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Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:04 am

In subject of: Bridging the Gap
Date : Fri Mar 8 09:09:35 2019
Expires : Wed Dec 1 09:09:35 2021
To : all
One of the first volunteer committees coming out of the Seneschal's
improvement initiatives have been assigned the task of inspecting the city's
bridges. Recent, heavy storms appear to have caused minor to moderate
structural damage, and Lady Chancellor Calanthe op Valencia is organizing a
broad mix of skillsets and social classes in order to assess, repair and
develop long-term solutions for keeping these important routes safe.

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Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:05 am

In subject of: A Shift in Piety
Date : Fri Mar 8 09:09:37 2019
Expires : Wed Dec 1 09:09:37 2021
To : all
(Piety shifts up from Good to Superb.) At long last, word is circulating that
a date of Novembris 27 has been set for the opening of the Raosi Raiddid
Chapel in the Vandagan quarter. A special mass is scheduled to be held, with
Grand Inquisitor Sibylle dul Fontaine leading the congregation in prayer.
While official announcements are expected to appear shortly, many people are
already speaking positively of the Holy Order in anticipation of the event,
which will be open to all. (OOC: Mass will be held on Thursday, March 14 at
7PM server.)

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Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:57 pm

In subject of: Madison Hospital Fundraiser Party
Date : Sat Mar 9 14:07:23 2019
Expires : Thu Dec 2 14:07:46 2021
To : all
|     __    __       |                                                |
|    /_/ /\ \_\      |                                                |
|   __ \ \/ / __     |                                                |
|   \_\_\/\/_/_/     | Madison Hospital Fundraiser Party              |
| /\___\_\/_/___/\   | When:   Decembris 8, 380                       |
| \/ __/_/\_\__ \/   |         (OOC: March 17, 2019 at 3:00 pm server)|
|   /_/ /\/\ \_\     | Where:  Town Hall Event Ballroom               |
|    __/ /\ \__      |                                                |
|    \_\ \/ /_/      |                                                |
|                    |                                                |
|---------------------                                                |
|                                                                     |
| You are cordially invited to join all of those at Madison Hospital  |
| to celebrate the success of the clothing and blanket drive, and to  |
| gather to take a look at any clothing that cannot be given to those |
| in need because of sumptuary laws so they might be sold for further |
| funding to help the church and almshouses aide those in need        |
| through the cold winter months.                                     |
|                                                                     |
| Drink will be provided by Magnate Popov and Prime Popov, sweet      |
| treats will be provided by the lovely Miss von Ruzicka, and         |
| entertainment will be provided courtesy of the Troubadours. There   |
| are many more the hospital would like to recognize for their        |
| assistance, and those announcements will be made at the party.      |
|                                                                     |
| There is still time to donate clothing until the day of the event,  |
| and all throughout the winter, as needs will not end. Donation      |
| boxes are located in the Reeve Headquarters, the Cathedral,         |
| the Town Hall, and the Madison. Or, if you'd prefer, you can        |
| contact Nursia Anteya Soranson directly.                            |
|                                                                     |

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Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:58 pm

In subject of: Invitation to a Yule Soiree
Date : Mon Mar 11 02:02:46 2019
Expires : Sat Dec 4 01:03:00 2021
To : all
 \\                                                  \\
(())                    >|<                         (())
 \\                                                  \\
(())    In celebration of the holiday, Lady Marisa  (())
 \\      dul Damassande le Orban will be hosting     \\
(())      a Yule Soiree at the Foreign Embassy.     (())
 \\  Lithmore should consider itself invited for an  \\
(())   evening of food, drink, dancing and festive  (())
 \\     diversions.  Wear your best, but nothing     \\
(())          is required but good behavior.        (())
 \\                                                  \\
(())                    >|<                         (())
 \\                                                  \\
(())Decembris 5, Iolaide Ave W. Foreign Embassy Bldg(())
 \\                                                  \\
<<Saturday March 16th, after the OOC Chat>>

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Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:58 pm

In subject of: The Public Execution of Three Treasonous Guards
Date : Mon Mar 11 03:06:06 2019
Expires : Sat Dec 4 02:06:06 2021
To : all
On a crisp snowy morning, three former guards were led out of Ahalin Tower
and stood before a restless crowd in River Square. Justiciar Ordo le Patel
declared that these men had assisted in the escape of Roland ab Beaufort from
custody. They had betrayed their Queen and Kingdom and were guilty of
treason, for which the penalty is death.

