you're sick of me.))

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Absence of the Poet Laudate
Date : Mon Sep 24 13:52:13 2012
To : All
Poet Laudate Martine op Fournier, and her husband, Master Bard Haroun op
Fournier, will be out of Lithmore in the countryside for some time while
they await the birth of their child.

If you have any concerns that you would normally address to the Poet
Laudate, in her absense, please contact Poet Knight Talya op Salyndri, who
will be assuming all of the Poet Laudates duties while she is away.

The Lithmorran Troubadours

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Cardinal on Mestan Resigns Her Post
Date : Tue Sep 25 18:41:47 2012
To : All
Her Holiness, the Cardinal of Lithmore and Matriarch of the Holy Order
appeared briefly in front of the faithful at St. Aelwyn's Cathedral this
evening. Little given to mincing words, this was no exception, as she
stated her intent to step down from as both Matriarch and Cardinal, with
her resignation having already been accepted by the High Synod. In her
farewell, she added that the High Synod had already named a successor; Her
Holy Honor, the Grand Inquisitor of Lithmore will soon be raised to the
Cardinalate and Matriarchy through holy ritual and ceremony.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Trial of Yves mal Renard (Edited by Temi)
Date : Sat Oct 6 10:02:44 2012
To : all
The trial of Yves mal Renarde has been set to convene at the Town Hall
Grand Courtroom on the morning of Octobris 28, in the year of our Lord 355.
The proceedings will be open to the public, but all weapons shall be
collected from those that are not permitted by title. Those summoned by
the Reeves Lithmorran to provide testimony shall wait in the reception,
until the trial begins.

*Missive from the desk of the Proconsul*

((OOC: Today 10/06/2012 - 6:00 PM Eastern))

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: The Trial and Shame of Yves mal Renard
Date : Sun Oct 7 15:04:37 2012
To : all
The court-martial panel assembled by her Majesty to try the Lord
Justiciar, Yves mal Renarde, on charges of assault, kidnapping, lechery,
and other foul acts returned a verdict of guilty and recommended to the
Queen that he be stripped of all titles and privileges, though they
intended to permit him to fight a champion of the Crown to retain his
gentry status. On the first of Novembris, after being beaten and nearly
murdered by the Lady Earl Marshall (whose crimes were addressed
separately), her Majesty Queen Cellan, attended by her Keeper of the Seal
and the Champion of the Realm, decided.

Yves mal Renarde, already one of the least popular Justiciars in recorded
history, lucky to even be 'disliked' instead of outright hated, earned the
singular distinction of being the first to actually be convicted by a court
of law. Her Majesty acceded to nearly all of the panel's recommendations,
stripping him of his title of Justiciar, dishonorably discharging him from
the Reeves, branding him a freeman instead of a gentleman, and-- for
outright disrespect and other insolence-- ordered that he be whipped
publicly a score of times and confined to the stocks for a ten-day.

Although the business of Dame Lylie ab Mantiff earned him a brief respite,
his last official act as a Reeve was to be conducted to Cityguard HQ,
where, upon order of the Lord Keeper, everything ever purchased with a
single Reeve coin would be returned to that honorable institution, now led
by the Lord Justiciar, Regilus ab Porter.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: The Near Execution of Dame Lylie ab Mantiff
Date : Sun Oct 7 15:07:39 2012
To : all
The day after the court-martial panel convicted Yves mal Renarde, the
disgraced former Justiciar of the Reeves, of high crimes such as
kidnapping, assault, and obstructing justice, the Earl Marshall of the
Knights Lithmorran tried to murder him in Paarin Park. Though the Lord
forestalled her from gutting Mister Renarde, she nevertheless immediately
reported this crime to the Reeves. The new Justiciar, Regilus ab Porter,
conducted her immediately to the palace, where the freckled, dusty-eyed
knight awaited judgment from her Majesty Queen Cellan. Justice came; it
was swift.

At the time, mal Renarde was still a Great Lord: his sentence had not yet
been approved; and the Earl Marshall had, in a sense, tried to murder
someone upon whom the Queen had not pronounced judgment. For those
reasons, the Queen stripped Lylie ab Mantiff of her rank, nullified her
knighthood, and offered her a choice.

She could spend two years in Edessa, regaining her honor and fighting as a
soldier; or she could be executed. Lylie opted for the latter, and what
resulted in River Square was momentous-- a crowd of people attended,
begging her to reconsider death. Even the Queen and the Lord Keeper urged
her to reconsider, as did her knights and the crowd. She refused to

Ultimately, her Majesty withdrew the option for her to choose, and sent
Lylie ab Mantiff to the Edessan front to fight. She was granted the title
of Commander, Edessa Forces, by its Steward, Sir Paere de Laerne; and she
was sent immediately to the Farin border to carry out her new mission.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: A Change in Grand Magnates
Date : Fri Oct 12 15:24:34 2012
To : all
Following a strong push from Magnate Joudan von Urath for the removal of
Eniven dul Capay as Grand Magnate, supported by irate merchants, the
Merchant Council has determined that dul Capay is to step down. He will be
replaced by Joudan von Urath, effective immediately.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Yves mal Renarde Excommunicated
Date : Sun Oct 14 19:38:56 2012
To : All
It's said that on Novembris 28th, SC 355, Yves mal Renarde was
excommunicated by the High Synod at the request of the Matriarch of the
Holy Order, Her Holiness, Caria ab Trenica. With only hours between the
raising of charges and the High Synod passing the motion, the proper
rituals to remove Master mal Renarde were completed and announcements
passed to the populace:

"Yves mal Renarde is no longer protected by the Lord of the Springs,
anathema to those faithful to the Davite Faith. No true son or
daughter will have any truck with him, nor is he welcome within the
walls of any consecrated sanctuary. Crimes against his person are no
no longer crimes in the eyes of the Lord, and he no longer has rights to
any form of property. He shall not be granted last rites, nor given the
comfort of confession, nor buried on consecrated ground."

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: A Former Grand Magnate's Departure
Date : Sun Oct 14 19:45:42 2012
To : all
In the mid-evening of Circadi, Novembris 27th, Eniven dul Capay was
spotted at the docks boarding onto one of the many ships that helped him
previously arrive in Lithmore. He was drunk, or so the witnesses gathered.
His claims of waiting for the Church were known, but it would seem whatever
business he was dealing with was finalized. On the docks, they could see
the man giving the grand capital on final glance before the fleet of
merchant ships disappeared down the stretches of the Bren.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Yule Ball and Auction (Edited by Temi)
Date : Mon Oct 15 15:47:07 2012
To : all
>|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|<
>|< >|<
>|< /\ >|<
>|< /\ / \ /\ >|<
>|< \ \/\/ /\ \/\/ / You are invited... >|<
>|< \ \ \ \/ / / / >|<
>|< / \ \_| |_/ / \ A Yule Ball and Auction >|<
>|< / \ /\ /\ /\ / \ >|<
>|< / /\ -- /| |\ -- /\ \ to be held in the >|<
>|< \ \/ -- \|__|/ -- \/ / >|<
>|< \ / \/ _ \/ _ \/ \ / Town Hall >|<
>|< \ / / | | \ \ / >|<
>|< / / / /\ \ \ \ Open to the Public >|<
>|< / /\/\ \/ /\/\ \ >|<
>|< \/ \ / \/ Please contact Queen Cellan, >|<
>|< \/ Lady Lien or Lady Marisa with >|<
>|< questions. >|<
>|< >|<
>|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|<
OOC: Saturday, 20th October, 6pm EST, 11pm GMT

Temi - Reminder: Today.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Death of Squire Lirems
Date : Mon Oct 22 13:54:47 2012
To : all
The Grand Master was heard addressing the populace at the Church Square
earlier today. He had a distinctive frown upon his face and spoke with
simplicity and a tone of disappointment.

"Good citizens of Lithmore... And visitors from distant lands... Our
Honored Knights Lithmorran were infiltrated by a tainted individual, known
to possess magery and a limited knowledge of the foul Daravi tongue...
With haste, we did cleanse him that he may answer to his creator and atone
for the vile talents he cultivated. However, let us cease our relentless
speculation, gossip and assumption on the nature of his intent. Be he spy,
informant, reconnoiter or otherwise, he is dead. He met his end and no
amount of frightful word exchange can alter that.

Further, for those afraid that our organization is crumbling away - rest
assured that we have never been stronger. Those in our ranks are the
finest swordsmen, most refined statesmen, and most genteel militants our
land has seen. By the blessings of Her Holiness, the Cardinal and Her
Majesty, the Queen, we will not fail. I ask you, loyal Lithmorrans, to
show support to those who dedicate their lives to your safety and those who
train tireless to ensure they are at their physical peak to keep order in
the land. This applies to our fine Knights, the wise Inquisitors, and our
talented Reeves. Thank you."

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Appointment of the New Earl Marshall
Date : Wed Oct 24 18:00:06 2012
To : all
Early on Solisda, Januarius 4, the Grand Masters met in the Knights
Lithmorran Keep to nominate and elect the next Earl Marshall. Each was in
agreement that the interim - Dame ab Flewelling - played her small part
superbly, but was ultimately not the right person for the job. After much
name calling, finger pointing and monkey business, a vote was cast. With
four of five votes, Sir Entonie ab Belleford, Grand Master of Lithmore, was
named the new Earl Marshall.

The opinions of Her Majesty and Her Holiness have not yet been heard on
this appointment, but many speculations have been tossed about by various
gossips. Will the city receive its third Earl Marshall in the past year?
Will this one be run off just as easily as the last? Will Sir Belleford
continue to prance around like the belle of the ball or will he put on his
big boy cod piece and start leading?

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Silk Ribbons
Date : Wed Oct 24 19:46:03 2012
To : all
Due to a growing business and need for more space, Brienne ab Rhius' Silk
Ribbons has moved its base of operates back to Vellum & Velvet.

For quality pre-made items and special orders, please drop by Vellum &
Velvet for more detals.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Do you have a dream?
Date : Wed Oct 31 15:31:24 2012
To : all
Flyers posted all through town advise a new opportunity to those with
big ideas but small bank accounts:

"Do YOU have a dream that lack of funds is preventing you from realizing?

Have you always wanted to own your own home, open your own business, or
buy the equipment necessary to begin a new trade in life? These kind of
purchases can be challenging for many, even impossible for some, leaving
them the stuff of faraway dreams.

However, the Dream Foundation would like to make YOUR dream a reality!

The Dream Foundation is offering coin to help individuals achieve their goals
in life.

For small expenses, you can secure a direct grant from the Foundation - yes,
this means money for nothing except a report explaining to what use you
put the coin.

For larger expenses, you may request a loan from the Merchant's Guild that
the Foundation will contribute to the repayment of. This may be done via the
Foundation paying the first few payments for you, adding a contribution to
each payment installment, etc. Terms are always negotiable.

For all applications, please mail Magnate Ailyn Eiric with the amount
requested, the purpose of the money, and some information about yourself:
let us know about your dream.

the Foundation Director."

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Justiciar Retires
Date : Mon Nov 12 18:59:54 2012
To : all
Justiciar Vedelia mal Velazurus announced unexpectedly that she would be
stepped down from her position and returning to Farin, citing that she had
received word of her grandfather's failing health. It is unknown yet who
will be taking her place.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: A Knighting Ceremony in Farin
Date : Thu Nov 15 20:57:38 2012
To : all
Word has spread throughout the duchies that the one known as Esquire
Loken Ronthe had been called to Farin for a Knighting ceremony. With his
betrothed Asheline Elwen, they set off on the long journey. To their
surprise, Commander Lylie ab Mantiff was there waiting. After a very
emotional reunion, she had knighted the young Ronthe in front of a
Cathedral full of knights and various city folk.

[ #46 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: A New Earl Marshall Determined
Date : Sat Nov 17 20:43:46 2012
To : all
After a very long journey back from Farin, Sir de Ronthe, Asheline ab
Elwen and an entourage of Knights have arrived in Lithmore, the latter
taking sanctuary within the Keep of the Knights Lithmorran. After a few
days' rest, the Grand Masters of the various duchies met at the Keep's
Meeting Hall to begin the arduous process of electing a new Earl Marshall.
Although Sir ab Belleford had done his part, his presence is needed back at
Edessa Keep to aid in certain matters of strategy.

There was much skepticism as to whether or not Loken de Ronthe, otherwise
known as Baggs, was able to keep up with the responsibilities that the post
of the Earl Marshall has. After all, the young man's rather miscreant-like
past has been a major obstacle for many in the discussion. However, his
past deeds as a young Page also caused others to put their faith in him.
After A long and tiresome process, they have finally decided that, although
it is sad to have this position given to him by default, there is a need
for official leadership within the Knights Guild. Will the boy wonder live
up to the task? Or will he fall prey to give in to his past rebellious
ways and cause the fall of the Knights Lithmorran? Only time will tell.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Rothgar ab Astartes Delivers a Public Speech
Date : Tue Nov 20 12:51:54 2012
To : All
Ladies. Gentlemen. Brothers and sisters in faith, I come to you now,
begging for your ear not only as High Inquisitor, but as a citizen of this
great city of Lithmore. I have heard the rumors - seen the reports given
by those under me, and those who have found it prudent to take me aside and
speak to me... personally. Rumors that concern our previous Poet Knight,
and her... escapades.

There are those who believe that I put her to death. There are those who
believe that I broke her out for my own... purposes. This public
statement is the -official- report, one that has been opened by and is
being investigated by the very best within the ranks of the Reeves.

Two men - guards of Ahalin tower that we trusted with the prisoners of all
walks - have completely and utterly failed both you, myself, and our law
enforcement officers. These two men willingly and knowingly accepted a
bribe from the hands of a third party, a bribe mounting to four thousand
silver. They lied to you, lied to the Order, and the Reeves, and most
importantly, lied before God. Taking this silver, they claimed that I had
come into the cells in the dead of night, and taken Salyndri with me, and
put her to death. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The bribe was to have them claim this story, and yet due to...
Re-education of these malingering vagrants, we have since learned -another-
tale. A woman, wearing the cloak of the Reeves and carrying the
Justiciar's sigil, entered into the cells and paid these men to set
Salyndri free. We do not know her name, but we know that she was of strong
build, and raven of hair, standing just a hair over five feet. We now
suspect that this was Talya op Salyndri's... homosexual-lover, Leesa le
Loaysa, a member of the Brotherhood.

There has been doubt, concerning the fate of Talya op Salyndri, but know
this - if ever she has the gall to return to this fine city, I swear to you
all that I will do everything in my power to have her apprehended and
answer for the crimes and filthy, degenerate acts that she has committed.
There has been doubt, concerning my actions, and yet you know now how
-right- they were. I acted the only way I knew how - for Crown. For
Country. And for the Lord.

That is all. Walk in the Light, and remember... Only in death does duty

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Magery Afoot in Lithmore!
Date : Sun Dec 2 22:18:56 2012
To : all
Small acts of magery, and larger, across the city have failed to escape
hardly any ears in the city. There is talk of people turned to newts and
cursed jewelry. They speak of kidnappings and flaming horses and all
manner of things worse than that. Some suggest that it is mostly
exaggeration, but others object, proclaiming things they have seen with
their own eyes.

Most recent are reports of an explosion that rocked the cathedral and
grounds. However, those who rushed in to help were apparently stopped by
guards and told that the Order would be handling the situation internally.
Their help was appreciated but not necessary. Whispers would suggest that
this is not the first explosion, though certainly the worst, and that
acolytes are dead.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The Grand Inquisitor Speaks - War and Recruitment
Date : Mon Dec 10 08:41:46 2012
To : all
The Grand Inquisitor stood in the Square, today, to speak with the
masses about the recent goings-on, in the city:

My friends... Sons and Daughters of Urth... We stand at the precipice of
war. The armies of the Manus, the armies of the Heretic - they knock at
our door, now, seeking to claim by force what they cannot claim by right.
These men - these cowards - they will not face us in honorable combat.
They will not come from the shadows that hide them, that bind them, to
fight the armies of the Lord. They send agents of chaos, daemons of
discord, to ensnarl our forces in battles that lame us, make our minds and
bodies weary of such fights. Nay, the Heretic will not stand against us,
because he knows... He cannot win.

He knows, that he cannot win, against the brave men and women of this great
city. Men, like the Charalin, Dagerian, and women, like Lien ab Zadossa -
they bravely fight, for the Order. They have taken it upon themselves to
strike out against the Heretic, to lash out against the unclean, and we
should -all- take example from them. We should -all- strive to fulfill our
duty to Dav, and to the Lord!

But there are those among us who deny these charges, deny the duty that all
of us have, to serve. Already, I have seen men and women fleeing the city
- men and women doubting the right of the Holy Order to protect its
servants, to protect its people. I say to you, now... These Mages did not
come to this city to fight. They did not come to this city to kill, or
enslave, or wage war. They came to this city to die. This much, I vow -
the history of these coming days will be written in the blood of our
enemies. The Holy Order will unleash such terrible vengance, such horrible
retribution, that generations yet unborn will cry out in anguish. We will
strike, without warning - without mercy. Fighting as one hand, one heart -
one soul. We shall shatter their dreams, and haunt their nightmares,
drenching the graves of our ancestors with the blood of the unclean.

We are at war. There were those of you who did not believe - thought that
this would merely... Go away, if we were to ignore it. But it will -not-
go away, it will -not- leave us. Our dead scream for justice, in the dark.
They cry for retribution, beneath the gutters. Your loved ones, the loved
ones of others... All scream, for justice. The Holy Order will be hosting
recruitment centers for those who wish to be armed, and inducted into the
Knights Lithmorran, to be remade into soldiers of the Lord. Direct all
recruiting questions to me, personally, or send missive to my offices.

Only in Death does duty end.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Self-Defense Lessons Announced
Date : Thu Dec 13 15:36:12 2012
To : all
A town crier swept through the city, spraying off a message in all
directions in the early morning hours. "In light of the possible upcoming
war, the Charali known as Dagerian has offered to the people self-defense
lessons that will be taught in the tradition of Charali. He promises the
training to be worth participating for. If any who wish to participate
feel the desire to do so, please inquire with the Charalin, Dagerian by
mail, or message. Even those who do not wish to participate may watch. He
will give further word on his plans to hold these lessons."

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Mage Invasion Imminent?
Date : Tue Dec 18 20:38:07 2012
To : all
In a climate of increasing terror and suspicion, rumors are wild in
Lithmore that an invasion of mages is imminent.

The public deaths of Maebel ab Maldrek and Marquis Franzorik ab Zadossa,
along with a series of attacks and kidnappings of some of the city's most
prominent citizens, have led to increasing tension and terror.

No one seems quite sure of how the rumors of invasion begun, but they seem
to have become established as common fact. Indeed, troops have been seen
approaching the palace, perhaps as reinforcements. Tensions in the city
have reached a fever pitch, and few sleep soundly any longer.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Militia Recruiting
Date : Tue Dec 18 20:45:47 2012
To : all
An announcement has been spreading like wildfire amongst the general
population, it seems that the Reeves, apparently acting on their own have
begun to offer and assemble a town militia for the defense of the city in
times of need. Word is that they are willing to pay a decent sum for any
willing and able bodied man or woman, and will help them contribute to the
defense of their wonderful city and protect their faith. Those who are
even convicted criminals are apparently welcome in their ranks, so long as
it is not a violent crime or major felony. I heard rumors the Justicar
even pardoned a man who was talking back and was a nuisance to the
Proconsul in exchange for working in the militia.. Yes, thats right! YOU
TOO can fight back against the mage menace, remember the flood? Remmeber
the genocide the mages have brought on our people, leaving thousands
homeless, thousands dead? Remember your loved ones, your neibhors loved
ones, sign up today- The City Militia, becuase its your home too!

Mages encourage anarchy in the city, they like to instill you with fear,
they have killed your loved ones, your friends, your family, do you really
want them to have control over you? Is the freedom they are offering just
the freedom to do what they want to you and your wife?

Remember Peace, Remember Security, Remember the Flood, Fight for your
family, your honor, and your home! Join the watch! Posters:

What will you tell your kids after the invasion is over? If you still have
kids after the mages steal their souls. Join the City Militia!

What will you tell your kids after the invasion is over? That you stayed
at home and cowered, or you turned your life around and saved the entire
city!? Join the City Militia!

Dav remembers those who fight in his name, and die for his glory. Protect
the Holy city! Earn your place in the Maker's embrace! Join the City
Militia Today!

Did you know mages can read your minds? They will tell you what to think,
and will imprison anyone they catch thinking against them. Is that truly
Freedom? We don't think so, Join the city watch!

Her Majesty is counting on you to do your duty! Join the City Watch!

Will you let your friends die alone when you could of saved them? Join the
city watch!

Will you let your fear overtake your judgement? TO not fight mages is to
spurn Dav's teaching, earn your spot in paradise!

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: The Mage Invasion, A Stablehand's Account
Date : Mon Dec 24 10:40:56 2012
To : all
From the Confession of Jack Farrier, a stablehand with the honor of
tending the Queen's own horses:

Mister Farrier: "I come seeking peace, Father. Peace and absolution. I
was among the defenders of the Royal Palace on the day of the heathen
invasion and I have not known a night of sleep since."

Priest: "Tell me what happened, child. What burdens your soul?"

Mister Farrier: "I was stationed in the stable, on account of my bad leg.
So I waited with a pitchfork, ready for the heathen to come. I had never
been in a war before but I knew I would rather die than give over my
charges to demonspawn. Of course, all of the folk at the Palace felt the
same, though we were all of us ignorant of what to expect - where the
attack would come from, when..."

"But I knew when it all started. The hounds in their kennels gave to such
a frenzied howling that I thought my ears would bleed. One bitch tore her
hip out of track, jumping and biting at the iron of her cage.

"I heard shouting from the gates, a single voice. My curiosity took me out
of the wide doors of the stables, which is when I first saw them: a lone
Knight, a hulking Fariner, beset by a pack of faceless sorcerers shrouded
in veils that looked to be pulled from the stars themselves.

"Something seized me, then. One moment I was in the stable, the next I was
charging across the yard, my gimped leg forgotten. One moment I was
silent, and the next I raised my voice in fury, my pitchfork held aloft. I
was filled with the cleansing fury of Dav Himself...

"And then, the darkness. The air went stale in my lungs and all light
perished at once, replaced by a profound sensation of... -emptiness-. The
fury in my gut was now rotten with fear, but I swung my pitchfork anyway.
The last thing I saw was a pair of glowing crimson eyes, demon eyes, and
then the flames took me. I say flames, but the truth of it is beyond my
ken: I could feel the searing heat, hear the blister and pop of my own
flesh melting, but the fire that burned me gave no light. The darkness was

Priest: "The Lord shelters us in darkness, child. And what is it to be
brave, if not to stand against our fe--"

Mister Farrier: "Forgive me father, but I ran. I ran hard, I ran far as my
scalding legs would take me, until my lungs burned in unison with my flesh.
I screamed, and I ran, instinct carrying me back to the stable. Fear
possessed me to close the door despite the pain, to lower the bolt before
sinking to my knees in a pile of straw. It was minutes before I realized I
could see again, and only seconds after that the darkness swallowed me

Priest: "... I see. Tell me of your weakness, child. Tell me, what came

Mister Farrier: "I awoke to hoarse screams in the dark, and I feared that
the mages had come to finish me. I listened and came to know the screams
for what they were: cries of victory. I did not know the victor, but
despair filled me all the same. Somehow I managed to find my feet, but the
bolt I had so quickly shuttered before would not yield to my raw fingers.
After fumbling for what seemed like minutes, I peeled the bolt free along
with a patch of my skin. I drew my work knife from my belt, and I opened
the door.

"I cried when the first fingers of sunlight touched my cheek. Black smoke
rose from somewhere near the Palace proper, great pillows of tar big enough
to smother the sky. I... I feared the worst, and I was just about t-t-to

Priest: "Confess your sins to the Lord."

Mister Farrier: "...to turn my own blade against myself when I saw them.
Saw the Knights standing tall in their scorched armor, shining in the sun.
Saw the Hawk Standard raised high.