One by one, each man was drawn and quartered before the gathered crowd. With
each gruesome execution, the snow was more deeply stained with their blood.
A few otherwise sturdy witnesses lost the contents of their stomach, and more
than one woman fainted throughout the ordeal.

When it was finally over, the Justiciar declared that the guilty's limbs
would be sent to distant corners of the Kingdom, where they would serve to
demonstrate the severity of punishment for those who betray Her Royal Majesty
the Queen.

In subject of: A Yuletide Mission of Understanding
Date : Mon Mar 11 07:21:36 2019
Expires : Sat Dec 4 06:21:36 2021
To : all
As Yule approaches once again, there are rumblings of an initiative for the
different peoples of Lithmore to share their Yule traditions and a glimpse
into their unique culture. Amid the convivial Yuletide atmosphere, there are
hopes that the outreach both shows that their neighbors care and that they
are just as human. The Lady Marisa dul Damassande of Lyndale has called for
volunteers to share their favorite traditions, each in another quarter of the
city, or just to reach out to her with those traditions - Yuletide carols,
recipes for traditional treats or any other sort of unique customs.

In subject of: A Tale of Success, Abridged
Date : Wed Mar 13 00:00:10 2019
Expires : Sun Dec 5 23:00:10 2021
To : all
Through the efforts of many, several damaged bridges in Lithmore are repaired
and ready to face the harshest winter weather as well as the treacherous
thaw, come springtime. Some insist that even Vandagan architecture can fail
with time, and that such popular travel points should be under closer
inspection in the future.

The Chancellor expressed her gratitude to every guild for their
contributions, including personal thanks to Grand Inquisitor Sibylle dul
Fontaine, Earl Marshall von Vashaak, Justiciar Patel Ordo, Poet Laudate
Norrig op Arcenant, Prime Medicus Livia Fioralba and Bardess Theodora op

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Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:59 pm

In subject of: A Shift in Lawfulness
Date : Fri Mar 15 12:00:34 2019
Expires : Wed Dec 8 11:00:34 2021
To : all
(Lawfulness shifts up from Challenged to Substandard.) Following the recent
and especially gruesome execution in River Square, some citizens are
expressing more confidence in the authorities and their ability to uphold law
and order in the Kingdom, while others are, at least for now, somewhat more
reluctant to commit crimes, especially those that carry a harsh punishment.
It remains to be seen how long the effects will last on the populace;
skeptics claim that the city's criminals will be back to their old habits
soon enough.

In subject of: A Royal Announcement
Date : Fri Mar 15 21:44:35 2019
Expires : Wed Dec 8 20:44:42 2021
To : all
On a cold Novembris morning, a rider arrived in the capital from Eastgale,
where the Queen reportedly intends to winter on the coast. He called the
people to Church Square where he displayed orders directly from the Queen.
Sealed with the Queen's personal seal, he read through the announcement that
proclaims, by the order of the Queen, that no Seneschal or former Seneschal
shall be charged with a crime for his or her actions done, or refrained from,
in the Queen's service except on the express orders of Her Royal Majesty
herself. Actions taken as private citizens, of course, remain under the
jurisdiction of the appropriate authorities.

Following this announcement, the messenger delivered the document to the
office of the current Seneschal, Count Kirill von Dmitreva.

In subject of: Lord dul Terzieff Cleansed
Date : Sat Mar 16 14:15:56 2019
Expires : Thu Dec 9 13:16:58 2021
To : all
On a blustery Decembris morning the bells toll over the capital, summoning
forth the citizenry to River Square. The river still sheds a foggy mist,
shifting in the breeze, as the Inquisitors in the Square finish their
blessings over the waiting pyre. Waiting for it's completion, flanked by
knights and attendants, are the tall, willowy Grand Inquisitor and her noble
prisoner, Hieleld dul Terzieff.

As the Knights bring forward the greying nobleman, Sibylle dul Fontaine steps
towards the stage to address the crowd.

"People of Lithmore, it is with great joy we gather to cleanse Hieleld dul
Terzieff's soul in preparation for the Fountis. In his time with me, he has
come to admit his nature and confess to being twisted by the Taint of magery.
His realm and soul have both suffered, but thanks to the Holy Inquisition and
the observant, community-minded concern of the Faithful, Hieleld dul Terzieff
was apprehended before causing physical harm to other citizens."