"I was loaded onto a cart and hauled to the Cathedral to be treated for my
burns. Under the care of the healers, my wounds have closed, my skin has
scarred... But Father, I am -not- healed. Every night when I close my
eyes, I am cast back into darkness - into -the- darkness, the darkness of
the Abyss, and I feel the same emptiness in my soul. I feel the knife in
my hand, the cold steel against my neck--"

Priest: "The taint lingers. The foulness of the magic that rent your flesh
still lays siege to your soul, child. Your soul must be cleansed by
ablution in the Holy Waters of the Spring. Journey to the foothills of the
Tarn, where the river Bren breaks from the jaws of the mountain. For seven
days and seven nights you must fast, and on the morning of the eighth day,
bathe yourself in the sacred waters. Come, pray with me, and then you must

(This account relates the personal experiences of one NPC, as provided by
Adam (Thank you!). While the city at large would not have been present
for his confession, they would all be talking about the same things he
experienced. Feel free to take from it what you will.)

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: A New Grand Master of the Knights
Date : Thu Dec 27 17:41:44 2012
To : all
Word is starting to spread about a field Knighting during the middle of
the attempted Mage Siege of the palace on the 14th of Augustus, 336.
Although for some reason the Baroness of Strongjaw and interim ruler of the
March of Zadossa has been kept strangely silent over the whole affair, it
is now official: The Lady le Zadossa was Knighted for her bravery during
the battle and work to protect Lithmore.

If that wasn't honour enough, shortly following on the 8th of Septembris,
the Grand Masters of the realm came together at the Lithmorran Keep and a
vote was cast, selecting Lady Lien ab Zadossa to take up the role of Grand
Master within Lithmore. A controversal decision to be sure, given her
diposition and past wild behaviour. It is said, since the death of her
husband at the hands of the mages, she hunts them with a vengence now.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Arely ab Lassider
Date : Tue Jan 1 21:40:46 2013
To : All
On the day of Lunisda, Octobris 3rd, SC 356, Lady Arely ab Lassider, the
Baroness of Seahome, was stripped of all titles for the crime of attempted
arson of the palace and the attempted murder of Lady Marisa dul Damassande
of Lyndale, the Royal Chancellor. Rumors have long abounded of Lady ab
Lassider's possible insanity; further word is that she remains imprisoned,
though not as punishment, but for her own protection.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Kaerrick de Winter Inherits
Date : Tue Jan 1 22:11:28 2013
To : All
Alaine de Winter, Baron of Cort died of what doctors presume to be
poison on Solisda, Octobris 4th, SC 356. His brother, Kaerrick de Winter,
inherited his titles after being exhonerated from suspicion due to his
extended absence in Lithmore at the time of the death.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Alric dul Pardiue
Date : Wed Jan 2 01:51:07 2013
To : All
Baron Alric dul Pardiue of the Barony of Dusollini, Duchy of Vavard was
offered the position of Grand Inquisitor by the High Synod today based on
his previous involvement with the Holy Order as a youth. He accepted the
position and was sworn in with the necessary oaths, vows and associated
pomp & circumstance. Due to the vow of celibacy, and thus the inability to
sire an heir, he renounced his title as Baron of Dusollini. He remains
Dean of The Royal University for the time being, but it is expected that he
will soon name an another to take over these administrative duties.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: The Cardinal is Dead
Date : Wed Jan 2 17:24:05 2013
To : all
Word has finally crossed the entire Kingdom of Lithmore and beyond of
the murder of Caria ab Trenica, the Cardinal of Lithmore and Matriarch of
the Order, by a unknown mage.

On Lunisda, Septembris 26, 356, the Cardinal had tolled the bells for a
evening mass intent on addressing the recent mage attack on the palace and
extolling the need for the faithful to remain united in the face of such
attacks as well as to announce the retirements of several of the Order's
most prominant faces.

According to rumor and witness accounts shortly into the mass an unknown
shadow mage arose from behind the Cardinal and entered her body. The
Cardinal abruptly collapsed and despite the efforts of several people, the
Count ab Sevoi, the Cardinal's nephew, among them, the shadow could not be
expelled and the Cardinal expired shortly thereafter.

The identity of the mage remains unknown and the Cardinal's family, the
House ab Trenica, has remained silent on the death of it's founder, the
House's assets and title passing to Caria's heir, Carther ab Trenica, prior
to her ascension as Cardinal.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: A Noble Disappearance
Date : Wed Jan 2 17:40:31 2013
To : all
Rumors are flying through Lithmore about the disappearance of the
Baroness le Zadossa. Last seen by a handful of people leaving the Town
Hall courier's office, it was said she was a little tipsy. Her daughter,
Ariesa, is said to be safe and well in the care of her brother Baron le
Orban. A few people whisper of a hearing a challenge laid to the Rubeus to
avenge her husband, the Cardinal and Lithmore, and equate the now missing
Tubori noble with her failure and probable death trying.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Grand Inquisitor's Speech in Church Square
Date : Wed Jan 2 17:58:59 2013
To : all
His Holy Honour, Alric dul Pardiue, came before a group of the city's
residents today to speak publically regarding his new position as Grand
Inquisitor and regarding the Order as a whole. The following is a direct
transcription of his speech.


People of Lithmore, I came here not all that long ago to help fight the
mage attack on the Palace. Due to storms at sea I did not arrive in time
and for the past few weeks have felt like I let Lithmore down. I thought I
was happy taking a position as Dean of The Royal University, I was wrong.
Witnessing the death of Caria ab Trencia, in front of the congregation of
St. Aelwyn's Cathedral has opened my eyes. For the first time in my life
I feel a calling that runs deep and strong.

I stand before you, not as Baron and Noble, but as Grand Inquisitor. I
have accepted the position so that I might help rid Lithmore of those who
would see us harmed. We have had floods, we have had attacks on the
palace, we have had attacks on the people of Lithmore individually and this
must stop. Unfortunately, I can not do it alone. The Order's ranks MUST
swell if it is to perform the duties with which it is charged. To meet
that goal I am asking every one of you to give in some way to The Order.
If you are able, join! If you are unable due to infirmity or age then
volunteer to help in the almshouses or through the lay ministry. If your
coinpurse bulges then donate to help support us! There are ways for
anyone, regardless of their wealth, ableness of body or profession to

To those of you who were previously among the ranks of the order, I ask you
to come forward. Return to the order and stand by my side to fight the
holy fight! Even if you are unable to do so, I ask you to assist from your
everyday positions within the realm. Act as advisors to The Order and
assist us in any way you can.

May the Lord of The Springs guide us everyday in our lives and thank you
for coming!


With that he turned on his heels and stepped down from the edge of the
fountain in church square, mounted his horse and left. The speech caused
quite a few murmers within the crowd but was for the most party accepted as

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: New Beauty Parlor in Lithmore! (Edited by Takta)
Date : Wed Jan 2 19:53:18 2013
To : all
A new establishment, the Lithmorran Rose, has opened on Linden Street in
North Lithmore. The Lithmorran Rose caters to select clientele who wish to
enjoy beauty services of every sort. Gentry and nobility are encouraged to
sample the fine services and products now available!

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Talk of the Queen's Inn
Date : Thu Jan 10 17:43:29 2013
To : all
Rumors that the Queen's Inn has fallen out of favor with the local
gentry appear to be true as a visit shows mostly only freemen showing their
faces at what was once a unique blend of social class. A petition has been
circulating with numerous signatures that demands that animals of all sorts
be banned from any place that sells food or drink as a 'public health'
concern, and the nobles who have invested in the Queen's Inn are said to be
concerned about the business' bottom line. There's some pressure to be rid
of the inn's current manager, reportedly a Charali savage. It's the first
time anyone's taken any note of the matter of the manager's origins.

One thing is for certain - it's no longer 'fashionable' to be seen at the
Queen's Inn.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Spring Awakening Masquerade
Date : Thu Jan 10 18:09:29 2013
To : all

88"P""T"T888 8o
o8o 8.8"8 88o."8o 8o You are cordially invited to the
88 . o88o8 8 88."8 88P"o
88 o8 88 oo.8 888 8 888 88 SPRING AWAKENING
88 88 88o888" 88" o888 88 MASQUERADE
88."8o."T88P.88". 88888 88
888."888."88P".o8 8888 888 Venue: Viridian Gardens
"888o"8888oo8888 o888 o8P" Date: Aprilis 1st, 357
"8888.""888P"P.888".88P OOC time: Sat, 16th February
"88888ooo 888P".o888
""8P"".oooooo8888P Escorts, Smart Attire and Masks Required
.oo888ooo. 88oooo888P8
o88888"888"88o. "8888"".88 .oo888oo..
8888" "88 88888. 88".o88888888"888.
"8888o.""o 88"88o. o8".888"888"88 "88P
T888C.oo. "8."8"8 o8"o888 o88" ".=888"
88888888o "8 8 8 .8 .8"88 8"".o888o8P
"8888C.o8o 8 8 8" 8 o" ...o"""8888
"88888888 " 8 .8 8 88888888888"
"8888888o .8o=" o8o..o(8oo88"
"888" 88" 888888888""
o8P "888"""

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: A Threat Approaches (Edited by Temi)
Date : Sat Jan 12 10:31:32 2013
To : all
In the early afternoon of Novembris 12, the trumpets and horns sounded
off at the western gates of Lithmore at the arrival of an armed Calvary
from Lyndale. Among them a woman claiming to be a member of the noble
house, came bearing a grave message. Among the listeners was the Grand
Master of the knights, and as well as the Grand Inquisitor. Her words
seemed to explain a demon, one who walked freely without the constraints
and drew the dead from their graves to accompany him. Brayston and Galiech
had been hit by this entity without any warning, and it was not until it
reached the county of Vees that Lyndale got the message. With great haste,
the word was sent to Lithmore to prepare for what possibly was a demon
approaching the city. With the demon now in Lyndale territory, Lithmore is
now forced to deal with yet another threat encroaching the gates not long
after the dreaded mage invasion. Guards and knights have already been
ordered to assemble, as well as able bodies to tend to the graveyards in
the event the dead do indeed begin to rise from the ground. The Grand
Master and Magistrate Porter both rode back out with Liandra and her
escorts, aiming to round into the Savir border to scout out Lyndale, and
see the approaching army from a distance, while the Grand Inquisitor
himself ordered an immediate mass and called all to the cathedral for a

"I just came from the West Gate. A rider has come to warn us of an
impending attack on the City. An attack that could very well be worse than
anything we have faced before, including the flood and attack on the
palace. A demon, the likes of which we've never seen, is headed toward
Lithmore. It has come from the other side of The Tarn Mountains and has
already overrun several towns on its way. The dead rise everywhere it
treads, including the casualties of those attempting to fight it. In the
past the demons we have fought were selective in their victims and attacked
the faithful or someone a mage wished ill toward. Apparently this demon
seems completely content to kill everyone in its path in order to add to
the ranks of its army of undead. It has killed Charali, Tubori, Vavardi,
Vandagan and even Daravi with impunity. We have begun preparations for
this attack. We have sent scouts out to the hills on the border to
determine how long we have. For now we must estimate how long we have
based on the information of the rider who delivered the warning. She
estimates that we have between four days and a week before it arrives. For
now, I ask those of you with children and those unable to fight to prepare
in your own ways. Ensure you have food stored and are able to retreat to a
safe place. Those that are able bodied and wish to fight may, but I ask
that you report to The Earl Marshall or Grand Master of the Knights
Lithmorran as they are the ones charged with fending off an attack of this
magnitude. Those that will be combatants are asked to arrange a time with
Father ab Godfrey to meet at the Fountis Major so that their weapons may be
cleansed of taint and consecrated. This, more than ever, is a time to
ensure our weapons are properly dedicated to slaying evil as this -is- the
Lord of The Springs work we shall do. I understand that I don't have the
answers you seek. I can only ask that you all pray for the safety of our
citizens and knight defenders. With our faith we shall prevail. Before I
guide us in a closing prayer, please rise and come forward to drink of the
pure water of the spring."

Less than a week was given until the entities arrival. The city now
prepares and lays in wait.

(Thanks to Dagerian for running our debut storytelling plot. I believe he
plans to continue it for a few more scenes. Check out help story overview
for the guidelines on involving yourself.)

[ #65 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: The Holy Synod Elects a New Patriarch
Date : Wed Jan 16 19:26:50 2013
To : All
Father Percival ab Godfrey has been elected to become the new Patriarch
of the Holy Order. The election was a surprise to all, though sources say
that His Holy Honor, Alric dul Pardieu, rejected the opportunity himself.

[ #66 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: The Yule Ball
Date : Wed Jan 16 21:25:45 2013
To : all
*_***_**** *****_***_*
*** *************(_>o<_)*************** ***
*** /) (\ ***
*** ***
*** The Lady Marisa dul Damassande ***
*** is pleased to invite the city of Lithmore ***
*** to a semi-annual ***
*** ***
*** Yule Ball ***
*** ***
*** All are welcome for food, drink, dancing ***
*** and festive diversions. Wear your best, ***
*** but nothing is required but good behavior. ***
*** ***
*** Yule at the Palazzo Damassande, Majestic Way ***
* *

OOC: Saturday January 19th, 9 PM Eastern until we all drop.
Travel points: North Gate, Courtyard Gardens

[ #67 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: A Demon on the Loose
Date : Fri Jan 18 15:38:50 2013
To : all
As Lithmore sits and waits for the pending attack from a sighted demon
trampling along the Lithmorran lands, new word has been rushed from Savir
that the foul demonic entity has changed his course, only but briefly. But
this information also states that the demon has only massed more to his
army of dead that shuffles along with it. Though the reports from Savir
claim the demon and his army has simply vanished, or disappeared from
sight. They do not discount the entity still exists within the lands, but
where it currently is remains to be unknown.

[ #68 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Seahome gains a new Baroness!
Date : Sat Jan 19 00:24:03 2013
To : all
Following the removal of heirless arsonist Arely ab Lassider, the elders
of the Barony of Seahome visited the Palace in Lithmore to ask after the
future of their ruling House.

The Queen discussed the matter with the elders and two days later, she
appointed miss Linnea von Eclen, ambassador to the Duchy of Vandago, Poet
Laudate, and matriarch of House von Eclen to the leadership of Seahome as
its new Baroness, in reward for tireless work promoting and preserving good
relations between Lithmore and Vandago, and for continued public support
for the Samael Throne before and after the death of His Majesty, Tobin ab

[ #69 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: The Holy Synod Speaks
Date : Sun Jan 20 01:08:22 2013
To : All
A proclamation has been released by the Holy Synod:

"The Patriarch and the Grand Inquisitor have approached the Holy Synod
requesting judgment on one Rurik von Uvarov and Dagerian Mara'aye. The
Holy Synod has reviewed the evidence, and observed no malpractice on behalf
of the Grand Inquisitor. It is not the function of the Holy Synod to
declare punishment for offenses against the Lord of the Springs. This is
the purview of the Office of the Inquisition. Judgment of the individuals
Rurik von Uvarov and Dagerian Mara'aye is remanded to the Grand

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Crime Spree!
Date : Sun Jan 20 11:27:02 2013
To : all
The city of Lithmore is facing one of its worst Yule-tide crime sprees
in current memory. The Brotherhood and other assorted riffraff are taking
advantage of the dispute between the Reeves and Order. With the Reeves
leadership completely cut off from their ranks and guardsmen sequestered to
the Tower, they have been unable to patrol the streets.

Petty crime is up, with the hospital seeing a landslide of mugging victims
and those involved in tavern brawls. Freemen with coin to spend are
staying home, not frequenting bars or taking coin to merchants, for fear of
it being stolen. Merchants are beginning to feel the impact on their
bottom line, with their stock either sitting unsold on their shelves, or
more often, found to have been robbed over night.

Merchant princes and other gentry have begun to line up for audience with
the Crown, calling for the Reeves to be able to do their jobs once more.

[ #71 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: The Excommunication of Rurik von Uvarov
Date : Wed Jan 23 15:12:44 2013
To : All
The High Synod, due to recent charges and those of his past, has
excommunicated Baron Rurik von Uvarov. Among the charges levied against
him in the most recent review of faith are interfereing with an
investigation of The Holy Order and baring arms against His Holiness The
Cardinal and His Holy Honor The Grand Inquisitor. He is additionally
charged with multiple counts of quarreling and repeated failure to reform
after his previously prescribed penance. He has failed to display his
brand and from this point forward must do so upon his clothing if clothing
covers the brand upon his flesh.

The terms of his excommunication are the same as any other excommunicated
individual would be forced to bear. No merchant or citizen shall have
dealings with him, he may not own property other than his personal
clothing, shall bear no arms and shall live as an outcast. He is no longer
welcome within any consecrated building. Crimes against his person are no
longer considered crimes in the eyes of the Lord of the Springs. Should he
die before making his peace with The Holy Order he shall not be buried in
consecrated ground.

Following his excommunication in River Square he continued to be defiant of
The Holy Order and there were several calls for the unrepentant sinner to
be pyred. Instead, His Holy Honor The Grand Inquisitor saw fit to give
Rurik von Uvarov four days to repent, publically confess his various sins
to the members of the public which he has sinned against and provide The
Holy Order with a sincere apology.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: A Powerful Demon Falls to Lithmore
Date : Thu Jan 24 13:36:57 2013
To : All
The horns and trumpets of Lithmore sounded off in the early morning of
Decembris 31, following by the aerial assault of Lithmore's finest siege
weapons and archers. The city awoke to fire in the sky and the sounds of
battle outside the western gates that sent the entire guard force and ranks
of knights to defend the encroaching undead army. The words of the Grand
Inquisitor rang true and the mentioned demon that was said to be
encroaching Lithmore finally made his appearance with a force two times the
size of the original force was said to have been approaching.

Some of the cities finest stepped up to the threat that lumbered towards
the city gates, of them being the Lord Keeper himself, The Cardinal, The
Proconsul of the Reeves, and the Lady Grand Master of the Knights. Also
aiding them was the Magistrate Regilus ab Porter, Valen Moire, and Estone
le Serlok Arriving also on scene was Nayiv de Reymes, a medic of not only
the Reeves but a member of the physicians guild, and backing up her efforts
was also Briony Savann and the young Dolly Derrick. Together, with the
fighting and the medics tending to wounded, the city overcame one of its
most dire threats it has seen in a long while.

Only months after the recent mage invasion, which sent nearly half of
Lithmore's man-power to injury, the city was called to arms once again to
defend the city. With siege weapons raining bolts of fire covered boulders
from above, and the archers sending volleys of arrows into the thickening
armies of dead, the charge led by the Lord Keeper of the Seal, Gavin ab
Harkness began. The fight with the demon and his soldiers of undead lasted
all day, and into the majority of the night with Lithmorran forces fending
off the vile create and his undead. In the background, Nayiv de Reymes,
Briony Savann, and the young Dolly helped tend to the wounded that seemed
to be never ending.

With the help of the siege weapons, the demon was eventually pushed back,
and that is when the charge began. Those that witnessed it said that even

with the combined efforts of the Lord Keeper, the Lady Grand Master of the
knights, and the Proconsul, which are arguably the best of fighters in
Lithmore, including the efforts of the Cardinal, Percival ab Godfrey,
Magistrate Regilus ab Porter, Valen Moire, and Estone le Serlok all
combined still seemed to have a difficult time taking down the beast. Even
when the extra Naer Nivios arrived to offer a hand at defeating the threat,
the combatants found it to be no easy task. Injuries were sustained until
the Lord Keeper himself plunged his blade into the foul demons head, the
final blow that ended its foul life. The Cardinal, requested its head to
be removed, and the Charali Proconsul, Dagerian Mara'aye happily removed
the head, and heart from its body.

Onlookers claim the Queen herself made an appearance on the battlefield
when the threat had been eliminated, emerging into the crowds with chanting
reeves and knights in regards to their victory.

The Proconsul is expected to make a speech soon, and possible award those
who acted with bravery against a severe threat, one unlike Lithmore had
ever seen before in its past.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: The Physicians' Guild
Date : Sat Jan 26 11:49:44 2013
To : all
Long whispered rumors of a guild of physicians seem to have (finally)
proven true. Posters are beginning to appear on boards across the city
inviting wannabe medics and herbalists study and practice at the Madison
Hospital. Any students wishing to become a member should send a letter to
Aesculapium Gwenith le Stepps for a list of entry requirements.

[ #74 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Reminder from the Reeves on Excommunications
Date : Sun Jan 27 04:18:05 2013
To : All
Throughout town fliers can be seen bearing the same message: The Reeves
want to remind everyone that excommunication does not change secular law,
and that the Reeves may still choose to prosecute those who assault,
murder, steal from or otherwise break the law in victimizing someone who
has been excommunicated. In the case of Baron Rurik von Uvarov, the Reeves
advise that they will consider any assault on his person or property as a
crime, even if those acts are not sins. The fliers are signed by one
Magistrate Geras dul Garthenson.

[ #75 ]
A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The Justiciar Rurik von Uvarov dismissed!
Date : Sun Jan 27 12:39:36 2013
To : all
Balasdes, Januarius 13, 357: Further to the ruling from His Holiness,
the Cardinal of Lithmore, and His Holy Honour, the Grand Inquisitor of
Dav's Holy Order, the newly excommunicated Baron, Lord Rurik von Uvarov,
was removed from his post as Justiciar of the Lithmorran Reeves.

As yet, there has been no word as to a replacement. Given current troubles
with a resurgence in activity from the Brotherhood, however, gossips agree:
action must be taken soon before the Tenebrae moves in retaliation.

[ #76 ]
A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The Common Good Wants You!
Date : Mon Jan 28 13:01:11 2013
To : all
The words appear on posters, every night, and while the Reeves take them
down every morning, every night they have been appearing again. Crumpled
in street gutters, hanging in people's gardens, littering the cobbles - the
posters have been seen throughout the city, their words relayed in gossip.

.---.. .--. .--. .
| | : : |
| |--. .-. | .-. .--.--. .--.--. .-. .--. | --. .-. .-. .-.|
| | |(.-' : ( )| | | | | |( )| | : |( )( )( |
' ' `-`--' `--'`-' ' ' `-' ' `-`-' ' `- `--' `-' `-' `-'`-

Join the Brotherhood!
Warm beds!

What's the catch, you ask? Only a lifetime commitment to our cause!

Why wait? Become the man all the girls DREAM about!
Become the woman every man fantasizes over!

Rules and restrictions do apply. No snitches, no Reeves, no mages.
Insurance of longevity not guaranteed.
Please make all inquiries to the Tenebrae

[ #77 ]
A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: A Speech in Church Square
Date : Mon Jan 28 18:37:57 2013
To : all
A scowling older fellow with one arm limped into Church Square, then called
for attention.

"My name is Major Bernart Spode," he called out, in a voice well-suited for
the battlefield. "I served the Lord and the Order, the royals and
Lithmore, for nigh on forty years. Then I discharge to the city, and what
do I find?" His scowl deepened. "Savages raised above true-born
Lithmorrans. Savages in ranks that make Lithmorrans think we must salute,
and even worse, obey. I wouldn't have believed it, if I didn't see with my
eyes. You got a Charali dog walking around calling himself Proconsul. You
got a cow running the Queen's Inn."

He paused for a moment, and some murmuring was heard, possibly saying 'mad
old codger' and possibly saying, 'tell 'em, Major.'
"And -them-?" The one-armed man continued. "They're nothing. They're
just the tip of the spear. The city's faced flood and plague, rebellion
and murder and heresy. Why? Because we went astray. Because we
Lithmorrans are letting not only Charali, but Tubori, Vandagan, and the
rest rise above us. What's next? Hillmen? -Daravi-?"

He glared around the square, as if imagining Daravi in his midst. "What
we're seeing here, my fellow Lithmorrans, is nothing less than the slow
undoing of the Consolidation. Blessed Dav did not conquer the lesser
nations so that -we- might obey -them-. The time's come to take Lithmore
back. Restore Lithmore!"