She collects her breath, while behind her the nobleman faces his end quietly,
resignedly. When she speaks again, it is a short invocation before the pyre
is lit: "Until we see you in the light of the Lord. The Springs welcome you,
Lord dul Terzieff."

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Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:00 pm

In subject of: A New Yuletide Understanding
Date : Sun Mar 17 00:00:10 2019
Expires : Thu Dec 9 23:00:10 2021
To : all
Over the Yule season, the different peoples of Lithmore have banded together
to not just celebrate but also to better understand their neighbors. After a
contingent brought a selection of Vavardi spirits to the Vandagan quarter, a
group of Vandagans brought warm pastries to the Farin quarter, and then a
number of Farin people started up a dance circle on the deck of the Klein's
Arrow. Throughout the month, more little moments of outreach have been met
by warm welcomes and convivial conversation. Several have remarked that the
atmosphere seems markedly friendlier in the wake of the various events,
greeted in the streets by strangers - and new friends -from foreign lands.

In subject of: A Shift in Piety
Date : Mon Mar 18 00:01:21 2019
Expires : Fri Dec 10 23:01:21 2021
To : all
(Piety shifts up from Good to Superb.) Following the recent mass held in the
new chapel in the Vandagan quarter, people are expressing more approval of
the Church and are speaking positively about the Grand Inquisitor's
insightful sermon, especially the message it contained about the importance
of art and music in bolstering Faith among the community. Copies of the
sermon transcript were purportedly sent to various corners of the city to
share with those who were unable to personally attend, and the chapel
currently remains open to visitors interested in viewing its artworks and
stained glass.

In subject of: Sibylle executes Audun
Date : Wed Mar 20 15:32:49 2019
Expires : Mon Dec 13 14:32:49 2021
To : all
In the wee hours of Decembris the 20th, Grand Inquisitor Sibylle dul Fontaine
led the congregation in River Square in the pyring of Audun ab Sigmark. The
misty, frigid pre-dawn hours were officiated with a reminder of the
importance of Confession and the ability of a Tainted soul to twist an
otherwise religious individual.

The Grand Inquisitor noted the pyring was a sorrowful one, as Audun's own
Taint refused to allow him to admit his nature - which evidence and reports
had otherwise proven. While the Pyre would save his soul from the Abyss, his
refusal to Confess would keep him from the Springs. Reports from the closest
part of the crowd suggested that whatever implorations the Grand Inquisitor
must have used to convince Mister ab Sigmark, the half-comatose man certainly
couldn't have taken much more.

The Grand Inquisitor followed with her thanks for the citizens that reported
strange behavior, then led the crowd in prayer before dispersal.

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Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:02 pm

In subject of: A Winter Swan's Procession
Date : Fri Mar 22 02:02:04 2019
Expires : Wed Dec 15 01:02:53 2021
To : all
During the evening hours, a noble procession on horseback galavanted through
the city headed by The Baron of Volsuan. Maneuvering the ice and falling
snow, he sported a squad of guards in exacting formation around him as well
as a red rose-adorned carriage full of Volsuan Swans and two personal
carriages. It has been said that a few of the swans did not survive the
frigid trek from Volsuan, but one cannot be sure as the swans are rumored to
be bred for chilly weather and many have been spotted traipsing about the
city since the baron's arrival.

In subject of: The Arrival of a Marquessa
Date : Fri Mar 22 02:05:30 2019
Expires : Wed Dec 15 01:05:48 2021
To : all
The Marquessa de Bastion celebrated her en passant among peers of Lithmore
city. Following the thoroughfare of King's Concourse by horse-drawn
carriage, one more suitable for times of war than merry-making, heralded the
young Lady's official debut during the Yule season. It is said she has spent
much of her formative years in the capital, away from the public eye until
her coming of age. Already engaged with her late brother's patron charity
for veteran soldiers, the Marquessa has taken it upon herself to treat with
duty before the turn of the Lord's Cycle.