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: An Open Letter To Lithmore from the Grand Inquisitor
Date : Tue Jan 29 06:15:26 2013
To : all
To The People of Lithmore,

It seems that many people believe that the recent actions taken against
Baron Rurik von Uvarov, the former Justiciar and Dagerian Mara'aye,
Proconsul of the Reeves Lithmorran were based solely upon a single event
during The Holy Order's investigation into Josephine Rikano. This is not
the case. Although The Holy Order does not normally publically disclose
the details of case files I will attempt to clarify the events leading up
to the arrest of Baron von Uvarov and Proconsul Mara'aye.

Collectively, there were eleven signed complaints against these men filed
with The Office of The Grand Inquisitor, all prior to Miss Rikano's
untimely demise. These complaints were lodged by multiple members of the
nobility and The Knights Lithmorran as well as by the townspeople of
Lithmore. The complaints were written without coercion, duress or
influence by any member of The Holy Order. When two members of the public,
regardless of their position, are the subject of so many complaints of
heresy it is the duty of The Holy Order to investigate those charges. I
would also like it to be publically known that both of these men had open
and active casefiles prior to my installation as Grand Inquisitor and
certainly prior to the raising of His Holiness to the position of Cardinal
and Patriarch.

I can not imagine how those that are close to these men must feel seeing
their loved ones publically humiliated for their life choices but I stand
by the decision previously rendered. I must accept the fact that the work
of The Inquisition may not always be publically accepted but I also
recognize that I have faults. I admit that the investigation and arrest of
these men could have been handled more delicately. I also admit that I am
very much at fault for leaving the Reeves without a Justiciar or Proconsul
for a period of five days. For that I have confessed, repented and now
humbly apologize to those that feel slighted by my mishandling of this

Regardless of the whether a person supports myself as Grand Inquisitor or
His Holiness The Cardinal we must all work together to rid the Kingdom of
taint and heresy. I commit to you now that I recognize the changes that
must be made and that I will put forth every effort to work with The Reeves
Lithmorran on future joint cases so that suspicion of misconduct can be
avoided and the penances assigned by The Holy Order can be seen as true and

If anyone continues to have concerns over this case or any other I invite
you to stop by my office within St. Aelwyn's Cathedral or to send a
messenger or courier missive. My door remains open for all children of The
Lord of The Springs.

-Signed In Flowing Script-
Your Humble Servant of The Lord
Alric dul Pardieu, Grand Inquisitor

[ #79 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: IC_Event
Date : Wed Jan 30 04:02:26 2013
To : All
In the wake of the recent voices of the people, and the recent incident
between the Charalin Proconsul and supposed nobility figures, it may have
come to a surprise that the Charali opted to suddenly step down not only as
the Proconsul, but as a Reeve entirely. The news came after the incident
at the cathedral, in which the Charali did not even offer to lift a finger
to help, having been quoted in saying it was -Church Business- and he would
not be getting involved. The Reeves are now without not only a Justiciar,
but a Proconsul as well. With the recent string of previous Justiciar's
and Proconsuls taking the seat in Lithmore, in which it can be noted the
last only real successful one being the current Lord Keeper, Gavin ab
Harkness, will the current complaints of the city to see a Charali removed
from such a high position come back to haunt them? Or will the people be
rejoiced and blessed with two very competent Reeves able to perform their
duties as both Justiciar and Proconsul and uphold the Lithmorran traditions
and the Queens laws? Only time will tell from this point.

[ #80 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Ailyn Eiric - Kidnapped
Date : Sat Feb 2 05:48:48 2013
To : All
In the middle of the day, the Magnate of the Merchants Guild, Ailyn Eiric,
was kidnapped by the Brotherhood. Reports have come from all corners of
Southside - with a dozen apparent eye witnesses trying to claim some sort
of reward money from the Reeves as they report their findings - which are
extraordinarily detailed. On the fourth day of Februarius, a man wearing a
black robe with scarlet colored accents, and another smaller man wearing a
snarling ferret mask, came into the Blind Horse. The two men waited, and
when Ailyn came through they jumped her. Reports indicate the woman was
carried further into Southside, towards the infamous Stardust Inn. A
statement has yet to be issued by Tenebrae, leader of the Brotherhood of
Common Goods.

Already Reeves have entered into Southside to investigate, though their
efforts have been met with - as always - outright violence from the many
thugs that operate there.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Romana von Mestan Murdered
Date : Sat Feb 2 16:54:46 2013
To : all
Januarius 23rd, 357, Archbishop Romana von Mestan's regular confession
schedule was interrupted by a magical altercation. The details are
confused, but apparently the confessional chamber was found magically
sealed after sounds of a confrontation emerged from it. A large crowd
gathered to attempt to save the Archbishop, but once they managed to gain
entry, von Mestan's body was found dead, positioned in mocking prayer.
Rumors about town suggest that Aelisra Milbry has claimed responsibility,
in retribution for the death of Remi Lebou, a man burned much earlier as a

[ #82 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Flavius' Death
Date : Sun Feb 3 01:39:15 2013
To : All
Flavius Robare, tailor extrodinare, was called back to Vavardi, thinking
that his mother was on her death bed. Upon arrival to his mother's house,
there we a contingent of thugs that beat him to death. No one knows the
exact reasoning for this.

[ #83 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Arely's Escape
Date : Mon Feb 4 06:05:13 2013
To : All
It was eveningtide, Februarius 12, when in a certain customarily quiet
wing of the Royal Palace a worried bustling erupted.

"Who let her OUT?" Barked one angry guardsman, his face purpling. Another
shook his fist and gestured, eyes wide with horror. "Vandross was on duty!
Where's Vandross?!" "Arien's mother," whispered a third, chalicing
himself; "she'll be off to murder the Chancellor-- Dav help the woman!"

Rumors flew too quickly and fiercely for any sort of damage control from
palace officials, and within the hour, word was loose on the streets of
Lithmore City: apparently, the royal prisoner, former baroness and
undisputed madwoman, Arely ab Lassider, had taken flight from her gilded
cage and was presently unlocatable.

[ #84 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: The Ailyn Exchange
Date : Mon Feb 4 06:52:45 2013
To : All
A little beggar boy gossiping at the Blind Horse to people much older
than he:

"I was RIGHT bloody there! Saw the whole thing go down, y'know? It was
Arien-bleedin' scary, but I couldn't keep me eyes away. Y'see, it all
started when I got approached by some fella in a black robe. He looked
like some scholar, cept that his robe was all fitted 'round 'im, 'n when he
moved I saw the flicker of light reflecting off a blade in them clothes.
Anyways, if that ain't 'nough t' give me reproach, another guy in a
snarling ferret mask is there - 'n he's got a knife t' this Charalin lass
with golden hair!"

"Right, so what happened then? Well, they had me go run a message to
another Charal gel called Safir. Sent me with a note - was not t' read it,
but I did anyways. All it said wus just fer her to go to the Church in
Southside, with the money. So I hands it off, and she gives me a candied
pineapple! Sweet gal, fer bein' a horse grass eater. Anywhosits, she
tells me to tell the other men that they should meet at the Crow's Nest.
Well, they didn't like that that much..."

"So they sent me back with 'er finger! It was bloody horrible. I had the
Arien-bleedin' thing wrapped in cloth, but it smelt somethin' awful. So I
come back t' Safir, and she goes to the church - and I sit along one o' the
windows - there's a scaffolding up there that I got t'. Don't think they
saw me."

"It was the Tenebrae, makin' the exchange with Safir for the Magnate's
life! Sure as Lunare's teats, the exchange went down, 'n they said some
stuff but I ne'er 'eard. After the coin was given, they gave the gal, and
then both parties made out well 'nough. I come back 'ere, and... Well,
tha's got me all lopsided. Ain't the Crown 'spose to help people, y'know?
These Charali had t' pay the Tenebrae cause the Crown didn't, I reckon."

"Makes y'wonder who the Crown WILL pay for if not the citizens o' Lithmore,
eh pal? Now please will y'buy me an ale! I may look twelve, but I got a
stomach o' steel!"

[ #85 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Appointment of a new Justiciar
Date : Tue Feb 5 20:23:13 2013
To : all
In response to the new lack of leadership in the Reeves Lithmorran, the
Palace responded in the early days of Februarius with the appointment of
Lord Cenvald ab Braye to the role of Justiciar. Among other skills, the
new Justiciar's long experience as both the Marquis of Brayston and a
soldier on the southern front were cited as reasons for the Palace's

[ #86 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: A new Grand Inquisitor is Appointed
Date : Fri Feb 8 14:24:47 2013
To : All
After several weeks of searching, the office of His Holiness the
Cardinal announced today that Grand Inquisitor Alric dul Pardieu has yet to
be located. In order to maintain leadership, continued pursuit of heresy
and fulfillment of Dav's Laws in Pardieu's absence, His Holiness has raised
Father Thierry dul Dieudonne, formerly of the Farin diocese, to the rank of
Grand Inquisitor.

[ #87 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: The Auction House Reopens!
Date : Wed Feb 20 14:34:16 2013
To : All
The Auction House, located on Iolaide Street in North Lithmore is open
once again! Featuring goods from estate sales, private consignments and
repossessed homes there is something for everyone. The most recent goods
to be listed for sale in the auction house include books, weapons,
clothing, jewelry and more! Goods listed on the board within the Auction
House are available at a fixed price. Live auctions and items available by
silent bid will be coming soon! To purchase a particular item from the
auction house board mail Stephan Merak, proprietor.

[ #88 ]
A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Knight Sabin de Guiscard Murdered by Reeve Mage!
Date : Wed Feb 20 21:59:31 2013
To : all
On Aprilis 19th, a messenger raced through the streets of Lithmore City,
telling grim tales of blood and death.

A congregation of interested bystanders rushed out to the western
wilderness after Magistrate Kyla Wendsbridge declared having found Knight
Sabin de Guiscard gravely injured. Those who arrived found him barely
conscious and on the threshold of death. While his sobbing wife Vivienne
ab Guiscard held him, he was able to identify his murderer: the Magistate
herself, whom he also claimed was long-missing suspected mage Aelisra

Sabin de Guiscard passed away shortly after making this claim. He was 41
years old, a faithful soldier with sixteen years of experience on the front
as a soldier and two years' service as a Knight. He is survived by his
wife, former Justiciar Vivienne ab Guiscard, and their four children.

[ #89 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Justicar Regulis ab Porter Confirmed
Date : Fri Feb 22 03:27:10 2013
To : All
With the death of the most recent Justiciar, the Marquis Brayston, Cenvald
ab Braye, leaving that cursed seat vacant (its occupants either ascending
to the crown, or descending to the mortuary of Saint Aelwyn), a new
challenger appears: Regilus ab Porter. A near-unanimous vote of senior
magistrates appointed him their new leader, ratified by the Proconsuls of
each duchy, including Lithmore. They cited his tactical knowledge, martial
prowess, and previous tenure as Lithmore's Proconsul as their rationale;
the threat of the current Tenebrae, one of the boldest and brashest in
recent memory, suggests the Reeves' desire to fight fire with fire.

While Porter's nomination shocks many, including those of the camp
supporting Judge Geras dul Garthenson (a safe, conservative choice
purportedly advanced by the Crown), even detractors admit, when pressed,
that a radical selection might be necessary to combat the Brotherhood.
Additionally, the Marquis Brayston's appointment by her Majesty the Queen
resulted in widespread dissatisfaction amongst Reeves of all ranks, and a
decidedly tight-knit movement formed throughout their corps, resolving to
advance an in-house Reeve candidate, whether Garthenson or Porter, ahead of
any nobleman outsider.

In the end, Porter carried the day, thanks to his axe; the vote was
reportedly close.

[ #90 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Cardinal Steps Down
Date : Wed Mar 6 20:13:02 2013
To : all
In the months following an incident in which Cardinal Perival ab Godfrey
strangely attacked former Priestess Roesia ab Virture, he has become
reclusive. Out of the public eye, whispers have been rampant throughout
the city. In recent days, the Cardinal has disappeared altogether. The
Order had remained hush-hush on the issue, despite mounting pressure.
However, on June 14 357, they announced that Godfrey will be stepping down,
without further explanation. The High Synod will be convening to discuss
his replacement.

[ #91 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: News from the Palace
Date : Mon Mar 11 16:23:01 2013
To : all
On this day of Votumas, June 28, in the year 357, word was disseminated
from the Palace on the matter of the excommunicated Baron, Rurik von Uvarov
of Vandago. In response to religious and secular laws that no
excommunicated man or woman can hold a noble title in the kingdom, Her
Majesty, Queen Cellan ab Samael, in conjunction with the Duchess of
Vandago, formally stripped the Baron of his noble title and position.

There has been no word yet as to a replacement for the Barony of Ikihel.

In addition to this news, further revelations emerged that the Queen and
the Duchess of Vandago ruled on the ambassadorial position of Linnea von
Eclen of Seahome: due to trouble over the punishment of the Baron, the
pair, in conjunction with Lady von Eclen, decided to retire her as
ambassador, in favour of another candidate.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: New Cardinal Selected
Date : Wed Mar 13 22:38:20 2013
To : all
The High Synod has announced that Olivia Calix is the new Cardinal.

Though relatively unknown in Lithmore, she has nevertheless established a
reputation as a woman of strong faith (and frequent correspondence with the
Holy Order; a number of essays sent to the church over the years bear her
signature). Just recently made High Priestess and invited to work in the
capital, rumor suggests that Olivia submitted a proposal for eradicating
heresy that impressed her immediate superiors and through their efforts,
she has been elevated to replace Percival ab Godfrey as Cardinal of

[ #93 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Cardinal's Address Announced
Date : Fri Mar 15 19:01:36 2013
To : all
Word spreads that Lithmore's new Cardinal will be addressing the people
in a special mass in the coming weeks. The date will be posted at Church
Square and Saint Aelwyn's Cathedral once it has been decided. In the
meantime, Cardinal Olivia has been taking a less formal approach to
introducing herself to the city and has been spotted occasionally on the
cathedral steps, greeting the faithful.

[ #94 ]
A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Chaos in Ikihel (Edited by Takta) (Edited by Takta)
Date : Mon Mar 18 10:31:44 2013
To : all
With the formal stripping of the title of baron from Rurik von Uvarov,
the coastal barony of Ikihel in Vandago, which abuts the Kirulean Sea, has
fallen into dire straits. Nearly everyone expected the former baron to
lose his title after being excommunicated by the Holy Order months ago, but
due to the exclusion of the Uvarov line and a lack of other suitable
claimants, a small group of influential Vandagan gentrymen currently vie
for the baronial throne. Naturally, of this group, already one has been
assassinated under mysterious circumstances.

And while reviled in Lithmore, Uvarov had his supporters, who have managed
in this chaos to band together and recruit other n'er-do-wells-- merchants
and heretics alike-- who raise Rurik's standard, with their stated goal the
independence of several seaside trading ports. Already the Free City of
Ikihel has been declared, at least nominally, though allegiance to the Duchess
of Vandago.

No connection seemingly exists between the man called Rurik and those
carrying his banner, nor between Rurik and the men vying for the baronial
throne. In the interim, to keep the peace in Ikihel, one of the constables
of that realm has been appointed by the Vandagan Duchess to maintain stability
and order in the barony until a new baron rules.

[ #95 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Hostage Situation at the Bluebird's Ballad
Date : Sat Mar 23 02:06:50 2013
To : All
A standoff with the Reeves Lithmorran at the Bluebird's Ballad has left
a gentry-woman severely injured, and the man incarcerated. Sources report
that the Lord Justiciar, Regilus ab Porter, entered the restaurant after
witnessing a disturbance and confronted the man. The conflict lasted for
several long hours before the hostage was injured, and the man siezed. The
woman remains in unknown condition.

[ #96 ]
A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Memorial Services for Romana von Mestan and Caria ab Trenica
Date : Mon Mar 25 07:09:54 2013
To : all
Cardinal Olivia Calix recently held a memorial service in honor of
Romana von Mestan and Caria ab Trenica, two women of the church whose
deaths had yet to be officially mourned. The event was well-attended and
the ceremony was performed by the Cardinal herself, with several notable
figures on hand to pay their respects.

Lord Ariel le Orban, the Baron of Savir, spoke on the first Cardinal to
become Matriarch:

"Romana von Mestan was an inspiration to me, a steadfast servant of the
Lord who never wavered in her commitment to her duty. It is for that duty
that she likely died, a martyr for her faith, stalwart to the end. She
was, as well, an intelligent, kind and capable woman who was as good a
friend as she was an Inquisitor. May we all strive to follow her example,
in service to the Lord and service to our fellow man."

Queen Cellan ab Samael delivered Caria ab Trenica's eulogy:

"Caria ab Trenica had a long and distinguished life in service to Lord and
Kingdom. The daughter of a Lithmorran gentry house, she first made a name
for herself as a member of the Knights Lithmorran, eventually climbing its
ranks to become one of the first female leaders of the organisation as its
Earl Marshal. In her capacity as Earl Marshal, ab Trenica led the
Lithmorran armies to victory in the Daravi Wars of 349.

In return for her continued sacrifice for the Lithmorran Kingdom, Caria ab
Trenica was granted the County of Brune, where she established an important
southern fortress for the training of Edessa-bound garrisons. Her service
to the kingdom culminated in her appointment as Cardinal of Lithmore,
however, in which she served until her death.

As an Earl Marshal, Countess, Cardinal, and friend, Caria ab Trenica meant
a great deal to me. It was with great sadness that I met news of her
death, but I am comforted that she is now with the Lord that she serves so
unwaveringly during her life. Caria ab Trenica leaves a great legacy, as
well as a great lesson and responsibility for those of us who still live:
that there is no greater calling in life than to the preservation of our
kingdom, our church, and the values that we hold dear."

The service ended with a solemn recitation of the Declarations, many voices
raised as one. Cardinal Olivia encouraged the people to honor the memories
of Romana von Mestan and Caria ab Trenica through active service. For
every flower laid upon the graves, a citizen gave their oath to do a little
more, try a little harder.

Nobody spoke openly about it as they left the graveyard, but nearly
everybody noticed the single black rose (now widely attributed to the
Brotherhood) tucked in amongst the more colorful blooms.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Tournament of Heroes! (Edited by Takta)
Date : Mon Mar 25 17:17:32 2013
To : all
The Reeves Lithmorran have announced a tournament to be held in honor of
those Reeves who have given their lives to protect the Kingdom and its
people. Those who wish to participate should register with a Reeve
Lithmorran for entry. The Lord Justiciar, Regilus ab Porter, will preside
over the competition and award a Grand Prize of twenty-five gold crowns.
There will also be individual prizes for each event, including jousting,
dueling, and the dreaded melee - last man standing winds!

Sign up today and earn your glory!

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The Tenebrae is slain - Southside Responds
Date : Sat Mar 30 08:34:06 2013
To : all
After cutting out the tongue of 'supposed' mage Ramonda Milon and
leaving her to die on the front steps of St. Aelwyn's Cathedral, the
leader of the Brotherhood of the Common Goods was denied sanctuary inside
the church and taken into custody by former Justiciar Gavin ab Harkness,
now Lord Keeper of the Seal. Argider de Roldan, Squire of the Knights
Lithmorran, was involved with the incarceration as well.

After more than a few rumored escape attempts, the Tenebrae was finally
beheaded by Regilus ab Porter in River Square, for the general protection
of all of Lithmore. In the wake of the man's death, the South is split
into mixed groups; those who support the new direction the Tenebrae (now
commonly known as Naer Nivios and Danat le Vesenia) took the Brotherhood,
and with it Southside - and those who vehemently oppose the group's

Nothing is certain in Southside now, but the supporters of the Common Good
have been steadily gaining support, and more flock to their call in the
wake up Naer Nivios's death. For their rallying cry they have taken up the
words spoken by Naer Nivios before he was beheaded; a call for the common
folk to break the cycle of poverty and fight back against the oppressive
wealth of Northside.

'Break the Cycle'

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: The Vavardi Traders Arrive (Edited by Temi)
Date : Fri Mar 29 21:22:53 2013
To : all
The Vavardi Traders have arrived in Lithmore, docking their ships at the
Vavardi trade offices and settling in. They will be meeting with those
seeking to acquire goods over the next days, but they bring some bad news
as well. One of the ships was overtaken by bandits out east of the city.
The bandits stole a number of crates and goods and dumped the rest into the
river. The owner of that ship, Vetto dul Tretti, hopes that the goods
might be salvaged and returned to him, both those stolen and dumped, and he
has offered discounts and a share of the goods (with multiple crates) to
those returning the goods to him.

Update: Master dul Tretti reports that most of the dumped crates have been
returned, though no one has managed to find the bandit camp yet. He
reiterates that they did unload the crates they took onto the northern
shore of the river, east of the city, and they seemed to flee with them off
into the wilderness.

The traders are still selling the goods that they have, and entrepeneurs in
Lithmore are eager to get good deals on them, hoping to make enough money
to make their projects happen. Among them are rumored to be a shopkeeper
hoping to extend their wares, a researcher in a technological advance's
wife, a restorer of a historical structure and an explorer.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: In the Aftermath of the Trader Visit
Date : Wed Apr 3 18:11:05 2013
To : all
The group of traders from Vavard have come and gone again. The goods
stolen by bandits were mostly recovered, and the traders were quite pleased
with their sales.

As always, investments in the imported goods provided an opportunity for
buyers to make it or break it, and they did not disappoint. While several
went home disappointed, others were pleased to enjoy significant profits,
aided by their associates amongst the city.

Hargan ab Wolford made good profits in acquiring and reselling trade goods,
such as Vavardi silk, Macostan oak and spices. He is beginning work on
excavating the ancient structure he discovered beneath his store, and hopes
to discover exactly what it was and restore it to its former glory.

Cecilia von Nadejda, on the other hand, is on her way back to Vandago with
enough assorted goods to fund supplies and support for another year in her
husband's continued research with glass. She believes that he is on the
cusp of success in a creating contraption to use glass to improve vision.
More information has promised to be forthcoming as the research continues.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Proconsul ousted!
Date : Thu Apr 4 02:17:32 2013
To : All
The Proconsul of Lithmore, Briony Savann, has been forced to resign
after allegations of slandering Her Majesty and the Royal Family. This
does not come as a shock to many of Lithmore's populace, as the Proconsul
was often publicly critical of Her Majesty's policies. The Lord Justiciar,
Regilus ab Porter, gave a statement earlier and was quoted, "Slander
against the Crown and Her Majesty cannot be tolerated among any of the
Reeves Lithmorran, especially not the Proconsul. To allow such would
incite public disorder and chaos, and I will not allow that." The City is
waiting anxiously to hear who will be appointed the next Proconsul.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Update in Ikihel
Date : Fri Apr 5 05:02:38 2013
To : All
The number of well-heeled successors to the barony of Ikihel in Vandago
has dwindled to two likely candidates, with the duchess of Vandago poised
to decide who she ought to recommend for that office. In the interim, the
duchess dispatched the Constable of Vandago, John Yarvith, a man of common
blood but uncommon tenacity to forestall further difficulties arising in
the so-called Free City of Ikihel. The Vandagan army, three-thousand
strong and displaying a modicum of force, approaches the Free City with
extended supply lines, ample provisions, and orders to negotiate the
unconditional surrender of the city's elected parliament. In turn, the
patricians of the Free City demand independence in trade, enhanced
autonomy, and freedom from the decisions of the baronial seat (and its
taxing mechanism). Truly, the times under Rurik Uvarov were not good for
the city, but since his excommunication, the City has prospered.

Earlier rumors of forces allied to the erstwhile ex-baron seem overblown,
but bands of mercenaries and merchants have nonetheless grouped together to
provide for the common defense of Ikihel and other cities along the
coastline, with these efforts intensifying amid the approach of the likely
siege. But despite this fact, their numbers pale in comparison to those of
the formal army.

Word filters in through several sources that negotiations might be
moderated by a third party due to the conspicuous lack of an Ikihel baron.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The Cleansing of Jivahn Pragus
Date : Fri Apr 5 14:29:49 2013
To : all
Several days ago, the church bells sounded all across Lithmore to
announce the burning of the heathen blacksmith, Jivhan Pragus, who was
brought in by the Knights by his own request. The Order announced that the
man was burned for crimes of heresy, blasphemy, and magery. Additionally,
he was apparently possessed by some type of demon presence, though details
were not provided.