In subject of: A Shift in Class Relations
Date : Sun Mar 24 03:26:25 2019
Expires : Fri Dec 17 02:26:25 2021
To : all
(Class Relations shifts up from Pathetic to Poor.) There was a bit of a
hullabaloo at the recent New Year's party at the Hollow Globe. According to
eye witnesses, a nervous Novice ended a performance by vomiting over the edge
of the stage -- right onto the Lord Seneschal's boots. Despite all the fuss
(and having had to excuse himself for a fresh change of clothes), the
nobleman has had nothing but good things to say about the event, even going
so far as to praise the Troubadours for taking the time to host and to make
the Hollow Globe a welcoming place for all, regardless of class or station.
When asked whether the offending Troubadour was punished, the Seneschal
purportedly replied, "Yule is a season of understanding and forgiveness. The
Novice may have ruined my boots, but he did not ruin my good spirit. I hope
he recovers swiftly and that he enjoys the new year in good health." Not long
after the news began to spread, other small stories started to crop up around
the city, of relationships mended, of mistakes forgiven, and of doors being
opened that had previously been shut.

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Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:03 pm

In subject of: We All Lift Together
Date : Sat Mar 30 21:34:16 2019
Expires : Thu Dec 23 20:34:16 2021
To : all
As development towards an upcoming Prisoner Labor Program begins in earnest,
the Judicial branch of the Reeves are busy working through details codifying
procedures and closing all the little legal loopholes. Lord Justiciar Ordo
Patel has opened a window for the city's notables to submit commentary on the
program, be it statements of approval, suggestions, or complaints. Specifics
aren't made clear, but discussion to date suggests that the program will be
opt-in system designed as a replacement for lashes and traditional prison
time. Furthermore, anyone wishing to make use of prisoner labor for public
or private works should be prepared to front a hefty deposit in the event
that anything happens to prisoners during their assignment.

In subject of: Countess Arrives in Lithmore
Date : Mon Apr 1 12:47:51 2019
Expires : Sat Dec 25 11:47:56 2021
To : all
To the city of Lithmore, Adala Ab Chevalier has traveled from her estate in
Mont Innes and has recently arrived in the city. Her father recently having
died has passed on the duties as Countess onto her young shoulders. She is
most eager to settle down and make her appearance at court. Her interest in
the health of people is noted and she is most anxious to meet her peers. You
will find her most often in the Queen's inn and tavern or at the theatre.

In subject of: A Shift in Class Relations
Date : Tue Apr 2 02:10:52 2019
Expires : Sun Dec 26 01:10:52 2021
To : all
(Class Relations shifts up from Terrible to Poor.) In the hopes of generating
new ideas and productive collaboration between different walks of life, the
Lord Seneschal has announced a general call for proposals and suggestions for
projects that would fill a public need or otherwise provide an important
public service. Accepted proposals will be fully funded, with credit given
where due. The Seneschal added that while ideas and proposals are welcome by
post, he is more than happy to meet with citizens personally to discuss
worthy plans to improve conditions in the capital.

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Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:03 pm

In subject of: Demonic Violence at the Charalin Camp
Date : Tue Apr 2 07:07:47 2019
Expires : Sun Dec 26 06:07:56 2021
To : all
Rumors from the Charalin camp to the south of the city of Lithmore speak of a
monstrous creature that first appeared skulking through the teepees, then of
the corpses of animals coated in black bile being found around the outskirts.
A small party comprised of local residents followed the corpses to the Elder
Skila's campfire, where they discovered a monstrous creature crouching over
the now-dead Elder's body. The demon attacked again, seriously wounding a
young villager by the name of Chirarae, before it fled - injured - into the

In subject of: Chaos at Madison Hospital
Date : Tue Apr 2 09:28:36 2019
Edited : Tue Apr 2 09:38:33 2019
Expires : Sun Dec 26 08:28:40 2021
To : all
Following the horrific attack by a demonic entity at the Charalin camp, the
fatally wounded villager Chirarae Reithlayn was carried to the Madison by
Prisca Connor and Timur Geral, covered in blood and strange black substance.
Despite their swift response, the Prime Medicus Marossa dul Gardner and Epion
Anteya Soranson were ultimately unable to prevent the Charali's bizarre
death. Those present in triage have spoken about unearthly whispers being
heard around the dying woman, and a thick black ichor that flowed from her
wounds until she had been consumed by it.

In subject of: The Charali Embrace Their Elder
Date : Wed Apr 3 03:39:55 2019
Expires : Mon Dec 27 02:40:04 2021
To : all
Word of the Elder Safir daughter of Mara'aye arriving at the Charali camp to
sit sentry and tell stories about the fallen Elder Skila has spread through
the Charali population, attracting their ilk in numbers to flock to the
encampment. So many have left the city to join her at the camp that a new
section of land has had to be cleared to make room for the construction of
tents and teepees. Whatever way it's shaken, residents share the opinion
that the encampment is flourishing under adversity.

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