Inquisitor Salim Bradson and High Inquisitor Landon Cullen presided over
the burning. The mage was beaten, and silenced of his blaspheming ways,
but not until after he'd openly accused Count Jei ab Sevoi of being his

[ #104 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Tournament!
Date : Sat Apr 6 21:43:30 2013
To : all
The Reeves Lithmorran have announced the Tournament of Heroes to be held
on, (Insert IC Date) *Monday, April 8*. The festivities will continue
throughout the week, highligted by three events Jousting, Dueling, and the
Grand Melee. Those interested in competing should write to the Office of
Lord Justiciar, stating their name, class, and events they wish to enter.
The Grand Prize winner will receive twenty-five gold crowns and a trophy to
honor their victory.

Food and Drink will be available for all to enjoy, courtesy of Her Majesty
and the Reeves Lithmorran.

[ #105 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Autumn's End Festival
Date : Mon Apr 8 14:01:41 2013
To : All
Her Majesty, Queen Cellan ab Samael and Her Holiness, Cardinal Olivia
Calix of Lithmore announce the annual Autumn's End Festival, to be held at
the turn of the new month.

The festivities are said to involve a formal mass at the Great Cathedral of
Lithmore, presided over by Her Holiness, followed by a harvest banquet to
be held at the Viridian Greens Pavilion on behalf of Her Majesty.

Town criers announce that all are welcome to attend.

(OOC: EST Evening, Saturday 13th April, 2013)

[ #106 ]
A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Shocking news - Count Jei ab Sevoi Slain!
Date : Mon Apr 8 17:19:31 2013
To : all
People of Lithmore, today we are greeted with another fallen member of the
Knights Lithmorran who was cut down in the prime of his life attempting to
do what was right. The following report is given by Sir Humphrey Mintz,
personal guard of the late Count ab Sevoi; he proclaimed it at the Church
Square and town criers carried word of it throughout the city at his

"M'lord Sevoi and I were on our way to the city from the Sevoi
estate last evening when we heard the sounds of many chains rattling
nearby. M'lord and I went to investigate and, despite the low light,
discovered an odd sight. Six children were bound in heavy manacles and
chains, all chainged together. A robed individual wearing a mask bearing
three moons stood at their forefront. Two burly men in hooded cloaks were
behind him and behind the children were another pair of men, also hooded
and cloaked." "M'lord knew immediately something was amiss and, being as I
was the only one present and no messengers could be found at such a late
hour, sent me off to the city for help. The rest of what I know comes from
the testimony of the eldest of the children Lord ab Sevoi saved, a boy
named Garion, who's age is only twelve."

"According to Garion, he and the other children heard the rush of metal
behind them as M'lord charged the group. Garion and the other children
first fell back, startled by M'lord's appearance as he had donned his visor.
They thought he was a demon of the night."

"Despite the sounds of his approach, M'lord cut down one of the rear guards
with ease and took the second before the two at the front of the party were
able to engage him. The two guards were skilled and clad in armor, but
M'lord fought as well as might be expected and dispatched them as well,
though by this time he had been wounded to varying degrees in a dozen
locations." "The robed figure had not taken the time to gawk at the battle.
Vines sprung from the earth and entrapped the children where they stood,
preventing them from fleeing, and by the time the last of the four guards
fell, the robed mage had created some kind of a circle, out of which sprang
a giant demon." "M'lord Sevoi charged the robed figure first and wounded it
badly, forcing it to flee after only a single strike. The demon, however,
went for the trapped children and M'lord Sevoi gave up in chasing the mage
in order to protect the children."

"Garion states the demon was only yards from them when M'lord Sevoi, clad
entirely in his steel armor, his damascus blade flashing in the light, with
what Garion swears was holy flame, though I am sure it was only the
moonlight reflecting off of the highly polished and sharpened blade, faced
the demon."

"M'lord's injuries were bleeding and had they been all, he might have
survived. Unfortunately, the demon remained. M'lord Sevoi fought the demon
without giving an inch and did so in such a way that hampered his abilities
to protect himself, he did not dart to the side, nor roll out of the way or
back as he might have had the children not been there. His goal seemed only
to hold the demon until I arrived with help. The struggle, I am told, went on
for a few long minutes, M'lord was able todeflect or avoid a good many of the
demon's attacks, but ultimately betweenhis seeping wounds and the new wo unds
inflicted upon him, it was a losing fight."

"Garion tells me in his final moments of battle with the demon,
M'lord Sevoi threw himself at it with a ferocity matching that of his foe.
He tore deep gashes into the demon, heedless of the counter attacks and the
demon crumpled and fell to the ground under the flurry of attacks."

"When I arrived with a handful of city guards, the children were seated
huddled together on the ground. The vines remained wrapped around them and
M'lord Sevoi's back was pressed against the fallen demon. When we found
him, he was still alive. His visor had been torn in such a way that half
of his face was gone and his armor had been sheared through in several
places. It is a miracle he survived the battle at all."

"His last words to me, before he expired, were for me to see to it Rei,
M'lord's son and heir of Endridge, would be cared for by M'lord's cousin,
Baroness Marissa dul Damassande. He requested Sir Paere de Laerne supplement
the boy's martial training in addition to the training at the Sevoi Academy
back in Endridge. He began to mention Her Majesty, Lady dul Damassande, Lord
op Orban, Lady Zadossa and Sir de Laerne themselves, he had messages for each
of them, but... His body could not take it any longer. He expelled a good deal
of blood from his mouth and gave a death rattle. There was nothing I could
do. He fell back, slumped against the beast and died with a grin on his
face when he saw that the guards of the city had managed to free the

"Lord ab Sevoi is survived by his son, Rei ab Sevoi, Heir to Endridge. His
cousin, Marisa dul Damassande, and his aunts: Mirielle, Alessandra and
Aurelie, as well as all of their children. According to his wishes, his body
has been burned to ash and his bones are in transit to be scattered throughout
Endridge at locations he was fond of. His sword, the Sword of Sevoi, will be
held in Lady dul Damassande's care until comes of age and takes his place as
Count of Endridge, which should occur upon Rei's sixteenth birthday."

"From a personal standpoint. I witnessed M'lord often in his actions and
he always did what he felt was best for Lithmore. He gave his life
protecting those who could not protect themselves. He was far from
perfect, he was downright rude and obnoxious at times, but he was a good
man.. And I and the rest of the people of Endridge are devastated by the
loss. That... That is all.." The big, stoic Knight stepped away from the
crowd, presumably to return the the Sevoi Estate to complete the rest of
Jei ab Sevoi, Count of Endridge's last will and testament.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Magebane Lights
Date : Thu Apr 11 03:55:24 2013
To : All
The magebane holiday of Octobris 357 will go down in history as the time
of lights. No one knows what caused the week-long event to occur, and
there's much speculation on what effects the aurora in the sky might have
had on the local populace. Thus far, however, no certainties have been

The colors in the sky, believed to be magical, have captured the
imagination of many an artist, and some Vandagans claim to have seen such
things far north in the less habitable areas of Vandago - but never so far
south as Lithmore. Paintings of the phenomon have hit the local merchant
stalls and become all the rage.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Merchant Faire Upcoming!
Date : Thu Apr 11 13:09:30 2013
To : all
IC Announcement:

The Merchant's Guild of Lithmore has announced a Faire will be held in the
coming weeks and will showcase goods from all over the kingdom and the
wares of some of the guild's most talented craftspeople. All are
encouraged to attend and enjoy the festivities and perhaps pick up a Yule
gift or two.

The Faire will be held Saturday, April 13th at 7pm EST. Thanks to Cellan
and Olivia for being understanding!

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: A Noble Wedding and New Year's Festival
Date : Sun Apr 14 21:19:33 2013
To : all
| | | ... |
| ,.-, ,-., | | ) ( |
| &|.\| .,.,., |/.|& | | ,--___--, |
| '&) \._, .*; \/ ;*, ,_./ (&' | | ,g| |g, |
| _/ /`> '; __||__ ;' <`\ \_ | | dP'| |`Yb |
| ((( )/ ,;__|______|__;, \( ))) | | 8) | | (8 |
| ) ))) __|____________|__ ((( ( | | Yb | | dP |
| \\\ |__________________| /// | | "8ggg8" |
| | | | | |
| __ | | V |
\_ _/ \_ _/ | |
\_ _/ \_ _/ | |
\_ _/ \_ _/ | |
\_ _/ \_ _/ | __ __ __ |
\/ \/ |___| |___| |___| |__|

Lady Marisa dul Damassande Lord Ariel le Orban
Baroness of Lyndale and Baron of Savir
Chancellor of the Exchequer Secretary of State

are pleased to announce the union of their houses into the
holy estate of matrimony. The ceremony shall occur in the
week after the New Year. All are invited to bear witness
to the wedding at St. Aelwyn's Cathedral and to join in the
reception to follow at the Palazzo Damassande north of the

In celebration and thanks for their good fortune, Houses
Damassande and Orban shall further sponsor holiday
festivities for Lithmore, a Festival of the New Year which
shall extend from the eve of the New Year until the day of
the wedding. Food, drink and gifts shall be provided for
the taking.

The Queen's Inn and the Golden Coin shall serve as central
locations to host the ongoing festivities.

Rewards shall be offered for any who wish to offer art,
craft or performance in commemoration of the events. The
couple shall attend at the Golden Coin near the end of the
festival to bestow coin upon any who wish to provide such.


OOC: Festival- Friday & Saturday April 26th and 27th
Rewards for Commemoratives - Saturday evening April 27th
Wedding- 2 PM Eastern, Sunday April 28th

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Discontent in Southside: Corpserot and Murder
Date : Sun Apr 21 08:32:55 2013
To : all
Southside is abuzz with discontent and trouble in the wake of a murder
spree that appears to have spread corpserot throughout its districts.

Already more uneasy than usual in the wake of the execution of the last
Tenebrae - Naer Nivios, a popular man loved by the Southside due to his
generosity to those within its borders - the Southside was further angered
by the acts of a maddened Knight.

Elysa ab Leighton lost her senses one day several weeks ago and proceeded
to move through Southside mowing down Thief thugs and innocent citizens
alike. According to eyewitnesses, she was shouting about heathens and
ordering all those who did not wish to be killed to repent and go to the
Cathedral. The final death toll of the massacre was not known, and neither
is ab Leighton's fate, although she has not been seen since. Some report
seeing her possessions scattered over the area, however...

The bodies of her victims were left unattended long enough for a plague of
corpserot to set in. While charitable efforts arranged by various parties
have attempted to address the matter, some individuals are still

Southside is often restless when Lithmore enters the depth of winter, due
to the inevitable deaths from freezing of some of its poorer and weaker
members, but this winter may prove to be a particularly agitated season for
the city's slums.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Kaerrick de Winter - OUSTED
Date : Mon Apr 22 06:16:39 2013
To : All
Rumors that the Earl Marshall was ousted by his Grand Masters over
dislike of his support of the Dame he's said to have been courting.
Unfortunately, as of yet the Grand Masters are still deliberating whom will
replace de Winter in the coming weeks.

[ #112 ]
A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The New Year's Festival Begins!
Date : Fri Apr 26 20:24:18 2013
To : all
The New Years' Festival is in high swing, lending some extra mirth and
merriment to Lithmore's usual celebrations of the turn of the year. .
In honor of the upcoming wedding of Lord Ariel le Orban and Lady Marisa
dul Damassande, free food and drink have been provided all over the city.
The city's taverns, particularly the Queen's Inn and Golden Coin, are
laden with tables of fine victuals for the sampling, bearing a seasonal
menu appropriate to the celebration.

The Troubadours of Lithmore have been hired on general retainer to entertain
throughout the week-long festival, providing mirth and merriment throughout
the city. Music seems to be playing at all hours, spurred on by the free
drinks and general atmosphere of celebration.
Charity hasn't been neglected, either; the free food and drink are being
sent throughout the Southside and the city's other less fortunate districts
for all to enjoy.

Additionally, commemorative items such as warm scarves and ceramic flagons
are being offered alongside the food, in order to immortalize the happy
occasion. The couple is offering coin for all those who aid in
their celebration by creating their own mementos, such as songs, poems,
or unique gifts; they will be in the Golden Coin near the end
of the festival (OOC: Saturday night, April 27th) to accept such items
and reward their creators.

The festival is expected to conclude with the couple's wedding, on the
New Year itself (OOC: Sunday, April 28th, 2 pm EST). All are invited to
St. Aelwyn's Cathedral to witness the ceremony, and then to the Palazzo
Damassande north of the city on Majestic Way to enjoy the reception.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: New Earl Marshall Named
Date : Sat Apr 27 11:09:10 2013
To : all
In the wake of Lord Kaerrick de Winter's removal as Earl Marshall, the
Knights Lithmorran had found itself in a hectic position with many
jockeying for the command to mutual disadvantage. Many were caught by
surprise when the Grand Masters settled on newcomer Lloyd le Tarrow, and
some have balked at his rise past others who are better known in Lithmore
and have been knights for a longer time. Most protests removed themselves
from public spaces, however, when it was explained that the influential and
retired Tubori knight, Ashek le Tarrow, was the new Earl Marshall's
grandfather and putting heavy backing behind him. His grandfather had
groomed him to the knights since birth and would hear no protests about a
lack of experience. Newly taking up the reigns, it remains to see how
Lloyd will lead the knights.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Iskaral Dehrt Cleansed
Date : Sun Apr 28 00:19:32 2013
To : All
The bells of Saint Aelwyn's Cathedral rang on Januarius 5, 358, calling
the people to River Square.

There, the High Inquisitor Landon Cullen brought Iskaral Dehrt before the
crowd, explaining that madness had filled the old man's mind with heresies.
Surprising many in the crowd who assumed the bells meant there would be a
burning, the High Inquisitor instead called for a volunteer to keep watch
over the old man, and to keep him sedated for what little time he likely
had left to live.

It was the head of the Physicians Guild, Gwenith le Stepps who volunteered
but no sooner had Iskaral's bonds been passed to her than the Cardinal
stepped forward in objection to the proceedings.

The Cardinal stated that Iskaral was indeed a mage, guilty of more than
spouting heresies, which allayed some but not all of the audience's
concerns. The apparent misunderstanding between Cardinal Olivia Calix and
the High Inquisitor only added to the crowd's confusion, and several
present for the exchange claim uncertainty over the details, as it was all
so different from the norm.

What all parties can agree upon, however, is that Iskaral Dehrt was brought
to the pole by the Cardinal herself after the High Inquisitor departed, and
that Gwenith le Stepps dropped several disparaging remarks about Landon
Cullen before claiming "I don't know if he's a mage, or not and just some
old man wrapped in dementia. But incase it's the second, it's something
I'd rather not be a part of." She left River Square just before Cardinal
Olivia cast her torch onto the base of Iskaral's pyre.

[ #115 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: New Year at the Palace
Date : Sun May 12 12:58:02 2013
To : all
The turn of the year brought several changes to the Court of Lithmore,
which heralded a reinvigoration of activity to its halls. Most obviously,
the New Year marked the third anniversary of the death of His Majesty, King
Tobin ab Samael, but the continued flourishing of the Heir Apparent,
Princess Caitrin ab Samael. Court commentators note that, despite the long
period of mourning and several offers from the duchies of Lithmore, the
Queen has yet made no public moves to remarry.

To the delight of the city, the wedding of Lord Ariel and Lady Marisa of
Houses le Orban and dul Damassande took place at the Cathedral of Lithmore
under the supervision of Cardinal Olivia Calix, with the full blessing and
support of the Queen. The wedding festival that took place around the
union of the Baron and Baroness were the largest seen by the city in recent

In the early weeks of Martius, the court saw two representatives of its
western marches arrive to do business: Marquis Casimir ab Azadar, whose
House had been recently re-appointed to leadership of Avonna by the Samael
Throne, and Katarina ab Brayston, the daughter of the murdered Cenvald ab
Braye of Brayston March. Both figures are largely unknown to the Court,
though the Marquis has been known to visit the Capitol in the shadow of his

Two new gentry-level appointments were confirmed at the Palace: first, that
of miss Gwenith le Stepps', whose petition as a lady-in-waiting and
physician to the royal family was confirmed by the Queen in the early weeks
of Januarius; and second, a prominent Vandagan trader by the name of Andaro
von Massol, whose duties at the Palace were rumoured to be of an
ambassadorial nature.

On the heels of these announcements, the New Year brought trouble in the
southern March of Awan Ride. Ever a stalwart defender of the borders of
Lithmore, recent incursions by bands of Daravi militants meant a
considerable weakening of the sentry posts spanning its southern borders.
Despite aid from both the Counts of Mont Innes and Brune, the Lord of Awan
Ride, Airic ab Awan, was slain in combat without any immediate heirs. In
response, Queen Cellan ab Samael appointed her Lord Keeper, Gavin ab
Harkness, to the leadership of the County, thereby raising him into the
noble ranks. His loyal service as both a Lord Justiciar and Lord Keeper
and respected position in the city over the past three years were cited,
though other reasons were provided: first, his instrumental involvement in
dispelling several high-level security threats to the kingdom, such as the
Hillbeast, the Tenebraes Sekunder Alambar and Naer Nivios; second, his
leadership and involvement in turning the tides of magic-related invasions
such as the Great Flood and the demon incursion of 356-357; and finally,
his decisive response to kingdom-wide threats to Lithmore.

[ #116 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: New Grand Inquisitor Named
Date : Mon May 13 18:50:22 2013
To : all
At the request of Cardinal Olivia Calix, Matriarch of the Holy Order,
the High Synod recently convened to appoint a new Grand Inquisitor and
Archbishop of Lithmore. Their choice: Loreth Radford.

A recent arrival to Lithmore proper, Loreth spent the last several years in
nearby Wilhelm where he helped Orderites in the small village expose many
heretics, even mages. While life in the seat of the kingdom differs
greatly from the smaller surrounding towns, it is the Synod's hope that
Radford's methods and attention to detail will lead to similar successes.

When approached for comment, the new Grand Inquisitor expressed eagerness
to benefit the community by rooting out the corrupting factors of sin and

[ #117 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Competition at the Keep
Date : Wed May 15 17:29:15 2013
To : all
Are you interested in viewing the Knights Lithmorran, once again in full
valor? If so, the time has come for you to attend the melee tournament at
the newly renovated Keep's arena! See your glorious protectors, form
bonds, witness the Knights at their best! A grand prize of twenty golden
crowns -yes, that's right- will be rewarded to the grand winner! The best
part it's only days away, so enter and attend!

Being held on Maritus 24th, 358 (OOC: Friday 6 PM Eastern).

[ #118 ]
A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The Proconsul's Execution
Date : Sun May 19 10:14:11 2013
To : all
The Reeves Lithmorran have been struck with yet another scandal. Former
Proconsul, Kain Destral was convicted of murdering fellow Reeve Lithmorran
Valence Proctor. Sources claim that Proconsul Destral hired a member of
the Brotherhood to murder Reeve Proctor after an internal investigation was
launched to root out corruption. Sentencing was carried out quickly, after
Mister Destral resisted arrest and publicly derided his superiors. The
Lord Justiciar was quoted after the sentence, "Let this serve as a lesson
to those that would seek to use the Brotherhood to remove their rivals. My
blade shall find your neck." The crowd dispersed quickly after the

[ #119 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: A Prisoner Escapes
Date : Mon May 27 17:20:14 2013
To : all
A prisoner was said to escape from Ahalin Tower in the middle of night.
A guard freed the prisoner and the guard is in custody, saying that he was
under mind control when he released the prisoner. There was said to be a
bribe involved as well, though the means of the exchange are still scarce.

[ #120 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: An Invitation (Edited by Takta)
Date : Fri May 31 23:36:49 2013
To : All
An invitation has been nailed to practically every available post:

"Hear ye, hear ye,

Dame Urzula ab Andria, the proxy of the Baron Wilfred ab Proscett of
Lundsend, hereby invites the denizens of the fair City of Lithmore to the
Town Hall Ballroom on the 23rd Day of the month of Maius in the Sun Cycle

All are welcome, none are to be turned away."

(OOC: This is the kick off event for the Baron of Lundsend Quest. Those
players who wish to participate should attend. It will begin 3pm system
time, June 1st.)

(Addendum: 3 PM system time is 6 PM EST. System time can be viewed under 'who'.)

[ #121 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: The Lundsend Ball
Date : Sat Jun 1 17:56:32 2013
To : All
The gossips confirm it - during the Lundsend's Ball, a separate,
private-invitation only meeting was held in the Town Hall Council Chambers.
Several notables were present, including Her Majesty the Queen herself. At
this meeting, the true mission of Dame Urzula ab Andria was revealed - she
seeks to name an heir by proxy for her lord, the baron Wilfred ab Proscett
who has recently taken very ill and is not expected to live long.

She spoke at length to those present as others who were able to secure an
invitation trickled in, stating that her lordship requires that his heir
takes his name, 'ab Proscett' and that he's looking for someone who is
politically astute. Several gaffs eliminated would be candidates
immediately, including one who actually toasted to the health of the dying

Regardless of this, those candidates that did not either recuse themselves
purposefully or by accident, were congratulated, and all were offered as
fine a meal as has ever been laid out by the palace. The Lord Ariel le
Orban dul Damassande asked Dame Urzula ab Andria if she would accept other
candidates who had not arrived, and the Dame confirmed she would, provided
they come with the recommendation of a member of the nobility to back their
cause and excuse their tardiness.

Rumor has it that the Dame requested that those who managed to confirm
themselves as candidates are to mail her their interest in remaining so.
It's said that she gave a short speech stating that His Lordship is looking
for someone politically astute, who understands the importance of
alliances, has noble bearing and manners, and can advance Lundsend in the
future forward.

It remains to be seen who will, at the end of the month, still be on the
Dame ab Andria's list of possibilities.

[ #122 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: The Matriarch's Departure from Lithmore
Date : Tue Jun 4 20:51:19 2013
To : all
Cardinal Olivia Calix has left Lithmore City on "church business."

Details on her departure remain scarce and the most common assumption is
that Calix is seeing to her duties as Matriarch across the Kingdom -- but
if that is the case, why has she requested that the High Synod elevate
Kibane ab Kagson to Cardinal in her absense? Is she attempting to split
the Patriarchy from the Cardinalate? Is she abdicating for a chance at
nobility? Is she attempting to conceal a pregnancy?

All that members of the Order will confirm is that Calix, herself not a
full year into her tenure, has estimated that her holy work will keep her
from the Kingdom's capital for twelve months or more. She hoped replacing
herself with someone "experienced with the unique demands of the position"
would provide some of the stability she felt the city so desperately

[ #123 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Confrontation
Date : Sat Jun 8 04:09:01 2013
To : All
A public confrontation broke to a head today as the newly arrived
Marquis Casimir ab Azadar and the former Proconsul Dagerian Mara'aye made a
scene in the square. Rumors are varied: some say that the Charali insulted
the nobleman's mother, others that the Marquis remarked upon Dagerian's
wife's dexterous tongue.

The end result is the same, no matter what story you believe. The Marquis
has sent the word out; The Reeves Corps, via Proconsul Varick who was at
the scene, are ordered to stick eight arrows into the wolf-pet of family
Mara'aye. In usual circumstances, the Reeves must obey the direct order of
the nobility. In this circumstance Marquis ab Azadar has added extra
incentive; Avonna, one of the largest providers of raw iron, is slowly
withdrawing from the Lithmorran market in favor of Vavardi trade. With a
blow to the iron market, the price of Reeve armor is sure to rise. Whether
this will affect the wages of the Guard, presumably as intended, remains to
be seen.

In a completely unrelated turn of events, Gwenith le Stepps has been
arrested by the Reeves. The charges, as of yet, are unknown. Many a talk
is of tax evasion, on the part of medical goods!

[ #124 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Patriarchy
Date : Sun Jun 9 19:05:39 2013
To : All
The High Synod has met. Their session did not last long, merely
covering some minor church politics outside of Lithmore proper and
confirming the transfer of the patriarchy from Olivia Calix to His
Holiness, Kibane ab Kagson.

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